Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 10, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 10, 1954
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Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor a-Alex. H. Wathburn—. an Honest Citizenry, Without Whom America Dies In looking over the state-wide results of the poll of business men djn federal tax questions conducted This month by the Economic Council-State Chamber of Commerce I iind my vote didn't count for much. Tile majority opposed the! increase in social security taxation from 1V4 to 2 per cent. But it was acceptable to me. This is an insurance program to provide old-age retirement funds — an actuarial problem in which the intrusion of personal opinion seems rather silly. t The majority also voted against c idea of substituting a general manufacturer's tax for the present hodge-podge of federal excise levies disguised as "luxury taxes" and what-have-you. But I supported the general manufacturer's tax in that poll. If we have to have a federal sales tax at all it's wiser to distribute it across the board than to let pressure groups single out certain industries and products for f ecial taxation so that their own dustries and products may escape e common burden. Do you think I am so wrong aboi this? Well, then, I would advise yo to inform yourself about wha usually happens when the peopl of a republic let special interest Write their tax laws instead • o requiring the tax load to be distri butcd among all. The monumen that human selfishness has erectoi all through the ages is the grea pyramid of nations, dead and gom '©ctured for us in the dusty page; of history. The current object lesson for Americans is that decadent land called France. Some time ago mentioned Ernest O. HauSer 1 report, "The French Arc in a Jam, in the January 2 issue of Saturday Evening Post, saying,,that it "was required reading for every thoughtful, American. For instance — Mr. Hauser reported that the common people of France, labor in "ifte cities and farmers in the country, are being steadily victimized by a vicious system of Special-interest taxation and "protection." France today is the tragic example of a republic that has failed — and mainly because Frenchmen supported taxes from a strictly personal viewpoint instead of being fair to the nation as a whole. This paragraph 1 is my condensation of the import of the gjholc article — but let me give you n' direct quote from Mr. Hauser, and you may judge for yourself: "In France the customer is always wrong. No supermarkets, no ordering by 'phone, no delivery service, no bargain basement, no bargains. No ads telling you what would be a good buy today. Installment buying is scarcely known. Where it exists, it will add 25 or 30 per cent to the cash price of ^ your car, and nearly double the l -price of household appliances. There arc few chain stores — a special tax keeps them from flourishing. Nine out of every ten shops are papa-and-mamma affairs, charging whatever price the traffic . will bear. Between retailer and producer, especially in the food business, a flock of greedy middlemen siphon off the fat. An egg for which the farmer gels 13 francs I) costs 30 in Paris, and one 'Parisian, not long ago, paid 73 francs for a head of cauliflower in which the sly producer had inserted a slip of paper saying. 'I have been sold for 12 francs.' Hope Jfmm Star WfiAf H rNo*? ARKANSAS: $at% ttlotflffr tWl 1 v-- flftenicou, tofffpt *Ad tftiufMift ^ 7y Sligbiiy C661W 1h!s aftemo6«. CoW- *" tr Thursday afternoon Hlgfa t&is, .*,>; arteir.Mft low ft 6 to IdW 80S: ItWT " '• t&alght S8-4&, t .,.-'. , ,, Experiment Station import fof 2& V' h'&iir- period ehdlng at 8 ft. fn, Wed* $ nesday High 83 Low 43. " 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 —; NO. 98 Star of Hop* 1*99, Pr«t 1927 Conjoltdoted Jan, It, 19Jf HOPE, ARKANSAS, WiBNtSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1954 M.mbw: old « M«i. tndlrtB lot' »< 1W» ClrnMtlini * '"colvlfrtl'n.*] 18 ^V-1 convcrtlplane.r'-j/eloped' by McDonnell Aircraft Corp. at "i'h trtt fliaht wthin a few months syi gri of Russian Proposal Aimed to Destroy Atlantic Alliance fcv JOHN M. HIGHTOWER BERLIN W) — Soviet Russia pro- posp.d today a non-;tggression pact atnonir all the nations of Europe including both Communist East Germany and the Bonn republic. It would annul the North Atlantic Allia>re. SovJet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov laid his plan for "European security" before the Big Four conference. It was his most detailed effort to torpedo the West European Defense Community. " Dishwasher Admits Killing Bodenheim NEW YORK Harold Weln berg, 25-year-old dishwasher, ad milled today that ho shot exotic writer Max Bodenbeim, found slain securliv r, , iVl"., ^u writer Max Bodenbeim. found slain nat^nc 3 f r ' V W °V M ^ M thC l lilSt Sunda y With his wife,- police nations of Europe to peace." East announced. cinCl WpSr OfirVvi fi*t-l» -im»«. „«„_:*•}_ American Technician Indochina, Ike Assur U.S. Won't Get Involve Says Moves Ar -,(..<, ~m . and West Gertn.iny were specifically listed as eligible as individual powors until tne nation eventually id | unigjrf . Tololov spelled out a treaty that wduld be opor. to all states of Evrope regard-ess of "their social terns." He stated the non-ag- ission terms would b e carried according to these principles . thvj United Nations charter: Any attack against one nation in e wou.'d be regarded as an against the entire treaty bloc. All parties would be bound to come to thr- rescue of the nation the use cf Europ attac.c attackrcJ, including armnl forces. The significant army read-- rnti-Europesn clause in thu Kussian p'.r.n By PRESTON GROVER BERLin (/P) — Western minis- EXCHANGE THANKS , „ . American and Indian officers exchange thanks for each others eo- operation- In Panmunjom as.the Indian custodial forces prepared to sail for home,.ending thSlr ? itormy mission In Korea. Left to right: Gen. Maxwell D.Taylor, 8th Army Commander Gen John E Hull Commission-^ NEA^epho^ Ut ^ e "- K " ^Pimayya, Chairman of Neutraktiatjons. Repatriation" 'Are Blamed for Job Trouble in South By BILL CRIOEFJ MEMPHIS W — There are un easy signs that ihe South's ceo nomir stream is bein^' complicate by an undercurrent of "driftback' job seekers. Those unemployed are homin, Southerners, most of them labor ers and forme>- fi rrr. workers wt went North during the '40s, lurei by high wages During the pact few months ; lot of them — in the wake o Northern industrial layoffs and other reasons — are coming back to hoir.e ground. Any sizable driftback would add to pressure already felt in the cot ton belt, cominn on lop of cotton acreage cutbacks, mechanization 3,000 are reported on the raggec ege of hunger. '4'I think the biggest trouble is and "day cropping." Some farm leaders' believe the _ -- —- homing workers are the underly- sand special-interest groups U n g cause of the situation in upper ! Each for himself, that is — and no one for France. And so eventually there will be no France. Let us as Americans bo forewarned. Let us find out what the i*>Uon's.total tax bill has to be and then resolve to distribute it evenly and fairly — heading off the thou- who have brought France to her all governments of men, east Arkansas and part of the -------------- „..„ ,.„.. „.. ...^ knees and who eventually destroy Missouri BootheeJ, where about Committee *)to Reject One Tax Item e By CHARLES F. BARRETT WASHINGTON ' (*) House tax writers-said today they will reject- only one major point in President Eisenhower's 2f,.point program for streamlining tax laws and giving indivdimls find busness more than Actiu.rby the House Ways and Means Commutee yesterday approving a new tax cut for f armors, brought to 19 the number of White House proposals already approved in less than a month's work on the big ovo'-haul job. Continued on Paee Three Yerger PTA Plans History Program Yerger Parent Teachers Association will meet Thursday, February 11, at 8 p, m. in the school auditorium for a special program in observance of Negro History Week. The meeting is open to the public. Rain Water But They Still Don't Know How It Is Heated Aid for Farm Workers Is anized LITTLE ROCK (/P) — Jobless and iestitute farm-workers in Poinsett -ounty continued to register today for ioocl and c'othing from 'the state government, while officials :alked of expanding the emergency relief program in northeast Arkansas. State Welfare Commission A.J. Moss said last night there is a pos- sibiltj that stale aid will be offered to needy farm laborers in -raighead and Crittenden coun- ies. The estimate:! number of people needing aid, mosiJy transient farm vorkors thrown out of work by e easonal slump in farm employment, was cut sharply by Welfara 3epsi-tmem officials iycstprday. " ney total for all three coun- ies was placed at 1,600, compared vith previous eslimates as high as ,000. State offices wore set up at Leanto_ and Marked Tree in Poin et County yestorday to register pplicants for relief. A total of bou; 400 persons registered .on the rst Q&y, said County Judge Sid mith. •The Welfare Department wil creen applicanis for those de- erving aid, anri Ihe state will re- uisiUon food from them for sur- Continued on Page Two ordinary rainwater spent a relatively which short By CARL BCLI. Fnyetfiville (ffi — Scientists- have found that the tV.ermal water making Hot Springs a leading resort is has time underground, picking up radio-active foreign particles. But they still don't know how it is heated. Research on this problem is continuing, and the scientists have decided that one considerec possibility — a natural atomic plant — is "fantastically improb able." * • •. ^uuvkift iiiiiiia" ^-braced today-to hear — and inert:.reject -— what V. M. Molotov; calls a new plan for "European security" They anticipated a ba.ch of Soviet idea on Germany already turned clown piecemeal in Ihe, first tiring Uvo weeks of the Bis Four conference. Even before the Russian foreign, minister unveiled it at today's Big Four conference session, the West was sure the Molotov plan send Americar, .and British ers home • • with^iheir planes' and Agunj and open the way — through a provisional government — fourth einstallation Communist s commissars on to Rhine. Certain Weslorn delegation experts inferred from earlier remarks by the Soviet foreign minister that hs might butter the scheme wth a security proposal scheme with a security likely counting out the United States. In effect (he themp would be: "Americans go home, leave it to ,Rus- The announcement came a few minutes after Wemberg, a fugitive 2ince the bodie? were found In a squalid East Side room, had been hustled into a police station. The prisoner had not yet been questioned concerning ' the fatal stabbing of Bodenheim's wife, 35- year-old Ruth Fagan, police said. Police Lt. Edward J. Drumm Jr. told reporters: "Womberg admits shooting Bo- 'dcnheim but he has not been questioned yet about the stabbing of the woman." Welberg was found hiding, police sak! in Iht basement of a tenement (311 East 21st St.), about a mile .from the dingy scene of the killings. He was found by detectives. Cy Goil and Harry Fcig- man. Weinberg's capture broke with startling rapid'.ly son after police had received two new conflicting i-umors that the scar-faced ex-convict had been seen in all River, Mass., and Savannah, Ga. ' -Bodenheim, purple-penned novelist and Bohemian poet of Greenwich Village in the ,1920's, ; and his wife vvere found dead in a $5-a week room that had been rented in We:nberg's name three weeks ago. County Dairymen to Consider Silage Plans County dairymen will conside 1054 plans for silage, pasture an other feed crops Thursday night o this week at 7:30 in the Hempstca County courtroom stated Count; Agent Oliver L. Adams. A very interesting sound film "Pay Dirt," will be shown. Thl film shows the plant food require monts with methods of fertilize applications. Special emphasis 1 given to soil testing, along with meeting the recommended require ments in the soil test. All dairy men and livestock producer should profit by attending thi Thursday night meeting. sia. Ttig*Day Set ; Saturday in Heart Drive Mary Lou Moore, chairman of special events. comrnUtee for the local division of the Arkansas Heart Fund, announced that Tag Day will be held in downtown Hope Satur- Lemley Says Fair Trade Law May Be Illegal LITTLE ROCK MB — There's a chance, says a federal judge, that a 1937 Arkansas Jaw .which im- josed lair tradu restrictions on <a huge list of commodities may be unconstltutionat in .part. Federal Judge Harry Lemley made that observation yesterday i'na written opinion on a suit • by Union Carbon, and Carbide Co., against the White River Distributing Co., otBatesville. , , ' The judga took no further action in the case, but retained it on his doclce;. •Nothing that the Arkansas Sus preme Court tyould have that, a test . it 'be brought before the' bunal. tHj, With a second secret session determination of the water's source was made by the University cf Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology and a University of Chicago chemist in a long range research project financed partly by the Atomic Energy Commission. "There have been two theories i the source o£ the hot springs vaier," said Dr. Edwards — Edvards, chairman of the Arkansas ".humicstry Department and director of the project. "One was that the'fater was 'juvenile water' that had never been lo the surface of the earth. awailmg them tomorrow and the Austrian independence treaty due t obe taken up Fridap, Molotov asked at the close of yesterlay's meeting for at least one day more to .ell his weavyfellow ministers what a brilliant future all Europe could have under Soviet leadership. day, February 13. All donations be applied Ever Get Nervous Stays _ Around the House? Why Don't You Try Watching Goldfish? But both Republicans and Dem- thing end By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (/fiSoine husbands ;et restless in the home after dinner They stomp and storm around (the place, finding fault with every ocrats on making a general nul - '- ---".3 V *.v* »»»l4t>*li t , o gdldrtl IHll .. . ,. lne . committee agreed sance oi themselves to their wives there jsn't a. ahance that the com- all because they don't have any mittee will accept one remaining thing to do. ^V. 1 ; , .No, they don't want to go to a This request — complex but .sy- movie. No, they don't nificant — called for shifting corporation income taxes so that cpy poratcm; wouH make four equal quarterly payments. Two of the payments jn effpct would be an advance on the next most corpo- Under present law, most corpo- rators will pay all of their 1953 fai'l >n two equa} payments due on lyiarcb IS and . , . , — ~-—,i -..v,i vtun y it:^;i JJKG looking at 'television. There isn't a decent murder being shown. No, they don't feel like going down in the basement &nci working with their new carpentry tools. "I'v:! made so many bopkends I can't even give- then"- aw'ay to the neighlois," they brood. A husband 0.1 a restless evening ca,n be as trying as an aijing child on ^ rainy day, Whjst ca.n , do to keep her big bored lummox happy Soni!? wives pacify their husband by buying him a goldfish to watch. Whenever he starts ranting and roaritirf after being fed his evening moal, the wife ioMn him soothingly, "now you're ju.^'. working yourself into an uproar over nothing. There, there. Why don't jou run over like- a good little husband and watch your pretty goldfish for a while That'll keep you quiet." Tho U-oubJe with goldfish watch McCarthy Admits Being Wrong LOiJ ANGELES, Calif.. Feb. 1 R w Sen> Josc P h R - McCarth «-vvis) said last night he made ; mistake in acct.si/ig former Under secretly o f War John J. McClov 'Tha other was that it was cir- of ordering thnt records of Com rnunisl& in the army be destroyed McCarthy sa.td ho made th ™?_ ei :l en l about McCloy, also for "'• Hiqh Commissioner in and the president of the culating water — that is, water wiiicn has evaporated, condensed and t'nilcn as rain." Dr. Edwards said it was definitely determined through an analysis by Dr. W. F. Libby of the University of Chicago that water from the hot springs is circulating. HP explained: "It was learned that ths water mer phere. ter." Tho has !he same p.moutit of radio-active hydrogen r ; s rainwater. Hydrogen in water can become radioactive only in the upper atmos- So this is circulating wa- fact thtt the water is circulating means, of course, that the springs won't dry up as long as thers is water on the earth. "The fact that the radio-active iydro-,ei 4 has &boiit the same strength as that in fresh 'rainwater mplics that the hot springs water spends a relatively short time underground," said Dr. Edwards. "It iilso ,'mplies that 'the underground reservoir is not as large as t might be." The chemist theorized that the ;heivnal water reservoir' is smaller than either Lake Hamilton or -.ake Catherine et Hot Springs — /et, is iarge enough that, a drpught , I ' i * I ing as a pastime is that it either I wouldn't cause the springs to run takes toe much of a hold on a man .dry. *« *« « or elfe ho quickly loses interest' He added that Dr. Libby's anal- Tf'« 11*- u . v,- . ysls J nnicat e5 the water is heated If goldfish watching gets a real rapidly. grip on a hu?b»nd. it can be woise Researchers now would like to than dv-inkwg or gambling. The re know the method end depth of the lixation becpm».M p vice. The vie heating process. Dr. Edwards said Continued, en page •' -- •• - *•- *» ,.-, . . National Hank, in sympathy for Robert Stevens, present secre tary of the army. 'I was in erroi," McCarthy said oi his rommen' about McCloyd in a recent Canton. O. speech. A novnd truck blaring criticism or McCarthy caused a near riot last night outside the church where the senator spoke. Lt- G. L. Rice said 10 patrol cars were rushed to the scene. Hundreds of persons milled around outside the cnurch after McCarthy's speech o said they were shouting an- remarks at Wilburn lerger, who was operating the sound truck. who was operating the sound truck Rice said the loud speaker was turned off as police arrived and Jerger left at tne request of police m "the interest of public safety." McCarthy said 'Stevens had his sympathy because he faced difficulties with subordinates in rooting Communists out of the army. McCarthy also said, in a speech to the freedom club of the First Congregational Chip-ch that the late Harry Dexter WUte fostered the Koreen war by helping to destroy Nationalist China Commonest Ivpry The ivory in commonest use is walrus ivory, which is densest in structure and easiest to secure, ac- cordtog | 0 the Encyclopedia Bvi- toward a quota set for Hempstead in the current Heart Drive. High School girls will assist in the sale of tags include Pat Bright, Mary Ann Rogers, Bobby Kay Turner, Ginny Herndon, Loretta Munn, l-Uae Moses, Sue Burke, Jariet McKenzie, Alice Anthony, Marilyn Edwards, Cissy Lewallen, Kay Ray, Judy Watkins, Barbara Guthrie and Ginanne Graves. , A Youth Center dance for teenagers is planned for Saturday night, Miss Moore said. Admission will be 25 cents per person. All young people of Hope are invited. Mrs. Harrison, Resident of Blevins, Dies Mrs. J. G, Harrison, aged 82 a resident of Blevins for many years, died at her home Tuesday night. She is survived by her husband, a son-in-law, O. M. Yokern, a daughter-in-law Mrs. Claud Harrison, and a sister, Mrs, Lucy Drager of Tohoma, Texas. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday at Midway Church Judge Lemley said he hesitated to mcke a dinct ruling on the law, since "the impact upon Arkansas business. . .might be a' so- 'rious one." worth of merchandise ranging from corn plasters to refrigerators is sold annually in Arkansas under- the fair trade act, which fixes pricos of the" goods. The section oi the law questioned by Judge Lemley says it is "unfafr competition" for any merchant regardless of whether or not ho ha? signed a fair trades contract, to s eM items at less than the fised, legal price The law further says that violators can be sued by, 'any business that is damaged by sales at the,lower figure, Calculated to Avoid 'Hop WASHINGTON (/P> 1. ': Eisenrower said today c- _ the government takes, with 're'i to aid to Indochina • is ' " calculated to keep thu States from going, involved',}&?' hot war there,' , "^ " The President told, a lievwj fet'cncc he coulrt not " f^V.'i^Wi greater tragedy than for, to get involved in. ,aa. ai^ou there or anywhere. Eisenhower made theA state; after 6en., Stennis (D-MtlssX^v. fear ehqt'the sending,'ofA'mttl technicians to-help Frehch.jr forces in thelr^fight agaMsf mun(sta\ in Indochina ^ntiktf o "US. involvement ihVth'e ing. ' " i >\U' Elsenhower * said every ° si authorizes in world affairs-if is n means <-,t preVe'iitlng§, But everything that<'caivW.do Continued on P—>«*£* Rebels >4«^ ^. *?**£&# Closerto •SAJGfe' /: ii^ojitiS'9| uhdred A VtetmlnU' re" •** «m,Q&.w!&r ' 'raoro hey v o "* + )y~~T.'-'- " 1 S!-*sf5** r ' t *"f*f*ftl orce-s ;threatening"'tli / (sj'f il of Laos." " T< , ixjjiV* TJw ndochinese fcingd by the Rev. J. W. Rushing and the Rev. Joe Hunter. Bob Shivers State Fair Mgr. Official LITTLE ROCK (ff> — County- Judge Milan C, Reynolds of Camden was re elected president of the Arkansas Fair Managers Assoca- ton yesterday as the group en4etj a two-day convention here, Clyde E. B.\rc < of Lttle Rock secretary-manager of the Arkan sas Livestock Show, was re-elect ed secretary-treasurer. > New off cars are; State Rep, Jacl Shelton of Monticello Ves Go<J ley of Magnolia and Roberdt E Blyalo.-k of Blythevlje, vce pros dents: Virgil C. Roll? of Clarfcsvillo, Bob Shivers pf Hope, Carl Pur-, per of Bentonvjnllo, Miss Molly Hinkle nfNcwport , ana State Rep, L. H. Autry of Burdette, directors. Military, inVadprs, aftep r ~. „..,..« ..„ through twounj.athous j]ut, stopped to recuperate - ane ish their supplies t Th?ire yt illation any assault-on "Lus bang might no? c'om&i'bcfc next week. ' ' /fj'Ss'H,| Botn ^ Saigcin .and/Ha Jwo major French, cVfnm< ters, the'beliefflourishedWa Vietminli might not eye the ncimetown of Laps'' a°i Sisavnng Von§. T^e, r ? b spring marched up alfnoi royal doorstep,' ^ then* without trying «)}*(^«i^ t,W* ary' Who can All Around the Town By Tht «Ur »Uff Ever stop to think Just how. msny miles City Police average in two >atrol cars every day? Down at ';he station this morning the sub- ect came up and a spot-ch^ck with Officers Compton and Parsons pro duced the following figures , . \ Trorn January 23 through Febm- >ry 9 two patrol cars traveled a otal of 3964 miles or a fraction over 220 miles each day a» this n a 10-mile radius of Hope most of the traveling is at night vhen officers keep up a continual >atrol all over the city ... Its also nteresting to note that a new police -ar traveled 8,981 miles while the >ld one went only 983 miles ... ihe ipys hastily explained with a grin his was due to the old vehicle be- ng- in the shop for repairs mych f the time , . . shucks. J'd rsthfir Irtve a new gar tpo hadn't you? The Rettig |amily is very H pge» ver Jo-Bet^s pedigreed SianTe^ a ill takes his safety for granted «n4 re', fused tp yield the right-ofrway " stiU was degrees' Other highs fys ed El JJor^d9/,j 81; Fprt» Smith Ridge 76; FayettevJHe.;7iTr The y,S. " Little iBoqi atures^ thJs"ri|ejnS> ; not enough *s$rfe?f'Mj seasonal-- wsj^jUir- .™ 4 Litio Rock'" «9rfi4rBo*ii sen? in 1833, the family car w?ll, the car, , won , . . now Fy<s is in the cat «vl dog hospital while Jo-Beth and her sre almost r^ady lor treat'" '' ment, Policy ha4 a call to ttys Patpos- Shover Springs cutoff road l«st night . , , a resident reported 'spine street lights four lights really Jike the vandals, . ', . Officer? shot out and. to get thejr haf m \ A note from „._„.„ T gutter. »?d Upoa w»n thanks Win a lor «oot«0«w$ $w, be Jofe¥

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