Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 20, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CALIFORNIA. Entered nt llic Postoflico. Oovina, On!., ns Rcc.oml-clHss matter. Published every Snfnrdny by Hie Co- Argils Publishing Company, Inc. Publisher J. L. MATTHEWS One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies AKVKHTJHKMK.STS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Price's on application. Ch.'iti^es made as per contract. Liners oc j>er line each i n.Hcr! ion. Lentil .51. Of) per inch first insertion, . c .O cents each subsequent insertion. CO VINA , Marc'n. 20, !')')'). birthday Social. An (Mil f '100 jiei Hl ic ^ VVHH CHART MR OAK fjf'o. li. Yarhniij/ti of Charier Onk, with official, fj:!»;." H f|i'lhnani:i'!«., Los AiiHolM, report;- ' he foii>iv ini; recent, sales near dinner Oak: Kroin Ht.nwel I !,o A, (;. I>;ivenf:ort nf Mexico. 20 nrres of land (or SfiaOO. Mr. J)avcn;iort is vftirjtf it. lo navels and Valonolas anri will crftiit a borne on I.he same in tho near futim-. From C, \'L. Ifawlfiy of San JJirnan to H, A. Dorron of Mexico, JO acres of H year obi navels for 8)1,000. Mr. Ficrron JH having plans cJniwr. for a beautiful bungalow on the: Hinnc. to bo bnill, in the near-f iifim;. From Jrin. (/'. Chambers I o .Jno. ('. Mads of Los Angr-lfs, '2ti mires, 8 acres In Valencias arid 1/2 ncms lo iifivflH for ?.'!0,000. Mr. Kud.n \'.ill Hoon rnov" <;t[t>i (be Kilirih. .Miss Me/itric»! ('::}<: is reenverinH from a severe at luck o|' ).);'• grippe. Mi.Hn 'irfrfie f.incnin f-pi-nl Montbi;/ at home \vil,h Jti-r [ari'Ul.H, from hos An- lipfifit; of ti\,tin\. , Mr. f.!("i, I'e.\H, who taken to prr;.-;e;il, in I ho tho 1'owfjjia liospiUil for treatmenl, $1.50 .75 .SO .o.s Methorli'it, Clinrr-h TncHdii.v evcninj.; (.o celebrate (.lie flrftf. birlh'l.'i.V of I. he; new church, which WHH a ycfir fi^o n/i l.hfit <J<iy. The affair was nn/niKC'l '*.V Ibrt Lndiriw 1 Aid, find each person brought a number of pf'finie.s t.o riiprnHenl, bin or her »(.',(>, t.hiiH ncllin^ 'i K"')')I.V Hum I'nrlhe fniifJ. Tho foiuiiM wero nay J, fioHcia, blonm.H. with \vas broijtjhl home Monday much improved. Mr. and Mrs. (icn. Jiicn find Misn iVJnbel Kicr- uf Maiden, Mann. an,l Mr H. (J. liice of Tumors JMI|!H. L'lir'.Ht.H of St.owoll Mans., homo I.IHH wr:r'l< on a tour Ihrounh Soiitheni California. i:t the OWIHM' of tin; Mr. (itni. Flico fit dry K'-orlH lien and other f-il.oro in Mablon anrl IbinkH Hiin.slilnr! anrl ririiiiKO KI'OVCH a fi'eal, treat Inj Tho program oricnor] with a fine j cornpariHon to travelitiK through | piano .solo by MJHH W.ynno, and tho] March \vinrls anrl HTIOW drit'ts to busi- 'iijx, "Jiock rif A«OH," "(''rieriri- IICHH every irioniin«. Jjov(! and Truth," ami "Htar j Mrn.. Urice (Jiven Hpont. ThurHday IJaniirfr, " wcrn cxeellnntly e.mict,erl by (lladyH COOIIH, Wbcolcr and Donald Warner. Other numbers were vocal HO!OH by MJHH Deviinrlorf and Mr. Dniper, by Minn Minnie HiHHon, and vooul and orch(;Ht.ral <|uartolH. Union Revival. At, a meeting on WcrlncHibi.y evening last of members ropreHcnlint! t,lui IJfipt.igt,, MotiiodiHt, and I'reHh.vterinn churches it waH doc.idiul to hold union revival HcrviccH be^innin^ April 4t,h. Tho foonred in Knberl, L. Jont'H of New York, who in iioacm- panied by C/'arl K, Utiroh of JloHton, «i leader and HoloiNt, of more than ordinary ability. JOIKIH JH "rliffcronl,. " Jin IB tho very opposite nf tlio Hilly He is and a bun day typo of ovangcliHt. yircominontly a gentleman CbrlHtian, nnd blH offo'rtH to the value of tlio ClirlHtinti llfo wro on Huol) a plimo IIH to commond theiriHolvoH to ovory man. Uuapito bin quiet manner, his hold on tlio lifwi'tn of Uin people is Bitch tliat tho nowHpapor report.H of II<H work in tho eastern oiUo.s novor full to (iniiitnetit on tlio im- UiroiiKH that crowd to hour bin HWHHUKU. Mi'. JOIHIH wan invll.orl lo crime after ropmsentH- from tho variouH obiirohoN had M. O. floyt. anrl daughter, with her father, Mr. Mm. W. S. Lincoln Irene, Hpont Wodnr:Hrlay in Pomona shopping, Real Iistate Sales. Austin Wurnor rejiorls the nilo of tho fi Valencia anrl navel orange urovo IjclniiKiriK to Mrs. Treely i). Smith rif J'aKadeiia to I. D. Jloiiser of Covina. J.'rico, ?7,noO, Mrs. Smith taki/iK nomo lots i;i J'a.sadeua. Jfa/xacd A' Welch report tho Hale of ten acres of Valcnoias and navel.s, located on I ho corner of (JyprnsH and OloitrJoni tivenniiH, owned by (X O. Kincaid, to K. W. J5ryii)i, Huperiritmidcnl, of tho (Jroat Nnrtborn railway tit, Mi not, N, D. Consideration, 817,500. Tho nnm« llrm also report 1 ! tho Halo of twonty acres ot young Valencias, Jocaterl on llio corner of lllondnra iind (jlndHtono (LV(!iuiQH, tho propeily of ,J. H. Klliott, to Julia S. Watson of Pasadena, 8 ](;, 000. Cub Consideration, A Musical Trent. The sacred concert nivon on Sun- rlay last at iho Methodist Church was a HIICCO.SS of the most pnmnunccd ty|:o. Tho , attendance was lai'Ke, taxing to the utmost tho hcarrl him in tho union norvino« in »««oiiuini(liiti..!iH. The program was one of cxoeplinnal merit, ami ro- llecls credit on the ability of tho leader, 1'rnf, K. W. (irnnni. '1'lie numbers rendered by (he c.hoir were of a lii^'h iirdcr. The vnriniiH snloH 'vore much enjnyerl. The address of the pnsliir ciilleil nl tcnl inn (n I lie lart;e pluce n|' usefulnoss nf music in wnisliip. Simlliir Hcrvicey uill be planned In be given at intcr'als I hr.iughniil the year, tho next ilem nf espicial musical beliirf dm I'JiiHler iirngtam, nn which work has alroady cninmcnceil. tho rifik nl (Joi'onii, (inrJ brought buck a mow! favoralile report. Monday Afternoon Club. Tin- intercut foil, by everyone in ill- fated Sicily WIIH nhown by tho Inr^o audience presonl nl this week's inoot- ing of (he Monday Afternoon (,'lub \vlio were presi'iit, to hear Miss J'aolc- nril Hjieuk on ''.Sicily, tho Wrecked (ianlen of thu \Vorbl." Mi.t.H I'aek tint is a woman of pleasing per.4nnal- ily i'tirl Kicnl elo<|uence, and her .sub jecl M-IIH handle I in n vh id and inler- CHtiiiK manner, niiikin^ llibt week's [i[ d^i ii in i.f the c!ul> one of the brnl of thr 1 Hoa-niii. A piano Holo by M!HH U'.vnne \\iis iil.sri enjoyed. The ('iivinii club \SIIH invited In atleud the reciprocity meeting of tho (iici/diiia club on Tuesday after noon, where an interns! ing program was enjiiyed unit refresbinenlH served. A iiioiij,' I hose \v ho al tended w ere M men. JOlliott, (iriswold, Duller, I. I. Cook, eiiMiiin;; year, ami for llic traiisactiun Tntein, DoHcbeii, Crawford, Cnsbinan, : til such o'.brr bu.-itiifNS as may be Duipee, Chan. (irilllthn, l-'abrick, | lirtmy lit befm-i- tbe nici-tin^. ami the Mimics Hllinll, \'ic Keynobls, i .]. H. MATTHKWS. Secretary. Sanders and Kansiune. : __ The niei'iinu next Monday after noon will be adiiiv.ssed by I'l'uf. Kent, of the State Normal, I.OH Angeled, bin subject biting "Sln>d \Vork in the Today we will give a package of "Force" free to each and every purchaser, just for the sake of GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH YOU, and you GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH OUR WAY. We have THE FRESHEST STOCK IN TOWN, and we've come with PRICES DOWN. We invite you cordially to come in today, IF IT TAKES "FORCE." Our stock is bright, we'll treat you right, at the I I Platt B Q. H. ARflSTRONG, Proprietor Buiidirig, Opposite Hole! Vendome EfCE2aSEK COVINA, CAL. Notice of Animal M Notice is lu'ivhv given that tile annual meeting nf (lie t'nvio.i Mutual Unilding' and I.n.iu AssnoiaUnii, will beheld ;it the til lice nf tlif A ssi n'i.i titin, Hadillii Si.,, at the linur of 7:.^o p. in., Mnntlay, Marcli ^2ml, I'Ml'i, I'm' tile plll'|lnse nt elei'tillg a linai'd nt dirccliirs nf the t'nviua Mutual Huilil- ing ami I,nan ASM.rial inn In serve fur NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No. lliUfil. I'uldio ScboolH," illiiHlrated by an exhibit. Tho M'hool hicullien and all sloyil iludeiKs are invited to at tend, ami t-arb cluli member may brim, 1 one ^uesl without u card. (ircatcr Angeles. In the Si.per'mr ('uiirt nl' tlie Slate el' t 'all I nrnia, 111 and lor tin: Cuuiilv nl' _l,,s A.i-eles._ _ "in the' Math i"'~l' tlio Kstate^if Oi\ii I,. Mavlielil, |)eee:i.-,ed. \"llro Is lierel.V ^ivoil bv llle miller- •-iuiu'l, I'Xern! ri \ nl the estate "1 itrvd 1. MaMielil. ilerrasnl, t'l ill.' i'iv,iil,,|s nl'. and al! |"i'--iiiis liavin;^ ciaim- a^:aiiis| |)i,. vai'l deeea-eil, I" exhibit] lip -am.- \silh the l'.ei-i >-a i'V \ nUrl.ri— , i \\illiin I mi i' n.niilli-i altii' i lie lii -I |.,il San 1 M •: 11M ' i liagci iv A llrmi . 1, It 1 I II. Ili-llll!,,)! Jibb'.. 1.1, s A.I.Leles. cii^.b bu\r-n Inr oiiUi^'e gii \ts. J. W. ARMSTRONG, Manager Call No. 125 any time or Come to the Nurseries at 222 East College Street Covina, Cal. E U c A L Y P T U S T R E E S AUMSTKONirS COVINA Xl'RSKRIKS- Ornamc-ntals and Orchard Stock THOUSANDS OF THEM. Now ready. Exactly the right season to plant. Order now. 'I'll..- Role.;-ia t. is tho KiUFlK \ ...P..: aiui the Siui'o IMMII. In --I in I;IIH!;M.':I [u 1 t.t--'' 'Tin.'!'. ,i> '. ' ^i. Peach, I-luri in ,'iinlv v. :' •• \t' e ! 'cil ;\>r stri-ctatiil (K't'ora tivi> plantii!"-. I)..'li\'ero-'l !r, \<,i; irj any quantity. Then there ;,. n.\ i .i:;.;fu-iiMN wcii-kn.) ,vn d^ic paltu i ilu- I'li.uuacrups K.xcelsu "or Wauiinill palm, the Urecat-na r raiv var\-i<.- tiii. ini-iitioncii i-'.i:niiiy r;. \-id\\ into v;se for the '.''-. t.i-t I'.'iv-.' !i-. ;:!• [[.,!; I). ;u t! IT 1:1 the thcii^itmi !-.••, if y ( ,'.i I':},.,-. .Ml ui sulctijid condition. Pcnr, "\cci.irine, Apple, Q.'ince, Pomei-ranatc. Pen.immon, Almond, U'ainut, Loquot Oranges and Lemons of i-ourse.

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