Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS PUENTE. •r will ripen a new IRWINDALE. li,.rn, lasl week. I" Mr. ami Mrs. \Vit- < . t' nhnip'k ,,(' A rroya l»ii\ e, :i '-on. Mr"-,. [, \. (]ark viMl'd in I."H An ; An up lo date barber shop i/ hi ing ipelej la'-l v.i"k ^ e-l ah! i-li'-'l in (lie ii"'.v Hirlarl hlo'-k. \fr a Kiixahelli lli''l u ciitei-taiiu •! , T. >'<. I'.ii" and family of .\o, I h woo,I, flirtld" ('ruin I .out.' l'"-:i''li iavl Sun.hiy. ; X-irtli i )a!'.',»a. ale \ r-dt i ng ;,t iiie liuine Mi'- KranK-lvn Ta; loi ,,f !,.,< . Vnj."-!'"," 1 •'• U • -''l'-"- j,- th,. inn-I of Mi- u A'l'i I ie-. I'li'l'.i I'. I .lolin l.'inlivf iy building a t hr'"' -tory \V \V. To/.'i of I,-,-' An«ele" vi-ilr-d i i'e-.-i'len,.,' aii'l^a y,>'.d ^/..'d ha in on din Mr. aiiri MI J . Norman An Iy. ,'. \ewlan reports n K"'"l "o'-v "i'er al dis nr-\v well wlii.-li wan --I nick al a ih-plli of ninety-five feel Mr^. 1'Yank wa« vmted hy her <!iii ilren from 1 ,<>'•« Anj/e|i.;: Suti'lav. Th'-v !,re Mr. an.I Mr*. I5yr<- an.j Arth 'i |-'i a nk. Mr. ari'l Mr«. \V. Ames en'ertainerl foiirteen of their voting fii<>rid u Mon- 'lay evpnins.'. A dflitflil ftil "vi-iiiii:.! l< A: ('mix, l'"'al hiitclieiM, are a lar.'e slauydter douse at K. kamhaii'l has pur<'h;,'<e,l three lots Mr and Mrs. 'ieor^e Kellaran.l Mi*- "" H.-ond Mr-.-t a,,.I thre,. on Third ''' -'n-l whiH, were own.,1 hy a I'aMa.lena. Mr. Nora Ki-llar visile. day. S.I r. Maier of l,o- A n^'eles VH Lower A-/.ii":i s. .-hool was eloped Mon- are good prospeets of a first el.'ISS Htore Mr. TRIP TO MEXICO. )a-. i'i S. |-'o-<ter arri''i DESIRABLE ADDITION. j I ^ ^^ ! New Cash Grocery To Open Next Week In The Platt Building. ! The "Cash Basket. d'roreiV is the I j largest addition to business in Covinn. ' "and the idea is one that will uri- ; rloubledly "make j^ood" in this com- THOROUGHBRED Cornish Indian One Trios S10 Of) Eg-gs :?3.50 per Sottiny C. L. SMITH on \V,-ia.-d:,v o! '!;M we, k from a i,i,. "<""'•?. Mr. C,. H. Armstrong B ' to r'nliaran. '<l;iVc of Hinsiloa, MeAJ-.,. man well versed ill the business of j taken with a view to inspe.-t tin- land dist.ribilling ttn.eeries to a biub class ] Tel. 3 Ax.usa and ceiieu.i condition* of tde , ''"^ f ,nd to a genera I trade, is the pro- ' in tii.vt iiarts. He statex tdat ( iiiiai-an . . ... . . , i is a l,p',i.tif,,| ,-itv and i >,:,t. land (i , | prictor. HIH store )s in the new. United States National Bank good a« any in 'alifornia ean he pur- i ha«ei| f.,r .*5 |i. r a i: re-, within one building opposite the Hntel V'cndome, nl. the corner of Citrus! avenue and Italia street. Mr Armstrong, in speaking of his: intenrions, stated that his E. P. HULL DEALER IN New and Second-Hand FURNITURE Quecnswarc, Granite and Tinware Casli paid for Sccond-Haacl Furnitere lands WIT" hearing fine crops <:f co sugar r-ane and bananaM, aKo orati: and h-Ki.ii,--:. ,\|| the onia^cx weie • '• iingH hut Hi,' fruit vv.-m good aii'l of a ; goods will be all sold Strictly for: fine fla'.or. As for climatr. the lowest cn sli in every instance, arid that no i • • .... . . ' .. I PACIFIC COAST BORAX CO. I'idart block in 11,,- nr-ar future by an expi';-ieneeil grocer from l.os Angilej. dav IP, allow Hie teachers t.o vi-iit nrigh ),.ii ing • J .c||(iol J . Mr. and Mrs. Ahner Miller spent Sun,|-iv al Hi- iionie ol Mr. and MM. Hey- . \ j,. ,.; j,; r ,,, |k , ,.|,, ,•„,.,| from a busi- moiir of Monrovia. ness I rip to Tulaie cmintv this wr'ek. WALNUT CENTER. , , VIH ', t V' IH '-i neliveriefl will be made, therefore rh'Mci-' ami the liigln"U s I i|,"'ree«. i ThL i- .imposed to h, the -Irv ti",- ..flHllnwIriK for R very close price oil yar and there was I .mil) inches of [ every thing sold. lie expects to make water runni,-i(4 to waste in the fnliiican it, worth the while of anyone to trarlf river ami L!.IHMI in the San I.op-ny.o. The rainv season i INVITES YOU TO TAKE A with him*, as his stock to start with | a,,.I September. The aVeraye \','ar!v ! is " n "bsolntely new stock in a brand ... precipitation is from :in to ijn i'n,-|,,.l. j "fiw store building. Mr Armstrong I'll""!"- Hi'own is M-Hting M| . M K M | H .,,.,| , if Lo ,, AngelcsjYi,,. w j M ] 1MI ,| j. ,. ()V ,. r . ,| v ,-itd a .leiM-lhasa hig display announcement in '"•'"'- '"!. ' i !'"" l!l1 ': ; "" i '•"'< A "~'"" «|;-i.l SMM.I.-I.V al her ranch hom- in t , n , v , |, of ha, .1 woo,| I i ml,,',', ma!io-,a ,,y. t hr- A I h is week, and expects to '•'••"" "'";'•""•• . U! ' ""' ""." r ' . '-hoip.v and I'.ra/.il wo',,1. The , a i, „,;„! ] |)f , ,.„,„, f |jr h , IHill ,. SH , ,,„ , Htter t r hiude ami I 'a lli'.'i,'-,' M i \] [• ( rawlonl is liin|i|ing an attra'' •i-ompanv are -inkin.' a ucll lor arte-i nil.,.' lor : ,,'rlaml trip I'i |;.,.,. ,.,,. | ..,,_„. ,,,, |,j, p, (1 pr.|ly on .Sout h j -ian water. Thev ai" ,lown ab,,u' ^~,n (lf next Week. Inipeiial X'all'.' 1 . 'Oran;;, avenue. | i'ei-t a'i'l ha>'e -Jil'i feel of wat"i a:.' .\| rJ . Cdarle'- .-'Ma', ely vi-ite'l her \|,. .,,,,) M ,. r . f| ;i ,.|, ('on^.l',!, of Kl i: " ' low.'r il hv pnmpiii'.;. Thev in ,| : ,iiyd!er, Ml-. '':"! I !i ui n|...l on of I/os ,\|,,,,,,. v . ,.,.,. ,!i h ,i,. r K ,;r..<M of Mr. and 11 '' 1 '"' '" -'" '" '•"' )l/ l ' 1 '" 1 '' ii'-ci^^a rv !i .\'.,.M,|,-J III,- I'll -I of the V.P-"!'.. .',|n. ||u,u| lecenll'.'. j -"'' :i " •''I'l'-iail llo'.V. The clilnale , ' " ' ' '' ''" ' f will eointnenee on Monda.y. Ma ten 1st, cl''iinin.n ail weeds between cnrb- in.t; and Kidcwalks and between sidf- walks a.nd properly line, and will fhai'HC cost of name to own(;r;i of ahilt- "Trip to Death Valley" via ,'•'. T'l-a/jp'r ha- return, d from Mr, ;;«,', ,p |.; c,,!.,-,.,. , UI ,| ^Jj...., (Je'lrii'le llerrv! .,,,,! ',.. ...toiipi'i'j al II,.- home of Mr. v i:i|,.,| |' r i,. ni |.: ,.,,;,| ,. Kinni of \"nicenl -'reel. An;_'c|i >-• I.T-I wer,|, : . Mi-,, l;. c. ''a sad and Mi-- Mary MJ.,, |.,,,|., .(,,),,,,;„„ ,,,,,| \[,. [.,., |,ai-oc were enterlainepl al tiieii former j.'.,„,,i,.,,.,| „,• f,,\i, i;i „.,.,.,. ^uesi, ,,f hum-' in lloilv.vood la--:l wee|c. '.Mi.-:s \'iola (''aslanaii on Si,n<|a\[.;. |; Harris |I:M been in '.-'an hima-j 1 , '|,,. l; |,,,. [,.,,.,, ,„_ l;(|(| ,,,• \|, . ||M) M ,. u _ fo, -' vi r:, in plan' in Mi "i W M.-l N' Slet lloilv.vood la-! w-ek. : .Mi..;s \ r iohi rastaiian on Snndav. ''ovina had lillle idea . ,,( what \Viisi;,,- i • i i ,, ;,, •-••in liini-H 1 ('i i r> i !• M i \r i' IL ' on IN the pi'oprietor'H mind about larns ha-i lip-en in • .in i;.ii..n ( ),,.,,!,.,. [iaiton, --on ol Mr. and Mr". . '.. , . . . . ., , . i ,. i.. ; ei.'r-p'o-il i< i n i • .• i i i inipro v 'em' n's rir iis hii: trade, un i! al ('a 1 ,-.*, wheie lie i (n/'i^ 1 i liarlon, in lecov eim" I rom a bad , . , , , , . ,' i- ,,,|,,t,,e'- p p' i riii • i"' finie Iv Hpruntf his la Cs: .surpuse i" a lario- ap'ieaye ol poi.iio, . ; ||| ;| ,,|, ,,) |,|o,,,| poi-oniii". ' ,',,,, , • , . • i \r ,- , . on them hy inl rodijcnii; new and ii^.hi- Wedmaun en I e, I a i m-d ..1 i "< |;,. v . Smith, pa-tor of the I:.',, I i -;l j ,, „.,„., ,„. lllinll | ( . wci^hj,,., „,.,,],„; ' ,,f ll " 1 "' 1 ' "' L " A".od,-, ,-ui > ednrcl, ,,f K! Monte, was entertained at ,| |( . kill( | ,,,;,,,, ,,, ,,,„ | ;|]L ,,. S | |,„„,,,,, ,,,' "'' '"' ! " l "' 1 "' "' ' ""'"'• p" 1 " 1 """" "' M - "• I'•"'•'V' I'isl \teek. lh ,. |. il( .i| if . f-oasi. Mr Hori:e was in NOTICE TO ALL PROPERTY OWNERS. I ing propf't'ly. . . . , I'ariies wishint: lo do UK: work « mni'l """"I ,, lf . InBf:lvf;H wm j llr ., isc (:on:ni ,, IK , ( . op . "' s ""• |1IH 1)K: """"•• IIMnl -.rations at once. X. }',. —Weeds imist. not. bo thrown in the streets. M. L. MKHMKKT, City Mtir.shal. for -.cveral w-ek-i, left, this Tin' choir of I!H> M. 1C. f' on in.t; lasl ijvcnini | .jo.vod a K,;eiiil ^a MOTION PICTURES <jj Taken expressly for this Company, CjJ These are the first and only Motion Pictures ever secured of this world famed VALLEY OF DEATH. €f Also other interesting views including a picture of the famous "20 MULE TEAM" IN MOTION ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY suit, his Hiorc will he equipped hence- Hi,, n ,,\ v president, tho parlors wer Tin. l.a I'uente 1',,-operaiive Water i,.^.,, i,,,,.,, in '|',...,. rJ f,,r se-, . r-iI months, forth willi the ncwo.-:t sets of sealos decoj-aled in Ihe iiaiional colors, |ior- Coinpanv Ii' id i's ie;;ular Ini-ine^-. meet i,.tinned to ll.eir home on South Orange I"H '"•" by Ihis hi;; cr,ncei-|i. Th" scales J | ieren of red, while and blun tissii" -.,.., ;, t 'ihi. home of W. :•-. Sawy.r on a\inm- Ihis w,ek. puloul by I his hi^ conr'erii. The sea !e« : p;, per heinic in ovidenco and sovoral ~" . l .I'll. .__... i. .11.1 ;.._..' M ri . ||,.ml r-un Ili-alh h'll la--1 w-ek M ,. rin ,| _\I M _ |{,,|.,.r| Dancer, lell whih' I',,i- Slreatcr. III., where she was called pl;.yi,,jr al -id I and broke her arm. ], v the serious -ii'1'.ne-j 111' ln'i 1 iiiolher, 'i'!,,, iVnrl HIV is mending nicely. 'Mis. Norton. j '|'||e weekly collate praver meelinjr Miss Anna Sprotle, who has been ilTthal lias !„•, n held in I he various homes ;il the (Jopiil Samarilan Hospital, v. here ,,f ||,J M nei,,'!i horhood nn I Wci|neu,|av she jsi laliiag a courric in nni.-in^, is eieiiiii;; al Hie residence of Mrs. Ivnm'a | at. the llursl ranch. Mr. Karlletl sn f- AKUSA. M r. llerherl, Seymour and Mr. Si, liey Seyiliolir of I nde pelulenc,', I n.\'o | ,,,,,. ,. v ,,|, | „,, | ; ,,,| vverk Mr. lill I'l let t, count',', visiled their sister, Mr::. Ahm'r|wlio recently purchased the Nelson .Miller, hist. week. properly, experienced an exciting rim- Mr* Kdward Hpeer visiled nl Ihe away. Tde king boll, ol' the light car- hume of her uncle, Mr. l/ewis Merrill, riagi- he wa.s driving broke, allowing of I'asadena I'rom Wednesday nigdl. un- tdej'niiil wlteels to Hli|i from nmh-r J.lui Ii! Krdiiv of IdiH \\ k. ' vehicle. Tins fri»'dtened the tenm, Mr nnd Mrs C I!. SIHsoi, of Holly- wl '"' !l '''•'''"' tlM'-Nselves I,H Mr. linrtlel.l wood MNs Kdil, Slelson of Oak- .l'""l»"l I rom tie broken carriage. Tde r,l 'ir-c KU,,H a, „., .„„ ' Mr. ^>™ ^ *» .'I™* '-!,. stopped Mrs. Daniel Ifeichard. ],..,.,„, ; , .„;,„.;, . Miss Maltie 'Md'oy left Thursday ! i;,.,,^,... inoining In viwil her sister, Miss Klh-u McCoy, wdo is spi nding the winter a I I de I'alin Springs Sanalai ium. V r. and M I-H. ,1. •', De Mamlel enler t ;i j n ,,,| .\||,. and Mrs. Schimell of ( 'di | H. D. l!rij.v;s ri'lnrned from Camp ,.. IL ,,, 1-,.,.,'iilly. Mr. Scliimell is much j h'i m'on on I'Milay. ph".•!'••! willi'ldis locnlily and is a p,,,s • ,\| V! . ,|. j Aycu-s return'd this week pi'.'livi' iin-i",lnr. | from ;i plea'.ure trip !,p C ..ii-lu-lla \'al Mrs. Stacv ami Mrs, C,,|,. of Mil."-, ley. Citv, Muiila'na, ami Mr. Warren l''imU M ,-. ;m ,| ,\| ,-,,.. \\- |; |',, SV| ,|| | i;iv ,. („.,.„ of I'.i'.'pl i ice, \ehra-ika, \viie eiii'sl- la'-l ; ,,,,1 p'l -lainin^ Mrs. Dalv of I .one; I'.eacd W ck al Id.' hoi,IP' of Mr. and Mr--. I'-. |nn,l Mi-s Sna\e|y ,,f Sliiliir;-. Fib, Ihis Miller. Week. Mr. and Mrs. I'.. F. Tall man of I,"S ,\| r . ami Mis. Tl a- Knapp ami A iiM-rd-s ami Idi'ir uue-;l, Mr. <i '•;,• fainilv mo\-e.| inlo tin- i e-.i.|enci. on I'.,,, I'h J-, \\ h.i is play iiu; ' ' llusli'i- I'.rou n ' ' ! !,.,• : ,| red fmaicrly o\vn.-d h\- i; •,_.,, a l id'' I ,os An^ele-i Idealer, vvre enter • Kmyhl ilie |i,s| of Id,, week. '"'""d - 1 H"' I ' Ml '- :iml Mls - VV ', Mr. and Mrs A. |- ll.niin, i,.,,| , ls ''• VV l«',,rlh Siimlay. ^ , ,,,.,,, ,,„,.,,, ,,,,, |,' ni |,, v \, ,. .,,,,,' ^^ Mi,. Nellie h'eichard I'.isdopol Till-, iS-imii"! Snyder, Miss Sn\,|,| ami M is-j I..M-. I'a., i- a ;;m^l al Hie dome of , F,;, n.-,-i h'oad, nf Lo.-, Any,-I,.-, h"i uiip-i", I lauiel h'l'i.-hanl. \l rs. Hish ,,,, h', ,„ I,, C.-,lifon,,: -Ille the! '' ' '"" cl1 Ul " '"' '"' i;| "" Hie A/.„•..•! of Ihe sanic ^niakc^ which were in^ iisc ! p i ( .|,,,. f , K of f'residi-nt. Tafl coiiKpicu- in Ihe store have been exchanged for Ihe new ones, and the purchaser who buys anything from a pound ol' cri.r:!;- ers lo a hill amonniin^ io ,i huinhiMl dollars, can be sure th:il the mer- all l!ie ;ireHldcnts, for which Mr. \V''.r- Tickets are FREE, at your Grocer or Druggist "ALL WE ASK YOU TO SPEND IS YOUR TIME" Children Unaccompanied by Parents Not Admitted at , , Womans Club House H lormed Ihe oeenpnr.ion ol the orrLnr'^rn^'irVorulniro!' SATURDAY (today) at 3:30 and 8 o'clock p.m. Hiy placed. \alion;il son^s and chandisf IK weighed exactly to a hair on Mr. I Ionic's now ."calcs. Thi! new 11 is whal is ki!f)\vn as Ihe mono-, weigh' system, which sets Ihe price If) bo paid on an article by computing il. ii.t ilH rf'Kiili'ir HclilPK price per pound. There Is no (dnince for a clerk lo make a mistake al'ler the customer lias been told the price by tho pound, for the machine will register it accurately for Ihe whole amount lo bo paid. The machines are interestine; to everyone, and they guaranlc'e absolute justice to everyone. Mr. Horne is also contemplating other Improvements, and bis si ore now possesses an interior which Is us al tract ivo as any grovery store roii received tho prize. The rcl'roKh- menls, sandwiches, coffee, ino cream and cake, were heartily enjoyed by all. CabbnKe plants for sale. Thousands of them Inquire of W. H. RleLeod, over Warner & Whitsel's store. It WANTED—Ladies' bats to trim and remoddl by experienced Enro- pefin milliner. Ladies' own materials used. Also millinery tlioronghly European style, including frame making. For terms apply Mrs. J. Carturight, Corner 3rd and Bii- dillo St. 3 l.Tp I I ... , ,, . ,, :-, \\ oi-,hiptul Ma-li- the I'll Mp.nle I' ..... h\|p<nai, p-hni.'h ill-p ll:l '"' I! P-. II L:i^ I'll la .1 Week h\ Ihe A T-a ,,, uav ,,„ Iruin ' -'' IV| '•> en I ,.|-| a i io-d h , -i f H,,. lil,-n,i,,i l hiull h\ .1 C. he Maud, 'I and W :cl '"•' home on lien l.amar ie\ent --iiiim waler I'rom riinniiij ! lailroa.! em ha n k m.-n I and, 1 . 'i'"'t- eii|"M'd Mr. I ,a !•', I la '- h,.- IK.' nd.iiiininp.'. orchai'U ,l la^l w i-p-k h\ I IIP > . , in,,, Ml-. .1 .1 Manp|e\ I Ie ,-1,,' |,n'l\ of tin' I 'i ,.^|i MI,', The Front Room Clock Has Been out of Order for a Long: Time Nu't that true? it's a j^uod clock too, so why nut have it in perfect rur.niny order? Take a mental survey of your home and tlecidi- if some other clocks. Need Fixing Up You carry a o-oml watch. It hiis been unreliable of late. Let us have it for a few da vs. \\V11 put some careful, tttic- ient workmanship into making it a> ^ond as ever. Old jewelry madi- over into new and attractive styles. Hrooclies .iilcl j.itis remodeled, cleaned and reset. King's made larger or smaller. We have a splendid line to select fr rom in Sideboard Silverware And on every article sold you we will do free engraving- of names if you so desire. Table Silverware \Vi- carrv the K,>L;'<. r-. Tr l,!e Plat, Silverware f;>r t!i'ie. It \vea!'•> lor t\\\i j.'.i'i.i-.-ration>.. T!i,' \\.-v-; IIP --t liiu in ll'T lil.ASS \V.\ \<i:. Our Optical Department !!ov.s, l-"rames and Nose Undoes made anrl re I.eti-es Fiurd a::d t!!,- hi-ho-t Ln-.t.ic. IT i'.nc i '!' IU",V i/la^se-, of -!' tic ,.<. r it -.-...-, A\,_-in:e. (' | COVINA JEWELRY CO . WRIGHT, rianager

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