Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 7
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****** **************** ORANGE AND LEMON $7s PER ACRE $75 PER ACRE Fine Vineyards and Peach Orchards in Full Bearing for $100 per Acre and Up J. H. flATTHEWS COVINA, CAL. ************"»•»*<»* >***********»*• Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. March 7th, 1909. Philip and the Ethiopian—Acts viii: 2G-40. Golden Text—Ye search the: Scriptures because ye think that in them ye have eternal life; and these are; they which bear witness of me.—John v:30. Verse 20—\Vhon f!od directs us hy circumstances or hy a friend, or hy an angel, is it just as much fmni God as i though He snake to us direct? j I do not know whether this angel was a devout man, or woman, or a mental picture, or a dream, or a spirit; but he, she or it, convinced Philip, that God wanted him to go south; now how did Philip know that the impression to go south was of God; and how may we know under similar circumstances? (This question must be answered in writing by members of the club.) May any person who is not playing double with God, safely trust "the inward voice," to direct as to outward circumstances? Verses 27, 2S—Philip found that he- had not conic on a fool's errand; now is it not invariably so, that results eif to-morrow, always justify the faith vision of to-day? Seeing-this Ethiopian was a man of exalte* position, in a foreign country, what was the significance of Philip being sent to him? Verse 29—When Philip saw this man's chariot, lemming up in the distance, perhaps after days or we-cks of waiting, with more ejr lews eioubf; he got. the impression that this was ills opportunity; now from whom diel he get the impression? With what sejrt of a voice elid the Holy Spirit speak tej Philip? ]f we should learn that the Holy Spirit used the- circumstances, and Philip's ica:-,oiiing preice.sses. his hope and his fears, as God's veiie-e, would that be as really the voie-.- of ih< Holy Hphil, as if words were spoken by God out (.if the cleiueh-:? Is il always safe for us to do a.-- 'lie llejly Spiiit tells us. a.-, in ihis ca.-.e? Yer.-,e :;u —Was thin Ethiopian a d-- voiu man.' Can we understand the- Sciipunes or get the full import of any fact, without the aid of the Holy Spirit? Why could not, or why did not, the Holy 'Spirit explain this Scripture to the Ethiopian direct? As a matter of fact, was not the Holy Spirit guiding the "Ethiopian as much as he was Philip? Wits Isaiah conscious when he svioie these words, that they applied to Jesus; or did lie think that he was describing some other person or persons? Did not the piophets, as other inspired men, oi'ieii svriie more wisely than they knew? Verses M5-3S—Did this Ethiopian need "converting" the same as a wilful sinner, or did he, as a devout child ejf God, simply reeogtiiv.e Jesus as the sent of God, and WHS then baptized in his name? Verses ::f), 40—Was Philip, so to speak "spirited" away, or did he leave in a natural manner? Lesson for Sunday, March llth, I'tO'.i —Aeneas and Dorcas. Acts ix:l!l-4;;. Hagerty & Hemped -Orange- ranches. ';jl-l If. W. Helhuan Hldg., l.os Ange-les, i Place: your spare- cash in the? Covinit j Valley Savings Bunk, a safe inve-Ht- | riie-nt at -1 per ce-nt. i I For SB lo - Thorout.'ulin-i] poultry eggH for hutching nnd !i ineulmiorH. K.C.Ciisaii, Phone; ll'JH, Ji wlnelalu. i What are you doing for the "gum disease" in your orange grove? Kver try a grooving knife? t!"ie: at Kullur Thoina.Hun Mfg. Co. tf Thei Southwestern Urokfrraue-, Company will 1-iiy your oraiii.'<-s for eiawli. li. O. Simpson, agent. Ollieie with California (,'itiua L'nioii. tf If iiiau d'-uiiiMy • . I .111 I , t!.. A NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE, In the Superior Court of the County of Orange, Stale of California. In the matter of tho estate of Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased. Notice is hereby given that Effle II. Shaffer, as administratrix of the estale of Jacob T. Shaffer, deceased, will, mi- eler and as elireeled by an oreler of tho Superior Court eif Orange County, In the Slale of California, made and ont- ereel em the 5In day of February, 1!)09, in the matter eif the: slate of said Jacob T. Shaffer, de.'ce-ased, sell, at private sale:, tei the: highest bidder, for cash, live per cent, thereof lo be: palel at Ihe time the bids are; presented nnd the; balance; lei be paid upon the confirmation of Ihe: sale, all Hie; right, lille: anel inleres! of said estate In anel lei the follenving de-scrlbeel re-al e-stale, lie-Ing the.- prejporl.v of I he; estate- eif said Jacob T. Shaffer, eleceased, lei-wll: Th(: Xorth ICasI (|mirlcr eif Ihe South West, epiarlor of Ihe: Seiulli lOasi. eiuarter of Section (J, in Township 1, South, Range- !l \Ve-st, S. I!. M., In Hie,- llaiiche) Adelitiem tej San Jeise, In the; Cemnty of l.os AngeleH, Slale; of Callfeirnia, as pe-rl map eif Hie; stiliellvlsiem of the; H.'uicliei Adelilion lo San .lejao anel part eif! Kanche) San Jejse;, re!eoreie:d In lieiok 22, | pages 21 and 22, Miscellaneous K<;e:orelh j of saiel county. | Such sale will be: maele: em eir aflci'i the Ifith day of March, 1'10't, and liiels j fejj- the: same; will be; received by the:: undersigned administratrix at her peisi.! office address, H. F. I). Heinle- Nei. r., | Santa Ana, California, eir at the: ollle'e (jf F. O. I)anle-l, he:r attorney, Koeiins 4-0 the First National Hank Hid., in the city eif Santa Ana, Callfeirnia. Eae-h biel must be In writing anel lie: accoin- [latiied by c«i:-ih or a ehe-c-k ee-rliflee| l;y a re;sponsible; bank, en- a jiosl. eilfle:e money order, feir live- per ce-nl. of the anieiunl eif the- bid, whie-h aiiiounl will be- applied upon the pun'haKc price- if Ihe- sale is made- and e-emlirmeil lei c.alel btelder, anel, if neit, II will be- returnee) to him upon the e'onfiniiatlem of tin- sale; to any one: else. Said sule will lie maele subject tei the: appreival eif ihe- e-ourt, and said lane) will be neilel nub! j*-e:t. lei a meirlgage of JlfiOO there-oil, iff, a.fler e:onliriiial iein, Ihe pure-ha:-(-r i nerglects or re-fuse-s lo comply with the- lie-mis ejf Hie. Hale, na.ld iielndiiisl rat rlx j will ask for an onle-r of re-sale- of said iprope-rty, and, If the re-sale- doen noi aifiount tej eneiugh to cmer Hie lild and expe:liKe:-i eif the- pi'e-viou.-: hale, faicb j purctia.sec will be held Jiab.V- tejr hiicb i de-licii-ncy. j JJiite-d l-'e-bruarv 2 ( i ! EFFIE I ' As Admi;ii:-.i radix of fob 'i'. Hhafter, eb-( F. O. li.AMKI., KILL.THE COUCH AND CURE THE LUNC8 WITH Dr. King's New Discovery FOR C8KI 18 ,,,«,«. AND ALL THROAT AND LUNG TROUBLES. GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY OR MONEY REFUNDED. s. Howell & Howcll & BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome JJ'RKSH EVEKY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Waf,'on through valley daily. Jshnssn & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blacksmithiny af all Kinds Our Specialty $15,OOO TO LOAN in sums of $300.00 tip on clear improved reul estate at 7 per cent for on to 4 years privilege to puy $500.00 at any Interest p;iyhi^ date or all any time without IIOIHIH. I buy trust deeds and mortgages. At 130 1'Jiinl I'lienlc SI. except Mondays and Thursdayi-i. Phone I'M, OSCAK SUCCESSFUL *"* r SI!NI) I:OK '' MIJIi CAIAMMK)U POULTRY KAISCKS USI! Los Angeles Incubators I'VI'KVTIIINd !N POULII2Y S I I.P'Q l-nfi M\lfl*'\t ALIHC Ueiup Curu 50c I'eiHtpnlel M,I. a MIU m/MM.K ,,, ;NRV AMti;us co . s .,,, s . MAIN s -,-. U)H AN(ii:i.i:s I'. K. DOIKIMTY lor Bunk dod Newell Automobiles COVINA, CM,. 2IKK ' SHAFFKK. (he K-iai(: uf .In- ea.,ed. A dtiiini..! ra> i i • Cards and Folders I'/:' ', *,.ir p:io'o->. C, W. Tucker's Studio !•:• .ji.\:-: -. .'.:.!' - r 'f'i'i.!i.- 111 Shop on Citrus Ave A Horrible Mold-Up. A h>ait ti-jj yea r.i ni'/' '" y '•'''''"'' '•'•'•' •• "i.i Id up" in hi-> v.'jik, i,i-.r,Mi .UK! haji |,i..«••.-. hv h:it -.vai l/eiiv'-d to I/'- tioju- ipt ion ,'' '.'.lit' •, '.'.' 1'. 1 1\ i' - ]. N, WILSON The Blacksmith Witli tin: me>st skillful tiu-chiinicH atlel llier best equipment we; e:;m ele; yenir wejrk in the ineist workmanlike anel best inatiiier in shorter time and at a reasonable cost tej you. Wet also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, ami if yon are thinking of jnirchnsitifc a vehicle- en any kind we invite yeui teicall and lemk ove-r e>ur line- anel talk the matter ewer. We will guarantee yon a sejiiare deal and save you a few dollars besides. Don't (jet a Divorce. A v.-f^t "ft, • :'.<! .'I- ;• r.i i, ' '-'I ,i d i I i <',',( \< li •:. 1,11 I I ', II, 'I II' . Il' , |l i/l . K III/ -, .' .'• •'. \>. ,/'l, I; , i i ', i 11 I ' •' I I < ,' i •. ' . '' I : • . ,.•;,,i II I o (1,1 ,'. I' •...;•''i . . . ,.,,'.,.• ...,r.-.,i ''..i. Ir .',.••,. : . i.., ... 1 I- lie,i i !,..;... < •, : .1 i,' 1 I - I;.-,,, i,l!i,, I..i I,, ).,:,' ' .: .•' . l',l .:. li.: I .1 II .-'.ti'.li .. ' ' .i I. '! •: •' 'j i..:. i. j •:,; IM •• e,,.., i,, .,• ... ,, ( i I ... ,;, Peitrick: H. Tolloy Cement Pipe riantifacturer ALL 51/1:5 AND IN ANY QUAN'ITI V IVjlimati". lurnishe'l. All wnk guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT LarjM- or small ijnant i tie ,. Yards, A/.".-.;i A'/e-nnc, ju ,1 north <>\ San Kn iiatilinn K'oael I'elejih.'ylle, llolln- ; '.2 f' I 'e»-,t«llii f A del re -,s, ( '< i vi IKI Are You doing to Ikiild? li"!.i • '.vi:h you. l''ir,l <la- , M. 15. P()ISOm C'l.itr.i:' >r a i.t IV.iilder le .'A \ ( ( >\'\ N.\ , t'A 1,

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