Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 27, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1909
Page 8
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ft***************** ; Social IWcwsj * * #*#########*##*### Mrs. Onn. Hn/zfml ontfirfnlne<:l In- formnll.v Wfiflnc'sda.v nftornoon with n "f.himblo bftc" in h'njor of her mo- tlif.T, Mrs. Hiirdfr, of Port land, Ore, Others presont were Minnn. Hemlfl, Huff, Noil, W. VV. Nash, K. E. Dud- flerar, Wolcrh, EriKlfth, H, H. AHohon- hrenncr, find Misses Sherman nml Harder. Mr,", R. C. (Jlnrke entertained n fitrormons crowd of boys or; Friday afternoon l?i oelohraMon of the Carter, Jowell, Rooks, Mines. thirt.eoHf.h birthday of hor «on .Jack. There wero shout twenty present, mostly rnf>rnberH of the Boy of the Round Table, nn out door nthletlc filnb. Amontf the number were Masters Potter, Oiven, Gage, Atwood, Coriley, Hodges, Kring, Paul Taylor, liovrle, Htebbina, Brniulwell, MoKoo, H miser, Burpee, Slierwood, A birthday dinner WHS given on Wednesday noon nt the home of Mr. and Mrs, Bert Kellcnhergor, east of town. The affair was planned as a mirprlse to Mrs, .Kolienbergnr, cnoli one present bringing their fihare of the dinner, but when they arrived they found that the table was already set for them, Thono present were j-.'r. arid Mrs, J. M. Kellenbergor, Mr. and Mrs, Bert Kellonbergar, Mr. J. Miieclitlen, Mr. and Mrs. Joiinson, Mrs. R, M, Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Holon .InsHtip, Mr. Olemunta, Mr. W. K. Jleime/i, MIHH Uruco Johnson, Roy Bowman and t'Jeorge Jessup, On Thursday evening, Mar«li 18th, Alias Colin Kendall imd Mr. Chan. Kendall entcrlnined in honor of their eighteenth and I wenty-flrHt birthdays, respectively. (Janies and contests; were c.ii joyed, the pri'/.o winners bo-' iiiK Miw.s Lena C'iirttM 1 and Mr. Edgar Mitchell. The gumntH were tho Miases ROSB, Martha Ream, Lonu Vallio .Jeans, Bertha Fol- Mabel IJohaiimin, Lennie Natiniu Mooro, Mes.'irs. and Kdgnr Mitdhell, Milton r /ug, Hmith nnd Pendloton; Meswrs. Clay Jeans, Al/o Martin. Lee MoBrlde, Joseph ThompHon, Roy Hoiple, Mnr- tiu Holrnan, Perlo Bohannari, Elbert Labatc, Chtifl. Spoer, Murray Hooks and Ralph Butmtmttu. Rcfronhments of ohooolutu, oake, HnndwiehoH, pioklos and iipples wore served. A quick wedding in Los Angelea last SntiU'day united in marriage John Walter Bonrdaley, only son of Mr. and Mm. 0. E. Benrclsiey, and Miss Maude M. Contillo of A'/.usn. The groom is a young miin who has ninny friends in our town, being an notivo momhor of the Christian Chiiroh and proD/inont in athletio uir.ulc.H. Tho bi'ido is a young woninn of charming personality and popular with hor I'rionda. All friends unite in prophesying hiHliiiK liuppincwH tn tho young eouple. They will reside on the old lialdridKn rnmih on (irand avenue, iiorthciiHt of town, which in one of the rnnohou owned by I he !,'room'w father. Mr. Frank Stevens and Mrs. Edna I>if,M,on wore sjiarried on Thursrlay cvonlng at lu o'clock by the Rev. H. W. (itign nt the Baptist parsonage. The ceremony was pnrfoniu'd secretly, the young people surprising their 1'rlt'iuln and relatives, who iliiln't ox- pect th<! marringe to take place until Easter. After the twomiuiy the couulu left, for thoir lioiicynvuin, n<>- ititf to Monrovia to take tint cur ID .Los Angeles, from which place their iK'stination in iiiikiiowu. Both the parties are well known in Covina, liaviiig rcniihil here for a numlier <if yearn past. Mr. Slovens i.s a partner of the bakery linn of Stevens Bros., and the bride in a daughter of .Mrs. Sim-Kill of this place. The homo of Mrs. LouiB llarrlu was the Kci'iie of an unwonted amount of noise, nuy ami otliorwiae, on Tinirs- day at'teriioou, when twelve babies and tlii'ir mothers, one for each nriiilh of the little hostcHH'n lite, met lu iMih'liralo the lliHl birthday o( little Mary Kli/iibrtli Harris. The lj\ ing mom was di'i'.urate«l in u sclu'inu of pink, peach blossoms being used in airy profusion. Jndlvfdnal birthday cnkfis, ofich fliirmounted by one rnridle, were used with the refreshments, and the twinkling light proved dangerously attractive to the babies. Favors for the babies wre little toys, and ench guest was presented with a kodak picture of the little hosf.psfl. Those present were Mm. Gen. Van VUet and son Richard, Mrs, Hnz/fird and daughter Louise, Mri. Kerekhoff and eon Philip) Mrs, Cline and «on BVederlek, Mrs, Peek of Pomona and son Templeton, Mrs. Reed and ROM James Denny, Jr,, Mrs. John Brunjea arid daughter Winifred, Mrs. Lougheed and daughter Dolphine, Mrs. Neil and son Jesae, Mrs. Elliott arid daughter Elizabeth, Mrs. Hutchiriflon and son Hugh, Mrs. Nash and son William Wallace. Elocutionary and flusical Recital. On Monday evening, April 5, at the Christian Church, an elocutionary and musical recital will be given by Dr. H. M. Martin and Prof. Hoggatt. assisted by the choir and local HoluiHtB. The admission will be 2G cents, children 10 cents. Below is a newspaper opinion of the reader, Dr. Martin : Fort Worth Register: "Mr. Martin is a success in everything that if) necessary to make a first class reader gesture, attitude, facial expression, enunciation, all. The audience enjoyed every minute of the time occupied, whether pathetic, humorous or whatever its character, every rendition was a happy delight. The press notices which preceded him have been no exaggeration of his great power to entertain. Tho audiences, not as if under the spoil of a magician; if he wanted stillness, the silence wan profound; if tears, they flowed freely; if smiles, everyone looked pleasant; it uproarious laughter, everyone went wild." Death of Col. O. Wiley Wells. The many friends and acquaintance*) In Covina of Col. (3. Wiley Wells will be grieved to hear of his death, which took plane aft his residence in Banta Monica after a long illness. Col. Wells wan a veteran of the civil war and was afterwards appointed by President Jlnjes as Consul fJerier-• al in China. He was on« of the best, known lawyers In .Southern California and was Intimately associated with Covina from its start, having oecn attorney for the laying out of the Phillips Tract and the formation of the Covina Irrigating Company's water system. He was for ninny years owner of the ten acre orange grove on Badillo street now known as the Wella Tract, which wnn named after him. Till the time of his death he still owned a ten acre Valencia and navel grove at the corner of Azuaa and Arroyo avenues. Try it for piislry. luncheon —- Top Notch W. W. cfe Co. The Jones-Burch Meetings. Interest in the coming of the evangelists Jones and Durob is growing rapidly. In response to tbc,ir inquiries as to their work before coming here, the pastors of the churches uniting in tho meetings have just received the local papers giving an account of their meetings lr>, Knoxville, Term., where they spent last month. The Daily Journal and Tribune says: "Hundreds were turned away. It seems to be no longer a question of how to get people to attend, but rather a question of where to put them when they come. At laat night's meeting evangel let Jones preached a sermon worthy of tho occasion. As a result of his direct and sou 1-stirring appeal not lees than fifty persons indicated a desire to begin a Christian life." The Hentinol also gives lengthy and enthusiastic accounts of the meetings. We hope next week to publish outs of these gentlemen, who will begin their meetings in tho Presbyterian Church one week from Sunday evening. Comedy and Vaudeville. Monday overling, at tho Wouians Club House, the Chicago Amusement Co. will present the comedy, "Daughter Against Father, 11 in conjunction with eight vaudeville nets. Prof. Richards will make a balloon ascension at 4 p. in. VV01 si)ip at tie Baptist Church: Bible-school 9:45 a.m. Preaching 11 a. in. and 7:30 p.m. by the pastor. Morning subject, "Some Diamonds of the First Water Polished,. " Junior a p. m. B.Y.P.U. (i:'10 p.m. Topic, "Great Missionary Books." Leadei, Mrs. S. W. Cage. All are invited to thoao services. Services in tho Church of the Holy Trinity--Fifth Sunday in Lent: Holy Communion, 7 :,TO a. m. Hunday- soliooi ( .):45 a.m. Morning prayer, 11 a.m. Bishop Johnson will administer tho rite of Confirmation. EvortHouK. 7 '.'?0 p. in. ; subject, "Lessons from tho Lifo of Daniel.' 1 Offertory solo, "The Lord Is My Shepherd," by Miss Fletoher. Presbyterian services: Huiulay- Hcheol !):-lfi a.m. At 11 a. in. Miss ,)ulla A, (lurlock, a missionary from Japan, will speak. Junior Endeavor I! p.m. Y.P.S.C.E. (i:;)0. Gospel service 7:'.JO; subject, "Meditation." PrayormooUng will be held Thursday evening at 7:110. Tho regular monthly missionary meeting will he held at the Imine of Mrs. Win. Waterhouse April 'J, at '2:!t') p.m. All are muni, cordially inviltMi to these services. Paul (i. Stevens, pastor. At the Methodist Church the pastor, Rev. 11. W. White, will preach at 1 1 a. m. on "The Reality uf Christian Experience. " At 7:110 p. m. the ladies of the \V. F. M. S. hope to hold their annual thank offering service, announced for last Sunday evening, but postponed on account uf rain. The other services of the day an usual. The Junior Epwnrth League will he iI'or^imi/eil under the leadership of Mi.ns Rena Wilson at !) p. m. Children between lilt) n^es of (i uiul H aro urp-tl to attt-ml. Annual Meeting. Please take notice that the annual meeting- of the stockholders of Warner, Whitsel ft Company will beheld at the office of the corporation in the City of Covina, County of Loa Angcless, State of California, on Wednesday, April 21st, 1909, a. 7:30 p. m. for the electing- of directors and for the purpose of transacting- such ether business as may pro|jcrtly come before the meeting-. E. P. WAKNI3R, Sec. March lo, 1909. Christopher's Cream ®1 duality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is so satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so universal ly popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. C, F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT #######* *#####*##: * * * * * * * * * IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler *•#*#•#•#*####*#####* Home Bakery Stevens llrut'.iers, Proprietors Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Biscuits. Doughnuts ASSORTED CONFECTIONERY Daily deliveries in Covina and vicinity in our new wayon. CITRUS AVK., COVIXA Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake anil Confectionery Wag-on through valley daily. # * * * * * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * * * * * * * To Orange Growers, Land Buyers and tlomeseekers * * * * Orange growers who are selling cut their properties down south are invited to come and look our fine couniy over and the tip-top lands we have for sale suitable for all purposes. A number of old experienced orange growers have already re-invested here and a large acreage will be planted this spring. We offer our famous Strathmore orange lands for only $100 up with'terms to suit. STRATHMORE is located between Lindsay and Porterville and all trains stop here. We ate now selling large town lots for S1SO and up you will have to hurry to get one. Postoffice and store already here. Opening for blacksmith and livery stable now. You can of course write for further information hut better still come at once. Lands bought now will he worth double next spring. KxcurMons leave Los Angeles daily at 11 p.m. and arrive at Strathmore at 11:30 a. in. Railroad fare refunded purchasers of lands. Our ortice is at the depot and our teams are at your service on arrival. Stritlmre Realty (o. SUdttimore, Tulare (oiiDty Phone (farms) 137 * # * * * * # * * * # * * * * * * # * •* * * * * * # # * # * * # « * * * Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry Fine watchc?, clocks, rings, chains, pins, bracelets, Everything- GUARANTEED to give satisfaction. Our REPAIRING department is complete with new tools and materials. All work WARRANTED to give satisfaction for ONE YEAR. Covina Jewelry Company M. WRIGHT, Manager. # # * * * * * * # * # * * * * . Next to C. W. Tucker's Studio # Citrus Avenue * THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET •9,'iU serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Gr.ocery is unrivalled. OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its g-overment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 THOROUGHBRED Cornish Into dame Trios S10 00 Eggs S3.50 per Setting C. L. SMITH Tel. 3 Azusa United States National Bank E. P. HULL DEALER IN New and Second-Hand FURNITURE Quccnsware, Granite and Tinware Cash paid for Second-Hand Furnitere #*##*##**#####*-#* KILL THE COUGH AND CURE THE LUNGS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery FDR BOUGHS iftoW.oo. Tun \^OLD8 lilal Bottll Free AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDED. SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. HIGH GUAOB. Money by buying thfe reliable, honest, high grade aew« ing machine. STRONGEST GUARANTEE. National Sewlna Machine Co* Belvldere, III. PASO ROBLES HOT SPRINGS On the Coast Line. The equal of any in the world and set in the midst of such climatic conditions as constantly invite to the open air. A delightful place for n-st, ivcii|>cration, constitutional treatments and recreation. The new bath 1 . with its superb equipment, is unrivaled Ijy anything in this country, Hy- drupathic treatments, mud baths, swimming li:iih>, Turkish hath?. Particulars at SOITIIKRN' PACIFIC OFFICES. FAIR WARNING, Tell Your Till-; LAKGK AND KAl'ID DKVKLOPMKNTS have nuuk- ;ill kinds of \v;>rk stock, muK"> ami liursos, sc:irvo, atul with the prospov-t of a hi if ;ulv;uve in llu- near tutmv. Till-; A< HIKDUCT J50AKI) advertised lor 400 mules. They had only twenty olTetvd. \Ve did not put in a hid because the speoilk-utiurH and details were most unreavmabie a.iu expensive. \YF, AKK eutisiileriiii-- an oiler which we expect to close within a week tor thirty-four mules, twenty mares and tweiitv colts. PEOPLE ARE BUY INC OUR MULES because they are young and rtorth the money. ,-,,,., . + *• , •* i \Y11KN YOU 11UY our stuck you Ktunv what vuti are octtin^. An ordinary sixe mule will make more trips, do more plowing, pull more tons and wil. only co,t aiuntt as to teed a :,pan as it does to feed otie lartie horse. v WE OEFER lor one week one well broken mare and mule, would make a splendid orchard team, for $225. \VK OH'KKR llu: celebrated T(MU>, six year old roistered stallion. . . \VK OKKKR twenty-five spans of work mules, three and four yeavs oU. You ^et all the life in front of them. A mule i> not tullv .leveloped until he is seven years old. \VK OKKKK work horses and mules in exchange for lii^lit runabout auto. • Ol'K I'KOl'OSlTION. \Ve will sell you a *paii ot miiie>. part cash, balance on time, and if you will treat the mules ri^ht they will be worth ll) or 2.-. p^r a-nt more Man we charge you lor ttiem in one year. KK.MKMHKtt this stuck is yoinj'- to be closed out at once. RIGGINS FARM AND RANCH, CoVina

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