Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 24, 1944 · Page 13
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1944
Page 13
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1944 I THIRTEEN! Around The World With Our Men And Women In Uniform ,, Four Crutchley s and Brace of B-m-L'* \- Tf f f Coopers and Cook On Oahu Island Mrs. Effie Crutchley Smith, of Oldtowri, has three sons, a daughter and two sons-in-law in uniform. Beginning in the usual order above, her children are Pvt. June C.' Minnick, with the WAC at Edgewood AJsenal; Pvt. James H. Crutchley, in Italy; Alfred Cnitchley, EM. 3/c., in Australia; and Pvt Paul Crutchley, Camp Folk, La. Her sons-in-law at the extreme right are Pvt. Harvey Minnicfc, in Hawaii; and- William J. Peterson, S. 1/c., with the Atlantic fleet. Shallis Soldiers and Sailors Ridgeley Brooks Hi* Graduation a "Family Affair 79 Sgt. Harold Cooper, left above, tloned Vegas, Nev., the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Cooper. 627 Bedford is at sta- Las These three soldiers climbed into khaki on the same day, June 8, 1943. They are now; stationed on! Oahu among the; Hawaiian Islands. They are, above, Pfc. Arch M. Sweitz er, husband of Mrs. Esther Sweitzer, 1 Cooper in France, the son of Mr.i 504 Montreal avenue; and Pfc. ! and Mrs. Harper J. Cooper. 2171 James Taylor, husband of Mrs. South Smallwood street, and tlie I Mary Taylor. Ridgeley, W. Vn.; and husband of Mrs. Verna Hager to the :;ide, Pfc. Harvey Rice, hus- Cooper, East Cleveland, O. To thcj bnnci of Mrs. Naomi Rico, 959 Glenside is Sgt. Cooper's brother-in-law, I wood street. Pvt. Richard Cook, Camp Wheeler,! Ga., the son of Mr. and Mrs. John; A graduate of Allegany high •'.'••-'• The Shallis brothers arc sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shallis, 107 Arrnstjrong street. Keyset, W. Va. From left to right, they are Pvt. Frank ShaUis, with the Fifth Army in Italy for over a.year; Pfc. Leroy Sriallis, in the New Guinea -war zone; William E. ShaUis, petty officer The Brooks brothers are from WaUash avenue in Ridgeley, W. Va.j S. Cook, Bowling Green, and the; school, Louis W. Aldridga. MM., 3-c husband of Mrs. Ethel Cooper Cook.; ,.-. T-.--.., ,. _ Pvt , Clyde W., left above, is with a! c , HaroH B Hock]nan vo]un . field artillery outfit at Fort Ord, L « d f vjce Decembel Cal. Charles C., is taking boot nava 1 ' ttiird class, who was recently home on leave: after 27 continuous months | i ra j n j n g at the Bainbridge station. of.:*ervice in the Pacific war zone; and Staff Sgt. Albert Shallis, with [They are sons of Mr. and Mrs. C. th« ordnance department in France, the husband of Mrs. Pauline :M. Brooks. Rogers Shallis. Petty Officer Shallis is the husband of Mrs. Evelyn Shiffiet Shallis and the- father of two children. Miller Brothers y and Navy Wiley Ford Pyles H, 1939. He now at the French righting front. In a recent letter home he said that he had been behind •C3.; enemy lines for ;;',|two days before * " managed to jV, crawl back to his own. Cpl. iHockman's -wife, I M r s. W 1 1 d fl participated in the naval operations incident , to the cross -•»'<* 10 cross Recent graduation exercises at Stuttagart Army Air Field in Arkansas mined out to be a "family <• JX« channel invasion i f Sir" for Lt. Eugene Edward Hook, when his cousin, Pfc. Anna Fisher, journeyed over from nearby Robin, <. !('*| of France and;Field to pin his newly won Silver Wings to the lapel of his coat. Lt. Hook Is the son of Mr and Mrs. 1. • ~K then sailed;g. Hook, 710 Gephart Drive. His con-sin, a resident of this city, is alt-ached to a. WAG contingent on t! "*•* around into the' t Camp M edi terraneaiij to take part in| the invasion of France from the south. He was i working in the 1 engineering department at, the Cel: nnese plant wl' -v he joined the; - navy 17 months u = o. He is the hus-; iband of Mrs. Olive Aldridge. Nar- Oldtown Crippens • Two Clines and TJtree Fitrlows Hockman, and two children live at'TOWS Park, and the son of Mrs. 412 Arch street. He is the son of-Robert Long, Narrows Park. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hockman, 11 '•; [ Fifth street. r f e . Donald Griffith has been' on duty in the cold clime of Al;is-; Pfc. Charles L. Little is a mem-' ka j o ' r eleven Privates First Class Robert and •Chester Pyle are sons of Mr. and 'Mrs. W. A."Pyle, Wiley Ford, W. Va : Robert, on the left, is at Fort Jack- json, S. C. Chester is with the Fourth [Division in France where he has been awarded the Combat Infants Badge. The Miller brothers are sons ofjlhe French Mrs. Stella Mil-1 fighting front. A ler, Pine avenue. I former Celanese this city. They;employe, he was are above. Pfc. called to the col- Floyd L. Miller,',ors April 21. said to be "on j 1943, and sailed his way" as ajfor overseas duty member of the!last- January. He signal corps, andJLs the son of Pvt. Percy R.-Mrs. Lillian Col- Miller, Camp!] ins, Bowman's Davis, N. C. To'; Addition, and the the side is Roy jgrandson of Mr. Wi^r/jber of _the army's sternal corps at J Ruths' with" the 'and Mrs. Robert Ralston. ' Hughes-Harlman V i " lU ^'«!:5 0 !"" dJM «:. C -.?.-_ U l t :l c - J^l lta ^i Another former Celanese "spin- he made his* A former worker in thc bobbin j stores at the Celanese plant, Pv(. ; i Daniel 1C. Coo- ^^MB|HB>BK~A*- ' ^i. :V Jai i per is serving ^^^H^^flBHj .now works for the B. & O. Rail-j road, with whom Pvt nnhprt Rni-^n i. wrvino with tllc ™™~ V^BB^^H '>' Md after receiving a medical dis-jhome. YU?h ^urv*™?£ »t £mn try in France -fc^PPS^^R Charge from the army. Pfc. Floyd . with an mfantr.% outfit, at CampJ Ho was ln( juct- 1_K_^9^_1 ii.s the husband of Mrs. Helen Payne! Raphael V. O^Ie was recently Shelby. Miss. His sister, places, ed December 2, •^Rf^^?.flil !Miller Nashville, Term., now work-;inoted to quar- KalMon. is a seaman first class in i 1943 ilncf took MMA^v^jJU '-- mf , in Washington. Pvt. Percy's wife itermaster second the Waves and is on duty at the his basic train-H^B^-fl^K i nnd two daughters reside at 879: class in thc 'bureau ot personnel Washington. ing at Damp Op»S rf lM| ! Patterson avenue. I navy. He is a D. C. They are children of Mr.'. Croft| s Ct go _ j^^U&jigfiB : , '.member of the ing to the Brit- §^^K^J||p|M ; p e Hj- Officer Mason K. Bulling-' crew aboard a -,-is h Isles last •HBgmllSIi; i ion lias been "seebeeing" in the newly , commis- : a r in y's trans- i porlation corps. | He writes home jthat brown bears i are as common n round his mil! itary post as '; rabbits around 1 Frostburg. He is ! the son of Mr. i and Mrs. Wil- * O> ! I i a m Griffith »-*.-»*-- lOminnd street, Fvoslburg. The Crippen brothers are sons o! Thu first, two men in uniform above an- Rons of , Mrs. Ruby Reed, 131 Oldtown Road. . M] . Bnd Mrs c w CIme 447 nac/ , slreet lnicy Brc ". j Flight Officer Charles W. Crippen,! p[( , left above, recently received his ftnd pfc Kpmplh G CUl)p are with the troojxs m Italy. of ^ cline brothers, The' oilier three are 'mey arc Pic. Wndc pilot wings and commission at, Paiu- | pa, Fla., and is now stationed at j Midand, Texas. He joined up Octo- '• Furlow, in Nnw Guinea; T-SRt. Kenneth Furlow-, In ber 27. 19«. His brother, Kenneth 1 ScotlRIld; and Lt Pnvllls Furlow, in Oie Army Nurse G. Crippen, F., 2-c., is stationed at ' , " Gufport Miss i Corps al Fort Benmng. Gn. They Rtp 'children of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Furlow. Griifton, W. Vn., former ,-.i. : June. He is the mtmS^^iM i Pacific war zone •husband of Mrs. •• ' "•* ' ro ,. 16 month-: Hilda Cooper, 317-Footer Place, and: Keeill g service U,. — ., ,,, ^ ^ Raee;' on such places the son of W. C. Cooper, Mrs. J. F. Hughes, Fort Ashby, W. Va., has .two sons in uniform. They ,are, left above, Cpl. Owen D. ;Hughes, in Cairo, Egypt, the husband of Mrs. Evelyn Hughes, and, right, Chief Petty Officer Lawrence M. Hushes, an instructor .street. 'as New Cale,. idonia, Guadal| On the rapidly expanding French ; C anal and Trea! fighting front Pfc. Mclvin Valcn- ; sury i s i an d. He j tine is sen-ing with an infantry - * I outfit. Before he Centered the ! Army, April 26, ' ', 1941, he was : employed in the ^ -twisting depart- ;ment at the Cel- j •anse plant. He ] has been over- I seas for almost two years. Pfc. Valentine is the jiK now stationed iat an undis- I closed location. (He is the hus- „ ! b a n d of Mrs. ., <Ii HUT a Poor- 1 baugh Bullington, '', Pa. sioned s a 1 v ag< and rescue craft in South American waters. The boat he was orl- j ginally assigned I to was sunk during the Invasion assault upon i 'France. He is the son of Mr. tier Wtllard E. Lan- He has the New G u \ n e a area since June with a -signal corps | outfit of the I flying forces. In! ducted into ser|vice in January, 1943, Pvt. Lancaster is tlie ison of Mr. anrt Mrs. Frank Lancaster, Ftostburg. In civilian life Pfc. Luther Schnimm was n charge-linnd "the armed forces is Pvt. ! the Celanese plant. He wns ! railed up for army service in , January, 1943, i and hasn't been ( I home Mnce. He [shipped for ov- ! erseas duty in 'I [June. n43. and ; \ took part in the icamptilen for 'Rome and is now -battling in "• j residents of Cumberland. Before embarking for overseas; Inducted into service in Febru service Pvl. John "Cully" Lewis' 1943, Pvt. Euslis K. Katnn has I ' up among the lAleulinn Islands ' j.since July of the year. In a 'recent letter to i friends he told I of having spent : a 2-tveoks fur: lough sightseeing in Bristol | Bay, Uknk and ion L 1 i a n 1 n R • Peak. He hRs n. .brother. Pvt. Rando E. Silviou*. WT ^ - -i „ UVliai-Ull Jli^, t «ll.Ill 1.1 IV. nm,o wateis smc* he ) Rrhranini . hof B!vrton . Buffalo Stationed out among v.-aiian Lslands since May P v t. Roy P v Wahefictd qualifies for member- vatnimn* j^> v*i^ ^^^^^ lies zor meir.uei t ,son of Mrs. Ella Valentine, 812| sri ip j n the til ~s !Shade's Lane. ;state "never; had-had-a-f u'- I In the navy for almost two years, '• lough-club " He Donald Frederick While, GM., 3-c ! has made six Atlantic cross- . jings, during one U at Little! of which his Creek, Va., whose wife and two!craft was under i children live at Norfolk, Va. To lair attack for 55 .the side is Mrs. Hughes' son-in-law, Jaines Lester Hartman, S.. 2-c., with • the Pacific fleet, the husband of minutes. He was working at tlie i;;;^ Celanese plant Mrs. Genevieve Hughes Hartman. when called to . ; the colors. He is .^ Before joininc up with the Sea-1 the son of Emory *-. bce.s, W. Junior Hetriclc, S., l-c.,!L. White, 410 ' was employed by] Maryland ave- the B. & O.piuc. Railroad at the' — Queen City Station. He was S trained at Camp;.,., K Penry, Va., nndjt?'-'';.'. ,,S set sail for over-;--' •'"" •£$ seas duty in Jnn-j .-'• ' ': uar>- of this year.; t ' Seaman Hetricki-Sj is the son ofj Mr. and Mrs.' William HetrickJ Spting Gap, Mci. -] has been in uni •r. \ form for about 19 months. He took his basic -'• training nt Camp '• ! McQuaide, Cnl ' i P v t. Wakefield Mrs. James F. Ogle, 931 Gay street.; joined the navy j two years ago. Ouce upon a time Walter K.. He has seen scr- Hcnsel, S, 1-c., _M_v_|_MWM£$i3& [vice all over the was employed at ^^O^H^B^S '• Atlantic Ocean, 'the Mediterran- ' can Sea and the 5^ pacific Ocean, ' from the cold .waters of the ; north to the ! tropical climes . where war on ' the Japs is being •waged A former Allegany ..-.,- , .school student, he is the son of, |Mr and Mrs. Henry Silvious, Mills, ; the Queen City 'i Brewing Company. That was the Ha- before he "hop- j943.!ped" into navy blue. He is serving as an armed guard outfit on duty in waters about the British Isles. Seaman Hensel is it raveled in 30 i states during his iprogram of '• training. He is 'now in France iwith a battalion i of Held artillery. i A graduate of , Oldtown high j school in 1938, I he formerly was •Southern France. Pfc. Schramm re- j assistant man- Iceinly won tlie Infantryman Com-iagcr of the M. ib<it Medal. He is husband of Mrs.'R. Lewis Genii rene Schramm, 3 West Main street.) eral Grocery. Pvt. Lewis is the hus-! Rodney Eaton. In Australia. '3 and the -son of W. C. Ibanrl of Mrs. Rare Lewis, of Old-. nre .«on.s of Whcclor E:iton. ! town. i Pnw. W. VB. OVERSEAS EDITION NO. 26 SUNDAY, EEPTEJ.IBER 24, 1944 .the son of Alonzo R. HenseJ, ofioffult street. | Orleans Crossroads. Summary of Home Front Happenings Approximately half of the 115,000 "Down Under" Overseas since last Norman E. Amlower is a bombardier-^ with a Flying (Fortress crew in r-'-.-: Pfc. John C. Ankency has rung up Mary-landers in the armed forces. May, T.I. q u - ue a record for accuracy in shooi-!| 1!1Ve fjjg^ applications for absentee """' since her MMT. 'bnllots. .;' ji s the son of Mrs. Mary Wakeficki, the Southwest :.• iH Smith street. Pacific war zone. He was a stu- B-in-lSs ot Arms :^VM In Uie army for four years, Pvl. j dent at Ameri- j: Jnck Powers has been reported can University, j A former worker at the Kelly-,? Springfield Tire Company's plant, ,- ; , -, vv- Pvt. Clyde wounded in ac- *$•» s; : ; tlon twice at the ^;:V^' French front, on - " June 10 and August 11. He crossed the English Channel on D-Day -with the 4th Division. Hei;' shipped for overseas service last Februaiy. Pvt. Powers is thc son of Mr. and Washington, D. >'.'• C., when called | to the colors in i;.»s ; January, 1943. 1 He fc> the son ot Mr.% and Mrs. Carl R. Am- 1 [went into thc j armed forces. He : | took "s li a r p .'• islioo te r" and :x "expert" medals f C. i d u r i n g basic "• training nt Atlantic City, and later at Seymour Johnson Field, N. C., he was More space for the Allegany: i :County War Memorial Honor Roll, ., 'in city hall ha.s been granted by i';icity council with the estimate that! ; 16,000 nnnies will appear eventually.' Five thousand cailons of gnso-i !line was lost when a irailer-lruck- icarrying the fuel was wrecked on' iSideUng Hill, east of Cumberland., Sunday afternoon. The gnsi '•i^T** Iran into «. stream and wns quickly! fc " ' : washed awnv. ' , .„.. -. - !is P^•t. Thomas 'Mrs. Melvin Powers, Paw Paw, W. i l» Fishcl. He was Va. ji nduct ed into I thc a r rn y last Until recently Pfc. 'f.eroy "Mick" I December 8, and Klostcrman wns a member of the is now stationed commended for breaking the *S3^«swi,3i.Taka*8# Three local men charged with; . _.. .range record with a score of 190 oui : theft of 2,1 coses of whisky and gin.) ,tower, 203 Arch street, and tha hu.s.- O f n possible 200. At Boca RatonJvalued at $1,000, are held for thp ; 'band of Mrs. Lillian Amtower. [Field, Fla., where he is a crew chief;October grand Jury. ' [and aerial gunner, he wns one of Klx! Tlie Allegany County League for Another Pnw Paw. \V. Va.. tan-:to qualify as a pistol sharpshooter!Crippled Children, recently re- nery worker in ' the armed forces : [military police, l He L 1 ! now stn- * Piper JIBS been! pfc. Robert L. Wilson, left above.!tjoned at Gren:• in thc armed.and Pvt. Theodore T. "Puggy"!(er Field, Man-*:' forces two years. - He is stationed •'•'' at rrnicr Fipld und Ml ' s - Kussell Wilson, of West-; the air corps. • -01 Ai ernport, and thc husband of Mrs.! Not long ugo he ?•• >-<»™<i, Ala., ns a-, Betty & - erett wilson, of Luke Tlie was home on a Grove, right, are brothers-in-law, j Chester, N. H., : V Robert is in England, the son of Mr. Us a member of i^ and Mrs. Russell Wilson, of West- the air member of the i couple has one son, Bobble Lee. Pvt. air corps. He is I Theodore is ako in England. He Is the husband of'" • - •• --- Mrs. B c r t h a Ritchie Piper, of Oldtown. the husband of Mrs. Armede Wilson 15-dny furlough at the home of • his parents, Mr. Grove, S., 1-c., with the WAVES in and Mrs. Chutles Arlington, Va., and the son of Mrs.jK. Klosterman. Bessie Grove, Westernport. TO Arch street. :at Camp San : Luis O b ispo, 'Gal., where i scores of other ' s o 1 d 5 c rs from | thc tri-statc section are on duty. Pvt. Fishel with a 45 calibre automatic. Pfc.'signed from the Community Chest. Ankency is the son of Mr and Mrs., hn . s launched a drive, to raise $7000! AUcntlon , AUcm)oil! An cum->' So. .K H. Ankency, 101 Wnshinptiny O r next, year's work among the; ber i and S0 ] rti< , rs stationed "down «-t h .••troet. Football Taking Over Sporls Sc<v Sport durincc tlie puf.! vro*k M footbnll coming Into il.s own l :bi/i way. Baseball lorally witli ;exception of the played g«ni<?. jthe Pen-Mar leaeup. Is R Mi tin jthe past. Tlie Pen-Mar Ipngin jnal scries of fivo pnmfs. for wii :to he decided In '.Hrs'c of Uic ; [niuls Queen City nrewers of C ix^rinnri alipnt! by onr sump Ccntervlllp Ucc!. 1 ;. 'Dip SJM-I L'ame will bi^ plnycd this afirri nl the North End nolti. Hut it Is footbnll Ihnt Inus t; over tho scone. Tlii.s wt-i-k found Fort, Hi!l iiiRh school liaviiiE an open date, ami it p jrd a pood t-hlnp ar, It JTHVP r timo lor thc injured on ihc t lo improve or 1 id'ovt-r lyforc t big gnmp next wwlc-rnci nitii . ?nny high. 'AJlryany high jiinyrtl In:>t r SnnierEct. PH.. with the Sot tonm us the opposi |county's 600 crippled children. j under." This ls~Cpl. Irene" BrUtcn !Tllfv resuUs of this BUTTIO were Local_ btislncss and profe.ssiona]| on p of t - n( , f insl ciunberlnndcrs io' n>e ' rivi ' t ' nl 1!lf " l11110 for rl ° -, had the good r fortune of run ,' .ning into an 'other sold ie r Jfrom Lonncon- ling. Pvt. Joseph Humphrey. Pvt. the son of Mrs. Bertha Fishel, I trained nt Fort Slanesvllle, W. Va. ,Knox, Ky., and, 'Port Ord. Cnl. . B-in-Usln Uniform^* «* SKS. -, .. . Down among the Hawaimn Is- 1 men will join farmers in a soil con-,i oil , t | le women's Army Corps She lands Pvt. Francis Glpnn recent ly : SRr /ation meeting at Flim.stone Oc-j is on dt]tv W |th'a WAC coutiiiRiMU '. ' ' Five Croive Brothers fntd EWfritz tober 5. wn - <1 lhfl fir - ;! K' 1 ' 11 '^ 'or but anythliiK Is on tho . Brisbane. Australia. She'nrilvrri . fm ' lll(1 -' ;c Uvo te»in.s !•->; thr.v ji usllnl ! Cumberland's growing fame ns thp;P'». v ^ "-S first gnmf nf UK- .-'• ; o. ,, ome of prf , ttv womcn . cpl. Britten,"" 111 - MoorcHrlri <W. Vn. 1 ) hip.h. [ ry [j, the ( | nU g|,ter of Mrs . Loui.<=e Brit- MI " iI1( f ln thc Yellowjnckotr, •<! I,,-, i,, ; , .,. ^ : Charlotte Glenn. 'Douglns Hvenue, Lon'.iconing. Pfc. Richard L. Zcmbower, left ; above. 5s ft patient at the Ashford j General Hospital, While Sulphur • Springs, W. Va., for treatment ot , wounds sustained in France June 13. Two Cumberland nurses have Bone; thcre Rboul two mo , Vv hs BKO. nipple-'" lav a n:lrd R nmt> to Baltimore as volunteer aides in | m< , nt in(f her military chores by urn- tf<*>* ^W, he care of victims of the recent po-j lne vcrv e if ec u v clv to lend lustre 1o> O" Pritlny ovent lio epidemic. ' ' The Monterey Undergarment Co. of New York, is seeking a factory!^ ii-vp -iiiu ii ^ i _^ ^^^ location here. It would employ 400;tcri'~ Shp 6 "forinerly"rf i .Mdc''rI ^ nV"2fi: nlll R n lo 6 in an uniisiinl first ij ergons. Greene Mrect. -preview. Ln.Salle hari been li» Aid of the Md. Board of Natural! ' :capped all during tlir season In .Resources and the U. S, Uept. ofj p aM j L slndy S 1-c son of Mr j llnv lnc equipment for scrinui Mines for exploring and dril!ln^| nnc , Mrs ; John'Sindy. "crp.saptown i°" ri "B tll|k 1V(H ' k ° r tnp ^'" r - icoivS seams in tills comity will be ;tno ) ul ., b and o[ Mrs Dolores znrBer lEx P lwors wrrr nblp to P 1 ' 1 '" tsought. by the Chamber of Com-igjurty, 322 Rjire .-itirel II.IR been on '•^rlrnrnngc.s, -- no! rnouali for jtnerce in a nieeling this week wiUijd ut y w uh [j ]P pacific neot slncr :t - nnm - an(i in Plnylnt: the c 0 «'',°,' < 1? I l? r ln Almflnolil; - 'Jnmijiry. He is a former CoUncsei tt ' ith Moorcneld. they Iwrn Rainfall here this y^ear to dntp Is'employe. ] equipment frnm Allo^nny I 5.35 Inches above Just year but still! Tr .. r 'i, • c , r .,. n ^,,,, ir.,M mnn , lotlierwl^ the game r:ould no! ' 2.42 inches under normal. : Jo5Cpl1 R n >m°" <5 Kuhlmnn, son- Of thc 30.000 acres Grecn the protection of war prisoners cut-!"'"' fli ° vAi ,T ^ ans ^ Ort < ; oln " intltt tlngpulpwood. l!i\Jl™:.^L9i ty : Cnllt ' K'^lmiinl^. A coiling price of SO rent? dozen wa week. Us flr.M Wtlbur Bell, U. S. Navy, lias bp.cii Blirinn Mrs. Ix>is Burkr. 707 Oldtown Rond. rereiveri \vortt that her rnts-, nvcr I to 0. Thomas 'W. VR.I <tefe»l«l 1^: high, 13-0, and Kcy*(«r won transferred from Bainbridge lo B ! band, Pfr. Makci L. Burko, lins i station In Mississippi. jbecn promoted lo cai|>or,\i some-! 7-0. The following soldiers, of . In Franco . Rnymomi C. Berx. K.. 2-c.. Durkc is tliri until recently wns stationed . . He is the husband of Mrs Bernlcc Ed and Bill (ire sons of- Mr. nntliPicn. serving in foreign Innds, havelson of Snmiie) Ihtrke, ODD OldUnoiUle Creek. Vn., Is now on duty ' ..... . "The first five men in uniform above are sons of Mr. mid Mrs. Roy E. Crowe, Route 2, Frostburg. They, Cessna Zembowcr and Hie son oi;Mr.s. Wlllinm A. Twlgg, 409 Ijilng.bccn granted furloughs wider_thojHoacl :thc ALInntic flcf!t. Hr> U thft so )' «rc, in tho usunl order, Pfc. Frnnlc T. Crowe, in New Guinea, the husband of Mrs.Mnry Crowe and the father i Mrs. Ethel Zcmbower, Bedford Val-! avenue. Tho former, left above, wr.r. • Arir.j- muillon plnn now In effect:] Sfit. a. Orvillc AtXIwon, 17 North j Mr. nntl Mrs. Raymond neck,''. child; Sgl. J. Wlllnrri Crowe, in Fi-i\nce; Archie C. Crowe, S. 2/c., with the Atlnntlc fieei; T-5 Harold | Icy, Pa. His bjrolher-ln-Inw, on the! recently promoted to technical cor-lstafT s«t. Charles F. McF.lfjsh^SlO! Allpcany streo.t. left today for San: Decntur yirrrl_. _ _ '[ L. Crowe, also in France; nnd Pvt. E. Woodrow ' " —-•-- «nd the father of three children. At the extreme V, F.uifrltz, S. 1/C:, now on Guam, the husband have twelve children, ten sons anri two daughters, Two of Lhc sons nro in the ministry, two arc taking cure p a nrlc | tnc son O f Mr nnc ( Mra \vnsh of farnw, nnri one is In school at Fin7^il. T. H. Shormnkcr, Hynrimnn, Pa. j:lfie at 306 Brail Mrcrl. HL-> wife and riaiiRhter rf- lr« W. DavL 1 :, Kltzmlller, Africn-LMny nnd! ho arrived hnmr on fur-^wherr hr .«crvos n? mi nvii •}• I Ilnly Thrntrr, 22 ] lough September 14. jtnochRnlc.

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