Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 27, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1909
Page 3
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Our debate with El Monte will he held at Covinn, in the Woraans Cluh House, Instead of at El Monte, aa previously announced, Friday even R,' April 2. was a object year's Cardi- The "pound social, " given by the Cardinal staff at the high school Friday evening, March 10, pronounced success. It's was to raise money for this commencement number of the nal, which they intend to make the largest ever Issued, as a Btting farewell to the old high school building. About 835 was realized. An excellent program was rendered, consisting of Instrumental selections, readings, BD amusing one-act farce, and two numbers by the band, after which light refreshments were served. A very enjoyable time was reported by all present. The regular meeting of the German Club w«s held on Monday afternoon, March 22nd, at the high school. A paper entitled, "German Women and Their Homes," by Miss Gertrude Elliott, was much enjoyed. Extracts from letters illustrative of German life were given, after which German songs .were sung. A full report, of our debate with Hollywood High School, which occurred at that place last night will be given next week. Two good baseball games were played Saturday, March 20, on the high school grounds. The first game, nigh school vs. second town team, resulted in a victory for the former by a score of 8 to 5. The second, Lordsburg College team vs. high school second team, proved a walkover for the latter, as they won by a score of 6 to 3. Both games were well played, both the high school teams displaying a considerable increase in their team wiork over that .,,,?![ a few weeks ago.- The line-up ;§)f the second team is as follows: %red Chemberlen, catcher; Charles Ward, pitcher; Bert Grijalva, Hist base; Tom Reed. (oapt.) second base; ^5ae Aschenbrenner, third base; Glen Leisure, short-stop; Roy Goodell, left Held; Seldon Wilson, center field; Oliver Bell, right field. Arthur BJxby. California Raisin Day, April 30. The raisin men of California have decided on April 30th as "Raisin Day" and are organizing to make it a success. The cooperation nnd assistance of tailroada, steamship lines, hotels and mercantile establishments throughout California will be asked. A meeting was held in Fresno on March 10th attended by representatives from over the valley of the raisin interests and by representatives of the Southern Pacific Company. At this meeting the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce decided to raise 135,000 or mor« to tell in simple language just how much good it will do the average citizen to eat raisins and how to prepare them. This on Raisin Day, with the hope that hereafter they will help to dispose of the 25,000 tons of luscious fruit Fresno has on hand. The campaign is not confined to California but it is lo be pressed vigorously throughout the East. The Southern Pacific Comnany has agreed that all of its traffic forces shall work to make Raisin Day a success. In all of its stations, in all its suburban trains, in all its ferry boats, on nil its Atlantic steamers, it will put up posters advertising Raisin Day. On all Southern Pacific diners nnd in all eating stations laisins are to be served gratis on Raisin Day with compliments of the California Raisin Growers. The other Harriman linos will cooperate and without doubt take similar action, The lecture bureau of the Harriman linen in the East, under charge of Mr. J. W. Erwin, will have a series of lectures delivered on the use of California Raisins and lectures deliverdod on the use of California Raisins and the observance of Raisin Day, reaching probably 25,000 people. The San Francisco hotels have already signified their intention of aiding, and will no doubt take concerted action. of the United States generally sit up and take notice of California raisins. Subsequently an advertising campaign will be undertaken to keep raisins to the front throughout the country. The Jwork is to bo done by the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, with the cooperation of the passenger da- partment of the Southern Pacific, under the direction of the General Passenger agent. They are Working for the Government, There is no line of employment more retnumeiative than that furnished by the U. S. Government. When a young man is working for the government, ho is working for himself, because he is one of the stockholders in this groat corporation. His voice counts one at the ballot box and it is bis privilege to help secret, men t< conduct the business of this groat corporation in which every memboi has equal capital stock so far as vot ing is concerned; so, when employed in any branch of the government, he feels that he is partly his own boss. Numbers of young people hnvo, after a few months special coaching in San Bernardino Business College and Civil Service Institute, passed the examination for government stenographers, bookkeepers, railway mail dorks, etc., and none lira drawing loss than 8800 a year. Every young puison has tl o right to enter this service, and, if he line finished sixth grade work in the public school, lie c'nn take special coaching in the above named school. Young tnc'ii interested in tho railway nuiil service should take up tho work at once either in person or by correspondence, UH this examination is to be hold in San -Bernardino on the 15th of May. Full particulars concerning all these examinations muy be had from the Sun Bernardino Business College nud Civil Service Institute. A million raisin primers and with recipes will be distributed over the United States, telling people bow to serve raisins and instructing them in their uses. Every business man in California will receive a request to help observe Raisin Day by making his friends and patrons more familiar with one of California's choicest products. Altogether it is expected to discount Thanksgiving records on April 30th, and to make the people RANCHERS, WE OFFER YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE MONEY: I have for sale a quantity of secondhand harvesting tools, mowers, rakes, harvesters, almost anything you need In this line which can be had at one- half their real value. They ure all In excellent repair and were purchased new by me when farming on the Baldwin lands. W. L. GRIFFITH, Tel. 199. tf Covlna, Cal. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE. Tn the Superior Court of tho County of Orange, State of California. In tho matter of the estate of Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased. Notice la hereby given that Efflo U. Shaffer, ns administratrix of tho estate •if Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased, will, under and as directed by nn order of tho Superior Court of Orange County, In the Stato of California, mado nnd entered on tho 5th day of February, 1009, In tho matter of the state of said .Incob T. Shaffer, deceased, sell, at. prlvnto sa.lo, to tho highest bidder, for cash, five nor cent, thereof to be paid at tho time tho bids aro presented and the balance to be paid upon tho confirmation of tho salo, all tho right, title and interest of said estate In and to tho following described real estate, liolng the property of the estato. of said Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased, to-wll: Tho North East quarter of tho South West quarter of the South Enst quarter of Section C, in Township 1, South, Range 9 West, S. B. M., In the Rancho Addition to San Joso, In tho County of Los Angeles, State of California, as poi map of the subdivision of tho Rancho Addition to San Jose and pnrt of Rancho San Joso, recorded In Book 22 pages 21 and 22, Miscellaneous Records of said county. Such sale will be made on or after tho Ifith day of March, 1909, nnd bids for tho same will bo received by tho undersigned administratrix at hor post, office address, R. F. D. Route No. 5, Santa Ana, California, or at the office of F. O. Dnnlol, hor nttornoy, Rooms 4-6 tho First, National Hank Bid., in tho city of Santa Ana, California. Each bid must bo In writing and bo accompanied by cash or a chock cor! Hied by a responsible bank, or a post, ofllco money order, for (Ivo por cent, of the .amount of tho bid, which amount will I bo applied upon ilio purchnso price II' It ho salo Is mado and confirmed to said 1 bidder, and, If not, It will bo rolurnod to him upon tho confirmation of tho sale to any ono olso. Said sale will bo made subject to the approval of tho court, and said land will bo sold subject to a mortgage of $1500 thereon. If, after confirmation, tho purchaser neglects or refuses to comply with tho | terms of tho sule, said administratrix I will ask for an order of resale of said property, and, If tho resale does not amount to enough to cover tho hid and expenses of tho previous salo, such purchaser will bo hold liable for such deficiency. Dated February 20, 1009. EFFfE U. SHAFFER, As Administratrix of tho Estate of Jacob T. Shaffer, decoasod. F. O. DANIEL, Attorney for said Administratrix. Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. MARCH '28th, 1SKW. Losson. Proverbs The Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your oranges for cash. R. O. Simpson, agent. Office with California Citrus Union, tf Temperance xxiii :i!li-!Jri. Golden Text At last it blteth lihn n serpent, iiiul slitiaiUh llko an itddcr. Proverbs xxiilH:'2. Versos ill) -HO-— Is strong drink UH a bevorngo in so called moderation, Kood for anybody? Do all who drink habitually receive injury as a result? Should nlooho! be used in nuy form as a modininc? !s it Hafo or prudent, for people in good health to tako intoxiiialing drink as a beverage.? What classes in tho community aro suffering from the drinking habit, directly and indirectly? | Why do athletes always abstain' from drinking when they mo in training? What, are the signs by which you can nearly always tell a drinking man? Versos 31-na--\Vlmt ovil is likely to result if any, when a good man who does not drink, stands at, I ho bar and "looks" on, whilo his companions are drinking? What can you say of a man who will not, drink himsolf but, treiilw others? How would you chiiincturi/n a tomporanoo man who votai tor a man, or a party, pledged !o support tho liquor Irafllii? How many ovil.s can you traoo to strong drink? Think of all tin) popular habits | that, to ml to evil, nnd eonipiirn Ihcmi with tho evils of tho drink habit, nnd Hay which habit is the greatest, curso of tho nation? What is tho fascination, which draws so many UioumindH of victims to tho drink habit? If tho country towns and cities, wore over run with "Hoiponts" and "adders." which wore biting and causing tho doath of thoumuulH, what stops would liko'ly bo taken to eradicate the plaguo? Seeing that all practically admit that tho evils of tho liquor tnitUo, ore more virulent than "serpents " and "adders" oould bo, how do you explain the apathy of tho nation in gottlug rid of this monster evil? Vorso !i!l- Duos lieentiousnofs, and impunity of thought, generally accompany tho nppolito for Mining drink, as this verse r,reins to suggest? Versos !M-!!,") Does drinking always produce moral, as well as physical anaesthesia, deadening tho soul to tho foulest crimes? Men undor tho inlliionco nf alcohol aro often grievously hurt, sometime* almost fro/on to dontlt, and are unconscious of the hurt at, (ho tlmo, and when they got better keop on drinking. How ('o you account for it? LOSHO!) for Sunday, April I, 1!)()!!. - Potor and Cornelius. Acts x:l-4H. Straight, to the "pit; spot" "Top Notch" pie. Warner.! & Co. A Horrible Mold-Up. "About ten years ago my brother was "held up" in his work, health and happiness bv what was bclivecl to be hopeless Consumption," writes W. K. Lipscomb, of Washington, N. C. "He took all kinds of remedies and treatment from several doctors, but found no help till he used Dr. King's New Discovery and was wholly cured by six bottles. lie is a well man to-day." It's quick to relieve and the surest cure for weak or sore lungs, Hemorrhages, Coughs and Colds, Bronchitis, La (irtppc, Asthma and all Bronchial alTectlons. SOc and #1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by C. F. Clapp. Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. M215 IN TH'IC HI I PICK'I OK COIIKT OF TUP: STATIC OK CALIFORNIA. IN AND FOR THIC COUNTY <.)F LOS ANOICLICS. fn the matter of the estate of Almira Lyon, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the petition of 1C. P. Warner for the probate of the will of Almira Lyon, deceased, and for the issuance of letters testamentary thereon to. 13. P. Warner, will be heard at 10 o'clock a.m. on the 31st day of March, 1009, at the court room, department 2 cf the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California. Dated March f>, WOO. C. O. K1CYICS, County Clerk. By W. L. Warren, Deputy. A. M. PENCE, Attorney for petitioner. Twenty Silver Dollars Given Away GET A KEY GET A KEY Ladies' shoes and oxfords. Genuine Turns and Goodyear Welts. Best vici stock, $3.00 value for $2,23. Large lot Ladies' $2 SO Shoes and Oxfords. Vici Kid and VeN our Calf Stock at $1.98. Our entire stock of men's clothing will be of fered during this sale. Beginning next Saturday morning, March 27th, at 8 A. M. we will launch the MOST GIGANTIC SALE IN THE HISTORY OF COVINA. We have placed in one of our show windows, B. glass box containing twenty silver dollars. It is securely locked. We will give o. key to the box FREE WITH EVERY DOLLAR CASH PURCHASE. A $10.00 cash purchase entitles you to ten keys, etc. SATURDAY, MAY 1ST, you may try your keys. Onljr four will open the box. YOU may- have one of them, The first to unlock the box takes $10,00, the second $5.00, the third $3.00, the fourth $2.00. No employee allowed to contest. We do not know which keys open the box. ' _.. _. SAT., MAR, 27TH DON'T FORGET THE DATE SAT., MAR. 27TH Our entire stock of flanneletts, 10, I2)i, 15 and 20c values going at $18.oo all wool suits at $11.95 $15.00 all wool suits at $9.50 $12.5o all wool suits at $8.95 $9.oo wool suits on sale at $5.95 These suits are all of good materials and will give good satisfaction for ordinary wear Cotton Voile, good quality, 32 and 36 inches wide, 25c value at Men's black sateen shirts. All sizes 14', to I?. Regular 50c grade now 39c. GKT A KKY WE GIVE UlSTAMPS _r^r-w r -w •»•*.» ^^^ Saturday, March 27th Opening day we will give $2.00 value in trading stamps for every $1.00 purchase, $4-00 for every $2.00, etc. Figured and piece colored cotton sack- ir»g, 32 inches wide, lOc quality at Men's Ribbed Underwear, in blue, brown and white. Regular 50c garment. Sizes, 34 to 46, now 3 ( >c. Yard-wide Wool Uril- liantine. Regular 75c values at 49 Large assortment ladies' wool overskirts. Al! good garments. $4.00 to $8. So values. f:n- tire lot at $3.49- Men's welt sole shoes. Patent Colt, VelourCalf, Gun Metal and Vici Kid stock. All good goods and standard sizes, $3.50 and $4.00 values at $2.69 per pair. Men's $2.50 and $3.00 shoes, good calf and vici stock, standard shapes and sizes $2.19- GET A KEY GliT A KI;Y Remnants! Remnants! PATENTED JAN 19 -.1904.; We have been cleaning ° 11 ' " ur holt ends, and have a large number of remnants. Wool goods, silks, ginghams, culti'o.s, Hlit:etliijo. elf. IJiiring thl.s *"'''<-' a " remnants svill \t\i sold at one hull prut. Half! Half! Half! Half! <il:T A KKY N. Citru^ Avenue COVINA, CAL. Men's Pancy Vests All sizes, 34 to 42, jcood styles, full cut, stripes and figures. $2.? 5 fancy vests, on sale SI.60 $2.50 fancy vests, on sale $2.00 fancy vests, on sale $1.10 SI.50 fancy vests, an sale at 8 ( Jc VHE ELITE GLOVE FITTING •MH^f. SKIRT

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