Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1974
Page 8
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Page Eight HOPE (ARK.) STAR Wednesday, September 18, 19?4 Dr.Lamb When is T,B. inactive disease? By Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D, DEAR DR. LAMB - Will you please answer some questions for me about tuberculosis? My doctor will not explain to me, so I hope you will. I have inactive T.B. and have had for two years or more. What does that mean? Will it likely become active? Was it active once? Can it become cured? My husband coughs a lot but was not X rayed. Why? I have never had anything done for my T.B., so I guess if it was active once it just became inactive on its own. I'm a senior citizen with emphysema and chronic bronchitis. DEAR READER - The most important thing is what your doctor means by inactive tuberculosis. Usually it means that you were once infected with tuberculosis, but there is no evidence of any live T.B. germs or continuing tuberculosis process. In about 99 per cent of people who are infected with tuberculosis germs, the body develops immunity to the infection, contains it, and there is no further difficulty. There may be some old scars where the infection was, that represent healed tuberculosis. The healing occurs on its own. In other instances the infection is activated or there is some breakdown in the body's immunity, and the bacteria start to increase in number, causing cavities in the lung and other changes from active tuberculosis. There is still some argument about whether an old infection which appears cured can become active and cause problems later. Some doctors believe this happens, and others believe when older people develop active tuberculosis it is from a rein- fection. There is an increase in frequency in tuberculosis in later years. In any case, because of the higher rate in older people I do think that a chest X ray every year in this age group as part of the regu- lar medical evaluation is a good idea, whether or not you have had previous infection with tuberculosis. Obviously your tuberculosis was once an active infection, which it had to be to leave any evidence of it, and you belong to the group of 99 per cent where it became inactive and is no longer of major medical importance. Today even persistent active tuberculosis can usually be cured, but the best results occur with early detection before any damage is done. It is hard, for example, to do much about reversing some lung damage once it has already occurred. Probably you had an infection when you were young. The first infection often occurs in childhood. Your husband definitely should have a chest X ray. There are lots of things besides tuberculosis that can cause a cough. Anyone who has a cough that lasts longer than two weeks should seek medical attention. Although tuberculosis is not the problem it once was, I'd like to emphasize that it is still a major health problem. It is quite important to find all cases of tuberculosis and to check the status of all persons who have been in contact with anyone with active . tuberculosis. It is still a common problem in Mexican Americans, Orientals and those of Indian extraction. In many parts of the world, particularly in parts of Asia and Latin America, it is still -the most common cause of death and a leading medical problem. Anyone living in these areas has a greater chance of being exposed to tuberculosis. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper", P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on ulcers, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Ulcers" booklet. WIN AT BRIDGE Bombeck 'peaks' too early NORTH (D) 18 4 QJ43 ? K865 + AKQ4 WEST EAST 48 497 V A 10 7 3 VQ94 + KJ753 4 Q 10 8 4 + 962 + J1075 SOUTH 4 AK 106 5 2 ¥ J2 + A96 + 83 North-South vulnerable West North East South 14 Pass 14 'ass 4* Pass 4 N.T. 'uss 54 Pass 64 'ass Pass Pass Opening lead — 3V Much to his surprise the declarer wasted no time at trick one. She called for dummy's king of hearts. After that brilliant start she had no trouble drawing trumps, discarding her jack of hearts on the queen of clubs; ruffing her two small diamonds and making seven for a real top score. Ayres just couldn't help asking the declarer, "How did you work out that play of the king of hearts. It was sensational." The crushing reply was, "Chest your cards, young man. Chest your cards!' (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) r By Oswald & James Jacoby The late Ayres Bombeck, one of the best players in the Middlewest, used to Jove to tell this story on himself. Ayres never made an effort to see his opponents' cards, but if they waved them in his face he would not shut his eyes. Two of those little old ladies were playing against 50-year-old Ayers. They got so excited while bidding a slam that North managed to show the king and three small hearts while there was South flashing the jack- deuce. The bidding is typical for little old ladies. They tend never to bid a slam without using Blackwood on the way. Ayres led a low heart. Power Co, okays test The bidding has been: 18 West North East South 14 Pass 24 Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3+ Pass 3* Pass 3? Pass 3 N.T. Pass 4+ Pass 5+ Pass ? You, South, hold: 4AK843TA24Q4+KQ87 What do you do now? A—Bid six clubs. You abandon the idea of seven because your partner obviously is signing off again. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding five clubs your partner has bid four diamonds over your four clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Send $1 for JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge." (do this newspaper), P.O. Box 489. Radio City Station, New York. N.Y. 10019. LITTLE ROCK (AP) Southwestern Electric Power Co. has no objection to a wind tunnel test related to its application to construct the proposed Flint Creek power plant, a SWEPCO official testified Tuesday. John W. Turk Jr., vice president and power superintendent for SWEPCO, was testifying during the second day of Public Service Commission hearings on SWEPCO's application to build the coal-fired plant near Gentry in Benton County. SWEPCO's partner in the proposed construction is the Arkansas Electric Cooperatives Corp. The wind tunnel test would ?<nmf the ;t'iequacy of the 241- Vw.t '-inis-sion stacks proposed for the 530-megawatt facility. The state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission has criticized the proposed stack height as being too short to avoid a "downwash" that may occur when the smokestack plume goes around the building nearest the stack. The effect can cause a hjpavy concentration of pollutants next to the stack. Turk said his utility does not propose to use a system of reducing power load when state air quality standards might be violated because he did not think the pollution control agency looked on the "variation as a way to meet the standard." Canada's chief economic problem in 1973 was inflation. Television Logs RFD 6 6:50 Your Pastor 6 12 Wednesday Night 6:00 Travel Film 2 Truth Or Consequences 3 by krrtfe. ff.< v. Q. For Thursday, Sept. 19, 1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Someone who thinks highly ol you will prove the degree of their leelings with something tar more concrete than praise. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Consider all the sobering aspecls of a decision you'll be making. Look, top, at the hopeful and lighter side before deciding. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You're going to find that a situation you haven't taken too seriously has advantages worthy of pursuing. CANCER (June 21-July 22) One you have known for some time but not as well as you think will show you she has a greater depth of character than you expected. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You're more on the receiving end than the giving end now. Don't wince. What you'll get will be worth having. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You may not know what to do with a good idea you have. An older friend of yours does. Talk it over in detail. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You should do very well in commercial matters or business situations the next couple of days, especially if someone older is involved. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) A friend of yours is going to need your strong shoulder to lean on for something she's too timid to pursue alone. You'll benefit as well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dec. 21) Over the next few days you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get others to do you favors. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) The way you'll handle a delicate situation involving you and two close friends will please all concerned. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Your merits are more visible to others. For this reason, you'll receive praise for something that went unnoticed previously. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) An arrangement that you'll work out with a close companion will be taken more seriously than you think. Treat it likewise yourself. News 4-6-7-10-13-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Heroes 8 fi:30 .Julie And Tomorrow 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 4-6 FBI 5 Gomer Pyle 8 Beverly Hillbillies 10 Let's Make A Deal 11 Lucy Show 12 7:00 Arkansas: Continuum 2 That's My Mama 3-7-10 Little House On The Prairie 4-6 700 Club 8 Sons And Daughters 11-12 7:30 National River Academy 2 Movie 3-7-10 "The Day the Earth Moved" Rifleman 5 8:00 Century Theatre 2 Lucas Tanner 4-6 Family Affair 5 Cannon 11-12 9:00 Festival Films Get Christie Love! 7-10 Petrocelli Movie "Boom" Manna Manhunter 9:30 Video Visionaries 2 Ministers 8 10:00 ABC News 2 News 3-4-5-6-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:15 Movie Cont'd 5 10:30 Wide World Special 3-10 Johnny Carson 4-6 Perry Mason 7 Movie 11-12 "Tick..tick..tick" 11:00 Bonanza 8 11:30 Movie Eleven 5 "Don't Bother To Knock" Wide World Special 7 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 1:00 News 5 1:15 Moments for Meditation 5 Thursday Morning 6:25 Devotional 8 6:30 News 8 Summer Semester 11 6:40 Moments For Medita- i- " tion '"•• "? -••;•%-••' § 6:45 News 5 6:55 Morning Devotions 4 7:00 Today 4-6-10 Slam Bang Theatre 5 Cal Dring 7 Bugs Bunny 8 CBS News 11-12 7:15 Colorful World 3 7:30 Mighty Mouse 8 7:45 New Zoo Revue 3 8:00 New Zoo Revue 5 Bozo's Cartoon Carnival 7 Bozo 8 Captain Kangaroo 11-12 8: 15 Movie 3 "Senlimental Journey" 8:30 Fury 5 Arkansas 7 Dennis The Menace 8 9:00 Name That Tune 4-6-10 The Munsters 5 Movie 7 "Rawhide" Hazel 8 Joker's Wild 11 Sesame Street 12 9:30 Winning Streak 4-6-10 Petticoat Junction 5 Father Knows Best 8 Gambit 11 10:00 Split Second 3 High Rollers 4-6-10 The Saint 5 The Courthsip of Eddie's Father 8 Now You See It 11-12 10:30 Brady Bunch 3-7-10 Hollywood Squares 4-6 The Lucy Show 8 Love Of Life 11-12 10:55 CBS News 11-12 11:00 Password 3-7-10 Jackpot! 4-6 Run For Your Life 5 Andy Griffith Show 8 Young And The Restless 11-12 11:30 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes 4-6 Split Second 7-10 Flipper 8 Search for Tomorrow 11-12 11:55 NBC News 4-6 Afternoon 12:00 All My Children 3-7-10 Little Rock Today 4 Noon News 5-6-12 700 Club 8 Part I & II Eye on Arkansas 11 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 3-710 Cartoon Carnival 5 Jeopardy! 6 As the World Turns 12 11- 1:00 Newly wed Game 3-7 Days of Our Lives 4-610 Afternoon Movie 5 "The Ix)Sl Weekend" Guiding Light 11-12 1:30 Girl In My Life 3-7 Doctors 4-6-10 Manna 8 Edge of Night 11-12 2:00 General Hospital 3-7-10 Another World 4-6 It's A New Day 8 Price Is Right 11-12 2:30 One Life to Uve 3-7-10 How To Survive A Marriage 4-6 Bugs Bunny 8 Match Game 11-12 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3-10 Merv Griffin 4 Popeye 5 Somerset 6 Lassie 7 Little Rascals 8 Virginian 11 Tattletales 12 3:30 Movie 3 "Crashout" Speed Racer 5 I Dream of Jeannie 6 Bozo's Big Top 7 Hazel 8 I Love Lucy 10 Merv Griffin 12 3:45 Carousel 2 4:00 Mister Rogers 2 Bonanza 4-6 Flintstones 5 Father Knows Best 8 Star Trek 10 4:30 Electric Company 2 Gilligan's Island 5-7 Andy Griffith Show 8 Mod Squad 11 5:00 Sesame Street ">. ABC News 12-3-7 Truth or Consequences 410 I Love Lucy 5 Gilligan's Island 6 Star Trek 8 5:30 News 3 NBC News 4-6 Dick Van Dyke 5 Dragnet 7 News 11-12 ABC News 10 Night 6:00 Travel Film 2 Truth Or Consequences 3 News 4-6-7-10-11-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Heroes 8 6:30 Arkansas Game And Fish 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 4-6 FBI 5 Gomer Pyle 8 7:00 Evening At Pops .2 Odd Couple 3-10 Sierra 4-6 ••^•••^•••^••^••^•^^••••^••^^••^•^•i^^^Bi^^BH^^^B^MII^^MMMMMMWB^MB^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fabrific ]/ PRICE FABRIC CENTERS SALE WHAT SAVINGS! REG* 3.99 REG. 3.99 W0% POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS BIG SELECTION INCLUDES FANCIES, SOLIDS, JACQUARDS AND MANY MORE! 60" WIDE ON BOLTS AND PERMA PRESS FANTASTIC SAVINGS VALUE! SAVE ON REMNANTS ALL REMNANTS [AND FLATFOLD I ITEMS NOT ON IBOLTS^SAVE Va AT THE IREGULARLOW IPRICE: CHOOSE FROM (POLYESTERS, COTTONS AND COMBINATIONS. MANY OTHER FINE FABRICS TOO! ALL ITEMS ADVERTISED PRICE FASHION CORDUROY FASHION RIGHT 100% COTTON CORDUROY IN LATEST SHADES j FOR FALL, 45" IDE ON BOLTS 'ERFECTFOR :0 ATS, JACKETS, 'SKIRTS, PANTS COORDINATES REGULAR'! 99 BUY SEVERAL! v IEG. T070 C SEE TO BELIEVE! ASSORTED NOTIONS CHOOSE FROM THIS TREMENDOUS SELECTION OF AL^JkYS, HELPFUL, MOST WANTED SEWING AHB! SAVE H THE REGULAR LOW PRICE DURlft OUR V 2 PRICE SALE! WHAT A BUY! SAW STARTS WiDNiSDAY HOPE VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER FABRIC CENTERS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED No Layoways Please Wild, Wild World Of Animals 7 700 Club 8 The Waltons 11-12 7:30 Paper Moon 3-7-10 Rifleman 5 8:00 International Performance 2 Streets Of San Francisco 3-7-10 Ironside 4-6 World Football League!! TEA 5 Movie 12 "Support Your Ixrcal Gunfighter" Movie H "When the Boys Meet the Girls" 8:30 Clear And Free 8 9:00 Journey To Japan 2 Harry 0 3-7-10 Movin' On 4-6 Teach In 8 9-30 Environment And Vou 2 10:00 ABC News 2 News 3-4-6-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:30 Ark-La-Tex Sportsman 3 Johnny Carson 4-6 Scouting Report 7 Movie 1W2 "Waterhole No. 3" Wide World Special 10 11:00 Wide World Special 3 News 5 Perry Mason V Bonanza 8 11:15 Movie Eleven 5 "Have A Good Funeral, My Friend" 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 Wide World Special 7 1:00 News 5 1:15 Moments for Meditation 5 WOW! LOOK AT ABCNOW! WrtOOSW TRUTH-OR coNseouences 6:OO ToTell TheTruth 00 00 00 &.3O That's My Mama Clifton's engagement creates a problem for Earl — he knows the prospective bride too well. Theresa Merritt and Clifton Davis star. 7:OO The Day The Earth Moved Wednesday Movie of the Week A World Premiere! They were warned the earthquake was coming. But they refused to listen until...the day the earth moved. Starring Jackie Cooper and Stella Stevens, Get Christie Love! NEW SHOW! Christie is framed on a bribery charge to discredit her testimony in a big narcotics case. Teresa Graves stars. 9: TONIGHT TELEVISION THREE SHHEVEPORT

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