Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, February 9, 1954 LASSIFIED aS-MUsi fee feofilce DaJ? fcrtofts t^bllcation In «r*fi "«*,< -Ml On« jiStf'iMtf* DtwKofttt *cy(5'.' cgfl J.60 4.^0 .;/, >» -r.ao' a.oo. jj.flg l('-,-ti*uiJo 2.6§ ^£.60 jy-iW 1.80 8.00 9.00 S.10 *.60 -10.60 . 4,40 4.00 13.00 (e*?£'i3»" 2.90 4.60 13.60 ' 1.60 1.00 8.00 18,00 IflEfc DISPLAY ,„*». 78<s per tuck ....... 60c per inch i *.„,.<„,.. 50c jper Inch >»«J obova or* for eon- -tiont. Irregular or ifcfp- i«k« tha oiis-doy rote. , cjastififed bdvertulpg copy " tted uMII ,3 t».m. "tor fallowing day. ,.j reierve the right to all advertisement* of- r _bll£Qtion and to reject ribrtobl?;-advertr«tfio"__ tub- on» or more letter*, such as haute* number* count ai one .wl/l not b« retport- . In Want Adi linlwi illed to our attention InWrtlon 'ot ad and the ONE incorrect 7-3431 STAR Preit 1927 Janiiary 18, 1929 weekday afternoon by CO. ' 4eey.Tr«», Star Building lh ' Walnut Strmrt, Arkomoi , Editor & Publish*! not/ Mor.bslng Editor Haimer, Mech. Supl. , Adv4rHsl(ifl Manager f second class matter at Filed at Hope,' Arkansas, -•*>"* Moreh 3, 1897. Kthe Audit Bureau of eulatlonr pj (payable In ad- sr i' t?^ ' ' ;'ln;Hop« and nelghbor- 13.00 Hem^ttead, Nevada, J,''anB Miller caun- 160 2.60 .... ....„„ ;„., J3.00 Sftlilno'' 1 RoprdSerttatlves: •Mies, Inc.; 1602 Sterick his 2, Tenn., SOS Texai "allaj 2, Texas; 360 N. 'Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. •'orlc 17, N. Y-; 1763 Detroit* 2, Mich.; Oklahoma City 2, ,. _, -,,e .'Associated Press: (Cfpwd/eress is entttlecj ex" Ibe yso for reptiblfcatlon gc^mjws printed In thlt £r,,,;2»>well os oil, AP now* ?f I-T | te pert a ty 0 are : % EDNA Wf, SHOP (^ ' Phone- 7-2615 MUTUAL IMN8URANCE » allas Fund q.ii'Vvi(feble from Agent Vfhor.l7.4454 For Rent 2 iBEDROOJVf fciftfumlshed hotisi* illS Park Drive. §45.00 pe£ month Phone 7-2441. Ml 6 ROOM house. 408 South Bohner. Gall 7-3724. C-3t HOUSE, 4 rooms and bath, Close in. $30.00 per month. Call Howard Houston. 7-2281 or 7-2257. 6-3t FURNISHED Kitchenette Apart* mpnt. Downtown. Reasonable. Utilities paid. Phone 7-2261 or 7-2257. Howard Houston.. 9-3t NICE 4 roofn .unfurnished housfr. HardWood floors. Venetian blinds Near Brookwood School. Phone 7-5850 after 5:30 call 7-4366. 0-3t THREE large room furnisht'rt apartment. Private bath. 203 High Street. Phone 7-3174. !)-3tf UNFURNISHED HouscTT rooms" Nice Garage. Phone 7-4456. 9-6t Announcements The Star is authorized to an* flounce that the following are candidates for public office sub' ject to the action of the Democratic primary elections. Koc Treasurii' MARRY HAWTHORNE CLIFFORD BYERS DW1GHT RID.GD1LL For County dlerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLfiBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK IRA T. BROOKS Alderman Ward 3 B. L. RETTIG For Sotle DAIRY Feed. Hog feed, meal hulls, mixed, C. S. Meal. Salt $1:15 per sack, DANNIE HAMILTON . 2i-lmo. 40 ACRE farm near Emmet, Arkansas, Nice modern five room house. E. M. Broswell Prescott, Photte 683-W. ' Feb. MMo. HAY, Johnson grass & lespedeza mixed, T. S, McDavltt. Phone 7-2110. «3-tf PARAKEETS. Youn% birds ready to .teach to talk. Cages nnd feed, pilly Wray, Phone 7-3022. '6-31 FRESH Shipment of rosebushes L nnd ; pptted ; plants, Hempstead Flor,aj l Company. J019 South Mate. 'Ph6rie 7-2830. D-3t Services Offered MATTRESS renovation and innerspring: work. Cobb Mattress Co 310 South Washington. Phono 7-2022. ' Feb. 1-lMo. CALL Payne Brothers. House Movers, insured contractors. Public Service Commission num-, ber ',M-1425. 313 central Avenue Stanibs, Arkansas. Phone. 3-4481 In Stamps, Arkansas. Feb.2-lMo. TWO Accountants to help 'you. 8 till 5, 101 East Front -Street Farm Bureau Office, Phone 7-3766. Feb. 9-lMo. Nbtice SUBSCRIBE Texarkana Gazette. Complete Sports. Other late news, KCMC-TV Prpgrams. * Phpne'-Dale Hartsfield. Prospect , 7-4010, ' ' Feb. 5-lMo. Real Estate Wanted HAVE buyers for all size farms. 'List today. United Farm Agency. 101 East Front. Phone 7-3766. Feb. 9-lMo. Basketball By United Press EAST ft , Cl.qrk 72; Bates 58 / Wtscchester (Pa.) St .78; Baltimore U. 70 ThleJ C6; Bethany 59 Geneva 88; St, Francis (Pa.) 81 Moravian 62; Upsala 51 St. Michaels (Pa.) 86; Middlebury 7C Hofstra 80; Scran ton 63 SOUTH Fu>rnan,07; Richmond 76 William and . Mary 66; Virginia Tech 52 Virginia 89; North Carolina 69 Western Kentucky 88; Morehead (Ky.) 75 • Goorcc Washington 62; South Carolina 52 , Da/b and Klkjns 71; Morris arvcy 59 Mt. St, Mary 81; Gallaudet 45 -North Carolina College 85; Howard 60 Northwester n St. Col. 80; North Eagt Louisian S»t. (? 2 Tennessee A&M 71; Centre St. .68 Virginia St. College 85; Hampston Inst, 71 Louisiana College 72; Louisiana . f^ Highway 67 ^^-WSID TIIRECO, Wwt :AI1 Supply Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT . P. WEBB, JR, PLAINTIFF VS, LURENA DAVIS, ET AL DEFENDANTS WARNING, ORDER The defendants, "Cleaster Trotter, Dorothy Trotter "McFaddin, Eva- Trotter, Lee Autry Trotter and Bessie Davis Trotter, his wife, Laureda Trover, Ola E. Gilmore, Lillie M. Hooks,, Wade Trotter and Mrs. Wade Trotter, his wife, the unknown heirs of Wade Trotter. William Trotter and Mrs. William Trotter, his wife, the unknown 4ieirs of William Trotter, Liz?ie White, widow or former wife of Wade Trotter, and the unknown heirs of Georgia Johnson, deceased, and each of them, are b.fe} - (?by warned to appear in this court thirty days hereafter and the' complaint arid $mend- complaint of J,' P. Webb, """ herein, My hand and seal as is Court on the 9th 4ey Clerk Duquesne Gains a Little on Kentucky By ti$N>HLEGAR E W YORK (ffi — Kentucky con- tinupJ to win grmes by 40 points or mere but IJJL- Wildcats' first- place •• margin over Duquesne in Aggies Give Bryant d Big Welcome COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (ffh~ Paul (Bear) B ypnt, doctor of ailing football teams, tofd six tttou- sand cheering exas Aggies -last night: "We must, be realistic. We have tougli job. By hard work, arm in nrm ;mcl workirg as a team, \ve can get the job done" Bryrpt spoke i,t a feiaht r ally a few miniates alift his arrival to lake ovtr.es head coach and, athletic director at Texas A&M, The job to be done cbviously, watt, lo rebuild Texas Ag.gie football ifor- tunes, &s Bryi'nt did Kentucky's. SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAVLE TALBOT. NEW YORK W— i n no other sport i? the compel itor so completely at the v.him 6{ fate as he is !,ii ffolf. W.: rn\e felt that the rules of the;gaTe, scarcely changed . since the days of the gutta percha ball, vvtre downright stupid in some cases. The latest exhibit in support of this contention is the 'story of Bob Inrnan a youthfu 1 dark horse from Tulsa. Okliu, ff\v> quite probably Two Go meson Local Court Tonight ot 7 While Hope's two senior teams: are away the Junior and B boys will entertain a pair of fives from Spring Hill with the first game Cva's'o'eaTerTout"of"first p~rize' money start i"g at 7 o'clock in the school SMU Soundly licks Porkers for Third Spot ' DALLAS Iff! — Defending champion Texas, Chiisticn'?' plays the Baylor Bears, conquerors of Texas tonight in a featured Southwest Conference ga'rro that;'is ., almost sura to knock tho Ip.servoiil of the championship ince. ; ' "*" 'Southern Methodist: whipped Arkansas H2-68 last nigh* to send the Porkois out of contention "' while Texh.i, taking, n breather from a rougn conference s-cheaiile, downed Texas Tech 64-"C. / •'.-..' Any of the loop's seven teams had a chance at the crown until SM U broko loss with its best. pow- behind Mlddlecnft and Ed Furgol, Who played off tho tie yesterday. Our leeling is after having wit- Tho only other Fort Smith fight- npssos scores of fairly similar m- or to scc . lc(iol . Billy BQC , dents in many years of follow-'dropped a deeis.Tii le Russ Mor- •ing .champtionship play, that there! gan ,y the-Smoky Hill Air Force isno earthly reason why the golf - mgw'onrrns should not unbow their necks slightly and tr> to give the This week the 97 experts who participated virtually admited they couldn't choose between the t\v. .bKentucky r>ot'the nod 757 to 751 on the basis of 19 points for a first-place .'vote. !• foi second >nd i down the line Forty-nine o£ the voters .named Ke'ritucky first 01 seco.iJ, }vhereas Duquette 'drew I? first pl.ico votes and. i.'5 for se'nnd. Five' ballots skippe:! Kentucky altogether. Only two cmmitted Duquesur*. lUL.sne has >v.'on a 1 ) .n.ntr.os igainst college 'opmiJ''t!i!i n nnrl tw bai'.ainst servi' f tea..i• vyl'.ln'ut ,,,.. ..s-. Kentuc'iiy 'von 'I' 17th straight last, night 97-55 over Flor- ida'i-. .' .••;.. -. : ' ' • , .:'. ''•• Ifi^iotia's .defondinj^.n a t i o n-ai'.v ihaBnpJ'ons conf.ihued the trip, oil third place that they have rriain- tained since fufferinfs their lOnly. loss— tci Oregon Stato, in the peek beforc-'fjChristmas. The Hosiers Pplle'd 687| votes, almost xlfiO |in'ea(5r 'Wostpi'n Kentl'.ckjd fgaV^' ; up its No; 4 spot to i,l||j T Sfegies ..after suffering its fir^tjlpfefe bu^ slipped oniy;''a.s'-f^vas fji|i|i|y|^ioui^iipg. out Salla, Seattle, Holy Cross and George Washington.. All expect GW were inyiKe select group last week. W, lltn a" wpek apo, moved up ay beti't/ins Duke Saturday night. This 'yecision tumbled' Duke from tho No. 8 spot to 15lh, The leading te^me on a 10-9-8- 7-6-5-4-3r2-l. basis ''first place votes ln,!'p--p. enthcses):". fl. Kentucky (29) 757 2.'Duquesne'. (12) . .. • . 751 '3. Indiana (10; 687 4. Oklahoma A&M i7) 544 5, ! V/estern J^eutucky (4) 399 6. Norre Daifie (2) 270 7. La Salle (4) , 252 8. Seattle (F.) 233 9. Holy Cross (5) 180 10. .Gorge ;Wa^hingon (11) 202 11. Maryland (H) 180 12; Minnesota (5) 126 13, Oklahoma City 66 14, Califurnia 58 15. 'Duke (1) 55 16. Nayy . S /B I /Z 17. Lovu'siana .State '51 18, Wichita State 50 19, N, C. State ' 41 20. 'Kansas , . 40 The victory pul the Mustangs in ndisputed possession. of thi nlace with, .a 4-3 record behind Texas nt 5-1 ana Rice at 4-2. jBay- lor and Texas Christian are listed for fourth with identical 3-3 rec- isas lips a 3-4 mark and Texas A&M has lost 6 straight while winning none. The Mustang used a sizzling 'ast break and uncanny accuracy at the free throw line in over whelming the Porkers in Dallas They outscored the boys from the Dgarks in every period as. Ronnie Morrh,''with 10 points, and Orval with 18, led the way. Hogs just about fouled out of the confejrenie f _,.- "in the third period. In the first llminutes of the quarter, 'the "' ' i lacked in 12 straight free ; as Glen Kose's boys tried to stop the fast drive. , •jSi*^* .1 - fTohight's contests are the: last un1jii :; Saturday \yhen SMU;* gets TexSs A&M at Collcke Station, Ar- kans'as and TCU iv'eet 'at Fayette- villei and Rico and Texas play a irucial lilt in Koaston. Tech UO :> ' >• • Roilir.s 79; -Mercer 57 :. • Moi-iiead Tctirs 85; 739th Aircraft Sqn 59 Sprln.'ihill (Ala;)- 78; Centenary 70 Seware 85; Central 68 Memphis State 81; Tennessee Tech !>8 MIDWEST Coljrado 75; Nebraska 67 Creifihton 93; : Marquette 82 Oklahoma M: 'M G6; Detroit 05 (overtime) Washington U. (Mo.) 89 [Illinois College 56 St, Cloud 85; St..Olaf 69. Northwestern PB; Ohio State 71 Kent Stale 07; Marshall 61 Joha Carroll 'JO; Youngstown (O.) 75 Iowa 86; Michigan 68 Indiana DO; Minnesota 77 ' Illinois 89; Purdue 55 Cap? Girardcnu Tclirs CO; Kirskr ville Col. 59 .CaMn 13; Kajamajsoo 6§ Aquinas (Micb.V }00; deary 45 Loycln (La.) 50; 3?,ivler (O.) 49 QUTWWEST Lamstr 82: S. F. Austin 59 Arizona 82; Av'zona Tempe State 75 - Soulheni"Methodist 92; Arkansas 08 Oklahoma CMJy 74; Prake 45 Now 70; Montana, 67 ^1; 'i'uls& 58 Western 73;, r WyqyJ3< OSrAleorn Pol 61. i; Soujheastern, Ok- Tractor Dealer Tax Case WASHINGTON W) — A Little Rock tractor dealer has 'won a long •' court case against paying $342.^3 in sales taxes to the state in the- $10,000 Phoenix Open be icnuso n sheet of papoi blew across his vision just as ho was driving off on 'he. C4th hole. At -oi.-e time he .was leading hlsj closfcst rival, Cary Middlecoff, by; one slioke with nine holes to go. Startled by the paper, blown from nearby tab'e Inman shanked into a grove of trees. He took a 7 on the hole and, thoroughly shaken Kymnasuim. The Bobcats and Senior girls team will journey to Emerson for a couplo of contests. Golden Gioyes Fights Start KANSAS CITY Ml — Warren Adams o' F:it tmith won on a , ,. , ,„ __ , TKO ever John-Bankhcad. Pits- by then, wound up with a 77 for | nu . g> Kan in t: , c scconfl ,. ound of the round and a total five shots a ico-poiind open battle of the Kansas City Golden Cloves Tournament hero ,ast night. player j an ey.?n shake. In such' an ins I lined,, why should the youngster not have' been permitted a second whack from the tee It was a lot of money to ask him. to surrender simply because some careless person permited a paper to blow. Out on the fairway It would have been different for a pljyci natiira'dy loks aoround for sti nj dogs aad other possible distractions before starting his swing. He has a right to feel he can relax from the tee. Though golf has became so near- Base. Joe Perry of riot Springs, an- othe.- member c.f the Fort S mith team, is scheduled to go against Walt_v Peters of Smoky Hill AFB in the 135-pour>d open class night. ly anexact science and petition so close that the coma single strokeniay normally be worth several thousands dollars in the big money events, there has been no slackening in the item and ancint code .which leaves so much to luck threre' should be. W'i/ have, f.u; example, many timei! .seen two players send their respective , sho'.s into the same sand ? ;trap, maybe only feet apart. Yot jghii would find his ball lying ' ' ghii J'C; ' up .:ijK'(;ly while hir. rival's would be flt'ftply imbodded in a heel print'left-by a spectator it never to tHe federal giyernment. Th'e U. S. Sui'.remo Court ruled yesterday in .favor of Kern-Limerick, I Inc. . •The U.;Ss'Justice Department joined the company in app^jiing,'.-•' an Arkan&as Supreme Court decision that Kern-Limerick had lo pa~y.,;the/tax. """••, JuViieB".-Reed, in writing the courts rha:iority opinion, said^ that immU'iity of ; tl'.c federal government from such taxaton by ' -the states "is so embedded in constitutional history, nnd practice that the gov- agencies without a clear congressional mandate.! .Ho instance of such submission is shown." C,hijif', Justice Warren and Jus- this .court cannot subject ernement .. or its oficial to Collsqe Fighter h a Standout :By JACK HAND NEW YORK'(/P) — Nate Brooks a 20-year-old r ollepc: sophomore with only nine pro fights since he won ihe Olymoir: title, has joined Floyd Paterson as a standout pro. The inlented Brooks, who never befoi-3 fought nine than six rounds won the North American bantamweigh: championship last night from Billy PearoeJ' cf Los Angeles on n technical hni-ckcut at the end Brooks weighed i flashy left that in the early of eight rounds. 116, Peacock Ii7 Brooks showed blindet 1 Peacoc-; Legdl Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS STATE OF ARKANSAS ........... ................. ,. ................ : vs. No. 7580 (1949 Forfeiture; DELINQUENT LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR. NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND SOLD TO THE STATE OF ARKANS^ ..... : Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Act ,119, Ark Acts of 1933 and amendments thereto, there has been filed m the office « the UtiK of Hempstead County Chancery Court the Complaint of the State ^ ot Arkansas to quiet and confirm in sa d State and/or r^ 66 " 1 ^'!,'/;'^ 1 ^ ers, donees and assigns, the title to certain, lands entioned in said stead Stat ers, donees and assigns, the title to certain, ans menio complaint and lying in the county of rtfrnpstead State of Arkansas. All persons who can set up any; right to the l an $ srs °*?™%i c ,^ ce rv sold are hereby warned to appear in the Hempstead County Chance' y Court at the September 1954 Term, after the publication^ of this . notice to-wit, on the Btli 'day of September, 1954, and show cause, l£ ^"X ^0 be, why the title to said forfeited lands should not be conf rrned, quieted and vested in the State of Arkansas and/or redeemers, ptu chasers, donees and assigns in fee simple forever. rior c ! nn<; firms The description of soid lands and the names of the persons, inms or corporation last paying taxes thereon are as follows: LIST OF STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY Person, Firm or Corp. Last Paying Taxes Thereon o o +>w (- O O « a> a) Pk tot/2 40.09 25 .25 13 13 13 rounclj and th"n drove home the finis'ijrs with his right althuogh It had b,;eh injured in the first round The 1J52 Olympic flyweight titleholder soaked his swollen right hand in a bucket .-.[ ice water after the fifiht. He wcr.'t know until X- rays arp. taken today in Cleveland when Ivi'll be ;\ble to fight again. of Arkansas , on equipment he soJd dces"%lack and Douglas dissented.-ferencj has reemed'Id 1 ,-make.-.much sense in A fjnmt.' devoted' primarily -to skill. . We f.aw Lloyd Mungrum,.blown rightouj,-. • of ;;n Open-'plSyoff" at Meri m^a few _y«ar8" v "ago because he inaiiKcUvely 'leached down and blew a bug off his ball on the green. Scvuncely a summer passes that some iirpminent'TJiayei is not booted out faf a lOiirnament because he is found tu be carrying one club beyond the- bag limit. He probably didn i know the mallet was (here, but tiiat makes no di£- .CopyricM, 13B3. by Elizubclh Sclfort. "Distributed by Kinif Fcnturoi Syndicate. Dr. Stephen Can is about to |«ave Ills native Norfolk, m the mld : west, tor Army duty In the l j aoinc. : He bas-ar- rmiged w(th his old friend, pr. Crals Ta'looy.'aV'EltlHea physician, to come to Norfolk' time, a distant city for the piirpose ol taking ovei the Carr mod"al practice. Talboy arrives, and Is warmly greeted oy Cwr and Ms en- clous wtfe. She.ly' at -dinner in their home. Shelly IS struck by the dark handsomfr Talboy's dynamtc force, his charm aho sense ot humor and especially by nls generally bad opinion ol the 'medical! profession a? a whole. B"<>ap7ullv, she wonders .whether her h5lband V s patlenfs .wtllflnd this blunt, ly fran,k nonconlormlst, acceptttblo as their doctor. ^ CHAPTER EIGHT i "WAS Dr. TaJboy also just being —shocking—in wft.ftt he said about the MedicaJ asspciaMon ?" "Weil," nedged Stephen, ''tli e y aren't Uie same." "Is he In oad trouble, Stephen? I mean, this losing his last, jqb." "Nor re.aily bad trouble. The Hospital asked tor nis resignation, as it Had a rignt to do. There was perhaps a certain amount ot smear which prevented nia inuneOiato placement elsewhere. That's the methods ne claims Uie association uses to enforce its opinions, and protect its system, and, os 1 said, .his claims a,re constantly being borne out." "Has he .promisea to behave liereV" "Certainly not!" Stephen laughed. "I naven'r. asked him for any such pledge. One, because he'.wouid nave KiPHed me squarely In Uie teetli. Tvvo, because 1 think a man like Talboy should be allowed to worH no matter what he says or UUnHs, jNobpdy denies his prilliance '&9 a surgeon and ge a diagnos. liclftn—and he should \)$ judged on that basis alone." shoulder. "I'm glad you g ftve him the job, Stephen. I'm proud of you for doing it." "Well, J'ro sorry f« the guy. And then, too- « isn't that I always agree with Craig. I don't! And J certainty deplore the hatchet methods be $tetf uses, -ewt-^roh, while I haven't the persona*., guts to .be an owt'Bnd'pu!. radical my* s'§jf, i am glfA to *?9 «We tP offer a Uan4 to a free souj like • jjnder Mn, , year. Incidentally, Craig's opinions on" medical scjjools are Interesting, for one .thing, ne says that the :only .good schools are the ones \V,hp .use- jth'.e preceptor system. That's where the students of medic»he/» ^ne r ,went on thoughtfully, "quite early in thj?ir studies, Degin to work along with practicing doctors. Wisconsin started it, several other scnoola.'.npw use the, method, and U )S sjicws'sful. But,there are also good medical schools which do not use'it. "Wnat is your stand?" "1 like a combination of both." "Can't you persuade Dr. Tat- boy , . i 1 " "Don't heed to. He likes both, too. 3.ut he seems to endorse the preceptor . system alone, and ms constant P lu SS' n S tor *'• Improves the clinical serviced all the schools,'U only through an effort to prove him wrong." •'•Is he lha,t important? To the whole .association ?" "He's a gadfly. A mosquito doesn't look like much against a >,;cUtT-" Shelly laughed softly. "The point is," said Stephen firmly, "Craig is-a good doctor, and he sh'otudi&e allowed to work. He is a man of jdeas; ms fertile Drain stirs up rfledicai ideas as well as controversy.'' : "Stephen," she said In a troubled tone, "U Dr, Talboy is as good as you say, he won't be happy here In Norfolk, will he?" Stephen cbucWed. " I don't think there is anytWnig," he said deeply, ''that -ftould-iSUrprise, Talboy more Shelly opened her eyes wlUi three thoughts crowding into tier mind, tt had snowed, but the sun was shining. She must get some yellow flowers for the table against the wall; pink did not give the right effect,. And, £he fourposter was entirely too wide (or her atone. yijen ehe, reached her srm for ^^3tM»«Mn§ telepfrowB! tt *«4 bet" ter m for Serl Haryy should have T^T ---' - • * -^.-^ aa toe 4ays went by. Into the blacU late, I'm afraid. I've got Into the habit ot reading until all hours." Miss Cobb's excited voice took over. She was, the gist of the matter went, quitting her Job. She nad, In tact, already quit. She'd told Dr. Talboy so the evening before. But this morning she'd got to thinking, and she realized that ley- alty to Dr. Carr should make her tell the doctor's wife that she had quit—and why. "Did something happen, Miss Cobb?" asked Shelly. "Oh, M.rs. Carr!" wailed the voice on the other end ot the line, Shelly sat on the side ot the bed and dangled ner feet. The voice wer\t on tor five solid minutes, in- colicrently Dabbling about T H a t Mam bnelly's soft lips twisted. Yea, Craig Talboy probably was a "that-man" type tor whom to work, what little Shelly had seen of hini. Miss Cobb was going on and on— about all sorts of things. Waiting rooms, particularly. Lists—and appointments — and, oh, a dozen things which meant nothing to Shelly. tsvit she did understand that Miss Cobb had quit ner job. She was talking from her home—her father's, home. "1 like to work, Mrs. Cftrr.' ,1 like working tor Dr. Stephen. But * don't nave to work, a»a 1 want you to know that nothing will make me go back into that ofllce while that man^" "All right,.. Miss Cob b," said Shelly (irmly. "I understand." She didn'tj ot course, but— "And thank ypu. tor calling me, I'll see you sometime soon." "You don't owe me any money, Mrs. Carr. I wrote my own check. And I mean to write to the doctor and expjam." "Oh, no!" said Shelley, quickly, "\Ve will not bother the doctor with our affairs and troubles here at home. Miss Cobb." "But—" "We'll let him believe that things „,•$ going on as usual here. That's what 1 do when the water healer plfty? put—and, you know, Httle jnisbaps in the home—so J' d appreciate U W you wouldn't write tp b\m that you'd left his office. There's (he matter of morale, you '' yes, of course!" sjid thj rapnpiy, ri -,;. f/'..A . 'Jt',>.^X'' «g'Jl£ 14 14 14 22 22 '27 35 27 27 35 26 35 27 27 26 26 34 35 33 34 34 34 27 27 17 33 34 32 34 33 20.00 40.00) 40.00) 40.00 40.00 40.00 80.00) 10.00) 20.00 337.34 80.00 327.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 Township 9 South, Range 25 West R. E. Moses : SW NE 36 Township 18 South, Range 27 West N W." White ! NW NE 7 Township 14 South, Range 24 West Bud Carter E NW SE . 3 OIL, 'GAS"AND"MINER'AL RIGHTS FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF 1949 TAXES Homer F. Greer SE NW 33 Homer F. Greer SW NE 33 B. E. Stcarson NE SE 30 Township 9 South. Range 24 West F. S. Sletton '.'. : SW NE ,Ta?k Slatton ,...• NW Sk Township 12 South, Range 26 West Imperial Oil Company i;v»"oHr ™U Imperial Oil Company ...:.. NW SW NE Imperial Oil Company , W NW NE Township. 12 South, Range 27 West Kenneth Landes ;;, W1 4 S Kenneth Lnndes W SE 6 Kenneth Landes iJ'lJ? A ' Township 13 South, Range 23 West Lion Oil Company SE NW 16 Township 13 South, Range 24 West J. K. Wadley, Trustee .' SE SW J. K. Wadley, Trustee SW SW J. K. Wadley, Trustee. SE SW O. G. Murphy .' W SE O. G Murphy Frl NE SE Township 13 South, Range 26 West Placid Oil Company ( NE SE Placid Oil Company .'. E SW Placid Oil Company SM- NE Placid Oil Company NW SE Placid Oil Company N SW Placid Oil Company SW SE Placid Oil Company W SW Placid Oil Company E SW Placid Oil Company NW Placid Oil Company SW SW Placid Oil Company St. bE Placid Oil Company NE SE Placid Oil Company SE NE Saltmount Oil Company • NMs SaltmouniX3il Company NW'4 Saltmount Oil Company W NE Saltmount Oil Company NE NE Saltmount Oil Company S SE Saltmount Oil Company SE SW Lion Oil Company SW SE Placid Oil Cqmpany N SE & N SW Placid Oil Company W W E Placid Oil Company Frl. Placid Oil Company NE NE Placid Oil Company S SW ,.£c3 H 40.00 .f 0.02 5.70 3.95 109.00) 1.00 40.00 80.00 80.00 40.00 80.00) 40.00 78.00 80.00 160.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 40.00 720.00) 40.00 560.00 480.00 Placid Oil Company , S NW Township 14 South, Range 23 West O N Barr E SW 20 O N Barr Ft. NW SW 20 ^ ^s^-===-—^--^^ t s Township 14 South, Range 24 West J. K. Wadley, Trustee .'. •• NE NW 33 Magnolia Petroleum Company E SW & SE 28 Magnolia Petroleum Company .....:. NE NE 9 Magnolia Petroleum Company NW NW 15 Magnolia Petroleum Company E NE 15 Lion Oil Company NE NW 24 Lion Oil Company N NE SW 24 Lion Oil Company '. SW NE 23 Lion Oil Company W SW SE 23 Lion Oil Company W SE SE 23 Lion Oil Company E SW SE 23 Lion Oil Company S 50 A SW% 13 Lion Oil Company NE NE 17 Sun Oil Company SW NW 28 Sun Oil Company NW SW 28 Sun Oil Company •• W SW 35 T S Cornelius ••••••••• SE 34 Township 14 South, Range 25 West J K Wadlev. Agt •• E SE 19 J] K! Wadlly.' Trustee , NW NW 21 J. K. WADLEY. Trustee SE NW 21 J. K. Wadley, Trustee NE SW 21 J. K. Wadley, Trustee NE NW 21 Magnolia Petroleum Co SW NE 34 Magnolia Petroleum Co. Pt, W SE 34 Saltmount Oil Company N 16 A NW SW 36 Saltmount Oil Company -. SW WA. 36 Saltmount Oil Company W SE NE 35 Saltmount Oil Company : W NE SE 3o H. W. Hunt W SW 24 H. W. Hunt SE SW 24 H. W. Hunt N NE 28 H. W. Hunt SE NE 28 H W Hunt , NW 28 & W.' Hunt • /- W SW 28 Township 14 South. Range 26 West 440.00 40.00 223.00) 160.00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00 80.00) 2.00) 40.00) 2.00 40.00 240.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 40.00) 20.00) 40.00) 20.00) 20.00) 20.00) 50.00 40.00 40.00) 40.00) 80.00 160.00 80.00 40.00 40.00 40.QO 40.00 40.00) 2.00) 96.00) 80.00) 40.00) 80.00> 40.00)160.00) 80.00) Placid Oil Company N SE 2 80.00) Placid Oil Company S NE 2 80.00 Placid Oil Company : SW SE 3 40.00 Placid Oil Company E NW 2 80.00 Placid Oil Company :...... W NE 2 80.00 Placid Oil Company '. W NW 2 80,00 Placid Oil Company NE NE 4 40.UO Placid Oil Company W NW 3 BO.0'0 H. L. Hunt NE 2 160.00 Placid Oil Company :....-. E NW 3 80.00 LIST OF STATE LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR 1049 TAXES Person, Firm or Corp. Last Paying Taxes Thereon •a o W ' - -. , . TOWN OF BUEVIN8 Cy Honea ' 6 9 TOWN OF FULTON Smith Addition . * Ida Richards ....; N% 8 7 Frank Turner 5 & 6 11 HOPE Allen'? Additlpn Dora and Timothy Simpson 1 12 Frisco Addition W, T. Heard ,1 -9 ' MoNAB ' Maxwell Addition Sallie Mitchell .' ,..'....'.... 1 8 TOWN OF 0?AN A. C. Smead N 1 /* 17 TOWN OF PATMQ8 Preston Grace 40'xl20' 2 9 TOWN 9F SHOVER SPRINGS R. G. Rogers 9 3 R. G. Rogers 12 3 Unknown 1 2 u .HOPE . Harlem Hejght? R. D. Franklin »-.•. ••••• 1 & 2 Witness my hand 01^4 iM^l M* ^e ifith^iay ofDec., 1953. ifivSii.J'lJLLIS GA O .72 .89 .89 .89 1.24 .83 .89 .89 .89 .78 1.00 1.00 1.00 .89 1.24 1.24 .89 1.57 1.24 1.24 1.93 .89 .89 .89 .89 2.27 1.00 5.3R 4.69 233.80) 2.90 Madd Oil Compkny ..^.'.'.r.'.'.'FrL'NW of Sec. 4 - 14S - 26W 40.00) • 1.93 Township 13 South, Range 26 West Placid Oil Company NE NW 26 ) Placid Oil Company S NW &.SW NE 26 , . ). . Placid Oil Company ......';; N SE 26 ) Placid Oil Company : E NE SW 26 ) ^8^S£==.™™^® i } ?l^!^c ( o^^..::::::::::::::;:::::: | 440.00- 4.33 Placid Oil Company .' NE NE 26 40.00 .89 Imperial Oil Company N% 2 Imperial Oil Company SE 2 Imperial Oil Company ; N SW 2 Imperial Oil Company NE NE 2 ------ S NW 35 .89 1.24 .89 .89 1.00 3.27 1.45 1.45 1.23 1.23 1.00 1.23 1.00 1.00 1.00 .89 1.93 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.24 2.27 3.65 .89 1.24 1.24 1.24 .89 1.24 1,93 124 CO W S3 8.02 .84 .90 2,86 20.91 ,80 1.10 1.06 ,SO ,80

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