Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 20, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1943
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Hope Star ... wrick-day afternoon bf stor Publishing Co. Inc. -. & Patrtwr and Alex. H. Woshburn) buiWIrtt. 2I2-2U South Wolnut street, Hope Ark. ,• , . H. WASHBURN, tdltor and Pobtliher 'fettered os secorkl ctoss matter at the '' Pus/Ml fte« ot Hope, Arkansas, tmder the t Of Moreh 3, 1897. (APJ—Means Associated Press - (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. ,„-,, $ob«rfpt!on Rat* (Always Payable In l ,Advonce}: By city carrier, per week ISc; t HerBpsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana ."Lofoyette counties. J3.SO per year; else- 1 «**r* $6.50. , Member W Ttie Asnxtattd Press; The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to jttw use for repubtlcation of all news dispatches credited to tt or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertising Representative— Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis. Tenn., Sterkk Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison •,, Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; '.Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St_ Hold Everything RELEASE NO. 8 11 Guadalcanal Diary Batftd on the Book-of-the-Month BY RICHARD TREGASK1S ILLUSTRATIONS BY I. B. HAZELTON "A postcard from a chap we sent away last week—it says 'Wish you were here! 1 " THE GREMLINS "At midnight, »he guns roared." "We knew the fate of all of us hung on that battle ouj at sea." S UNDAY, AUGUST 9-A little after midnight, I awoke to hear the brrooni-brroom-brroom of cannonading coming from the sea. I hurried to the beach and joined a quiet group of Marines standing under the palms. The salvos came with increased intensity, so that the sl;y was lighted by the flashes for minutes on end, and ihe thunder of the guns was continuous. We. knew then that there was a sea fight going on. Possibly it was the battle for Guadalcanal. Possibly, if our people out there lost this battle, the Japs would be ashore before morning, and we would have to fight for our lives. We knew the fate of all of us hung on that sea battle. And in that moment most of us who were there watching the gunfire suddenly knew the awful feeling of bcini; pitifully small, knew for a moment that we were only"tiny particles caught up in the whirlpool of war. At about 2:30, the sound of cannonading died away, and some of the men said it meant the Japs were being driven back. This morning I made a trek to the command post of Maj. Gen. Alexander A. Vandegrift, of Washington, D. C. and Lynchburg, Va. There was no news of the sea battle, "They tried the Jap pompom." but the general told me the Japs on Tulngi nnd Gavutu fought to the last man. Tanambogo is conquered, he said, and'today the smaller island of Makambo is being taken. We also have a foothold on Florida Island. Baclc at Col. Hunt's command post, in the late afternoon, 1 heard an amusing story. Our forces reaching Kukum, which had been an enemy strong point, found many abandoned Jap guns. The M'arines hrcd a few test rounds from a Jap pompom, and the shells fell into the water halfway between Kukum and Matanikau, which is the next village down the coast. Soon after the shclb hit, "In the village, a white flag was raised . . ." a white flag was raised over Matnnikau. Apparently the Japs in the village thought the pompom was firing at them and got frightened. . '• Oddest part of the situation vwas the fact that the Marines were too busy setting up new batteries at Kukum to bother going down to Matmiikau ro gather in the Japs who wanted to surrender. The Marines kept right on with their work, ignoring the frightened Japs — which must have been an awful blow to their morale, in view of v- tlie Oriental concept of "face"! (Continued tomorrow) Kins Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copyright. 1943. by Random Home. Inc. Distributed by King Features Syndicate in co-operation with the Doolt-of-tho-Month Club, Inc. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople* OH,Boy/THE OLD KNfOTHOLE fc STILL HERE/NOW FOR A FREE LOOK AT THE BALL GAME.' By J.R.Williams OUT OUR WAY FUNNY BUSINESS WA TIM.E- ""^7 I THlMK T. V4NOVJ \\Jl4fXT FERRMBOAT \\ SOU'RE A }\ TH& CAPTPMt^ CALLED OW-HOO.' BACK TO TH' i 1 ' ' 643IMD.' THE OMLV HAPPV PEOPLE IKJ TH' VJORLD ARE TH' REAL CONJSCIEM- T1OUS AMD TH' REAL. V.A"2V- THE MOST UMHAPPV. 15 TH' GUV WHO'S BETWP.EM TH' TWO IM PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.' DRAGGED OMTHE <30 1 TROLLED FOP. V UP TOOF^Y A.MD "SFMD ' U\OM'T GHOVJ UPTO 6HOMELTME COAL/ SOU'D SETTER MOVE FA9T, VOU BIG OVOL, 8EFORE •DOVOM THIS P CAPTAIN rAKCSTS HPN/ETO POSITION i^'^;.--.'-^ ^'l ^•'•7&®i& , ti „» '' ; ^i>^- : ""_^^^7 ' : - f ~~'J^*^ ••.;-•$".•.•••.. n^ggm "I hired Win to make a painting for one of our meat adsl" By Fred Harmon An Added Greeter By Roy Crane I he Casualty Wash Tubbs QUIT£, CHIEF.' ONCE ^^ORE-•- TH 1 BUI E.R. FOR 1MOSE ROSS IS ,^ Tri' NEXT TR.MN!.' I'P RATHER WOT < THATfe THE LIZZIE LOU, CAPTAW EMY. SLATES!XTHEVVEBEENOJNCEHTRATIWS OM THE PLANE \ HER. WOW THAT SHES A CRIPPLE, ?M OUR LEFT \ THE HEIWIE5 WILL 6AM3 UP OH HAS DROPPEPfc^KS5=a HER IN EARNEST OUT O" ' •>OLJR FEOFLE. FOR EiR. RUGS TO HIS FI.ANCEE'5 , , TOR DINNER. & \ TCNI6HT. VOU KNOW... 50R.TOF...SORT WEf4T PART/ Thimble Theater "He Takes the Cake!" By Walt Disney The Spider and the Flies! Donald Duck F ^A <5EE6 OJHERE POPE4E_I'M DREAM ABOUT E UT I KIN NOT GET TO SLEEP I oid iijiui rntcvci I I Copi. 1841. King'Fcilalci SinJiaic. Inc By V. T. Hamlin Trouble Ahead By Chic Young Ladies Before Gentlemen! . . . t SPtAK HELLO- ^V TO COOKIE. MR BUMSTEAR } ( PLEASE - SPEAKIMG 'lllj[ COOKIE, PONT QKt\B> THAT , IT'S WOT FOR _ _ EH? ^V- /\r^>ur^ - c 'W, NEEO6 vrVVMUM6, IT WM'T THKT COP GORILLA, \T'6 6NNAET.'.' HPW/ NOT ONL VITAM1N6 ; POC^VE66UH...HE By Merrill Blosser Hector Thinks of Everything Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Martin Boots and Her Buddies I'VE 60T ALL THE EV/IDEMCE,MR SCUTTLE-. ) IF THE POLICE WAMT , TIRES J JUST VALVE AIR CAME . T BY ITSELF ME THEY'LL HAVE To LOOK FOR ME./ YOU MIGHT AS WELL TURN YOURSELF OVER To THE COPS / OO A.VY. "We.

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