Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 13, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1909
Page 5
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TRV THE COVINA FURNITURE CO SAFEST PLACE TO TRADE FOR ANYTHING IN THE LINE OF , FURNITURE or FLOOR (OVERINOS W. Q. CUSTER,' Manager BYRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of San Francisco. Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joaquin Valley. Information at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS Mr. nrifl Mrs. (>. ent.firtniniiiK Mm son of IRWINDALE. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Tucker of Littleton, Colorado, nre guests nt the bonip of tho hitter's brother, B, F. Miller. They were accompanied to California by their son, Leo Tucker and his wife of Davenport, Neb,, who linvo come to take posHessinn of the Krmpp property, which they recently purchased. Mrs. Edward Hpeer, nee Jessie Merrill of Ueliith, Minn., WHH the guest, of honor Friday at a delightful little party given by M(HH Alberta and MiflH Mamie Hpeer. ThoBC present \ve:o Mr. nnd Mrs. Ibirry Datncrel, Miss Virginia Root, MJHH Kuth FOHH, Mr. Homer HuHfettler and Mr. Kd. Kellar. AirH. H. A. Duuifds and Mrs. Wal- Irif.e a'nrl children of ('ovina were dinner uuentH at the home of A, (1. (jant Sunday. Tim guents were invited to celebrate Mrs. (Jant'n birthday with her. (,'. Lnl.iitl, returned Ihis week from tliD AngeleH HoNpilal of Los Ai.Kelen, where he wan operated upon Home weeks an ( > for a sever?; cane of rupture. Jle is mimli improved in health. her clotheH for this onting Mi's. Paden was overcome by defipmideticy and shot herself through the ritfht temple. Her mother and little daughter, Velinii, reached the unconscious woman first. Ur. .Jennings was Himimniied hut there was no hope of her recovery and flhe died at '2:',W Sunday afternoon, three hours after the shooting. A coroner's inquest was h"ld Monday afternoon. The fun- oral wnt conducted at Hosedalo Cemetery, Los Angeles, on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Paden had lived In this vicinity for the- last four years anrl had won many friends, who respected them in a business way and admired their charming home life. Mrs. Padnn was thirty-live years of aye and !H Hiirvived by her husband and three children, Velrna, aged 11), (Jeorgc, aged 1'2, and .J'x 1 , aged !) year.'). Her father and mother were also members of her household at the time of hrr death. BALDWIN PARK, The quarterly open meeting of the lialdwin Park Women's Club, which was held »t the school house on Friday evening of last wi-uk, was one of Kialt.o, where he will Kfiend days with another sister. Miss Jlyrd Rc.ynnliln, who bus fipi-nl several rnoulhs visiting at her former liome in Missouri, iw cxprjcled Jiome today. L. L. Hoot of Pitinesvillo, Ohio, viriilcd h'H uncle, L. li. linut, and family this week. Mr, and Mr. Charles Colfrnan had as their guests over the week end Mr, Mr. Fred A. Smith of LOH AngehsH j the most delightful affairs ever given has linen visiting bin sinter, Mrs. L. ! by the ladies of the Hub. The school .M. Swallow. lie loft Wednesday fo'r i h u ii'-;e WJH decorated in the club col- several , (||-H I grncii and white, and WUH crowded with the frieuda and relatives of the Huh members. The following excellent program was given under tho direction of Mrs. William Stevenson, the hofltess of (tie evening: Tuft and Sherman wall/., Miss Ila/ol Power; riiUHicitl reading enlitlorl, "Musio," Miss .Jowephltie Shull is; pltino solo, Mrs. Urockiitt; vocal sido, Mrs. I Bice; piano solo, Mrs, Filwell; road- ing, "Tab; of tin- Maine Coast, H Mrn. and Mrs. John Adair and children of, Htevensoti; cornet solo, Mr. A. Cnr- Los Angeles. roll; piano duct, MinsPayno and Miss Mrs. Worley of Orange avenue, who Lnulsn Carroll; humorous reading, has been confined >,o her home fur the past ten days by a threatened attack of appendicitis, is much improved. The MisHOM Dcsslo and Miriam Brown of Los Angeles visited aunt, Mrs. Kohurt Edgar over day. Mathow Maxsorn, who has nmde his homo with his nephew, U. F. Ma.vsom tor seveial months, is visiting his niece, Mrs. MacMioheal of Ki Monte. Mr. F. |j. llostettler and wife moved thin wr-ek to their ninv hoiim in Mr. and Mrs. (icorge l\ebhiiiii recently enlerlalned friends from their former home in Kansas. The many friends of Mrs. Elni"r Thumason will be glarl tn learn taat nhe is HO far improve:! IIH to he able t o leave her lied, Mr. and Mrs. liarlon, fnurittfs IIMIII the Mast, Hjient TucHiiiiy visiting al the home of A. Vincent. Mr. and Mrs. Himill of Orange, were guc'itH Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. I lid; nl' I nvimlnle avenue. Mrs, I 1 '/. T. ('nlfmitii IIIIH IIH her guest this week her brother, l>. lies M'ht nf San DiTimrdiini, M i H. Alexander of I'll Monte spent the \src-l; end visiiini; her son, ,). S. .\lii.Mindrr, and iii.s family. Mr. and Mrs. ,1.11. Simpson nf C.v (ires.-! avenue, had as their dinner Clients Monday uiiilit Mr. and Mrs. A. *M. ScHcy, Alih-H \Vhitiiigol' Minneapolis, and Miss .ilargaret Seidey. I.eo Veados has sidd his ten acre properly on Orange avenue for iSIIOOO • •anh to Mr. Kirn of Hollywood. Mr. Kii'o uill build upon Iliu pr(i[ierty in tin near Inline. Miss Until I.eei'h spent tlm i nd with Mihs liessiti Madison i iiKiim. Several curs of putaloi's WITH ship |-td Illis neck hy I 1 '. P. lllildo.ssel, ( 'hat It--, < Iruft ind Mr. Kran/. Mr. and MI '. ( i. 'I'. Hniwn had us their ;-'iie-,ts llie tlrsl id' I he \\eek, l.'ev. lilnl ,SI i 1 -,. I,i;n| Imro ul IJix ri "How Reubon J'layod," Mrs. Agnes Kix; violin solo, Earl Hall; piano solo, Miss Louise Carroll; reading, "Tho Llfu JJoat." Miss Sara Heath, tlieirj Whilo the refreshments wore being Sun- served a story lolling contest was enjoyed. Tho pri'/.e was awarded to Miss Pfliirl McKiraban of Covlnu, who was one of Mrs. Stevenson's guests. The next meeting will be held March l()th al. tho homo of Mrs, I' Aimes of Maine street. MM, Cinvles of Monrovia is spending it I'i'.w (lays at bur ranch home in fJiildwin Park. A very iiiiporlant village improvement inei.'ling will be held at the this evening, A site fur 1 he new PaoiMo Electric station will be chosen and plains will be made for Die opening nl streets between Haldwin Park and Walnut Cnn- ler. The ladies will provide! lunches whii'h will be imi't iourd nil', thus adding to the I'niidH which the road committee already have. Mrs. A. I 1 !. Cat roll recently entertained the Sunday .school workers. After a round table talk about plans anil maiiiigi'iiieiil of the a social hour, with games and refreshments was enjoyed. llev. Mclien of the First, Methodist (Miurch of A/lisa npoke al llie school hoil.-ie lust Sundiiy. Services will lie eiiiidildl ed the ili'sl. Sunday i,f each month by li<«v. Mclieennd tlui third Sunday by Rev. Whitnof ('ovinn. |)r. I dot rieh anil < i. Hudson re turned last Sunday from a hnsincFs trip to their mining property in Ari- 7.1)1)11. Mrs. Ilico of Los Angeles spent tho week en;l as the guest of Mrs. Klwoll. F. HtevotiB ere .Joseph Foe and AZUSA. Next Wednesday Mrg. Willougbby Rorlmnn of Los Angeles will address the Azufm Woman's Club ou the Junior Republic movement. Neighboring olnba will be invited to hear this interesting and enthusiastic speaker. The meeting will k» held nt 3 p.m. in the Baptist Church. A. J.'. Griffith returned the first of l.he week from spending n week al Sari Francisco, Paso Koblea and Bakersfield. Tho CitriiH High School team sweopingly defeated the team from tho San Bernardino High School at the field meot held on the A/.usn grounds hist Hnturdfiy afternoon. It is said that Citrus High School has the strongest athletic team this year that, It h.-iH bad for ten years. aanr Miss Oraoc; Willord Brown wa* elected chairman of the progrnn com- rnitteo of tho A'/uf-.a Woman's Club at its last, meet Ing. SAN DIMAS. Mr. Stone Is erecting a very fine residence hero. Mr. Charles Burger is also contemplating building. Mrs. Phelps, who was operated upon a few days ago, is improving. Mr. Janson in erecting a flno two- story hoii.-io on bis ranch near La Verne. The Southern Pacific Railroad has completed the repairs to the bridge near CJago ranch. Tho \vork on the largo lemon house at San JJimiiH commenced by Mr. Noble In September, 1908, hufi been completed. Quito a number of M.W.A. members of San Dimas attended the entertainment at Lordshurg Camp which WHS given on Monday night. Everyone is busy here and for the last few weeks tho demand for labor has exceeded the supply. (r -.Tboro is a small boom in tho building trarlo, sixteen new buildings having been erected within tho .last three months. }. N, WILSON The Blacksmith triend' Th • lay ii l.\.. I Sail Mrs. an I \\ rs. K I n ;ii' y an I he j.;i;r.-l-, .ambi rl ul I'uiieii . l-'.li.'iibelti i in Lou A iu:',- p -|- lli.'l;-, vi - «\t-i- Sund ide I'UKNTE. uilv \vns shucked Son ; l,y the death nt' Mis. \sile ut ( ifor^r T I'adeii. alii'ii ii^eui at Kunhuid. WALNUT CENTER. (!. !•'. Stevens luib sold his windmill ami is installing a gin. done en gine in ils place. A small bungalo'.v is being built by Ml. Clark mi hi-i property on tiie Cu \ ina I'tli'lile luitd. Mr. and Mr.i. \\illiam Harper en It i iaiin d Snn.lav evi ning in liunnr i>t Mr. a.ul Mi>. .lolin .\id-.un, v, ho are Iriuing thin neighhi irhuuil to n,ii|:i their home in Angeles. Their other quests weir .Mr. and .Mis. itnd M i s. liulci | | lancer und Mr. and Mi^-. I'almi-i ul l''oll Nea ^nili, \\eie eni t«l tnined i<n l Sunday by Mr. and Mia. S. t'. Hie HIGH SCHOOL NOTES. The qui'slioa for our next debate to be held with Ilullywood Ili^li Hrhool nil Miindi L'fi, at, f lol'lywood, i.s " Ke'iolvt'd, Thai the power MM lodged in the speaker of Ihe National House of Kep- rcHciihil ives is del mural al to flic hist intorcHtu o(' our nuintry. " (.'ovioa will liiindle (lie a li'irnnil i\ r e side o/' (lie ((lies- fion. Oar deliMters are ( 'hirence lludges and Mary Klledge. Our en p.'ihh' and sod i i ni; i a^l rarlor of tile Si-ich'T deltii I I nielli . I'lol'. Illil'si-v. lias b' en appiiinli'd onniager of the h.'iM'hiill division of I lie Suburban Aili h'tii' League, of wliich ('ovina is a member. The .schedule of gallics hi lie plaveii h.'is not yet been arranged. Tile season \v 1 1 1 pndiahlv laininieiici' an sn'in as the tr.'irk niei I nl lie- League is held. nn March L'li. Tbo lineup ut the baseball team of Ilio high school for this season has boon arranged as tidlowH: Sum Al- lisun, cateber; Hurt Hull, pi'.ctier; Koy Kistlor lei shorlstop; (Senrgi- Kirby, /list, base; U'ard Daniels. Hocund base; Waltei Jlopner, thinl IIIIMS Paul KiggiiM, led field ; Mar ion Adwil, center field; Klnu-r Nigg. right Held ; U'illiam Sprotte, snb-li- tulo. The annual .lunior |day will 1>» given Home timo in April. This year's offering \vill be, ' ; ('|KII ley's Aunt" that laughable t'arco which millions have enjoyed. Mr. Collins took a "ee.ii.sns" Wednesday morning <if tho number ol Seniors who intended going !«• higher insl itutioiiH of learning aftor graduation. Berkeley leads the list by idghl nnnies uitb Pomona and U.S. (-. next hiwhonl ivspei'iivtdy, It wunld uoi'iii as ii tho Seniors were going lu ubey that old slogan, "piitruiii/e homo industry." It js n noticnidi NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of tho County of Orange, State of California. In tho matter of the estate of Jacob T. Bhaffer, deceased. | Notice Is hereby given that Kffle U.| xxr • Shaffer, an administratrix of the estate! With Ihe most skillful mechanics add the best equipment we can of Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased, will, un-j do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter dor and as directed by an order of. the time and at a reasonable cost to you. Superior Court nf Orange County, In J the State of California, made and ent- \y e also carry a lide of ered on the 5th day of February, 1909, _^ • . J •••r •«•» In tho matter of the state of said Jacob i f-raft-m l-mfM^m^-nf O \K/ £fc*V/V«e ¥74/"» T. Shaffer, deceased, sell, at private ' 1^0X111 JlllpldlldllSf W CU?OHSf ClCf sale, to the highest bidder, for cash, ^* five per cent, thereof to be paid at the and if you are thinking- of purchasing 1 a vehicle Oi any kind we in- ba™ e nS e to ) be 8 p l S e d uToiTe'cSSrS? ^ ? ou t0cfa11 and look over , ou [ »« afld ta * ^e matter over. _ We tlon of the sale, all the right, title and Wl11 guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides. Interest of said estate In and to the following described real estate, being the property of the estate of said Jacob T. Shaffer,'deceased, to-wlt: The North East quarter of the South WcKt quarter of the South East quarter of Section C, in Township 1, South, Range 9 West, .S. B. M., in the Rancho Addition to San Jose, In the County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map of the subdivision of the Ilancho Addition to San Jose and part of Rancho San Jose, recorded In Book 22, pages 21 and 22, Miscellaneous Records of said county. Such sale will ho made on or after the Ifith day of March, 1909, and bids for the same will he received by the undersigned administratrix at her post, office address, R. F. D. Route No. 5, Santa Aria, California, or at. the office of F. O. Daniel, her attorney, Rooms 4-0 the First National Bank Bid., in the city of Santa Ana, California. Each bid must be in writing and be accompanied by cash or a check certified by a responsible bank, or a post office money order, for five per cent, of the amount of the bid, which amount will be applied upon the purchase price if the sale is made and confirmed to said bidder, and, if not, it will be returned to him upon tho confirmation of the; to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the il KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot . Home Phone 239 Covina, Cal. Covina Livery Stables J. W. KEEPER, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged Home Phone 30 Res. Phone 1024 i| <; It takes a good deal of Machinery sale to any one else. Said sale will be made subject to the approval o,f the court, ami said land will be sold subject to a mortgage of $1500 thereon. If, after confirmation, the purchaser negiecta or refuses to comply with the terms of the sale, said administratrix will ask for an order of resale of said property, and, if the resale does not amount to enough to cover the bid and expenses of the previous sale, such purchaser will be held liable for such deficiency. Dated February 20, 1909. EFFIE U. SHAFFER, As Administratrix of the Estate of Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased. F. O. DANIEL, Attorney for said Administratrix. JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for vour photos. Sj c-ciii 1 prices during September, C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SUPPLIES Covina, Cal. DKGOUKDI Key. No. 3967 DEPUTE Keg-. No. 2374 COUCH AND CURE THE LUNGS Trial Bottln Free AMD ALL THftOttT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUAR AN TEED SATISFACTORY OH MONK 2- USi'XTZfDED. rted Stallions TERMS: $20 to insure marc in foal; $15 for the season. The above are th? host horses of their class in this or any other country. They will improve your stuck iinmensluy. If intending breeders would see these horses before in.-ildiif,' other enjja«{-enicnts it would be to their advantage, as their colts will show. Covina Morse Breeders Association W. <;. SCOTT, Inquire at Keefer's Stables. COVINA tiling that unt <>f tin ('HUM .1 in^ nt '.!•_!, all I'lllrl i Hit '•! Hilt' ill-it ll film at lui; rl! h. I i I '.i lu. ll is -,ilu t.i 'i Iriuliil n-i' ram mi \ nl l.i i Ii i^h si' • as C,,\ ina i ii by clilss nt 11:11 i\\ II lull lllillH l'. ; l SH.V tlllll ml 111- f\ hi'.,I i I Mi Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FK'KSH KVKKY DAY / Ihi & ;ind Confectionery . A Wise Man Said "No- I will not risk my money in speculation, it is too uncertain—hut I will put my iiioiu-y in the bank." lie \\aswell rewarded for his prudence.. Ten \vars have A Horrible Hold-Up. Ab. nit ten \ ears .11:0 my htMllier u.i 1 ..! ii|r in hi-, u ..i U. heaith and iup w.l-, In-lived t > lie hi'|K" \\ K' l idi'li hail l.i-i-n in ill health mi 1 ami I or M-V' i al ui t Ks shr had lirl'll •:!! I hi' \ l-rf-'t' i ,( 111 I X i .111 m i ->l iat inn. hi iht- that a rlimiuu mi^hl liriit'lit hi r hr.illli her lamily had ur^i-d her In j,'» un u .-hurl \:M; and uhilr in her ruoiu (iiifUinx e lieioi; elected I \ I' i-, inaily I'ompbled i uci-nj ai;i > In u i II lie ready Hear |i;l ill r. Mr. and M I -, lertained the f Will llaips'r ul l.'.ng Heac sin, Mrs. Hune, ul Minn. Sundiiv. \Y I 1 1 iam II, ir; r in iiief's mcihi r, Mi~,. nd emi 1 1 r last Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS now i-!ap>ed, ami lu S15,in:n. Y ou ^an 1 imd>> hv oji^ni viiia Vallcv Savin-'j, Hank. , i'- iii-. credit over c:e;..-e \t-ur M'.r])lus an ad ./'IIH with the Co- Blacksmithino Our Specialty sf all Shop on Citrus Ave 4 per cent interest paid. Account-, of :fl and up received. \Dalley Savings 5BM Covina, Calif(jrnia

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