The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 29, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1977
Page 6
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y.-VOK O—NAUOATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY. : JPLY; 1, 194 On The Air Today , linn) n. MI. WOH— -Kimy A""*' dtlti-r tu.tluhif* -• .V.-w* • 11:111 I ...... WIUIY-" Mlii'liiM HI-I.I-'--! IVA'Ir. • Inli-llmhi ' , II: I, 'I n. III. \VUUV-- NvHui Tim.-: l.n|.<-v. WAIU- M* < wol< t'u Tl.v r-.'niuiy U'.;X- ,Kll,,-l j.inl All.i-r-l Wllll- A I Vt-Mrr... SlIlMlH WKAK lci>il, U'TII ' - ( »!• — » 'I'll' fl:;;u n, rn, WHHV I; '•lii-i'ly KiK Wl'li ' SlMrllV l!|H,rli WJ'/. .-•.-.•ivw: Hi'iTi-i WATIt- .S'fW-n Wlllt- Ill'-r WKAI.'- Sl.irln \VAIU' 1 ..... IV t'urP il:l."> ii. 111. WI:KV-WA III '•• N'KWH Till N(.»v \VT|<--U-|-;AK l."w«ll Thiiinii" WUll Ht:in f.«lli:ix W.l/.- 1 1. 'I-,- ' WATrt • fl'-i iv;mirMV,\i!i \V,// ..|li. i. mi WA'Pli-WHI! . WIIKV- i'i.iii:l.ii ij.lliil.-l U'A hi ' Hi^ii;,' i;i.".r IVKAK .li.hll V.iu.t-Ti.M.K Will Ai, •<«.•]• Mnn WATIt-V.'JH lil.ill.rii Ail'."nliii WA'I'li NHVII Wl'li ' V, l-'..\ I •• T.. Lf IIHIIKUIII r' WAIII' Mr I:.-.-PI WA'I'K.W.r/, l-i..'. I/LI,-. Wllfl ,V..«.i 111 II H:l.~ p. in. WA'I'lt'WJ's. — Hurl Cii"lwlii Will; .Ii.-i.ny l.'.nlin- H::ill |>. in. WIIHV- WAin '— Suunil "ft WT 1 1 '- W HA I' 1 — l.'iif fi-.. Tl ill" \V.\Tlt-WJX — TI.WH ,M,.,.iln>r Will: -VH- .mil Sli(K«:.-..•. |i, in. WI!KV-WAIir--.S'..WM !):(«! |>. in, U'|-;K V- WA I. 1 ' '- -l>i'k nnyint'H WTH.'-WKAK -MllKlc 11*11 U'uli i;,ibi-M lli'iniiT !i:l,-, ii ..... Will!, SI..I-I.-.H •J:.1() n, in. WIlleV-V.'AIll'— llnhl.y l.ul.hy U'Tlc.M'KAr -l/i.l. -y * Arili- \VATI!-WJX l«.ti.i:t mill i:..||. \VUI: - lly I'Miuilui- I n..||ililKl , II:.V, Ii. III. | WATI'.-W.IS'. WI.Hin.'i-'n Si'Hi-tM , . WI:lt V-\VAlil ' ~ Tli.-it'H [.If.) WI'll'-WKAI.'- .M.iiii ....... i-i.n. U-A-rl(.W,l/.--Ki.,f..|i llri-h. A 1.1 I WllllV I i.i Wl-l-v " : ''"' ''' '"'' , WATIi \V,IX Ili-rkli-v CM-I.I, j i -TII-.V. |.;AI.-.-.II,.,.|<H,.S* t . \ Highlanders Vs Millville In Postponed Game Tonight _. :r~r~: —— , . IT i • • 17 f\ T Summer Wrestling July 25 At Wby Muncipal Stadium i Karaban, Walker Announce •* • • • f signing ot earibaidi, | Morticians Swamp Kemaroff ror First Bout Middlebury Array WA'll: I;.-I,IH; |i,ii,ri. I'lrih. \VuK-- W.-iillii-r; U,ri<-i. IM,.|I A,... sn,,,,,,,,-^::;^"""" 11 "' Boston Yanks Announce Schedule Tho i:-i.-ttrm YimkM. ;ii''i-fn<>thnll nqiiinl. hnvM imn'iiinrri-d I hi-ii schi-d- lilt- for On. |.',ill, which will i,j,r.n nt ['Viiwny l'inl«, in I'.iiMtini. Ki-p- tvmhcr .'W. /i;;rilmit tin- New York fJlimtji. Thin KUUII. will hu a nl|;ht Thi- ri'iiuiltuli-r of the homo KJirnoii uri' n;< follows: Oct. l.'l, rllt);liurgti srci.|nrs; Oi-t.20, \Va»h- Ingion Ki-(l:ilr|riM: Nov. '.:. Chicago (Jardhiulw; Nov. \>.\. f.uii Anf;ulim UIUIIM; tiiul U.ic. x. rtilhulelphlu Nat'l league Pennant Hangs At Half Mast (n.v 'T'liitfO Press) liii.Mtun. July 1] -Tlie National f.";i;;uc'.-: oacv-pi-aud p.-n.-int h«nfs ill. hult'-xlal'i 1 (oilay • luwori-d 1'o'r the n,u..;t ch v.-l:iivi' U.-f.-at over to occur In any <-om,..-:t in huMiljnll his- tf».V bclwoi,.|i i!,r. two major Co-promotori Brownie Karaban anc! lildwai'd Walker are busy a vorlc these days lining up theii opening cord foi 1 the summei vrexllinfi season, which will oper n the Municipal StucJJum in Witter- buiy, July 25. Aln.'aily four of tiie "ijnst in t.hf vi-cstlinj; game have been lined up or the opening 1 nlg-ht's nctivilies, ?ith tlie announcement of tho slgn- •\K of Chick pHrihalcli, foiituring In; fji'otip. Garibaldi, a football UiytM 1 during the fall but a feared ||lch-as-c.'itch-can man during thn IT .seasons, Is one of the best inat- nen t-hat the wrestling Kumo can ri.'aent today, Also announced signed by pi'o- itjtor Karaban were Pierre Lai'uc. champion in Prance; Jean Blalre, uni: 01' I'lnglrinii's finest; and th'u mad Russiun, Ivan Kemnroff, why needs no htiild-up to locul fans, who saw him perform In year's winter houts. Tho full cai'd for the opening show will be announced 1 in the near future, ns the feature attraction Is not fully arranged as yet, but according to reports' it should be one of I'ho b'est wrestling bouts this area hp.n over seen. The strong Merry Morticians led by pitcher Billy Suillvan who slammed two home-runs, swamped C. Chapman's Middlebury nine last evening-, 14-G, on a 21 hit attack. Sullivan and Weaving shared batting honors in this free-hitting contest, garnering eight of the 2.1 hits which wcer allotted to the Mad Mortys. Sullivan aside from his two homers, came through with a triple and a single, while Walloping Russ Weaving slammed a home-run, triple, double and single to hit f-jr the circuit. The rest of the team batted equally as well with 1 Rado and Leary getting ;hree apiece, and Cm-tin, NurtlelJo and Nolde getting two each. L. Buckmiller played a good game on the fiel8. Score by InningK: Morticians ... 2122010—14 21 -1 Middlubury .. 1200120— C 11 4 Batteries: (winning team first), Sullivan, Rowley; Chapman, Fray. Umpire:; Kaczyy.olunas. American Legion •Juniors Important Tonight There will he un Important meeting of the American Le- Klbn Juniors at 7:30 p. in. tills evening 1 ut the American L«- gittn. hoinu. 1'hotos of tlie team nitunhuni will be tuken uiid cacli boy will be fingerprint«<1. It is necessary that every team member, if they expect to play with the team, l*e prcx- ont tonight for this meeting. Baseball Standings • AMERICAN XEAGCE fc v YcHterday'M Results Jo games scheduled. Boston The Standing W. L. 23 St. Francis CYO Lose Close Contest The St. Francis CYO were defeated last night, in a close con- *"<!t when thcv played against the St. Francis Xavier team, in Waterbury, by a 4-3 score. UtsuitiuwicK pitched for the locals while Dante AL-5ndola was the opposition. TJie victory was sweet for Dan-te ns the CYO team contains many members of the championship high school squad which defeated him 2-1 in the ^O-inning contest which Naugatuck. played with L."i"<?nworth to cinch -the league title. : • i York Detroit Washington Cleveland St. Louis Chicago Philadelphia •17 31 42 32 37 30 35 -12 3-1 41 29 4-1 22 O'l Pet. .701 .003 .508 .!>07 .450 .453 .39' .30. Usakiewicz Vs Owens In Tonight's Contest Rejuvenated Millville Squad May Upset Favored Highlanders Today's GimicK, "Pitchers Cleveland at New York (ni^hl —Feller (I.C-5) vs. Cfiandler O2-4) Chicago at Washington (night; —Haynes (2-C) or Lopat (G-G) vs Haefjier (G-4). Detroit nt Boston — Hutchinson (•I-. 1 )) vs. Hughson (0-C). St.| s o-t Philndnlpliia — nin (1-0; vs. MarcJiildon (-1-7;. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled. Salom, N, •i 1 .'nt't'i-r, chinos fJiunc.'i nv/iiy frcjin home will ho: Oct. Ii, I'liiliKlnlriiii/i Ragli.'.s; Uot, Z!. I'lttublirjfli Sfnrili.'i'M; Nov. ID. VV;iiihlni.-l.ou Ui-diiklM.s; Nov. 17, Ni'WYer.'t (fliintrt; and Nov. 1!,S, U(i- (roit (.ions, FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 J)A,V <ir NIO1IT Independent Cab Co. io<; south st. A Ircsb coat of paint OD th« wood. work and wails will make thai room now agaioi And it you use the right paint, you can easily keep it clean and new. looking with soap and water. W« recommcDd Murphy Paints Ixtoria* . Si'd Our l,nrKii .Stor.!c of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS AH Kinds of Fertilizers TOOLS i''f>K <;AI:UKN (I nd I, AWN • NIIOVKI.S (limj; mill Hhort When the Amcrlrian lengiie trouncfil the national 12 to nothing ut Fenway 1'ark Tuesday It was most onc-Hldml shutout in tho I 2-1.1 world series games and the 1 couldn't stand up 'to the American j l-'i ull-stur cjonlusts played to date, ; Thi! national league pitchers 'usr. i bat«. The Individual star of the classic fliisco w;us thumping Tod Wiiiams of thr. Boston Ked Sox. Ted's record for ih t . -1,1,, c i ny Wil!( a pa(l nt lioniera. two Nlngles ; md a walk in live ti-l.w to the plate. Incidentally, the funniest thing ahout the I'.iiiiic'ii.M I'ar'as Ti.-d'K concerned wny l-!l|i Si.'WulI'M Mcrewbrall ' "blooper" plteh. "DdKvonu, 1 never thought I could do It," Ted liilighed. "But tho way thai old hull flc-ated up to the J'lafi'. T just couldn't resist the tcn-ipiati.-in In sti-p into It and give It a ride." And HIM. u p ns iust what illil- rodt- it all the wny for a horner. .Sh.-n-in/r the ;ipcitllght with Wlll- lun-is «re tliroe American league (ilifhcrs. Hod Keller of Cieveand, Hill Nr-v.-hu-u.'ii-r nf DcitmH and .fault Kramer n( the Browns. C.'uippml Foiiur: -"['el ruthcr be pitching against the National '.'•ague /ny tl.iy of tho u-eek than iryintr to ;:••! guys Illte Wiliiama and Cliarli.y K,.||I.,- out." Nutinn.-i! wilillil'i' ri.'iitnrutlon week wun firnt proeUiimi.'il by Presidi-nt H., July ]l — Crowds t'i-r, tlio ijuri-mutucl ma.- lju.sloi', but the ono unfall- ng sf£n ->f boom times on a horse truck is the hultfM'trum. .. .Claims menu that conditions] are in apple ! pin order.' I Horsemen, eager to improve their i Urines, wore out in force on Open- Ins Day and will probably continue to bombard the box until the summer term closes on August 24. Transfers! on the first clay were: Homfox. moving- fiom the Mis- sI.SMaquu Stable to Lipson and Ne- Krls. uncl Oxford Bluu, from E. A, Simpson to Ruth Sidcll, each for S-i.OCO; Sun Talk, from -Mrs. L. O. Cushinff to Mrs. Lucion Laurln. for 52,000; Mumbles Peg, from the Pine Tree Stable to Mru. C. J. Gamble and Stormy Bill ,fram Eddie Yow•311 to the Frances Stable, each for S1.5CO. AXOTHKK IJOWI, GAME San Diutro. July 11— (UP)— Chalk up another "Bowl" game for New Year's Day In 10-17. The latest addition Is the "Harbor Bowl" K rimo which will be played for the first time New Year's Day in San Diego's City Stadium. Games Scheduled Today-Tomorrow The Naugatuck Grays will travel to Middlebury tonight lo play the Strong Mitlldebury team. Either Murphy or Dominlck will • pilch for the locals, Tlit Junior Baseball league will open tomorrow ;,t 10 a. m. at the Recreation Field when the St. Francis team plays -the Millville Cubs. The aoftba'll Yanks will engage the strong Merry Morticians In a softball game Friday evening at C p. m. Minimum wages -for big industries in Australia have boon ostab- by arbitration courts since fished about 1907. NEW CLASSES M'J'ilc, rii<;iu- or Cull for 1D« Bulletin JUNIOR COLLKGK UAKKS IIOI'^S — SI'ADKS I'ltlJ.MNC; SlIir.AKH (iKASS SlIKAHH CANS, Inc. TONIGHT x (i'i;i,i)f:ic ST. MARY'S HALL Union I'Hr An^liici'M nT Alhir nild ll"l.v Mllill. Mui-liMlrH SALEM PLAYHOUSE TODAY RIlIljI "Spec" Shea Garners 6th Victory With C'oast- Loop In the first tfinnc o f n don- l)lfi-hcnd«r, which the Oakland Oaks swept -Jnst Friday local hurltir Frank Shea scattered five hits, to win Ms sixth victory as against two (Infants, Tim victory pl ,t Or.Ulnnd l):u:li into first iiluoe In the Coast loop. Brasscos Defeat Redcaps, 6-4 • Ray "Dizzy" Decker proved lii<; statement that hi> could .pilch winning ball, when he hurloil Joe Sa- r»oaka's .Brassco.s to a C--1 triumoh over (ho Ml. V,-rnon Redcaps Decker also contributed two hits of his own. as part of the 11-hi't attack garnered by the Samoska men, which played a big part, in winning, has own game. Docker was in trouble in the eighth • and ninth when the Redcaps threatened both times to £»rhi a , bit ° f £rood clu ' ch pitching-, and the victory was his Score by innings: Red Caps . . 000220000—1 84 at-OBS-cos ... 0-10000110-G r 3 Battnes: (winning team firs't)' Sheen Gordon 3rooklyn St. I-oui.s The Standing W. L. 48 2C 42 31 Chicago 39 33 Cincinnati Z4 3G Boston 34 4Q New York 33 ,a Philadelphia 3039 Pittsburgh 29 .j.i Pet .6.19 ,S83 .D'12 .480 .-150 .4-1(3 .-135 .397 Todu.v'x Games, I'ili-.hnrs A T c-\v Yorl: nl Si, Louis (night) — Koslo (9-7) vs. Brecheen (5-8). BiooJilyn at Chicago—Barney (2.''.) vs. Sclimitz (5-5;. Boston at Cincinnati (night) — Wright (C-G) or Cooper (7-0) v<3 Waiters H-2). Philadelphia a-t Pittsburgh—Judd (-1-0) vs. Strincevich (3-7), The MlllviJIe A. A. r.iccs or,' thi evening uK.-xinst Mill Weissmun', hffjh-r'JInB Highlanders, when -th two teams play a postponed Am.i tour League ^ame. L,cnRue Prcsi 'i-ni Fi-jink Shea has nnnounced that he is making all efforts pos it hi a to play all postponed i^ame oy the 2S-lh of August, so as to 1,'ivc th<! league a clean slate -when l.hey st.irt the .second half drive. Jt is expected that Millville wil "ply -.'in ;heir newly signed ace Chel Us-ikiewicz, who made sucl a nrililunt showing for himsei when he appeared in a relief role n last Sunday's contest against ih< •' His job of that day wa.s -o no avail, ihouffh, us the R.-intf- •rs had already piled up a suffi- :. : «nt margin for victory when ,hct came in to pitch, T)ie Highlanders will no doubt .-all on their ace Owens or perhaps will ,-eiy U p 0n Ecj . nie Fred . onck.s to d-o the hurling. They will be favored -to take the measure of the .vlillville squad, but the Rubber avcnuites may pull a few surprises, as they certainly are an improved team. Came-iime, G p. m. at the Recreation Field. The chances of marriage for Amno.'in Kirls a ln best in rural areas ,nd improve as one proceeds from •asl lo west. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPA'UG UJCK FINLEY, Mgr. Open lo A. M. to 10 P. M Boutlng 0 Bathing * Picnics ICw ,K STUHKT Maple St Tel. 3r>07 CHAPEL ELECTKIC COMPANY Tol. 2210 ?.-\ SOUTH MAIN STKKKT (ll|.|MivU,' Nini;:nliH-k I'linillnn- ('".> I'ni'liipv Iti-iuilr SITI-II I All Milken nt Uiulli* Srls. I'piiiiil't Si-rvli-i- lit lll<UH,,llllllll. I'rll'l.s, l.llll-st UllllillMII'UI flip Killllii Knmlf H'lirh. AKI-IM-.I tup Wi'illiiKlinuii* HuilliiH mill l-Ml-i'ti-lr Apiilhllli-i's Adinlpiil Uiulliih nnil rlimmtcPiMiliH .xirwnr|.\Vnriii'r IIMI! SIIII.VPII KnillilH riilli'i, l.'ur lliiill,,H Siihl. lii«liill|.|| L. P. RACKE 600 High Street Naugatuck, Conn. Friday - Saturday LITCHFIELD SUMMER THEATER Opening- Night SKYLARK July 8-13 Seats 75c, $1.00, Sil.W), $2.00 plus titx CURTAIN S:.10 Reservations Tel, Utch 88() Noxt Week: IJTTLK FOXES AIR-FLITE KXTilA Jf.AIiGJr, A UK-STEEL WAGON — Disc Wheels- — $11.95. ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuch, Conn. ALCAZAR TODAY Roy Rogers in "Song of Arizona" Also Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake in "BLONDIE'S LUCKY DAY" Friday - Saturday "LIVE WIRES" and "BLONDE COMET" TliPiitci- CJosiMl for Alterations Starting July lotli FOIt 1'ORTKAITS OF DISTINCTION Phone 472G LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 Xo. Main St. Nauputuck 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) CESSPOOL Cr.EAXER BARN' BED PAINT SIIINGLK STAIN 1TTTSHUKGH PAINT GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Acrow from City Bakery) r--'« Delivery Telephone 50M Rotary Golfers Defeated The Wnlcibury Roinry club u>- cisivcly tlcfontcil UK: N.-iugnUiok Rotary in u special i>olf miitcli. plnycd yi^stard.-iy; which surprised us immem«;ly. Wo consider.'d that since Die locals had just come from n IPC- turo on miiniilons thai they'd he ready lo >-o fire:it nuns. My «osh, the corn i.s jjrefln. Bert. Olson stojiped Hie local argnnr/M'.- m fi-om lapsing imo compli:ie oblivion when ho managed (o defeat his opposition on tho rourse.' but lis said that )ii« opponent was two lonsths aliead of him when it came to tnlkin^ t uj> afterwards !n the club-housu'. DONNKLJ.Y SOLD Boston, July n - (UPl-N'ational -oaKUu President Ford Frick. in Boston for the recent All-Stars jame, announces that relief pitch- •r Sylvester Donnelly of the St -ouis Cardinals has been sent to he Philadelphia Philliets. Donnelly vent to the Phillies via the waiver outc. CONCERT Hamilton Park Pavilion (VVATKRBU1IY) THURS. JULY 11 (8:.'iO I'. M. Rain or Shine) Civic Orchestra of \Val«rl)ury (Mario IJiO'cco, Conductor) NAN MERRIMAN (Me7.7.o-Soi)runo) SUir of Concert, Radio, Opera Prices — $1.2fl. $1.80, S2.00 (tuxes inclndeO) (TICKETS AT McCOY'S) 1 WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STREET FULL LIQUOR LICENSE • Friday and Saturday Night Special CAPE COD CLAMS ON ITALF SHELL — STEAMED CLAMS — — CLAM-BROTH — Midday Meals of Hot Dinners a?id Sand'.viclics Serving from 11;SO to 1:30 Also Open Sundays 12 to 0 P. M. — J. RUDdLPH'ANDERSON, Prop — RESTAURANT , 94 BRIDGE STREET TEL. 4967 Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 !! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. T.el. 4935 [•For wm>d, con- \*?>J3 i- -crew, or p»tterni--wom 1 linoleuni floors there < J Jfljt t>£« Kymabjf J Spamrir fi«$y c<t use 'Hard to ? > F wear off. Solid colors eoy« c f '*Ii f <^ici* J -«« c*iir ^^—it^-t.:__ S 7 - N She wrote the book But he had the ideas! When :> lady's so easy (o look :il . . . c:in sh<- bl.-imo :i )));ii) if IH-'S hard to handle? Th,> story of ;i writer \vhosc hero comes to life . . . and cet-i plenty lively . . . with her: Claudette Colbert • John Wayne in MERVYN LEROY'S production of Without Reservations with DON DePOFRE * ANNE TRIOLA and MISS LOUELLA PARSONS Produced by JESSE L. LASKY Scri-on i>| :iv |,y ANDllKAV SOI-T — PLUS — "BAMBOO BLONDE" with Frances Lang-ford C,'i2 NOKTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel, 2G83 ROLLER SKATING LAKE QUASSAPAUG PAVILION EVERY AFTERNOON, 2 TO 5 MONDAV, TUESDAY, TI1CRSDAY, FRIDAY NIGHTS 8 TO J.1 P. M. The Coolest nnd Best Skating; Surlacc In Connecticut BUSES LEAVE PARK NIGHTLY AT 11:30 P. M. VACATION LIQUOR SPECIALS II WHISKIES CARSTAIR'S, WILSON'S, SEAGEAM'S, P. M. S3.45 IMPERIAL WHISKEY $3.39 GALLO CALIFORNIA WINE 85c MERJTO RUM $2.79 FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING - A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Price $4.02 — I $2.90 Footwear Plant Naugatuck ' Conn. COCKTAILS, National Brands — MANHATTAN" and DRY MARTINI — i ALlf!. FKENCH^COCNACSAnK NOW IN STOCK 1 1 Including ' E 3-STAR IIKyyiSSSEY, MARTETX'S, BISQUIT, KTC. __g GIN ..$2,89 00 Proof Grain (Yds \vc have T>imc Rickey and Tom Collins Mix) : We will liold t)ie> prlcf Un«.« without chaiiKC as lone as possible in cooperation with President Truman. J. K, STORES ICUT RATE LIQUORS - WINES BEER 1396 North Main St. Union City, Conn, FREE DELIVERY AKYWHERK IK KTAUOATUCK • Telephone 4970

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