The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 28, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1977
Page 6
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E fi— NAUOATUCK _ S (CON>f)^\TO_DjrKS_DAV, JUT.V 10. 1048 On The Air Today II7«il* •• "i ' O r tJD< :v ? " np^v-* "-A- 7/ " i I .'.' Williams Homers 1 wice As A. L. ll:l>0 p, m. WdH- -Kunv AI--II tJthrr HMlllrtrn-.-NVwil il: 11) ii. ni. \VIirtv .|l:in>h-'ll \VATIC -ini.-i-iu'i" ii:l.-. IL m. WllUV--Nylon Tlrn». l,....|" V,'A IK! -V.'onl t'-roui Oituil IVTl'l' - l-ri.r. N.-linnhi-r W,IX - Kihi-l iiml Alli.-vt Wl'Il -fin lh-.- (Vntlii-v WATI: AI Vi.Mlio. Mi«,r|i I'.I'JII |l. Ill, WAT11- Coi-h'iill .'l.-M-n ll:.".ll ,,. n WIHI V- K. I'l.ri.dv I 111.. \VA III.'- -l.,,rrv iMrr \VI-:AK • -SI.I,T,.I,I..: Snorif WTl'i' '.Hiinrl:.. My.ilr.ry V.'ATK -.V'-iv-.. riitnrlii.1" W'lft- V,ii,'li", .-lit., i- «:l.1 |i. n wnr wi'-Ai- i'.,., v ,ii TI, WJ'S. • Ifiirr'n M' Won- ;((,,,! I.I.MIII.X |» WArrS'-i'It-niun-i- .nil. I I'rnfll T:lil) p. ui. Wl;UY-WA|lt.'- I'lilll I' \v ni.'-WKAP - :<ti|i|>i,r ('lull WATH-Wnll N..IHI W.IK -Ili-.nlllii'. Ncim 1:1.; I/, in. IVIIIiV-V/AHi'-'Skyllli.- Uixif WK.U-'.WTH 1 — Ni-w» U'l 'It - AMHW.T .M,in W.I!'.— Itnynimi'l Sivlni: WATIl in I'll In ntiyfli 7;»l> n. i i'i.iu I 'KIM. Vi.ur Alliitvi-r WMI:v-i;ir WAI:- 1 l:il, WKAK I'li vvi-l: H.tMl \VATI: i '111 U'JX -I...II.- WTIi;-- i-'in- HOLLAND HOUSE PREPARED MIXER 2 for $1,25 J. K. STOKES CUT UATK, I.IQUOKS, WINKS, HICKKS 300 N, Mnln St. Tul. 4970 Fri>« I>ellvnry Anyw.Soro In I'lVVvhllim ",: I.', |i. III. WIIKV—Tn ih- 1'i.illliy Knrint-r WTII 1 -.'I'.. I"- I'lllloUII'-'-ll WATIt Till"- WKAI.'. A. V. Kii|tintnii-n X.'llll |i, in. v.'imv-w.uir 'I'., I... iinmitim-i-il V, K.M-'.WTIi- Thi. Ni.rlh.i '.'.',,'1 li- U ,11', l.nin mi'! .U.n.M' •A', ill --,-;,|, VI.M Tin. TM-I? K:l.~ l>, fll. V.-.IK I- 1 . II. l..,i;u,inll;i U'.STI: . W.ili-i J.,U'J- M,, .,!<:, '- IT. i'Iti'l;*! l;,n IViuailr, li'»"iii ri.-lil,,i : . lliimliii.- Nationals Limited To Three Hits By J^aslor Loop Amateur League Next Sunday ',' l!l:V.WAr.i V.'ATI:.WJX . wnn OIK:,! .\u-. i>mtn..t luvh. LITCHPIELD SUMMER THEATER Opening 1 Night SKYLARK July 8-13 .SwilH 7,5(f, $1.1111, SJ.ii/;, S3.00 plus rax (-'DK'I'Al.V «:ld KpwrviitliiMN Tel. J.llrli HUD Next, Wci'k: I.ITTf.i; KOXKS . WI-.I'.V.WAIU- ..-I-,, i,,. imni.u lVTl''.H'h'.l !••— K:iy KVH.T XVA'I K-WJX - S|..,rl« K.-vl.-v 1111:111 II. III. • .MII-IC liiilnlii SANDY BEACH LAKK QUA .SWAP A I/O DICK FINI.KV. Mgr, Opon l» A. M. to 10 t". M. ItoutliiR- 0 isiithlug o Vlcnlcn HOUGIIT N|iri'htl Uiiti'M on 'Crullers Fur Vacation I/KO OUANCJK TK.\IU>;it IlKNTAl. S Kit VIC I" 1 , l>nirn In I'lillin <:il.v Iliinln-lirn Illilc, I'OKTKAIT.S I'lldlic. _.„.. LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO II No. Alnln St. Naufi-ntiirk The long awnitcfl meeting ho- Iwoen the St. Francis Ami'tr.ur le-im and the P.angr.-rs will p!.'u;e this Sunday at the Rccrya- (ion Field, when those two lof.a combines face off, In the second ;rnme of an Amateur Lcflgue <loi-ljlc hoiclor. The Allenmon nro currently Ic-iid- ing the !o;igue with ,1 D-0 record, although they h.ivti boon pusher' "o the firiloMt .several times to re-tain hat record. Si. Krancls, nican\v!'il!c. [HIS hceo beaten cmiy once, rind then hy tho Highlanders. Osach Jim Kennedy thinks his Chuicrn- jtrcct nine can take the nioci-'<n'p i>J' tho Ion-fill! leaders, and is pi'o- p::rini; for Sunday's game acc'uvl- ingly. It is C'Sjjcclcd Conch Allen ivill uyc Rudy S/.c/.esiul on the ninn/wl, with himself catching, while Cu-uzh Kennedy in intending to pitch Doc Cumin, with either Pistarelli or Mariano stopping them from Behind ;he plate. The first <?«me of the double header will [Ind the Highlanders favored to beat the Millvillc co-m- bl:ie. The Millvilk: group is improved and may surprise all of us Ihnugh, hy insetting the hii;h-ly touted Welshman array. 12-0 Victory Breaks Previous High Record Of 7-1 Set By Senior Loop FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co, KKI Smith MM In St, ADIRONDACK CHAIRS CROQUET SETS NAIJGATUCK HARDWARE Yanks To Play Mites In Re-Match Friday The local sol'tball Ynnks will plaj ;\ re-mal:.'h with tile Merry Morti clans Friday nii^ht. (i p. m. at tlic | Recreation Held, it was nnnounccc i by Vi'illiiim Dunn today. The j Yanks have been undorKoiiiK some | extensive pr.iotice of late, tenchlnp | "" Tan.credi ho\v to put on his mask, and at (he tinme time watch thu man on third, and believe that they can avenjre thu recent which they Mui'foi-ocl at the hands o|' the Mm tician.s. The AToi'ty's arc • traveling 1 to .Middlebury this evening to play the strong Middlebury squad in a. .scheduled content. Numerous rccorda v. r orc broken yesterday when the strong American Leaguers trounced the National League to 'the tune of.. 12-0, and, no, they weren't playing football. A yoiinf? fellow named Teddy Williams was partly responsible Cor the magnitude . of Uiia victory or -the American .Leaguers, when he personally accounted for four nf the 1-1 hits garnered by the strong 1 junior loop, two of these which wore homo runa; he batted in five runs and scored four. Charlie Keller also came through, in a bis: way, when in -the first IniiinjT, after Williams had been issued an intentional pass, he hom- ered. in:o the riRht-ficld bull-pen. The tremendous hitting, though, placed in-to apparent obscurity, a 'eat which normally would have ed headlines. The National Leaguers were set down with only three hits: they only came to bat ofllclally 31 'times, und only one nf their men reached base on a free ticket (a base on balls). Feller al.MWcd two of the American L-eapiies .three hits, with NewhouB- cr allowing the c-ther one. Kra- .-wor i:i.sued the free pass, arid so one man reached first base on him Williams Homers IiTAll-Star~Game Upholding his reputation :i» a home-run hitter, fed Williams, Boston Kort/ Sox, crosses the plnte nftor hitting hls~ first -four-saclcer during the All-Stjir- (janic u-t Fenway JPiiTk, Bo»to.i, between American and Natlonul Icngues. WiHlnm.s rcpentc'ii his circuit clout later in the ganu; which the Ain'eiionns won J2-(l, (Inturnnll'inul .Snundphoto) I5PJLDINQ TEL. 5212 CHAPEL ELECTRIC CollPANY Ti-'l. 221!) IM SOUTH MAIN STKEKT Klirli'O I'.nmlr Sl-rvii-i- nil All Mil km ill' Uiidiu S<-(h. I'rffrm't. S,-ri p lr,r ill Krii^tilililili- I'rlrc^, i.dli'M J'ji[llUnm-ul r»r iciiilln Ki-iiulr Wiirk, AI:IMH-> rui- U'l-^' Knilio-^ mill l':ii-i-trli< .\iMilliiiM-i-n Sli'wiirt'\\'nriii-r unil Snnftril I'lillru Cm- Itiiilli,-. Sulil, In Records broken yesterday were: The highest score of- an all-star •;'nmc, which previouuly had been j '-1, n victory which the Nationals gained in 10-M; two home-runs in •me all-star game by Ted Williams find Williams nlso broke another record in hitting a home-run off of Luke Scwell's blooper hall, which liud never been done before, E-ox score below: Nationals ab Schocnd'st, 2b 2 Oii.itine, -b 1 Mliaia!, If 2 Cnnis, If 2 Hopp, cf .'. . . 2 i'jowrcy, cf 2 Walker, rf 3 '.riujrhtcr, rf ] Kurowski, 3b 3 v'crbtin, xx 1 1 1 1 -. 1 2 Greatest Swimming Campaign Being Conducted By YMCA lb McCorm'k, lb avi-'tii. lb .. W. Cooper, e Vlasi, c Marion, S3 . . .. Prisseau, p .. .. Hlpbe, p cvvoll, p SPECIAL! B A 15 Y WALK ER S $598 BEACON KVDUIE CENTER 71 GRAND STREET ^. ssssn* ^ £." -a W l>^ *<*/ anrl A fresh cont of paint oo th« wood -work and wall* will make that room ocw agnicvi And if you use the right paint, you can easily keep it clcaa •od ncw-Jooking with »o«p and water. We cccomrocod Murphy Paints IxtoHo* • Mart** Kof Our Uirtfo .Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS All Kinds of Fertilizers CO.VNKf.'T/CUT'S MOST DA.VCICAKI-IC MUSIC COMKS TO— LAKE QUASSAPAUG — Tonight BV rorui.Ait KIOQUKSTJ FRANCIS .,-.. HIS SAXoriio.Ni-: AND JUS RKCOKD-HKHAKINC OltCIIKSTKA ID — rKorr.K — is Starring I.''AN.MK ICOSSf, V/.VCK.VT MAN'KOI-I nncl MONJIOK SIMKR DANCING AT AI>M. (tux inc) 70c WATERBURY — 2ND WEEK! THE MOST EXCITING YEARS OF YOUR LIFEI Totals 31 Americans ab h "). DiMaRPTio, cf 2 1 ^-pence, cf • 0 0 Chapman, cf 2 0 Pesky, us 2 0 Stephens, s 3 2 Wiilinmsi. If 4 4 7Ce)lur, rf 4 l Doerr. rb 2 0 Gordon, 2b o i Vernon, lb 2 0 1'ork, 3b 2 1 Kcltncr. 3b o 0 Stirnweiss, 3b 3 i | Hnyos, c " l o j FlonKr, c 2 ] |. Wairner, c l o Feller, p o 0 Appllnp, •/. i o Nowhoiiscr. p 1 l Dickey, •/.•/, 1 f) Kramer, p i i 3 24 5 0 Five Extra Instruction Classes Formed Due To Size Of Beginners Group One cf the greatest swimming campaigns i3 being conducted at the Nauffatuck YMCA, and Frits Klambt, instructor, reports tl'.e most succcBsful^day for beginners. The girls' group was so large that five extra special instruction classes were formed. The 10:00 o'clock class had""sr.vcn: Lesley Gar.a/rher, Carol Gallagher, Patricia Dr.vey, Theresa Lynn Nardello, Mary Ann Vi't7,, and Annobelle Smith, Of this group Lesley Gallagher, Patricia Davey and Mary Vit/.oski learned to swim across and jump iff the board at the deep ond and ;v--im to the side. They were advanced -to the regular swimming class. The 10:30 class had 12 — Joyce Nicely, Lois Fox, Sonia. vich, Justine Mikalchus, Alice Was- IcowicK, M.-u'y SmiKiolski. Judith - Mortenscn, Mary Ann Klukis, Bernice Taranvich, Lois Grabowski, Patricia Poynton, and Anr. Krodel. Of this group, Joyce Nicely, Justine Mikalchus, and Bernice Tar.'inovicli swam the wid-th of the pool, jumped off the diving board •and swam to tho side, and were advanced.. The 11:00 class had 10 — Dolores Kohn. Sylvia Obst, Betty Wozniak, Caroline Zawacki, Carol Kolakow- Frcnch, Dorothy Ann Pcalter, Julia Wocraicr, Patricia Sullna, Ro- bortn Sagnelli. Of this group Lorraine Jjongo. Betty Longo, Catherine Jc.'inctt, Kllcn Passeck. Joanne Bchlman, Margaret Hackett, Patricia Su'.sna anc.- Kobcrta Sagnelli made the width, while Dorothy Ann Peaker, one of the smallest n the clasa swam half way first attempt. These same at her clawses v.'il) he heltl next Tuesday at the same hours. Tho regular class at 3:30 v.'ere IT.olores Mlele, Carol Keller, Marianne Viizoshi Joan Scran-ion, Patricia Davcy. Bcrr.jcc Taranovich Jcnn Morlcn Claire Litke, Leona Dunlap, Lorraine Nestor, Barbara >jiiiiHui, Frances D'Airi, Mary Ann Sulina, Ann Presto, Mary Jane Eurico. Julia Wood, Virginia Wood, Jean Filwerald, Elaine RJagas and Helena Magas. 0|Skl, Betty Chism, Mary Ann Woz- KOK GATIDKN mill LAWN 0 SrrOVKI-S (Icntf and short ', liiindlos) • CIAUPI'JN KAKKH • JIOKS _ SPAimS • I'KUNIXG SHKAliS GANS, Inc, Maple St. Tel. 3507 "Th» Gre«n Years is ,1 wondsrlul motion picliire" IVoliif Wlnchdl i ol olhll tilibiilln Romance wllh Ihe beaulilul choir nirll Totala 36 1-1 27 7 x—Kn.ttnd for Blackwell in 8th. xx—Batted for Kurowski in Oth. x—Batted for Feller In 3d. zz—Batted for Nowhousor in CUi. Nationals Of>0 000 000— 0 Americans 200 130 2-lx—12 Runs — Snenco, Stpehcns, Williams 4, Keller 2, Stirnweiss, Kosar, Newhouser, Kramer. Errors— Klcy. Runs-hatted In—Keller 2, Williams Ci, Stephens 2, Gordon 2, Chapman. Two base hits—Stephens, Cordon. Home runs—Keller, .Villiams 2. rouble playH—Marion ind JVIIxe; Schocndienst, Mai-Jon ind M!/,e. Earned runs—Nationals 0 ; Americans 12. Left on bases Na-tlonals r. 1 , Americans 4. Bases nn balls—off Patwenu 2 (Williams, Koltner); of Hlgbe 1 (Spenco); off Blaekwcil 1 (Keller); off Kramer 1 (Gusllno). Strikeouts — By Feller;; (Kurowski,-Marion, Pa.sscau); by 7-7q.whot.iHer •! (Kurowski, Hlg- Gustlnc, ISnnia); by Higbc 2 (Keller, Stirnweiss); by Blackwotl 1 (Dicl'.cy); by Kramer 3 (Cavarretta. Marlon, Ennia). Pilchinjr summary; Off Feller—2 hits 0 runs In' 3 innings; off NcwhoiiHer—1 hit 0-runs in 3 Innings; oft Kramer—0 hits 0 runs in 3 Innings: off Passeau—2 hitw 2 runs in 3 innings; off Hipr- he—, r i hits -1 runs in 1 3-3 innings; off Eluckwcll— 3 hits 2 runa in 2 niak, Marilyn White. Judy Finsel, and Judith White. Ot this group. Sylvia Obst, Betty Chism, and Mary Ann Woxniak made the width of •the pool. The 2:30 class h;vd 35 —Lorraine L-.'jngo, Betty Lonjjo, Dolores Pavao, Mary Daumc, Catherine Jennett, Sandra Passeck, Ellen Pas- scck, Joanne Bchiman. Patricia Behlman, Margaret Hackett, Judy 2-3 innings; of Scwcll—4 hits 4 runs iri'l inning. Wild pitch—Blnckwell. Winning pitcher—Feller, Lo=iu;.; pitcher — Passeau. Umpires—Summer:; (AL) plate; is (NL) Jb; Kommell (AL) 2b; Goet/. (NL) 3h (first four and , a ha',f innings). Goctz (NL) plate; |> 1 (AL) lb; Bnjjges.s (NL"), ? 2b; Summers (AL) '3b. Cast four and (i half Innings). Attendance- 34,006. PARK DEPT. CONCERT Hamilton Park Pavilion (WATKRBUK-Y) THURS. JULY 11 (3:?,0 ]>. .M, Kain or Shine) Civic Orchestra of Wsiterlmry (Mario DiCecco. Conductor) ami NAN MERRIMAN (Mc'/.7.o-Sop ra no) S(;»r of Concert, Jv;idio, Oj)rr;i Prices — .'51.3(1, SI.SO, .S2.00 (taxes included) (TICKETS AT McCOY'S) 1946 G. E. RADIOS (Immediate Delivery) ^ TnnJK-lit-I.indtiii Tark - Tonight WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STKKET Ray "Dizzy" Decker To Hurl For Brasscos Tonight Samoska-men Face Mount Vernon Redcaps At Municipal Stadium 8:45 Rny "Dizzy" Docker bench in two Brnssco «al on the .-imes waiting for ;i chance to show that he can win Jn semi-pro to!). J-Jc w;is disappointed when he didn't £el an opportunity to work ii^xinst the Phillies Friday afternoon, and ti)!d Mgr. Joe Samoska; "J can pitch belter than any fellow you had out there, 1 cnn win at the Stadium with .1 good ball club behind me, why don't you give me a chance?" Sanioskn's only answer to the f:ist-bal] right handcr was that he would receive his long-awuited chance tonight against the Mt. Vernon Rericnps at Municipal Stadium .-it 8:45. Decker has been dividing his time between the Bristol Elites on Wednesday night and the City Le.ig-.AO Avigs on Sunday. He hurled n. no-hit game a week ago in Bristol against the Franco-American team. He has had plenty of experience, and he can throw hard which should serve him well under the lights. Mi. Vernon has Emerson Dickman, former Red Sox hurlcr; Lefty Wheeler who worked for t.'ie Brass- cos here two weeks and Bill- Peii- rgast for mound d'uty and Decker faces formidable opposition. Waller Cathman, recent Yale pitcher who m.-idc an au.spiciou.s debut last Saturday nigh! against the Montgomery Red Sax, win face 'he New York Cops Saturday night Angott Purse Held By Commission Washington. July 10-(i;p)_Thu purse of cx-IiKlilwcfRht champion bummy Anprolt is heinc hold up today pending an invc»tlc:ttlon of Monday nichr.s fj K ht with Ecau Jack in WashinRion. Boau Jack wan .-.warded the hou!. on a .seven-round technical Ifnock- oi;t. An^ott. u-ho barely we.ith<>red the firs) six roundu, complained between the sixth rind seventh that ho had suffered nn injury to hl-i left hip and could not continue. The District of Columbia foxinc commission was not convinced bv*.- ... - . . - _ ' "~ *'J .sla;omo!il 1hat lii.s and has an- will he Macadamized roads were introduced in the second half of the eighteenth century and quickly spread their network over all of western Europe. nounccd held up until ,.. complete invcsti- gnlion has been made. n t,enri C ^ im!itCd "° milIi «"~POr:->n 3 attend .he various county and state lairs each year. PLAY POOL On First.Class Tables R & M ALLEYS l.->5 MAI'MC STUEKT ASEBALL Muniriiwl stadium Waterbury V,Vd. Night — SM.'J p. »,. Ml- Vernon Redcaps VK. RASSCOS SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Thursday (iirrmircumrfirKi RIM ALCAZAR CLEW FORD Today - Thursday Roy Rogers in. "Song of Arizona" Also Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake in "BLONDIE'S LUCKY DAY" She wrote the book . . . But he had the ideas! When a lady's so easy to look at ... can she blame a man if he's hard to handle? Tho story of a \vrit«T whose hero comes to life . , . and gets plenty lively . . . with lu-.r'. Claudette Colbert • John Wayne in MERVYN LEROY'S production of Without Reservations with DON DeFOFRE • ANNE TRIOLA and MISS LOUELLA PARSONS . Produced by JESSE L. LASKY Screen-Play hy AN'DRKW SOLT — PLUS — "BAMBOO BLONDE" with Frances Lang-ford , «',.,!. l.ln ..... I I'urk. mi v r Sliiii,_|j|| K Srrvln,. III! ja'-Mj J'rl. TIIS tlr.T,, ,st. ||,|||, W]| . CHARLES COBURN -Tom DRAKE -Beverly TYLER-Hume CRONYN V^oTv/vVJ GLADYS COOPER • DEAH STOCKWELL • Richard Haydn 2ND HIT! June Preisser' and. Freddie Stewart "FREDDIE STEPS OUT'* FOOTWEAR PLANT EMPLOYES ARE NOW ENJOYING i A TWO WEEKS PAID VACATION Work Will Resume On July 15th UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naug-atuck Conn. Playtime pause BOTnED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY »Y Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Waterbury

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