Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 13, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1909
Page 7
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* * Social Mr. and Mr.s. Oarnahan entertained ;i number of friends on Tuesday evening, (james and music were enjoyed nnd dainty refreshments served. Among the guests were Messrs, and Mmee. Mussey, Cooper, Harry Da- rut-re 1 and (Jeo. Anderson. A happy family gathering surprised "(irnndma" Allison on Tuesday evening to celebrate her birthday. A very pleasant even ing was spent. Ke- frnahriifints were served and "grandma" received a number of delightful inementoi'f). Thoae present were Mr. mid Mrs. Wrri. Clark, Mr. an/1 Mrs. (Jifireneo Allison and family, Dr. and Mrs. Heed and family, Mrs. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. MoAHeri. Tho hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs, W. P. Walls was again thesceno of a happy gathering of friends last evening. Music was enjoyed and delicious refreshments were served. The guests Included Messrs. and JVlm/'S. ('. K. L'emh, I'. M. fJoughiPH, .1. A. F,nnis, (Jen. and Mr.s. .JenniHon, ..MmeH Plant, Jennings, Stevens and Owens, of Pasadena, .). L. Matthews, Misses Pomeioy, Mails and Douglass, The Misses Robbie and .liminie Iliggius and Mrs. Hurrows enlerlain- ed with a party Huturdav evening in honor of Mins Kathcrinc Collins of LUM Angeles, who has been spending Hie pan!, week a I, the Riggins home. A delightful evening was upon!, in cards and dancing. The gnesls included the Misses Agusta Han/'eis, Vic Anna Reynolds, and Me.iHrs, l''reeman, Sandei'H, Hawley, (!ar .(•ilium Shirley and Douglas. Mr. and Mrs, Lemuel Worrel of (irand aveiuift enl ertained at a family dinner on last Sunday, the occasion luting Unit of,Mr. Wf.rrel'n 7() birthday. The day was very pli^r.nnfly spent, Mr. Worrel receiving many beautiful presenls. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Waler-i, Mr, find Mrs, Howard .IiidHon and baby Orville, Miss l'!lvla Walers, Jack IJurger of .Pasadena, Mr. and Mrs. Ivl Worrel and 'family, Mr. and Aiin. I. M. Hartley and children, Mi as KIllo Hartley and Mr. /ay .liuflington of liutto, Montana. The choir of the JJaptisf Church enjoyed a pleasant evening on Tuesday at the beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. <)ncar Miller. Tho evening was devoted to choir practice and other music was discussed Jalei. The delicious refreshments were sandwiches, cake, chocolate and wafers. Those present wero Mrs. Casey, Mr. and Mrs. Custer, the Misses Lena Carter, Vfillie Jeans, Dcrtha Followoll. Leora Jiiickstono, tlie Messrs. Seat, llomcr Harris, Seiplc, and Mr. and Mrs. Kring. Mrs. (Jage WIIH unable to be present., owing In the sic k lie:;:) of her f"ii, Paul. TMK AI.LHOI-I) CWUI-I.TY CASH. ('Million Hutchison, who was arrested a short lime ago by odlcer Alferlmugh of llm Society for I'reven t ion of ('ruell.v to Animals for an mi iivoiilable aceidenl and ai rnigncil before Justice W. I'. Marshall of Covina tor hearing, and was dismissed on March 'J, was rearrcsted on March •! tiy the same nlllcer of the humane Hociely mi a wairaiil. Issued from jhiniona and thn casn cnmn up for hearing hel'nic Ihn Jusllee of the Pence of Pomona on Thui'.silay. A^s i.lie law now stands the wlu.le amount of the line gnes In (.he humane ulllcei and thai fiini'l ionary wan of course very an.xiniiH for Hutchison to plca<l guilty and pay a lino, The prostitution was represented by At lur'iey llnmlin of the humane Huciely and a deputy from the District At loriiuy's njllcc. AtliiMiry A. M. Pence of Covina had been retained by Warner, Whitsel A (!u., the employers ol Hutchison, to defend him. For about forty-live minutes there \vas a lively argument between the att"nn'jh in whicli personal cmnpli inenlH Wfi'n freily i ndiilgiMl in. l-'i nilly the dt feudal:! was e xnnt-rat ed and I 11 e i •,' i - e d i •, 1111.-.- e d The case '.\as decided scdel\ "H le I/Ill I'l'lll'.-', no V.ilnes-e-- being c\aill COVINA LOSES TO SINBRIGHTS New Suits and Errors Prove Hoodoo for Locals, Double plnys HolHfl to Cowan to Hnlat), Fairly to Htewart to Libby; Hit by pitnher, Libby. *J3atted for King in Oth inning. BAHKIJA LL TOMORROW. the Wood ill - Covina loot to tho Hunbrigbf liabes of LOH Angeles last Hmiday afternoon on the locnl diamond, by tho score of 10 to fi. The winning streak that the home team has perpetuated for the last two months came to mi end with a severe jolt when Ferraris retired the third man in the ninth The new Manual suits with the green trimmings, and coats to rnatflh, were the real freiumtion. and reflect (vodit on the able management of the new ball club. This outlay of 81 TjO gives the team a decidedly snappy appearance, but did not noem to help out, the style of play. Eight errors were registered, and tho usual heavy stickers failed to come through with their cuMomary swats. The features of the game were fielding Htunls. (ira.VHon made a clover running catch of P. Fairiy's Texas leaguer back of second base. Hughes and Hooker almi ran down a couple of hard chances. The errors in the (,'ovina inl'cld might, stand a little comment. Mulllcc it lo Kay that, they should have been enough to lose a do/< n garnen, Tho first inning was bail for the locals. Cowan laid the flr'-.t ball nvc 11 down by IIrut ba<;c, but Libby fussed It and I lie man VUIH safe. Wilson drew a liit and Ferraris was hafe on an error by Hughes. Stud i lie landid fora two bagger, bringing in three runs. The next, tuo up proved easy outs. The leal Iroulile came in the. iin.xt frame; a I fir two men flew lo the infield, I'lng issued passes to the next two mnu; then Wilson kuocke.d a high I OIK; to the inflel.l that Libby passed ' up and let. roll oil! of the diamond. Cowan and Salbis in the meantime eroH'ied I ho pla'.e. Umpire (loodrich ''ill led the hit Hafc and tint runs counted. Ferraris got a two-bagger, Wednes lay scoring Wilson. With the presentation of three morn tallies tlie visitors were comparatively safe and really did not ref|iiiro any further assistance from the indicator to win th« game. Covina camo bank with two runs in their hall' by an error, a walk and a sacrifice. The next three spaces blanked, but in the sixth Cuvinu started Hughes' out with a hit, but he was caught at third, Libby was hit by pitcher, and Ping was safe on i\ wild throw that snored Libby. Ktcwnrt fanned, Monio druw a walk, but the inning ended with Kendall's fly on I. The Ijahes added two more to llioir six in I he seventh mum! by Hughes error, and hits by Wilson, .). Stadillo and (irayHon, (,'oviua added two in the eighth by hits from Libby, Stewart and Montague, making their total of five tallies. In the ninth Wilson was safe on Shirley's error, and came home on a passed ball. Ferraris kir eked a high OIKI which Hughes and Shirley went utter, and which was dioppcd by Urn latter. A. Sladille \\iilked, then ,1. Sladille to Shirley foreiv.i Ferraris, ami was himself sate. A. Sladille, attempting to steal third, Hpraiuod his ankle, and was replaced by Dereuia. Shirley had him out by a margin, bu 1 he way called sate, mueh to the disgust of tho tans who were in favor of seeing the home team at least gel an even break. llercnia came in on the next. out. In the hint of the ninth Covina failed to mater iaI)/e, ending the game i I) lo .">. Fairly ami King did not have theii ilHiial punishment with them. 1'Vr- iuriH did not let himself out alter thn second, but pitched ell I'Ctively Hughes did the best slugging fur the homers, stuuiriiig two singles, while Wilmin and .1. Stadille, with two apiece, carried oil the honoi'H for t he vhiitiir.i. The score: COVINA Tomorrow afternoon rne won.~jin-i Hills*! baseball team of Los Angeles ; ^ will pli.y in (Jovinn. Fairly and j ^ King will compose the battery forthcj^ homo learn. j •$ HAT/IT NO AVKRAOKS, Htewart, . <1HU; Wallflce, .:',',]'.]; IA\>by.'277; Ii. Fairly, .270; Kendall, Montague, .'21/J; Hhirley, . 1 '.r2 ; I'ughes .1!)'2; King, , I.'IO; . 1 '2~i. Tram average . '20 1 . Hooker, CHARlfiR OAK Marian Oiven went Into Los Angeles Saturday to spend the day with her «ister. Miss Uess Given, who Is attending Normal, Mr. H. ('. Macv; is spending tho week with friends In Kedondo. Mr. .John O. Chambers has sold his 20 acte orange grove to Mr. Fads of Los Angeles for 8:10,00(1. Mr. Cha mbeis will now lake up hig deuce in Panadena for the present. Mr. I 1 ',. II. Skinner, who bought the j $. IJ. K. Kdwards place, has jiiBt com-'* plefed .setting out the north ten acres! * lo navel oranges. Mr. Rowland and fan.ily have moved into their new house on Honi- ta avenue. It was a jolly crowd of young people who gathered nl. the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe ('haves last Saturday evening, from whore they ucuton a ha.vride to I he home of Mr. and Mrs. IX O. Funk on Orand avenue, as a •inrprMf! to their .son Roy i ti honor of his birthday. A number of his Co vina friends crime in also, making about fllf.y in all, and into this happy croivd walked tint unsuspecting Roy, coming home from Los Angelen, uhero he had spent, the day. The evening passed ipiickly and pleasant - ly with games and songB. JJelrehh- iiients of cake, fruitade and candy uere KI rvi d by tho girls of (he party. Mis. S. A. SI owe! i entertained on afternoon with an old fashioned (milting ben. After the work v\an finished a luncheon of all home-made cooking was served to the ladies whilo tho younger members had a picnic outside. Tho ladies present were Mrs. F. Hcotl, Mrs. F. II. Wilcox, Mrs, Herbert Cole and Mru. II. W. Congdjti. * * •# You are inlcroBtCHl in poultry, then HOC C. L. Smith. United States National Hank, Azusa, ho haa the finest Hi rain const. of Cornish Indian Game on the tf To Orange Growers, Land Buyers and Homeseekers growers who are cut thi.'ir properties down south are invited to come and look our fine county over and the tip-top lauds we have for sale suitable for <tll purposes. A number of old experienced orange growers have already re-invested here and a large acreage will be planted this spriny. We offer our famous Htrathmore orange lands for only £100 up with'terms to wiit. STRATHMORE is located between Lindsay and Porterville and all trains stop here. We are now selling I.'Mryc town lots for 3150 and up you will have lo hurry to get one, Postoffice and store already here. Opening for blacksmith and livery stable now. You can of course write for further information but better still come at once. Lands bought now will be worth double next spring". Kxcursions leave Los Au- giles daily at 11 p.m. and arrive at Strathmore at 11:.W a. in. Railroad fare refunded • purchasers of lauds. Our office is at the depot and our tciitns are at your service on arrival. Sfrdttore Realty (o. Stratlimore, Tutore (oucty Phone (farms) 137 * * *i * # i #! #i *! *! *' *i -* 1 # i #' * *i #1 *! #' #i *! *i * Christopher's Cream Of Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is so satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so unitier- sally popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT THOROUGHBRED (orimii Indian tone i | Trios $10 00 ! Eggs S3.50 per Setting i C. L. SMITH I Tel. 3 Azusa United States National Bank E. P. HULL DEALER IN New and Second-Hanp FURNITURE Queensware, Granite and Tinware Cash paid for Second-Hand Furmtere #! *' * i •* , * i *! *! * ' i THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET will serve you with the best. Our stock is carefully selected and cannot fail to please. OUR BLENDED COFFEE Twenty-five cents per pound, roasted and blended for the Depot Grocery is unrivalled: OUR MEAT MARKET is noted for the quality ot its goverment inspected meats, hams and bacon. Fresh eastern oysters in bulk a specialty. ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 plants for sale. ThouHands of them Inquire oE W. II. McLood, over Warner ,fe Whitsel'.s .store. It \V.-\NTIilD-Lndie.s' hate to trim and remoddl by experienced European milliner. Ladies' own materials lined. Also millinery thoroughly taught European style, including frame malting. For terms apply Mrs. J. Carturigbt, Corner 3rd and JJo- dilJo St. J5 13p Has Been out of Order for a Long: Time IAii'1 that true? It's ;i o- O od clock too, so why uot have it in perfect running 1 order? Take a mental survey of your home and dv-ciilo if .some other clocks. You carry a good watch. It ion I workmanship into making it ;i ;;s been unreliable of late. good as ever. Let us have it for n few days. We'll put some careful, effic- Old jewelry madt laryvr or ^mailer. (•viT into new and attractive styles. Brooches and pins remodeled, cleaned and reset. Rings made We have a splendid line to select from in Sideboard Silverware A I! . I . Hi I'. Fairly. . Su-warl, • i\liMi\;it;Ui I 0 il si: I' i i II II 1 0 I II o o o 1 1 And on every article sold you we will ito free engraving o names if you i-o desire. Table Silverware S;I\ ,- a 1 , e the r-- 'or two : • \V AKV.. Our Optical Department \vs Frames ai'.il Ni>-e Bridges made and repaired. I'lnssL- of r r '! • \'enue. CO. H. WRIGHT, Hanager

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