Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 4, 1976 · Page 9
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 9
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Mine It With A Classified! CARNIVAL by Dick Turner SIDE OUNCES by Gill Fox For Sale 55 WOODEN OFFICE desk/wooden swivel chair. fSO. Ph.: 792-3819. 55-45-2tc NOW YOU can steam'clean carpets the professional way at a fraction of the cost 'With Rirtse—N—Vac. Rent at Coast-to-Coast. 55-45-ltc FOR SALE Winpower alternators Ray Riesenberg 658-2247 55-45-21C TO FINANCE the appliance of your choice see Personal Lenders, Thomas Plaza, Carroll. Call, 792-2555. 55-223-tfc 1 SET of used drums and stands. Call 792-2715 after 4 p.m. 55-37-tfp STEREO TAPE player home center. Best offer. 792-2847. 55-42-4tc PILOTS - PART interest, Cherokee 140. Contact Fisher Aviation Inc. or Jack Dowling, 464-3017. 55-42-5tc SAVAGE\MODEL 340'cal. .222 Rem. 3x9 scope. 669-3370 after 6 p.m. 55-43-3tc Farms For Sale USED FOR sale 20" boys' bike. $25. Gambles. 55-43-tfc 18 CU. ft. side by side refrigerator freezer. 6 years old. Gambles. 55-43-tfc BEST DEAL around on 15 cu. ft. freezer. Gambles. 55-43-5tc SNOWBLOWER. LIKE new $100. 1411 Simon. 55-44-3tc 4 TIRES & mags. 792-3962. 55-44-5tp For Rent 57 CARPET GRIME fighter - Blue Lustre — makes carpets look brighter. Rent electric sham- pooer. Gambles. 57-45-5tc 2 BEDROOM mobile home. Close to downtown. 792-2580 or 792-1334. 57-43-31C House* For Sol* 63 TO BUY or sell — homes — acreages — farms. Comes Real Estate. 792-4295 or 792-1679. 63-131-tfc GNAM REALTY serves Carroll residents and newcomers. Phone 792-3815. 63-131-tfc TO BUY or sell homes, farms acreages, whatever, call Wilson Real Estate 792-3974, after 5 p.m. 792-9605 or 792-1189. 70-157-tfc House* For Rent 64 TO FINANCE the home of your choice see First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. of Carroll. 64-130-tfc Let the Daily Times Herald help you at your farm sale. Apartment For Rent 65 LARGE 2 bedroom with 2 baths, fireplace & other extras. 792-4318; after 6 p.m. 792-2780. 65-43-3tc GROUND FLOOR efficiency apartment. 792-9652. 65-45-5tc 2 BEDROOM duplex — range; refrigerator, garbage disposal, central air, attached garage. No pets. $220 per month. 792-1415. 65-43-3tc Apartment Wanted 66 WANTED: ROOM or efficiency apt. to rent. Single girl wishes to rent or share apt. while doing hospital internship beginning April 1, 1976. Please forward references and information concerning apt. or room to Box P-16. Daily Times Herald. 66-42-10tc 67 1 72 Acre CARROLL COUNTY FARM $ 1 000 Per acre. Contract sale possible. Cpntact Bob Greteman GRETEMAN AGENCY 792-9730 67.45-3.C Farms For Rent 68 240 ACRES. Lanesboro. 515-232-8680. l'/ 2 N.W. of $70 per acre. 68-42-5tc Used Cars & Trucks 71 1970 AMBASSADOR 2-dr. h'dtop. Air; automatic, radial tires & clean. $1095.00. Glidden Auto Sales. 71-45-ltc 1974 PONTIAC Grand Ville 4-dr., full power, maroon/white top. 27,000 miles. McCarville & Son Motors. 71-45-ltc Timet Herald, Carroll, la. Thunday, March 4, 1976 Used Cars & Trucks 71 1975 CAPRICE Estate Wagon, full power. 684-5415 days — after 5 p.m. 684-5238. 71-41-5tc TO FINANCE your new or used car see Personal Lenders. Thomas Plaza, Carroll. Call 792-2555. 71-233-tfc '73 BLAZER — Power steering & brakes, air, new tires on mag. wheels. 19,000 rni<- Templeton 669-3381 after 7 p.m. 71-43-3tc Want Ads work wonders. Auto Service 75 FOR APCO gasoline, competitive prices, fast service, Neppel Oil Co. Hwy 30 W. (across from Hardee's). . 75-43-ltc Complete, Body Work& Painting Foreign & Domestic Cars Plus pickups & trucks WITTROCK MOTORS 75-7.1-ltc '76 PONTIAC Bonneville 4-dr., h'dtop, full power plus electric seats, power door locks, 'pad ded roof & all the extras. Just 2,985 miles. Save a ton here! '74 Plymouth Fury III 2-dr., h'dtop, .power steering & brakes, factory air, padded roof, just 13,000 local one owner miles. Immaculate inside & out. Wittrock Motors. 71-45-tfc 1975 CHEVY Vs ton pickup —'6 cylinder, straight stick, power steering. 659-2209. 71-44-3tc Calendar of Sale Dates Claimed ' and Auction Sales All types of auctions will be run in this Auction Calendar FREE if we have the advertising copy of your ad in our office. EVERY SAT. AT 1 P.M.— Farmers Livestock Auction. Special Dairy Sale — the 3rd Thursday of each month. EVERY THURSDAY- 7:30 P.M. Carroll Live- stork Sales. SATURDAY, MARCH 61:00 P.M. Closing Out Farm Sale. Ed Kaut'zky, Coon Rapids — 9 mi.-, south on 73 and 1 west. Byerly, Rupiper & Scharfenkamp, Auctioneers. MONDAY, MARCH 81 P.M. Tony Lappe Estate Farm Sale. 2 miles east of Lanesboro. Scharfenkamp & Byerly, Auctioneers. MONDAY, MARCH 8- Anna L. Herrig Estate. Lake View. Improved 240 acres. Albrecht & McCrea, auctioneers. SATURDAY, MARCH 13— 12 o'clock — 4th Annual Machinery Auction in Wall Lake. Albrecht, Bielenberg & McCrea. Auctioneers. SATURDAY, MARCH 13— 11:00 A.M. Farm Equipment Auction. Avoca Implement Co. Inc. Held at Fairgrounds Avoca, Iowa. Thies, Wendelin & Amador, Auctioneers. SUNDAY, MARCH 141 P.M. in Roselle. 3 bedroom house & household goods. Mrs. Frances Sibenaller, Owner. Rupiper, Schar- fenkamp & McCarville, Auctioneers. TUESDAY, MARCH 161:30. Bare 80 acre farm. 4 miles north of Carroll on 71. Joe M. Wiederhold Estate, Owner. McCarville, Schar- fenkamp & Rupiper, Auctioneers. SATURDAY, MARCH 201:30 p.m. 2 bedroom home & lot. 121 West Bluff Street; Carroll, Iowa. Kenneth Testroet. Owner. Wieland & Rupiper. Auctioneers. SUNDAY, MARCH 211 o'clock. Household & Antique auction. Joe Kanne Estate. 1 mile north of the Carroll Country Club. Scharfenkamp & Rupiper. Auctioneers. SUNDAY, MARCH 211 P.M. Dale Dreesen House in Westside. Walt Johnson, Auctioneer. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24- Lois Rice farm sale. Breda. Albrecht & Bielenberg, auctioneers. SUNDAY, APRIL 111 P.M. - Alfred Dreesen Estate Farm Sale, Breda. Walt Johnson & Don Gerken, Auctioneers. MARCH SPECIAL DISCOUNTS On all Herbicides, Insecticides, Starter Fertilizers, Grass Seeds, Seed Beans and McCurdy Seed Corn. Albert Halbur Halbur, Iowa Phone 658-2122 or 653-1224 NEED MONEY TO FINANCE TECH SCHOOL, COLLEGE, OR OTHER ADVANCE EDUCATION? We have a part-time job that can assist YOU in Solving this Problem! Call the National Guard Armory Phone No. 263-2240 (collect) or 792-4572 23-4s-2tc Jump Into Spring! Storybook Doll! Printed Pattern r Junior Editors Quix on THE JAGUARUNDI QUESTION: What is a jaguarundi? * * * ANSWER: The jaguarundi is a wildcat, closely related to the jaguar and bobcat. It is slender, somewhat otter-like in shape, with short legs. Usually three to four feet in length including the tail, which is nearly as long as the head and body, the animal shows two different color groups: one a dark grey and the other a rusty red sprinkled with black on the back. As an exception to the cat family, the pupil of the eye is round. It is found from southern Texas through Central and South America to northern Argentina. The male and female jaguarundi, usually solitary animals, associate only, during mating season, following which two or three cubs are born. The cubs are born blind and are.nursed with great care. The adult feeds on small mammals and birds and can easily climb trees. 3-4 (Jason Allison of Santa Cruz, California, wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, is selected for a prize.} It's the top-rated jumpsuit with a refined line that does the most slimming things for you! No waist'seam — easy! Choose knits, terry, denim. Printed Pattern 9286: Half Sizes 101/2,12/2,14/2,16/2, 18/a, 20/a. Size 14/2 (bust 37? takes 2/ 2 yards-60-inch. Send $1.00 for each pattern. Add' 350 for each pattern for. first-class airmail, handling, Send to: Marian Martin Pattern Dept. Carroll Daily Times Herald 232 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. How to get MORE FOR YOUR MONEY? Send now for New Spring-Summer Catalog — save up to $100 on the clothes you sew yourself. Free pattern coupon, too. Send 75e nowl Sew 4- Knit Book _....$1.25 Instant Money Crafts $1.00 Instant F«h|on Book ..._$1.00 Instant Sewing Book ...,$1.00 -. © 1976 6vNEA.Inc.. T.M R«).US. Pal Oil Delight all ages with this enchanting, stuffed doll! She's about 17-inches tall and looks as if she just stepped out of a child's favorite book! Fun to make! Pattern 7197: pattern pieces, directions for doll, clothes. $1.00 for each pattern. Add 35* each pattern for first-class airmail and handling. Send to: Alice Brooks Needlecroft Dept. Carroll Daily Times Herald •ox 163. Old Chelsea St«.,Haw York, NY 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Pattern Number. MORE than ever before! 200 designs plus 3 free printed inside NEW 1976 NEEDLECRAFT CATALOG! Has everything. 75c. Crochet with Squares $1.00 Crochet a Wardrobe $1.00 Nifty Fifty Quilts $1.00 Ripple Crochet $1.00 Sew -f Knit Book $1.25 Needlepoint Book . $1.00 Flower Crochet Book .,$1.00 Hairpin Crochet Book -.-$1.00 Instant Crochet Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book .,,$1.00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Complete Gift Book: $1.00 Complete Afghans 414 .$1.00 12 Prize Afghans #12 _..50< Book of 16 Quilts #1 50< Museum Quilt Book #2 .....SO* 15 Quilts for Today #3 50< Book of 16 Jiffy Rugs 50* <M976bvNEA. 'I would like to know what made that appliance salesman ,- H h wou|d h t thoroughly search a think these payments would be so easy! marriage license for loopholes?!" THE BORN LOSER by Art Sansom MITTB), ...I LO£T/V\IM6 A OOU?l& Of BUGS BUNNY by Stoffel & Heimdahl HERE'S YER CHECK, ELMER/ XAS YOU KNOW, i DON'T BELIEVE IN TIPPING/ WE ALL HAVE OUR LI'L HANG-UPS/ PRISCILLA'S POP by Al Vermeer NEVER PERKINS)! MIND/ SAID... AM AT. EL! I DON'T LISTEN TO NEIGHBORHOOD SHE SAID YOU'VE GOT A MOST DISARMING SMILE/ AGAIN WHAT MRS SHORT RIBS by Frank Hill CHtCKEW MOO0LE '> NOT THE WT&O, HEAT UP A BOWL. OF SOUP. DUM DUM by Howie Schneider EEK & MEEK WHEAT IS GOHO AJOD COTTOfO . AEE STEADV... ...C£(rV\E IS (JP! FRANK AND ERNEST bv Bob Thaves ALL I CAN SAY IS IF I'M MY OWN PEST FKlElSlD, I'D f ffETTeP KEEP AN fVE ON THE OTHEP.5. (IHI/blv. MA mi I f.< H'll 11 S f.t! 0" ALLEY OOP by Dave Graue TH 1 LAST TIME T WAS A ...IF IT'S STILL WHERE I HUNTING, I HID A RAFT) THINK IT IS, WE CAN USE NEAR HEKE.' "J IT TO GET THROUSH*THIS PART OF TH' SWAMP. 1 WHY DON'T \OU CUT US A COUPLE] OKAY, ZAK, OF POLES, OOP, WHILE I SEE IFy(. WILL DO. 1 ICAN'RNDIT?

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