Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 20, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1909
Page 5
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focal jSvenfs, Holy Trinity Church (Jnild met this week with Mrs. MofFntt. Miss Poineroy spent Friday nud Saturday in Eedoudo with friends. Mrs, Jennings, Azuaa, has a good line of ostrich Roods. Plutnea from M5 to 825. 3-27 The Rev. and Mrs. P. (J. Stevens spent Monduy at, Hanta Ana with the parents of the former. Your ranch cnn be eold if listed with Hagerty & Hempel, 314 H. W. Helluian Bldg., Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. D E. Huff and Mr. Alec Anderson took the trip tin Mt. Lowe last .Sunday. Mr. aud Mrs, (J. \V. Dndderar (if Huntingtnn Fnrk are visiting their son, P. E Dudderar. Costs no more than others, bill a whole lot better—Premier Blend coffee Warner, Whitsel & Co. Miss Mary Wheeler of Massachusetts is spending two weeks with her friend, Miss Mamie Cook. Miss Mary Leebrick of San Diego is visiting her mother, Mrs. M. Leebrick. Miss Anna Herron spent Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles, the guest of Miss Margaret Middleton. Miss Meta Brunjea has received a present from her father of a pretty pony and carriage. 4 That hungry aroma comes from Premier Blend coffee. Warner, \Vhitsel . & Co. Mrs. Blanche White of Moueta was the guest several days of last week of her cousin, Mrs. H. H. Cushman. Mrs. Rincbester is spending the week wito her grandfather, during the absence of her daughter, Mrs. Fisher, and guests at Lung Beach. Mrs. H, C. Boschen of Richmond, Virginia, is paying aii extended visit with her mother, Mrs. Tatuui, and cousin, Mr. Robert Walker. * "Top Notch" bread is not like homemade bread. It is a home-made bread, only made in large quantities. Warner, Whitsel &Co. Mrs. M. B, Sheahan and daughters, Mabel aud Ruth, of Topeka, Kansas, have arrived to visit about three *ffi"ofrtrfsrtfif The Cbilton home. Miss Axile Stoner of Ontario arrived on Wednesday to spend several days at the home of her uncle, Principal A. H. Collins. How to make Willie come home right after -school: Tell him there is "Top Notch" cake in the cupboard. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mr. and Mrs, Fred Coletnan of Los Angeles spent Sunday here with the former's mother, Mrs. S. S. Cole- mau. Mr. and Airs. E. A. Dnrant of Rawkins, Wyo., and Mrs. Reher ot Chiuo wore guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smiley. Dr. aud Mrs. Fitob of Hastings, Minn., and Mrs. Collins of Long Beach, were guests on Monday of Mrs. Etinis and Miss Pomoroy. Mrs. Hubert of Los Angeles will address the women of Holy Trinity "Church thia afternoon on the mi.s- fiionary work of the auxiliary, MILLINERY OPEN ING-You are invited to call find inspect the- fine lino of pattern lints on Friday .'iid Saturday, March i!(i and 27 at Mrs. Jennings', A/tiba. .'i-27 Mrs. M. Fisher with her patents, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Hill and sister, Miss Lena Hill, who are visiting her from the East, are spending the week at Long Beaeh. The Rev. and Mrs. J. C. Oondrieh and son of Dayton, Ohio, arrived on Monday to visit the former's brother, Will (loodrioh ot Kan Bernardino road. " Novelties in uncurled ostrich, buckles, pins. etc. Every necessary for a pretty hat. The 'Stock is new and up-to-date. Mrs. Jointings, Azusa. 3-27 Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt. and Mr. and Mrs. Stowell of Iowa, who are spending the winter in LOH Angeles, were guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Beattie. A needlework club which has been organized to u;eet every Friday ,'ifler noon, includes among its chart.T members, Mmes. Cooper, I'rutiJHS. A. T. Anders;,11, (iroover, Talle.y, Cama ttni: and Suavely. Mr. llobeil Coulter ictiiim-d la~t week from Riu-iside, when; hi- has been spending sfcvtral vvf t-k.s J< -.kin.-' alter Lis ruitcii iuti.-if-.Mb. The lend hoLii.' ri-.sidenee v.l.ieb hi. i-. luiliii.'v < u hi.s run, f, i-v-t nl t<,v,n t., raj idlv Wholesome and holey— "Top Notch" ' doughnuts. Warner, Whitsel & Co. ; Tlioronehbred Cornish Indian Game. i C. I,. Smith, Azusa, Cal. If [ Your ranch can hd sold if listed with Hsgerty & Hempel, !H 4 • II. W. ; Hellman Bldg,. Los Angeles. S Good for growing boys and girls, I "Top Notch" pastry. Warner, Whitsel i & Co. For Rent Comfortably furnished rooms. Mrs. S, Allison, Dexter street. Mr. and Mrs. W, M. Orisvvold are leaving today in their auto to spend tho week end at Long Beach. How to tell when your bread is done: Order "Top Notch" and you can b«t on it. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Messrs. H. B. Cox and Kellog of Los Angeles were luncheon guests Monday at the Soofield residence. Mr. and Mrs. Toft of Mitchell, South Dakota, were luncheon guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Harris. Miss By rd Reynolds returned home Sunday after a visit of six months with friends in Kansas City and Carroll ton, Mo. Mrs.. J. B, Owens of Pasadena, who was the guest last week of Mrs. Jennings, spent tho early part of this week with Mrs. Win, Crook. Mrs. H. D, Blanebarc 1 and little son of Pomona, were visiting relatives here for a few days of this week. Miss Vina Sherman of Salem, Oregon, arrived last Friday to visit indefinitely with her sister, Mrs. S. S. Aschenbrenuer. Miss Mario Thompson was invited to bo one of the judges on Wednesday evening at a contest of the Wnl- lo.ce School of Dramatic Art on South Grand avenue, Los Angeles. Mmes, Plane and Jennings attended a picnic last Tuesday at Long Beach, meeting thirty old frinnds of Mrs. Plant's girlhood days at Du- Quoiu, 111. Jim and Sam Reynolds of Miani, Miss., are visiting their cousin, B. L. Reynolds. Their brother, Jesse, of Los Angeles, was also a guest at Valencia Park during the week. Th6 Farmers' Club will meet on Saturday afternoon of next week, March 27, at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith, being postponed from this afternoon on aocount of Col. 'Chapman's death. The annual thank-offering meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society will be held at the Methodist church Sunday evening, -March 21s*;. Mrs. S. W. Stephens, a medical missionary of Poona, Iiiidu, will address the meeting. A number of tho congregation of the Presbyterian Church attended the Presbyterinl missionary meeting at Highland Park on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, among them being Mmes. Wfiler- hoitso, Blanohard, Etinis, and tho Rev. and Mrs. Stevens. Horace Bemis spent tho week o*id at, the homo of his brother, C. E. Bemis. He has lately returned from a tour of Mexico, having travelled through all parts of the Republic. Ho found the natives 1000 years behind us, although making rapid strides in the chion. Everett Blanchurd, who graduated last wed; from the Stale Normal school, left yesterday morning for Holtvillo, where lie IKIH accepted a ! position an principal of the grammar school. A number of his relatives and young friends met at the home I of bin KiMer, Mrs. A. Shearer, on Tliiin-idity fvrning to bid him farewell and wish him succe'-s in the pedagogic profession. I want you to know (I. at, I can exchange your HIIIVC or eoiiiilr.v property for go'nl immune Li.s Augelo, or Southern California property of your choice and to your sal isfarl inn. 1 make a specialty of Southern California exchange* and can make a cjiilck exchange. My motto: "Equal Satisfaction." Drop rue a postal for listing blank. 11. N. Schmidt, ;).'J2 Germain Bldg., LOH Angeles, Cal, •1-10 Therij are ninny hhls and materials to niakft hata of in JierkardS millinery store that will interest every lady. Here, are a few special prices that will be <>! double interest: Chili'lreii'H Kailora ot good strong I braid as low as 'Mx:. Trimmed halts, i many ''mi be. bought for fli.OU and | less. Great variety of tlower-. for ~'n; | a bunch. Stiff ribbon, good tor liiiir ' bow*, for 'J5(; a yd. biaid, he.t for ; l.i-ai! coveting, riee net, I. tick ;rum. silk, etc., for the ihdi> r <>f the : lJn-lh;<-;, (,'jjiiirli. T|j(: bidifrs die I ci jtTi-ct. v.-beti they v,iy Mi.--, 1 ;<-' p );ai d OUR AGENTS: mm, wiitoi & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Lots of dough doesn't menu bread by any means, only in one in«tnn--'_ <T -"Top Notch." Warner, Wbitscl & Co. J. J. Maochtlen of San Diego spnnt, the week end with his father, Jacob Maechtlen. John R. King of Wliittier paid n flying visit to bin mother, Mrs. S. E. King, Saturday. Mrs, N. D. Mussoy went to Hollywood yesterday to iittend tbn funeral of an old friend, Airs. Dr. Clnrhe. Mrs, Noll and Ihron children of Hollywood were week etui guests of Mrn. Win. Warren. Mr. Charles Yaw is a guest this week of bin stater, Mrs, Ben F, Thorpe, Miss Maragret Breakoy, who is in raining at tho Good Samaritan IIos- lital, was the guest, this week of her sister, Mrs. A. M. Pence. Mrs. Perry Cox and son Hugh of Spokane, Wash., were gne.slN Tumday and Wednesday of Mrs. Geo. B, Sco- leld. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L, Miner and Mr. uid Mrs. E. P. Fuller of Ontario will no guests tomorrow of Mr. and Mrs. Will Wyeth. Miss Mary Nill entertained at the uome of Mr. and Mrs. B, L. King on last Sunday tho Misseh Jennie Brown, Rosa and Lily Bnusinau of Los Angeles, Miss Amanda Brown, and Mr. Oscar Brown of Lordsburg College. Dr. aud Mrs. A. L. Friaboo of DCS Moine.s, la., are spending tho week with Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wells. Dr. Frisboe has been for 35 years pastor of Plymouth Congregational Church of Des Moinos and is one of tho most prominent ministers of tlio country. Tho recital given by Misi Jrooo Taylor on Friday evening in the. Womaus Club House for tho benefit of the eighth grade of the grammar school, brought, out a largo crowd of music lovers. The gold watch offered by tho student who sold tho most tickets, was won by Miss May Casey. Owing to a slight accident on tho eleotrio lino, Mrs. Ed Ptiulin, the elocutionist, was delayed, but Miss Taylor wont on with her numbers aud hor playing is marked by such wonderful teohnio and expression for snnli a young girl, that her hearers were willing to wait patiently. Mrs. Puulin arrived about 0 p.m. and do- lighted evnryouo with her elocutionary talent. JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAM, AND I.IST YOUK PKOI'KKTY Office with A. M. Pence, Reed Illk. COVINA, CAL. FOK SALH OH TH.ADH SO norca of lino alfalfa land on Salt, Liiko ]{. K,, nino milos from Hivoraidu. Ad- dri?SH A. 11, Collinn, Covina. Citrus nursory stock for sale, Call Homo phone '.H)8fi, Money to loan on approved real estate. R. U. Hidwell, (Jlcudora. ,'t'JT Lost--- A \vbire sweater jai'liel on Sail Hernai dino road. Notify '--")•!. Alfalfa bay for sale. Hurst numb, I'bone l(Hi. If Straight to tlie "pie «p<>t'' "Top Notch" pie. Warner, Whitsel & ('o. (lood inulo team for sale. Weight 2100. Coviiui Tiatisl'orCo. For Sain Hood potiitoc'H. Pra.rik Manis, Box '21. R.F.1). 'J, Covina. ;i-'J7|i Your tancb can be sold it' listed with Hiigerly .t Henipcl, KM 11. W. Ilollmiiu 131dg., LOH Angoles. Rnro Hatch Incubator [or half price. Phone 11 HI), Covina. F. L. iiuiijiimin. Itp Water stock for sain- -A few shares of Coin mbia Land and Water slock for sale. Apply Argun office, Covlnn. Uagerty & Hcmpol, 311 U. W, Hollman Uldu, Los Angolcs, havo cash buyers for orattgo groves. For Ront, — C!ood flvo room IHIIIHO on tho San lie.rniinlino road, Jorome Roynolds. If you havo money in small a- mouut, SlOOand up, to invent, at eight per cent per annum, sue .1. 11. MaUhowa, For Halo or Rent:. Largo- yards .with flhodfl, on main Hlroot, auitablo for any wLolosale business. Argus ollioe. For Hale — A fovv shuros of Columbia Laud aud Water stuck. Argun oUlco, Cuvinu. Hitgerty & Ilompcl,. 314 H. W. Helltnau Bldg., Los Angeles, have cash buy era for orange groves. Wanted — a girl to loam millinery. Apply at; Miss Rcekard'a Millinery store, across tho Htrecl, from Clapp's drug ntoro. If you havo money in small amounts, in 8100 and up to invest at oighlj per cent per annum soe ,}. II, Matthews. I tii illit.'-i v 1 1. at. i (,''.\ it.h I.ef' .i (';. fi.Ti.i t/;.ent. *,f l.'-eii -ecu io For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Rich in the cup- Pre.'nier HlemJcofl'ee Warner, Whitsel & Co. Lost In Covii'ii, on Sunday even inn, a ebild'.s red coat.. Leave nt. Ar^'iiH ofllce. lip LoMt- Suilablo rewfinl for return of liin.'d band pin. Uelnrii to Ar^us office 1 t.p I'VicHale -!;OOSD Alfalfa. SHOO, per ton on field. ? 11) deilventd. L. M. Kwallow, I'hone 'Jlo:',. lip l«'or Hull: C'lif:ap A lot of eliieljtn wire fencing. 'J, '-!';, I and <! feel widths. S. I'. JenniMon. If For Sule -May nun''', fi yearn (dd. First, elii'-'i v. i;rl: aniiiial. VV. I'. Whit*. tf For Sale 'I'lioronubhrei! poultry ej^gH for liut.ibiiiK HfifJ .'! iiienfjHl.orH. K.(J.(Jusad, l j honn 1 \->H, Iiwiodale. Vour ranch oan be Hold if listed with Hii^erty & MnrnpH, .'ill II. W. Hellnian llldK-, LOH An^elbH. What are you doim; for tho "KHIII diKeawe" in your onmge ^rove? Kver try a ^rooviiiK knife? 'J5e al Kellur Tliuniason MfK. ('<>. tf Tho Southwestern Urokera^o ('oin- pany will buy your oianues for eanb. U. (). Ki;iJ[;Ho/j, n«ent. Of flee, with California (,'itiua L'nion. tf To Kent A nor.d nix room houtib wild bath, city water, eleetfiu li^htH Hlifl barn, situated one mile from Co vina. Afipiy Io lien F. Thorpe, d,vi na 1>. F. I). F'.-r Sale Si-eiJU/iK oiariye, \K-.I-H. V.'e htivi: a tey; Ihoiishnd larj/e si-i-d linK r.ruiifM: trees loi Mile. Siiiliibli- for [,lai:l'niu in i.ii'hurd ILJIII. Aj|.iy LDice ,,f the (,'.,\ inti l.'ealty Co., ,'u L'u-, bi.iid in''. '1 '.', 11. Cabbage plants for salo, 10 per dozen or I! do/on -5 contH. 10. U. Milnor, Ul'J K. Han JJeriiardint road. tf LUMUKR Let us figure your bill aud see who is lowest. .). M. ARM HTRONti, Mgr. Pico Heights Lumber Co. LOH Angole,;. 4-1 Op For Hule I 1 ivo thrjiisand oninge Hecdbod Ht.o<;k, 8'^ii ;ier M. A. \V. J'ouley, Covina. Home ! fiX i KCJOH I''OR HKTTINO Thoroiigh- , bniil While Leghorn, dipt. Milcholl '«! ra in, 81.00 per sel.ling. W. W. NIIXIIIII, \V. I>nnble ,\ve. 4 Ifip I Anyone wauling extra lino budded Kngli.sli Walnut, t re-en nlioiild npply to P. |i'. Stevens, Wiilnul, Center. i Pboiii- 4 107. If . | STRAY! 1 ;!' To tbo premiflu>< of ,}. : \'. Montgomery on March I7lb. a soiiel iniii-(>, '.'.eight atioiil. HOI) or !KIO II, s. Owner can Imve i-itnie by eiill ing for her and piiying idiargeH. ; FORKALK ( 'oiniiM;dioris 1'ncking lloit'ti' in (.'ovititt. I'oniierly owtir.d : by Ruddi.-ek, Tienel) ('•>. l''or Purl ie n la is adilresH AinM'iean National Hunk, Los Angeles. .fnst reeiiive.d- Now inilans, cliipH, iieniiolitanes, tiiheaiiH, HiiiloiH, idiild reii's batH and veiln tot unloinobilitii.;. Open In the ovmiing. Alrw Brt faster oet *g^ H'f's/i 1o call your attention to the classy line II of high art Easter Post Cards and Novelties that haOc just arrived from the East. The latest creations for Easter remembrances. Nothing old or cheap. Ideas in silk, enihossed, and "stir- prise" post cards that arc tip to the minute. See (lie "nen>"chicks and the "squeakers." Moderate price:;. i FOR KXC'IIAN'OF. Oood '.I rnoin boiiH.e nnd hvo large loth, well located ! In Redlu.'idH. J'rieo afjr,0<i. Waul C-ovinu (('Hidcin'o or grove, Htitnu va i ! lue. .Jerome Reynolds, Covina. I White Mhinrc.iiH Most p/ofll(ib)o ! for both eggs and dreshed j.oulliy. I'iggs fi'/fn due pt-,n lieadc.d by pri'/e 1 w •initliiK eoek, <!).OIJ /.er celling. /•!. H. Milnor, VSl'JJJ Iv Kan bei tiiinlii.o 1 road. Fil/fioral'i .V Harry of J'.'i uidena loan KI'.II'-V on i ai.'-lii-.-. and improv ed ieal estate, u'. lo'.'.esl eiii'l'ent iali--f. ''A'lil.e 1,1 le.lephoiie I In MI at. Pas!»<lena or call d|i ,J. ','.'. J'n nt i-:-, (,'i.vioii j.biitie '.;)'!), nnd ii-tk to liave a jipie, sei,f,,ti ,': -:i It," t'n n. rail '.it '.',<!. It We Invite You to Make This This Bank Your Depository If you liavo an idle liiiudm!- or (ifly or any otlu:,. amount. -.vlnYli you desire to lay aside for sale kin-pint;-, brinjj it to llii:, h.tuk for deposit. Wo i-*Mio iVrlilioaU's of "Deposit pavalilo oil demand, also Time Ci'iMiluraU-s beari'if,- 4 per cent interest. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 fssssssssswsKss^ss^s^ssss^^ We Please Everybody.,. Our yoods are first-class, staple and inviting. Our prices are the best, (live us a trial. HORNE'S GROCERY Phone 43 Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. M2'I5 IN Till'; SIJl'KKIOK COIMVT OF Tlll'l STATK OF CAUl-'oKNIA, IN AND FOK Till-; COUNTY OK I,OH ANOKKKS. In (In- matter of tin; fsl.ilrol' Al-| Illir.'i I/yoil, rlccciihcil. Nolic.c i.-, luti'trliy (.jivi'M tlril llf |/i:- Ihion i>f I 1 ',. I'. Wiiriti-r for lh<- proliilc of I In? will of Ahuii'M I,you, ili-ri'jisi'd, aitd lor tin- issuance ol Ictli-rs lc.-.ta- mciilarv tlii'i"' - on to Iv I'. Wai'iiiT, will In 1 ln-;i ril al ID o'liloc.U :i. ill. on Ihi- <l;iy of, 1'in'i, al Hir coiu'l room, dcjiiii t incut 2 I llii- Sii|nTior' ('oiirt of 1/os Aii(;i-lr-, ('ounly, I'ali- foroia. I Dali-d March >,. TKi'i. (.'.. '•',. K K YKS. Coiinly (')i-rk, lly W. I,. W.iiT'-n, !>• -I/in y. A. .VI. J'KNCK. Ailorncy |i,r JM-IJ lioncr. Cal and See Us 1 1' you need anything in tlie. IIAKNKSS line and we. will ft'ivi: Uii: In-sl }joo(ls at the l<;\vi:st pnee. Satisfaelion (.fiiaranleed. Cowlnei Oo. A Horrible Mold-Up. "About It'll years a|;o my hrolher v.'as | "held up" in his woi U , hea II h a nd hap j pilless liv V.'llill W.IS hi'llVell Io lie ll'ipe- le.i.-, Consmnpi ion," wrilVs 'vV. K. Lips c'.'iuh, ot Washington, X. ( . "He ti,,,| ( all kinds ol remcdiei and treatment I ron i severa I i) iti; to in, hut I'/u in! IH< he I p i till he u it'll Dr. Kine's New 1 Jiv.ovei y j and was wholly c.iirrd hy six hollies, j lie is a well man today." It'r.ipiii l< In relieve ailll the silleni r.lire lur wc;i|< or sore IIIII^H, lleinoi'rlia j;er», (^oui'lis and (''/I/Is, Jiroiii.hitis, La l.iippe, Asthma I and all llrom !dal a II ectioiih. ''.'.'•• Mini ; *.}.<>'>. Tri.'iJ l;';l(Jt; free. I ', na ; a n teei] hyj C. !•'. Clapp. KILL THE COUGH AND CURE THE LUNGS WITH Dr. King's New Discovery i* a i OK Via FOR I UII AND ALL THROAT AND I UNU TROUBLES. I'lioni: Home. I !70 IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMININCi OR PAPIiR HANGING 'Imie, sec me before you let your All worl< guaranteed and price-, reasonable. I 'hone: SI. C. H. Kistler A. J. ROOKS All kiiult of genera! .ind heavy I ! hi< ; k -, m i I h i n ^; . We jn.Jiiiifai.i lire l/idi;i -r.s, Oraiifjo kai:k.-i :..i<l llox I 'i 'e.^.-ifn Mors<:sho<.in{j <i Specialty Honis I'li'yilt 10,'J? liop Wfesi I'xidillo 8l, C'jvin

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