The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 31, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1977
Page 4
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V *r.v d-XATIGATUCK XEWS (CONX.). FRIDAY, JULY 12, 1010 Do You Remember? Published Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THK NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NA-UOATUCK,CONN._ RtTDOLPH M. HISNNICIC. ProHklont_and Telephone. 2228 and 2220-A11 Pepartmentit Motored an second claw matter ut the post office In Nuugatuck, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION RATES payable in Advance Th» Conn. Newapapor Pubi8h«rfl THURSDAY, JUI-Y U. 1MU Official Report On Atomic Bomb The official report on tliu July I »' sl - ox - plosion of an atomic bomb at Bikini atoll, which has just bcun publUluHl, makes ia- teruHtiiitf roailiiiK- Jt was pn-paral l.y experts or the joint chiei.s •>»' slntt ami NUI* Hubmitted lo President Truman. . The report makus one I'ac-t dual', -I W- 1, st was not a feU-. The atom bomb •| )0a ,,l says it was more than satistactory • Ul providing inl'ormalion vitally i"-' 1 '' 1 " 11 in scientific and on-ineermx r.ulils. 1 ho i-XWrts conciude that only by turtlifi l' -c-e-s'cale research and development can th'if United Stales .vlain its [.resovl position of scientific leaders!.ip. II '»»>• '»" cionfid'ently expected thai such resL-nrch mid (K'Vi'lopmcul will be continued. ^ The L'niled I'^'ss .i^ives the following siirnrnai'V of the rcpoi't: _ "Krom now on, the atomic exports njiy, naval vessels will linvir to In; changed so that in the event of an atomic, war dama-e to ship superstructures can be rninimixetl. _ "Not only that, (he navies ol Hit; Mi- tun-'will ha've to provide more cover for thoir personnel. If humans had been Ill)0urd UK- Wll in<-a pi« fleet, accr.rdinj;' to the report, irinny wmild hav<- been killed or wounded by the devastatin-explosion. iVrso.mrl aboard ships nearest the blast, ;„ th,. words of the report, 'would have I,,.,.,, exposed to a lethal dosage ol radiological effects. 1 _ '"As for the explosion itselt, the Army- Nnvy' report «»>'* l' 11 ' ll ' sl ll()inh lillll - U>l1 I,!,,,,',! i,:,i)l) to 'J.DdO feet from the target vhip Nevada, bnl it di-loimtc-d at the | I1|1|1( . ( | altitude. The inlensily of the bomb npproached Hn- I'"-"' "'' tll( ' ll " T ' 1 ' pruvions atomic bombs. "As for tin' exact damage, ihe report says a destroyer and two transports wi'thin a half mile of the implosion sank immediately, A second destroyer cap- si/ed and later sank. The Japanese cnns- (..,• Sakawa went down the next day and considerable damage was scored on the light cruiser Independence and the submarine Wkale. "The battleships Nevada, Arkansas ;ind the heavy cruiser IVnsacola—also. within the half mile urea—took tlii'_ex- ' plosion on their after quarters. LilUe damage was done to their hulls or mam turrets, but their supers!ruettires were •wrecked, "|5nt if the three major ships did not •#0 to the bottom, Ihe board says, (here's no doubt thai they were pill out of action and along with many others within the thiee-fourths of a mile distance', would have required extensive repairs at a principal naval base before returning to action. "Heyond the three quarter of a rmle point, "little damage was scored. Bikini atoll three miles away was untouched and the scientists say no significnnt, unexpected phenomena occurred." Serving Both Races Listed among Oberlin College's most, famous alumnf is an 80-year-old colored woman who went, to Oberlin, 0., to- attend an all-class alumni reunion recently. She is Mrs. Mary Church Terrell of "Washington, D. ('., honorary president of the National Association of Colored Women, who has devoted her adult years to improving relations between Her own and the white race. Mrs. Terrell has traveled widely over Europe and (ho. British Tsles, giving lectures be-fore international groups in German and French as well as English. She is doing her best to make this country a democracy in practice as well as in theory. Tn lier self-elected task she does a service to both whites and negroes. Her country needs more like her. Japan, it is now revealed, double- crossed the Naxis-by failing to declare •WOT on .Russia in 1941. Proving the truth of the old proverb ol' what happens when rogues fall out. From the Files of the Naugatuck Newi 20 Years Ago Miss Florence McSherry of New Haven visited her parent,. Mr. and Mrs. James McSherry, Of Cur- tias strcut, o—O—o Frank Bnllnskl sold a house and lot on Coen aii-cut to Thomus Jnckson. o—O—o . j 30 Years Agt> Mrs. E. Dennlston of North Main street left to spend the summer in ForestvTlle. 0 _O—o Mrs. Pauline Goodwin -sold a house and lot on Park avenue to Edward F. Johnson. WALTER WINCHhLL Coast-To-Coast (Capyright. 1946, by Th* Hearat Corporation) WHAT THE CRITICS, From Time Muguzliu- .July 7th, 3 9*1 "Wardrooms and gatherings have buzzed over what If anythlnc. was to be done about Lieut. Commander Walter Winchell, who was ^voting his month's vacation to a tour of training duty in US. Naval Intelligence. Last week the Navy worried about the Army kid- ieut the House Naval Affairs Committee demanded of . Secy. Knox:«-end Winchcll to Samoa or. force him -to' resign. Isolation^ politician* and newspapers have risen up Around The Clock TELL ME, SWEET . Tell me sweet, where did'you find Your Innocence and charm. _ For little you have of earth-born love, And little you know ol harm; You must have dwelt In a sunny land, Whure never a rough wind blew, Where only the language of love was heard, While strong hands guided you. Tell me sweet, of the tor.guo you speak. Your baby lisp- and smile, la It that the pink rose whispered, low, As It turns to the sun the while: Or is It the son* of the warm south wind, Gently. BlidliiK by, Or trilliHK glad of the mating lark, In Krectins to the sky. •IV11 mo sweet, in the autumn bloom, ' wn™ beckoning Spring's with you, Will vou still have kept youth's magic wand, That made n^ dreams come true? For where you aro the pilgrim seeks- Sripks for the better part— The smile that brings bright rose., In Thu Kl ,de Commander Adam Monsracci of * _ tmmri-Kudo Post is planning to visit Boston during- the weekend. ... it wi | )( . for the purpose- of ollectmg runn.on with a wartime, buddy—one who was injured in Now Guinea. More than 50 employes of the Naugatuck Chemical and Synthetic Rubber Division of the United States Rubber Company, feted Miss Ann Nicholson ma farewell banquet Wednesday at Waverly Inn Miss Nicholson, who has been employed as Plant Librarian for the last nine years, has resigned, effective July 15 to take a similar position with, the Pennsylvania Salt Company. Dr Philip Paul acted as Toastmaster and introduced the following speakers: Fred Conover Dr, F. D. Chittenden, C. G. Durbm, Dolores Gullstrom, Eleanore Gibson, and Betty Bryan, Miss Nicholson was presented a testimonial letter and two pieces of luggage. Two Xaiii;'iit.uck nn'ii have enlisted in t| u .' tl S. Marine Corps in the past week. Tlii-y arc Kdmond Dillion, IT, son of Mr. John Dillion. of 421 North Spring street, who I'lilislod for two years in the Marine A vial ion ami Jul"i T.askoy, 17, 181 An- druw avenue, son of Harry Laskcy, who enlisted for two years in the line branch of the Marino Corps Both men were . shipped to Parris Island where they will miderico (heir reeruit training und npon completion of their bout training wdl receive a ten day The Marine Corps is still taking men for two, three, and four year enlistment, Via long distance we learn that Ray Simmonds, former U. S. Rubber public relations representative has opened his own office in New York Patricia Troland, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troland, 47 Arch street, is vacationing in Daytona Beach, Fla., with Mr. and Mrs. McLean Mwy Grant is post- carding from Philadelphia, Pa And Mr, and Mrs. Joe Sommers are resting at Mahony City, Pa. Pete Foley's Junior league got its start Thursday when a thrilling contest was played between St. Francis and Millville. Congrats Pete, on the job you're doing Heard a good story up at the Breen's Haberdashery the other day, but Jeanne Burke made us swear to secrecy. We didn't cross our hearts and say hope to die though, Jeanne, so watch this column for further developments. Alone 1 Church street ... A wave from .'is John Schmuck, who guessed it, a Ford ..... Ditto Maher, who isn't driving a Ford ..... 'Tom FiUpatrick, Joe Healy and Barrio Smith hutching- up a deal on. the corner. ..... A word with Adrian Olson who says he's waiting until next month for liis vacation ..... Silver-thatched Pat Connolly driving past at a slow rate of speed ..... Gosh, it's hot. inir it about its famous Lieut. Comdr., signed with, relief, and ravenously seized the °PP° rl ^ y . ( ^ 0 ,'orded by a routine brushoff of oO or more Inactive reservists) to dump Lieut. Comdr. Winchell over the side"....(The same newsmag retracted and corrected it the following Issue — (first retraction it ever made)-after Capt. Paul 1 . Blackburn (USN) wrote:... I find practically every statement about ! Winchell incorrect. The Navy has i no desire to dump him—he is performing -such duty as the Navy Department desires," From a Chicago paper: "Cons, Clare Hoffman says Winchell dis- griice to uniform and Navy, Demands he lie dlsenrollcd'." —O— From a Washington PapW'Take i good look at the Lieutenant-Commander. You will never see him in uniform again!" (3 weeks later he was in uniform again on an as- Soulh. Atlantic signment to the •JommancU —O— From the AP.. "A Congressional qiukcxman who hoped his njune ivoudn't be mentioned (Kdltor'n note: Rep. Maa-s) stated that Wln- ;ihel should IMJ In Samoa, not on ;he radio O.B In the newspapers... From flopposltloii columns: "The Broadway Commando".... "Stork Club Admiral" "Hiding under the •White House porch." —O— .. From the Cone. Record, April ;0th, 1!U2, I).V Cong. Hoffman: I lakcd the House—about Winchell. H!e is an officer in the Navy. Since ,vhen are otllccrs of the Navy chos- • n to criticize members ot Con- cress? How much longer is he to ie allowed to undermine, the faith >f the people in their, representar ives?" .... Lumbertspn of Kansas n the House in November, 1943: •Winchell elected to take off his .mil'orm and stay in' New York vhen given the'Chance to get into .he war or get out of the Navy!" —O— From an Article in a X. Y. Paper i.v Don Hollenbeck: "It begins to holy fury against the fabulous tlOly lUL-y tAh-*-"-"- -••journalist. He is being sniped at attacked and maligned as a rcsu t of having volunteered to do nib bit in the war effort, "At the /-enith of his career, well over the draft age, he picks up the threads of a Navy career that started in the loaf war and beg, the Nnvy to put him to work without pay. He has nothing to gam but an earier grave and the satisfaction of having helped beat his country's enemies. It is a completely unselfish gesture and the Navy quickly accepts. So this happens. People prominent and notorious rise up and try to beat his brains out, A tragic commentary on the American scene." —O— From .Chief of Bureau Navigation to Officer, in Charge, Navy Rec.rult- Ing Bureau, N.Y.C. Subject: Approval of Winchell broadcasts.... j: "The broadcasts of I>t. ComJr. Winchell, USNR, are of tremendous value to the Navy In its recruiting efforts. It is therefore expedient to jiiake every effort to talic fidl advantage of these broadcasts. Signed, C, W. Nlmite, Navy Drpt." (Sept. 2!t, 19<1.) —O— From a. Washington Paper (1942) "It -will be denied, of course, but Winchell was stripped of his uniform and kicked out." "Washington, D, C., Juno Mth. 1940: I.t. Comdr. Walter Winchell, 235 E. -15th St., N.Y.C-: Now that the shooting is over, I feel that the Navy would bo. less thaji thoughtful If it did not find a- means of expressing to men like you Its sincere gratitude for your very solid contribution to our country's cause. Your acceptance of a role of anonymity set the tone of your service. "While you worked unceasingly in the nation's ranks, President Roosevelt thought It wise thut 'you should not be on active duty, that you should .appear., not In the uniform nl the Naval officer which you are, hut in civilian clothing. Likewise he directed that your special duties not he. publicized Woman Will Retire After 43 Years Of Service To Conn. Hartford, July 12 (UP)-The woman who has .helped initiate more 'law than most legislators plans to' retire after forty-three vears of service to the state. She is Miss Helen E. Kellcy of Hartford—executive secretary to 'the state attorney general's office Mis Kelley has worked lor all hut one of the state's attorneys-general. She was a friend in need 'to lawmakers altempting to put their legislative ideas into parliamentary language. CONDITION WORSK Beverly Hills, Calif., July 12 — (UP )_Howard Hughes believes a faulty propeller caused him to crash Sunday when he was test- flying a plane he built for the army. His doctor reports that Hughes has taken a turn 'for the worse, His left lung has refused to respond to treatment and is not functioning. Wisconsin Bound, l30DaysRain Less Than Inch during .hostilities. You confidential intelligence furnished of great value to the Navy throiiRhout the iy non wonenixjcit: "IT; oej;iii.s wj - \vnr. In youji column und hroad- ioolc today us U the appeasement j custi' you disseminated nows which Hid obstructionist K^ n K '" Wush- *..-:..« i.-.^.i ..!<:..„ 7^ ntrton m:iy succeed In silencing n )o\verful voice ii^'iilnst Fascism. The voice I» VV. Winchell's. and .the pine's \vny of KuXSlHK him Is to •mhurruss the Navy into keepinff 'ilm out of print and oil' the air uiiler tlii; ffuise of putliiift him on iclive duty." SAFETY CAMl'AIGN Boston, July 12—(U P)—The Massachusetts Safety Council snys accidents take a toll of 3,000 dead, 7C.OOO injured, and damage of S27.- 000,000 every year in the Bay State. The announcement was made at the utart of the Green Cioss safety drive to educate the puhllc and reduce hazards throughout the state. D1KD WEAF.THV Alfred,^ Maine July 32 (UP) — During his lifetime, Aljner Boothby junior of "Kennobunk lived on modest terms—raising pit;s on his small fai-rii. He died April 20th. An inventory cf his estate allowed in York Couijty ProbiKe Court, reveals a total valuation of $217,018. The estate will be divided amonfr four daughter of the former Kennebunk selectman. driving — yon Gort -O— From the Same Pupor: "The facts ibout his Navy service follow: He vas invited by Naval Intelligence \Vashington) to enroll as a Lieu-, unant in 193-1. He went through ! he necessary courses and studies i ir.d was commissioned May Oth, ' 1934. Never broadcast in Navy uni- 'orm. His original confidential or- lei-s distinctly stated he was never -.o appear In. uniform. An All-Navy ji-cior of Jan. 2nd, 1P42 (by Knox^ put him into uniform by a 90 Church Street blunder. The All- Navy order stated all Naval person•K>1 and oflicers must wear uniform fi-om that day on. Never accepted i .salary or expenses for Navy duties. Paid own expenses on tours D!' duty in and outside country." From an FDR hater: "There Is "iomethlng mysterious and sinister in the CIVK<> of W, Winchcll, who holds u conxmlsslon in the Navy. Hancrcroiis man to he in Intelligence un any similar service." —O— Report from Comdr. R. A. Brown to Navy Dept., Washlnjfton: "Attached Is clipping (allow para- flrrupli) of a. column which rail N'ov, Gth, 19.12. You will note derogatory reference to Wliichell, In line with our suggested policy, there will he no rebuttal by Win- nhell. In fact, his cooperation In remi.lnlng silent Is typical w. w. policy. lie has been nwny ahead of us In this and is moro than willing to cooperiite so there'll be no re- rlcctlfin on Navy." Held By Russians materially assisted recruiting. In addition, your assistance In the solicitation of funds for Navy Relii'f . was significant. j "For these services, performed hy you ns an ofncc-u of the Naval ~~ on Inactive diity, :is well _. your active service under the Commander of (ho South Atlantic, I, as Chief of Naval Personnel, commend you, und assure you of the appreciation of the Navy for youn unswerving loyalty.—Vice Admiral L. Denfeld, USN." as for STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY FOR SUMMER VACATIONS THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Ncary Building Naucatuck, Conn. Oni; of the most charming ^passengers to arrive on the S. S. Marine: Shark In Now York was Mrs, Salma Fahmay, of Cairo, Kgypt. -Shi: came to the V. S. to join her husband, :i momhcr of the Egyptian Kclucallonal Mission to 'the U. S. They will live In Wisconsin. (International) I^ocal gardeners and lawn-deva. •OH wc.r c . scanning continued cloudy skies today, hopeful for ruin that would Rive a new lease of I Iff; to parched grass and vej> e . tables. A ligh-t sprinkle this mornlni; was quickly absorbed by the blotter-dry earth. In the lust 30 days litsle inon; Ihnn .in inch of i-iiin has been recorded here. KKI.KASKI) 1JY KKITISII Jerusalem, July J2—(UP)— It has. b«c-n olllcially unnouncird from J«.-i ijfsoh'm that Rabbi J. L. Klnh- !>•.•) n. a Ji-wish a;;ency executive that was bcinf; detained by tli<> r.ritish. h.'j.s l)een released. He w.-is set free because of ill health. DESTRUCTIVK FTKK Merrimaclc, N". H., July 12—<UP) Damage has been set at $35.000 in a fire that swept the Ha-wlthm and Gordon Excelsior Manufacturing plant. The blaze threatened the Boston and Maine Railroad depot before it \va» controlled. KI:I-: i's I'ou vnrit VACATHIN * [ V LUGGRGE fmhri'ltuK iCifiivrn-d. Kcp:iI«'J i FISHERS } 111 S. MAIN ST. ,-.l«:i ^ CROQUET SETS TENNIS BALLS BADMINTON BIRDS BASEBALLS and GLOVES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE VEARY TEL. 5212 . Our Diamonds ara verified for cotor f waiffJitt quality,,, V j-our guarantee of Lon* riao quality V your assurance of WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHUKCH ST. » Xaufjntuck, Conn. } VENETIAN BLINDS in Stock. Thrre On? Dellrerj-. LEBON'S VENETIAN BLIND CO. 170 No. Main K. T«L 1.7X21 R & P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET ' Expert Weldlnc of All Type* Forcing, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Tplrphonc 0337 ~^ff^jtfrrrrf-frrrffff t° f t° f" * * *^*** > ! WHITE FISH MARKET j JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop. ' '\ 8 South Main St. Choicest Hclectlon rtf »»lt anc fre«h water fish at lowest prices. One of four Americans being held by the Russians for Illegally entering the Soviet zone -In Berlin Is Lt. George E. Wyatt (above) of Oklahoma City, Okla. Maj. Gen. Frank E. Keating, 'U. S. Military governor in Berlin, registered a formal protest. (International) For $400 you c»n get a FURNACE and OIL BURNER SO Months To Pay The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Leaders In Home Heating 84-36 SPUING ST. 4-»«7». FOR FURS!! — BUY NOW AND SAVE — •0 N. Main St., 1& Tlcld St. Wttcrburr Tel. 8-2727 or 4-512S Home at Last for keeps! and to a home of his own Every serviceman- or woman who has been mustered out or is awaiting discharge, is invited to stop in at THE NAUGATUCK NATION'. AL BANK and talk over the details of a HOME LOAN under the G, I. BILL OF RIGHTS. \ny information or cooperation we can give is yours^. for the asking. And you .will fiiii; here a sympathetic interest in your wants, ideals, hopes. Remember, you may take years lo repay your loan, that the interest rate is low, and that in many,, cases eligible veterans may borrow a substantial portion of the purchase price of their home. This is the most liberal home-financing plan we have ever been able lo offer. Call arihe bank and let us bring your "castle in the oir" down to earth! The Naugatuck National Bank 275 Church Street MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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