Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 21, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1943
Page 4
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Hope Star Press NowiiMpef Enterprise Ass'n. »«'• (Always Payable In • ' • .' Howard, Miller ana JfiSO ' "** VMf; else - 2 f n « . Press '* exclusively entitled to use for reOubllcation of all new* dU- 5J22J2, f re fi ted to n or not otherwise '»«•. r 1 « hls P°Per ond olso the loco I published herein. A Nottonol Advert sing R«prc»ntativt^ Arkansas Doille, lire.; Memphis. Tenn Stench Buildina; Chicago, 400 North Mich: Hold Everything *»».. <*» »> >t« SIXK-t. H.C. -t. «. <ML U. ifcf fcf "I heat they have point ration* tng -in America now!'" " SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Guadalcanal Diary Wednesday, April 21, 1943 onth» Boolc-of-the-Month * BY RICHARD TRCGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS »Y I. I. HAZILTON .'"'There he goes,' the Marines shouted. 'Riddle 'im!' And riddled he was." "I saw a Jap sighting on me i . ." ..— .„ „„.»»..«fc.i. i r o were Working out* wny : beach at the fringe of the jungle near the vil- „-, -.Jh there came a, sudden spattering of rifle and machine gun fire to our left and ahead. • It took me only a second or wo to flop amidst n row of Marines who had taken cover behind a log. We lay there a few minutes, the Marines firing down the beach «nd into the jungle on the left. And then I noticed all •1» Sodden that our lads had pulled their heads down- "A submarine was spotted offshore . . ." hnnd over the lower part of his face. "Corpsman!" somebody shouted. "Pass the word back for a corpsman. We've got a wounded man here!" The exchange of firing grew hotter. The Marines behind the log were blazing away with automatic rifles at two Japs they had spotted down the beach. One of the Japs jumped up and ran for the jungle. "There he goes!" was the shout. "Riddle 'im!" And riddled he was. I crawled back into the jungle fringe and came upon --- ••-- lying on his hacli, sihoking a ', his chest and one leg neatly bandaged. 4 i m O.K." he said, and tried to smile. ''1 saw a Jap sighting on me. Thought it was a Marine. Said,' 1 *'' f K ' \ § 0t ° ff thc first shots," he said. "I got Off a uursc °i nve-"es over there under a tree, pretty well done in." The firing stopped, and our officers decided to return to Kukum, and come back later with stronger forces. We made our way back to Kukum and were greeted In e<M>p«r»t!on with the which was fought yesterday off Guadalcanal. Later H i learned that we had lost four cruisers. At dusk we got word that a submarine had been sighted " That made the business of sleeping dii from thc water. ••- ---- -~r —"•' come tonight? 1 wondered. Would the submarine, or submarines, come ("l close and shell our camp? Whatever happened, we would surely bear the brunt of it. (Continued tomorrow) Bfcolc-of-the-Month Club. Inc. r OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooplc FUNNY BUSINESS OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams OH , NO, WE AIN'T \ / OH , VES . VOuTS TAKIM' OUft RAFT /MUST HAVE A VET--THIS TRIP TO MAKE A .' LUCKN MARRIED-~<-WOMEM ARE A<=J APRIL VOEATMER/ DOMESTIC TEMPESTS <=>O DISTURB SOULTHW t COULD II ^ FLV FgOM IT ALL AND "SPEND MM LAST_MeftRS MA'iQOERAD - M,MSTERIOOS NOD UAxJE TO PUT A. BODV SCISSORS POCKET600K BEFORE MOPPED MOD OOT, OR i<=, IT CREDIT ,A,-.-I—, AGAiNi 7 MAP, VA/ON'T SET OPF YOUR «J^^?3 • i^j^ .>*<...^t^. '_). ^s j»ra. 1943 8Y HE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. HEC. M. S. EAT. OFF rnnp be °" ? rutchcs ' b "t I'H be the proud- girl m the Easter parade, walking with you and that hero medal!" • \ | *'\Vc shoxild have known better than to assign that 1 former barber to sentry duty I" Wash Tubbs By Roy Crone NOW THAT THE LIZZIE <SONE, CAPTAIN EASX IT LEAVES US OfO THE OUTSIDE WIW6. VOU'P BETTER SET REAP/, SIR. i/MA6i«£ THE HEIWIES WJILL WWCEAJTRATE By Fred Harmon '-• .HE>3 WHAT WE 'J.'V HEAD FOR YOUR O, N \E CAI-NP PAINTED VAUE.-1? Donald Duck Love in Bloom! By Walt Disney Every Dame For Herself!" Thimble Theater X -- -- ^v X^ " -- - " --/A LTTLc )(i335ES AMD GASDEWIAS.' TOfaSs.' H. iVrtv. DOMALD. -OU' =ST==M, ) KJ5VE5 BEEVJ SO tOHAT DIDJ<N POPEVE. I'LL BET I CAN I'LL 6OTO SLEEP ISl Sl3 THE PARK UJITHMW< ^^^00 VOUTAKE THIS MftM ."ETC ?J . DREAM ABOLr DREAM ABOUT? THE I COC3SA<3E TO KEEP T ' TMOUSl-lTPULJ MINDONFOPEVE'/ ^A CHOCOLATE -V TOOTS/ ^-,/^. The Flies Are on Dogwood! PAGWOOC? )||K NO.PEAR, I MAVENT60TTEN AROUNPTDIT VET BUT DON'T , ^ WORRV- I'LL^^ R1X IT The Magic Belt THECURTAIW-ROp INTHEUVING- FOR ME? IT'S BEE-N OVER THREE ^ WEEKS SINCE b- tASKEPVOU K TOPOIT/ THERE.' THAT OUeKT^ 6UH DOC... WE BUSTED ENOUGH GBOUND FOB THREE VtCTOEV 6A.CLDEN6* n ^ ,. „ AND HUNGBV, WOW.' .BOY' ^ I COULD EPCT A, PLUMB ^ COW-HIDE, TAIL HOOF'S/ I WISH I HAD A NICE, THICK JUICV STEAK.' NOTE-' A FEW VE/M26 AdO WHEN OUC. HERO VI61TED THE LAND OF THE AMAZONS. HE ACQU\CEO QUEEN H\PPOLV7A,'5 MAGIC BELT (6EE THE TW£iV£ LABOK6 OF HERCULES).,, COMING ACGO6S IT RECENTLY HE PUT kT ON, ALTHOUGH Ht HAS ' ALWAYS BEEN IGNORKNT OF IT5 POWEt TO GRWNT ITS \WE(\RE« 6POKEN WISH ")**' '*" ** "* scm " CE - "«• T - ""•"". »• ». p«r. or>. ^ Boots and Her Buddies Now, Rosie! Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Mqrtin "Detective Smith" By Merrill Blossei ' '*> 3 IF scume eor HE COULDN'T GET A Bus OR. TRAIN AT THIS HOUR. AND HE'D BE AWAV, WHY'O YOU PHONE WHY DIDN'T you BECAUSE l WAMNA BRING HIM IN WELL.lr HAVE ANY IF HE ISN'T ON HIGHWAY- & RIGHT THIS V.INUTE , TRYING -|o THUMB A RIDE. I'LL BE A CALL THE cogg f^pfRSONALLY/

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