Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 20, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1909
Page 6
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TRY THE COV IN A FURNITURE CO FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF FURNITURE Of FLOOR COVERINGS SAFEST I'L-ACK TO TRADK W. Q. OUSTER, Manager BYROX HOT SPRINGS Witliin ep.?y rcncli of San Francisco. Wonderful curative properties of the mud ruul niiiu-rai baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Jonquil! Valley. Information at SOUTHKRX PACIFIC OFFICES. LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALI:. AZUSA Tli" Irwindfilo Minn-Many Club, William Aikn;Mti. for 'naii.v >CHIH met Tiiesrla.v afternoon ut the home of! "" '"itcenied clti/i n of A/IIHM, piihwcl Mrs. Ji(!ii Thorpe. The follow iii« . "'• V ".V »' ' f "' '"'»•« (; f his dd'iKhler, protn'nm was enjoyed: I.'ciidin^ i.n ' -'I'" 1 - '' ''''" CnitiH of Los .Ninjelrs, Alaska. Miss Clior he Hrown; churl '. !lis:t - Hat nrdny. Death was due to story, Mrn. L. M. Swallow; piano " '''inner .if I he (ar, w hieh had eans-cd HO]<.S, Mi«s Muriel Chaplain of Al Mr - -Ml<ti:fiii M-UM e mlfoi inn lor K-V - hamhia. Tho ne\l. mo(,t i ,\v, will I.e T;il yoars. The funeral was In i hi.rye held in two weeks at the residence of ; "f the Masonic Lodyo of A/u:a iinrl Mrs. .Jarnoi Heath. ; '' V!IH '"'l f l at. '2 o'clock Tuesday alt(:i- noon. Mr. Aikman wns in the C.OOIKO L. CroHs of Orange n\ enin- v . V i.|ity fonrl li year of his a^o at tho onlorlain.d Snndiiy Mr, and M is. t j m( . ,,f ),| H death. Ho i» survived by McCadden and Mr. and MM. Wood , VV() dan«hlerM, Mrs. K. V. l{ic« of thin of Hollywood. , ,,!;,,,,, „„,) Mis. (;,,rtis of Los i ' ChaH-M Whe.dand of I'avuleca The Incal W. C. T. I,'. held ils iiimiial visited al. the homi- ol his eiand , nil day me (1 | in« at Iho Jlapl isl, Cliurcli on Tni"-ihiv of lust week. The follow,, , . ,, ,, • i, i • i \ i"K ollieei'-i were defiled for tho fjlisu- Mr.j. C. (). l.'o'-H vi'iiled 111 LOH An i , i n i c ,i i in« v<ar: CrcMidonl, M inn Martha (.roles the llr-.l ol l.he wonk. ' Dodswrrih; cor respond ii.^ secretary. Mr. and Mrs, A. d. Cant, had as Mrti. (ion. Kninht ; recording fleoro thoir ^no-sin over Sunday, MTH. Ira lary, Mrs. !•'. L, Din^num; treas- Corveaiice uvid cliildnin of Los An uier, Mis. Kleanor Knight. i A siu'c(:sHfnl lunch sain wa.s hold Mr. Sanhoni and family of (lien , |, v t| l( , H enior clas.s of the A/umi Jli«h dale movod this week into tho prop- ] School TncHrhiy noon. A unitifyitiK erly which they recently purchased' sum was ohtained for DID benefit, of from M I'M. N. 1!. Irwin. j),,, "i,., p ( ,lmii," tlio hinh school Mr iii.d Mrs. Clnhh and dan|.'hti;r '«""" !l1 wnirli will bo issued at tho of Los Angeles wen; onlorlninod Sun cleso of UK; term. day al. thn home of Mr. and Mrs. ,J. ' -MI , ., i i, n i I • • II > "' s ""l' s " n ' 'auspice.., of the A/u«n Odd KnllowH on Mif-Hd'ail Leech Ls np(;iidiiiK Ihojlhe ovi!nin« of St. Patrick 'H day wa.s VrOek end in I'liHiidena IIH I ho KiiiHl, of ] a ^rcal, nncceHH, An oxcollnnl. ,sup- lier former Hchnolmale, Miss HeleiC per was HIM vi.>d In the liampiet. hall of Jlatllold. i the new Odd Kellow hnikliiiy hy tho l!ev, and Mrs. (ieort;e (,'hemherlen i of VinciMit, street and Mi. an,I Mr*, j A, Klemm WIIH kicked hy a .). II. Urnhnker of Covina were ^niislH Tin. h ,)., v ]| l0 rnj nt{ \\hile vvorkinK at, ol Mr. and Mis. Mlllnn /UK on Snn-ltlie i:ew reservoir near the La Kctra dfJ'' ' rancjli in (Jlendora. Ho WIIH ,< MI-H. Koland C. Canad of Puciilcf -i""' I1V(!I ' '•»«•• liuart and is in a HIM iou,s Hlroot, IIIIH had IIH her ^nerit.H thi.s ; (! ""dit ion. week her hrothor, Mr. Slankiy Lar K ol Mr. and MTH. Lc K K of ChiciiKo, after noon, ri.'a'le a Kiff: hinrJiiiK 'ihont one hundred vards east of thn f'ue.nte. Hoiil.hf'rn J'aeiflc depot at 7 :'iO ]>. in, V\'hpn the l.(ill(.on flrnt. appBarnrJ ovii f'ncnte it. li!i(l reacl.ird an nltitivle of 15,000 feel. The niornbor.s of the fmrty were Mr. at:d MIH. Dick Ferris and Mr. and MIH. !Ioy FixaliPiiHhiif. The ladies were the first on tin; Pacific nonet, to make M l/alloon a'<cnn- Hion. Mr. KnaljcTif-hue feared Io f;o further after nightfall L(<au,e <sf the hitih power elei'! ric wire.u. He had some tr.iiilile in briii(;in({ thn ly'ilh.on to earth and thn diasj aticlior v\a.s caught and fir-lened l,y Knink lley- nolilH, who had hni-n following hn- Death the Lai Icon on horschack. 'J'he halloon "Americn," which also ascended from I'a-adena wilh Ca|itain Mueller and a party of I'asiirlnnn iiu:n l.'iiirlnil ni-ar I'omona at !) p.m. Alter Hitpper at the I'nente hol(-l, Mr. and Mrs. I'erriH and Mr. and Mr?. Kna- hniiHhue rehirneiid to the cii.v by olii le. All stock and implements hcloriK- int,' l.o thn lialdwin eutatn fiave heen ordernfl taken to the. Santa Anita nincli hy H. A. I'nruth, manatfer of thn Ualdwin ranch. TJiia is regarded an Hiirn evidence that, thn many acri'.s of rich land that, have heretofore, been used for ^rain rui.siiiK will now ho snhrlividcd and pint upon the market. The rapid improvement of Walnut Center, which was until four years a«o a part, of t hn Baldwin ranch, will ftiirnly hn duplicated if the remainder of this fertile t.ract is put. on the market. Taylor Koberson was operated upon | in Los Angeles this week fi-r an ah-j sc'UHS of the rit). He is in a neriousi con.'litioi!. Hn siistfiined an inter- ' rial injury las' iJeceinber while play-' ing on tho foothall train of tho HI Motito Hi^n Hchnol, which has result- > ed in hia prepent illness. I Mr. and Mrs. 1'ic.e atid child of i l',dnndHle were i/uf:sts over SundH.y of j thn hitter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Frank. Mr. Kdwards and family of Los Angeles liavf) moved into thn cottage ' which they recently completed on | their property on Railroad avenue, Jacob Haley of Los Angeles is building on his tract on the Covina- I'uontn road •Jacob'T. Franck left, last week for Portland. Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Urewste.' 1 liave IIH their guests tho hitter's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Plumb of Long Bench. of Kan l)inj,;i.). who hove been visiting Mrs. Legg's Ai and Clando ilcokort, rotnrnod j H ' Hl( ' r ' WrH - oliv " ColHn, return to fi'nni an ovorland trip to Jnjporia! j lll(! J ' : " al t()(1 ".V. valloy on WudnoMday. ' Th|j !|t!ll(l|io h>((m of tbfj , liR|| Sunday Mrs. II. Davonport of; Kfilmol are in irainiiiK to miter the 'J'ropico (shaperoned " imrly of yonnn ' Suhurlian track incut, which will ho people who enjoyed, an auto ride, from Tropico to tho home of Mr. and Mi'H. (J, N. Lnnn of Cypress avenue. Thon.o in tho party were Miss Annette Hooper, Miss Joy (ioodsell of Tropico, Miss Pearl flood of (, Iniiilalo, and Mr. Allen Davi n port of Tropico. W. Iv ('oe of Clarence, Iowa, was enlerlained over Sunday hy Air. mid .Mrs. li. Mill) r. Mr, and Mrs. Dnniel Mi ad visited their daughter, M I'H. William Diddick and her family of LOH Angeles nil Sunday. M JHH Virginia Hoot, and her (Mush). Leslie L. K'.iut. of I'ainesville, Ohlc, t-penl ThiirMilay at ('atalina Island, Mr. and Mrs, William WatcrliHiiso held March '27 on Ihu OcciiJontal college Ki'onndH. LOH Anuolcs county hinh schools liavini; an tMirollmo'.il, of two hundriid or less will compote. GLIiNDORA. Mi. and Mrs. \V. L. Howard ua\(> a di'liulitf nl St. I'nl rii'k'.H jmrly cm \\ riliH'.'iduy rivi'iiin^. A riilnr .-lelicmi! ol'nieen and while di'coration.s was used lhi'ouj,'hiinl. the liont-e. The c\ciiinu was spent in playing live hundred. Tbnse present were: Mr. ai:d Mrs. I, .). Mandeville, Mr. and Mrs. iMiHler KHiol.t. Mr. and Mr.s. A. K. liriiun, |ir. and Mrs. William AlcNair, Mr. mid Mr.s. \V. li. tiled dun, Mr. and Mrn. II. I' 1 . Ix'isri, l>r. enterliiineil mi Tuesday a part>' id'|iinil Mrs. Clill'nrd Wiiud, and Mr. tiiends wlinin they I'drniitrly knew nlliuiil MIH. II. I 1 '. Howard nf lllinciis. Cellar 1,'apids, Inwa. Their quests ,...,. . . ., .,,,,, \\ hat. I Saw in Ireland" \\iis the tille nf u must entertaining address U\\c\\ liy Mis. <ieuij,'o Drake L'nddy ul' LUM Alltel. 'S liel'iii-n thn (ilcnduia Mr. and Mis. K. K. ('ullnian had Woman's Cluli Tne-iday iil'ternnnn. r.s iheir'sl ; Sunday, Mr. and M rn. The ladies ut t hn A/ut-a and Covina were, .Mr. and Mis. lloyndni of Du Inih. Minn., Mr. mid Mrs. Hull and irli s (Murk of Cednr Uapids, Mii-urll, |UIIIIIT|\ ul ('nvina, In.l \\hu are nuw livii 1 ^ in LHH Miss Anna Sproltf reiurned In Ihe home ut' her parents, Me. mid Mrs. \\'illiam Sprolte, of Lark I'lllen btreel, the middle (if thn week. Miss Sprotte is a nurse at the flood Sa iiiiirilan hospital and has heen ill for several weekH with tjpiu I.I fever. She will spend thn next t\\u months at liei- home I'oiivaluseiiiK tiom her i)lne-s. Thi) commission llrm of Kelly, llowman \ l.eerh of Los Angeles has -"Id mil ils laisinesH. 'lnlis were in\ itcd I,, share thi leasant meeting uith the (i Mr.s. M. II. LaKeha entertained Salniday Mr. and Mrs. liradlov and Miss (iiinii of Springfield, Ohio. liiirn to Mr. and Mrs. Walls, March 1 1th, a .laughter. PUENTli. M Mali'olm and Darmo ot !•'.! Monte were in town last wuek t'onsideri a business in\ estme Mr. and Mis. ClariHice Lacy ami ''• •'• Hilly made u Imsiiif-s trip tw ' daughters, Mr. an.I Mrs. (Jriltllh ( " '-"s Anodes the Hist ,,f | he week, ami -, i, ami Mr. .lack Spilll.'i, all ,.fj St i a w he, r.v s|, i p,,,,,,, I s |., hn|.,-rial Al ' ( '" 1 ""' S '"" !l I';' 1 ' 1 ;"'. «cie S, m va i|,, v u "i|| 1,,'^i,, i,, „ |,,u ,| 1(V ,. .! iv -;ue-a • . :i (I. W. K i n in. i ! The I In i e ,l:ii i ics in 11. j.s plai e ill c Mis. SI i 11 i Tho u 11 ',MII u| l.i.s An i --eiiiliiii: 11 ma 1 hii t y lo t'oi t y cans i t ^'•lis visit, I Mr. an,I Mis. Kol , 11 a, i I k dai l\ tot lie LI M.iiil e ei y '^U'ar the hill, i part ,.t last u. ek. ... ,.,•,,. , , , ,, ,,., ,., . . . M i-.s I 'lull I;,-MI.Ms wa-, the l,.,s .\,ls. I hoillpsoh ll'.c.l Ul t(;|s \ICllllly ii, , te-^ a! a ilc I i^l: 11 u I ilmner i;i\cn Sun '•• \ ci al \ cats a^. ' ae.l u I 11 I e i , M-ein . . day al I he h' 'iin .1 Lei | ii: i l:!-., Ml and M I -. l''i an k I ,Y \ o. I.I.-, 111 I.', in i ' I hel - CM 1 III 111 I. l:||| |;d||\ . A I III I ., i i.t v I I > cs aid 11 -| i nl lie BALDWIN PARK Tho "Mounters' Cluh" was organ- i/od at, tlii) village iiniirovernonl ineut- iiiK held at Iho gcliool-ljonto hist Saturday ni^ht. Tho ollicaiH clect- od were: William Stevenson, prcsj- dont; J. L. Frnnck, vicc-prc.sidont; Dr. Deitrich, socrotary; Mr, Vnrnell, tr ensure i 1 . The *Mili,ject of tho iie(;d o<! «ood road.s KJHH been brought forcibly to tlio attention of this community by tlio closing of West Anoya Drive, wlii'oh it is cluimcd, was never deeded to the cnuuty. The closing of tliia ntreet seriously affetils trafllc hctwecn Walnut Center and Baldwin Park. The following couunitten wns appoint"d to interview H. A. Unruth in regard t.o obtaining road rightH of way through tho lialdwin tract: Mr. Mall, Mr, Yimiell, Alfred Wilson and L. II. Koot. Mr. and Mis, llclnv. of Los Angeles aro Imiidine rin their property on North Main sirccl. and will soon make th(Mr home there. D. J. Shultis has sold hin ^rocory hiiHine.KH to Mr. M crshon of Lou An- ecleH. Mr. Sliull is and family will movo to .\ihamhia next, \vpek. That Mr. and Mr.s. Shultis havo made many friond.s during their residence | hero was shown hy tho social events ! that have heen yiven in their honor I during l.he past week. The ladiou of itlui Woman'!) ('Mill; (javi) a delightful Hiirprino parly for Mr. ami Mrs. Slinllis Tni'Mlay evening. A musical program and ictri'sliinentH were provided by the ladies. A set of orange npoons wan presented to Mr. and Mrs. Shultis a.s a token of the reu.iird of their friends and nei^h Those pre-icnl were Mr. and William Stevenson, Dr. and Deilrich, Mr. and Mi.«. I'rac- Mr. and Mr.s. Aimc.-», Mr. and I'inrce, Mr. and Mrs. Hix, Mr. i and Mrs, 11. L. Cower, Mr. and Mr.s. j Mershon, Minus, J. Cower, {•'.. Da\ in, I Klwoli, II. Davin, Heath, Hall, Cai- roll, Si'lsillinj', A unit Carroll, Misncs Kriinkenburn, Hall, Schilling, Cowir, I'lssio Cower, Louisn Cower, and Messrs. Wilnon and Hall. The yoniiK piMiple of Baldwin Cark (jjavi< a faiewt'll danc > Wednesday nidit in honor ut Mr. nod Mrs. Shultis. The t-choolhniise was i-niwil- eil uith a merry ualherin^; ot Mr. and M rs. Shiilt is's fi ieiids. Jahnssn &, Migg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithing af all Kinds Our Specialty I, N. WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing- a vehicle 01 any kind we in vite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. W will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides Shop on Citrus Ave F. E, WOLFARTH | . . Jeweler , , j Large and complete stock of everything in the line. I Repairing' of all kinds. Fine watch [ work a snecialty. i Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Covina Livery Stables J. W. KEEPER, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged Home Phone 30 Res. Phone 1024 It takes a good deal of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing-? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covina, Cal. (Inn's. j.Mrs. : M r.s. jkfll, j M rs. The imricuiluial anil lini I icii !(ui al deni. >ii--l i al i..ii (lain sln|.|cd ai ll.c Ha I.I w in Park In i n I 'antic stai i»n l-et\siill S and '.I o'l-li'.'k lii--l I'lhlav ni"i'ni:ig. Kf-i.leiit-' > t I r,i i i.iln 1 .>, 'A all,ill lYnti-i ami II.t-.-cH i>.\aii'ioe.l llic iiilri c-,1 ii;g lAiiil ll-i di-i lii\td. M I -•- l.i-l;,i ,-i'Hi li'l s i I 1, ' . .'i I. '- l-ite,| l.i r i I • I I ,•!-, ( .r. rj, -,.,,!,; -I l.r.i k L! ,. I! riM . la~( ',•, ei '. :• i . ('..licit l!ol| ,,| l.i in- 1 ii '•I ci.l ,Siui.|:t\ and M.nida.\ at ii, li :i.i- > t hli uii.-lc, II. II. ILn. Ni.i.. 'I i u I 'II ' ;s ' 'I'l.lU .1 Mai. -" •\ >~- hill li.'lii'.l I ! . ill I' I'. 1 .:!-., l ! i, al f> c'rl' Mis. !•' A. Sun.-- n i- en |oy in^> a \ isj i I rum I 'I - I- i. i . M l-^ l.i.'/ie II.Ul I" ut I. s \, ^1 :. ... Ml . ali.l Mi's. I , K. >!..\, i.s .-I cl I .-- II i,i v u H li M i . ai I . v -i I -. I I ai ii s Ci.n'. i,i ..! M ; !. •• I .. Si l \ l,i-- ai c I.' i I I u h .• .1 ;;., n! I: ai 1 ! c l:.i.--,-l -rli : II.( :.-c. l.u-l Siai 'ItV Kc\ Nl. l!' is .Hid lir>. I'i 111 III i:OS . ! I.. I _ I'c. cii H .•. t- !!<• ,-p, ak> I s at the ll.l I'll illli Ul.ii i'\lllill_' BEAUTIFUL PRIZES to be given by us and the manufacturers of whom we purchased pianos. One Gold Watch One Fancy Dial Watch One Gold Plated Clock One Gold Watch Chain One Beautiful Doll One Pair Roller Skates Six Large Art Pictures to the six persons sending in the neatest, correst, artitistic answer will be given the above pri/es. Kvery person sending in a correct answer, will be entitled to one large Art Picture and to share in the distribution of cash value prizes of SKJi.), good on any new piano handled by us at any of our stores or selections can be made from samples which will be on display in C ivina at Hotel Vendotne, from March 30th to April 3rd, l ( >i»M. The largest amount of money spent in mugizine advertising we know is appreciated when divided amoung piano purchasers. We have a contract with our manufacturers for a credit on each piano to be sold in the few days we will offer them. CAN YOU SOLVE IT? BALLOON PUZZLE ooo aki- any innnl.i-r n'mu .> t:> 14 iiK'iu>ive nnJ. pia-r in tin- ci^ht. /ircir- or bal- and iiiu- IP. .or i\Ti'.ir -Miu.ire. su w!u-n it is r'.u'ur^d h. iri.-:iiiiical!y i''i" pcrpc-n.lic- u wi'.l '.r..iko J7. 'I'IK- same tuittii^r cannot !<•: nsed more than twice. All r- mai'..,: "•/ t r,.;;^;:! tv> \\-iul-'me iI"U-: by M.nvh 2-th I'di'i. Setul in your ad\s • UU'!! p'. ai:: i \'. J lul" vs will be r>.-P:\-M.-in a t!. c- i,: the paper. LUCORE PIANO COMPANY -'. 1'IAN() (.'(.».. \\-tuioiiic L.'.I\ ina, Cal.

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