Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 10, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 10, 1954
Page 2
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<f/ 1 -,< i " , HOPE STAR, H&PE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, Pebfudry 10, 1954 pfc, <* Cran w i-ew, and this ' ff om ' »8j>» tiiiW too, is Inv it would take of toraniurH to >, temperature "til the " 'ti)idsV< 'ti' S&!r8 ihis idea ,;t,ccks that hasn't cooled „, , .,---, <Sf the research ir^'paul 'Kuroda* sfeys he" is ^ptnri bt the hca( comes from iftjtythe ouestion is whether 'ffl\& inft!*r So'uroe of heat. ^•" I geochemist who stud- hM springs while he , was' btbtight Of Arkansas es^ 'work on 'this project. ti. ,the University Sf. LOUlS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. t#, 5-tdys 6,500- moderately ac- tlfe; JfiO Ib up nlnstly 10-15 hivh- er; lighter weights steady to' rottg; sowS steady Ho 25 higher; _.;olc'j 180230 Ib 28.25-50 several hundred htnd 20.80; few loads No. 1 find 2 26mP3; 240'lftO )b 25.00- SBMt 270-300 ib, in srriall lo',s 2i,tiO'23.(iO; 1.1(M*0 Ib 25.00-2d.00; sows'400 Ib down 22.7523.75; heav ier 3ow.«. 21.75a2.75. Calls 3,500; calves 800; early sales choice steers 23.00-24.00; ££ar stptfdy ;to. slightly lower; few good -mil choice lightweight feeder eteers 2G.pO; olhuwise little done; helferc * Snd mxed yiarlfrtgs slow arid weak; bulls and v e a 1 e r a steady; cows opening steady; utit-> Ity «m'd eominotcial 11.50-13.00; camiers and c.itiets C.50-11.50 utility atirl commercial bulls 13.00 15.00; ciHtf-'r twits 11.00-13.00; Rpod and choice •'Vealer* 21.00-27.00; prime'2S.OO; commercial and good 15.00-2' 00. found 1 Ifi rain... _ _., have found S 1 Hot'Springs, Ark., wateV $,fbi»elfri 1 particles •,-which Jioftcuvte. , /" ^ ajld( ;4 v t had beep dete.r- thlsi' lacuoactlvity e ob- a> ..nimycsl'y short ' ds- riice, but that water's heat* is Arkansr-s , wqior a"t Hqt t,The Atomic Ener* financing the * mgan,' 1 t>r^ ; A,'/4hat the., ' utantum fifom The AEC, Js simply in* *l-e|ear;ch which fission." dofis not e-yaiuate any thermal wa- for "o chemist's opin- MARKETS higher, Match S?.14'a-c, corn xm- cha'ngeJ to '2 hi,-»ncr. March SJ.C3-J Vz-%. oats unchanged to Vi higher,] March 1.1 . rye -4 '' 2 lower, March j $1.23, soybean f — lower to I'^j. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CTIICAGO Wi — Produce: Liw poultry: Market steady 10 , Nopi'ic P changes since yesterday, Butif" steady! receipts 1,124.01s; wholr! «ile buy.ng n r i c e s mid; S3 score. AA 05; 92 A % 5/ j- 00 B ' 03; C 62..'i; cars 00 B 63.3 B!) C 02,75. EgRr, steady 1o lii.in receipts 15,013; wholesale ':i 1 ymg prices im- ohanpod to' Vj lower; U. S. laf-i'r 4 t 7.5; U.'S. 40; U.^. standards 44. j current receipts 43 checks and dirties 41,5. NEW YORK COTTON < NEW YORZC ,</!» — Cotton futures were sleady >n quiet dealings today. Mill and export covering imparted o, steady tone at 'the opening.-Ihe marli?t then sagged on hedging and profit taking, but sh&wed i allying tendencies in early aftewcon on light trade and locgl Late afternoon p'-ices'were 25 to 50 cents a, balo higher thar\ the preyious clpse. March 34.33, May 34.43 apd July 34.21. NEW YORK STOCKS t , NiJW YORK, Tcb. 10 (/PI — The stock market WPS relatively quiet today with, prices moving T narrowly.''' J , On 'average; prices moved aro'urd'dead contir most of the day, 1 ' nri'd 'a point range covered post gains an'! losse? effeotifely. Trading ,amour.tpd to an estimated l,7Qi)J)00 shares, An.c-n.? lower stocks were U. S. yp,Sv,m. Unipn Carbjdo, Westing- hpHse TSle?tric, American Can, Re- ^teel, , SUtdebakeir, and Na- were Chiysler, Booing, Coppfr, Baltimore fy Ohio, a^d i'Oth Century-JTox. C.RAIN ANO PROVISIONS pTIjCAGp W 1 ) — Grains went into genlle slide 'on the, Board of Trade loday a-:tcr starting out quite Him, Jus* abput all the early' "jams were wiped out before the -jlose. ( W^pni moved up rnpst early and resi&tcct th4 downwaid trcr)d bettor |han any other 1 cereal. Buying was stimulatpd uy'nows a record amount pf H)5'J crop v/hfat had been put yndov governmetit loan- 'Msin Jeawn foj thw quiot slump .•teemed to be teohnicel, 1 Wheat closed H> lower to % ^S^r:;-,"'" 5 to 22 cents a hundred pounds hifihrr, March $10.97. Cash Whijat: No. 2 red wheat 2,10, Corn!-No. 1 yellow 1.587-39V4-; No, 2 I.58-5B',: No. fl J.-MU-SS'/j; No. 4 1.53'/a. Oalr.: No. 1 heavy mixed «'J4Vi: No. 4 heavy white 83 No 1 extra heavy white fi5'/ z sample gr^de "*tra heavy white N6 i while 80'/4-80. •BOADCASTDJft SVSTEM Wednesday 5:00 Bobby Benson — M 5:30 W'ild Bill Hickok — M. 5:55,. Headline News — M 0:00 Supper Club 6: 15 Evening Edition News 0:30 Gabriel Heatter — M 6:45 Pprry Como Show — M 7:00 Inside Story 7:15 Guy Lombardo 7:30 Nightmare — M 8:0.0 News, Bill Henry — M 8:05 Sports Ten — M 8:15 Dinner Date — M Family Theater Says Moves Are Continued from Page One international affpirs involves Some risk, no added. As for the r<5cf:nt assignment of 200 American technicians to take care of American-provided planes in Indochina, Eisenhoweer said they wJJ! not b'_> in combat and In any'case arc .•••rhedoSecl to be withdrawn by Next June 15. By ROBERT VERMILLION TOKYO (UP) — The arrival of IU5 Ainorican aircraft technicians in war-torn Indochina was reported today by French defenders of the thn;e associated states attacked by the Communists. French sourses said the techni- nicians-. who wrote wearing civilian clothes, went to Indochina Sunday with Gon. Olio K Weyland, commander of the Far East Air Forces They iormed the vanguard of a brce of lechnicans which is to be sent into Indochina in answer KCMC Television Thursday February 11 2:45 Test Pattern 3:00 Woman With A Past CBS 3:15 The Secret Storm CBS 3:30 On Your Account NBC 4:00 H&ppy Home Show 4:3f) Western Theatre • • 5:30 Kit Carson 0:00 Bandstand 6:30 Edwards & News CBS 6:45 Evening News 7:00 Groucho Marx NBC . : " ' 7:30 Four Star Palyhouse CBS 8:00 Where's Raymond ABC 3:30 Ford Theatre NBC 0:00 Badge 714 ' 9:30 Place the Face 10:00 News Headlines 30:03 Channel 0 Theatre 11:05 Sign Off — M 8:30 9:00 News, Frank Edwards — M 9:15 Here's To Veterans 0:30 Sounding Board — M 10:00 Final Edition 10:15 United Nations Today — M 10:30 Dance Orch. — M JO:55 ; Lets Look At The Weather 11:00 Sign Off Thursday 5:57 Sign On 6:00 Rhythm Round Up 0:15 News &• Markets (5;3ft: Hillbilly Favorites 7:00 Alarm Clock Club 7:15 News, Breakfast Edition 7:25 Sports Report 7:30 Calendar Of Events 7:35 Southwest, Ark. Newsrcol Morning Devotional Robert Hurleigh M Anniversary Club School News Jo.b Call Board .Hi?' Neighbor 9:30 9:35 — M M Makers UIIUTY BUILDING he ItefAv hr&»» ^fRZjF&lF*'* J^p^ni i>f l>ther UsesJ ^^i^tth-ffffpwwtt fw-P^ §tpel 39wU^n^8 , i^ltMto %®a$$fa IPA« We, aU'pwrpQ&p lento, ^$, 28', 32\ &, 40', *y, 60', W- ,^'tlM m & b£ Sfro/fiihf t s NANC1 '*!* 7:45 13:00 8:15 ,8:25 8:35 8:45 8:55 0:QO Listen Lading 9:10 Hospital Notes 9:15 New Arrivals 9:20 Church News Headline News Johnny Olsen 10:00 Society News 10:10 Strength For The Day 10:25 Headline News 10:30; Queen For A Day — M 11:00 Curt Massey Time — M 11:15 Headline News— M 11:20 Guest Spot — M 11:30 Farm News 11:40 Church Calendar 11;45. Me.et The Music 12:00 Noon News 12:15 .Eddy Arnold Show 13;30 Know Your Bibkr 12:45 Market Reports 12:50 Quartet Timo 1:00 Bible Lesson Nashville Hour Matinee Moods Ralph Flanagan Spelling Ben LaidieS; Fair — M Welcome Ranch — M Cousin Carroll Callin Sgt, Preston — M Sky King — M Headline News — M KXAR Supper Club Evening Edition News Gabriel Heatter — i\J Eddie Fisher — M Inside Story Glenn Miller Music Crime Fighters — M News,'Bill'Henry — M Sports Ten — M Dinner Date — M Ml Little Mfirjy — M News, Frank Edwards — M Serenade In. Blue Tunes By Telephone 10; 00 Final.fidition 10:15 United Nations Today 10:30 Dance Orch. — M 10:55 Lets Look At The Weathpr 11:00 Sign Off 1:15 2:00 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:00 5:30 5:55 6:00 6:15 6:30 C;45 7:00 7: 15 7:30 8:00 ,8:05 8:15 8:30 0:00 9: 15 fl:30 M The Negro Communsry - ' i * ••'' - •By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Items to Mies Turner »t Hlpk» Funeral Home Yerger gands Mother's club will meet Wednesday night, Februarp ip, ot the rpijular meting place. AH members and prospective monv vs are urged to be present. Time 7; 30 p, m. The AW,er Gift club will meet at the home <xf Mrs. Persic Turner Sunday, February 14, at 4 p. m. All members are urged to be present. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brown had as dinner guests on Sunday, February 7, Mr. and Mrs. Leamon Brantley, Mrs. keona Nelson and Mrs. l,iz- The ysh^r Boar4 pf the Rising «^ Oliurph wij} meet mght, Feb. U »i 7;OQ. All to French requests for help in sesviifpg the incstasing number of Amei lean-supplied planes. By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON — Sen. $teri< nis (D-MissJ contended today the Eisenhower administration violat nd a pledge by sending 200 Air Force mechanics into Indochina before consulting key congressmen. Stennis, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said in an interview he favors immediate recall of the U. S. mechanics as a move to avoid possible direct Involvement in the long anti-Communist war there. Declaring that "I'm no isolationist," he said he believes a majority of the Senate Armed Services Committee opposed sending • the mechanics into Indochina. He added he favors increased American aid in money and equipment. Sen. Byrd (D-Va), in a separate interview, called it a "risky step" to send the mechanics. He, j too, said members of the Armed 'Services Committee were not iri- formed in advance, and that they were told of the plan by Adm. Ar thur W. Radford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at a secret session last Friday. That followed publication of newspaper accounts saying 125 or more technicians had been sent. Byrd said the next steps would be requests by the French for U.S. pilots and ground forces: in Indp china, adding he would oppose that. Secretary, of Defense Wilson told a news conference yesterday the fighting is going satisfactorily, and that he sees no -need' to • step up American aid. Icebergs found in the Atlantic t Ocean break from glaciers on the I coast of Greenland. Aid for Farm ' dontinued from iPage One plue commodities held by the federal .'s'.ivernment. Private organizations in the County, which have raised $1^500 t ohelp the needy will provide as much ctothme as possible There's little chance of finding work fur the laborer? unril sun , planting of cotton and rice begin and those who are physically a'tye to work aren't eligible for welfare checks. Moss said last night that his office had been asked to extend the program to Cfaighe&d and Crittenden counties. He said ah in vestigution woul-.l be made to determine if the action is justified Craighead County Judge Ben, Miller chid about 200 persons badly needed hely in his county. There was r.o estimate of the jobless in Crittenden County. Moss said he had no idea as to how much help the families really need and commented: "We sometimes find sur>h situations aren't as ilaik aj they seem at first.' 1 He j-nid a reol'.est for aid had not been received from Mississippi County, which was mentioned Monday as another area hard-hit by unemployment. Death Toll Since Sunday Is Five By The Assocf.ted Press Arkarsas' violent death loll since last- Si;nday mdfiif.ht stands today at five. A 13-year:old bop, Harlan .Lance rbwnefi yesterdpy^ in Lake Cath erine near Hot Springs. Garland . County Deputy Sherff Stell Adams said the youth was playing in the stern of a boat tied to the bank when he fell out. The victom was the son of Mr. tind Mrs. Edgar Lance of Mai vern, A 35-year-old Negro woman, Ruby Alma Smith died Monday night in a Little Rock Hospital from burn suffered when her Little Rock home was destroyed by I free Saturday . | Earliest records of permanent waving go as far back at 3000 B. C., when Babylonian ladies had their hair braided and errited with bitumen to preserve the c.urls. : NOSE SUFFERERS • AVOID) LIFE OF MISERY . Find Wander Curb — Relieves Sinus-like torture;—Users Rejoice Supply Rushed Hire! fte/lef <»r Hit from torture of riesal Ms- try. clogged hose, painful pressure, messy drib, drainage, head cold, hay fever and other sinus-IIKe symptoms of distress due^ fa nasal cortaesffon Is seen in reporft 6f iutceti *lth o formula Which has the po*cr to reduce nosol congestion. Men and women with oqonlilnn, sinus-like misery, headaches, Inflemcd nasal passages, tare nostrils, hawking, sneeilng duo to nasal cOncjoSffon felt of blessed relief after using it. KLORONOL costs $3, but considering results, ts nof, oxpertilve, amounts to inly pinnies per dose. KLORONOL (caution— ute as directed) Is spfd with 'Strict money- back guarantee by J. P. Cox Drug — Hop* —Moll Orders filled. LOUISIANA HAYRIDE SHOW Featuring Jack Hunt and the Rhythm Ranch Hands also Little Joe Hunt, world's greatest banjo player, Ginny •• Wright, the "1 Love You" girl. Tibb Edwards, and many other Hayride Stars. HOPE CITY HALL Thursday February 11,8p.m. Sponsored by Local National Guard. Here now! Mightiest Concentration of Power Pfft CUBIC INCH NOW! Only Ford gives you Low-Friction, High-Compression/ Overhead-Valve, Deep-Block engines In ALL truck models! 115 to 170 h.p. In V-8 and Six! Up to 23% more power! Short-stroke design cuts friction, delivers more hauling power! Power is concentrated in up to 9$; cubic inches LESS displacement than cither-make engines, Smaller- displacenient : engines normally need less gas! NEW savings in the three most important areas of truck operation! • ; i Driverized Cabs! NEW Power Steering, NEW Power Brakes, Fordbmaffc Drive—for faster control! Ford's s new 3-man Privertzed Cabs cut fatigue, conserve energy! New long-wearing woven plastic seat upholstery! Power Steering* for most B«3 J<?9S, Power Brakes* even for Pickups! Fordom<ttic* for all light duty Series! (*Extra cost) (Mew Ford Plekvp &nd nil light-duty models for '54 offer Fordomatic Drive (extra cost). Fqrd's five great engines range from 115-h.p. Cos* Clipper Six to 170-h.p. Cargo King V-8. NEW 6-Wheelers, Factory-Built by Ford! Prqn<i-new tandem-axle BIG JOBS, up to 40,000 ll?8. GVW (GCW 60,000 Ibs,), haul big loads up to legal limit in all 48 States! NEW FORD CAB FORWARD GIANTS, up to 55.000 Ibs, GCW, fqr 35-ft. trailers! FORD ^ TRUCKS MORE TRUCK FOR YOUR MONEY! WHIP wHF ^W(PP^^ -B^v ^P^HBBP ^^P fl^^P ^^^f^^ ^^W ^^BP^ ^^HP^^ ^^P^^ ^F Phono 7-3341 YQUR FORO FOR OVER 3Q YEARS HOPE, ARK, WO W, Secpnd 5t,

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