Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 13, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1909
Page 3
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CALIFORNIA. JOntered at the Postofficc Covina, Cal., as second-class* matter. * Published every Saturday by the Co- Tina Argus Publishing- Company, Inc. J. L». MATTHKWS Publisher SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Him Months Three Months Single Copies $1.50 ,75 .50 .O.S ADVKRTI8RMKNT8: Tllsplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Iviners 5c per line fach insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch first Insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA., 13, 1909. PROUR IJSS. t One of UKS infnllihlo H|«IIH of the progress nml prrmpnrity of n lowri ifl to bo found in the rippenrniioo of HH tneraanUle Htor«!«, both in the nrtiHti- cnlly arranger) diflplayH in t.heir win- dowR and by tho rirnnuiil, of w«ll-Ho- lectori KlnnkH storerl in thnir iritorinrM. Tho honeflt that HCOFUOH to thin town from woll stocked Hl.oreH IH nri- joynd by nil C!URHRH of its niti/ctin, for tho cost In tlrnfi. money nnd fatigue they would otherwise hnvrr to Hpcnd und oudimt In journeying to nnd from Ibe city, some '10 iriilun or more, IH hard to oontoinpluto. Covina IB (,o ho congnitulutud upon tho quality of iU) stores nnd the en- .f ;tg /nnroimutB. A notable in tliwo rcspecte IH tho dry store of W. D, Droadwoll, who nlwaya believes lu keeping u bonvy -flfcock of flrst-olnHfl Koodn, nntl his C,UH- tomorn have HO npprooiiited his effortw that, ho HUH boon compelled to add 18000 worth of goods to bi« UHIHI! large ntook this senson in order to meet tho inoreusing donmndB of liin t.rarlo. His stock arid prices compare favorably with any of tho city firms, nnd hia energy and enterprise cannot be HnrpnsHod in the statn. And Covina hns ol.hors. THE DEMONSTRATION TRAIN. We often rend articles in tho IICWH- puporH of tho solflflh wind net of tho great, trana-continental railroads, but aen little written about their generosity. Wo remember tlioir sliort- comirigs but forget tlioir benefits. Wo now have nn opportunity to inform our readers, nnd especially Humo who visited tho demonstration train OD Friday morning, that, tho whole «xpenso of providing, fitting up, nnd operating that, well-equipped and costly traveling museum with its in- torooting nnd splendidly arranged exhibits, togothor with tho living ox- roiiHon of f.he who/o party, which consists of fifteen professors of the University of California, besides f.ho train crow, is bin no by Llm Houthorn Pacific railroad (vxnpany. Tliu l/nl- vxrsity of Cnlil'ornia pnys tho snlarioH of tho profofisors. It In duo both Ihu Houlhcru I'uclflo comp/my and the UiilvdrsiLy tlmt Ihi.s 1'iicl l/i iioiiiiuii- tion with tho great agricultural liono- (It uin'.rtiiim to tho Hlalo throng)) thoir coinliiiii'd (ill'orlH uliuuld hi) known. MONDAY AFTERNOON CLUB. Those ladies who woro dotninud by tin; mill I'rnin iit.timii inv; tlm demon- Ktnition by Mrs. I 1 ], h. I Inx/iird, of tho Hliitn luinnal NC.hnul, SnUirdiiy nf- liMiiouii, inJHsrd a urciil. tnmt. 'i'lu> subject of "lirciid-making" \\aH din runs! d in till ilH I'ciilimw ami Ilio cooking \\IIN mliveiled hy a bright talk aliuiit yi'iist, gluten Hour and many other kindred pn'mls. Mrn. lla/'/ard |H'i'l'"rs eiuii|ireNHiMl yeast to Ma^in, as luting <|iiie,ker in acliniiand ailviscH nut to net Ilie yeusl until the iimming o. linking day. Assisted by a .student f'i'um the Normal, and n busy cm |n of ImnlesH as, including Mn'es. Shearer, Ohaver. I'dtler ami K. ('. ('liirke, nlie set, bur yriiMl. al 1 p .m, and had delicious bread and rolls, besides corn, ricn and potato liread, llniHlieil liy Inun tour tn live |i Hi. The mculing next Monday afternoon will in; addrest-ed hy Miss I'aeli aid ul the Highland Park I^M-ll Cluh, the Mili.jii't licing, "Sicily the \\ncked d'aiden of the Sun." Miss Kii'.iiiii Hawks altemled a incclm^; nnd ljiilii(ilel fjiten it)' tlio 11 i.'hland Park eluli In the disliiet eve-iilHtt hi/an! "t tile ('iilit'oruia I 1 eiii-rat ion ot \\ uiiieu's ('lill.s, and Jiad the iich'ih'gc nf tienring ft»i.-,> l j ackai d spi-ak mi I law! Inn lie's ''.Mm hie. J'awn," ami Italy, l vheie the .seeiin is laid, acciiiiipatiieil i,y cele.- lii.n> ,-.* ll;;lian iiiij^ie. She ta\s Mi-,s i'iiekurd is a In -st ih lierself, and ad \ i>i'-, all In ii 1 -..- i;;e- guest ticket .in tin - i.ei avion. Worship at tho Uaptist Church : Bible school 0:15 a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by the pastor. Morning nuh.joct, "Three Great Mysteries of fhfi Christian Religion." Evening p.nhject, "Th« HoneMIng Sin." .Jurfior 3 p.m. B.Y.P.U. 6:30 p.m. Topic, "Llrinor Laws. " Lender, W. J. B. Moore. All are cordially invited to nil these servicon, Brethren Church : Hnnday school 10 n. m. At 11 n.rn, Mr. Lev! Minnich of Ohio, Nations! H'snday hcbool H(.'rretnry, will givo nn nddress on Hunday .school work. Christian Workers' meeting (!:in p.m.; Hiib- jrsnt, "(Ireal, Work Donr; in Jappa. " Acts C)::iO-4J. Leader, Osa White. Horrnon 7 :',W p.m. Prr.'Hhyro.rinn services: Hunrlny HchonJ 9:40, Preaching iiy pastor 11 ; subject, "fiod's Uuilders. " .Junior Kndeavor '.} p.m. V. P. H. C. K,. 0 :'H). (Jospe.l servico T.I :0; subject, "Them WHH u Division Among Th«m " Prayer meeting Worlnesrlny, 7:.')0 p.m. All aro cordially invited to these services. Paul (j. Htovens, pastor, Horvlcefl in the Church of the Holy Trinity- Third Htintluy in Lent: Holy Communion, 1 :',W n.m. Hun- day school, 9:45 a, m, JVloniing prnyor, 1 1 n.rn. ; suhjeot, Tho Hhin- hig Lamp— ibo Force of JOxnmple, " Evorisong, 7:UO p.m. Htibjoot, "The o£ Bin." At tho Methodist Church tho pns- tor, Nov. II. W, White, will preach nt U n.m, on "Uod's Workshop," nnd at 7 :!iO p.m. will givo n short address on "Tho Ministry of Hong" in connection with tho musical program printed elsewhere. Oilier services of tbo dny nu usual, At the Christian Church: The interest is growing daily in the revival meetings, and large audiences aro in constant, attendance. Dr. Martin will apeak Hundny on tbo following subjects: At 11 n.m.-— "The Christiuti nnd His Diseases." 3 p. in., n lecture on "The Kinamucl Movement." 7:30 p.m. — "Proparo to Meet Thy Clod." A inrgo chorus choir led by Prof. C. 11. Hoggntt, w.ill render special music numbers. A most enjoyable foul, nro of tho services will bo tho tenor eolos by Mr. HoaggU. llagorty & Ilempol, 314 H. W. Kollmnn lildg. HngoHy &. llornpol for country property. Notice of Annual Meeting. Notice i« hereby given that the annual meeting of the Covina Mutual Building and Loan Association, will beheld at the ollice of the Association, Haclillo St., Covina, at the hour of 7:M p. m.. Monday, March 22ml, 1009, for the purpose of electing a board of directors of the Covina Mutual Building and Loan Association to serve for ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may be brought before the inuutinj;. .1. M. MATTHKWS. Soorotnry. -V ll •i, :iii 11. w. Notice of Hearing of Petition for Probate of Will. No. 142-15 IN THK SUPKKMOK COUK'T <>K TMK STATK OK TALIKOKNIA, IN AND KOK THK COUNTY OK I,OS AN(JKLKS. In the mutter id' the estate of AI- mira I/you, tleeensed. Nuliee is ht-reliy given that the petition of K. I'. Warner fur the probate f.f tliu will of Ahnira I,yon, dei'oa-.ed, aiid for the issuance ut letters u-sia- ineutai'v thereon to K. |'. \\'arnrr, \% ill lie heard at lu o'rlock a.m. on thej -Ust <!ay ot March, luu'i, ;it tin: court r mm, depai linent ^ : f the Superior :( oiirt ot I,os Angeles County, Cali' t.irnia. Dated March l>, l'i(|'». ! I'. (',. KKYKS. County Clerk. My W. I,. Warren, Deputy. I A. M. I'KMCK, Attorney to;- peti: tionei . NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No. l.-iilfvl. In 'he Superior C,.iirl of lln> Slate of j C.ilil'oruia, m ,'iid I'm- the County of I,os A ngeles. Ill Shi' Mall. I- of tin- Kslate uf (>r\ il 1,. Maslield, !>«-.•( a.--.-.!. Nuliee is hcii'l.y };iven bv I lie under- >iff|ii'd, I'M'eulrix of the eslate of I'rvil I.. Maxli-lil, di'.-.-:i>c-d, to || M . eivdilors | of, iiii.l all p'-r-'Oiis lia\in^' elaiinsj atjain.-.! II.,- said d.-,-,'.-i--e,l, lo exhibit ' ttu- --ain.- \\illi t!u- In t-i->s;i i \- \-i iiii- iiel.- ; , ivii'iia li-iir mouth-* aftrr i!u> tii>. |-uh-! liral'on of I hi> iu>t ire lo tin- ."aid ex | i-i-u 1 . ri \, at tin- ,'llir,- of K. M. t>id\\il!, ii!endoi-.-i. I,'-, .\ii^'i-l,--i I'D., ('a!., v.lrrh :-ai-i ullir.- i- li.-ri-l'V >\> ->i ;;uat ni a^ the p!a.-,- ol' |i|i-.iu.js ol -.aid e\i-'llln\ for -.aid . -/ •:' i '••:'. d I:, , ;Vt li .i:: v of January, \. 1 > I'.i •:>. Mi;-. PM.MA .MAM'll'l.l), I' \ -r ill i i t uf Said 1 !>l.i! <'. i:. M. I'd !>v. n.i., u 'i r dora , I ai., , At!.'i'i!(V l"i said <-.ii'"'iitri i OPENING TODAY OF THE CASH BASKET GROCERY We respectfully solicit your trade. This is the secret of our success: That there will be no delivery expense to attach to the goods you buy. That you pay cash, and therefore get the lowest cash price. That you will deal with a man who knows how to buy for cash himself. Remember Next Week's Marketing Keep in mind the new store and save money. N. B. We have a large line of candies for the children, school supplies, books and pencils and stationery. Cash Basket Grocery Q. H. ARHSTRONQ, Proprietor Platt Building, Opposite Hotel Vendome COVINA, CAL. ARMSTRONG'S Covina Nurseries J. W. ARMSTRONG, Manager Call No. 125 any time or Come to the Nurseries at 222 East College Street Covina, Cal. E U C A L Y P T U s T R E E S COVINA NURS Ornamontals and Orchard Stock THOUSANDS OF THEM. Now ready. Exactly the right season to plant. Order now. The KuhiMa i-.. 1 !!! is nr^t :i!ilv i:!u-\«.v!U d (\>r M r ^i and dcvnra'i\v planting. IK-'iivvre-! to v- >u in ar.\ ijuantity. Then there is i ho Kl I <1 KIR A ai:u '. i:,- I'M' i. :i i >: l'au.,i HMI -,is v. i-l!-. \uown tl..U- p ilmi the l.'iiama..'n>ps K\i.-c!:>a ur \\' iruiniill iiahn, the Drecuetia and UK- Sa^'o pa!in. Ki'iiH'inbv'r t»ii. !'• .t tiost in lam'.Mi'api' <ii-i .-i .it!. > aiMi '.n./iuihs st'iiH! verv rar. >. :,•' ,-s !..•-,;'.;>.•- •;;;;)^ r;.j iiily inti, use for the •u a:-, in il > 1.1.:, .1^ :r;ri tn---. i',i-i ilu^,' hy tht.- Halt" 1 >. , t; - r ,r. Uu 1 tl.i u-ar.d i.i'.s if \,.i: ill,-. All in spk-iuiid co:i Peach, Plum, A;>r!ci-t, Pear. Nectarine, Apple, Qu ; nce, Po nr-:raaate, Persimmon, Almond, Walnut, Loquot Oranges and Lemons o< course.

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