Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 18, 1945 · Page 1
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, February 18, 1945
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Tlic Weather Clearing today, windy and rather cold. LATEST I \\OKU) s\K\VS j fKe iundoir limc> goet lo proii j ol 2-30 a m.,' houii idler Ihon [ other po pen setting ihij leuiiory. VOL. LXXVI.—NO. CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1«, 1915 Direct Associated Press Service PRICE TEN CENTS Hitler Time Pattern Has Fallen Short Tailed To Hold Rus- sinus in Poland or Silesia, While Bel- jsriiun Bulge Has Rceu Erased lo Has t en Military Disaster By KIRKE L. SIMPSON* Associated frets War Analyst Japs Battle To Hold Iwo Tile war in Europe .seems all set for climactic happenings. Massive Russian armies are in striking distance of the upper reaches of Ihc Kfbe river in East Central Germany as ivcll as Berlin, and expanding Allied tona- clcs are fastened securely on a 20-mile span of the lower Rhine in (lie ivesl. La bor Control Bombardment Measure A<>aiii AT T i in Ui Island By Is Called For Chairman Krug of WPH As sci-Is ''We. Arc iNol i Meeting Wtir Rei|itire- | inciils Yet" I U. S. Continues /"\ 'I r /~i| • Overwccl, Is Claim j- Washington. Feb. 17 (.-?}—Tlie! ;admini=Lralioa, in the face of.grow-] ling Loo' on Capitol Hill, renew-! . .'ed tonight iis argument for "nde-i s~\ 01 • iquate legislation" on manpower i UJl C O III!) controls. . . '• ' i The new demand came through Chairman J. A. Knig of the Wai- Production Board who asserted that j "we are not meeting requirements •(in wor production) because we are running short of manpower." "We must have Admiral IXiinil/. Says Jap Resistance Still is Con- • siflcrablr.; Anti-Aircraft Fire [ntense : • l? 15 y r* <•• ; l_» U il I LUC Mrs. Vilnut Suberly. above. 26. Less than six -weeks away lie ;!ic'J° ne s Prairie. Tex., has confessed. 1 seasonal thaws on which Nazi hope* j FBI agents report, that, she had! lauou °|| manpower control so thai; of wardiim off immediaie complete: eight husbands, six of them service-i" icn W!l1 lvot ' k «'"e''e they can do, military- disaster have been based -'niMi.. in ihc past, five years. From l!he m . ft?l 8 ood m Binning i.he war, 1 '] ever since the jaws of the Russian-. Uic latter she is said to have col-! he • sniti Allied '.winter .offensive began '. to] lee ted over S4.60Q .in allotment; Tokyrvs Claim Two At- l templed American Laiul- legis-i jugs on Island Wore He- pulsed is Ignored Vital Areas On Fortress Rock Are Captured \\ Make F'anili-unprrs inul r I tif anlr\ nu-n J a panes*' Caught Fully Flatlooled Otmli.-ls l.umi Sqnarrly Atop "Kork", and KffWt' Sci/.ure of M i g h i y (7mi* front Kcar U. S. Pacific Fleet Headquarters. Even as Krug spoke, it appeared;Guam, Sunday. Feb. 18 f/P> — Bat- Prisoners Taken By. 1 Russians In Budapest Prisoners captured by Soviet .forces in Budapest, capital of Hungary, are shown in this picture I'cc'Mvrci clamp : down. Had (he Red' Army (checks... She U under indictment in : that- smashing Allied blows at, Ger-lUeships and cruisers'bombarded rtni by " dio fr ° m - Mnscow - according to accompanying caption. jucRernatil been brought to a stajid : Sacramento, Calif., on charges of ; many in Poland or eastern Silesia until-using the mail to defraud. the spring floods broS:e loose and-! -•-.. - • the simultaneous Allied advance to the Rhine been balked, behind the Roer and the .Maas. n brief breath-! tnsr space: might have been won by the Germans. Almost certainly or-. Eatvized resistance could have been prolonged for months. . .'; ' That time pattern definitely,, underscored the desperate iinri futile Ts'azi gamble that carved the "nowI vanished Belgian bulge into Artier-1 • 'lean lines in December nt terriblejTo Keep Certnin cost, to the Nazi attackers. It -was) Plan To Defer Limited Group Under Thirty and Japan had definitely j Jima today — a dav after Tokyo ! j dimmed—possibly extinguished—the isaid Yanks have landed there — forjTP „„.,.-.„ T> * "I (possibility the congress will approve!Hie third straight day, Aclm. Chester 1 JL OA I. Ol JL\clll.lS [drastic manpower controls. -. •-. . : -|\V. NiniJU announced in a com-. ' Over >vfdent. too. in the equality futile -Vaai effort to relieve Budapest. As lhe ivar map stands (his weekend In lhe east, however, sprincr (haws should have little «floct on lUsssinn campaigning. JluRe Red armies arc deployed within Germany itself along or beyond the Oder all the war from the Sudden mountains to Halite estuaries. They have ff.iijird access to the vast Interlocking network of German highways and railroads which make a communications whcel- husr of every city and tnwn of consequence. Registrants i?i Key War and Oilier Essential Services l>v. jvi/jui/. Hunoujicea in a com- Kiug said the Army and Navy; mun '1 lle which specified considcr- need greater production "for imme'-j 30 '^ Japanese resistance, diaie campaigns." and if it is noli Silent on the carrier plane attacks provided ihey will be forced toj a ° a " lst Tokyo, whicil may or may modify their siraieyy. : not be still in progress. NMmitz told Cleans Delaying War's End i° f i"'?™* anti-aircraft fire Satur[.„.,- . , . -|day nt Iwo greeting raiding Innd- ! . "Ihat means putting off uie enclosed anc ; carrier planes and of . 'of the war. he averted. .j shorn Hrc damping '„ ^ al , sllip . To meet nriv production goals in; The feeling here among war car-- Drafl lhe fivsL Uft!l of 19:) 5. K ™g said,(respondents was that the radio '000,000 more workers must, be added blackout meant the carrier task Hy C. VATKS Mi.DANIEL Miiuiix, Kunti.iy, Feb. IB iJ»>—- Yunk :-ky,rooper.s .-prciu'eijlavly par- Hchutini; fiorn nir tritiii-porlj; oiitp n half link- square p'ua.'s.u. rmirhct) II;;- A;urr;t ;ui fl.jc u, l-'ruiay when: I/. ' Clrn. \Viilnwrii;!ii S'li-ruwlully tlic Pliilipjii:x-5i to the lioick'.s in May, ima. Dropping down potii-rd explosive.-; 01 nili> liitinci.- whole (iitiieri by wn a! i ti;.' »" <i'ck" and >';<:>fllii >rr :borne Y;\;:k:. Decided - _____ ____ war and war-supporting Indus- force remains within striking dis- tnnce of Japan. Krug said production of many Both attacks opened Friday morn- basic war materials has been declin- '"?-' of Rrtrli Populations ;is Ktillilr<,s etit to Hitler's Doom Paris. Feb., HT—/Pi—Thr marie adopt of the ,,,. . ' ' . tol^ve come through the raciio 'services..' • •'.. png 1 tides of battles are requiring j. In the first slight easing of plans! mor e a »d nwi'c of evet-ythtng we to draw heavily from t.hb. age groiip' makc - Tn t!lis sense we are back ttq meet mountine military needs.i' si CBrl 5' 19-12 when all war pro- IHay Be Strongly Fortified At Dopking. Associated Press war correspondent, said in H headquar- ... . . ters dispatch that the communique; -.Selective Sen-ice and the War Man- jduciion programs were ascendinp." reports on Iwo "indicated this island 1 (power Commission announced that, Krug asserted that while volun-t' Iia - v • be O!le o! tllc most st I the new procedure will apply to : lary methods worked well in the- fortified outposts for Japan." [otherwise qualified men who '.vcre in :2-A or 2-P last January I. past "when our manpower short- Iwo's ability at this late stage age was not. a.s general as it More raids such as (he British jand American heavy bombers'car-) iried put recently on the residential j sections of Berlin, Dresden. Gliem-1 nil?, and Coltbus are fn store for' the Reich, nn'd-llieir avowed purpose; will be rreatiiiB morn confusion In i German traffic tangle find .sap-i ^ comtiiue hiu[,,ri»ck s'up« s t? Ju- »"* °"' lla " ™'^- imeni C " C ot " nvmT of government Tlic problem of maintainine fut>-i - •»_, * ply. Hues across lhe Polish -plains if.ff" 0 '"'^ 1 ^ 151 ^ fo i' P"»«"-e- when tliev become water-IoCKCd in !me - n ^ - n " cl P IOfiuc . 11011 o( war ma- e.vrty spring still confronts the Rus-i'fV"' 5 - ° r Tor inamtenance of warsinus: -but they, will have lo rtei.lj sup|x> "" 1g selVlce ' only with nature. : I 1o 1>r o*<'«'l Vtar Production Lines Once the western ASlio.s reach and, "The primary objective is to pro- cross the Rhine, much the same nuiation would iire.--.eni Itself. Man Killed By Fire In His Bed Bailiinpro. Feb. i7 i.-l v j—One mail . . died and seven others were lOtueri led- tlig war production lines where induction of irreplaceable key men will rfttnrd the war effort, as well as men' Jn ..this group whose inriuc- jtion would endanger public health • and safety." the agencies said. !. While, the announcement stated the number of men to be recommended for deferment, will vary nmoiic establislinitnts.'.it was tindcr- ..pan has been able to reinforce and tiny Island defenses ISccnmc Obvious Weeks Ago The all-out air war in Germany j The program provides for defer- today, i.he manpower problem hadjP" em of key men who are certified!"1501 beyond the procedures of vol-i 11111 ' 11 "P lll e tsny Island .untary cooperation." [despite slashing American air and i became obvious willi the unprcco-j Senator McKellar (D-Tenn) dcan''' SC!1 a ' tack - s ^gaiiist. its enfeebled .'ciontcd 'daylight; assault on the rcfti- j of the Senate and Its president. , n . 0 ; mcrcliaH tshlp supply line, Dopking'gce-crowcrd capita! two week.s.nsoj tempore. went further than most! aclclca ' I 5 "" 1 s»b-'«iueiu aitacks on other] other legislators in low ns-sesKincnt i Tol; . v <' Radio Scrambles Versions ''-'ities jaiiinipri with civilian.'! fleeing j of the chance for manpower leg's-! Scrnmbling its .\-crsions of what f! '°'i> " 1C Russian, advance in the . Union, saying that if cither encJiiv I nati occurred, Tokyo raciio in a new' collapse/; .soon it te very unlikely '' ' cilsl - Twinkle of Eye Niinit/ One Cue Big Happenings U. S. Pacific Fleet Hrad- quarlcr's. Guam. Feb. 17 op.— A twinkle of the eye—no liioi'r, no' less—Is the <-ue in thc^e calm headquarters of big things'happening at Tokyo. . The twinkle is Arim. Chesirr W. Nitnit?. 1 only conce.ssion to an appearance of excitement. There,.is no other cvideitce of emnlion as the poised Admiral reads dispatches -unfolding the details. : He Initials each such dispatch. Undoubtedly It is a strain to wait for the results. But.the Admiral gi^'es no outward sign of that strain, He did depart from routine phrasltiK in., his first, com- munique disclosing the opening of the earner assault nn Tokyo. Thai was when he said: "This operation has long been planned nnd the opportunity to HCcompliyh it fulfills the deeply cherished desire of every officer, nnd man in the Pacific fleet." In the main. 1:0 one wsIdl- ing Nimiu notes any c'nancc from his acUoii5 of Inst week. !<IM month or last vc»r. Can a dia 11 Arrii y Moves Steadily jAhead In Reich 'IVo-i\!ilr A (i vim re Ottl flunks (;<vi'h: L'. S. Titii-d R i p s :\e\v 111- e a e it in The. West wall rapture Hrlil A.SMitrd Today, CJcti Douglas MiicArt-rnir iNtiid Corri.'Ki,d(ir'K coinplelf' u'iptiiit: •'"—oj'H'iunp Munila liny to ithij UnlU'ri fi'.iurs Ilent: { In a dispatch Irmn CorrDplrior, A^- sociiitdd Press Covreiiwiulcnt Jaines HutchcAOn lolcl of a red Miinke siR- niii hish atrip iln- :<x-k which coh- fii'nic-ti Hint tiic luifttrnoprvf- nnd ami ! hlbi-.r,i. t - i:v, «i!i-sr hud Uriked By EDWARD KENNEDY Pnrin. Feb\ !7 !/i>, —'me roiilti l>e here lo ),fp ihi*," ,-.;ud Brip. Gi*n. William C. Clia.-r, directing • 1- li would Iff ol nu- life.' 1 . . The dr.sccnt ol Army swept .steadily B lie net to-j vcicrans of-.NYw aay alter R sudden two-mile ad- srjimvdy atop Hit >! i ' pteatr.ti I ho pur CitiiiicH fichtins:, compU'to- . , jyiuice -in which it outllaiikud thcjly jurprlsed ilio JapHiwc anti jiinportRiu Siegfried Line Iwsiloni f'ccle'J the cupUirr o[ the ?I.P°I' h - B ," Cl !} 1C U ' S; ' J ' hlrcl A»'>.v-.' ( jio/pn^s ana mlgJity jBOtli division drove a nrw bveacn iii.Tt-(ir from the j. British ' trnops of Uir CnniidiRnishoro.s shortly nftrr l),c mirat'rOHips (Army .split the German line | landed Tlif-v Irappd fmin the crat'l |I6 mi'.c.s from the Ruhr vallev in : which brought (hoin frnm reroiulV- illielrhiiise lhat threiitened tn wpple icapliacd HnUati imnwdlairlv «ri- • Goc.h and came within 'H-S.S ••-•-••-••• • three miles of the enemy''! . i cm : communications base ai Ucrictn. | ->Iccl I.lille O|>pnMlioii The »dva.ik'e into Rohrbnrh little opposition and carried tlie Third Army beyond tlie last tins: of j '" v " Siegfried. Unc pillbox-.- ui I'uii ! ( 'W':^P<wd^H -.urea. Til is constituted ilir 1 fourth break in the line by .the Allies, ih-; s:\td the of new curb. "We possible to win the war,", he saict Yanks had were want to do everything The Allied view liat'congrewi will impose" anv"tvpe| 1:UIrl<?c i allf '- r ^ I! out were massedj»"?»t oi'-lni'KC German cities creates '--- ' " " loffcliore anri."|Mr.sistcmlv watchins jniimedinte need for relief. This is 'for nn opportunity to make a land- :lnovc<l '! ll ° lhp bombed areas both in«." . ;by rait and road ntiri not only cre- "but in wthnine it we want to am "J ^' hf * «»«"?• "dio soiiRlit to bolstcri 41 . 1 ^ B . !rarric P>'Obl""' bi» d''aw> serve t]!o A Pri-nn wav of Hfe^a", lhp lwn«lnrirt by proclaiming a tr«"^ort. away from the battle front. much as possible'' "Kloriotw-.victory thus far." then j,i F-vacuaiion of the homeless lias the ( • f y I if Po^ll'lll i |ju>.ioit ... !lhe next breath snvine ihn sin,nn'o,, ;•"»"> ''«"H- •• - ,-V'lL> \J I i USJJclll Secretary of \Var Sumson u to. )viets Fight Into Heart Of others in tlie The at Ktovc. Pi'urm Aachen-Monscliati arffi, IJrl'.isli-Ciinadiiin clwrij r—dc.scribr-d in a from nnc! viiiirv'ri inlund nnd jnined ihc sky- born tro"ipr>r.s. "Our paratroopers have lundod " rrarl the ni.-l Ail'i?i'ic-.iii rii.spstrh .srut lilrectly .fjcm Con-cgicioi' in :it-;irly thrvc. yciii'.s. Aitluir fVldinnti. nine network r.aid tin 1 first \\",\\f. of. paracliutipif, ilrnpptd on hich ground on tho «)f!<> of the i.«- liuirl nt H;;'iO n. m. F)-k!;i'--. "Some e-truck Hit-. clif!.v nnd slirt duwti into ilir-.«-:\ in l)o picked up l)y walriiiitt P'f ipattol patch n's n near lnTnk;hroiipii--.<,iv.--i' >o;i ' lS -:" F< ' !(:il1 'an i-rliuni. innke a radio tomorrow; night ,. f lie Iife a ' s "Rlori. .. • I lie next breath" sayi'ng 'tlie si'tu'atioii;-" 1110 '''••''i' 1 '- "warranus tis ho optimism.'' j (.'riMlc lUmil nuttlrnei-ks | from their homo.s todav of| st(xxi " 1! Vi they mny be (jranted w nigin n't 8?lT p ! "nV^asicm 0 '"^-- v Aflpl : oai : !icr . ll . n y in e claimed nn| .nc-tionnaissance ims -shown thai the cleiift- smoke in a' five of un- al: °^ lD ;' pcr CCI1 ^«f the a K e 18-30 time, Blue network on manpower;-?, d vr"or he- shim't^^h^'clffi 5 ' 11 ^, l ' CS ! *'* y .- lt ] crea , te ' rond bonl(1 - '' known origin at a Barclay sirm ''egistrnnts in each oreani/ation. controls. The talk, it was announc^Tokvo redurPri Ihn i » "h'i 11 !'^ •' llro "R l1 . kfi >' clUPS ls lo 1 W~\. home ' .However, in some establishments! eel. will > K directed nrinnr il\ -in' i i \° leducpd llle clillllls *° a '»t-. pin buildings imo the streets. One- Fireman identified the victims as' whcre s 11 !'^' 1 ""-'- workers can b.;! families of servicemen ' l!,!; S H U , n •'""«,, " Ild '-"'^ ''««»"»•; spot, pn i he .wRstfi-iV front'recemlj • James D'Thompson 51 Thev' re' ! ol -"- ;llll( -' ci or W"PVU Rn activity i. s not j siilistidiip. \r ii i ' an . rtll!e • s ' n 'l>-\ damaetxi. Tlio c-laimsi wns mud? impassable for nine nays] ported -that thcvfo! id him un j" ! 'TMo the wsr effort, "no further Slll)sl ' t " l ' 1 s Arc I'rnpos,.,! jhad no Amencnn ronfirmation. jby .<ticli tactics. • ; - . . I coii'ciouls in bed" carried him rinn-n Irecoihniendatlons for deferment will! T" 0 Senate military affairs com-i l nnfr of Hesislancc Considerable | The' eltrct m\ 'morale',, both al » -Mnirwuv arid unnlied nrtifipM^ bc mrlrlc ." it ^'^K stated. imittee. which has completed uvot Makinp it clear that the enemy'sjhorne and at the front, is quite ob- r^imion. He wa, nrn^V,, 1 ^ Included .under, the ' ' " lw "^ " f "-"""• -" : " n "' P " " f '"" ( "- " T "'" " ; " '--'- : -- ' errd the Goch-Cali-ar highway, cut- *"'" r l < ar nlr " 1> l'« i rs Killeti tins off lhe garrisons of Hie iwnr • ' f::<v! i' J'cpu: is ind;t:n:e no para- stronghold.',- irom direct roiiijnwn-i lioo| "-T ':«- 1 -.""l'.!.\s j» e m rtKiny n<: caiioti. Tiic British inught clear o! had eiisiiarlcd ihcin. I I of C. 1 1 y Itnmiuriil: lril> Blackout NIM\> on Krrlin Front Hattlr Situation pronounced I "c'" ri «l .under Union Mcnmrinl Hospital aillfm n it^L ,«lsuch . plan in nd- !week ' s of "carinps on tlic House- :P°«'ei- nf resistnnco on Iwo still is •viou.-:. to wi.r plant workers. i Vrc ^Proved work-or-jnil .bill, adjourn, -considerable despite the withering j The decision may dead Ht wiiere lie was taken when efforts toi sllch industries' as coal mining,; revive him-failed/ transportation and maritime opcra-j Re.'idonts .on either side of the ti '.".'- s - .-..' ... : ; i burniiilfj'home were forced to evacii-j program.replaces the prrsrnt \ ate. but tlie blii'xoi was brought uii- !>roccflllie ° r filing forms . "42-A| - „.„. der control before it could spread. spocml " for men l& thronnh 25- andj«'0!iici s-tep up the. statutory author- BY RICHAFID KASISC.HKE London. Sunday, Feb. in 1 revive protests sinn shock forces yastcrcay fouchi ' -. .J ' -i i ,j t • f mn ltic ' Ulf - i i' "' < - - . - v lllc ships catc-iihc German nlr force and the and ihc release of thousands of Red jV-wciipoiis hrivc.'lxwti re^pfiasiblr lor i Els-cwli'cre oli the 2r)-mil>' j front. I-1r!d Marshni 'i\Ior.teonif.'jy'.-.. 11 loops foui;h(, to within a msU ol iseveri miles lc the nijrfiiran.--ant! batlered. both with artillety auc mortars. Gocli was lieinc outfluukeri on the enil by lhe nio\ini: ,111 LJedrm. and bv Scutch and Briii ; ,)i jOn the west, who j-ci7.e<i AsixM-dpii, ;a mi!e a net n IValf tn tlic noriliw----;' and were battling through Ha.v.i!n! three miles \vesl-. I.r.OO lion though foul'- wcrr> Iiurt.ftud kitlr-d as..a H-MII- of their darini: eirr/i.j onto ,1 Mii.-iil ar.fl htpgctl nffn trotii !!io C-47 nau>|wrt niniir.'..'-' Ju.-;L p'riijr 10 tr.r apjxrancp ut thr sky i:xH)|Vi. at:.n-'icii;(! pii-.iirs and wiuT-tilp.', • ca'us.i'1) /ono 'prolonged explosion* aiid sinoke. :ind l'.:imie tir.ii brown. rM aiiri v.hll« du.M rose. hiphrr nrni liiglie).-" Fcldinaii. .suit] n f:ivnrlrig winrt c-lcaiTti thr- sV:tr:s "b.-irely in ilnn nud llic first C--J7 .«nih-d in niratnsi a biickrltop nf Urge lloory while rioudi-.." The mm" wri-p. "diopivd from * J-kv whrr'c no Ji.p plnun tvss llylup rilru.s ,fn Srt Asiclf for put.s these registrnnts and those 26Jit->" of the war manpower commission j through 20 under a uniform policy, I Planned hy Cnmmittre Iroops: Tli- plan :was worked out by a conijnltiee npix>mted last month bv to deal with manixwer placement problems, gory. This followed hi 1 ; rraonrr> 't alien ill1o ail j>llll)t , !>lirl . f)Un[i) , d „,. .\lcire than 1,300 prwoner:; pUielr!»f! jculrri .sea i-hlp sail back tu Allied prison rnyc.'. in :ln bigKri-i .Mii«le day's bat:' This followed hi, a,momuemont 1 lh«indiM ; rimm a t B sl,iu E hier of civil- £'";, """ft „ >r , '^ n " ,-'"™ "f "'^'f ; '"« 1( ', day's b,^ since 'h, ye.sierdnyihiu.thr: bombarding war-jians by tens of thousands. *& '™^.\™,*?B™ «Pl ^°>"^ °f the offon.Mve ten ri.,y. empowering the com- "V.:::;, "';' to establish ceilinfes on tiic 1 ' "' nr<< s ships, Ixiltcvotl. to- include sonic of. Tiie rraction 'of tiifi iiiimbcr of wor^rs'in MCI, p^ce ^i lln '' Silcl ^ e(i ™* M lMtl ™™- -lo.OOO ton bftttlcships, .who .slilJ are bombing Eiif;lanrl r-n^r,™,^ - O'"" Sovirt forces toppled tlieinfjo. Gennans. EilHt Pnissian forlrcss . , own ,,;' of | fcO|1 Byrnns. ; The was in... : . - . . - ...... . . sin.-ctcd. the agency "said "to pro-l Tilc suardcdly .-expressed s.enti- • ' ' ' Washington, Feb. 17 <.-PI — War Foot! Admitiistrtuion loday ordered ; banners to sin aside, an in. creased qumitity of canned cii'r'us-jcct. a vital 'hard 1 core'-"of w"ork'c7si mrnlj ' 9 f Ifle committee members juices, for military and ienri-lease in the 2fi-tlir6ugli-29 age croun in nndicalp' ihat a little more power rcmjtreniriii.s. ; w(u prtKiuction in view of Increased !/Qr WMC Is about- as far a.s a i lie order increases Uie set nsld?/calls for-.nei] for the' armnd forces inwjonty would be willing to go .on this season's puck for grapefruit and ihc necessity of nilim? these : — ! : lllfrp frrtm TO *,^ .M .,„.. . , r-_ _..,,.. j..-_ . . tM*ii(j5 LJ n .it i blindly with long-range rockets, is Mehirack and tn yVor'moltt. drove 0 mil j. un the fouth flank, S'.ntch in- a fan try with flamethrowers drove a (Continued on Page *, Col. 6) The rinii'ihlhloiL't force arut at in.. .011 tlic .south M'le neur n small jc : Uy. which hnd remained iHidnmnECri. 'Irnrips 1 lonn F'roni ^lindoro The {iiiriitruo'per.t. hart been flown iom Co,. from ,13 41 per cent, for oranue juice from 30 lo 50 per cent, ciULs with a.s many men from the! 11 us many men irom the! ri* r. r«i age Ri-oup as passible" !r II'C -5H'CCpS 1 ('II V Officials have* tllflr^rl il.fti^j • • Frank Jay Gouldls Wife *" • . Invcstiaatetl By I' I , 32 to per cent. crapefniit Military officials have plscerl their j ., . . In • TIL, i /r*r,.;n,,.,i nn n,— 2 Co , T) ] A Icxanciria iTouir.s, . MI - S "~ ?S;i/i<; Invnstrd (C Anicvican'WIioRi Germans Honored In Death in Or- 301) block of .South Patrick slrert lodny, leaving more than 10 persons By EDWARD KENNEDY Feb. n (,pi — ThejGrcnt Falls. Mom .„ ' J1 G;|U who "'"•'' berter to Gait's widow/ Mis, Patricin -in Germans dime, out todiiy.lGnli, of Stanford, Mom , "rerniRixs made their ft ... ... cii'riiiep, :• -~ far. to the we?t crossed .the!. Her/? they wer^ 18 ntU^.« Queis nnd Tf'hirne rhrrs,. captnr-;thr Grrmnii M«»s vivrr si I (UK poinls bnly 25 : nillfs Irom- the of Vr-nlo. nnd wcrn ErRdtiiil!y"roliliVii it'!' the eastern. Dutch defense j";io :whlcli has held back B Mrltlsli-C;i- drive to tho Hhliu 1 -. the north flnr.k nton-j 1)K' Rhine relatively 'f-lndc. Pitrthcr sfiulh thr- U. S Thhrt (Continurd on Pa^t i. CP/. i) Thf , C:iptiirr it:iu<rli.t. Silr.sia Russians in Sije.Ma captured -, "f^" f asl , w ''' a, only '60'. miles northonst j , „, , Pl l iof " f r.atcc! br>mb,irrimoi-.(. b?, wnrst.'ipft of ihp If. S, Scxcnlh fifM and platiPt ol the F'ai K.'Lf.!cr'ji Airforcp, The (-loinidig iil Correp;iririr, which Un 1 Aniriicni).* yielded Msy 6. 1IMJ, i.!mrjst five months nftrr the ,J»prt- tui He of IK Its rrr, , H • crew wonldii i man who stood dcfinr.t the destroyer (ur- by BriR .'families affected story tllan The Army (old It with pride. wo'uirin'/ho , St ° ry °/ * man wllf) ! Ir -«f ecncral of the Alaskan division j lions and *;:"__" '. l ba ? k l| P- w ho took « lankiof thf> Army Transport Command.. liomelcss. • ' Pnris. Feb. 17 f-V|—\frs. Florence i Krcl Cross workers from thr'Lncnw C.ottW said today she hnd from ni my air iw.-^AIexBiidnn Chaptrr. which wt, up n ' invested more Ilinn 5:000.000 I vane.- : 000.000 fortune. : R , lf) ,, r oij>rv U,-IT linmrnninc ilir ..TiicfMMir,,,.-listed more. than. 20;.Siao.OOO. in a Monte Carlo bankj » r hnven', ,he ,| lc hirM fear nfJHtndHs !!f bolVl^ rtIS o!,^,, 4 05 .the blaze, r winch French authorities .Any WITS i t)ii<, Inirstiqntion." Mrs. Gould ntkl-, ni.d 51 mile.< wutheaM of Herlin who hn.s lived in Frnnro for : -,lfl 'Hio Sov'irl hlph rnmrnanrl blackref! years .s.m of .My Gould, ml , Ilf . w .s of t) 10 nrrlin /rout, bmi — 'nherlicd nn estate c«imninrt nt \ficM dispute-lies irlnvrri Ihrotich! his fatlwi-p S83.-Mo.scnw snici thnt Red'Army planr>[ Pliglil During llied Lull —, __ . • s-m • * r I -.-- ^.-^.-wv» «^j -tiiv. uni »,t. : »\ i i*v-i i i i i • 1 1 LI 1 S?"^?!' C , Y; .?" ff ", c A;.. c ? n i' l ! 1Ja "?.-!!?«l««llon for living nccomnKKla-icontrolled by n\..,,. • liafkfi?!d in clothing was/conducted Gait, former Montana Stnte College football star,-was killed while manning B turret machine E un on a destroyer during an attack In,, Ah ojicratloa'j officer of a bat'.n- tinn of (he 16Bth Infantrv, Gait took commnnd of the- tank destroyer filter Mm rrfv/ hnrl bnlketl at. advnnr- 'H8-.-"t.hj(niKh heavy flrllllrrv moiinr .fire, •' • . alre husband, Frank Jay Gould, offj.spnkp. (hroughout the afternoon. Fire Chief Jnmo.'s M. rHincan o.stJ'- ..._ _ mated thr loss al more th.m $20.000,1 to Gcrmanv The . firr- started In the 'cornr.ri Mrs. Gould I old Associated BI...141 South Patrick, owned*Pressshe undoubtedly wns "llie wife by James M. Murpliy. Only thr cx-! 0 r n very prominent American" trrior shells of the structures from;mentionnri by .Secretary Morgcnthau 321 to .Hi South Patrick remained ns being under InveRtiRnUon by H."u !. 1C ra «»»'<"'8h thfiPrenc}!",' fluitwrttlM.- The U. S. }ircn.s\ii-y nccretjiry, sold Tuesday Din .Stntcx hnd. told the French Germnns —.butjod: "Nol lialf the .story hns jet l>cen) Moscow'r. cominuniquc rltsclosed'T" 11 """" 1 ?'- ' 1 ' rlj '" Uiat .she did it only to. keep thcitolri. M.r. Morgphthnii should have i ilint the ensteni front fighting now command, bv not Germans from_carryins her million-1known the full dewlls before he li»ci named up on a fiOO-mlle ' front-'ommn west <t' T?ic medal Tlirne firr conipanifs. rilrrctcd by Chief Duncan, sioppnd (Mr flamcV . trom .spreading .to othpr viiidPiicp.''.!French fully exposrrl in the i.»ir-;A. brick house at one mil ift. Gait llrrtl ihp macliuic.pun anftjblock provided a bnrncadc hurled urcnarlM. dtorgnnizlng the the ;fire, .but It ««s spvcrcly on Page i, Col. 3) I aged by water. It : woiild ol .In n Ninth Ann' • /'••-'t'lic Alliedi !oriiiinl/r<: *tnkUlc "'""ishold ll\r. front rirfenj-r.s wrrr.!.',iipii|Zth. r. :i!ll:r>ii)>h tl'jfy \\a\v rc- ihp Orrmans f'M dn not wtAtcrn front in Ktrat TlK.'y nrp cmploylnK t.h« Pn!^| n n r r l 7rt ri l KtJ , C , niR n bl |n B ' . r " 1 ! dt - w K Bll!z ^' »"" trained .„ „-,.,-,„ .,, 0 >,,m« K is m -irrrBin 01 f ou u KnmnrZ n° n ^ ! °n ,T i WCCks ""-""PP 1 ? lhci! ' ™*«™ Hont.:nelElum ond norttwrn Frnncr, to Komnrom, Danube city <0 mile^ijnvc Dermiiler) HIP Nazi . - "Yes, it h (nip thai I tnvfftrd some of my money in this bankinu concern—5.000,000 (rancs and : more ."jnorlhwfft of fallen Hucinpe,fii, nnd ni ici rt'orBftniV.t- (lielrHnr cccp Frank «•» miles •>-<:— •••--—• she'sniri. ;"1 did so to keep Jny Gould from belnp taken .to Germany. He is 67 ; -years old nnd a sick man. If tin'-hi>el be«n put. In capital om VtentiH, AuntrlAii:. Aside 17,100 More r.rrman Casualties In rrr-cn! iadvnntagts ol Terrain'of notithrrn nntl .•. 10 .-iinbili/e ihc flooded Horr rucr to flsht «!flaying : ariinii,«. :. A! PUP tlinp II iippcarrd that tin from the Canadian Army «t t.hp porihrni end of thr iO^rmfins »fro plj>Hnii'j: to , - front, the Gfrmanv havii.skrlnton Jorrr on Uir fiehtinp H:i« .... . .-, of 17,100 morn Germnns Had lo meet only air BliBCks andiand withdraw UI'P mnln b<xiy at n roncrp!it.r,illf>n r.nmp i! wonlrt Iwvr wi»rc ktllprt or capturpri. the : mi!lp-: local '-•• • ...•_. f ..-. - •" • •!""" v"* 1 * °* ^'<';- fitKW . ...... prlKonrr,* brine vinh buli^r- and "Tnf. date of thp lininiii-tlon wn'.inkPti in ;the ftnal pha;-M of the <.i>..-hll! lorcr/.. ZI. tn-M—wlif n; thr AmTlrFins bnttlc for -Pnjin'nn' . ;lhp Caniuitniir.. On- tlu; Llini! rlny nf 1)1* !«,ict;f. Offcn .;»•'•« liv <.I,P nnriv nt. n IK.I lo,'><- of the flol- hnic bopn'nblp :hvi-:m! to . liter! had flskcrt if the Unltrrl States would object to an invest)-i '•- ' : - : ( . ;i Mim •If _Thurt .wanted to hrlp nounrptl thnt. Husslan iroipji hrid wmlpi 1 ^uiiirm mid Hi'- cipnunti on P»Kt a, Col, i) 1 (Coniinuod on Pa/if i, Col. K,). ihave been abir tn use tui'ir IT'MII'I'I:; their foiro.-- nrrw* lh< Rhlnt, bu4 l|i<> tni.rrlii!. 1 '' stncp Uirlr retroiU frnni il-.r Airir|itn»s hK^ Riven Ui«» nriv lit K>TI oiii l.licir. tmlu «rv* r:.<;ibli:-fi ;> ir.orc biilifncrd front. \Vlic--n D)' Allied. *m/Hii <:r»i\h-. ll.i-' -.'-. little doubt .thai- t, (Continued on Puff i. Col. 4)

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