Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 8, 1969 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 8, 1969
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 1969 THE KEGISTER-NEWS — M'- VERNON. ILLINOIS 9—A THE REGISTER-NEWS Family Shopping Clip Out end Fill Out Your List! Baking Chocolate Baking Powder Baking Soda Cocoa Coffee Cooking Oil Cornstarch Eggs Evaporated Milk Flavoring Extracts Flour—All Purpose Flour—Cake Gelatin Ketchup Mayonnaise Mustard Pepper Salad Dressing Sugar—Granulated Salt Shortening Spices Sugar—Brown Sugar—Confectioners Staples Tea Vinegar Syrup Produce Apples Fresh Fruits Bananas Cantaloupe Grapefruit Lemons Oranges Peaches Pears Beans Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Carrots Celery Cucumbers Garlic Lettuce Onions Peppers Potatoes Spinach Conned Foods Applesauce Fruits Fruit Cocktail Fruit Juices Asparagus Beans_ Beets Corn Meats Mixed Vegetables Pineapple Peaches Pears _ Plums Peas_ _ Pumpkin Soinaeh ' Tomato Juice _ Vegetable Jufce Bakery Goods Breads Cakes Cookies Rolls, Buns Frozen Foods Cakes, Sweets Cocktail Snacks Fish Fruits Fruit Juices _ Pies — Meat Pies Pizzas Potato Products Soups Dairy Products Butter — Margarine Cheese Cheese Spread Cream Ice Cream Milk Sour Cream Meats Bacon Beef Chicken Fish Frankfurters Ground Beef Ham Lamb Liver Lunch Meat Pork Sausage Turkey ~Veaf~ Vegetables Miscellaneous Baby Food Baby Cereal Beer Candy Carbonated Beverages Cat Food Cereal Chocolate Syrup Cigarettes Crackers Dog Food Dried Fruits Instant Items Jam, Jelly Macaroni Mixes—Biscuits, etc. Noodles Nuts Olives Peanut Butter Pickles Puddings Rice Sauces School Supplies Snacks Soups Spaghetti D"ug Items Dental_Aids^ DIsinfeetqnts Headache Remedies Lotions Razor Blades Sanitary Napkins Shampoo _ Shaving Cream Household Suonlies Bleach Candles Cleanser ,_ Cleansing Tissue _ Dotoraents, Soaps F"il Wrao Freezer Suonlies Furniture Polish "liytht Bulbs Moo Nankins Paoer Baas Pwwer Towels Picnic Supplies Shelf Paoer "Shoe Polish Soao, Hand Starch Toilet Tissue Toothpicks Water Softener Wax Wax Paper Window Cleaner 'Specials' and Other Items REGISTER-NEWS FOOD ADS SAVE YOU MONEY! New Goals For The Retired Man By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Many women married to men who have retired complain: "My husband is always underfoot. He doesn't seem to know what to do.with himself." This shows a dismal lack of masculine initiative. No matter how active a life he has led, no man at 65 has achieved a quarter of the vagrant daydreams and fleeting ambitions that have crossed his mind. Why not pursue a few of them now? Does, he have anything better to do? Every man has his own list of fugitive goals and idle aspirations he has never acted on. But probably most men at 65 —have never— Panned gold in the Klondike. Acted as a carnival shill. Flowed over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Worked as a moonshiner's helper in the Southern mountain area. Waited at a London street corner for a blind date with a lady- in-waiting. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge. Haggled in a Cairo marketplace with a Syrian rug merchant. Peddled a better mousetrap as a door-to-door salesman. Been included in a Gallup poll report. Put down a native rebellion. Caught a souvenir football flung into the stands by an ex- huberant pro player after making an 87-yard touchdown run. Stood before a firing squad and told the awed captain, "I do not choose to be blindfolded." Volunteered to go along on the first passenger flight to the moon. Been tarred and feathered and ridden or' of town on a rail. Held a $10( JOO winning ticket in a state lottery. Lost weight from the strain of carrying too heavy a money belt. Ridden shotgun on a stagecoach. Hunted tigers with an Indian maharajah. Picketed a meeting of the PTA in protest against its policies. Made an after dinner speech at the White House. Had a whale of a time —in a whale boat. Bugged a secret session of the Mafia. Filtered alone through enemy lines at night in order to bring help to a besieged battalion. Taught spelling to a student class of skywriters. Escaped from a castle dungeon. Sent a key message in code to the Central Intelligence Agency from the boudoir of a beautiful foreign spy. Lassoed or bulldogged a bull hippopotamus. Been mentioned in dispatches by a grateful government. Filled a cavity in a polar bear's aching tooth. Grown a walrus mustache—or a tomato that took first honors at a county fair. Sung or strummed the guitar in an old folks' rock 'n' roll group. Gone scuba diving and fought off an enraged shark by smashing a fist against his muzzle. Sailed as first mate aboard a flying saucer. Climbed Mount Everest alone simply because it was there. Trapped and caged an Abominable Snowman. 1 In a world full of so many wonderful things to do, why should any retired man let his wife be in a position to complain that he is always underfoot? If nothing else, he can always run away from home and join a Gypsy caravan. Then what'l she say? LIVE DRIVER — Youngster looks up at antique car collector Henry Austin In his 1904 Stevena -Duryea at the "Wheels" exhibit in New York 's FlbergU* Center. Powell's Son May Wed White NEW YORK (AP) — Adam Clayton Powell m, 22-year-old son of the controversial Negro congressman-minister, said today he had "nothing to say" about reports he and socialite Beryl Slocum are considering marriage. Asked whether an announcement on the subject might be forthcoming soon, young Powell told a newsman: "If there is anything to announce, you'll be informed." Earlier Powell had told newsmen the report was not true, but published reports persisted in linking ham with Miss Slocum, 26, a descendant of Miles Standish and other noted colonial figures. One report said Miss Slocum's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Jermain Slocum, of Newport, R.I., and Tuxedo, N.Y., disapproved of her plans to marry Powell but the girl was "defiant." Young Adam, whose father was reinstated this week in a House seat, is the son of the congressman by his second wife, pianist Hazel Scott. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is now working as a producer for WCBS-TV, the New York station of the Columbia Broadcasting System. Miss Slocum, whose father has served in various foreign posts with the U.S. Information Agency, is a Radcliffe graduate and was a member of the ultra- exclusive New York Junior Assemblies the year she made her debut. Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo and Madagascar are the four largest islands in the world. HARRY'S SUPER MARKET 1010 Newby Ave. Phone 242-2340 Plenty FREE Parking We Redeem Food Stamps Store Hours: 8 A.M. Till 6 P.M. Except Friday 8 A.M. Till 8 P.M. THIS AD EFFECTIVE 9th THRU 11 th JANUARY, 1969 - Bush—300 Can Dry 10 For BLACKEYED PEAS 89= Taste O' Sea—2-Lb. Box Breaded COD STEAKS Box $ 1 09 Golden Ripe BANANAS 2 1 25* Libby's—303 Cut GREEN BEANS 5 ° Del Monte—303 Cans KRAUT 2 Cons 29* Florida Juice ORANGES 3 D ° z $ 1 00 Del Monte—303 Can 4 For FRUIT COCKTAIL Del Monte — 303 Cans Whole Kernel VCI 1 fWkl rADM A For SlOO Fancy Sweet POTATOES 2 tb 29* 3-Lb. Cans OLD JUDGE COFFEE $199 ONLY ^ • Can TcLLUW CORN 4 *I EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON O $119 M Lb. Pkg. ^ I 3-Lb. Cans OLD JUDGE COFFEE $199 ONLY ^ • Can 16-Oz. Loaves—Butternut BREAD5 Loaves I 00 EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON O $119 M Lb. Pkg. ^ I 3-Lb. Cans OLD JUDGE COFFEE $199 ONLY ^ • Can Lara Lynn — 1-Lb. Bags VANILLA WAFER 4 0 EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON O $119 M Lb. Pkg. ^ I 3-Lb. Cans OLD JUDGE COFFEE $199 ONLY ^ • Can 2-Lb. Box Aunt Jemima PANCAKE MIX Box 39* EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON O $119 M Lb. Pkg. ^ I 3-Lb. Cans OLD JUDGE COFFEE $199 ONLY ^ • Can 46-Oz. Can—Orange, Orange-Pineapple, Grape Hl-C DRINKS 3 0 89* EMGE'S BEST THICK SLICED BACON O $119 M Lb. Pkg. ^ I HERE'S WHERE YOU GET QUALITY, SELECTION & SAYINGS PURE LARD 2 Z 29' EMGE'S WIENERS K.49< EMGE'S BRAUNSCHWEIGER Lb. 49* SWIFT'S AMERICAN CHEESE SPREAD 2 • W BLUE BELL POLISH SAUSAGE Lb. FRESH PORK LIVER b 25« TENDER BRISKET BOILING BEEF » 29' BLUE BELL SLICED ENDS & PIECES BACON {} Box 89^ FRESH PORK SPARE RIBS Lb. 53^ REND LAKE BOLOGNA 3 TENDER BEEF CHUCK ROAST Lb. 53' FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER 3 lb ,$1<* FRESH SLICED SIDE PORK 2 Lb 89^ TENDER PORK LOIN SAUSAGE Lb. 59^ BLUE BELL t BOLOGNA - PICKLE LOAF FRESH PORK SHOULDER STEAK Lb. 49< MEATY PORK BACK BONES Lb. 59^ FIRST CUT PORK CHOPS ^ 59^ TENDER BEEF RIB STEAKS ib. 39^

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