Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 20, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1909
Page 2
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Mrs. fiiiin'irr' hii.i fciilirfil.v irifover- od from lie.r Into illneHi. ami is now milling HIP firunmonUitiiin nlnHs'-s to "innko up for lost, tlmo, " mi'l nuik- iritf thft pliyfiinp.! (tortnrp.?; "too UIB ninrk" us of yum, the tnystei ien of itn •/r,ft»t.iori. Koine of the more obstreperous ones noisily refused to fome hafk to their work until nb'iiit, half an hour after the fnmlty had corralled the r< • <t of their gentle t? pupils, f-'or (his the v,ie|<. ef) cutferc 1, an thr-. inevoratile ''Frof" imposed a fnfable jienalty upon them for this sictjrjn. tor fh« Junior piny, Aunt.," aris now H»\I\H on. nothing too ^und-for tli« Irinh." About, twenty of the HlnrlwitH, ())'• onkl nor]," wore , ritihoiiH ami nlium rocks <iti St. l ; !ilru'k'H dii.v. Tlm f-Yn.sliip.4 were oljH'fiyc'l lo have worn the; liuvHt. ridlle.cti'in of ^reeimry, no • loiitil. it. tilting quite ;i [ipi ii|iria te I'or 1 lii'in to flu HO. It, is hclifVf-.fl tlnil, aiiont, three 1'onrlliH of the Hliiili'iit, oo'l.v will lit. ('•ml tli»! flo|lywf(fjf| dfli.'itf.-, J-'rif|;iy evening. M;ir. '2>'i. Tlif! l,;iru] will aliin (40 (iloiiK. Kver.y student who fins (iny Hohool hpirifc wh(it/!Vf;r .should iil.leml tlilH (lehiitt! fitifl If- 1, our flf!, al«f> Urn eimmhiH, know Unit, }\<; nr .sho in \.}}i:Ti'.. lino diiyH fiiivo Mr. f.'ullinh is leHfliiiK "the sl.renu- fiUH life" thf>;e days. He hfiH two debates o/i his hands, beelde liin hislfiry elapses, aiifieri school affairs, and keepiriK a watchful eye upon Uie fonstrurlion of the new hii{h Hehool building. Arthur f'ixhy. Jli<.'he'!t ''ash prie" piiiil fi;i- \>.<]\ or fifteen fresh milrli <;tmM. (,'ovina iJairy. Patrick H. Teilloy Cement Pipe Hanufacturer ALL 5IZK5 AND IN ANY QUANTITY Kslimales furnished.- A!! work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT Large or small quantities. Yards, Axusa Avenue 1 , just north of Sari f.»ei naniii'iw Kod<< Tf.l(>i.»honf:, Home 3249 I'ostoffice Address, Covina i 1909 Model Are You Going to Build? l!' so, it. will pay you to lot me figure with you. First class work, priiv.s n^hi. satisfaction j^uarantoed. M. B. FolSOITl, Contractor and Builder IMioru: 214 CO VINA, CAL. Kissel Thirty $15,000 TO LOAN Tbi) (Irsl. team IdiHfih'ill lioys liavf: eonnul Uit! natty f<rny HiiilH fornicrly sfifl hy tho to AIM team ami proHenl, a jK'ii HIM en on the diiiniond'io Tho olfl red ami while unit.H heen HfiCiirud hy the Kf;<;"i!fl .liool team. Sfivcnil very pif'.turcH have. recently been hnntf in the (isHcmhly hull and reriilfitirjn rooms. Them: were prociiir'id with t.lui money received frnni I. IID Turner Art, exhihit held last ye;>r a I, l.lio hit;)) school. Our debate with HI Monte will lake place Kriday evrinin«, April 'J, at Kl .Monte. The (inllro Ht.urletit. hofiy and faculty visited tht; rle.inoiiHtral .ion tniin run hy th'! Southern Pacific Insl I''ri<lay rmil'iiltiK mifl Inft|ie,e,l.»>i1 Mi': entire ex- hibll, with intorent. The Ht.ndent.B inspected everything, oxhihit, earn, engine ami nil, and sornfj of t.ho 1'Ye.HhieH ficonpied nioHt, of their time ".joshiiiK" tlio "KonUomen of color" who operato the rlinintf cttr and it« kitchen. T.ho on^ineer and ilreman of the train were overwhelmed hy the onslaught of tJio Hfudeiitw upon the enKino, and Gxplbiuod to them Motor 4 / '.<x4 / !{ 30 h. p. Wheel Mase- 107 in. l' A loatin^ Rear Axle. I Hcatn J''ront Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs ''/\ Kliptic. Weight - 2000 ll,s. Timkcn Roller Uearin^s. Weeds 32:-:.^;,1. Speed 45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 in sn nrs r,f .r.ViO.'K) upon ol<:ar improved real estate at 7 per cent fur on to 4 years privilege to pay S"/X).')0 at any interest paying- date or all any lime v.-ithout bonus. I buy trust deeds and mortj/a^esn At 130 Kant I'ucntc St. except Mondays and Thursdays. Phone 194. OSCAR MILLER. See I', i;. DOUGHTY for Bunk and Ml Automobiles COVINA, CAL. Phone 2188 REO Oarage COVINA Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. A1AKCH 21, .Review. (Joldon Toxt--Thoy that, wore to red abroad went everywhere. preaching tho word. Aols viii :1. Jon. II—AotH I1:-H. Tho AHOOII- Hion uC Our Lord. Golden Text: Luke xxiv :fi 1. It came to pass while iio lileHHril them, ho parted from thorn, and earned up into heaven. Voi'Ho.s 10, 11 •Would tho ciomiiiK uf tho Spirit, of JOHIIH on tho day of PonleooHt, bo tho return of JOHUH as UIOHO two mon meant? ,Ian. 10 -ActH ii :1-21. The Descent uf tho Holy Hpirlt. (loldon Toxt. John xiv:HJ, 17. I will pray tho fiither mid ho shall ^ivo you nuother Comforter, that ho may ithido with yon forovor, ovon tho Spirit uf Truth. Verses (i-1'2 An edue.aleil mini wiry in desirable bill, which will mako the moat converts, a man with a fair in tolliKOiiflo and a common Hohoo! edu nation, filled with the Holy Spiiil, or an university ^radnato lacking Jan. 17 Acts ii I'J'J 17. Tho lie t!iimiiiK of the ChiHtian Church, (lolden Toxt. ActH 11:112. Ttmy con tinned hteadltiHlly in the A post ID'S! dceti'ine and t'el lu\VHhip, and in uf bread ami in prayer*. U'2—lluw in it that Jesus IIIIH id Himself upon tho world as no oth(!i- mini bun ever d<nit>, and that he has stayed the hearts <>f the lowly and mighty alike, and that Mis influence i.s incrrmiiiiK with the year* 1 ! 1 Jan. 'J 1 Acts iii : 1 Uti. The l.ame Man Healed. (iudlcn Text. ActH bis name, hath made this man strong, w hum ye see and know. Ver^r (i Need the lack nt munt'.Y • a 1 ability, CMT pievent any man llnm duinK tbr \\eik in lite, \\hieh (ind has app.iintiil him to do':' Jan. :il Acts iv . I !i I. Tin of 1't'li i' and .11 In ( inldrii ActH i v : .'i 1. 'I he \ \\i i n all v. itb the Holy < ih...-t, ami (liey s| . kr t in' H < I i| i,t ( iilll U II il I i l.illl -h. \'rl-i--, 1 '.'i lla\ r | I i. .1 -, ,i|ii| |K ael.i , s, in ( he | a.--!, I ' ' n .(iiicK i J' i-11. i. , tu .' < e ( ! i 11 ' >-. n r u i i \ i 1.: I i 1111 .- 'it 11 ill I', \\ In I I (•!' ill .-eieliCi- l t l.i on Toxt. I'rov. xii :'2'J. Lyin« lipa aro an abomination (into tho Lord; btil, they that dan I truly aro Jliw do- llKlit. VOI-HOH !)•!, HT) Is faithfulneHa to (Jod a sura euro for shortnetiH of monej 1 ? Fob. M- -AcitH v:17-42. Tho Apon- tlofl Jnipi'lsoned. Ooldon To.xt. Matt, v: 10. Hloflfod aro thoy \vhioh aro perHCcntod for i iKhtoonfinfiH.s Bake; for thoh'N iu the kiiiKdum of heaven. VOI-HOH IM-40 Is it nut, (rim that the horolioH of one generation havo boon tho HnintH of tho noxLV Ke.b. til - ActH vi :1 to vii :'\. Hto- phon, tho First (.hriHtian Alartyr. l loldon Toxt. vlhHS). Thoy Ht.onrd Stephen, nailing upon (iod, and miyiiiffi l^ord JOHIIH, rt'celvo my Hpiril, VorneH 1I-1H- When a mini with rit,'ht views' of truth, i/elM aiiKi'.y at, the mini with wrung vio\\H and pc-r- HOeuti'H him, whiuh tho latter takes with mrrhneHH, wliich in likely tlm better man of tho 'woY Feb. UH Aots viii:1 '!?>. Tho (<iiH|:rl in Samaria. (lolden Toxl. AelHviiiMi. Tho peuplo with one iKU'urd e<avc heed unto thoHe things which 1'hilip spal(i», heariiiK and see in;.; the miracles which he did. \'ei-Ho '.l 11 Is there any evidence Iu believe that them are, or ever have been, persons with the puwer claimed by witches, conJIIICI.H, Culture tellers and simitar fakirs? March 7 Acts viii :'-Ml 1 0. I'hilip and the Kthiupian. d'olden Tr\t. iluhn v :'l!l. Search the sori | t i;rrs fur in them ye think ye have eternal life; and they air they which le.Mil.v of me \'ei>r '2(\ May any pi'i'»uii, ulm ia not plnyhiK duublo with (iml, sai'ely trust ''the inward voice" to direct as tii outward circumstancfs'.' March 1 ! .ids i.\ : 1 !i III. Aeneas and lloieiif. liobii'ii Text. Acts ix:!!l. And 1'eter said unto him, Aeniii--, .Ii MIS Christ makeih tine w lii ile ; ari.-e ami mako th.\ 1 ed. Ami in- ari -i 1 immed lately. s lliiw i!n ymi cla>--ll> iitl lit t heill^el\ en W i t 11 I .111.1 I I AN t I IIM l I a\ ii.i:, i le.-l.--, Ill !.:• 111^ Keg. No. 3<J(>7 DEPUTE Reg-. No. 2374 Imported Stallions TERMS: $20 to insure mare in foal; $15 for the season. The above are the best horses of their class in this or any other country. They will improve your stock imniensley. If intending breeders would see these horses before making other engagements it would be to their advantage, as their colts will show. Covina Horse Breeders Association W. G. SCOTT, Mgr. Inruire at Keefcr's Stables. COVINA Moving Heaven and Earth And ;ilso anything else that will move. Transfering furniture, pianos, delivering express packages, carrying United States mail, taking out parties to the canyons and beaches. Hauling oranges and all kinds of heavy teaming. With Wells-Fargo on Citrus Avenue Covina Transfer Company Res Phone 1108 Home Phone 80 Ti ue am Acts iv ::,-.' io \ : 1 1. I'l,. Kalse l)|i.ihel)n;ud. * .1.1 I \\ is conducted on broad lines, yet closely in keeping svith those conservative measures so necessary to Safety and Soundness. Our Officers and Directors are men of long experience well fitted to manage im- portant financial affairs. AN EASTERN TRIP VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE Is one of comfort ami pleasure. 'Tis the Short Line from Southern California via Salt Lake City, with beautiful scenic features and excellent train service. Iti addition to the famous LOS ANGELES LIMITED, carrying both standard and tourist sleepers through to Chicago in Three Day, the Overland Express carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO 5T. LOUIS ST. PAUL and many other p lints via various routes East of Salt Lake City. Yijur patronage will be appreciated, and full particulars of rates, trains, etc., may be had from Salt Lake Route Agent at F*omona YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not See Yosemitc This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OR SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. vv^*vyvv^l^A!^^^ New Pomona Double Plunger Deep Well Pump Head $ \ < \ BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten-to Forty Horse Power It is the smoothest running deep well pump because there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger of breaking- the pump rods. Be sure and write for our big catalogue. Watch this space for further information. Pomona Manufacturing* Co. Pomona, California Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage bin-ing good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT I'AYS TO SKK I'S" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Lildg., Los Angeles L), W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 12 , Coviua iia! ; -n,ii(Ht Surplus S40,i't>u BONMA/VV & RITCHA ilCenient Contractors LF/F rs FKiTKi-: ox ANVTIIINT, IN TIIK CFMICNT LINE SIDKWALKS ANH L'l'KUS Ol'k Sl'iXIAI/l'Y We uiv «. >.}i'jrict;ced ^ctiKiit ir.eti and etnplov only skilled help. ••/:

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