Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 11, 1949 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 11, 1949
Page 8
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OcL 10, 1949 City GUb«-O»i(t(«, MM«n City, I*. I SYNOPSIS Frances Phillips visit) kindly old J«Ue Crimea In Boston to dUeass her late Aunt Becky's will. Two years hence, under certain conditions, she will Inherit this tstatc, On her way up to the Juice's office in the elevator. Fran eb**rv*. a rery baffled yo«nr man, one obviously just out of uniform. Because Be ehos* lo remain on army duty overseas. Fran's brother Ken has appointed his baddy Myles Jaffray to watek over her affairs. She reseat* the fact that ahe mast aeeoaat to this strancer for her every move, fain his approval of the man she may choose Jo marry. Hungry for adventure she accepts a .j«b at the Art Galleries In a small Maine town. A.t her first «ay dinner party she meets up with her ex-beau, well-born, eharmlBf though weak, Qlake glnelalr. Jlndro Crimea had warned her axabut tnarrylnf him. CHAPTER FOUR Morrison Grove turned to answer the question of a woman in pale blue at his right. The man at Fran's left, who had detected the hideaway of the clams, was listening intently to his hostess, who, Fran had discovered, at their first meeting years ago, was a nonstop conversationalist. "I'll bet a man was involved in that change of environment." The repetition of Morrison Grove's \vords in her memory sent her thoughts backtracking tc the day in Judge Grimes' office 3 weeks ago. Since then he had written the change of the trustee for Rebecca Harding's estate had been allowed by the court. In closing he added: "I've had 4 conferences with Jaffrdy re your affairs. Your brother showed good judgment in the selection of his successor. Glad to hear you like your job." He had not mentioned Myles Jaffray's reaction to her refusal to meet him. Apparently it hadn't made the slightest dent in the life of the new trustee. She had expected he would write to her and demand a hearing, had mentally composed a courteous but frigid reply. It had been good. It would be a pity if she never had a chance to use the literary masterpiece. "Did ycu mutter 'darn,' or was the sound something the breeze brought in?" Morrison Grove inquired. "What goes? Your cheeks are flaming. I like your hair. Natural or permanent wave?" "The fairy .who attended my entrance into this world endowed me with a permanent." "Hooray for the fairy. The lady at my right is a political power — known, as the Terrible Tassie — Miss Trent to you — originally an F. F. V.— she can influence a lot of votes in my direction — we both keep our legal residence in this county — I'm out for re-election to congress. I had to listen to her, much as I prefer to look at and talk to you.;' "Of course you had to listen and just to : keep the record straight, my cheeks are not flaming because of your neglect." VMaybe not, but you are disturbed about something, can't fool your uncle Morrie. To proceed with, my diagnosis, could it be that .you' have quarreled with the blond, screen-lover-good-looks lad directly across the table? His hair is as shining and smooth as the gold dome of your state house, his mustache resembles nothing so much as a 3rd eyebrow. His gloomy gaze has been fixed on you in the intervals between turning his deadly charm on the gals each side of him." The lad . directly across the table was Blake Sinclair. She had felt his eyes on her and had carefully avoided meeting them. She had been amazed then angry •when he had spoken to her in the library before dinner. She had told him before she left home that she wanted neither to see nor to hear from him until September. She had left unanswered his indignant incredulous. "W h y?" She couldn't explain that she needed time and distance to get a perspective on that "deadly charm" to which she had not been unresponsive, while- she kept him determinedly on the plane of friendship. * "Your expression gives you away." Grove chuckled complacence. "Is it part of your campaign program to, probe for the secrets of a maiden's heart? Shame on you." "Say, you know you've got what it takes. I didn't realize that girls would have your sparkle, charm Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- and warm friendliness who were raised in the shadow of the Sacred Cod." Speak softly when you say that name, stranger. It's a must when you play with one of us Sacred Cod girls." His shout of laughter drew startled eyes in their direction. "Hold it. Having settled that question to our mutual satisfaction, what are you and gloomy Gus across the table lighting about? Confide. Me, I'm that congenial spirit, remember? I—" He turned to the woman at his right. "Certainly I'm interested in what the women in the organization of which you are the head think of the Russian situation, Miss Tassie. It is of vital importance. The Bear is growling and—" Fran lost the rest of the sentence. As the man at her left still was held on the conversational leash by his hostess her thoughts trekked back to Blake Sinclair and tiis presence at this table. She had introduced him to Gene when she was at college, the estate of his family adjoined Rebecca Harding's. Could she make him understand that it was useless to follow her? That she would not see him? "Our hostess serves the most delectable salads in the state." Morrison Grove had broken away from his constituent. "I know. I get around. None of the jellied stuff I hate. This combination of chilled avocado, grapefruit and a fig bursting with cheese mixture is the berries. I'm something of a chef myself. Keep bachelor hall in .ye old homestead. Like to pick up ideas. White wine in the dressing, what?" "Could be. Ask Mrs. Sargent after dinner. She'll tell you." "Not I. She would immediately embark on a lecture as to how and where the fruit is grown, whence the wine, and so forth. I admire the lady for her good looks, good works and expert housekeeping, but, I side-step her educational monologues." Fran disciplined a smile. Criticizing one's hosts or their hospitality was a breach of courtesy she abhorred, but Morrison Grove was right, one couldn't comment on bird, beast or flower to Mrs. Sargent without precipitating a discourse on the subject. "I see by your not too well controlled smirk that you get what I mean." She ignored his comment. "While I was left high and dry like a boat on a beach at low tide with no one to talk to, did the lady at your right assure you that your re-election is in the bag?" "No, quite the reverse." The question she had intended for a light touch clouded his face. "She says that her organization has been examining my records to see how I voted on foreign policy matters, it is not satisfied, and what the Terrible Tassie says, goes/' S AKI, the celebrated English short story writer,,lived at his club a great deal because his home was plagued by recurrent "servant trouble." One day he jubilantly told his friends that these troubles were over: "his *, ^ wife had latched on to a per- f A A feet gem ot a domestic." A week later, alas, he was back at the club, explaining sadly, "Yes, she was a good cook as cooks go, and as good cooks go* she went." //~*-\ * * * / / H. L. Mencken defines purl- / A& tanism as "the haunting fear that someone,, somewhere, may be happy ; " * * * Bob Sylvester covered the opening 1 ot a nobby night club recently—one of the "clip joint" variety. In.his report he noted that one patron had discovered a pearl in his oyster—"enabling him to almost break even." Sylvester also stated that the chanteuse of the evening was so near-sighted they should have changed her theme song to "I've Lost My Glasses: I Wonder Who's Kissing Me Now." Copyrlcht, 1M», fey Bennttt Ctrl, IHitribttUd by King Feature! Syndic*!*. SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK' By R. j; SCOTT OF CENTRAL A.HD sou<rt AMERICA. FIGURED - »- A, CM.E.HDM). f R.A£.-flcM.l.Y 'THE SAME AS MODER.K .seiEH«rts-fs ARI. DE-f.Efc.MlHE., J>UELLIH<4 A DECADE tvtoRE :PADP£D BLOUSES* AHD .MASKS -fo AVOID SERIOUS 1KOURY. IS UVE-flMBER. EVER. S1X<1C- 'fa. SlLdoUE-f<£ WAS A f AVORrfE KEAHi SELDOM, EKKER. SHE. OR. •"• £E.f ORE.-IKE. 1KVEH<IOK BuLLE-TS YrfERE WHATS THE MA D10NT YOU P£ EVER SEE A MAM WITH JUST ONE WHO DO MOD THINK YOU ARE THAT VJ6 SHOUU STOP THE BUS FOR VOUC SHOE? OAWGONNJIT--- MY SHOELACE WOULD BREAK 1 WHEN I HAVE JUST FIVE MINUTES TO CATCH MY BUS FIRED BACK ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN "Loud cheers for those women. Right on the job, aren't they? They know that the entire nation has foreign policy on the brain. Does it mean that you didn't go all out to help establish a lasting peace?" "Perhaps I disagree with the plan to bring it about." "You mean you think .that our enormous productive capacity should not be used to overcome the chaos and suffering following this last tragic war?" "What do you know about the plan being put before the country?" 'Not much, I am ashamed to admit, but from now on I'll be istening to the campaign speeches rom the candidates themselves f they are near, from radio if hey are not. I'll form a policy of my own." "Yod won't have to travel far o hear some of them. Miss Trent jave me the jolt of my life when she told me that a returned serv- ce man was being sponsored by :he Good Government Association of this district as a candidate for my seat in the house." "Being proposed doesn't necessarily mean he will be nominated, does it?" (To Be Continued.) &att/Good CarweTBars X5RAT- I CAN RIG TRIAA SAJL V/rm THE BEST OF SAILORS ON SCHOONER. OR RACING BUT I'LL BE PLAGUED \VITH MOOSE ITCH IF I CAN MAKE UP THESE INFERNAL ,BEDS WITHOUTV V LUMPS AND ' -THE SHEETS VALL ASKEW/ - _ NCLE BERT WON TWE SOFTER JOB-10-10 DAILY CROSSWORD ATOAH MUMSKUU. HowardB.Stark DEAR AK3*sH= WHEN THET CALF RAN UP THE TRACK DID THE '"SWITCH 'EfANb -THE: PATRICK" NOftTH ATTLEBORO.MASS DEAR /JQAH 8 * DlO THEV SHUT DOWN -THE WORKS ANO UAV OFR THF HANDS WHE/4 THE CLOCK ACROSS 1. Store 5. Rubs out 11. River (Fr.) 12. To make spotted 13. Coin (Fr.) 15. A seasoning 16. Thrice (mus.) 17. Port 20. Wife of Zeus 21. Anger 24. Journals 27. Prison 28. Aside 29. Rolls up and secures 30. Hoarfrost 31. Seaport (Scot.) 32. Viper 33. Fail to win 34. Filaments^ from the akin 36. Question i. 39. Island ' (Neth. Indies) 41. River (Alaska) 43. Spheres of action 46. Flame 47. Disconcert 1 ) 48. Afresh DOWN 1 1. Not firm 2. Employ for wages • 3. Eskera 4. Enclosure 5. Man's nickname 6. Sun god .7. Projecting end of a church 8. Native of Spain 9. Old measure of length 10. Clique 14. FISntlike rock 18. Land- measures 19. Virginia (abbr.) '20. In this place 22. Stir up 23. Otherwise 24. River (Amazon estuary) 25. Sacred bull (Egypt) 26. Unbound, brief treatise 27. Summer month 29. Fidgety 31.June bug 33. Measure (Chin.) 35. Am not (slang) 36. Related 37. Painful spot 38. Recognized 1 39. Obstacle w-i« Saturday'* Aniwer^ 40. Constella-* tion 42. City (Russ.) 44. Mulberry 45. Selenium (sym.) 20 44 Zt 42. DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXB is LONGFELLOW 10*10 One letter simply stands for another. In this example A ia u«ed for the three L/s, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apoa- trophies, the length and formation of the word* are all hint*. Each day the code letters are different A Cryptogram Quotation NZHS TW IFF NZUSW TA. LJWW IFF PJNHZUQ NTWIF JB CZQFIX NTIFLW—-IPJCWJU. Saturday'* Cryptoquote: I PAY MY DEBTS, BELIEVE, AND SAY MY PRAYERS—POPE. . Distributed by King Fe&lure* Syndlc»l« B R I C K WHAT 16 THIS, BRADFORD ?? WHO PUT ME. ON DRY LAND?.. ^ WHERE'S MY SHIP?.. WHAT...?? _ - -,_-- - — - - — - —'i V fvr* I A* n *«» i Ht •EYE" KNOCKED XOU OUT FOR A SPELL I WE'LL FILL IN THE BLANK SPACES LATER. R\GWT MOW WPCE ?« TO BE W4 FERTILE TEB , FOR FIRSTHAND KNOWLEDGE OF MOONV YOU C AH TAKE *T FIRSTHAND FROrA A DECK HAND THAT MARTY...I MEAN—THE B055ANDJ,- DECIDED OUR CURRENT MERCHANDISE WAS HARDERTO SELL THAN OLD BUGGY WHIPS • • SO W£ ASKED FOR SUGGESTIONS FROM THE HI RED HANDS! AT THE SWEETLIGHT GREETING CARD CO., WHERE MARY IS "HOUSE MOTHER"IN A RESIDENCE HALL, PRESIDENT MARTY M'KEE. AND HIS SECRETARY, BRIDGET O'HARE, ARE TRYING TO REVISE A HOPELESSLY ANTIQUATED LINE OF .. SAMPLES. 1 TYPING AGAIN TONIGHT, BRIDGET ?--VOU SEEM UNUSUALLY WRAPPED UPIN YOUR WORK THESE DAYS! NOW, EVERY MORNING.THEBOX IS FULL OF JINGLES SIGNED ONLY WITH A RABBITS HEAD! WANT TO HEARASECRET, MRS. WORTH? . 'SKEETER, WILL VOU PLEASE HI] ICTOP BLOWING ON NOUR SOUPP... I AND WILL BOTH OF YOU BOYS I KINDLY TAKE YOUR ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE? WHOEVER SHE- -ORHE- -MAY BE- • -MARTY TH!NKSTH!S PARTICULAR EASTER RABBIT CAN LAV GOLDEN EGGS FOR SWEETLIGHT,INC.! I WU6GS, PLEASE TAKE THE SPOON our OF >OUR CUP; AND,SKEETER, MOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO BREAK M3UR BREAD INTO SMALLER PIECES? NOW, DON'T FOR6ET TO USE YOUR NAPXIN9 AFTER DINNER/ AND YOU'RE r>3OT TO LEAVE THE TABLE TILL DU ASK TO BE EXCUSED.'.' THAT WAS GOOD ADVICE GRANDR4 (SAVE M3U.' I HOPE YOU'LL PROFIT BY IT/ I'M FURIOUS. 1 JUST FURIOUS.' I DON'T ThllNlK I'LL EVER SPEAK TO BUDDV OR CONNIE. AGAIN! Cope. 1 ne, Inc.. " THE NOTE WAS ON JUDITH'S PILLOW...IT'S IN HER HANDWRITING / WE MUST FIND HER, NV2- BUSS/ YES, AND FROM TH£ LOOKS OF IT, WE'D BETTER HURRY.' IF IT WEREM'T FOR TWEM TUlS TT51P WOULDN'T BE NECESSW2V' Tt-KNK OF TnlElR TOSSING A BALL OF BUBS INTO MY HAIF?. AND NOW I'M GOIN9TO LOOK LIKE A SHORN MONKEY WHEN I COME r OUT OF WERE. ) MANY AN INDIAN MAIDEN STOOD HERE AND LOOKED TOWARD THE HEAVEVS, ASKING FOR HER LOVED ONES RETURN.' AND IFTHECE WAS NO ANSWER, THEN . SVHAT, STEFAN •*' WOULD NOT THE ANSWER BE FOUND DOWN THERE, MY DEAR JUDITH ?! / SHH/DOHT WAKE YOUR FATHER.' •mi, HEMLOCK, DELICIA/ Y-YOU MEAN YOU WANT ME TO ELOPE WITH PARENTS V THIUKl OFTEWTRrJ STOP THIS TD STOP "OME/ r ELOPEMEWTS/ I'VE HIODEVJ HER OVER THERE/HURRY// DCSGOHE IT, WELLIE/ARE VOU THE 8UCIED- TREASUaE'HUNf TUONED OUT TO BE REAL VVHSN OEBBV AND StclPPEQ ACCIOEKJrALLV DUG UP AKJ OLD PlBATE CHEST.;' HECE THEV ARST AT THE THE JEWELEE IS GIVING IT THEGANDEB NOW.." VJHAT'IN THE V/ORLO IS ACTUALO/ WEUL.MV Boy~" ir LOOKS LUCE YOU Hir THE JftCKSPOT.' THESE OLD COINS AND EVER.VTH1NG ARE GENUINE -." WSU./MAVB6 NOT RICH/— BUT AFTER, ir is DIVIDED, ACE QEAUY LOADED.." AND SO ENDS HAPPO.V THH cauise OK THfir GOQO SHfP •TRUST uovft^ N HIS rOKIU. SC&KHY, PHIUPPA *ND THff fOLICE PK&KCT WITH THf S4*tf 0BVICE USeO TO MUl&Bt HIS g*CTHS* A 9008V TXAP fOM*^ AOfi S/MS AUASSNCEP ccwieres THE HTOOF OF HIS UILT^BUT WIHGSA COP AS He SHOOTS HIS WAV TO TO MISS SECtNff THE PYRAMIDS. CO VOU ? COME ON ALONCr, JLJ I U5, CONSTABLE EFFENW.', SNES?/ yOO PONY WANT | I YOUR PHONE 'HOUND UP ALARM.' ESCAPV>*Z t^jFNg PUT NMC. BALP, SUNKEN CHMKS, .WB4RWS WWTB LNEN SUTT

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