Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 24, 1944 · Page 20
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1944
Page 20
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TWENTY Roosevelt SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MIX, SUNDAY*. f SEPTEMBER 24, 1944 Found Gaining In 27 States; Dewey In v •••.•'•. v President Continues To Hold Lead in Electroiul Votes in New Gallup Poll Survey By GEORGE GALLUP Director, American Institute of Public Opinion Princeton, N. J., Sept. 23—With election day six weeks from thU Tuesday, Pr^WU 1 D. Roosevelt continues to hold a slight advantage over Thomas E. Dewey in terms of civilian popular votes, a new 48- atate survey by the Institute indicates. The President has gained in 27 states since August, while Dewey has gained in 14. This leaves the political situation as follows: Roosevelt leads Dewey in 28 states having a total of 284 electoral votes. (It takes 3G6 to r. G*«rr. Call.p w i n .) ^•Governor Dewey is leading in 17 states with a total of 208 electoral Totes: : The remaining three states, with 39 electoral votes, are found "on the- line," with Dewey and Roosevelt each polling 50 per cent of the vote. ' In the Institute's August 23 report, Roosevelt had 286 electoral votes, Dewey 2iS. Balloting In the present national survey, > the second made by the Institute since the nominating conventions, was for the most part completed when Governor Dewey started hi* campaign tour to the West. The figures are therefore a reflection of the period of comparative inactivity before the Republican campaign launched into full swing. Nor do the figures reflect President Roosevelt's first "political" speech of the campaign delivered Saturday night. Dewey*« Losses • In. August Governor Dewey was leading In 20 states, as compared to 17 in today's survey. The change came about because New Jersey and Missouri, where Dewey had a slight lead in August, have dropped to the 50-80 line, while Oregon switched Irom Republican to Democratic, In terms of popular vote percentage, however, the shifts within the.'w states .have been small, and it JU entirely possible that vigorous «ampaigning by the Republican candidate will regain the lead for him in those states: • A ^aet to b* borne In mind in •tudying the following state-by- iUt« results ia that all. scientific polls are subject to" a" normal error PJT three to four percentage points .Therefor* no state has been listed a* "safe" today, for any candidate •nless h* is found leading by 54 per cent or more. Tismnts MLSE TEETH putiiov works Jn October, 1918. The Lenin Mausoleum * Kremlin a'p- Jeiir on the one ruble value' and Italia-and Lenin on the .'three ruble value.' - - - '• :>..•. .. ^i !• • ~ 'Another new Russian set of four stamps pictures medals of the "Great Patriotic War,"- tha Soviet name '.or the present" conflict.' which have aeen. received' in both 1 imperforate ind perforate form/ -The Medal • of Order of the Great Patriotic War is pictured on- the 15-kopeck red, the Order of. Alexander Nevsky on a 20-k blue, the Order of Suv- oroff on a 30-k green and'the Order of Kutusoff on a 60-k: red. '•• .An earlier' arrival was the two- stamp "Day of the United ttoas" set which features the flags of the Soviet Russia, the United States and Great Britain. Values are 60-k and three rubles. * * • Latest of the Central and South American countries to pay postal tribute to the Red Cross is Venezuela, which has issued four regular postage and seven alrmal stamps to mark the both aim Red Cross and the.37th anniversary of Venezuela's adherence to the organization. Previously the Dominican Republic issued four stamps and Nicaragua has announced that it will Issue three' airmail commemoratives next month. • , . Venezuela's commemoratiyes are unique In that . the four postage values each featuring the Venezuelan and Red Cross fliags, were issued in miniature sheet form and were not sold separately. Each sheet is numbered, bears the.Ven- zutean and Red Cross flags, were 61. the country and these values: five centimes, green frame; ten-c, rose-reds frame; 20-c,. blue frame; stamps were issued:In 1939, Salvador has surcharged her".San Francisco . Golden , "Gat*.,.; Exposition commemorative airmail . issue' to earn' the sta'mpe a third listing -In the Standard Catalogue. .The latest surcharge: is identical with that of 1942 except ••• -that the numerals are considerably smaller in size. The surcharges are;. If on 15 centavofi, 20 on 30-c', add 25 on 40-c. ...•'. • •»•; * ••'.' •' • ' ;-. A Gaum cancellation'dated "Aug. 7, 1944,'' which antedates by two days the cover cancellation described here recently has been reported by John H. Thompson,-managing.edi- tor .of the Torrington, Conn., Reg-. Aster ^ . ,' ; Cql.: 'Hans' Lftgerloef 9'f "New. York has .donated .the- grand award trophy for Stampex, the national' stamp- 'exhibition to be held by .the Essex. Stamp Club of Newark, N. J.,.October 13 to 15, and also_wSU-exhibit-his. collection of Lubeck; stamps'-;. . A carved na live Idol appears on' a 12-stamp set Just Issued by the Free French government for Wallis and Futana islands —George A.Scott. The results •* the latest 48-state Gallup Poll (top map) show Roosevelt leadinc in 88 states with 284 electoral vote*, and Dewey ahead In 17 slates with 2M 'electoral votes. Three Btatea are OB the 5«-5« line. Safe for Roosevelt Today (19 States) 8 —3 —2 +1 Electoral Votes F.C,». 8 S. Car. 92% 9 Miss. 84 12 Ga. . 81 11 Ala. 78 10 La. 77 9 .Ark. 74 23 Texas 72 8 Fla. 71 14 N. Car. 68 12 Tenn. 65 11 Va. 64 4 Utah 57 4 Ariz. 57 4 Mont. 56 11 Ky. 55 8 Wash. 55 25 Cal. 55 8 W. Va. 55 3 Ne?. 54 194 Leantaff Toward KoomreU Today (9 States) F.D.m. T.I« since Aar. DIH«J 23 8% +3 16 19 22 23 26 28 29 32 35 36 43 43 44 45 45 45 45 — 3 +3 +1 —2 0 0 —1 —1 +1 -(-2 +2 +2 48 —2 All Institute surveys are sponsored and underwritten by 130 daily newspapers, some of which are Republican, some Democratic and others Independent. Although Institute ballots are open for the inspection of political leaders of all parties, no survey wor£ has ever been conducted by the Institute for any party or candidate. 4 N. Mex. 4 R. I. 18 Mass. 4 N. Ham. 8 Md. 3 Del. 8 Ore. 35 Penna. 10 okla. 53 53 52 52 52 52 51 51 51 47 47 48 48 48 48 49 49 49 —S +2 0 +1 0 4-1 T-2 —1 0 On the Lino (3 States) 90 ElMt*»l 8 Conn 50% 15 Mo. 50 16 N. J. 50 Cha&c« In Slat* Aug. Dewt? 33 50% —1 50 +1 50 +1 39 NOW — in a Jiffy — you can make loose, slipping dental plates fit snug and comfortable. Eat, talk In comfort, laught freely—for "Gum Grlp- per" enables you to enjoy that feeling of almost having your own teeth again! • APPLY IT YOURSELF—at Home "GUM GRIPPER" amazing plastic Re liner tightens dental plates quickly, makes them hold firmly and fit like new! Just squeeze from tube, spread evenly, put plate In mouth, wear it while "Gum Gripper" sets in a few minutes. No beating necessary, • USE ON ANY DENTAL PLATE "auai Dripper 11 will not harm dentures or Irritate gums. 8an(t»ry, odorless. Keeps mouth sweet and clean, prevents sore spots Application of pbulifl "Gum Orlpptr" ii guaranteed to last 4 1< R Month.—ir no eotl. Can be Drubbed or washed. Re» I A. J. Wgley. Pittsburgh Pa., writes "Best materia II erer used. I bar* not re lined my lower teeth for * months." SEND NO MONEYT-Order a Tube Udar—It's only »l.OO. Pill out and mal coupon below. You'll be delighted! B*l\*faction guaranteed or your money back . Qeneroua size package Den tal Plate Cleaner Included free ot eztra coat. Clean*; dental plates without brush Jrjfr. Will not harm denture. Dept. SIHA, Chlcar •^-'W > '-~~"-~'^-^>'VW.-w-k~v-^-i-.»'•Vt^VWW%*t_ OtJM ORIPrKR, Dept. Z16-A 1*7 N. Dearborn .St., Chloaro. J, JH, fiend me a tube of "Gum dripper." You guarantee It to satlafy—or It will not co«t m« » penny. ( ) I will deposit $1.00 plus postage with postman when packate ar( ) Enclosed Is »I.OO—You pay port'• NAME '. ; ADDIHESS t !!!!!.'!! CTTT STAT« FREE . Cum aunt Consolidate Yw.r Stbfs wrra A Peoples Budget Loan Uinns >n • 13 Wrath P>rl«4 SM.M 442* BM.H Com* In ... w« art *af*r le> warx with yon In anr war w* eaa ta •«(•- (tiard your Inttrett and that of out depositor*. Mow /*• rnpfM task Vsw —•ay W«v aWWi /U^Warfy— PEOPLES BANK Mtmttr f*Hrtl Safe for Dewer Today (12 Stale*) Xloclaral Votes 6 Neb. 8 Kan.. 4 S. Dak. 4 N. Dak. <J Colo. 10 Iowa 13 Ind. 19 Mich. 3 Wye. 3 Vt. 5 Maine 12 Wia. 93 . r.D.a. 66% 63 60 58 57 55 55 56 55 55 54 54 Cbanri In . . r.O.B. Tote since Aug. D«w*y 23 34% 37 40 42 43 45 45 45 45 45 46 46 +1 +3 +3 +4 —2 +1 +2 +2 0 —1 Leaning Toward Dewey Today (5 SUte.) 25 Ohio 28 HI. 4 Idaho 11 Minn. 47 N. Y. 53 53 52 52 51 47 47 48 48 49 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 STAMPS IN THE NEWS Af fCATURfS ,nd one bolivar, magentbv trame. Airmail values, also pis^iiring crossed flags, are live, ten, 20, so, 0, 50 and' 90 centimes and one jolivar. * * * Fifty million copies of the three- ent Philippines- commemorative to w placed on sale Sept. 27 at VVash- ngton have been ordered by the ?ost Office Department. -A line drawing of Cori-egidor Island : by Logan J. Reavis, New York : artist, wns used for the central design of the stamp, according to the department. William A. Roach deigned the stamp. The engravers were Charles A. Brooks, and Axel W. Christensen.: #' • * * For the second time since the Russia's seven-stamp set marking the 20th year since th» death of Lenin, one of three new commemorative sets to reach this country from the Soviet Union recently, is virtually' a" Ire-issue of lnV~ slx- stamp set issued in 1534 to mark the tenth year after Lenin's death. Five of the six design* of the 1934 set are repeated In the 20th anniversary issue,- including the supposed portrait of Lenin as a child, which, is illustrated .here Instead, of the "Demon stration before Lenin's M ausol e um (Scott's A190) de sign, a view o: the Mausoleum with the Kremlin in the background has been substituted as the sixth design while .portraits of Lenin and Stalin (Scott's A191) appear on two' values of the new set. Values of the new stamps also differ from the 1934 denominations. In addition to the'30 fcopeeek value Illustrated here, a second 30-k value pictures Lenin and Stalin, the 45-k pictures Lenin as a youth, the 50-k as Lenin appeared in 1918 and a 60-k portrays Lenin as he spoke at the Now, Through the Facilities of the Liberty Trust Company You Can Send Money To Italy and Sicily The United States Treasury and War Departments have announced the restoration of facilities for living expense remittances to Sicily, Southern Italy and the provinces of Rome, Lit- toria, Frosinont and Campobasso, Italy. Remittances for living expenses of parents or other close relatives living in any of the abov« places is permitted at the rate of not more than $100.00 -tr, any three month period to a payee who is not a citizen of the United Stales; $75.00 in any one calendar month to the payee if a citizen of the United States, plus allowances for each additional member of payee's household. Poyments ; accepted for transmission by regular mail. The cost of such remittances is very low. Detailed information may be obtained at our main office in Cumberland. TRUST COMF. Cwmb*riand Mtmtnr Loficcoitinf Dtftnit t untune* P AULS FLOWER SHOP Cuttomer* and Friend*:On the 14th we had a little anniversary . . . didn't have anything to give away , . . pretty high now, so f hey say. . ' But we did get some very beautiful cards and phone calls ... for which-we are very grateful.' This has bee'n a wonderful fall and the flowers seem to out-do themselves. Glads, Snaps, Asters and Dahlias are exceptionally fine. When in need of flowers, our phone number is 291. . We will be glad to look after your needs. FLOWER SHOP Cumberland Cloak And Suit Store TOP.VT THESE IS a definite >b«vta«« »t ceritim if9» •( ebMMUae, MrtieiUMrty ia the' -Hae.***' jumrfiici, "••"• towel*, hedenr, etc!,'-Most all of tbe*e »eare£ U*m* »re rm<fcipn« t« avereiuBU fcy the ntiuiufactiiren with the, ftsato <t*pt., Mta4 aiockx 'are fra^BCfiUy depleted. It h»a be*B wir >»Uey t* w0t» i for sale tbece "h»rd-to-|r«t" itetac Jast u SO»D u w« receive *«t »ju«U. We will W iMld any of it back. Naturally, UaneqiMtai we United »nd •ftimes we do not k»v« •jvuitities t« Uct Uu««(hosjt a>ne day, but wbile we have'it, tt ••a sale. In '. t »inie*s to all,;however, we shall contlnae U individual sales and, In this difficult job, your cooperatlM !• siocerely appreciated. : TKere Is No Substitute FOR NATIONAL LOAN CD'S. Friendly Service AUTO LOANS IN 5 MINUTES HouseholdJFurnllure Loans NATIONAL Loan Company Z«l S. Geors* Si. at Harrison Phone 2017 Cumberland Lester MiHehson, MET. You'll Always Save at The A&P New Shipment! J 2 Ibs 51,08 5 ibs 5Z.32 POINT FREE Asparagus ANN PAGE Beans "st" . CAMPBELL'S Tomato Soup DEL , MONTE BUFFET SIZE Toirtato Sauce 6c ANN PAGE Grape J«IIy ^r,; I8c 4 — 27c , 9c . N £. a Ann Page Syrup 16-pz. Bottle 19c Sultana Peanut Butter ^ 23c Ann Page Niello Wheat ",>,;: I5c Our Own Tea Pekoe and %-lb. Orange Pkf. 81x99 Another shipment . '. . and early shopping is advised. Fine, close-woven muslin sheets of exceptional quality. Bleached snowy white, laundered ready to use. Note the popular large size. Wide Hem. Limit one sheet to each customer. Fine Pillow Cases 49c Companion event! Lustrous muslin pillow cases at a thrifty low price for such quality. Full 42x36 inch size, with deep hem.' Laundered, ready to use. Limit 2 pillow cases to each customer. I Diamond! «x- I a T 3 » d to show detail. 20% federal tax included. 6-Diamond Bridal Pair . . . Easy Terms I Many Are Samples I Luxurious Chenille Spreads^ A standout duo that packs punch and beau- ty in every line, in each of the six diamonds. Truly magnificent! 3 diamonds in the engagement ring and 3 diamonds the'wedding ring. Extra ordinary » design. A real value! Save! Magniflcient new chenille spreads for your bed rooms or tar gl<| giving ... all fresh and colorful in a grand selection of rich, excitingly different patterns . . . Close woven chenille on H and dark grounds or dainty designs on solid white grounds . . * Each and every spread was hand-picked, carefully chosen ftfl . their quality and value . . . and : priced exceptionally low. Som* are one-of-a-kind samples 1 All double bed size. See them to* morrow. We'll gladly hold your selection on our convenient away plan. Other Diamond Engagement Rings from $79.95 fo $7200.00 L.B€RNJT€IN 9 N.C«HTR€ JTC«€T -a 1 » Cumberland Cloak |! and Suit Stare 41 t» Si .Ultimo**

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