The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 29, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1977
Page 2
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5PAO15 t— XAtJGATUCK NTEW8 (CONN.), THURSDAY, ,1VLV 11, 1M6 DREW PEARSON rx ^ .ON ».'-„ . * x *.* °the WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND J>rew Pearson Says: Nazi Diplomat Tells H,ow JJ, S. Congressmen Were .Subsidized; Lundeen, 3?.iab, Day Used By German Propaganda Machine; Nazis Substantiate . Previous Merry- Go-Round Exposes Washington—- U. S. Army and Justice Department investigators In have hnd aoma confidential and highly significant talks with "Service For Veterans ff >Iltler'n former diplomat* In Washington, Their amazing -testimony Hhould bo of Inturoat to every American as an Indication how! foreign jiropagnnda can poison pooplo'n minds. The testimony also happens to be of especial Interest to this column. On Sept. 33, 10-10, thin column published cortaln facts In tHn'\8trango nlrplano death of Senator Ernont Lundccn of Minnesota; among; other things, that Knnator Lundoen had dnllvered speeches on the floor of tho Senate written for him by a paid Nazi agent, George Sylvester Vicr- rck; and that, at the time of hlM death, Lundeen was under Investigation by tho Justice Department, immodltitirly These fnctn wore denied by tho then Attorney Con- cm! Robert Jfteknon, and the column was denounced on tho floor of the Senate by B;nnolt C, Clark of Missouri rind Burton K. Whc'jlnr of Montana, No U. S. Senator, they «>lfl, would think of IjeHmlrohlnK tho fair name of the U. S. Stcn'ite by delivering on ltn floor u speech wrlttfrn by u foreign upont. Mrs. Liinrlrjon also threatened BUlt, and the BoomlnKton, II., Pantograph, cancolfhf; the column, crl- • tlclzod It editorially tin followu: "On tho boxls of more popularity, If they wccc the Hole .nandard by •which wo publish u nfcwxpupcr, Morry-Gd-rtound would be in Its umuil place today. However, It will not roturn . . . Them arc only OH Snniitorn. To Hay that one of them was bdnfr shadowed by Federal »K«ntH on a misplclon of treason watt xorloilH <;nou£h , . . But tho Lundfcon Item wi>> written without u .shrnd of puhll.shnd newspaper f>vldonr/o In UH support. Thin w^^ cially tho publishers of Flanders Hall, put out wuch anti-British books a« "The 100 Families That Rule the Empire," "The Haploss Boors." "Democracy on the Nile," "Lord Lothian vs. Lord Lothian"; how theHe hc'jks were pron^tcd EISENHOWER'S own story 1 .of the Allied victory over Nay.I Gcr-' many mny. be purcnnscd for 20c from Army Times, 1410 Irving St., Wnshinfrlon, D. C. JOBS in,. Washington, St. . Louis. Newai-k and ^Cleveland should be> available by the thousands If terminal icavc'puy is passed by the Senate, . . JOBS in;this country and abroad will be available by the thousands when graves registration begins. 600 JOBS available "with Navy Department in Alaska and the Aleutians for helpers, . skilled tradesmen and foremen. CIVIL SERVICE JOBS as clerks and camera in Post Offices in^ many cities are feeing vacated because not enough veterans lire applying. FORMER PRISONERS OK WAR can file claims against tho Japanese .government. This should 'be done direct to the War' or Navy Department,"' Do. not pay ' any taking their education uncPcr Public Law 1G. It is not payable to those under the GI..isill:;, J Nb .payment for commuting'Is made .undor. cither law. • . . HOUSING MATERIALS priori- tics blanks arc available at this office. : • - ' , .'• CIVIL SERVICE Jobs in Hartford with Federal Housing Administration. Valuator ^ll-tff.60; Construction. Examiner, 33t)7',20 'and; 114D.GO; Mortgage Credit Examlnen same salaries. '. • . , . ••, INSUR'ANCE'REIN'STATEM'ENT: blanks must be mailed within 48 hours of the date on them, • • . -i UNIVERSITY OF . CONNECT!-' CUT has. taken over facilities at New London to accommodate at least 2000 more students. : Applications should- be made at onco. Rubber Company Making Repairs acation ' Work-men of -the -U. -S. Rubber company arc dredging a canal which flows under the 'Phoenix shop and railroad tracks, to empty into the Na,ujrfltu,ck river. .This .!s part of a ,renovation plan being: accomplished while 1 the 'company employes are on their annual vacation- , ... ,'.';... Other wo'rkers aca ..maifing rc- ;>oir-s -in the four-story .building ,on Water street, including improvements of the landings, and the in.-new door.s.>, ••> ..-, TAMOI.,ONIS CASE CONTTNU1CI) Albert Tamulonls. 24, of Pond il!' appeared .jp. Waterbury court yesterday morning,' on charges of evading responsibility and received a continuance to July 27. FATALLY INJURED . New Fall-field; July 11—(UP)—A As Into as 3S80, two-thirds of'Am- crjca's homes were sti'l being heated with wood. Skeleton Found In Old Saybrook Was Man About SO Old S.-tybrook, Conn., July. 11— (UP)—A skeleton • found under a Snybrook -Manor cottage has been Identified as that .of a man. about 50 years old, • • • . F-olice. reported, that the tall brown-halved man', wj\o used, to chow tobacco, was -buried sometime before ,1938. These ' findings were basijd'.cn work done by Dr. Jqacph E. Beauchcmin'of -the State hospital, at Mlddlctoivn. Rainfall in the Hawaiian lalandB range from' leas, than -20 inches annually to a maximum • of almost SOp inches, a. 'year. .,'.... by Father Coiighlln and Elizabeth ,' TRAVEL PAY to a school or col- Dllllng; .and how Vicrcck jwrpte.a '— '" ""''' '—""-' A.--,:-:.. a violation of newspaper ethics practiced by this nnwspnpor . , . Th/u in why thni'p will bn no more Mcrry-Go-Rniiml in thfi paper," Tho Niwl Nntwnrk De-spite this, the Mon-y-Go-JJound continued to publish other exposes uf Na/l propaK'inda: How Rcpi'e- HF.ntnlivi' Hamilton Fish (N. Y.) rented his New Yorlt home to the iVuy.l noniiutntn at a hl«h flpuro and hr>w he wan bolnj; used by Nazi aj:onln; how Nazi agent Vlerrick formed Flanders Hall or Scotch Plains, "N. J., an n propaganda blind; how the Hauok family, ofll- book {or'Co.nKroksman Stephen Day of IlllnolH. "We Must Save the Republic," ^published by Flanders Hall. Th.ln column alao reported that Vicrcck. an American citizen, received $1,000 a month' '.(com the German Library of Information, and that the cover of these propaganda books, paid for by Germany, bore the appeal: >Dear fellow American: We ask the support of all tr.oso who believe with us In America first and America only." German Diplomat Telljt All In Germany, the other day, Dr. Hertbcrt von Strempel, former first secretary of tho German Embassy In Washington, finally .confirmed *>.tcr,v»ivjc AT- PIERPONT'S Ilr(tl»frrri1 Jrr>rli-rK. A inri-irnn (Jrni Hnrlntj' IMl HANK .O Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS I r or All Occatdons i; FIX>WEK8 TEUKGllAI'UKD MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO RUBBER AVENUE Telephone 0220 In complete detail these % reports publlHliccl six y'cKrs earlier.' Capt. Sfim"Hnrr!s of the U. S. .Army in- ton;oKfttocl h'lm,' . . ACtnr Bringing out the ^(\ct that VloVoph . was employqd .us the crilcT Knxl . pvopfiKundlst for ' Gqririany In"the U. S. 'A.', .Captain, '.l^arrjs nskotli'I'd .now like to /jCturn .'to tho i-aic which Vierccls played in thfs studied program, ''which the Mtiv.i Government had jvbrkcd o^t to k'oep the'United State's out ,of the wii'r. Vou mentioned yesterday that Vlcrock was .'appointed public relations counselor of' the Gorman Library of ; InformntJon. Von Strempel: Yetj.'., ' Cuptjuln Harris': Did ho ' also have imy c-Qnnectlon with the Flafi- dci's Hall enterprise which you montlpnod yesterday? A, Yes.' .''.'.'.''. ' i Q. Plenso .explain to us the pre- j else details of that, connection. A.' Wanders Hall wiia' run by two brothers named Hn,uck, under VIoreck'M direction, Q. Exactly what did Flanders Hal.l do? A. Thn manuscripts of certain hooks came fiom the Foreign Office in Berlin In the diplomatic pouch or ot.horwl.Mo, and then went (•> ttie German Library of Information. Vicrcck selected from .those manuscripts those which he considered critical and unmask Brit- iwh propaganda and osotltUlc British foreign policy, and which .could narilly bn sold In the United States, QQ. Thnn what happened? A. VlorcoU would publish these hookn nt Flanders Mall. If ho , thought a financial risk was In-] volveJ, he would contact me, and ."«y that tho cost-s would amount to .Srj.OOO or sometimes even to $10,000. Q, What did you do?' A. I drafted a report for the Chief of Mlsalon, whioli was cabled to Berlin, nnd. after having received approval. Vicrcck would ro- cclvn the money. He always received lump sums of five to ten thousand dollars. Q. Do you recall the names of the books that yo.u and .the Forclpn Office approved, and whose publication by Flanders Hall you direct- Jy financed '.' A. J rcm'ombcr "Lothian versus Lothian," "ICnK'll.Hh Policy in In- Antl-RrltLxh Book» <IU," 'RnRllah Policy In Ireland," /ISnKllsh Policy in ' Pale.itlno," "Britain'.s JfM Families,"' by the .German author, C. The manuscripts of these books had ] c-onie orlKlnalty from Berlin, and were then published by Vicrcck nf- ter I had advanced funds for him, Q. Did tho publication of each of those books entail a loss? -A. I .don't know. I don't believe no. Books about Ireland sold ciuiily. ''Lothian versus Lothian" wns »i .hip micccs. The book on India .s-jld well. Some didn't sell t<6 well. . Q. If no loss .was sustained In .the publication of- any book, did Vle- i-eck roturn the inonoy you Jiad A'lven him? A. No He kept It. Q, Did he also keep all profits on books ho distributed through j Flanders Hall? j A. Yes. Q. How much did you Rive to Vlcreck to carry out his propaganda ..activities? ' A. Between 70 nnd .120,000 tloll- ,ars during the period 1P39 to 19-11, Q. Did the .manuscripts' of all books published .by Pandora Hall originate in Germany? A. S,'o. I bollovo that Flanders Hall also published one or two books by Congressman Stephen 0ay about British propaganda. Did Vlcreck help write any of these books? A. I dou't kno«-. He may "have helped Congressman Day. J soom to remember Vlereck sayins he had written down some highlights for Congressman Day, Q. Did Vforock ever-.mention the nnmc of Senator Lun-icen to you? A. .Yea, J; 'Note—Another column continuing- the revelations of the Nazi, propaganda machine In the U, 'S. A, will follow soon. "chisler" to. kcey you. Your ' Red , farmer hae killed In.ii.., -j.arn Cro^s or this'office'will be £lad to . ysird when hi.5 :horscs boited. ...The I victim was 06-year-oUi Carl MJer- tens. Police said the', animate were hitched t-.> a hay wagon, and bolted, crushing ;i-;r. between the wag- j assist you. loffo is paid hy .Veterans' Ariminis- tration ONL.Y to disabled vetcranson and a barn; HUDSON SALES — SERVICE Gonorii.l Automotive Repairs B-M MOTORS INC. .....8.0-82 S.O.UTJI MAIN .ST. . Tcli.-phone G*'U *»«i^**^tfrfy,»iri»»»r ***»«»<*>»**•«:, PROMPT WATCH and JEWELRY REPAIRING • William Schpero ', . . .lEveisr-EB '•' 180 Church Street More Bent tjMitroI Cases Reported Hartford, July 30 CUP)—The State'OPA Is conlinuln/T investigations of price .'irid rent violnl.lon.-j uncovered before the expiration of price control. Stato OPA Director Stanley Cn:to announces the .settlement of twenty-nine more c.nse:j. One of (.He Inr^cM. Hlnplc" pay- mcnts for overcharges wan jnndc by capltol motors of Hartford J3.-100. GET A JEEP IMMKniATE DEUVKRY Vinir WII,I.VS-OVBRr.ANn IJcalrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 2.1 HnrrlHon Avrnn Off Kxrhiiiiei' I'/nrr. \^'n •Phone :t-xr,OS BOUT .„„ oouth Coventry. j,,]y 10-, un, Tho body of ft 13-.vcar-o!d br>v «*" lywl been /miming n inc< has -bocn found in the Silk company pond. A n aminm- sa)d thc hoy ~ j ft ^ clt ' *y ftcn—hud n.ocid oni 'ill v i "' " A flshlns rod wni, found T^' shore, |«,dj nB , ho do £ «i« ilcvo thnt the suffered a uion and foil i n t o ti, c water. Largest Selection of .Kiddy Furniture U, To .vr on Our .Second floor e FULL SIZR emus • YOUTH ui;ns • SAND BOXV2S • SWING OX METAL STANO • nicir CHAIRS • MISTAL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN' ST. SUNNY- FIELD Kellogg's Corn Kix Wheaties Cheerios SIZE LARGE SIZE HALF rv4.5s.ON NA.IIV£-CRI5P V NATIVE LARGE GREEN HEADS IATIVE-LARGE HEADS Sorvo grcnd-tooling' iiih end aoaiood from your ASP Super Marlcot. 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FOR ALL GE'NERAL CLEANING •NO, RINSING-NO WIPING 2 1'liB.- ' PKGS * Depilatories * IMRA 65c NAJR 49c ZIPCREAM .37c Bellin's Wonderstoeii . . . ............. „..: .1.25-3.00 uho used to pay $15 for a permanent— 8 Marian £W.TIS of JJilwvfa* ow she gives herself a y%%*l? wav« at home - Givo voiin*nlf n Toni! J.pvoly, 1 >»K-Innlin,t- Quick nnd riwy to do. CRIME COL* WAWf CORNS? CALLUSES? Deodorant Talcs Amob'n. Spiro . . Sno-Mist Z.B.T.. Quinsann ,3Ic-53c . 29c-49c ....49c 21c-43c ...47c LUX FLAKES .$&. n\»r\A\i LUX TOILET 3 LARGE ,.PK,G.. :: "Wh«n Available" When SOc SIZE 75c size

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