Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 27, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1909
Page 4
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The Covlna Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at tlie Postofficc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing- Company, /nc. J. Li. MATTHKWS Publisher SUH3CKIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies SI..SO .75 .50 .O.S ATJVKHTJ9KMKNT8: Hisplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made an per contract. L/iricrs 5c per line each insertion. I/egal notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, March, 27, IWJ. .1. H. COOLMAN RmiRI-S. After Faithfully Serving on the Covina City School Board for Three Yeard. The electors of the Covinn City echool district will bo caller] upon on FrJrJoy next to oloct n mieneHsor on tlio gdiool honrd to Mr, J. II, Coo 1mtin, whouc throe year term <:x- filrns July 1st. Deflpito the wtahctH of IM'H friends, Mr. Coolman absolutely rcfusoH to bf:(!omo a cnrididnto for ro-clnotiori on account of th« many IJIIHIIIOHH duties which devolve upon him us president of tho Coviti" City Water Company, Hiipcrintemloiit of tho UIIH aompuu.v, director of tho Covinn Homo Tflle* phono Company, and other oxhuiHivo business Interests which derwuid hh attention. During tho throo yearn that lio han boon on I.ho board many marked improvements hnvis heen niadn to tho grounds and buildings of tho Covlna schools and hin knowledge as a cion- trnctoi has mado him an invaluable servant of the district dining the past year in guarding the interests of tho tax payers In tho letting of the various ootitruota for the new 8(!0,OUO hif<h school building now In conrsoof erection (tho corner storm of which will bo laid on Tuesday next), a building whioh will always stand an a beautiful and fitting inonurnont to tho unselfish services of Mr. Coolman and his (isflocintcH on tho board. While Mr. Coolman will not longer serve on tho board, he states that any knowledge he may possess, yniiied in long years an an employing contmo- tor, will always ho at the services of the school trustees while thin splendid bulkiiiiK Is iu coui'BO of construction, My. C, H. Ueardsley hns been mentioned as a probable successor of Mr. Coolman and the Argus knows of no man In this dint riot, who is bettor qualified to fill this important position. High School Principal Tenders feesig- natlon. The following resignation wan presented nml rend at. the Rperlfi) r.ieet- i ing of the board of trustees of the ; Covlna Union high school district, I held .Saturday evening, March 20th, 1009. Covina, Cal,, March 18, 1909. Mr. H. W. Funk, President of the Board of Rrlunn- tion of Covlna Union High Hohool, My Dear Mr. Funk: Having determined, nearly a year ago, to retire from public school work at the close of the present school year, 1 hereby tender my resignation as principal of the Covinn Union High Hohool, to take effect .Junr> 3()th, 1900. It is not without regret that, 1 thus lay aside a work in which I huve been of Horvice to my country and to a great, army of hoys iind girls, whose expressions of appreciation, in Inter years, have been a source of patiafan- tion to me. 1 cnnnot but express my especial regret at. laying down the work in Lyceum Entertainment. Tho Covina Lyceum Bureau will give tho "Inonl number" in tliuir course on next Thursday evening, April 1st, at theWomaiiB Club House. Tho following program will bo given: PROGRAM. Part I. I. Piano duot, "Overturn Vanta" — Mrs. van Vliot and Mra. lirunjos. 12. Baritone solo, "Dodouin Lovo Hong" PiiiHiiti-- -Howiird H. Clarke. II. Reading, ''A Telephone Romance" - 1'holps- -Minnie Hlsson. 1. Cornet duot, "Tho Pearls" — King -lOdward 11. Wallers and Glen C. Leisure. 5. Soprano solo, "Vlllanelle" Duir.\;iquii MIH. P. (1, iSlnvoiiH. (J. Pimm HJ!O, "KiKu lotto Do Verdi" Lin/I. -Minn Chin-lotto llor- run. j'art II, 1. Triiiiihoiio Hiilo, "SiM-onudo L'Adieu' '--••Walter Asohunhrcnncr. -. Tonor solo, soli'Utud Mr. Prof. A. Harvey Collins. Covirm, where I haves made HO many pleasant, friends and where my associations with Dm younger generation in tin; high sHiool havo been most, pleasant and delightful. I take pleasure, however, in turning back into your hands, this school with an inoi.'OHHfd attendance, with a wider territory and a broader curriculum than when I assumed its management three years ago. Besides, the educational spirit and high standing of the school are not surpassed by any school of oven a much larger enrolIrnont; in the state. Yours very truly, A. HAJWKY COLLINS. Tho resignation was laid on the table and will be acted upon at tho next regular meeting of tho board. Prof. Collins in widely known as an educator throughout Southern California, and hid resignation was no sooner known than he received sev oral flattering offers, both of a professional and husiiifHH character, 110110 of which ho IIIIH yot accepted, Tho profoesor and his wife havo mado many friends• in Covina, tho good wishes of whom they will carry will) thorn wherever they may decido to make their future homo. Tho Covina schools are today recognized as tho best equipped in the San Gabriel valley. Congregational Meeting. The third mooting of II. IJeading, ''Tho Abricnt (iiioNt" - Marian Givun. •i. Violin sold, Holtu'ti'd Robert N. Phil loo. f). Hiiritonc solo, "Tho King of tin. Mist," Judo ll.i ward 1). Clarke. ii. Chorus, ' 'llridal ('honiH 1 ' fium ''Rnsu Maldi'ii" CIIVMIII chorus, miller li-iiiliTHliip <if Prof, (Iruom. annual congregational tho First Presbyterian Church was hold in tho social hall of tho church. Tho ladles of tho congregation had prepared a delicious dinner, which was served to at least 150 members and friends at (1:110 o'clock. After dinner tho congregation was caHod to ordor by Mr. B. L. King, picsidont of tho hoard of trustees. .Reports wore given in full by chairmen of tho several departments of tho olmri'li, all showing a splendid advance along oveiy lino. Financially, tho churoh in in a very satisfactory condition. Tho reports show a contribution nt niiiro than ten times an much to Hie various bmirds of the church IIH during tho previous year. Numerically, a good healthy growth IIIIH boon mado and a fervent spiritual ounditiiiii prevails throughout tho on tiro congregation. Aluxiuulur Cur- nahaii wan ri'oloeted older for a por- lod of three years. By ballot, tho following trustees woro elected: 1). j L. King, prusiili'iit; C. R lltilce, III. L. Root, J. M. Smith, Alex U'arnahim, \V. W. White, \V. H. (iaimiiiull. liuspeilty. ; Hiu untrrlahiinmit at thi> Christian A got M| insliiiire nf tho .suiH'e.-isful Cliurrh Muiiilny evening, April fi, maniiKeim-m of busjni'SH is iilfunli'il Keud what the Chiirlest'in tS. t'. > by tint Cruwu Cilv liauk of I'asailena 1'usl bays of tin- render fur the I-VIT- of which Mr. .1. Ii. CoulHton, presi- inn: "The elucutiunary 'rnterlain- ili'iil uf the (Nix inn National liiuik, is ini'iit nivi-u by l>r. S. M. Mariiu laat II!MI pri'sidfiit. Tin- liuiil; irmved into : ni^lit was a hin'cess bt-ydiiil all exploits piihi-nl i|iuil tt'is, ruinrr of Colu- liiliou. Tlie lluelur provnl hiuiHelt' riniu sdeet antl Mari'iiuu avi'iiiii<, I'asa- In be a t-pecialisl iu llu> I ino uf I'uler deua, uii Nuveiiibev lt : , I'.lliT. A t , lain inn. Mis eliaraetrr iiiipersiina- lliul ila't- ilepu^its wen- -T I 1, I 11;. 1 7. linns wen 1 Dimply piTlVci and parlie At the elu^e nt bii^ini'MS mi Mareh nlail\ liiiiii.'ruus, anil tliuy lirpl iii.s I 1 '. I'." 1 ' 1 , I lie ilepoHl'-, aiiii.uiili-il | ( . aihl ii nr" e. >\\\ n Iii .1 willi lan^Ktrl," i-~,",, d Hi. 11). ,.|i'. Mr. Kati-l. a iii'i'iit arrival tii iu liif-liun ,|U!;IIN,,II will ailiniiii.-'li'i haUi-i.-ilii bl, \\iil r.•iiiluel a irlail ii'i 1 llie lid' « !' < 'i i,In i n al lluly tii^n.i--, iu ('iivinii, l.axliii; pi.ii'i.a-. Tiiiiii\ (').mrli j;i\l Munla\ imin . Ii! l-'nink Krmlali tl.e i-iiiilc < ul '•'-'<X- 'Mil !'• i llu nl lilr irr- Real Estate Sales. One of the largest fialen of real en- tnto nuide for tome time wnfl c I need bv the .1. M. Stnnton Keaity Com j'-nny thifi week, this firm selling to A. K. Curtis of LOB Angeles 40 acres of Innd located one and n quarter miles northeast of Charter Oak station and belonging to Thomas Crawford. Twenty-five acres of the plnce IB planted to bearing Valenclae, the balance being vacant land. There is a small house and barn on the property. The price paid was 129,000 cash, the crop, valued at 85000, going with the pince. Mr. Curtis will at once commence extensive improvements. An unusual feature of. the sale was that the purchaser, after one look at the place, rernjiring less than half an hour's time, ordered the papers drawn. Mr. Curtis is president of the California Vegetable Union, and may bring his family here to live. Jerome Reynolds reports the sale of a new two-story houee and lot on Knst Badillo street, belonging to E. C. and A. D. Siewort to S. T. Berry. Price 3500. Tho property will be occupied by n son of Mr. H. T. Berry from the East. The Sanders Real Estate Company has sold two largo lots on East Badillo street, belonging to J. C. Walters to F. C. Wolf of the Sun Drug Company, Los Angelerj. Price 81900. Mr. Wolf will immediately begin tho creation of a Uno ten-room residence and will make his home here. Mr. E. W. Van Auken has bought five acres of unimproved land on East Badillo fitroot from J. L. Sickles. Pollard & Hutohiuson report the sale of a lot fJOxl75, on West Bndillo street, belonging to C. S. Anthony, to Mrs. J. H. Simpson. Consideration 32000, cash. Huzzai'd & Welch report tho sale of ten acres navels and Valonclas, located on tho corner of A'/uan avenue and Puerile street, property of R. F. Buller, to L. A. Murphy, formerly of Atohisoii county, Kansas. Consideration 814,fjOO. D. W. MacDonnld, local representative of tho Edwards & Wildoy Co., reports the sale by Wm. Boll to Micheal Hughes of Glendora, tho ten ado Valencia and navel grovo on Bonita avenue, Charter Oak. Consideration 810,400, inoluding crop, implements and a five-room house atid large barn. WHITE AND BLACK MINORCASj —Moat profitable for both eggsr and dressed poultry. Egga from fine poas headed by prixe winning oock. 91.00 per setting. We guarantee more than 75 por cent fertile. E. B. Milnor, 123 San Bernardino road, tf What Do You Want to Buy? We Move It, Watch this space for snaps in REAL ESTATE Mflian & Oilmen Office, opp. Pacific Electric depot Cal and See Us If you need anything- in the HARNESS line and we will gi v e the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed, Covlnei Harness &. Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 Multiply Your Happiness There is great satisfaction by having- an account with the Covina Valley Saving's Bank, and by making reg-ular deposits you are multiplying your happiness by accumulating a protecting your happiness by accumulating a protection fund for future requirements. Why not open an account with us today? 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of Si and up received. Covina Wiley Savings IBank Covina, California t*s^t*$ss$$$ssss$$s$s$$a»s$$sss$s$s$^^ A. J. ROOKS General Blaclcsmitning All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ7 Shop West Badillo St, Cavinaj. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware Our Tools and Cutlery • are from the best manufacturers See our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges of every description Washing Machines end Hsuse furnishings Painters' Supplies Wire Matting and Pottery No chance foi a mistake in ordering Premier Blend coffee, W. W. & Co. $15,OOO TO LOAN in sums of $300:00 upon clear improved real e.state at 7 per cent for on to 4 years privilege to pay $500.00 at any interest paying date or all any time without bonus. I buy trust deeds and mortgages. At 130 East Puente St. except Mondays and Thursdays. Phone 194. OSCAR MILLER. Cash Basket Grocery CALL AND SEE THE CASH GROCER, WHO HAS A NEW LINE OF ABSOLUTELY Groceries PRICES RIGHT! Soliciting your patronage, I remain Yours very respectfully, G. H. ARMSTRONG Plait Building, Opposite Hotel Vendome COVINA, CAL.

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