Covina Argus from Covina, California on April 3, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1909
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er f M. f. H.FABRICK HARDWARE -4 LEADING NEW8PAPE VOL, 37 COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 1909. INO.I8 PROFESSIONAL CARDS |)R. STEVENS QSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays £)R. J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN,' Office, First National Bank Bldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 173. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REBD 0. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA. CAL. p. J. CLINE, —DENTIST— k Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. QR. W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office Coviua, Cal. Phone 184 ANDREW M.. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-tAW „ Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. ################# • WE CAN FIND YOU A BUYER * # * * * * * * * * * # For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. #*##############* JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders tor your photos, rtj ecia" prices during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SUPPLIES Covina, Cal. COVINA Shoe Repaid (o, • j FINE SHOK REPAIRING '~z» X REASON A ULK PRICES Citrus A.venue CELEBRATE HIGH SCHOOL ERECTION Try k for breakfast Top Notch pastry. W. W. A Co. Speeches and Music at Corner Stone Laying. On Tuesday afternoon tho ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the. Covina Union High School was performed he- fore a large audience, composed of the citizens of Covina and the surrounding districts. Tn the absence of Mr. Samuel Funk, chairman of the High School trustees, the position of muster of ceremonies was al)ly filled by Trustee H. N. Wells. After a musical selection by the High School band, tho proceedings were opened by prayer from Rev. Paul Stevens of the Presbyterian Church. Then Prof. A. Harvey Collins, principal of Covina High School, delivered a scholarly address upon the great, effect of education upon Ihe making and 'development of our present: twentieth century ^civilization. Twenty million boys and girls are at the present time receiving instruction in our schools, which are fitting them for the duties of life and enabling them to become intelligent and useful citizens of this great, republic, and 500,000 of the best, and brainiest men and women in this country are devoting their energies and their lives to the noble work of expanding the intellects and forming the characters of the mighty army of the future men and women of onr country. The band then played the 'national hymn, " America,"/the audience rising and singing it with great enthusiasm. Mr. Wells then introduced the speaker of the day, the Hon. Webster Davis of Kansas City, Mo., who mot with a most cordial reception. After a few pleasing introductory remarks Mr. Davis spoke as follows: "It is the strong intellect of man becoming educated and gradually ac- cniiring an increase ill knowledge that- has gradually worked this wonderful change, and brought about, this marvelous progress. "As men became more and more educated and enlightened, the arts of writing and printing enlarged inimitably the repositories of knowledge: thus we are reminded of the low condition of man in a state of ignorance and barbarism, and of the high condition to which ho may bo brought by cultivation, and how the arts of civilization have increased in accordance with the gradual increase, of man's knowledge of the universe. " Kilucation embraces education—the leading forth—the development of human power and instruction—the building up of human character. "To youth, education imparts thai knowledge whose ways are usefulness and honor, and by due restraint anil subordination makes individual to entwine with public good in a just observance of laws comprehending the path of duty. "To manhood it makes his IIOMHII glow with social tenderness, ami makes of man a good and valuable citi/en in the community in which he lives To age it gives consolal ion by remembrance of the past and anticipation of the future. " I'.VIncation is the growth ami improvement of the mind. Its great object is happiness. "That, then, is the lies! education which secures to the individiia I and to the world the greatest amount of true happiness. "The aim of education is no: cially to make experts. "In their natures, original su bilities and ultimate destinies all men are alike. Tiny are material, intellectual aad spiritual; animal, rational and immortal. On these uniform traits of character education should !,,• ba-ed. It should develop ami strengthen the animal functions; classify and improve the rational faculties, and piuit'v and elevate the spiritual atfert inns I,, ),;,,-. rnonions proportion ami p. rl'eci ivinpa- thy. "Kdncation dues not mean simply and exclusively Hie development ,,f man physically, but the rrn ellect iia I and! moral natures require an cipial amount of development so that man mav he evenly balanc. d and all hi, faci.ltie* Work harinoniou.-dv. And the schouU and iinivcrsilie* which work along those broad lines, giving undue prominence to none, are raising up the grandcit ami noblest men and women of the future. ' 4 lt is not the true object of education to make man a repo.-itorv of knowledge ai the ex pt rise of his bodilv health nor to make a ciear. cold, lo^ic engine of a inan or wr'naii. for that wrecks manhood and Woman).m i* il tl:t- aim nf education M '"aKe a man or u om;i n a l>ept i''. hunchbacked, ii.t. lie Init it.-. I'- al id,je,.| i, (., de' f-o.ver. to inal:.- compl.-te. I"" rniiiii d men ;.-nd v% omen the intellect (he he-t il!-J II .'H ' lin-J tl.r- >e; '. ;i |jt of all noble work. Intellect is a gallant ship, but unless it be guided by a skilful .pilot the very swiftness of its sail hastens its own destruction. Bacon and Byron were men of splendid intellectual development, seldom surpassed in genius and intellect, but their moral nature was sadly neglected. Only the men of careful intellectual and moral balance mark the onward march of our civilization; indeed, upon the even-handed distribution of these forces, intellect and morality, among the citizens of a nation, depend both its progress and stability. A nation's wealth consists not alone in its broad domain and its natural resources, but in the intelligence and virtues of its citizens; its nobles are not the men of royal birth, but the men of sober thoughts and righteous deeds. "The development and the greatest possible perfection of the whole nature of man, his moral, intellectual and physical nature; with intellectual faculties active and enlightened, with moral sentiments dignified and firm; with physical formation healthy and strong. The rounded and complete manhood and womanhood, these are what we seek as wrapped up in education." At the conclusion of Mr. Davis' speech the ceiemony of hiving the cornerstone was proceeded with by the architect, F. S. Allen, assisted by Ihe contractor, .T. I 1 '. Atkinson. A sealed box- was placed in the cavity of tho stone, containing a copy of the Los Angeles Times for tho day, a copy of the latest issue of the Covina Argus, March iMth; one of the Christmas number of the Covina Argns, commencement and latest number of The Cardinal, the high school paper; copy of Course of Study and Text Books of Covina Union High School, I1M)S-1!)U<); list, of faculty, list of trustees, list of students (in their own handwriting) March 30, 15)00. Tho ceremony was brought to a close by the band playing "The Star Span- gk-d Banner" and Rev. Harry White of tho M. E. Church made the closing prayer. SCHOOL, ELECTION YESTERDAY. Beardaley Elected Without Opposition in Covina District. The school election held yesterday in tho Govina City school district passed off without iuoident, Mr. C. S. Beardsle.y receiving a uhimimoiiH vote, Mr. J. H. Coulnmn, the rolir- ing trustee, casting the first, ballot. In tho Charier Onk district a warm contest developed, but both of Ibn members whoso terms expired wero reflected. Tho vote stood: II. N. Wolls 18, S. A. Stowell 17, Tom Johnson 11. GAS COMPANY REORGANIZES Extensions and Other Improvements are Contemplated. New interests hnvo token hold of the Covinn Valley Gns Company, and extensions nro planned which will give this end of tho vnlley » network of high pressure gus mains. Mr. J. II. Coohmm remains with the new board of directors an president. In tbo next issue of the Argus an authorized and olllola! nnnouncomont, will be made of the future plans and extensions contemplated by tho company as reorganized. NEW PARTNERSHIP. V. \\. Mclhtgh, formerly with the Kellar-Tliomason Ma nut act tiring Company, has entered into partnership with C. W. Allen of the b'eo (farnge. The partnership went; into effect April 1st and materially strengthens the (inn. They announce that in addition to auto repairing and rebuilding, they will now also make a specialty of pump, engine, farm machinery and all classes of repair work done in a flrsl-class iimchine shop. MONDAY AFTERNOON CLUB. LfiHJ: Monday afternoon, in spil:e of the rain, there was a very fair attendance to,' s hoai' the delightful' arldreos by ProA*K<Hit of the State Normal. So much interest WHK shown that next year there,' will probably bo an "Arts and Grafts" section started. The exhibit, consisfing of brass and copper work tuid wood carving, elicited great admiration, although on account of the rain Prof. Kent did not bring his largest, specimens. Next Monday afternoon Mrs, (•!. V. Rice of A/.lisa will give an account of her recent trip to Kit rope. WITHIN OUR GATES. in espe- Covina's Home Talent Pleases Diversified Lyceum Concert. Tho long, difficult overturn to "XampH, "us a piano duet opened tlio third Lyceum concert on Thnrs day in t.lie Wnmans Club House, rendered by MTH. Hilda HrunjcN and Madame Jlunny van Vliet. The piano numbers wero cspnciully firm. Tho great: "Wgnlctto De Verdi, "rendered by MJHH CiiHrlottf) Jlerron, scnrned almost to Hpeuk of u life work of application upon the technique, and brilliancy of Ibis dim number. The. LIIOOIO piano company of Los Angeles kindly loaned two i.f their' high grade, pianos ,'for the evening. The vocal numbers consisted of two • baritone snugg with encores, rendered f by Howard H. Clarke, in splendid I voice, Hopnino solos by MIM I'ltnl (J. i Stevens, oiii: of which wan I hi; dainty j "Viiluncllcs Dbll Atxtnii," and tenor solos by Henry L. Marshall, who sang KandeKger'H "Have Mo O (Jod," ami "Oh Fair, Oh .Sweet and Holy" by Cantor, accompanied by Altto \V, An dm'Hoij at tho piano. Madame, van Vliet also presided ;it pianoforte for accompanying. Cornet duets were rendered pleadingly by Kdward H. Walters and (Jlen C. Lei Burn, trombone solos by Walter As chenbrenner, violin solod by Hnhfcrt i'hilleo, urn] readings by Misa Marian (Jiveii and Minnie. Hidson. A chorus under the direction of i'r if. K. W. (*room Bang the bridal chorus from "Thfc Hone Maiden" with orchestral \oi | accompaniment, making a splendid 'o i rounding to a pleasing local entfcr- '•' •*• ; tainmtnt. Ke<; >>V ' lf l'" nf » if -V"" r;t;at of orchard budding or |, lwavs ILLNESS DETAINED THE HONORED GUEST, A reception, to hnve been in Hie tin- lure of a surprise, which had been planned by the friends of Mrs. ,/. M. VVhitsel for Tuesday night, in the ,M. K, Church, upon her return from a month's stay at Whittier, f'-ll short of its purpose on account of the sudden illness, an attack of asthma, of the guest of honor. Kully 200 gathered al the church to greet this popular lady and church worker, and it was no) until quite late that il been known that she would be unable to be present. A program of much merit hail ln-en arranged for the evening, which was yivca in its ealiretv with the exception of the "address of welconu-'' by Ihe Kev. llarrv \V. While. The rut in hers inelurled a clarinet solo, I'enj. Hihsoti; aildress, I'cv. II. W. White; voi-al Mulu, .M i'n. I'aill li. Stevens; reading. MJHS Ablioti; vncal duel, M j-. and .Mrs. \ndrew Mr-Allen; reading, M Innie Hishoti, fj^lil refren|iriienls were served, liul for Ihe disappointment oe- cahiuiii d by the una \oiila ble absence of Mrs. Wliitsel, ;he evening would have ranked as one of the most enjuvalde ho'diil all'aiiM of the pant month. A COMING EVENT. \ coming event upon < , \ ina's iri'isi cal liori/.on i^i the i'oni'1-rl of Hi" ( horal I'nioti, to be ^iven the i veiling of the :."-M of ! tiis laonl h. Several of Sou I nn n I 'ali fornifi 's fine siligern have been i-n^aged to (ill the H'dij piiMitintn. \\r-t. Wiser/ian of Long Meaeh, who i.i to lie the xoloisl of the i-vcnirig, i^ a soprano of mon< than statewide reputation, and i« well known to ''ovina people. Miss |)iidge and Mm 'I'hoiiip-.on an-, two of I'a.-iadena'-( lemliii^ Hn|iiano«, and aie to hiny the -.oln pail-i in the chorilHCl ail'l Ipo'l I I e; < • ••-. Mr.-*. C. \\. .(ones of All.-ambra is a contralto of maav veari e >, pi i ienci. and training, and a hi^'h tepuia I ion in (lie middle weslern stall i, ainl I'ovina v\ill not l»e di-.appoin led m he;. The ehonic. has been iloin^ -A e|), aad with the foundation ahead', laid, will prc.ienl choral woil of a hi^li n;der. ft is greatly to the r|-edit <,f oui loeai or^ani/a! ion that, the e|,o;al ALI!: al leinptcil is, in every le-pirt, e(|i,al lf« 11 s mirsiral nniit to an.'tiling a t l<-i,-,ptei.l bv any atnat'iir 01 ^'ani/at i'.n in Hoiith- ein ' 'alir'orn ta -,o tin I hi-. -e.i-,on. In t:ii-l. it ii of hi^lr-i or, 11 i 11.: i a :i i, -. t i.inv -.'/ tar i/i veil onl-idi- of l.'ii. .'-.I;;"-..-. I I I- exj. ••eti-i I I |,i I I Jii-,, i,. |, , •- will Up Demonstration Today and Monday Del Monte Canned Fruits and Vegetables Royal Ann Cherries Black Cherries Peaches Pears Plums Apricots Berries per can 20c 25c Nothing 1 finer put in a can. A new deal by the largest canning- concern in the world. It means money saved to you. "[f you can't come, phone." DIRECTORH OKD'ICKRS 0. K. Andoiwiri Mnrcn If. Hollnmn W. If. IIOLUDAY, Piwlrlonl: O. K. Clupp JI. M. Mourn.;." MAIICO H. IIKM.MAM, Vkv t'rra, J. It. Klllult J. O. limner J. II. KM.IO'IT. Vliui i'rcn. W. II. Holliilny . (J. Miinnfuu W. M. (iKIHWOI.n, CiiHhlur A. I'. K.M'clih.itf Capital and Surplus $90,00().oo Covina Galley Savings Band Covina, Cal. DIKKC'.TOKS OKKJCKKS «(•«. K. Amlci-Hon W. II. UnllWuy A. I'. KKKCKHOKK. I'rim I. J. K. If. M. Il.mai-r II. M. IIOUHKH, Vli-B I'rimldont Miuro II. ilcllrniin A. I'. 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