Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 6
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BRASS HORNS. THE SMALL INVESTOR'S OPPOR TUNITY. The Way the Thin, ^camlnss Tubes Are Dent Without Injury. Fax-horny, .so r-:i!!"d ;,;:.,• ., f ;; mm:"-.: j dotted v/ifh JlHcslypt 7' i ' i '• '',' . ' .'" . i (if v vciitcfl niid nil i-'iilu'-mi inc.-.- iiistni ! . . (iiMil.-) siliiiilt I!;- ma I'll" ' /' tlii- I:: t i "i, till'. 1 ', .'ll'l' 1!." In;-! 1 :-''.'!.'.- 'if ;.,! l.i'.'ll'M '.•'•ass bai.rl:--. 'I'!. 1 •;. ;ii'i' I; .i IHI f.i'-t Hi <•• in tunny <!iiTi-i'i-;.! .-i/.--, d'otn hi,/!) ;-o Brnve fire Laddies. rcc'-iv sfvrrr' burns, jdit'iti;. 1 ' out offf'n rc.f.'-i This p.irt oi ?!o.:l'nr>rn California is lircs, HTM; planted ;ui'l forir'.-t t!n:;n. If soon ilrivi-- out '.\ ii I'.f ii;»'ion u . ' li'i Ca! and tSee Us 11 ', <i\\ !)'•( il an\-|Itinji iti thf I i A K'XKSS line ;:iul Wi: will !.{i'-''' tilf. best ^'iofU ;M. the lovvc-s 1.'-:, Ivit 11M10 hayr; yr>t h'irn plant- •''"'' Urni-.-.* i' - 'Mr'h in pa>:t, yf;,'in; for commercial i),';<":. ''ni-i'.y 'i-n- --Hit, nn (tin caro in planting rim! Ciiltiva l '. i ",'. "''"''' P'.-ii'-l i tfon, and are f;ir more difficult, to put '" '' • ' '''I'!' "•• on t.ho market. For nor,<; but Inrv^ '" ""' I" 1 '-?' ' <nir;ii,;i?-s <•!• 1,'iin j tracts woiiM justify tin cstabl'.'Jhttmr.t liardoii. ;i:nl 111'- iii'n-.l i:,-i|i'irt:i ul. of tin- 'of wood-working plant,-; to t mi I/in l-it i'f I he riijiiiuniuiM, v. l.i' h :-iip|;l;!iiti.(i ! troo'-i !i,to finished nifin'.ifacturfid pro- thi' now n!i-I'.h-ti- ' ->'iTpi-nts" niiil ophi ] duct:;. All over this section arc sin,'-!'! Hi'Hns. '('hi' inili'st. •••ax.lKii'ii i",i -r in:nii. i f .i' f : f -'< Which, tor fuel alono arr- v,ort,h KCindi I'i-'hi fi-i-l liirli ;md roiii-ilin I * l!l ro S-'"'' aiKl for fi»l"!'ii>« Iinnbnr, i..-.n. i),:,,i fonv r.."i. .,f n.l;iM". p ? 5itK - tl ^, w ; ir! ° n »' ;lt '"- i ' ial - in^-lation TIM- ;,dv;n,,;, ; n. nf s-,,,,,l,v^ ,,r "Molld j . p ' nfl - «'"'/'^).,:; pi ,.«, aro wortj, many ,,,,., I timo.-? sue!) FmiiH. .1P.-.-.VM tiling f',f su-h instrii,,,<-!,!-i :.•. j P]ani/1 . d 0 ,,,, |t ff . nt apart Baf .,, wny li'i.iiili'dic-H iiml horns is i un ^.|'T:ihli', i |-) |Cro nr( , ( ;^(-, t rnns ) 0 nr i C ], an -,>, gy ini'.y li", KDOIHT nr ].I!IT tin. ;i"tioii uf i niifi 'by i.-arei'iil cultivation di:rin^ t:io thi' lifi-iiih \\ill v. c.-ir :nv.-iy (hi- r-oldcr. ! first t.lir^r; ynnrs, t'lid'o !-: f/ory rnaxon To lifiid thc.i- tlijn i,;,i.s.; tulips v.ilh- i to n.xpnct practically tills wholo number nut spiittln},' or il"iilin:.i I hi' ini'!;il \va--i | fj f trnu?. to b:) brought through to man I. 'mi- linn' VIT\ dilli'-ilt. hut. I hunk." !'-"rity, to a most liwhimn :,i'iiii.-.. il,.. o;,,.]-.. i Thn F ' Uwri I''"- f -'!yP^iH Company haa : II..,, |H now l,, .;,!•,- ;..,.! -i,n,,|.-. Tl..- ! a !' ; '! f T'^ 11 °f tl '° ''«»*]••""> V«t do,,.,., . . . , . i voted t.o Eucalyptus. Fifty flvc-acrn tllti'' IS lir-fl U'.'iSliril out \\ilh :t i-hi'lii , , . , , . . , , , , , tract/-) ni-f. to bo, planted and put on tlin ''' ;r! *" 1 '-'"""•". •'•'"'•I' •'-' '•• "'-'"'I I'.V in »rkf:V. Onc:ar Ilonsanor, nccrndftnd by I' 1 " 1 " 1 '" 1 ' 1 '" I"'''; 1 ' 1 ' 1 - 'i'.lo'i-r from nd | t)ln K,, ;ifo Ifortlcnitiiral TJtiroau a« one '"'''"« V,-|IITI' it i.-: not •-. ;.i]K-i|. :mi! it | O f t,ho, b r :fit f| nail fieri ;;rownrn of Enca- 1'' Hirn i'oin,ili-ii':y iili'.d \-,i,h ni'ilii-ii . lyptii.s trc'is in this ntatR, v/ill Molor.t tlio )i-:nl |ionri-i| in fi-Kin .'i hirllc. Thus .'-ii;i trcc'-i and hn.vo r.xcliialvo direction of j.oi-n'ii J'rotii u'iiiiin, tin' lii'iciM I-, c:i:iily tlin v<*ork of plantin;; thorn out, and car ; a;nl •-•!! fi'ly |,i.;it IM thi- ri'onlri'd ,sh;i;/", i lv -" f f; f 'hoiii dini/iK tho first, year and! llii' lc;id l,i'iii^ ;ifti'i'v,-:ii'd ri-inovi-d by ! '-' ln f : f >nip:>.ny stand:) rRHpon:-iibl'> for t.wo ' lif.'ii.- I'cai',.i,i?'s ynnr.s Tho ,Savi;u;H Bank rlonc, sec me hcfurc you let Vour and Triu-.t, Company of Pomona will act as triUiU'o of UK: nntlrn tract, collect )'><>• tlin payniontri and ;;it a ranter: tho 1'iilliil- i niont ol' every c<;i!tr;.'.ct r;blif;at.i(in to : 11- Tv/ic,ts Tl..->t Mr.y Do Oivtn lo "Da" In iU.n j)nn:hn;;f!r:-!. The tax'-:, interest, and Ml work o;u a r;i lltfcd and prico in ac Phone flotno. I !7<) IK YOr; WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING 1909 Model Kissel Thirty Motor-- 4;...'.\4/ ; ' ."•) h. p. Wheel I'ase I"? in. Floating K'.-:;i.r Ax!'-. ! Hcavn l-'ront Axh;. Selective 'I'ratr-tr,i-,si<,n. Kear Springs ] { J-jiiptio. Wt-ifrht -200!) ihs. Timken K'oller fiearin;,^- Wccels ..2x^';^. Speed 4.S miles per hour. ir« I \{\$$£\ $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 A CURIOUS WORD. tli,j Cliine'.rj Lnnyu.Tj'. 1 . I i I hi- ' 'liiiii'.'i- hi I'I.XIIMX'- I lie sii'iie ^vord MNIV In; riven several iltlTercnl lin-.-Uiilr- •! l>v I be i;;odiil;i I i',n of lh" all ehan?<::-f for cultivation v/ili I)T paid by the Trustno, and it v/ill hold in j the deed to t.lio properly rleli ynrimf \ rlced'i to the K/nall tracts, Creo of all encumbrance and charj;n.-j an soon as thu payinont,;; are iriado. NOTE TIUS: AT,T, TUflK OF LO'ifi AND ALT, COST OF CULTi VAT/ON , Dial," or "I am doubt fill." nr "I mli-i'il ':" i conies fluriii!; 1'ic (nut, l.'uree years. T):e An I'inliii'Ml Mitt Imriiy on piiili.|o;'.v j tract lie:< innnediatcly \vir-it of Fitiv;a. j:ivi-! an ir,;; l|lu;--.i nil ion ul' UIIMI- ! ^UM'm on both sides oF tin: Honthern inodiihilloii,; In the Ahimmiti.- hm- Taciflc railrnad, and v. ill he open at all times to t):e iiiKpection of purchasnrH who will have no need to takn thn v/ord |REO Oarage COVIXA j;na;:e, a lnoiio.;.\')l.iliii: Inutile ,'-!Jiol;i'!i 1>.V Ihr pi-o|)li; of 'I'onijiiin iiml (,'oi:bin In tbi.'t lun(.;n;i^e (lie syllable "lilt" jironoiinecil with .'i urn ve ,-u-f enl UK-ami n lady, mi nnecHtor, rrononiu-ed \vitli tin: Hlnii'f) iii-ceiil, II. nieiniH Hie favorite of u prince, rronouni-ed IhcHcml- gravi; nceent, It ineaiiH what. IIRH IKJIMI thrown awiiy. rroiiDiinced wILli (lie grsivc c'.rcninllex, II. menus what ImH IJCCM left of a fruit after the Jnlco han boon H(ineo/-cd out. I'roiiounccrl wllli no ficrcnt, It rneaiiH throe. I'roiiouiipod with tho iiHcotKllrig or Int(!rrof,'ntlon nc- cont, It inoaiiH n !tox on tlio wirtt. Thus the word "ha," In tlio order given above, Is Ha Id to menu. If properly pronounced, "Three Indlcn wave u box on the ear to the favorite of tho prince."— Chicago Record-Herald. Making Sure. "I pay as I go," declared tho pou»- pens citizen. "Not while I'm running these opart- mentH," declared tho janitor. "You'll pay us you move In."—LoulHvlllo Courier-Journal. J'ASO kOHI.KS MOT SI'klNCS On tin- Coast Tlir ci|iial of any in tin- wnrld ami sn in tin- iniilst of such climatic conditions as constantly invite In the npi-ii air. .\ ddinlil fill place fur ri'M, I'l'riipc i ,ii ion, n ni ititnl imial lrc;il nicni', anil rrrn-alinn. I In- new batli llull-r, ui||| i|- 'UjH'lil i'i|lll|lllli'lll, is Illl ri'.al'-il by .-in\ lliiir.. 1 , in this cmnitry. I ly ilrnp.iihic trc:ilineiit->, mini baths, swim mint-, baths, 'Invkisli baihs. I 'art icnlai's at s<;.' i III:K\ I'Acii'ir oi-i-n i-s. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. No, K55IC.-I. In tin' SiijH'riiii' <'mii't. nl' Ihr Stair of J,. .\lii\li,•!.!, hr.'.as,.,!. Niitiri' is hfi-eby L;i\fii )).v tlii- nnil.'i :-i|.|i..l, i-\i-rnl ri \ nl ihi' I'-ilale ui' ilr\il I .. M:i \ lii'hl, i|fi'i'a-,i'il. In I he ri i-dilni , (•I', Mini all |» rsuiis having eliiMns :i;..;.!ii-.t Hie s:iii| divease.l In csiiibil I !,'• • :iini' '•, ilh t he iir.-i'"-;a ; \- \-ipin-iier •, of anybody may neo for thnmsclvfis how their invcHtmcnt pro;fro.';sos. The tracts will bo sold at tlin rate of 320 down and $0 monthly payment for '.',(> months for each aero. All unpaid payments may he discounted at any time, 10 por cont. being allowed for cash. If for nny reason it becomes Impossible for the purchaser to continue the payments till tho tract Is fully paid for, a deed for a proportionate acreage will bo delivered on application. A guarantee of 600 living trees on each aero Hold at tho end of throo years, will bo made in tho contract. Suppose now that only the guaranteed number of trees io matured, and that it takes twenty years for the trees to become worth $10 each. These flg- uros are extremely grotesque, in tho face of growth of eucalyptus trees to be found all through tho Cucamonga and Etlwanda district. But take these figures as a possible basis: Each acre will then be worth $6,000, a net return of $300 por acre annually for that time. There is no reason to believe but that the treon will be worth that sum in loss than half tho timo mentioned. YOU ARE DEALING WITH HOME PEOPLE. If you are interested in a proposition big with promise for big profits with only a small amount invested, and that under your very eye, write or call on Wm. Clark or Andrew McAllon of Tho Covina Land and Loan Company, room •i Rood block, exclusive agents for Covina. These gentlemen will gladly give yon information concerning contracts and other matters in connection with s enterprise. F. E. WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , and complete stock of everything in the line. of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. Citrus Avenue Home Bakery Slovens Druthers, Proprietors Bread, Cakes, Pies, Tarts, Biscuits, Doughnuts ASSORTI'CIJ CONKKCTIONEKY Daily deliveries in Covina and vi. cinity in our new wagon. CITRUS AVI3., COVIXA TThie Safe and Reliable Fuel BOrslHAM & RITCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We arc experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1007 NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING. Nut ire is lii'ivhv yivrll that till' all Mini im-rliiiL; ul tin' ''"in m liin Kami aii<! Wain- I 'd. will In' In-Ill at, Ilir nllicr of Ilir I'.ilmnliia Kami ami \Valrr Co., 11,'iililln sli'ri'l, (nvii-.'i, at Ihe Inmr nf I p. in., Miiiiday, March stU, I'.Miil, fur Ilir |nir|insr nf I'll 1 .-1 i ML; a Imanl nf ili SIT\ e I'nr tin 1 I'lisning year, ami I'm 1 tin- t ni nsiirl ion n|' such nlliei blisi- .1. II. MAT I'll KU'S, Serl'rl a I'V. Covina Livery Stables J. W. KEEFKR, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged I Ionic I'hotK- 3 Kes. Phone 1024 "Tnp-.Noi Hi" I'asl i y is uillmi I • Miniiths a ft i r tin 1 Mr-.! |nil> jeli'.'ili il':; Wliiili'SdliH'. A lira'inn nf this iintiri' to tin 1 ^all| f\ | In inn liiail. • lirinliicl. N\'r h-ave il !«>[ I'i'iil i i\, lit I In- nlliri- '.I' I!. I'-, linlwrll, tili-nilm-ii, l.iis Aiit'i'li-s ('u., «'ul., svhii'h sniil nlliri' is hi'M-liy ili'si.Ljn.'ili'il as tlin |,|:n-i- nl' lillsimss lit' ^aiil r\rrlllli\ I'nr ^; 11. [ i • s I; 111'. l>a|i-il lliis IHMli ilay nf .lannai-y, A. I >. .M i;s. I:MMA MAxnr.i.n, rixi-i'iil i i \ nl . s ;i i'i I'Nt at r. I, 1 . I!. IliliVVKU., I > li'llilnl M, ( al., A 11 nriirv I'nr saiil rxr.'ii I ii \. -il's It takes a do;il of . .. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE WHY ORDER OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROF'EIUY SHOULD NOT DE MADE. I •, I ||, Si||, I iiir I '"III I "f I tie Si -I I •' "I ('.mi ..... li. Ill .1 ml I'll' Hie I '"mil > nl I .".• . . hi the M.iU'-v nf Hie \-::-l.ll. I '. I M\ I- . I I. ' .-.l-i...l II ; , ,i! ,1. Ii ,1 li\ 1 lie t '"ill I. :lll |"T - MIIIS inii 1 1- I 'I in i Ii.- ,-lil. "1 .~.i ill id- ,-,-,i.--, d .1 PI"- ' : I" 1 ! ..... lii-' si lit Super!' M I '.illl'l nil Mi.nil.l\ . 111.' SUl ll l> nl l-'elll 1 nl \ . I '.in:i. at i 'i n'el n k i in. i if :•.! hi 1 1 > .'• . ,-,i [lie i '.mi I l;.."in ..!' S.H.I Superi. 'i I'nUlI, I l.-p.ll I lle-1,1 J ll.''. Ill the I'nllll ilmls", In hilil I'n'-lhU "I I ."S AllK.'l. s, St.vlt- n!' I '.I ll I nl lii. I . \» -t.n\\ e . i 1 1 -. e U i i \ .1:1 n, il.-r sh.eil.l H" 1 I,.- 1:1 .1 li|.-il In I L. , \. , i:|.u - '-I - .1.1 .-lil. I" . I .ill nl' I h' I . I 1 e -I.! I e .1 Illl |>. I nil li p! "|" I I \ "I '• I 1 . 1 li. . • .,' .'.I 'Ml.l 111 it a . "|.V .if 1 !-'. - ..• .(. v L. put. h • .1 ;. I !.';-! • , '" . - '.\ . ' ' 1 '- } ' i L. i '. .\ i • i i A i u- M- .1 i . v. : ; • i i • i 1 1 M : ,1.' | ' 1 1 1 1 - , , . . I i ! i i : . I i '..-'. • : I \ Machinery A. J. ROOKS Ge-noreil All kinds of ^onor;vl ;uul heavy IHacksiiiitliini;. We iiiaiuifiti'tiiro Ki<lj;-i'rs, ( )ranjje i Kiicks Li;nl llus I'ressos Horseshoeing n Specialty Hume Phone 103? Shop West Bcuiillo St, Cavina to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what \ve do • WE FIX THINGS Thoroiio-hly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Fstimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and yates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shup ami l Mlu'L' o|ipu.-<ite S. P. I IUIIH> I'hunc 2s'i t'ovina, C;il. COVINA She (o. FINK SHOF. K'F.l'AlKMNt; - AT K'iiASDNAl;!.!: PKk IN Moving; Heaven and Earth And also anything else that will move. Tratisforiny furniture, pianos, deliver- iii"; express packages, carrviny I'mu'ii States mail, taking out parties to the i.ui\ons and beaches. Hauling ur- aityes and all kinds ol hea\'S' teaming. OFKiL'M: With Wells-Faryo on I'itru* Avenue Covina Transfer Company S\\ 1 Imne 1 FOR 5ALE Five; rr.'<m liou-e and bam. lot 50.x 175. fenced, close to avenue and electric road. S1800. Lot .50x1 75 adjoining above, lull bearing Washington navels. ?S5n. Kour room modern house, two porches, V>ath, cel- iar. electric lights, larye lot AOx 1 75. ]•/. Colleg-e St. Fi^o room house and large lot 60x175, in center town. #3500. Large iots, 60>:175. full bearing navels. $625. Large corner lot 95x175. solid to full bearing navels, close to Klectric road. SI 500. Ilusiness lot on Citrus avenue, 55x155 with enclosed yards and sheds, 55xW, hauling way on either side. The finest site in town for any wholesale business. Close to eicctric road. Price $6000, Good terms can be had on all the properties. J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. YOSEMITE VALLEY Open All Year Why Not Sec Yosemitc This Winter? It is a magnificent sight. It is a quick, comfortable trip. Daily train service, and good hotel accommodations. For through tickets and further information, see SOUTHERN PACIFIC OK SANTA FE or address 0. V. Lehmer, Traffic Manager YOSEMITE VALLEY RAILROAD Merced, Cal. 4 INew Pomona Double Plunger i Deep Well Pump Mead BUILT IN THREE SIZES, From Ten .to Forty Horse Power. It is the smoothest running" deep well pump because there are no dead centers, no jerk or jar, and no danger of breaking the pump rods. Be sure and write for our \ng catalogue. Watch this sp:ice for further information. Pomona Manufacturing Co, Pomona, California Covina Orange Groves We have a larye clientage buving- (joo<l uranye groves. If you \vant a quick sale, li^t your strove, with us. "IT I'AV.S TI i SKK I'M" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO, r.e !.ii"i:c 12''.'-. Cuvina

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