Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1974 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1974
Page 9
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Wednesday* September 18, mm (ARK.) stAft Page Nifie AN ENERGY CRISIS of sorts cancelled this effort to cross the English Channel. A party of young Dutchmen on a 16-seater bike mounted on floats set out with high hopes and strong tegs from Calais on the French coast but gave up after an hour of pedalling against strong winds and currents. Conferees agree on campaign finance plan WASHINGTON ZAP) - Senate and Mouse conferees have agreed that the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates should be given $20 million in public funds apiece for their campaigns and not be allowed to spend more. The money would come from the voluntary system established in 1971 under which taxpayers can check off a political contribution on their federal income tax forms. The confer- ence committee working on the legislation has been advised that this system will generate enough money to finance the plan. While neither the Democratic nor Republican party is men* tioned in the bill, it is drafted in such a way that only the major parties would get the full public financing. However, if a third-party candidate won the presidency his expenses would be reimbursed up to $20 mil- DISCOUNT CENTER WHIRI TOU'U FIND WHAT YOU'RI LOOKING FOR...FOR HW HIGHWAY 4 NORTH OPEN 9am-9AMON-SAT Hon. Aft' additional $10 million could be spent by the major candidates in seeking nomination. The government would supply up to half of this by matching private contributions of no more than $250 each. The spending limits contrast with the nearly $60 million spent by former President Richard M. Nixon in winning re-election in 1972 and between $30 and $35 million spent by Sen. George McGovern, his Democratic opponent. The conference committee, working to compromise separate campaign finance bills passed by the Senate and the House, has agreed on public financing of presidential campaigns. But after the initial meeting Tuesday, there was a dispute over whether tax funds should be used to finance Senate and House campaigns. Rep. Wayne Hays* D-Ohio, chairman of the House conferees, said that although no Vote was taken, there was a consensus to delete Senate-passed nrovisions for public Financing ot congressional races. Howevef, the Senate conferees disputed this after some of them met separately later in the day and vowed to insist at a second committee session today that Senate and House races be included in the public financing provisions. Last POW conies home VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — Emmet James Kay, believed to be the last American prisoner of war in Indochina, was flown today to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines for a medical checkup after being released by the Laotian Communists, The 47-year-old commercial pilot said he felt "great, just great," when he arrived in Vientiane. A British Embassy plane brought him from Sam Neua, the Communist Pathet Lao's capital in northeast Laos where he had been a prisoner for 16 months. Kay was • thin but looked healthy and had a deep tan. He hugged his wife, Florence, who had flown to Laos from their home in Hawaii, shook hands with U.S. Ambassador Charles Whitehouse and exchanged jubilant greetings with friends. "He looks fine," said his wife, Florence, who met him in Vientiane where she and their children lived until July awaiting Kay's release. He said he was given food and medicine and competed in sports, especially volleyball, with his captors. Gralnik said Kay had lived in a bungalow as well as a cave, and servants prepared his food. Kay said HP was given no indoctrination ot Communist ideology. "I'm happy to be back," Kay said to the small group of military personnel and civilian dependents who greeted his plane at Clark. Maj. Gen. Leroy Manor, commander of the 13th Air Force, and Paul Philips, deputy public affairs officer of the U.S. Embassy in Manila, greeted Kay. Kay was greeted by U.S. Ambassador Charles Whitehouse when he reached Vientiane and exchanged jubilant greetings with friends. Kay told newsmen he had lost 20 pounds but had been "treated very, very well" by the Pathet Lao since his small plane made a forced landing in northern Laos on May 7, 1973. He was flying for an American charter line working for the U.S. government. Asked whether he had heard of any other Americans still held by the Communists, he said: "No, I don't know of any." Kay and his wife were flown to Udorrj Air Force Base, 20 minutes away in northern Thailand. There they transferred to a U.S. Air Force hospital jet for the flight to the Philippines. After his release from the hospital in the Philippines, Kay and his wife were expected to fly to Hawaii to join their two teen-age children. Kay was the first prisoner released by the Pathet Lao since the Communists and the U.S.- backed Vientiane government stopped fighting and formed a coalition government six months ago. The two sides will exchange prisoners of war Thursday on the Pathet Lao-controlled Plain of Jars. The Communists will turn over 20 Laotian army men and 150 Thai mercenary troops, while the Vientiane side will hand back seven Pathet Lao soldiers and 173 North Vietnamese. Claudia Morgan NEW YORK (AP) — Claudia Morgan, 62, an actress who starred in "The Man Who Came to Dinner"'and "Ten Little Indians" on Broadway, died Tuesday. She played in more than 30 Broadway shows but was perhaps better know for her radio role as the wisecracking wife of Nick Charles in "The Thin Man" series in the 1940s. The highest dormant vocano is Volcan Llullaillaco on the frontier between Chile and Argentina. Amnesty may be just a 15-day pass to visit TORONTO (AP) - Draft evaders and deserters living in Canada say President Ford's clemency program contains a provision that gives them, in effect, a 15-day free pass to visit the United States. Attorney John Liss, who represents many U.S. military and draft exiles, says it is possible for Vietnam-era draft evaders and deserters to report at the border, enter the United States and visit their homes, then return to Canada before the end of the 15 days Ford is giving them to report to authorities. A spokesman for the FBI in Washington concedes the possibility exists, and that it is possible for draft dodgers and deserters who do not report at the border to visit even longer. However, Liss, a 27-year-old draft evader from New York who has become a Canadian citizen, said in an interview on Tuesday that draft evaders and deserters still run a risk in makine such a visit And the staff at AMEX-Canada, a magazine published here by U.S. exiles, counselled draft resisters and deserters who asked about Ford's program not to take the risk. No one was sure how many would. Ford announced on Monday that he would grant clemency to all Vietnam-era draft evaders and deserters who agreed to work at public service jobs "promoting the national health, safety or interest" upon their return to the United States. The clemency offer does not extend to those facing crimes other than simple desertion or draft- dodging. Under the clemency program, the exiles would first be required to report to border stations. There they will be taken out of traffic or pedestrian lanes and into what the Customs Service calls its "secondary phase" inspection facilities, where computer terminals are linked to the National Crime Information Center. Their names will be fed into crime center computers, and they will be told whether warrants have been issued for their arrest. But a Customs spokesman in Washington said they will not be arrested. Instead, eacn will be given a copy of Ford's clemency proclamation to read and will be instructed to report within 15 days to the U.S. attorney in the district where his warrant was issued, or to his branch of service. The FBI spokesman said the crime center computers will note next to the exile's name that he has been located and the date. That information will be passed to all appropriate authorities, including U.S. attorneys and the military service, the spokesman said. But he said the warrants would not be executed during the 15 days. Asked what there would be to stop a draft dodger or deserter from visiting home and returning to Canada on the 14th day, the FBI spokesman replied: "Nothing. Not a thing, as far as I know." uss cautioned exiles against two dangers: "First, if you even start looking the wrong way by indicating you're not going to follow through with the program at the end of the 15 days, you could be arrested, maybe when you were booking a flight back to Canada ... or at any time on the drive north. "And second, I'm worried if people go down in the near future before we get a clarification of what it would do to either their Canadian citizenship or landed immigrancy status." PHARMACY TOPICS: Yogurt may be even better for you than you thought— a recent study suggests it may be capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels, thus helping protect against atheriosclerotic heart disease. Do you have a fever, or don't you? Pay more attention to symptoms than to the thermomenter, say doctors. Normal temperature may range from 97 degrees to 100 degrees. Think you need a hearing aid? See a doctor first to determine the type of hearing loss, and whether a hearing aid will help. Doctors can now treat infants 'in utero', before they are born. Even transfusions have been done. Where there is no public water supply, fluorides are sometimes added to milk, but there is less public benefit and higher cost. Good dental care starts at home, with regular brushing and effective use of floss. All the dental care products you need are at Deanna Durg. Let us price your next prescription. WANHADRUG 6th 4 Main St. Hope, Ark- The Busy Corner BRECK SHAMPOO GOLD FORMULA FOR OILY HAIR 15 OUNCE LIMIT 1 STYLE HAIR SPRAY SUPER AND EXTRA HOLD 13OZ.CAN CANS FOR FOOTBALL PUMP & KICKING TEE BY KENT SPORTING GOODS CO. HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE COLEMAN FUEL BY COLEMAN CO. LIMIT 2 FUN SIZE HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE CANDY BARS 131*1 LO-BOY ICEGHEST 3-MUSKETEERS SNICKERS AND .MILKY WAY HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE EACH HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE BRUT SPLASH ON 701 SIZE I Howard's I Special 1 Price CONSORT HAIR SPRAY FOR MEN 130ZCAN Howards Special Price LIMIT 2 RUBBING ALCOHOL 16 OZ While Supply Lasts Howards •• Special • Price • LIMIT 2 I SHELL NO-PEST STRIP Howards Special Price LIMIT 2 45'S RECORDS "TOP 100" Howards Special Price GPS imitation imitation 1151 BUTTERKRUST P/2 LBLOAF • YOUR CHOICE OF BREAD, HOT DOG, OR HAMBURGER BUNS Also Hot Rolls WYLER'S SOFT DRINK MIX GRAPE, LEMONADE AND CHERRY 2LBJ30ZCAN MAKES 15 QUARTS HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE FOR UL100 BFRNZ-0-MATIC BLOW TORCH HOWfkDS |SP«IAl PRICE 37 m HOWARDS SPECIAL PRICE

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