The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 29, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1977
Page 5
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Consumers' League May Be Organized Boston. July 10-(UI')--A m f.etlr»,' of EoHtonhms has resulted in pliin* tOorKrunl/o a nnllon-wldc consunws' H.'aKue. IxMidur of the mnrtinK-• Thomn-t Dor;;;ui of the Superior Civil Court -- says the It-mruc would flfcht hlKck market* und ciinipulKn for homoM, clothcM and rood for World War It vulor- iinn. DOW" 1 dnlm.i Amnrleuns uro bn- ln>.' "kklddl and bluffed by proim- j;ijnili.its" und ur/oit that "wo ho- llcvu In Amni'lcji first." The dully wouthor miip of the Unlt'.'tl SliileM WHS first publlnhcil by this tfrmrnniftnt in 1871. Weary Sore Feet Quickly Relieved This easy, simple way: /turning L'iillouitv.t and hot, tlrod fnf t c»u"<' hour i of mUrrv und lo-tH of work. Why milf*T whi'M fur unl/ 60o ymi our* iMijuV * htl Aniline,'*iirtin;f n'ik'f from j-ouoj, Fiii.i Uullr-r. U'rt n irruHnuIciiii, nUinU-Hrt. nX'lt'(mt fit oi lit riled* tlint T«n NI iiiii*iifiifuil Irito th" ft'M iit U-Utlmn. (tt iinli-k ftfti'ifi «JJuwt Cor nt'Tc fi.jtt- fnl ulrcp Hint clHrlunt work iho nuxt iUiy. Gvt u iV)t jur ftt (MMii'Vitn'ii I'lmrnuu-y, NiMiuiitm-k l>rnr. Mini nil ifiMnl tlriiK or (|i-n(, Mori-*, Buyers' Strike Is Threatened Star Weds Bellboy Stamford, July 10—(UP)—Housc- wlvp.s arc threatening to go on a buyor'tj strike 'tomorrow, While no concerted plan for ac- •lon is evident, It appears that many women will boycott all stores. Some said they are prompted to ilo so because o[ spiralling prices. As examples they told of butter selling at $1.50 u pound, and meat, including bones and fat, at $1 a pound. V.'OMAN RKSCUED Evtrutt, Muss. July 11 (UP)—A KS-yotir-old spinster-—Miss Mary Flaherty—l.i hospitalized after being rescued from a locked clothes clnsel In svhich she had been trapped for four days. Miss Flaherty wa:i trapped in the closet while hanging up some clothes. SIIORTAGK Itartford, July 0—(UP)—A short- ILI;B o[ teachers for Connecticut cliimenUiry schools is reported by tho Stati- Dt.'purtment of Education. The department says thoi'u are now iipproximutcly 300 spots open. This repi'e.fcnt.s a turnover of more than eight per cent—-which Is said to be high, but not abnormal, con- .ildurlnK the times. "THI-J STOKli OK 3,000 MATS" Our Great Semi-Annual HAT SALE! • l.'lcnty of Wliik-s nv.-i, l''iil)i'i('s iil'-;i Kind 'Sl.yli-M ( ii'Mllilll 1 I.C^'lli'l'IIM ,\1 issr.s inul .Ma! runs -I!) Ci-ntcr St., \\';itorliiirs- NEW HOME OWNERS ATTENTION! MODERN FLEXIBLE STEEL VENETIAN BLINDS You Owe It To Yourself To Have A Beautiful Home! ,' VW /ins ready to servo you now FULLY ns we ui'i! ubln to tuko orders for quick delivery on Sttuil und Wood Venetian BllndM In nil .sI'/.OH, Our Blinds lire beautiful—our prices economical. Vcnotlan Blinds will ivtld Just the touch of bonuty needed in your hOI7!l ¥ . Telephone ua NOW! ! Wo will be huppy to call at your home and discuss your Venotiun Blind problems. May we anticipate your cull, confident in Gullibility to be of lasting service to you! .' S TYLE VENETIAN BLIND HOPPE 85 SPRING ST., UNION CITY Tel. Naugatuck 6-111 Waterbury 4-9526^ After announcing thut they w«ro marrlod on July 1 in Klvorsldo, Calif., Gljuly.s Gnorgii, 42, blonde tilujT« and screen uotress, nnd hor liiisbund, Konnetli C. Bradley, 27, hotel bellhop, leave the hotel In Angeles where tho groom wurkutl und wliure tho uouplu Is stiiyliig. It's tin: fourth luarr.'agi; for tin- blond.' ntur. tlonul) Much Decorated Hero Is Going To Be Movie Actor Hollywood July 11 (UP)—Audio Murphy Itnwva all about fighting a war, Bat the country's :nost de- corjjtL'd soldier is having to learn i new job. The ^2-ycar-old former lieutenant :M KC'ir,',' to bo a. moviu tictor and riuw is leru'ninK how to do it, During the war. Murphy killed morn of the enemy and won more cit.'Uions th;tn any other man in the American Army. Now he has signed a contract with Jiimes and William Capney, who are producing pictxiros. The.Cagneys have out- llnt-d a prolonged training course I'MT tlu-ir now actor. Greek Boy Is United With His Father And Sister Middletown, -Tuly 11 (UP)-—A lO-yt'iir.M-fild Greek boy—who saw Ills mothi-: 1 die from starvation— has been reunited with his father <ihc) sifter at Mlddletown. The yfjiinirster—^acl-cyod Christos Chumis—arrived last night—easily carrying all his worldly pof.sessioii;; under hi;; .11-111? Said he: "I want to become a doctor s" t can hell) all tihe Ruffer- ing people 1 ." Bonus For Vets May Be Asked If Legislature Meets Hartford. July II —(UP)—If a special session of the legislature is cnlliv.1 to consider a ror.t con- rol bill — it niriy be risked to con- ldi'i- a bonu:j foi 1 servicemen. Advocutts of n. bonus are plan-' lnir to Rcok immoillatc action if such a session is cn.llod. They want to Uike up a proposed amendment l-i I ho state constitution which would pave tho way Cor future enactment of a specific bonus bill. VROJECT Pr.ANN'EP Hnrtford. July n—(UP)—A six- mile section of the Wilbur Cross parkway by-passing Meriden Is slated to be fc.iclv this fall. Thc state highway department snys that the new road will relieve congestion between New Haven n nil .Hartford. Durlnft peak periods, it will carry n traffic load of more than 1,000 vehicles an hour. is'rubbed ln>to each side of a Swiss; cheese everyday to toug'li- en the rind and also to seal it iiKalnst air and the action Of undc alrable bacteria. SKK I'S FOR YIICU VACATION LUGGRGE h L'mtirrlEn « Ki'cuvrriMl, lli'pntri'd I FISHERS 111 S. .MAIN ST. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Noary BulloUng Conn. BEAGON FALLS CcirruH|ian«l(«il., Tlioiuii'M- Fitz|iatrick, 'J.'elcM>hono 43B3 Meat Shortage Continues In The Local Community fiutuck Elks, is still in New York PiVhort Prn-ViTr TVTnrp Than attending- th« annual Elks' con- Kobert Crosby, More inan vcntiori( % t thc Hotcl commodore. Two Years In Navy, Receives Discharge-. Although the supply of meat, in neighboring communi-Ioti increased yesterday, when the cuirent influx of beef to area packing houses, began to be distributed, there was apparently no increase in the local supply as moat remained one of the most difficult items to purchase locally today. One Jocal butcher said recently ;hut she had been refused beef or other meats by ti Wuterbury puck- ing house, which was reluctant •to part with any of its supply,. un- .11 It was sure its osvn locality .vais supplied. Kohcrt Crosby 'Dlsc'harscd Robert Crosby, R. M, 3-c, 21 ,'orth Circie, wits dib-clutrged from .he Nuvul Separation Center at Lido Beach, L. I., July 0, after tcrvinfir sli^h'tiy over two years In he Naval service. Legion to JWoe-t The local American Legion will nold a regular meeting on July 1C, at the Town Hull.' Some very .mportant subjects are tabled for. liscusHion at that meeting:. Bnukat Still In N«w York William Eaukat, local resident, vlio la exalted i-uler of the,»Nau- He will be present in the parade' that will-climax the week's activities, being: held today. Visitors Mr. r.m! Mr". Richard Keast and daughter, Barbara, from Dalian, TI-XUS, have been visiting Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Andrew of Bethany road. Smiths in New llame Mr. and Mrs. Edward Smith have moved into their new home on Bethany road, The couple wuro married recently, Mrs. Smith is thP former Butty of Nuugratuclc. Yale Professors Flying To London Is'cw Haven, July ]] — (UP)—Two Y;ilc professors have left by plane Cor London. Dr. Wal-icr R. Miles is a dole- gate' from the National Academy of Sciences at Washington to the London tercentenary celebration of the Royal Society of Great Britain, Dr. Catherine C. Miles will visit various nmliiutiuns serving British veterans and study their methods of training. Spending Summer Here Miss Charlotte Magnuson, a teacher in IlarUorU, is spending the summer with her mother, Mia. Albert Maenuaon of Wolff avenue. Marine Recruiter I At Local Post Office Friday , S-Sgt. Charles W. BuracxewRki, Marino recruiter from the Water- '•iiii'y oJDce, will be at the Post Olllco Friday July 12, 1940. He will interview all young men interested in the U. S. Marine Corps. He states that enlistment arc still open In the aviation branch as well as in -the linp branch. The period of enlistment aro still the same UK before, two, three, and four vpyr.s. He will be at the Pout Ollicc Ciom S a. m. until 4 p. m. NEWS (COXX.). TTIURSPAY, JOT/P 11. 19«C— PAGE ,5 Textile Workers' Union Reports Big Increase In Wages BoR'on. July 30—(UP)—The CT-O Textile Workers' union announces tlir- - '3,000.000 w.iero In- irnnse has been arranKcd Tor Xew England cotton and rayon textile workers. And the union adds that the total may rcnch Sll.COO.OOO. The C-I-O .-.ays the Increases were nfffcted iri what it. called the biggest arbitration case ever to lake nlace m New England. The vlc- 'ory included an eight-conl-an-hour incrrusc. a 73 cent an hour minimum and improved insurance benefits. These go into effect on August 1st. UNDBnGRAOUATO New Haven, July 9— (UP) ^-Nearly 1,000 ,studen r ts. most of whom are ;eiurri'cd Service men, began* ain un- Jei-graduatc icrm at Yale toddy. A- complete freshman program, aif well ns upper class courses, is being offered this summer, A .faculty of 30 will provide the instruction. Visiting; Detroit Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wilcoj: of South Circle are visiting? Mr. and Mrs. Shepard 'of Detroit, Mich. KNOED HIS LIFE Boston. July 10 -'UP)—A Navy qaptain has taken his life in his room at Harvard Business school where he WUH :i student. The man was Captain George" N. Buttcrfiold of Port Deposit, Maryland. He was 38 years old. His roommate. Captain Roy Jackson, reports that Butlerfield had been depressed for the I past several days. I 26 PC. Service fdr"6 LIFT TIME STAINLESS STEEL G KNIVES TOHKS G TKAS G SOUP I BUT1KR 1SUGAH $9.95 Complr-to With Chont CCHNEERC WTCREDIT JEWELERS^ 162 South Main St. — 4 2206 No Giun There iu no game scheduled for ie Beacon Falls Crusaders in the Amateur League this week. The al aggregation may card a non- league game for this Sunday's r 'ripc'-tf tion, IT.ANK FOKCKD DOM'N Hartford, July 11—(UP)—A Pan- American Constellation plane has | been forced down a-t Brainai'd I Field. A smooth landing was made without mishap. The huge plane, which came from Ireland, WOE bound for New York but could not- land there because of a low ceiling. • ' ' Tho Irish .Free State was created by ii.n act by the British parliament in 1922. CARSTAIR'S WHISKEY $3.45 J. R. STORES CUT RATE, LIQUORS, WINES, BKKttS 896 N. Blair. St. Tel. 4879 Free Delivery Anywhere In Borough CROQUET SETS TENNIS BALLS BADMINTON BIRDS BASEBALLS and GLOVES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE XEAttY BUILDING TEL. 5212 E A S ITk IN'SCAR MERCHA DISE Utfrat—A mister 4-door Sed«n, 2rnt.J>rj:t—A 1946 Duick Super 4-dow Scdtn, 3rJ A-w—A 3 W6 Buick Spc. cia) -4-door Sedan. All otis equipped wuh radio *od bcitci. DrLuxt Ait> , tiriei, clcnos iisclf, <Jr«ini ii*c]l', iliuii ii- jc]( off— ftU eutomai- ic*lly, JUST COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "I like Robin Hood Flour because . (In 25 additional words or lasi) 25 KCA Viaor Auto- mjftf Radio-PboHQ- grej}/} Conjoin. 9 tubes, 3 binds— »nd foreign rrcep- tion. Comblitclyau- 653 PRIZES Just think of it—a grent big, brand new Buick standing at your door! Thar home frecxcr you've needed so long right in your kitchen! A new Frigidaire De Luxe refrigerator to take the place of that old one! A wonderful, new, modern R. C. A. Victor Console radio for your living room! An up-to-date Bendix Automatic Home Laundry Washer to make that washday easier! You have 653 opportunities to win a prize! It's Eaiyf You've just as good an opportunity to win one of those wonderful, new, 1946 Buicks as the next woman. Literary skill ... fancy writing... neatness don't count extra. Just say what you sincerely think about this marvelous Robin Hood Flour. And you'll find ic so easy to think of something to suy. You see—Robin Hood Flour is the very finest flour being milled today. In fact, it's so wonderful that it's one (lour tbat can suy, "It's so fine, you can still bake Angel Food Cake." Every bag of Robin Hood Flour bears Tha Reason for this Contest Yes—we all want la do our pan to comply with the Government request tti save flour. So to enter this contest, you don* t have to buy Rohin Hood Flour. Bui we'd Hill Mr to ktioui what you think about Robin Hood. And maybe you can win a prise. So ash your jritnds and neighbors about it- Then get busy and send us your tntry. a money-back-plus-10% guarantee. Robin Hood is the only leading flour that gives you a guarantee like this. Don't Miss This Great Contest! Be sure' and try Robin Hood Flour if you can. Ask your dealer for it. However, if your dealer is out of Robin Hood Flour, you can still enter this contest. Just read all about this wonderful Robin Hood Flour in the advertisements, or listen to Robin Hood's entertaining new radio program, "The Pcabodys." This will help you to complete your sentence about Robin Hood Flour. Then, write your sentence ia the coupon below. 25 Frig'uljirt 9-foM DiLuxr RtfriRrrjtort. With iupcr ffMicr, deluxe, new meal- CfDjcr and 2 deluxe hydntors of main stonge. I CONTEST CLOSES MIDNIGHT, AUGUST 10, 1946 Follow These Simple RULES! 1, Complete this sentence: "I like Robin Hood Rour bccnusc *.." in 25 additional words or less. Write on one .side of ft ihcci of paper. Print or write plainly your mime «nd addrev*. Send no extra letters, drawings or phoiofiraphs with your entry- 2, Moil entries to Robin Hood Flour, Box 5A. Minneapolis, Minnesota. You do not li^ve to purchase Robin Hood Flour to enter. 3, The contest closes on August 10, 1946. All CD tries received on (Jiat clny nnd alt entries postmarked not late? than midnight of that day will be accepted if received, noi later than August 1-4, 1946. 4, Entries will be judged for clearness, sin* ccrity and originality. Judges' decision will be final. Fancy entries will not count extra. Duplicate prizes will be awarded in cfl*c o( tics- Nocntrics will be returned, tmrici, contents, and ideas therein become the property of International Milling Company. 5, Any resident of the Continental United States may compete except employees of International Million Company, rhcir advertising agencies and their families. Contests »rc subject to Federal, State and Local regulflif'on*. G. Name* of the major prize winners will be announced over Robin Hood's "The Pca- bodyfc" radio program on or about August 27 (A complete list of winners will be available upon request). 7. The merchandise in this contest has >U been purchased from the manufacturer. However, in the event of conditions beyond our control and we are unable to deliver any of thc&c prizes, we will substitute the retail cash value. Ad- e Frteztrt. construction— thermOiUL ENTRY BLANK Finish the following sentence in 25 words or leu and mail to Robin Wood Flour, Box 33, Minneapolis, Minn, I liko Robin Hood Flour because^ Name. Street. tm. J00 Su *jbtJm Automatic Mixeri with ihc exclusive, new Automatic Mix- finder. HINTS ON HOW TO WIN First, try Robin Hood Flour or read about it in a Robie Hood advertisement or look in your local newspaper <bi Robin Hood's entertaining, new radio program, "The Pcabodys." Listen to the messages we bring you about Robin Hood daily On this program.. Angel Food Cake." Then get your entry in the mail soon as possible. . . . • ~>' : TUNE IN "THE PEABODYS" -" • r For further details of ibis contest, hints on how 10 win and helpful news about Robin Hood Flour, tune in "The Pcabodys" every d»>;, Monday through Friday. Sec your local papers, for ti w ind iruioo. ajor prize winners of this contest will lilt " M fin yi" oa or about Aujput.27» , Hli_.)UU over "Tt4 \ 4\. i£& vl- - i { \' *^

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