Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 2
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, February 18, 1945
Page 2
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u. Ickes Propo Coast-To-('least- i Power Projects Interior Secretary flukes' Frank" Bid for I'o-,lvmr ; Job of Developing Water Pro»i-siin . \Va.vhi.!nrtori. Feb. 17 '.-f-- Interior- (i*creiary Jrke.s -ni^le j t.'.irix bid i tfii'lay lor ','<;f»i»r v:> of de-j y*:tiyi:ig jfiiihi wu«>r and i>/'.u'i pro- ' ;'-'"' lor thtf i:a'iot:. . i Jclwj, : «rot« 10 Pi-e.,; ; ;e:i-. Rooie- , . vi'H 'that ho h*£ ?.he w^nuizatton' tor ,t lie Job.. . i All tin) <v«:' ;mi- ]iifi!j'.:iy, of hisj ''VspartitM.-sii,. U'ics .j.-iirt. c<m be 1 Uirnrd quickly to i.he of har- n;'«mij tfia eoiimrt's wj:<-rj iu an ocean- io-ocean cotuerMitwi:, re- A bii! giving the department just thn 1 . role* has been presented if a i Xrrti.p of sen;t'iG;s. : ; l., .Mtive In Till > .. Tliw bill ii .-the la;<-.-,i move in I't'.i-. '.II;. lxflwre«-h PAD mum aiiviicftU.'.--) of SjrtaM-r postwar power develop- ; nuw*—the'jfroup whkn fa,yors <.'.?-' v^'tripuieni. by siew mil's .ilonjr the Isi-.o of.t.n« autonomous Ttiuu-s.^c V.ii.'cy Authority, anci i!:a! wluc.h i.- cfi.i;jipi/>T;ij';>>'powi'r pi-rt'..->- mirier «xtoting Interior department .system . fetch leader In his oxn firlci— It-fees, in one arid David FJ. Uiic:i- th;il (: TVA h<Md, In the other—says his tviv of organization constitutes fhe ,bc,<t pattern for ricvclopinj! Jor irrigation, navigation. n«xl , , , . ri-mtrol.jor reclaiming the affectfd ; '__/_ 1J V ''Our job .won Will be to turn a. VASI bkx-fc of power from war to! {trace,'' Ickes wrote to the prej-I-'i rlenL "It is a hercuiean Job but SUNDAY TIMES. CUMBMRLAND. AID, SUNDAY/FEBRUARY 18, 1915 Mystery Veils 'Man la Tower' •Treachery Case Dutdunan BIMII^ Held For : Tipping Gcrumns OCf to ; Brilish Airborne Arn•'.••• '•'. iioin Invasion ••'. BY JAMES H. KING London. Feb. 17 l-T>—-Tlie curioM? • case of "the man. in ihe .tower," a 'Dutchman .--aid to have forewarned Hlit Germans so that ihey smithed Ithe British airborne attuck on Arn- jhem last September, deepened in !mystery toniaht as the Netherlands. jsrvemraent infaniiiuion service d«- )'• jnied.the man was privy to the Arn-' ihein optirutlan but credited Dutch j 'security police with catching him. | The story of alleged treachery by !a mnn who was a member of'iht> j Dutch underground for three years land who "proved" his loyalty b>\«r. . • killing -several Germans, was flrlti V 1 la 1 AvCilS ( )ll obtained from confidential" sources ^ M IBS' December but was released bv (Continued Iroia Page i) censorship only today. : '. [chute Regiment were dropped from Japs Told Much Time Miiy Be Shelter - Spent •"'fill Tiit jnociaied pr et t\ bov,- .strafing and bombing: carrier planes of the mighty U. S. Fifth Fleet forced many Tokyo.', residents, to spend "practically the whola day (Friday. Tokyo time) in shelters," Harukuzu Ogata, Japanese air defense official .said today, warning "we may have to spend most of our' lives underground in the future as is the cu--,e in Berlin." pyaia. speaking over Tokyo's dthik'stk' ' nidio.. explained quickly refueled carrier planes raid repeatedly in contrast to the giant B-29'.s which raid only once and. ihen have to return to their distant airfield. Ogata's broadcast suessed that the only protection against strafing. Is to "lake refuge in the nearest shelter." German Route jOf Retreat To ie Assaulted Air Power To Be Loo soil ; Ayninsl Likely Eneinv Withdrawal; iN'orlhcrn Italv Warned Tlic man's name .still Is but the British press said h« was '!^psctacularly landed ;U L "a Dutch oflicer." ..'... Gvtinea. earlier in the war. TllL * was: the unit ' which Lae, New Deny lie AVa.s Dutch Officer Following publication of the slory. By SID FEDER ; . Rome. Feb. 17 i.-Pi — U. Gen. Mark Clitrk declared today a German withdrawal from Italy was 'in creiislng).v- ,-iikeiy" anci 1 warned: Italians in the northern ; provinces that Allied air might was being turned loose on the routes of retreiu. :' In- the first intimation from such a high quarter tha 1 : the enemy might be planning to haul back his, 27 divisions for a defense of the embattled Heich. the Allied commander in Italy told the people to stand clear o" industrial and transportation targets so that "any attempt at a German withdrawal mav be made as costly as possible.'' Receives Eisenhower's Warnin ' _ These paratioopers' were "dropped His message to the Italian people was reminiscent, of those of Gen. Eisenhower, who issued the same sovt °* warning to the peoples of _ on. the topside of Corrcgidor taking jAlsnce, •• Belgium, its batteries and . defenses in On Honeymoon . DcmaM M. Ncl>on, 5tC'form?r War Production Board chairman 'sits *>UV. Mar^rite S. Coulboum. 26-year-old l^*^™^^\^?^^$^^£™ Diversity campus beauty queon before their marriaze Valentine Dav the Arnhem o^n, C ° Ut Ne t*" TO Ta Wli . i . , . . --- -,.^, v . , . ,_- "tiiiVLito ixiiu he Netherlands information service-rear".-MacArthur said thS *Vi " a " e4 n*f a , lCin m l dc " yins " Tlle «'«ny was completely sur- that he was a Dutch officer, deny- prised by the air landing." landed on South Shore Then elements of the- 24th division of Maj. Gen. Frederick A. Irving, which played a heroic role Holland and the Luxembourg when Allied armies) were racing through Western Europe u-nr to economic ei v .i. In the fi'rltJ or cowlcieratlon namely, regloiia! development. , '.But It must be regional de-1 vclopment at itjt boldest.. The pro-! gram must embrace entire areas,; ujuatfv the b.-isuvs of great rivers' ami :holr tributaries; It must provide for full and unified development of nil of the resources within, thff. reKion. and nt\. Ideal program) would call for simultaneous attack i upon nil phase-." of the job." . I • ekes Says Facilities at Hand Icfc^s said that there Is "n.-arcely s. fftclllty" of the Interior department that Is now producing for war which could not be put to IIM; in such an undRrtaking. "We would provide for irriga- tton at thf upper reaches of a river, for deep-water navigation as ! Ov l\ew Definition Dependents I the Arnhem operation. « The statement .said, however, that the man held "had posed as member of the Dutch resistance move! ment" and that "hLs arrest was due entirely to the alertness of the Dutch in the October ferried invasion the of L«yte. four-mile, Tliey landed er 4 Jini Crow' For IneomeTax , ,.. r\ • 11, x P r ^-* s <'" . >irws Drive UeppmltMil for Tax Pui' securitv authorities on the conti-, on -Corregidoi-s south shore.' nent." These hard-fighting Yanks threw/ British sources thus fur have dc-' thc N 'PP° n ese garrison "into com- nied all knowledge of 'he cd^e iplete dislocation," headquarters re- • • " ' -latcd. VandeiibergTo ~ Demand Inside Data On Yalta last autumn. Clark recalled instructions to! Films' Besl Legs ~ According to the Hosiery Design- Italian partisans to aid the Allies j er s of America, Film Actress And- by attacking communications andj reil Kill S (above) has the best, look" Senator Would Learn Com- inilmcnls Made hy Roosevelt Before Entering * Security l\[eeling By- JACK BELL, ' Washington. Feb. 17 (/Pi — SCIIR- tor Vancienberg <R-Mich) plans 10 ••k President . Roosevelt if H.-U strings are attached before fie m> ccpts an Invitation to become one b' the eight, American 'delegates to the San Pi'ancisco world security conference. - . '.'..,... Although'' Vandenberq would not discuss the matter Himself, friend.'>aid today he had mnde it plain \\t. does «ot n-aiu to be bound in advance by any commitments beyond >- the broad principles laid dov,ii at the preliminarj- Dumbarton Oak- meettnr. Will Go As An Individual At the same time, the chairman ;oi the Republican senatorial coufer- jence was reiwrtetl to have iicreen with colleagues on the minority steering- committee that if he attends, he will go as an individual and not as an official GOP representative. . • The steering committee was.tii;- yvilling, as one of its members put it. to give even Vandenberi "* f. I I -said their effort^ should bo designed " ling Hollywood. She nosed reco-nlJed thb view power of attorney" for the group The Michigan senator reportedly "coordinate with and supple- -out such formidable competition as Several Scnato ment " the aerial blows. IBeliy arable; Marlene Dietrich and not approve . no approe Vdfi's re ^ Aether one or more enemy Ann Miller to win the annual selec-i proposal for the coSlon of \-lcinnc olrairfx- l,n^ ~,^-. --- 1 ----- _ ; t l-in "C^r- tlio r , n ,!,.l««ll ..... :..j_j f"^H"on.i lui lilt V.UIU lUAlun 01 divisions already liad escaped across jtlon. northern Italy under the almost I ncr d^ily aerial hammering was not be-, 1 ™ 11 uig mentioned now. "CV-i^ *!•.« ( .1 n J l'— -^*"- — - *vy. t-i.v vv/lll. HIOIUII Ul rt For the statist cally mmdea. treaty among the major Allies EURI- an*le nieasiires eight and one-innrcclng. mimediatc mJUlarv action .inches, calf 12'-. inches, and her jasrainst Orrmnnv nnri .m™^ if ,1,,. .., . . _«.. , thigh 19;. Inchea. But one thing was certain. Ger-, patrol-; were aggressive all;-iri ft i • i along the front, and American pa-jlU 1)6116YOU n t i t v~, 'Inr^fl ... —- —-•o*««^.*-wnt* 1 an.w. ^vi i n;j. i^iill LJit • ac^^fX^e^^S^!. ^ ^'-.nfamn-m™ advanced ^ ^^<£l^l ^T \ ^'^2^™™^ Jwuh^^S --^— feuse line^lS tnek V ^! i agaill£C Ciermany and Japan if the ^AP Wircphoto.) | Axi3 countries attempt so rearm [after the war. The United States would snare in this without further confteAsion- Hini and Wife lo Ballimore A f lor-'l"!i IT ids of A inlencp poses M u s t Ouulify in Five Way* U n (J c r Amended Slide Law Stcsr'iu.Vulc, Me! . Feb. The man. trusted because of three ™ n lhc Paratroopers. |anri resistance active years in the underground j Sec nance of Corregidor opens| evcr . . , presented himself last summer tii! Ma!Illa bay to Ulc United Statesj as as strong, i determined, e n Dutch resistance liaison officers in' a lnol ! t!l an ? London me nnd offered himself bearer. ns j.MacArthur invaded • The Japanese fleet .jxise the bav until a week after! ^ BU , tcr C!ashcs Reported Luzon island. l .. ir " e : } l '\ s & communique reported t'as unable to Republican opposition on the grounds that it would be tantamount- to "a perpetual dechupUoii of war." would constitute a mi'iitar i'= R _ , I " 1 _ m "" 1 ? of . 10 fiance and would invade co-.iB-.e--i Tacoma, Wash.. Feb. 1" i,V^—Fire I.-?'- — Baltimore, Frb. 17 Would he be willing to ! withdraw a year. staw Police reported today no fur-. : affectinc the filing oY iiKom^tax^" 1 «e v «al Germans?" Cer-.a'i'nV" he!,, -^cArlhur said the action "opens'. t . (her diiturbaiiccs in the Srcvrns-'rruinw'for 19« pwscd by the-prcs- 5 wa! a crack sjlot - ' ^-^ harb ° r IO our flects -'1"- "?I-=-. ll - keI . > - 1 ... cla ^ s ^ssaec. the Germans Italy became ln- vllln area where threats of violence ; en; General Assembly 'include arising from publication .of n negro'si new definition of dependents views on thn propcwe<l -repeal of. tho .'.Millard . Tawes. Maryland s'l Maryland Jim Crow law drove him! comptroller, ndvifcd taxpavcrt and hLs wife to Baltimore last night! tinv. a j. ate to- Bclirvcd Reliability Frovpn Tn the underground, no one Is under police protection. taken at face value when necfes are nt stake. Brussels officers, busc- Imiently checking hL> relinbiiity. in- singularly. usins the plural in re-! said - Particularly "In this phase of ferrjng to naval groups. • ! nar . wllen - in the east, Russian .. pnsfro wlndcra ' 5 II Prisoners Rescued On Bataan, captured from Police the aependem for tax pm-pose* must He said that under the new law)vestt B Bt€d and found he had killed i SCral ° gi ? 5t ^ d , poi " t allholl .S'n the - armies are sweeping on to Berlin and in the west Anglo-Americans lare smashing through the Siegfried " tine defenses. been a tlicr- ' in ?£. the bulk of the minority mem- dead, one is known.brrs arc expected • to follow the d 13 were treated tor ; Michigan senator's leadership when for injuries suffered in : the security treaty comes " J the roof:them. of the flaming structure. That is the inuniclpai supply, seutrate hydro- Queunstown >Md.-) News. Taxpayers Resjxjnsibility the Nazis he promised. peninsula still harbors considerable !™ cm forces hidi:l S -During ths phase, therefore thei ' ers Iv prove itself i firemen , fui , migh . of M ,._;_ . . . . i Vanrfenbcrg as a supporter of the when results of the San Francisco con- search for bodies. • ference. and why President ROL>.^'. , ... - - --„- „. ^ C1 i3 . f ir ^ n f n Sieved several p c rsons;velt may go out of his wav to as««»). nf bejng tUrned SgaiMfc SUppI> ' ""d'whwUw ^m« - r -"" P " I ^ ie — ; ?" re Ule Miel!i e H » senBtor 'that the rescue ol communication rnnto.; ^,f T v, D «„„„,,. *'' en l " e ''ames ,-^ e ^ CU ^l f iP olumllnic « ion rout " of the enemy! ekctrio power and transmit It for u>fi in factories aivd hoinps and on frtrin.1. We would determine the find volume of the ores and Paid Ttir Publishing; Letters .More than half of his support! any way. nnd he played the role of executioner. , , , ivv/;muuiui.nuuii routes 01 tne cnemv' ji * , ...~«.m-.ivi \M and meit who had been-leading out of northern IU1<-1111 llp - the !lirge imlcr hgln wel1 - They I delegate. : hp nnrhvpnl- f\f t>-,e wn*- ' ,_. .. . . . . J sain tllr* fi-nnt n na i-t i.xi» r r- n-n.-A i .", Editor Michael Aker reported"ths<,! m . u f t " RVe . been P nid b - v ! he UIE negro hud paid to have the le'tV ...... terx published as an ndvenLsenient the of plastics that a:e hi vrsterciay's edition of the weekly nm>>noable to proceAslne or .mami-|pau«ir. tact lire by means of electricity, and! Alle'gctl liirrals asainst thn petrol le?ally irnnrrtVi* * fio mftt r»» f\f ni-rir-oee-ino- e »..._.. ..j i. * .' _. •- .- ." ' £?l"Hrifir iitiprovL- :he nT-nns of We would foresttill or amell-! orate the pollution of streams, safeguard the soil ngnitist erosion, protect wildlife and develop recreational nre'fts.'* In a Aumm&ry of the department's »-jrj£ !ast year. Ickes stdd the burPtilt of reclamation and thr. division of power provided much of the hydroelectric power used In war mahu- faoturt. The department's power project* gfiior^ted 13.747.000,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. processing were reporti^d by Cpl Charics A-i- :SIHnclchi!dr<?t1 ' payer in the calendar year in which the taxpayer's taxable year began. 3. He must be related to the taxpayer iu one of these respects: AS or blood children; great-grandchildren. Plan To Defer .(Continued from Pa£» r) needs nt ah additional 900.DW jv?rvicr-mr by nex' J-jly. ' Tlie government .Connies specified will riiceivR applicntioiis for defer- merif, of kff tncn and then certify to local draft .boards the names of men under 20 "who. In. the in- iTPsi'of the war pl'frirt, should be iiiven ihe ?reniest- oonsirieration for occupation:". 1 determent." "Ur.'der this plan." the amiQimce- n:c|it r'ontinued, "!ora! boards will n';!H Hi»Ve the rieht, to defer registrants ..fcertlflrd r.->r not certified.. if iii th-?lr judgment jtjcli a registrant j would nuiilify for dBferment iiriderji. --strict. Interpretation of belnt;- Que - ufi^vi. n.« wj V^J.' * V.-^IH *!«,:,•> r\il~ .,1 \_-t» of the Stars Police Detectivej^puhildrcii, brothers in Stevensville -a^t-night and who nd- visrd the Cdnlej's to leave the vicinity. Conley's k'tteri. which followed publication of a story, on the Pleasure now before Uio Man-land Gen- and n now seems llkelv the Gestapo s" - , ucce ? him the names of certain Ger- i^* c ^f rhur c mans which they intended to killj , olncer5 '* e ro!c ^,Si^™e Americans, three Dutch! withd^af;^ be'ma'de^^Uv^f"- 011 "^ !hc ^™ ted One ^ ^'° ? nllsh -. : as P 055 ^ 1 ^ to our ,mWe« enemv '' .' h f rc ; V!1S a , tire OSM ! he was . In So , uth Manlla ' a Ja ' 3rlnese ? ar - I" telling the people to stav^' but ''I 6 «° U P in«r,,.r "«>» whlch llR s ignored an ultima- awav from .mc-h tKr e £* *l\^ |be«n on off when i and smoke shot-latter will have a frre hand since the outbreak of the war. order that anv attempt of a Genimi isilicl . Illc frollt "P* 1 ' 11 "™'* «'^| 1-1 n-«irn A »»IHT-W-(*TIC tKi-o^ T-»,,r ! .. ... . . - t *-^ 1A '}'v ui A VJLi ilum .,,„..,.-, , ,. ,.,!.-,.,,,-„ t .4^n i Thereafter, he was accepte of the messages with which reportPri entrusted carried inatntc- viom to the underground on th c l tum !O surrenc!er or even *'° release ._._., ., . •" TM^iir-imHr-rt^tinn f-m *.*! «:•..'!:«.... _.^ ™ Arnhom attack. Tlie strength and surfdenr.ew; of the Germans' resistance when the British "Red Devil" parachute divi- riv JL r _.• -» ._'... .' .. T^> thou?ajids of unarmed civilians was further reduced in bitter street and building battles south of the PaMg brothers and half-sisters, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, step-fathers and step-mothers, nephews and nieces, uncles and aunts and in-laws. • 4 He must be a resident of the «ral A-ssembly calline'for repeal of the law, said In part: "As I was reading my paper this Tseek of F<-b. 9. W45, I saw •where our Gov, (Herbert R.) O'Conpr wnntfcl to do away wilh Jim Crn-.v law so 1 'will iav §oc'd luck to Gov: O'Conpr but you poor white people should st.ty to yoursrlf. x'-x x as you call us blacks aiid r.egros we help to put Gov. p'Conqr hi power ns well as" you white's. For I inn a negro but I do. think that I am ft? good as any-white man for there Us i\s many whites that is ss ion- ns negro. ; You whites harf run Eastern Shore for a lor:? lime but your time Is comltigr. This to the whites of Eastern shore." Offlrers Kecpinp Visjil hfacicjuarters aroused suspicions that they had been tipped. But even -as the heroic parachutists back across the N>der Rhine from th^ ruins of Arnhem. there was not the slightest suspicion of the courier. Allies Finally Gain Evidence It was not until Yanks scored gains in the vi- away from such targets as roads, railways, communications centers, bridges and industrial targets. Clark , Urges Vamlcnljcrr (o Ai-ccnt served by Hie entrance ytntrwny andj Senator White of Maine, tho )!r- upe on the alley i publican ifitrier, s'aiti he had nrs.- may have sliot Vancienberg to accept the appointment unless Ihe latter feels . urged them to restrict all civilian up the "well" and burned the walk actions would be circumscribed ways which connected the front and i by prior commitments made bv th--l rear portions of' the building. {administration. ' '* the army." some time later 5elzecv D - v unl that the Allies obtained evidence! '"'eh landed at Mariedes Thursrtay United States cr of a contiguous i country. , 5. He must not be a remote rrln- I'.lye such ns a cousin, uncle, aunt.].";'^ !nephew or niece related only by- JmniTiac^. . . i , , • --*- •••••• ".^,. . -. ! „ ,. , , (dr-ad shot and alwavs went armed Flect SU'^re. Opt.onul tomputalion ^lethods ;TO get him alive, he"was induced to The new law provides dependent! attend n cocktnil party, and was credit, -under the optional method of i seized at the height of what he computation will be S400 instead of though was a say affair. 5440 h.s heretofore. Thw new credit! The second'chapter of the story correspond.-; to that in the regulnri° f "The Man In The Tower"—how method of compiuntioti. ! the Allies caught on to him—prob- In confo.-mancc with tiie internal- ab '5' cannot be told until after the! rove-tine code, the .Maryland law alsoj'*~ a '~. exclude.-; from (rrass income pav-l incuts up to 51,500 received each taxable year ns members of the armed forces bv' Marylande'rs U ' JM.V. cinity of Fort McKinley, east of (Italian bordd Kcilson airnelrt. In the Zambales mountains near captured Clark air center northwest of Manila, the 40th division ofMaj. Cren. Rapp Brush wiped out more enemy groups. The. southern tip of Bataan was 5eized by units of the 38th division travel to an absolute minimum. The communique reported that German positions near the French- been kept under Tile first alarms were [about 2 a. m.. and six fthe structure still was the fire had Bombardment (Continued from Page i) I The communique made no refer- < sounded, "No one can come closer to n-p- later | resuming the Republican viewpoint uiftzim;;in the Senate on foreign affairs virtually I than Senator Vandenberc." V/n:<c a'v, v, contr °l f° r two hour.-. Eisen-jsnid. "It would certainly be a blow f 'jbacher estimated the loss at $50,000. to hopes for senatorial approval of a ~~ security organization if he should feel that he has to decline." ; . Vandenberg has proposed that £ £, . . -unilateral agreements on European ilSleril oC-ClOrS political questions be checked jacx ,to the proposed peace organization i for final approval. He is likely Cold Wave Hits to the Dutchman | wi!h - he support of aircraft bom"b-| eHce 'o enemy "broadcasts "statfng! . A . co !. d wave wh 'ch turned the na-scarry some such idea into the con- moved cautiotislv He was Hl ln S and strnflng and U. S. Seventh that tw landing attempts Saturday!".I 1 . 1 , 3 first breath of spring into cold.;Terence if he accepted a place on the n ' ~» -* " • •«"—.— — ^- • - • rl.illc rfivxicr 5QinlT to Tryft.s anri Aitm,-;^o,A ,1*1*., — *:~.- .., j morning on the south end of iwol? 1 " . - thrust sol!lh lo Tcxas and American delegation. Japs Doomed Corrcjidor It was the conquest ol Butann by He was reported as willing to (were repulsed after which otheri 1 ^ 11 ^"* » n . d ens ' ^ faj ' a - q p e»"- . — „„ , IM ,„ j Yanks got ashore to be engaged in: S! i , nla> ohl ° and Kentucky last, along on a proposal requiring a u< .!fierce fighting. j 1 "?!? 1 '.^ ..... ., .,.. ••'.,'. '• " Manimous vote of the "Big Five" on nber directing council. fro^, troni . ., . .. In the van of the cola air mass.: the 11- i < TJ pr'f>x •'•• 3 IVCUU > "" -, . *•' r S . >"- s being maintained in the - ,...,„ .......„,., ,.. u . „.,.«; „, cn-'ilown - Narrows -. Swvens- hecessari- to nnd recularly rngaec-nf l ' lll<r arcrl of ttle Eastern Shore, and in war production or k war stip-! :icld . €d lluu the r emo™' of the ne- portini? activity " 1/rM-al Br>:»nU Have Fin.ii Say Thp".agencies emph,isi/ed that t!ie also excludes nuisterlhg-out and (he neces-sity of filing '. torms Jor ilarylanders who died In jihe service of the American or Al- O'fi-tiled nnnc'ti forces and erases any r '" liability Ihey may hnve had far unpaid (axes. Tawes said .these chances are not shown .oh the forms taxpayers will coi:nt >'whether a man will be door not, will continue to "rest . measure, already solely with th» local board, subject V?' ?. to appeal." |^deration ''It is realized," the agency. Srild,; ea ' e '' i " "f.hiit the,p!i\ri is not perfect but it L docs eon.?tltni« the tw^t r-concUla-'. tion of the roniplelln? noecl.s tw- niiiiipoweT thnt can be worked out at. (his time," i Th* procpdure tinder which np- ! plicaf.loni for deferment may bej .tiilxnUtert to-trie various povnm-i merit agpnr Irs I.i now being worked i out by .'elective .•rr\!'-o and.WMO. l The- as^ncles '.<rh:ch may rertify; ., th« iiamcs of wori;rr« ur.rfPr thr np\r ln " > en- ]<\"iuL- T'i\/ cior^ed by the Governor, has passed 'Uirv j i\y the.stole Senate nnd is up for con-j (Continued from Page r) *tnnr-ri*irtti Ht« tl-j» tr.-v.i r-™ ^.* T-* _t ^. • I i i. . >-. " . . . * •* by tl-,e House of Dcle-jthc Crfrman,-). do you think I would i have waltrcl until late dnte to Ah, no. That would mean i do so? .T JNl'ijrO TrOOnCrS |. Mrs. Gmiiri said .-he had not only — * " ' 1 nair! f\\\\ ffoifc rvtnniii' t n If>n.n«. H U. - - . , vr . 111 >Y reCKi htLsba!lcl from •tiUKlrtn; N. D. Pcb: J7 i,f>>—Al -~v 60 nrv;io .-oldierji were Injured u - lhf ' . Army Service. Force 1 ;. Xavy, Army Air. Forceps, War Production Hrifird, .Maritime CpmmKMmi, Petroleum Administration for War, Office of Defense Transportation. War Food of r? of tnuk^ and ol in'rr t<xiny. C.ipt. Ruben P. Oonnioy. " lroop VF ' rlllrned ' la paid out the money to keep .her hu-sbaiicl from being taken off by the j Germans, but iiad also planned his kldtiii'ppiiiR with the help of the French Maquis to prevent the Germans from seizing him. "After this money was psld. I wns not even then sure I could trust, these jxople. so I planned to have my own inwbRnd thin, a niiinber injured. of others were Hospitals in Miuulan and nrarby Aiimmlst ration. Coordinator Flihsrie*. Rubber r-Hsel'i AdinlixlMrntlon. mittcc.on Di-t-irment of Oovernment F.mploy?s, Mstlona! Roster of Seien-i tific nnri Specialized p»r.50nnrl. O.'-. 'tea of Scientific Research andj Development, and the Procurement; .inri Assignment Service of WMC. While ' thf llit o( certification' where he ra- unmoteted. throughout the war, .She said she pot four mem- of the FFf and a physician to —. ~ «&'Sr 5Sf S^.^nrf *™* -niVar^ wUl! the^eS Rtrsorve. Solid f.V'^tS;. Doc>or - > antl ™™* of taking her husband into thr ^A^^™;'^ e ,oXr^. * w ^ w !«-^» - <— -«°- % All the overturned rars were bnd- "ri,p,- -„, ,, c /,. ^ A - v - . -. , .n^liea and one. of them burn-!,„J'^^' ,VU m^Sl cars! ttif , s sp-nclea incluriert none for key em- Bobhv Yillrs Awav For ptoyw of state-:, counties and mu- j .-,~~. .... " .,. • hlf-ipnlltipF. it was understod tp.« - < III I nnr riniff, A .-. ._ ..'t them proceed no fsr- u !'":(lM-r bfcaiife they told them an AI- Jllcd landing In the south of France ;was Imminent." Nfrs. Ooulcl salrf. it was understood thp.«p probably will be han-i died by stnte WMC directors. ( .-,~. .... .,. • 4 . .„,,, | - < III I nnr riniff, Augiinl. ,-\ IllfTlCil II WllO • " ' (Continued from PaRc ') will be successful, but the fighting is going to be much harder than it would have been a few weeks ago when confusion prevailed on the German side. For a reason that historians will have to find, the German high command has been consistently able to use time to better advantage than the Allies. Perhaps this is due to more battle ilexlbility Ir in the experience and more command "^«-: t . r ?i!.f!? I !l,. t .!l c ^. t : J 1 ?." 1 :! Sucli'. blackout either i_ ,- - - . , , - ••"•-• had reached an acr'-i 1 -Dakotas yesterday, the forecasters, m ent- nn the controversial vo;-i,- mVr»y.i • ,, \ • v u ' 5ucl1 a blackout either could, .? U K- •' iurcc,ui.ei.v, m ent- nn the controversial v 0 ;-i,- mered the island while bar s e-bonv?},, leai i .,. hs attacks on Tokvo nre'''*^' brul ? ln S snow and ?ub zero,question. Official disclosure of ihr troops rolled over the fatigued de-j B0 in g into the third dav or that th |: i^perRtures with .:. .It was ex- terms of this agreement is awni - fe »™ S ^.,,, ,.~ =,.....«. _...;^« ^ielciing Its withdrawal. i?5?l«l.? v "'^.^ rn .,^L l ^"«* ^i 1 '* «P«tccl approval by Pnince. Broadcasts from Seventh Fleet i Today's communique, like vester-! M ° n " a In support sdny's placed the emphasis on"iwo. i w °cS!l., Further Facts on Tokyo Not of the:38th Division landing on Ba- t'naa blasted Correeidor 50 heavily this time thnt only a half-dozen enemy .shots came from the fort. The island nbo had been plastered with hundreds of tons of aerial! bombs in recent days. Sixth Division troop.-; drove south- nlong the highway which i | Monday, although clear ' weather i there until then. Snow totaled ]2 inches nt Colum- Anothcr roiiit at Issue On one other important pour, All it stated sault on Japan was: urtlicr reports on the on Tokyo by aircraft of t) Fleet under Adm. R. A the this r.v's militar. prior con- tary men that the Germans have bren able to niove their troops at all under the terrific air pounding they receive daily, much less with the skill and speed they have displayed moiith ntter month. , The German rehabilitation of the western front Is not the first time they have recovered .from crush- Ing blows when they themselves thought, all was lost. For example, when the. Allie.s first Invaded Italy in 1943, the Germans blew up military lrw.UHat.lon.s all the way from Naples to Florence, indicating they thought all itnly was lost to them iy Allied mill- ward the" ,18th"'Division' to "complete encirclement of the Aipanesc troops on the peninsula. : Americans Win «™« West Virginia, Forecasters said the snow was not s o extend up into New this could ' be relegated lo of a tlu T1 1C Amcrioiiw alreadv-have won ""rhp^ bl °. ml . X1 P " E (Hahn - , the highway across the W of theL,? 1 ^ ':"-^ t 5. " ntl ;« rer "«,??? Five enemy aircraft were strafed on i Atlantic at w'nshlneton. D. C., ren rm the pound at Chichi. Eighty small! which had a three-inch frill. " craft were strafed and an ammuni- _ - opposition ack ack over the Bonians.! described ns "In- were shot dow-it. . , .- • — f ..-.-.~-... >.mi.i nit. mi I>71 H, IVI J.i tn i,rM i ,> /i>! , y were Rble.hav-fl repaired Clark Field, largest to hold the Allies temporarily. Theylairfield : on Luzon Island, and have poured m irooiw and. made the j put it Into use. Clark Field ' WBS Allies pay a high price in men and overrun by the Yanks on their drive moi hs lighting to get territory to Manila, but the Japanese; firing w c!i the Germaas at first were artillery from near-by hills, kent the willing to eive up for nothing. jungle-covered penin- ^f««^ n 5,g on !^:,j^- - — p-"« .East of Manila the Yanks seized! two. airfields nt MoKcialuyong and to the south of the city "were- ap-i proaching. Fort William McKir.ley from the south and.east. <A Tokyo broaclca,st hoard by the Blue network said the Americans \ r CTU To Iiivosligalc Jail Care, of Te is. position has been thnt tin- delegate's . authority i.-.i a domestic matter, to be settled In i'cpnBress apart from the treaty st-l- -! He would be likely to Locnli move to w-rite near-hy hills, kept the field out of service.) Montgomery's Troops Live On Fat Of Land In Germany HV NED .VORDNES9 I guys when, we were flghtins through v Cn ™ ]> ™ Nirnltz 1 Evnnston. 111., Feb. 17—M chapters of tin? Woman's Christian ] -Snn Franc^rn n s bombed Marcus i Temperance .Union in 10.000 com-! delegate's nowcr v and Marine planes,munities will investigate treatment 1 ...._ ' the Palau and wcsternjin local -jails of tccn-iiye Juvenile'o • TT i the same day. (delinquents. Mrs, D, Leigh Colvin. '• oOVlCtS ri 0 '!]! Saturday communique SWCTU prcslclem, said todiiv ' """ hnd told of carrier plane attack.-; on : "We are facing conditions':which Tokyo and bombardment of two unless'checked - r oon will cntiso an being carried into the - — ••straight day. - 'and the of boys second j appallin'i! in child criinlnal- •" lity growing out.'- of war conditions," she said : its a statement, committing of thousands Be Off Washington, Feb. 17 '^—Ameri-!law, ns a result of which these tin- can naval, air and amphibiousIdcr-ngc youths nre being thrown forces now are engaged in tearing; t into harmful and corrupting pvox- thc inner, door to Japan off it-v fmlty to hardened adult criminals." hinges.- i . : • •- • Actual invasion of 'the enemy''180 U. S. fnlrnu'es On '• homel.itid. or a landing on Ui« coast of China is something to be considered only after current operations nre completed, excited Japanese outcries about- Imminent inva- . . Baltimore, ...Canadian Army f Continued from Fife i) Army kept.up pre.-*«re on the Elfcl monntatn traffic renter of Bltburc:. the GcYmnns slveiy to fcrrp i! from golns? io"way of P.-'.icm nnd forcing brond w!th- drawnU from, the west wall. . But, the FHth Infantry dJvWb'n harkod out n hull-mile 'advance, dfepcr.?fl tt.i brlriitehead to thrpe and n half miles, and foughk halfway through Schankwelfcr; on thn Ena rlvnr fi«ht miles .routn of BltburR. Inundated roads and flooded low-1 luntw Mtxxl In front, of the. U; S'.| Flr»t and Nlnlli ftr.Tiles poised aluiiff ' Ihf Rcyr fsclng the Ruhr «rvl HhitH-lar.d. A fion! i1UpAt«h salil ':'»hf>. rncr 'v.i.i M;liM'rlliif{, nnd Am •:'.- c«n potroii *rre out. - FVb 17 i,f)~ Little! ' Continued from PsRe i) . Bobby Yntc.s wl'.o I OrrrnRnA wltjl hls dcBdly Him. Fln- wa.s just returned Thursday' from i Rlly> llr .cornered 40 Gcrmahs in a ti jnunt to Richmond wax awnv:' 011 " t rcnrh . When they- refused to from home naaln today lor th"e! s ' v<; " p - he bla.stod. them with the 27th lime since Aug\ut. Yesterday young Booby : told his machlnr gun. killing them to the last man. : . :, A fc«' minutes . later, an 88min tank rieatroy- moti-.f r he WRS Roing tn the back yard . A ., rc "' "»«»"<« :'«' to play.. 'Three'and -.. half hotirs! shcl " flshr ' d lnl ° lhc Utor ih« Travelers' Aid at \Vllm-; or< - kmlnE O ft lt.and the ing ton, Delaware, noMHed his moth- Th<> "'"'""' """ "•~ r '*" t er. .\rrs..'Vema .Yatw. he had been tnkru from n train and w»a being held for! her. ; . . When Bobbv left the hou.^ hi« iknc " through 9. mine field (n won : 1543. Wfw scconrt for ncr °Gait had received. He Star In November, Jor crawling on .hand* 'nnd ' With Canadian nnd British troops tr.i first dny« of this battle ....... In Germany Feb. 17 I/PI — Allied "So help me, vou'ri ?ec guys plug slon ° r Honshu notwithstanding. troops nghtlng acrass the iiountry-1* ,Ocrmun, .reach for : a chicken! ' r , ^ ** '« e opi " lor , of mill « r >' S ide ,n Field Marsha, Montgomery's | ^ *"" *"" ' ......... ™ "" northeni oftcasive between thcj Huge stores of liquor have beeii Rhine and Maas rivers are living (discovered too '' here after study of reporw on Wav To Rases in Tlalv Born, Feb. 17 (,PI — Four hundred and eighty American and 33 British internees left Switzerland today, enroutc to Marseille, on. the way to their .former in Ttnly. From thn huge naval ulr attack on the'" 1e . rc ninny arc expected eventually Tokyo-Yokohama district and the assertion by .the Jnpanr-se that . •.• . - . ..... of: the fat of the German lnnd, : j "That's loot," said Trooper Geonrc! AmcrlCBn forcM have started land- to return home. Nearly nil the Americans are alr- : (Continued from Pa%e i) cleared the Germans from the IA.SI suburbs on the east bank of the river, and had hurled the last Nazi garrison remnants into the citadel on the west bank of the river. The German garrison. 20,000. ha.s clung ries- to Poznan, realizing jhat tlie fall of the big rail center nstrldr | the main Warsaw-Berlin trunk railway would spncd the Red Army nd- viinco toward Berlin. Germany's high command 'com- munique announced the Russian capture of Sngan, by-passed lail I center 85 miles southeast of Berli(i ) but Moscow neither confirmed the- seizure of that town nor the Oder river : stronghold of Crossen. (!3 miics southeast of the cnpitnl. .Soviet. front dispntches, however, said that Russian troops were attacking toward the Spree river, natural waterway protecting .Bermen.' : ; Tlic party included all thrjj'n'B. somhcoaiern nppronches. aftrr , . . ... There ,ls n chicken or a gocww? In :Btrkett, Verdun Quebec "Sec thatj ln!r • opcratlon * at Jwo Jlmn > Liny femalhmg British internees in 'crossing (he Nelssr river north ' nearly. every pot that sets over the'tumble-down Joint over there? ,, cl . little front-line flume burners to-|lr. had a piano, two caspjs of liquor night, and those who don't have aiand some Jnz?cd- _,. probably arc brolllngi furniture. of but. vital island 675 miles south of [Switzerland, and left behind only • Forj-i. 12 miles cast of menaced Tok>-o. mnthcr said, h« had 25 contx >r Raids (Continued from Pige t) !o •' cloct » s for ths advance of his-battalion. lit was wounded on Jan. 27, in-M, but re- lunird lo duty throe weeks IT lor. Onlt wn,s born at Ocy.ser, Mont, i nml wa-i grAduatexl (ram' Montana up rayon-covered Hitler (foods— *.'\ The German fanners lived well. : pled people." ns conURstcd to: the Dutch,on thcj It U true that excellent furniture other side of the border. There was and perhaps a plnno Is In nearly a wealth of foodstuffs'on this ilde and nn absolute Inck of It on the other.. . '.. .''..'..' : '..:.The Ocrnmns .were pushed" Imck no nprccly they had no time to take tho llvestw.k off everj' home. There me leather shoeis for the poorest family, nnrt rest of Europe clogs In wooden shoes. The civilians smile and .protest they All Civilian IVurscs W«ihlni?ton, Feb. 17 M 1 ).— The 10 Americans. They nre expected to leave within three weeks. The evacuation,plan also Includes pure of nbout 3.000 Interned Germans, many of them border (funrds |who took refuge In Switzerland during the Allied drive in France, House today military lo delay committee voted! drafting civilian nurscji until all qualified graduates ", . ,v, proiWR'UKliMs .v-nn.aMic Collet, In 19-ia. From boy- mnkc off with canned ^n>-nll tho prcvloiw Allied nlr raids,hand. h<! hixd made n'hobby n< Irnin-! "Oosh " >ald Sat nn t ho rwich IHVP liren rlr-scilnfri by. Inn hnr?M nnd diirlntr .summer vncn- : Montreal Cutiiidn Berlin us "terror atUiclu.' nous h« aiu a rodeo performer. 'have sctn .-xmic of rps hnve been Inducted. Cot t bus. : Tlie rapture of Cott.bus. snd Gtibo. 21 miles to the northeast, would turn Berlin's eastern defenses ^astrt on the Oder river strongholds of Kueatrm, Frankfurt and Fucrsten- borg, already under siege by Mar.shr.l Gregory K. Zhukov's First Whit* is Arrives ! Russian Army. Guben is 13 mll« T i>- i» i • south of Fiier.stenbcrg. in mo UC Janeiro Berlin predicted Uiat Zhukov'* I forces: would begin n "stupcmlo nnd decisive" frontal. Assault nn t*>* few daya. now S. Koilevls Fir. 1 -! rome up i ol the turvinij Oder.

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