The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 31, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 31, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE 3—XATJGATtJCK XKW.S (CONN.). FRIDAY. JUIY 1Z, DREW PEARSON ON e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Representative May Had Many Relatives On Pay Roll; Congressman Pulled Wires For .- Profits Of Manganese Co.; Army-Navy Legislation Altered TO Buy Local Manganese war contractor*, nt onn time the total l««° "° m /•" a at. Young Bride Is Thankful She Is In America various time* by his family: Mm. Jullit G. Mity, wlfo, Kiry—J3.000. Mr«. BOSH 8. May, daugthor-ln- law, poHtmlHtross of Prostonburg, Ky., Mny'H homo town—$2,400. Lucille M. Hnrndon, nl«tor-ln-law, cU-rk In hl« offlco—$3,300, William May, Jr.. nephew, umilyfil In Loul.ivlllo offlnc 'jf Federal Land Bunk--JS.fiOO. In addition, May's son. tlio into Andrew J, May, Jr., and his neph- aw, Jack May, worn given Jobs with tho mytCorloiis Cumberland Lumber Co.. financed by the Erie Ratlin company and which May apparently operated. Noto -- May received rnoro thun J.IH.OOO from tho Erie Basin prof- HAMILTON WATCHES ... If you'vo teen waltlnfc for * Hamilton It •be here. T h ey'ro more botiu- tlful tniin ovor ftiul tw* ftno n» only HivmH ton c.-vn m a H o thorn. PIERPONT'S Aimrlrmi 1.111 HANK K'l'HKI'"!' DIKIl ANHKItHON—Andrew (>.. (if 121 Wltlnul Mtrni't. Nmigiitlicik. Ill Wd- torbury, July .12, LIMB. Kiimtmt ivHimliiV ill - |>. fii. from AUItn- iion Ki'ini-i-iil HIHIIP-. 201 Meadow urn-pi. Um-lul In Grove cmm'tnry. FrlcndH may call ivt Aldw»<m Kliruiral Homo Mlmv.iy tfoiu •'< •to :> and 7 to 0 p, m. nii'.n STACIOKAS—.Itwrpli. of :i 17 Ntirth Spring Htrnct, In tills borough, .lul.v I, IC'Hi. Kimi-rat Katui'ilay morning "I WM.'i from I'T.ngcr- iilcl (''uiipriil Iliintc. North Main St., to Ht. Mary'si rhurch at !> u. m. F'.tiHal In St. James' cemn- »ry. I'YIi'ndM may call at thn funeral homo l''rlday from 2 to in p. m. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All Occnslonn t FLOWKIIS TKLKGKAFUKO ? KVF.KWVillCRK I MELBOURNE'S) FLOWER SHOP ? 130 KUBHKB AVKNUC \ T.lopliono 0225 \ Hours to Hot up .the lumber company, but when the money was returned by him April, tho Eric people pot back only J40.000. Thus Ma> J or Homcone around him spent or used around 58,000 which Is unaccounted for. M«ni?ivne*« King May When ConKi-ossman May of Kentucky piously beat ms breast on the floor of the House and proclaimed bin jtront patriotism and complete Innonuence roRfti'dlnK war contracts, he failed to tell his gullible colleagues about another deal In which he also tried to make Home money. It so happens that Congressman May IH president of the Greenbriar Manganese Mining Co.," an outfit which has acquired 7,000 acres of West Virginia tow-grade rnangancnc land. Manganese is essential to the smelting of steel, but the deposits found in this country are so poor that Army-Navy experts say it is essential for this country to have a stockpile Of imported manganese on hand in case of war, They say we cannot risk helnK cut off from foreign mun- franeuc by submarine, .Congressman May. however, has not always put the Interests of his country ahead of the Interests of his company in respect to manganese. Once, prior to the war, when the Navy won planning to accumulate a manganese stockpile, naval of- rieerst accused the gentleman from Kentucky of pressuring them to reduce the specifications for manganese to such a low quality that poor'- grade domestic manganese could be sold to the Navy, instead of high-grade Imported manganese. Thin meant, of course, that Mr. May's Gfccnbrler Manganese Co, would have a chance to sell to the Navy, But it also meant, In the vigorous opinion -J.E naval and Bureau of Mines experts, that the quality of manganese would not be high enough to produce the hlgh- tcst steel so necessary to U. S, tmUlcHhlps. Mny Out VVur Contract Again. In October, 1030, the procurement division of the Treasury awarded a S1SO.COO contract to May'fi Greenbt'lor company for manganese, under very mysterious circumstances. His company was not the lowest bidder, did not put up u performance bond, and did not have any funds with which to operate. An ollleliil said that they planned to go lo the RFC and borrow the money. It so happened that May had introduced the Strategic Minerals Bill under which manganese was to hi! stockpiled. When he was accused of bringing Influence to help his company. I however, the Congressman Issued 1 11 pious denial, and said his company would not go through with the contract. Last chapter In the story of May's groat patriotism occurred quite recently when a new postwar bill wan before Congress to permit the Army and Navy to stockpile essential materials Incase of another war. This bill provided that manganese could be Im- pyrted by tho Army and Navy without paying a tariff. Suddenly, however, Congressman May, head of the Croenbrlur Manganese Co.. had tho bill withdrawn from tho floor of the House after It had already been agreed to by committee.') of both the House and Senate. Ho then proceeded to knock out tho provlalon that Army- Navy manganese could bo imported duty free. Naturally, Army-Navy payment of a tariff on manganeseo would help domestic manganese producers, of which Mr. May is one. Naturally tho American taxpayer, whom Mr. May Is supposed lo represent, thereby stood a greater chance of having money wasted. Mr. May, however, voted not for the public but for hitt pockethook. Mny'H War Colleague Murray duration, one of the war- profiteering brothers who enticed Congressman May —some say ho wasn't hard to entice — Into godfathering tho Uric Basin war contracts, has a unique history. Entirely aside from his FBI rac- or<l of association with gangster Dutch Sennit/., Murray Garsson svent out to Hollywood when ho was Assistant Secretary of Labor under Hoover. Hurray had dabbled In tho movies in New York, and conceived the Idea fo staging a man hunt to scare alien actors who had overstayed their visitors' vlnas. Some of the alien actors hurriedly headed for Mexican and Canadian borders. Others, wiser, put matters In the hands of their Hollywood employers. Result: Murray Garsson deported no one. Exit when he left Hollywood his daughter had a S250-a-wock contract with Motro-Goldwyn-Maycr, phis an auto. And after one year had expired, 20th Century-Fox gave her another contract, together with an additional contract for a hus- hnnd she had acquired in tho In- lorlm. Garsuon's next, appearance on the ;iacred soil of Hollywood was several years later when lie came In the guise of an investigator for u House committee lo investigate bondholders, chalrmanned by Representative Adolph Sahath of Chicago. Colchester, Conn., July "—The former Mlso Eva Miskln of Belgium got up this morning, looked out over the peaceful Connecticut countryside, and thanked God "he was frco from UlC h °T"' S of the concentration camp where she spent two yours. Evo became the bride n. . ber- cant William 'Goiler who has just succeeded in bringing her -Lo this country. He returned to Europe for her after being discharged in the United States. Yos Eva likes to get up morn- Intrs 'now. In the concentration camp her day started by lining up with other Inmates while guards sel6cted some for the gas chambers, PATAI.LV INJUBKD Mew London, Conn., July 13 — ( UP>—Injuries received In an automobile accident have proven fatal ; to Carl Hubbell of East Lyme, i Huhbcll, who was 91 years old, was . struck by a car in Main strcr.t. Niantic, A technical charge of reckless driving will be r-lacert a(rain-< 1 •he driver, Harry W,. Clark of 0,-onnvllle. N. C., a sailor stationed at the submarine base. What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar of events for today, tomorrow and every day Tonight VFW Meeting. July 13 • , Dance, American Brass Assocla- Again there were no prosecution:.. But ex-Congress-.nan Ralph Church of Illinois might be .able to .tell the Mead Committee an interesting story about Garsson's operations, which involved Joe Schenck •if 20th Century-Fox and one of his hotels. , Moral: With some people, everything they touch turns to gold— until Senator Mead catches up with them. . ruppy'8 Toor Shnwnmnslilp CXDE'' "Pass-the-biscuits Pappy' O'Daniel was elected to the Senate as a great showman and humorist, but, on the whole, his antics before the Senate over price •ontro! wore dull. Only once in the nn.gos and pages of debate—paid for bv tho taxpayers—did he pull a real laugh. "I am thinking about my children and grandchildren," O'Daniel thundered in reply to a question from Senator Francis Myers of Pennsylvania. "I am thinking about the Senator's children and grandchildren and everyone else's children and grandchildren. I am thinking about unborn generations." "I cannot boast about my grandchildren," .corrected Senator Myers. "They will come along," rejoined Pappy. "That is another thing that OPA cannot stop." A vein of lignite coal, containing an estimated billion tons, extends through North Dakota and eastern Montana . July 15 Special Meeting, Montanari-Rftdo Post and Auxiliary.. Sylvia Lodge, Seymour, Reception. Members of Naugatuck Columbia Rcbekab Lodge, 35, IOOF, Invited to attend. Rubbish Collection, East Side. July id Our Lady of Mount Carmcl Cclc- b 'Special Meeting, Board of Waiden and Eurgrosscs, July 17 Rubbish Collection, West Side. July 18 Marine Corps League Meeting. July 10 Dance, Linden Park.,All American Veterans. .July 25th ' VFW Auxiliary Card Party. July 2' St. Hcdwig's Bazaar. July 28 Waste Paper Collection, Amcr- St. Hedwig'a Bazaar, lean Legion. Y's Men Picnic At Muller Home The Y's Men's Club will hold n picnic meeting Tuesday, night at the home'of Edward ,Muller of 4o Moore Ave. according to Wesley 'Coe, .Vice President of the local -ervicc club. A recreational program is planned including horseshoe pitching. Reports of the teams in the .Y Financial. Campaign will be made to ascertain, the progress made to dale. The Y's Men's Club docs .not hold vegular weekly meetings during July and August and this is a special meeting called by Mr, Coe. A club delegate is yet to be chosen to attend the International convention of Y's Men's Clubs to be held in Bradford, Pa. .in. August. Twelve Victims Of Plane Crash Are Identified Holyokc, Mass. July 12 Twclvc victims of the crush of B-17 on Mount Tom have been identified. Officials revealed idcnti- ncation of five coast guardsmen- two army officers and four onllatod men and one civilian. Still unidentified wore 13 victims of Tuesday 3 fatal trash, . . The idcnli.flcation was made with the aid of fingerprints furnished by police and checked with Washington officials. Five New Engenders were included among the' victims already identified. And the lone civilian was Arthur L, Bailey—32 years old— of Fairbury, Neb. Bailey was an American Red Cross Held director. Six More Boys Going To Camp A meeting- of the ' boys and par r cnts-will be'held at the Y. M. C. A. Monday night at 7:30 to discuss plans for Camp Hazcn according to General Secretary Herbert E. Ei-own. .Tho boys goinff to Camp Edward H t Delancy'Jr., George Carl Williams, John . Wajnorowski, Bryant Kinkcndall,. Robert Grotty, and Earl Phillips, Seven boys now at camp arc Rolf Tripp, Jr., Donald Valols, Richard E, Brown, Robert J. .Ori, Kenneth Zcrbe (Outpost camp) Thomas P. Lynch, Kevin Daly, 1 and John Ed- mohdson. Four of the boys return this weekend while three of the boys are at camp for line full season: CHAPEL BURNED Storrs, Conn., July 12—(UP)—Fire has destroyed the Roman Catholic chapel at the University of Connecticut. Flames had completely enveloped the prefabricated frame structure before firemen arrived. The loss is estimated at $13,000. HUDSON SALES — SKRVICE General Automotive Repairs B-M MOTORS INC. 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441. Largest Selection | of Kiddy Furnltnro In Town on Our Second Floor O FULL SIZE CRIBS • YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXES • SWING ON MKTAX, STAND • HIGH CHAIRS • JVTETAL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S • 130--SOUTH MAIN ST. An a cause of <Je».th, accidents rank fifth In the Untied S On The Air Today (1:00 D. '" WOR— "Ka«y ACi'H" Other Stllllpllll— N" w " 0:10 i>. '"• w rmY— nai«-l>"l> fscnm* •\VAf.K— JlllcrllHln «:1B P. >« WU11V— NVlori Tin!,': Vlii WAHC — Wlmhlnk-ton . Ili-nml AK-Sei-'"""" 1 ol A m*rl.-i. ir — Prnf. Amlrn-.wn'-iiKcr T, vOR _-.'On the Ccnulry" W ,IK— Kthi-I »nil Albert WA.TO — SuortB lioundup «:20 p. ni.. \VATK— Coclitiill'- Stfrcnnrlc (1:1(0 l>. m. •VVIW— E. Chrlhty Erlt, Now* •WAHC— Lurry Orr 1.OP-Z 1VT1C— B»li HI'' 1 "" W.JZ— Iloiimi' 'I lio . WATU—Wnllx Tllllfl WOH — Innlili! of Sport* H:OII |i. It). WMH.Y-WAUC—Atdi-lr.h Knmlly \\MX.-WATIl—Sum Kpud- WOK—Pnnfjiorl lo Ilonilincc W !•: AI••—M nludy 11 IK!I «'» y» \\MlllV-WAnc—-8wiH«noy mid Murnh WIOAI'-.WTIO—Kiiny Moni-y \VOH — Volco 111 lh<! NlKlit WHAT— Sporm -Now* (1:15 p. "i. WimY-WAUC— nol)<-,M. Tl-nm KAF-VriC— 1-owell '1 luimim n— Stun Liitniix \VATfl — Plcunurn nnd ' <'""'• WJ'/.— Hcrc'H Morinin : 7;0<> n. m. WBtlV-WABC— P-ntl •ChiJ-ion . WHAl^-WTIC— S.UBD«r Club - WOR-WATIl— rulion /Lcwln, Jr. WTH— Headline Bdlllon , 7:1(1 n. m. rmY— BI-HHII ' City voiormiH WARC— suyiinc n°<* " • WATB— Adveniuren In nbythm WHAJ'-WTIC — Ncwit of (he Woilrt won— Annwcr Miin 7-.2K l«. in- WATB— Ncw» 7:30 D. in. Wrtny-WABC— Tommy -KlBRs nn<1 . Br.l- l.v 'Lou ICAK— rAround . tnc Town H— r^oni* n.jmK>!r \VTIC — Qul* of ' rwo trlllcB WOIl- 1 — New ji WATR — 1'Ilinc Your Annwrr 7:-IK II. m. \VEAi-— Murs»n . Aleut ly for Kiiltonliorn 8:55 it. ni. \VHJlV-\VAlli:—!»nry. Ncivn (1:00 l>. ni. •WTCHY-'U'AKC—J'liyn to bo iKnnrnnt \VKAK-Vl'If:—JVopIc "fc J-'utiny \VOH-Ncwit W.tZ-VATK—Hri'uk I ho Hmih 11:1 ft ii. tti. WOH—J!"»l Slot-Ion B:30 p. ni. wrmY-WAHC—Wiij-nn Kins Show , WlR--Jlimns Orch i WJX-WATH—Slu-rlff WKAF-WT1C —Wnllx Tim»;»!! n. III. W.IB-WATJl—Jlnrry Wlmn-r. Kliorm ]0:00 n. m. AVItRV-WAHC—Mrrcury Th"ill<T WHA-I'Wnc—Mynlcrs- Thonl-r WA'l'lt— noxlllK Bout WOH—Tummy Dnri-ry 111:30 n. m. \VHi1Y-WAHO—TO he iinnoiinrr.l \V].;AK-WTIO—Sixirin N-wnr—l Wi.ill—Symiihoni-tlf WJ/.-WATJl—Your Am. .SpnrtK rue' . 11:11(1 |>. m. Al.l. SlnlloilK—Ncwii 11:10 D. m. WUHY—.Tohn ' l>nly. ciiy NPWII 11:1.- ii. MI. ivuftY-WAHC— n u nii-ii on Orch. \VOIl—NI-WIJ; l-'itmttchtl \VATH-Gnint Orch II iSO it, m. wimY—xiBin ciui) or thv AH- WAHC—.Mi?Inl.vr- Ort-h. W12A K-WTK;— Sorvlr" Tnl''i« ^VOH—Wfiilh-r; l^omhurdo Orch. 1^:00 Mldnlpht i-AJ-I> SimlonK—Nrw» , exceeded only by hc»rt <1lBo»n c ' cancer, cerebral hemorrhage and nephritis. 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