Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1954
Page 4
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tip?'! 1 !™" HOH STAR, HOU, ARKANSAS Tuesday, February 9, St.* '5- 4 * » • ogeHike fcoti<8h fartnets will Increase -of afjpiwtrrna acres in the state's coiton liotment,for 1954 -as 'result iatiort enacted last .week. This ifeke the state allotment 1, t-fefcreS corhp'artjd with thp afttlbunct'd allotments ot rrtateiy .lei.soo acres allotment will b<s tefl- -dfreetly to -farms on the ' of:, OS per cent of thp acreage planted to cot- he !$rm 16r the three years |188£, Ibd 1953, or 40 per cent iff highest acreage planted any 1 sucfi years, not to exteed the total crop land &. j-eroajnlng 122,551 acreage fe infcfiedse will ,be apportioned Antler oh the basis of the acre planted 'td cotton in 1951, 1952. jfcftis acreage will be ap- kdjtryHhe county committee sktn the basis-.of: past his- tory, county cropland factor heretofore established; allotment for new cotton farms (farms on ivhieh cotton was not planted in 1951, 1952, or 1953) on the basis of land, labor, and equipment available for the production ot cotton, crop rotation practices and soil and other physical facilities affecting the production of cotton/ Adjustments of farm acreage al- 'lolments will be made on the basis ot the above-mentioned factors •Which 1 , are fair and reasonable irt relation to such factors and abnormal conditions of products on such farms. ;The method to be used will provide for the maximum use of such additional, acreage as provided by the legislation. The new legislation also provides that farmers receiving allotments may release for 1954, or permen- ently, to the county committee, any portion of such allotment that will not be planted to cotton on the ffcrm. Acjfeage releases may be reapport- tioned by the county committee to other farms in the county. Any part of such acreage not needed in a given county may be released to the State "Committee for reapport- lonmeht to other counties. Acreage released will not make In. farm ineligible for future al-. DOLLAR DAY $ SPECIALS For Wednesday,& Thursday ; $ SPECIAL $ TABLE $ TTi • • • big table full of real value buys. '," want ^o'come in and shop this of values. Your choice for §"G>cllar Days $1.00 . Other Items Throughput the Store Have . ' Been' Reduced for Dollar Days. MHOONS w lipct »*jS*w» I ' • • , j 119 South Main SHP Phone 7-2151 The Negro Community By Helen Turnur Phon* 7-5830 Of brlntf Item* to Ml*» Turntr «t Hick* Funerll H«m« Sunday was a very good day at the Oak Grove Baptist Church. The Sunday School was conducted by the Supt.. A. L. Duffie. On the Cat- endar of Events it was known as Brotherhood Week. Visitors present were Prof. Brazell of Idabel, Okla., his wife and mother, Mrs. A, Smitn's class had the highest amount for the month of January, received the Sunday School for the month ot February. The Lord's Supper %vas administrated after service. The pastor had dinner at the home of Rev. M. S. Williamson. The Melody Five of Magnolia will give a musical program at Mt. Pleasant CME Church Sunday, February 14, at 2:30 p. m. Sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Turner. The public is invited. Asia Situation La id to Allied Cooperation By EARNEST HOBERECHT TOKYO (UP) — Top U. S. diplomatic militarv officials in the Far East believe thp lack of cooperation between America's individual allies in Asia is hindering the overall fight against communism, it was learned here today. Officials said that while the Uni'.ed States enjoy? good "two- way" coopetration wth her individual allies in Asia, many of those countries are very reluctant to cooperate with each other. "They are willing to cooperate they they must all pull together within their own Asian circle," one high official said, "Some almost are at swords points." Japer and Korea were sited' as examples of America)' ; allie^ who work in close hE-rhiony ,with the United States but can't get along with the United Stales but can't ^em to get the idea Mrs. Euestcr Turner of Washington, D. C. is visiting relatives and friends in McCaskiU and Hope. together. Both have defense Mrs. Willie M. Buchanan and daughter, Karen have returned to their home in Little Rock after spending, a few days, visiting Mr. and Mrs S. H.. Buchanan. Lhc United States — yet relations oetween the two countries almost lave reached thi; state of rupture. South Korean coast guard ships are seizing Japanese* fishing vessels and the Korean government is buring Japanese books. Airman Claud Phillips Jr., of Boston, Mass, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Martha Phillips, and other relatives. Mrs. Leona Metcalf Mrs, S. Daniels and Mrs. Ruben Johnson of Prescott and Emerson Stuart motored to Hot Springs to attend he funeral of Mrs. Ruben Johnson's aunt, Mrs. Nora Fletcher. Dodge Con test to Mark 40th Anniversary To draw attention to its 40th anniversary as a manufacturer of hutomobiles, Dodfie has anounced plans to launch a nationwide- contest which will offer grand-prize winners two-weeks vacations with dotyble their pay "and other major awards. B. R. Hamrn, Hope..Ark. saictUhe contest will run from Fet>. „ yj , ^-±- lotments provided cotton was .plant ed on |he farm in 1952 or'. Japan is demanding 'the return o£ the nicest vejidenlial communi- of millions of dollars worth of property in Korea which was liberated from Japanese rulu by Allied forces. The United States has defense pacts with the Philippines, New Zeland, Australia/ Korea and Japan. The United States had de- Tense pacts with thp Philippines, New Zeland, Australia, Korea and Japan., , The United State looks . upon these defense arrangements as being primarily aimed to protect theso countries against Communist aggression." official said, ^However, it must be admited 'Hhat some of our alies look upon them as protection against the posibil- ity of renewed Japanese aggression. ' An American diplomatic official here said fear of Japan is one of . '• /February ip'qn^l^^v....;.- Don't Miss lliistVfent Dollar Wednesday - Thursday PS5668418G T52032405G U89938195G M41701344G Y23363705G N08258978G Q46497868G ,1167637571G S55923370G T05936837G I11169235G Tl 6268154G T6312'2111F- M42419T04G N49581418G T79979556C5 U26133005G Q95169674G U49411321G T73032549G N60246350G U26036024G 075679500G L68327421G S55846792G T73035359G The dollar bills bearing these serial numbers above will ?e wqrth'$5,00 in merchandise at the stores displaying ' sach serial number. Each of the participating merchants 'Jvill display, the serial number of a one dollar bill. ' The 'Customer possessing the dollar bill with that particular serial number may cash that one dolla'r bill for $5.00 m nerchaha'ise at the-store displaying that number. These ,j?ne dollar bills are good for $5.00 in merchandise on '•• Collar Days, which are Wednesday and Thursday, Feb- -yqry 10 and 11. I The Following Hope Merchants Are Participating in Hope Dollar Days B & B Super Market Burked Shoe Store Collier Tire & Battery Shop U, B. Delaney & Son Grocery fester's Shoe Store MsNeHI Tot to Teen Shop Hope Builders Supply Co, Ladies Specialty Shop e ,|wfc Owen'i iirry's ©rpcery & Market h^rbert Burns Mens Store John F, Cox Drug Company ; Store operation among -aisia. ' f !•; Pointing out this fear still is yex'y real in many quarters, he jp£ted' the how 1 ^ tb at went up~ : in sftustrailia when it was learned the United Stales planned to use O|.few Japanese civilian technicians $$'a mapping expedition in New <3i(inea. Becausq of the protests] t^ii '•'? Japanese; technicians •had •"•$$& Ijfe'celimiriated ;i vonijthi^'.'pla^s; : ::i:-' }' official said lie believed thj? free nations of As.ia could hoi dout ''indefinitely" against commu- njsm "if they wll cooperate arnbng themselves as well as with •us"." paces with Boyle Continued from Pag* One alcoholism over a fine talent. ties for some of thf. most solidly respectable people in America. It has 3 few of the finest restaurants in the land. H also has a few cheap iswdry night clubs that are a disgrace to it and the people who come there looking for "at- He settled in Greenwich Village mospnere." French Request Continued from Page One transport pilo's to bolster its air comiim'iications in the battle with nnd became a character in an out- of-dato Bohermaniam. He died of a .22 caliber bullet through the chest, and the saddesh and perhaps the trues: thing yon can say of Maxwell Bodenheirn is that the guy who pulled the trigger picked the right size gun to^measure. his-final statur: as a writer. Max, pulled the trigger on -his own'' life 'lorig ago, or at least on the promise that his lifo held Anc! why he did it is his oWn -jjcret, arid our mys- ter. ' " John Masefie'.o mopped a barroom flo or in Greenwich Village end later'became frrrious. Eugene O'Neill dr»amr-ri and loved and probac'y drank, there. So did Ena Millay, Alexaner Hamilton, Edgar Alleh Poe, and a very eloquent living iriend of mine named John They arc teailng down Markj Twin's old home to put up a big, toartinent house. New York Uni- versiiv. \vhcro Thomas Wolfe Lardner, and a hundred talented i taugh. English by day and broad- ed and wrote Ly night, is gradually ringing Was'ii'i.scoi; Square, the heart of Grecnwirii Village, and, some oldtimcro fear, turning it into a campus. Real estate men say that one out of three youne., cage, ambitions peoplj who come to New York want to settle first in Gremvich Village.- They aeck inspiration and atmosphere, a.icl oeing young, they think they can fi'id it where other people they lnv» board of found thesa tilings belo'-.: ti:em. But. rccepling Greenwich Village as a symbol, d'.d Mtxwell Bodenheim ever find it, although he i Communist rebels — a move that would have put American airmen closer than ever before to actual combat operations in the Indochina wai Stals and Defense Department officials were undprslood to have raised flrong objections on grounds others. My H-ife . an-1 I, when young, lived for seven happ; years next door to the home where once hud dwelt Richard Harding Davis, the Ernii) Pyle of his day, and three doors from the aprrtment house where Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt lived for a time, too As a matter of;.fact, Ernie Pyje lived in Greenwich Village, bi'iwly, and was unhappy there. . Greenwich Village today is one came here, li--od here and died 'here 11 c became a Greenwich Village character for the tourists while the renl Bohemians were enjoying Park Avenue. The lesson o* Bodcnhcim,. certainly is that the best address for a man's inspiration is his own mind, and has his home of any ture artist is a always where he really lives. the action might commit this coun try too deeplv in the Southeast Asia struggle and produce serious political repereusfions, his heart jficiai sa . take "o by JOH W. FINNE.Y WASHINGTON, (UP)— France has a Eked the United States 10 rush American transport pilots to Indochina to bolster its air communications i.i the battle with Communist rebplr, it was learned today. Inf mir>ed sources said the French particularly requested men to fly U.S C-11'J Flying Boxcars which are tricky to maneuver into the short landing strips in Indochina. The move would put American airmen closer than ever before to actupi combat operations in the seven year old war and a key of partmtnt offic'a.s aru understood to have raised strong objections on the giound.5 th- nction might commit t'r.i? country too deeply in the southeast Asia struggle and produce serious political repercussions. A brief but si^r.ificf-.nl Senate debate yesterday showed that congressmen are becoming increasingly anxious over possible further American involvement in Indochina Sen. Mike Kr.nstit-lci (U-Mont.) said the "swiftly developing crisis" could end in a Red victory or "the entanglement of the United States in another Korean situation." In a unusual move Senate Republican Leader William F. Know. Hand and Sen. Leverett Salton stall (R-RIass.) interf pteri to give their assurances the administration docu not : ,it present intend to send more military force to Indochina. Although the pilots requested by Can you beoor.ie anotner Abraham Lincoln :ncrcly by moving to Springfield, 111. government will good long look" at the implications before making a dcci? sion . Almady statT and Defense De- offici:il:; pointed out Ihoy probably would have to fly over Red-held , territory and r-.m tin- risk of being sjf v. shot down p.nd possibly captured. ACGl Each tablet Itt grains — easy to give exact dosage "just as doctor orders." World's largest Selling Aspirin For Children HOWt a new, saf» nos« drop for children. Contain! neo-synaphrine. 59e, 89c slies. »T, JOSEPH HOSE DHOPJ FOR I ihe factors hindering "overall" cooperation among Amc-rca's allies in Texas Natural Gas Tax Illegal WASHINGTON Ml —The Supreme Court today unanimously s.truck down a Texas tax on natural gas transmitted by pipe line companies to consumers in 38 other states. The levy was atacked in appeals by the Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Co and ihe Michigan- Wisconsin Pipe Line Co. They contended the tax was an unconstitutional burdoh on the free flow of commerce between the; . states. Justice. Clark who delivered the high court".1 decision, said: "It is pei'hap-5 suff.'cient that the privilege taxed, namely the taking of thii gas, is not so separate and distinct from hue-restate transportation cs to support the tax. "Bu 1 ,, additional objection is present if the tax be uphold. It would permit a multiple burderi upon that interstate commerce." INJURIES FATAL PEHRYVILLE UP! A Perryville j :nan ciied todav of injuries suffered when a car in which he was riding overturned on Highway 10 near here night. Th2 victim was Burtis Butler, about 35. His companion, Martin Bagwell, was no; injured seriously. Sheriff A. A. Wright said the automobile rolled over several times after failing to make a curve in the highway. Thousands of aestroids revolve around the Sun, mostly in paths between the orbits of Mars andJu- piter. ruary 8 until midnight March 20. A grand-prize winner every clay for the 40 days the contest will run will have a new 1054 Dodgu placed at his or her diposal, including gas and oil, for the "two-\voeks away with double pay" period. In addition to double-pay, grand- prize winners will have oil their transportation, meals and hotel ac- cornrnodutlons poW and be given an extrq $500 in cash to save or spend as ihey please. The two-week vacation is for two people, with the double-pay being based on the one whose salary ox- wage is the higher. Additional prizes totaling $10,000 will be awarded to other than grand-prize, winners. Contestants will be eligible for th contest, B. R. Hamm said, by visiting their nearest, Dodge dealer The dealer will furnish them with $n entry blank upon which they will be asked to complete ii> 25 words or }es$ thia sentence' "I would like to take my vacation in a 1954 Dodge because ..." , , » The entry b)ank. may toe compl|>f. W ' HOPE'S BIGGEST BARGAIN EVENT TOMORROW! 9:00 A. M.! HURRY! SAVE! WATCH THE NUMBERS ON YOUR DOLLAR BILLS! EXTRA MONEY TO YOU! Corduroy Shirts Final- Cleanup! • Lofs of Colors! CLOSEQUT! BETTER DRESSES • Real Bargains! • From Highest Prices! • Not All Sizes! • .Not,All Styles! HAND WASHABLE! HEAVENLY SOFT NYLON FLEECES FORTUNATE SPECIAL PURCHASE' 19 75 Penney Quality is your greatest saving you'll find, when you see these coats! Inspiringly styled in wondrous nylon, they're fashion-detailed, White in sizes 8 to 16! ONE BIG TABLE BETTER SHOES > Women's! Children's! NYLON LINED CLOSEOUT! SPORT SHIRTS • Corduroys! • Wools! Rayons! • Cottons! » Ginghams! • Most All Sizes! OUTSTANDING SPECIAL PURCHASE! IMPORTED LINENS « Hand Embroidered pieces from the Far East! • Pillow Cases! Scarfs! Vanity Sets! • Table Cloths! Bridge Sets! Real Value! . • You'll marvel at the detail work in each piece! • Tremendous assortment! Hurry for choice! CLOSEOUT! ENTIRE STOCK! MEN'S AND BOYS' WARM WINTER JACKETS • Sheen Gabardine! Reversibles! • Lots of Colors! 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