Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 13, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1909
Page 2
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THE DEMOCRAT Entered nt the Cclirm (Ohio) Pogtofflec ns Second-class Mnll_JfnHer Mn L Thirteenth Year—No. 46 CELINA, OHIO, MARCH I, 1909 One Dollar the Year Detroit, Mich., Kebruur 27, i ( )0<). Mr. Big Pete Schunck, Celina, Ohio. Dear Sir Your letter at hand containing list of names of your customers wearing Menz-"Ease" shoes. When you publish this list we want you to say to the men of Cclina that wlicn they want a pair of the genuine Menz-"Ease" shoes they must go to your store and that it will pay them to do so. When any person asks you about the wearing- qualities of Mcn/.-"li)ase" just show them this list. It speaks for itself. You are the sole agent for Menz-"Ease" shoes. If any dealer but yourself sells a pair of shoes'as the genuine Menx-"Ease" lie will find that it will injure his business. A dealer is imposing on his trade if he sells an imitation for a gentine Men7,-"Ease." He will gain nothing by it because there is no sho-i made that is "just as good" or will give the comfort and service of a genuine Menz-"Ease" and the man who buys anjimitation is sure to fiud it out. Yours very truly, WENZIES SHOE CO/V1PANY, Per H. D. Wenzfes, Pres. lla, 18 months, Rockford, Ohio, James Foster, 12 months, Rockford, Ohio, rural Adam Brown, 18 months, Celina, Ohio, rural John Alt, 12 months, Cditn, rural'mnte No. .V mte No. 3. route No. 6. route No. 7. \Y. .1. While, 1(> ninths, Colina, Ohio, rural sltnan, 14 months, St. Marys, Ohio. Louis Moeller, 20 months, Maria Stein, Ohio. E. H. Brown, 9 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route route No. S. 7 months Celina. Geo. Bollenbacher, jr., 15 months, Rockford, No. 7. Kd lioehmcr, 12 months, Maria Stein, Ohio, ' * . .rt . • ,.-*.-r-- Til f~* ._ _ t_ . . . _.1- - . .. i I- . /~+ I :._ . s'~\ ' i i . *. T « W. M. Mills, rural route John Hanselman Carl Brown, . . Ray Brown, 7 months, Celiua. Ohio, rural route No. (>. W. E. Newcomb, 15 months, Celina, Ohio, S. P. Orim, 12 months, Celina. rural route No. 5. B. F. Smith, 24 months, Celina. J. H. Cencebatigh, 14 months, Celina, O.,' rural route No. 5. John McClellaiul, 17 months, CoMwaU'r, O. L. E Beoger, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural John Rhodes, 24 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Peter Krei^ler, 18 months, Celina. route No. 5. route No. 9. • S. A. Highley, 14 months, Celina, Ohio, J. N. Shafer,'12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural C. B. Shim, IS months, Celina, Ohio rural route No. 8. route No. 9. A. Schroyer, 8 months, Celina. John Shafer, 6 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 2. Fred I.tit/, 8 months, Celina, rural route No. 10. rural route No. 1. W. M. Martx, 15 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 7. R. F. Miller, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 7. C. F. Miller, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 7. A J. Ballinger, 12 mouths, MouteJsuma, Ohio Clarence Fetters, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, Chas. Uollenbaeher, 14 months, Cclinr, rural rural route No. 1. rural route No. 2. route No. 1. route No. 9. No. 4 J. H. Ballinger, 12 months, Montessuma, Ohio, Geo. Fetters, 15 months, Celina, Ohio, rural C.. A. Fast, 12 months, Celina, rural 'route A. Bricker, 12 months, Celiaa, O., rural route _ rural route No. 1. _ ^ route No. 2. _ No. 1. --*'-*•• ' •• " Henry Mack, 2-i months, Celina. rural route No. S. A. Dricker, vz, monuis, ueuna, u., rurai rouu: nuai IUULC 1^0. i. ...n^ , i.». ... W. B. Doner, 18 months, Cclina, Ohio, rural Oeo. Fender, 11 months Rockford, Ohio, rural Chas. Meutner, 12 months Celina. route No. 5. route No. 3 1- H. Lonjz, 14 mont'is, Uocklortl, Ohio, run Russel Doner, 10 months, Celina, Ohio, rural E. F. Rhodes, 14 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 6. J. S. Til ton, (> months, Celina, rural route No 1. ' route No. 2. John Rittenhouse, 12 months, Celina. Clyde McQuinn, 12 months, Coldwater, Ohio, rural route No. 1. Cliff McQueen, 12 months, Coldwater, Ohio, rural route No. 1. Dan Fennig, 12 months, Coldwater, Ohio rural route No. 1. Win. Grube, 24months, Montezuma, rural route route No. 9. W. M. C. Howell, 15 mouths, Rockford Ohio. rural route No. 3. Win. Baucher, 8 months, Rockford, Ohio, rural route No. 3. T. C. Howell, 14 months, Rock ford, Ohio, rural route No. 3. Chas. Howell, 1.6 .months, Celiua, Ohio, rural route.No. 2. Daviil Shively, 10 months, Celina, Ohio, rural J. S. Tilton, K months, Celina, rural route. No 1. H W. Springer, 15 months, Celina, rural rout'e No 4. John Kulun. 14 mouths, Mendou, rural route No. 1. Arnos Hide, 14 mouths, Celina, rural route. B. B. Hines, 10 months, Celina, Ohio, rural No. 7. route No. 7. John Hasis, 20 months, Celina, rural route. route No. g. Geo. Heltner, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 2. J. H. Rhodes, 23 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. g. C. K. Cole, 18 months, Celina, rural route No. 5. No. 7. No. 1. Joe Beougher, 14 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 7. 7. F. D. Smith, 6 mouths, Celina, rural rural No. G. W. Smith, 16 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Anthony Schaadl, 13 months, Celina, rural route No. 9. W. S. Bricker, IS months, Cclina. A. M. Newcomb, 12 months, Celina. W. B. Hole, 15 months, Celina. J. J. Klosterman, 12 months, Montcznma, Ohio, rural route No. 1. S. II- Klosterman, 12 months, Montexninn, Ohio, rural route No. 1. M. C. Ilowell, 12 months, Celiua, rural route No. 1. route No. Geo. Temple, 13 months, Celina, M. Smith, 12 monthr, Celino, rural route No. i. Geo ^FelverV 21 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Will Bader, 8 months, Celina, rural route No. 6. Riley Wells, 12 months, Monte/uma, Ohio. route No. 1. Leander Cole, 10 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Hrnest Smith, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural E. F. Hayes, 21 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 5. route No. 9. route No. 3. G. W. White, 12 months, Cclina, Ohio rural D. W. Miesse, 8 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Ray Hole, 9 months, Celina rural route No. 2. route jsjo. 5. route No. 8. Ora Brown, 24 months, Celina. Christ H. Gieseke, 14 months, Cclina, rural Henry Beery, 12 months, Celina, Ohio, rural H. H. Galihue, 20 months, Celina, Ohio, rural route No. 9. route No. 8. route No. 1. CareeF. Gieseke, 13 months.Celina, rural route John Sheeley, 12 months, Montezuma. J..E. Robinson, 13 months, Celina. No. 9. ' Newton Wagner, 8 months, Celina, Ohio, rural Chas. Howell, 1.2 months, Celina, rural route 11. A. Jewett, 14 months, Cehna. Ohio, rural J. A. Kuhn, 15 months, Coldwater, Ohio, rural route No. 3. No, 1. ,.,' route No. 2. route Mo. 2 Jacob Detrick, 18 months, 'Celina, Ohio, rural Dan 1'etters, sr., 14 months, Cclina, rural A. Runyon, 15 months, Uelma. Theodore Bofrert, 16 months, Celina, rural „ f I0 " ie 'I 0 - *• .. _*.. . . ... _ r.' 1 ^., ,, Henrv Hone 15 months, Celina, Ohio, rural A«CUUOIC «o^ii, , F. L. Hass, 4 i2 months, Celina, rural route No. 8, John Wiley, 1: route No 2. route No. 2. ' _ C. F. Mass, 18 months, Celinn, rural route No. 8. No. 2. Adam Alt, 7 months, Rockford, Ohio, rural Christ Kable, 13 months, Celina, Ohio, rural j. L. Wilson, 18 months, Cclina, Ohio, rural S. H. Weaver, Chas. Stephens, 11 months, Celina. No. 6. route No. 9. route No. 7. No. 7. L. E. Wurster, 24 months, Celiua, Ohio, rural C. F. Brown. 10 months, Cclina, Ohio, rural H. S. Ranshottom, 18 months, Cclina, rural L. Surer, 1H in _ , ik T *w .« ,.. . i. ^. rVl,-. •* / M t_* > 1. t . 7. 12 months, Cold water, rural route 18 months, Celina, rural route: route No. 3. route No. 7. months, Celina, .rural route No. 7. Chas. Schlosser, H months, Celina-. route No. 5. in Shoes an call at the store and we will not forget him in the next letter, as we publish these lists every I'our or live months. T3T/^ I frl V I 'I .' O A "V^O all y b °dy who has worn M^nx-"Ease" Elk Skin Shoes and does not find his name mentioned in this letter, will please Copied from the Celina (Ohio) Democrat W. B. BROADWELL is sole agent for MENZ="EASE" Shoes for Covina Suggestive Questions on the Sunday Schooi Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. MARCH M, 1009. Aeneas and Dorcas. Aota 9 :31-4ri. Golden Text—And Peter said unto him: AOUCBH, .leaua Christ rnaketh thoe whole, arise, and make thy bed. And he arose immediately.- -Acts U : \\\. Verse 31 — Do darkness and light, lighting and victory, sorrow aud joy, persecution and "rest" alternate and enter into every normal Christian life today, as in the Christian Community in tho beginning? When a church walks in "the fear of God," and "the comfort of the Holy Spirit," is it always mutiplied? What is the difference in this euro and modern fuith healing methods? Js Cod's ideal for us, sickness or health': Does God cure some people today in a similar way to the euro of this man? Is faith for tho cure of sickness a special gift of God, and aic we not instructed that God will euro tho sick in answer to such faith? in well kept up; lint is thoro not almost criminal Jiog'""t- in speaking of tho good ilcot'lH of tho living? (This question must he answered in wril- ii>tj liy jnoinhiirH of Uio olnl)). Versoa 40-43—-Is thero any nuc Inday in praying that the dead he raised? Why did find raise (ho dead in those, and not in those days? What great purpose has that, mini- e\ih)Us »u>' Rcrvt'il? Dentil of Mrs, Trances I'erry. Mrs. Francos J'erry, .wife ol' L'ov. II. M. Ferry, died at her homo on Kan Bernardino Kond al, one o'clock, Monday afternoon. Death WIIH duo to an advanced OIIHO of diiil/clos. J'YiinciiH A rd I I.I ;i Host WIIH born Nov. lid, IHIjl!, In Tyrone, Hohnyler county, Now Vork. Converted at the ago I of 1H. nhe united with l.'io Jlnpl.JHl. Church t: f A?toy, New Vork, on October 14, IHTiH, She was united in marriage wild Mr. II. M. Terry, Kvi-n if HIOHO miracloHHhould prove ! 'J''' 1 " marriage relation WIIH MUHlained to bo but legends, will it effect nltl .iut:<'.(.r<l\nn to tho leaching ol our Lord iota, any essential truth of Christian >'"' '- 1 '" I"' 1 'I'"' "'' r '° .V'" >; ' '' "lonlhs j. ., ' and '21 days, when bho fell anleop in .Johns. 'I'olhiH union HIV children Lesson for Hunday, March '21, Vl , ( .,.,,)„„.„ (l) them, threo dying in Verse ?55~- When (jod dons cure some COHCS «jf noleil sieknosd, what are the results in tin; community? ! Infancy. The living MICH aro Mrs jl.i'iiti Doll Whieland of Covina, Kd- COVINA IRRIGATING COMPANY |'V i" I- "•' 'I utchiiiHon, K.UIH. , Krod ' M. ol Sun KnuidiHoo. Also a grand- if the Church should ha\e thej Tin- i .--.M.da; mom My meei in^ ol t he ''^ llit (;|iarlcH (i. Whuoland of 1'asa Verse 152 -Was there any institu- power reslniod of healing hii:kiifc.-.H, J l.-cai d I'or 1- yearn a helpmeet to her husband in his pastoral dulie.M. The $15,OOO TO LOAN in KIIIIIH n( J.VH).(M) >i|i on clear improved real estate al 7 per cent for on to -I years privilege to pay *.".<)<>.uo at any interest pay'iiif,- dat<: or all any lime without bonus. I buy Iriinl deeds and inortea/.o-s, At HO K.usl J'ncute SI. cxr.ep! Mondays and Thursdays, IMione 10.1. OHCAK SIINM SUCCESSFUL I'OIJI.TKV IMISI-KS IJSli Los Angeles Incubators r.VI'KYTIHNO fN l.l-li'S HOd MAKLK IIIINKY AI.III'KS CO. Anne Uiilili Cure 50c l'onl|)uld S.).( S. MAIN HI. l.OS AN(ill l-s Sec 1'. 1C. IKHKIIITY for Buick and Maxwell Automobiles (XJVINA, CM,. Versed W as tnere. any ins^u- - ,, , , , ; 1- ' "Vina I,, i : (l( ,, u , w ,,„ VV11H n . iu( , (1 ,, v ,„.,, H he tiou in the Apostolic a«e, to corres- i «' )ul(l ttlilt " r ' J ' 1 '"'" u I 1 "''"' 1 ""' 1 "- ^ , -"«" ' '""^ : - ^ '"•"' "" ^ ( " 1 " 1 pond with our settled pastorate? | vlv(ll? (lil - v - Al!1 " :h :!r ' L If preachers worn to follow tho i Verses IIC :',S la it as a n Apostolic [dun, (if "passing through si bib [or a Chih.tian to live outall quartern," would the final ; cl,,in« «.„„!? j and Ale.eie,, : ( . ||(/(: ,,.,„.,.„ U( .,,. , li;|| , v ,„.„„,„ ot the wnild bo hastened. ,, lllv (!l) vml ,.| HHMi j- v th-.-si, who I „, ,.,.,, ,,, s ,, ( ,,.,.,, v ...| l()W -.-.l bal.,ii.- ,|.,r«l ,-,H.-i ii. K -,. rlii.-f -f whirl, -AUS i-.....'I, leci-ip 1 .-. ()J|( . ),.,,„, ||, () |Ji|j|(. (da 1 -.--! and h;ip(:iin lolal |^!i".i,.!n! |,.,,,),.„! ,,f (),,. JJji|,|jhl .Sunarly'-chool, [ I'l-KHH- 2I8K I,. . |()S . .Meinher.-i ol Iho bo-ird pi'-. i-m ; j f mi( .,..,| Hcrvico, which wan held al/lho wUI-i ut y "' : ''•'">'•'•• K''"' 1 '- 1 '"!!', I-:ilii.ii, lloie.ei, ,. ul|ily n . H i ( |,. M ,.,, U'ednesdav mni n i'n«, ll.ali.e, CoidMJin, Collision, K",<.-nold:. . wf(> . ,.„„,],„.,,.,j ( ,y |(,o Lev S. W. and .\|e'.ci'-e. < ;„,/,. 'I'hero were manv beautiful To whom did the name "saint" ap contont. IhciiiKt-lvcM v.ilh K"i"K '"Jon Land Jan. :;nih. ply, iu those days, and should we ohureh and piayor meet in^, and talk ,iuijn^ monili $l^o: eoiitinuf; the use of it in these days? . jnji and praying, and are not, follow |-;>.|,..ndn in ( .-;, |7i;7. VerKJ-H :r.l, :U--i-i all sicknesa of ing .Jesus in "h'"iusi about doi»« ;.,„,.,. JM ,.. ( . iislll .,.,•,; ''•'• Mr I'e/ry bein^ the Ji uder of I hat the Devil'.' good? Patrick H. Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL 51/1:5 AND IN ANY OUAN'ITI Y Iv.liiitnti'-. I iinii-.lieil. All .vmli <.Mi;iraiiti-r<l. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT i'laee .your spare cash in I he ( 'ovina ' lh.y Havings liank. a h.'-te inu-sl me/il'ai 1 per cent i '^ «'li-j;li«uc, 1 loiiii C' V I H v (lfcpi-ii(Jd: Hie ureau winner 01 im: . ••'" •• •••• ••• v •-• menl al 1 percejjt "; i,.,,,, . is family, the mother of little children, | ;>How, d ,nd o, de, e,l paid. . .. ,. (it nlCKliesa IS •" );-, oider lit (he ( ommili'-i- '»'' the pillar in the church, or the ,,,,,. w .,,,., wi || j/(; ,„,„.-,I o,,i 01 all I ho houthv,eHtftr/, /Jiokeiai/e l.i.n "Dorca-->" in the e..m m u D i ».>'.' ii|... <|jul,e: on i|je );,i|, ol March 101 jan.y v, i 11 buy yoiii oianu" - t'"r ca-il at (il ' fi Wlllll>> ,, t .. .,. . .. . '„ fl . -nod ot ,i w....k o; .,-n ,{•„: .. .bun,;- 1C (J. Simpsr,,,, ai/.-i.l. <;«l(:e wit in theii- sick- \ Should a '.hrlrtian al ,, , , , ,,,.<,.,.,,- ,,., ,-•- -,,.'1 eli-.-ioio- /• it -. ,•• ,• < i. l,;ii';.n- or MII;I] I <j icinli I tcs. Yiinls, A/.Us;i Avcilllr, jii -I Muill; ol Sail I jfllliitdi no Ix'oad i. ,,•«,,/.- 1'oslolliic A ildrc v,, ( .ovina lUi-'l, >•*• ' Are some people Kick by the special' j Why did f.od permit Uoroas to die? | -:)'" 1 - 1 - •''! ''""-•'''"'' '•>" «""- ''""'• "' '' disp'-iiiatioii of (iodr Why doe-, Cod sometimes permit j amounl ol $107.1:: and i.-,,aii woi 1; i' D..I.S not (inrJ lake most |.eople In to die upon whom so much i ' h,- amount of i 1 -, I .s... ] ie:t venth,on,h fc iekne-,sr d fc| u-nd,: the breadwinner of the : Mill, ... 'h- amount of $.-,7:.'.^ vu,, What, proiiortiou avoidable? Arf. w. ; to aniline that, i.r.d wants ,/,-,- ' " i"''""' '-• •' w-.-k o; le,,,);,-... d.iui,;- ]; a, Simps(.n, ai/ent. (;,'!!,•:. v.itf ...cMin- everybody from !l..-ii- sick- \Vr,.- \l(> hbould a ,hn,t,an '.I LJ,.,, ,„.,.,.._„ y ,,.„.,,,,. ltlll) ,-1-..,.,,,.- (; ,, n , „, ,, i; , , ;i ,, .„„ , ;.„„„, u , , j, ;,, ,,„,,„],, m ,. ),,,„,-, „!,!, VM , ,,,„., il,« B a,i, C B, 1- d,e, fn.u, .h.-ir -y, bo ready to «o .„ Uie ,v,ie o j V , 1M ,, ,„.,„, I • ^ ^ ^.^ s j n ., hollow, lo louder help and impail > u i ,. ; . ,. ,. . 1V , ,, ' i ^- ° Are You (ioin^ to Build? l'' Was Aeneas cured through his o* j;iith. or by the power and pltasu of God, without fuith? comfort'.' It is a beautiful custom s[.(-.ak i .,i the good deeds of the dead, aud it Km Hal.-: , '.VI. a', are .YOU <)ojn(.; f(,i Die "j/mi. in your (.range gjo-, i •' eggs for hatc.hinu and '5 iiu -ubntoi a, 'try a |{'''><'vinK knife.' ^."ji; at Ki:lla( M. B. PolsOlTI, Contractor and liuilder 1^-i, Ji . Co. COVINA, CAL.

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