Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 27, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1909
Page 2
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JOLLY UNCLE JOSH Great Generosity Toward Newly Wedded Niece. A Real Live Covina Romance Business Men Are Leading Characters. No Terror to Old Bachelors Now. an establishment in the country that carries a more comprehensive stork of housf'hold furnishings. " remarked Uncle Josh. "Kvery p'i<f«.|ble piece of kitchen furniture from a tin dip- ie(e in all J'ully fails the culin- are wonderful in fidelity and finish. I wont one full si/o photo for study arid some small ones for my frien:ls. Mr. Tucker has the soul of n true artist; nil his work is a labor of love, in which he will not fnll per f.o H stylos and variety. " If to accomplish wonders in nry art, it will not be for want, of fliiperior cooking utensils, for she purchased n ""V.uiek Meal" range with all equipments needed in B well regulated kitchen. All of which Uncle Josh paid for with delight. "Unit,!" commanded Uncle Josh, as the party came in front, of VV. VV. Sash's handsome drug store, "walk right, iu." "Why, Uncle. we're not. ,sick, and " "(Juess I know that. hill. / suspect it, won't, be loin/ Find an Uncle Josh and Wade In. I hf!f " r " tllis >'"""« rmi " U:t!iria "' " lkfi f;r ' H «"""" ;>"? an interest, in matters of paregoric .siren to eal I}. and " "TJ-n-c-l e,!" "Weil, go in, anyway; Polly may find Home toilet articles she wants." Sure before leaving she bought brushes, face powders, and fnct palnr.e '.f iovfliri'-s". "Now." cried the old K''ntleman, "now for a pint mi; of this crowd, in f/'iofl old country fashion: w:'Il t/o to (he photograph KHllcry; nij* frirjiul, (', VV. Tiii'ki-r has a good one nuht hi-.rfi on Citrus Bvcnne. His I know of no harvesters that can beat the Milwaukee for simplicity, durability and all around satisfaction. A fellow don't have to be sending for an expert to fix 'em right at tho, precious moment. Twomey k Diller are the general agents here for them, and I tell you what, they're my a good firm to tie to. I'll just drop in arid tell him I've decided upon a Milwaukee; he ha? all kinth." "Law sakes!" suddenly exclaimed Uncle .Josh, "nil this trading and short of perfection, and as he is farn shopping round town has caused me ous for successful enlarging, 1 want 'to forget one of the greatest essentials it to give you a lite size of 'yours truly,' and will also buy you an KaatmHii kodak. Tho prices are the .same as in the city." (Uncle .Josh's picture may be seen at Tuck- time the reader de- "Mifs Kornniers -Polly I J---er dare 1--" Hut the speaker took a bonder over haslifiilricss, only t/i Jiear a sweet, "Yes, Charley. " "Oh, if F might only hope to er -to " Another failure of language. It was seemingly a hopeless O.HHO, and might have been, only for a demure- "Charley, I have said 'yes' twice, and if you mean it. f mean it, too, and " And to thi'i day that young man will insist, that ho popped the question. All this lifipponed away "down east," and it, wain'I, long before there was a wedding. Not much longer before there came a letter from Polly's Uncle Josh, out, hero iti Co- vlmi, who wrotfi fiffonively of his do- light at luir exhibition of wlmt bo called "grit," and ho proposed that if this young poop!*; would locate nt Covinii hu would start them r up in life, rui n wedding gift, providing tiiey wero on hand by March '20th. Of oourae they accepted, and were POO 11 bidding their friends adieu. Tlio firs), o? thin week a travol- stuined party arrived in Covina. Our friend, Undo .loah, was in charge, and he,led tho party straightway to a hotel. "The Vo.ndomo," said ho, "is a typical American hotel of tho best clans. I have known .]. ,1. Fit/Gentld, the proprietor, for years and ho is mi no host after my own heart, endowed with that delightful intuition thnt rrmknft n guewt feel at home, contented, and in mighty good luck. While tho cuisine is all that; » BUporior chef and unlimited orders on tho market, etui malio it. I hove engaged rooms bore until your own house is In readiness." "After broakfust," said man, Olitflt. ordered a touring car oiinees upon ounces of flue imported perfumes. "JJon't forget," added Uncle Josh, "to come here with your prescriptions, as Mr. Nash and his clerks are competent pharmacists arid use pure and reliable drugs." representation ; to future existence. I have heard said that newly married folks could live on love and scenery, but an Old man of experience knows better-— your table would look slim without bread; it's the 'staff of life,' you know. Polly, you must, meet, Stevens "I declare, Uncle," exclaimed ( Bros. Their bread, pies and cakes Charley. "there goes a handsome and nick-nacks ore conceded by all buggy; f mUHt. have one like that for to bo the.finest, on earth. Kercern- thegirl." "(Jet it right, down here, bei, Charley, there ia no use of your nt. Twnmcy £ Diller's, who sell their: 'ootsy tootsy' bothering herself much goods as cheap as can be bought in j about baking, eo long as there Is a the city, and then if you keep a • good bakery in town like Stevens horse, of course you'll need harness. This ie also the boas horse millinery firm of this section, to my notion. They use only first-class material "Let's see I promised you a gold | oriel give personal supervision to the watch, didn't I," i|uered Uncle Josh i minutest detail of manufacture. is the ! There is nothing in harness but can be. had of tliern — heavy and light, single and double, plain and ffuie.y, work and buggy harness. You can get, 'ern there, besides every other kind of turf goods imaginable and the finest lot of lap robes, whips arid valises you ever laid your eyes upon." After a visit, to Twomey <v, Diller's Charley said he thought "If a man couldn't get, satisfied it would of Polly, "and M. Wright man to sell us one cheap." iug tho popular jewelry store the old man gallantly acquitted of the promise arid then directed- Polly's attention to the superior stock of silverware carried by tho house. 'There is tin oilier such iionse in town," .said the old man, "and I will, the quality to be the very best. Pick out ynnr family (flock, while bore," lie nddcd. "Tho Covina Jewelry Uomprmy carries n magnificent line. Don'I, forget another fact," he continued, "if over you unfortunately need a pnir of .spf.'f!.'', this is the place to come, JJi! has everything required to improve defective eyes; and any, my boy, remember folki! arc also expert doctors on sick watches." While Uncle Josh was pondering where to go next, Polly suddenly asked: "Uncle, where can I find the leading millinery establishment?" "Just a few floors further on," replied Uncle Josh, "and wo will visit Kookard, who by tho way, tho old "I urn ready to go buy your To expedite mutters I hiivo from tho Co- "Thuu quoth vina Ciuruuo rind Machine Shop Association." When tho hnndMomo car drew up in front of tho hotel Polly declared it the "flncyt turnout she had ever soon. " "Yos, Hir-ee," replied Uncle Jonh, "the three MX 'Hpocd, Hafoty and Kr.vlo' is their coat of IIIIIIH. Ho, young I'olks, whou you want to take a drive, «iit.l»ir for business or pleasure, go to them for a car every time. Their wnddiutr, unity and funeral (•(HiipmentH lire uiiHurpassed. " "Wheie to?" ashed Krank JJisliee, tile polite olmufl'our, I>H tho trio entered the conveyance. Uncle Josh looked iiHluuuiK nt his wards. "Oil, goodniiHs knows; there's lots to buy," remarked Polly. Hiipposo we buy 'lobi' llrwt, Charley, without, turning it hair. Undo Josh suw the point and started for A. Warner's real cstato ollloo, remarking on the wuy : "1 <wu always depend on Mr. Warner for bargains in real estate, as he never holds out, fiilmt lighlH to indiioti peo pie to buy. What ho tells you about property, may bo set down as solid facts. llo controls a large list of desirable residences us well MS fiirin properties, and bis judgment on the 'good things' is par cxoellenco. " Tho puity was not long in making a dicker for a nice house in Oovina uud an orunge farm which ('hurley considered u splendid in\ I'stment. "Having provided you with a cugn for the liinl," sniil Uncle Jusli, "nuw the tiisi thing we'll look nlii-r will be I he foniinliilins for it, ' ' Hen 1 ii)iin Polly eiifrKt'tii'all.v declared lliiil nhe hail lii-aid so iniicll abniit the Covinii l^iniiilui e 1'iiiiipany lliiil she liinl ilfcidi'il tu nci Ihi'ie. Tim ri'Kiilt wai Iliiil lli'-v ••.-.,• re u^hert'il into such it i>cu ihlcriug display ili>-.i thr -.jirl was nt lii'si at a lo*i how in M-leet. Jiiit she so>, n .1 l;i the he.llic ti\ iit pal lur suit, has on hand one of tho oornpletost stocka of millinery to be ween in the city. You can get what you want there, the latent styles and the lowest prices being hot 1 motto. She guarantees that when you have purchased of her yon have tfio thing according to ers/ fashion and a satisfaction that your work has been done, by n competent artist." In a few hours there never wan a happier girl than Polly, for her Mauler hat was a perfect dream of loveliness. After this vifiit Undo Jo.ih suggested a resort, to Home place for refreshment,. At tlio table tho old man waxed philosophical. "Never neglect, your larder," said ho. "That important adjunct to housekeeping uonl.ralH masculine temper. To that end you must patroni/e a grocer on whom you can depend for honest, goods. In (ivory transaction 1 have found J. I' 1 . Home perfectly reliable. You will find them careful doalcr.s, always fully stocked with every possible thing in the line of staple and fancy groceries, tresii and first class, no shelf-worn goods there, while tho prices are down to brass tacks. To keep pence iu this family, get. all your groceries of Mr. Home." "liy tho way," remarked Undo; Josh, us they reached the street, "1 j must run over to tho Kirsl. National Haul; and get another check honk, dime along with me and get ac- | quiiintcd with Mr. (Jriswidd, the cashier, for of course you will do business with them, and it, is always more pleasant to lie personally acquainted with the people you do business with. This bank is as solid as tho base of the universe, and has a Htrmig working capital of $!>7,U(ll). 00. You will liuil Ilium ever ready to extend any accommodations compatible with business principles. Your .savings, deposited there, will return you a fair nitu o* intereM. It. wouldn't be a bud idea, either, to rent one oi the Firwt National Hunk's safety boxes in whii'li to keep your valuables, '' "Hut say, t'ucle, " here ii^ain chiimd in Polly, "seems to me you are foi'uett in« n tiling or two. " "WhiitVs on your mind now, Polly'.'" a--ke,l I'nelii Josh. "Why, 1 was only thinking Imw uppr.'priate it w.Mild lie lo .-i e u di'corutor. " "Well, uo.\, bo his own fault," and lie expressed himself pleased with the fine buggy nri'l harness Uncle Josh bargained for. Having left, the last mentioned place, the bicycle display of II. • P. (iarri.Hon next, (taught the fair Polly's eye, and she insisted upon an examination of the entire big stock of silent steeds. Here again Uncle Josh displayed his benign generosity by inserting in a lady's Yule for ills idol, a Yale for her crther and superior fcaif, and an elegant Pending Standard tandern for them both, the merits of which ho declared wore world wide, but ho "sot down" liis foot witli a vengeance on the bloomer accomplishment. "No, sir- ee," lie said, "you can't come any of that 'new wimrnin' business on me. You'll look stuunin' enough on that Yale'without clrebsiu' up In bloom- Polly acquiesced. "Well, I'll swan," laughingly broke in the old man again, "I guess I'll just get myself u few wheels, while we are about it, but of another kind from yours, yet equally as good for tho purpose intended. I need a binder and mower. I always did contend that first-class machinery \vns necessary to first-class work, and liros. When jlni give your reception call <m tlicm foi the fancy cakes and other good things. " "Yes, and while we are on this important topic of gastronomies, we must not forgot meat. It goes hand in hand with bread. Now to locate a meat market where you can get fresh, wholesome meats nt all times. J. F. Kendall is tho rnsn to supply you. This is the boss meat market in the town arid is popular with everybody who i.s particular to have the best. The reason for this is all because he is very careful in the selection of stock and gets tho freshest of everything and keeps nothing but the very best. To keep your 'hubby' in good humor, Polly, trade at Kendall's market every time. ' Ho is located on Citrus avenue. Kn rciuto to their home the party called iit the Argus ofllce. "You'll want tho news every week," remarked Uncle Josh, "and ns this it the favorite paper here, I'll subscribe.'' Upon summing up the wonderful events of the day, Polly began to volubly express thanks. "You have bought us everything," she exclaimed. "Only one thing, " replied Uncle Josh, reflectively, "but I can remedy that. Tho Covina Furniture Company always have a nice line of them and you can get one whenever yon want it; I'll pay for the best." "W-h-y,r exclaimed Polly with great surprise, "Uncle, what can it be?" "Well, it's a baby cab, and 1 1 - •• • • But Polly had fainted. AN EASTERN TRIP ,VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Is one of comfort and pleasure. 'Tis the Short Line from Sonthern California via Salt Lake City, with beautiful scenic features and excellent train service. In addition to the famous LOS ANGELES LIMITED, carrying- both standard and tourist sleepers through to Chicago in Three Day, the Overland Express carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO 5T. LOUIS 5T. PAUL A Covina rancher says there are hundreds of wild-cats in the foothills near the town. Now the thing to do is to appoint a committee to verify the truth of this statement send in an urgent Invitation to Col. Roosevelt for a hunting .trip, and the town is made forever. Patrick: H. Cement Pipe Hanufacturer ALL SIZ1ES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Axusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 3249 Postoffice Address, Covina Are You Going to Build? It so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices ri»ht, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FoISOITl, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL See P. K. DOMC.IITY and many other points via various routes East of Salt I-jake City. Your patronage will be appreciated, and full particulars of rates, trains, etc., may be had from Salt Lake Route /\gent at Pomona YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not Sec Yoscmite This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. New Pomona Double Plunger Deep Well Pump Mead BUILT IN THREE SIZES, _ From Ten to Forty Horse Power ;l COVINA, CAT,. Phone 21S8 It is the smoothest running deep well pump because ; <! there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger of J- breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big cata- < logue. Wat:h this space for further information. i; Pomona Manufacturing Co. Pomona, California WVW" 614 South Grand Avenue, Lo» An«ele>, Ckttfornia. Tlie cri'iiti'.st busincHS t ruining uuiiluiiuii iu ilit- ^uulli. Opon durintt tin; entire year. Write for luirtK'iilurd. J. W. LACKKV. Mnnaj.:,'r. Covina Orange Groves We have a lar^e clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT 1'AVS TO SKK TS" a in-ill i ii 10 set iuoiik, antique' lini-h I iii'knii V'li'ie child, .ud I've ttii.t v..,iild il i eiedii to <;M A i, I i. |ii i I \ In"! (lie M'i v mail li^hl iu my e\<T.. (hi- she added an easy i t '•-. I '. II. KiMler. He has leduced i i'nci.' Josh, aii.I didn't ! hoini- adurnimni to a Oeautiful foivet a n, -I e iiM'iiienl and . I na i^ei.i.i, and talk »l..ii! u.ill ( -a|er. ini-nlal u i ill; .: .1. - U L i '' hul.b\ " • \ a in I - and IM ubl \i\^.^, I ti 11 y .o he's ( -|,,,| j, .._ ' i,, I tir ilniiih Ii:.. all i,.-v\, i'ie-b • ' A I i i-l t v t!..n ^ s'.-: i ', " .- U'i l he ;' -|u ii!.' t.'' i d.--. " Tl.i- -1. 11- \»a-- i t ai-ln J .,1,1 mar. ' 'a -id 1,1..-. \.. •' 11 H- I o W. L. i in a iill.v. wl,,, I 1 ll.v pirU,d out -I,,1-c. '' id 11. P..ll>'- I. ii-e\\ilelvi \ .'. ntiiii-l I. i III- .It-i-i luting was . ,- , j in-line!.- b;.d lull plav in u.iMM-ls i.t j -u I - t > pu M I v i! ,- ,ii u it b M I. Kletltr, kid-lit-!) appui-itlus. "'l'!:in is iioi who tin Hi d llii-ir l.oii.-e into a j-i i Y.t:. : \\\.--,i i'v iiu--» A\ or. u- BEN F, THORPE CliMliNT CONTRACTC^R CKMENT IRRIGATING PIPE Aii ->:.AS ca: i'u:d Ml >tock. EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Hldg., Los Angeles I). W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1295, Covina BOMHA/n & RITCHA Ce m e n t Co o t ra cto rs l.KT I'S l-'UU'Rl-: l)N ANYTHING IN THK CK.MKNT LINK SIDJ:\VALKS AND ci'Kiis oi'K SPI-XIALTY We arc ci'iiient men and t-mjiluv only ^killed hitlp, Home pluiiie 1- : <>7

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