Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 5
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local Events. Mrs. Pettit of Relvidere, ill, is a iK'st at the homo of Mrs. A. Merrill. Mrs. Thompson of Milwaukee was the Tuesday last of -Mrs, 1. J. of Los Angeles was the f/uest on Cook. Mrs. Boll finest ifist Sunday of her mother, Mr?. If. Crouse. Mr. and Mrs. Weeks of Oakland spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Ohaver and other old friends. Miss Ida Snodgrass spent the week em) in Los Angeles with her friend, Miss Kuth Finley. Remember the school entertainment Friday evening. Musical and dramatic. Tickets 25 and 35 cents. Mr. and Mrs. II. II. ('nsliiiian entertained nld friends on Wednesday of last week, Mr. and Mrs. Win. <i. Wa; ner of Los Angeles. Mr. W. A. Young of Imperial made a flying business trip to Covina this week and called on relatives at the Atwootl and Jennings homes. The friends of Mr. K. .-,. Meredith will be pleased to hear that he is considerably better although still eonlinci' to the house with si-'iatic rheumatism Mrs. W. M. (iriswold entertained at dinner last Friday evening, the guests being Mrs. II. I-'. Cook, Miss Mamie and Mr. J-Immons Cook. Mrs. f!. D. Jennings n turned this- week from I'asadeaa, when- she has- been spending several days with liei friend. Mrs. Owens. Premier Blend Coffee has thai appetizing, indescribable aroma that is onl\ found in a pure coffee. \Yarner, Whit sel & Co. Mrs. A. If. C'nllens spent Friday. Sat unlay and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs II. II. Myers in Los Angeles during Mr Collin 's ' trip to Ml. Wilson with -tin High School boys. Mrs. Cli.-:s. Thorpe fit' Manchester Iowa, who is spending the winter witl her daughter in Los Angeles, is speni ing a few days with her nephew an niece, Mr. ami Mrs, lien K. Thorpe. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Armstrong eiiKT- taini'd a number of friends for " "inn'' on Monday evening at their pretty home on K. College street. .Dainty refreshments of pineapple and Alaska wafers were served. Mr. DcLancey and family have moved to Glendora. being unable to obtain n. suitable residence in Covina at present. They will still continue 1 their church afh'liat'ions with Covina and we hope the time will soon arrive when we shall again welcome them as residents. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Coltrin entertained on Tuesday evening with a card party. The house wan prettily decorated with violets and dainty refreshments were served. Those present were the Misses Josephine Stuinpf, Blossom Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. AVatkins, Messrs. Libby and Arthur Bcardsley. W. J. Freeman arrived Wednesday from Burlington, Ontario, to spend a few months in Covina looking after his . .xanch. Interests. Mr. Freeman hopes to move his family out here as soon as possible, and make his residence permanent. He was accompanied on this trip by his son Roy Freeman. Girls, keep your eyes on Roy. Miss Harriett L. Davis, Mr. J. A. Peters, with his wife and boy, are again visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Davis, just, having arrived from the north. Mr. Peters leaves for the East this week, but Miss Davis and Mrs. Peters, who are the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Davis, will probably remain here some time before they too will.leave for the F.ast " * A. Merrill was agreeably surprised on Wednesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Howlnnd and Mr. and Mrs. Stf-ele, who invited a number fit' friends to celebrate her birthday. The evening was spent, with music and ."i'Hi, ami dainty refreshments were served. Others present wen. 1 Mines, llnbbard and Fil/.gcrnld, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper and nici-e, Mr. and Mrs. Philleo and son Robert, Mrs. Pettit. Mrs. A. T. Anderson gave pleasure to a number of her friends on Friday afternoon by i ntertaining them with n Swedish coffee party. Musical numbers wer contributed by some ol" I lie guests, who included .Mines. Dalifi, I'.i-n Thorpe, Yaw, (iroover, ('arnahan, ('•viper. Mnin.jcs, De Lain-ey, Miis-ey, \V Hodges, I'.. L. h'eynolils, Newsoim-. Robert Anderson. Fuller and Miss Fusler of Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Will (irilliths entertained last Saturday evening with a ill-light fully appointed ilinner in li'ii.or nf tin- bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kims of Fn-nn. ' was an a rt is( i,- st ndy in t-in and ropes of Mnilax and o violets Wei e employed in tin oral ion. < H her gnc-is wei Mrs. Jess.- Kuiis and Maiion A. I set. A parly of nine of our vomit.' men left by tally-boon iln- niorninu ol Feb. liS. tfi scale the heights ol MI. Wilson. After lhi: si renuoiis climb from Si"! ra Madre, their efforts were icwardr-d by a bourn iful supply i;f Kf-en.-ry and snow. Snowliallini; beiny. in order, ii was taken up with great spirit. Tho:--i- composing the party WI-M- MI-SSI>.. (jeo. and (!ny Semli-r. Almond and Albert Sievepi, Cbas. Fiancis, Cba.-. Walters, Andrew Feist, (Juy Bradley, Herman Scb iff. Clyde P.I mis of Hollywood was the! guest Sundnv ard Monday of hi« uncle! ind aunt. Mr. and Mrs.'c. K. Menu's. | Pie by no other name save mother's j >esi is half as good. "Top Notch." Warner, Whitsel & Co. Remember the school entertainment riday evening. Musical and dramatic. Tickets 25 and I55 cents. Mrs. F. \V. Sherwood entertained on Thursday with nn afternoon ten in lonor of Messrs. I'. Rnlli and .1. Rubin. Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Tripp of Los Angeles spend the week end as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Snodgrass, OUR AtiflU: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry F.lmer Williams of Stockton spent ast week end with his cousins, Mr. and Premier Blond. Mrs. 11. M. Jlousor and family. An idea) dinner Is a sure thing with WaVner, Whitsel & Co.'s "Top- Notch" pastry and Premium Blend Coffee. Mr. M. C. Clifford, who has been suffering during the week from a severe ittnck of pleurisy, is improving and we hope soon to see him around again. \ way In a man's heart is through his eating apparatus. Try the de- No other coffee is so satisfying ns Warner, Whitsel & Co. liclous, satisfying Premium Blend Cof-lwith lu-r parents. Pvomler Blend Coffee is picked, packed and sealed under Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s personal supervision. Tarts for Tartars, good and bad, "Top-Notch" Tarts. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Remember the school entertainment Friday evening. Musical and dramatic. Tickets 2T) and l!5 cents. Mrs. II. G. Heath left for Varna. 111., where she will spend the winter fee on him. W'.rner, Whitsell & Co. Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Beebe and dangh •tcr Mn.jorie of Ipswich, ^outh Dakota, are visiting their cousins. Mr. and Mrs. I longlass. M rs. M. Fisher and her house-guests. Mr. and M vs. F. P. Hill of Kansas, were guests in Los Angeles last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Pnrvianee. The Misses Minni" and Anna Heath and Miss F.tliel Collins were dinner guests on Tuesday evening of Mines. Wallace and MeAl'len. The Home Missionary Society of the M. F. church met on Friday aflcrnoon in the ladies' parlor. Miss Clara Davis read a paper on tin. 1 Mormons. Mr. Clarence M. Nylroa, cashier of the Hank of San I'.eriinrdiiio, was the guest, last Sunday of relatives, Mrs. b'osa ('. Clarke and children. Miss Dianna (lordnn of (ilemlora and her brothers I'asil and Hugh and Morton Flliott of Cliilin were gnesls for the week end of Mr. and Mrs. J. il. Klliott and family. The Baraca Hoys of (lie Chrislian church held their monthlv business meeting on Thursday evening at the homi. 1 of their teacher, Mrs. W. (i. Conley. Three cottage prayer meet ings were it never burns or falls or shortens. "Top-Notch" cake. Warner, Whilsel & Co. Miss Bennett of Los Ang.-les was the gnesl ' Wednesd;'.y of her friend, Mrs. C. 10. Smiley. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Broadwell left on Wednesday to spend a week on business at llemel. Try Premier Blend Coffee and "Top Notch Rolls" for luncheon. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mines. J. R. Wood of Oakland and l.anghlin of Los Angeles wefe luncheon guests Tuesday of Mrs. C. II. Beattle. Mr. and Mrs. \V. II. Collins were dinner guests of Messrs. 1,'alli and Rubie in Los Angeles last Tuesday evening. Mrs. C. K. Smiley and nieces, llu- Misses Savage, returned Tuesday from a pleasant week spent with Irieuds in Los Angeles. JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Property Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAI.r, AN'I> f.IST YOUK 1'NOI'KKTY Office with A. M. Pence, Kccd Hlk. COY IN A, CAI,. « For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Whito Wyamlntte eggs for setting. Phone ftfHM, If Highest, easii price puiil for Ion or fifteen Dairy. lAir rooms. struct. milch t. Comfortably furnished Mrs. S, Allismi, Po.xter held last evening by earnest members of the M. F. church at the homes of Mines. I!. Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs. John Gerow, who are visiting California from Ovid, Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Linckc of Los Angeles, formerly of Michigan, were guests of W. H. McLeod and daughter Florence on Sunday. The family of W. J. Moore are suffering from a considerable amount, of sickness. Hooper is under the care of the doctor, threatened with appendicitis and his sister May is also very sick. * Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Walton entertained with a dinner party on Saturday evening, Longfellow's birthday. The place cards were hand-painted and bore favorite quotations from the poet. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. B. L. King and family and Miss Mill. Mrs. Imogene Gilmore, who has been suffering from a relapse of la grippe with bronchial complications, is now What. Willie got—all the Notch" pie in the pan try and a visit to the wood shed. But it was it. Warner, WhilKel & Co. Dr. J. L. Pit ner, superintendent Ihe San Diego dislricl of MH- M. K. church, was a luncheon guest Thursday of Rev. and Mrs. Harry While. Mrs. Ethel Painter, of Pasadena, and Mr. Harry Painter of Washington, D. C., spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Watts. Mines. Stevens, li. L. King, Waterhouse and Knnis attended the i thly Presbyterial meeting in Los Angeles on Monday last. R. I. Smith, general foreman of Ihe Union Oil and Fuel Company, Los Angeles, spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mis. <Jeo. Scott el tl. Mr. and Mrs. Scott and daughter Hazel, of Grand Junction, Colo., were guests on Tuesday and Wednesday of Mrs. Ceo. Seoflcld.2 of whom Mrs. Scott was formerly a schoolfellow. \V. B. Isaacs, a prominent civil engineer of San Francisco, returned thither last Monday after upending'a week at the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bcat.tie. Messrs, Ralli and Ruble, who have sold their ranch property and are leaving today for the past and Kuropo, were recovering and expects to resume her duties. Her be able to daughter, Mrs. Ferrell of Los Angeles, with her two children, has been with her during the last two weeks. Much trouble has been casioncd during the last few wcoks by parties who have borrowed wheels standing in front of the down town stores and rode tlicni fiwiiy, leaving them miles oft' in the country. In sonic: cases the offences have been traced to boys and in others to tramps. A strict watch is being kept and offenders will be vigorously prosecuted. Mrs. \V. (i. Conley was delightfully surprised on Sn.iday evening, l-'i bniii rv -], on receiving an in vi < at inn bv lung Fur Rent (lorul live nmin luui.s on tin 1 San Hernartliii'i road. Jeniin Keynold.M, Wanted to Buy - A cow, elieitii fur cash. Phono 1 Itil. gnutl fumily II. !•). Ward, If yc lmv(3 ni'.iney niiiunl, 8 1 00 and up, in to stun 11 a- invent, lit, eight, per cent, per annum, HCO ,!. il. Matlhewf!. Kggs for Setting Thoroughbred While Leghorn, Whito Minorca and Black Minorca. Mrs. J. Wheeler, CypresH avenue. Phone H1!)H. l!-l|i Wauled a girl to Iciirn millinery. .Apply nL Miss Uecldinl'H Millinery store, ucrusH the street from Clapp's drug store. If you have money In small amounts, in S100 and up to invest, at eight, per cent per nun urn KI;O J. M. Matthews. KCiOH KOli SIOTTlNCi Thnrough- hred While Leghorn, dipt, Mitnhell strain, 81.00 per net! ing. W. W. \V. Doublo Avo. 4-lfip house-guests a n in vi' at ion I me to join Mr. and Mrs. \\',. F. Holt 'of Reilla'mN and a parly of friends on a ten days' trip to Imperial Valley in their private car "La l-'ran- cisca. 1 ' Mr. f'onley was also able to enjoy part of the excursion, which was most cnjovable and interest ing. Mrs. Conley returned on Tnesdav ami had three hours with her Riillamls friend.-. Mr. and Mrs. S. T. lif-rry, Hie recent'ri of tin- peii-r's orangi- grove and handsome residence on I'/iraii'-n street, arrived lliiH v-'t-f-l; and look possession of iht-ir new home. Tin v will of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Fvans all this week. Mrs. Gi'o. Co mint.' of Cannlen, New York, who is wintering in California and was the house-guest last week of Mrs. R. M. Douglass, left on Sunday to visit friends in Pomona. Miss Mamie Cook spent a few days this week with friends at San hinuis. Mrs. M. J. King of Los Angeles is spending a week at, the home of her nephew, .1. R. Klliotl. Mrs. A. R. Bolles of Minnesota is the guest of Mrs. Knnis, Mn-:. Holies visited in Covina three years ago when her si-iter, Mrs. Bull, ami daughter, occupied the l-'iinis home for a lime. Shi- is eilad to lie back- in Covina and lilies RANCIIKRS, WK OFFKR YOU AN OPI'OKTI'MTY TO SAVIO MONKY: I have for sale a quantity of secondhand harvi-sl Ing lools, mowers, iaKes, harvesters, almost anytlilng you need in ihis line wbicb can be bad ai one half iln-lr real value. They an- all in ex(-ellenl 1'epair and weie pii/eliased IH-W by me when farming on iln- Baldwin land.-- W. L. GRIFFITH. TCI. !!'!». I f ('(iviiia, Cal. Anyune wanting extra lino budded Englisb Walnut, trees should apply to P. F, Stevens, Walnut Center. Phone 4107. tf FOR SALE--Commodious Piitiking House in Covliiu. Formerly owned by Kuddook, Trench Co. For Piirtio- ulnra address American Nistlomil Dank, Los Angeles. LOST- Between Covina and AZIIHII, a ladies' hand hug containing 90.00 In money and n commutation tiolc 1 hook between Los Angeles and Ooeai Park. Finder will ho rewarded by taking it, to Dr. Coulter, A/usn. JIJOKFj AC1AIN PanisnlH, bu^gy tops and wagnn innbrelliiH repaired and covered. (ieorge B. Defwiler, umbrella maker nl, Siemear's Furniture Store, (llendnra. Phono 78. FOU KXOHANUK Cuotl !) nion hoiiHo. and two large lotn, well locate. in KodlandH. Price fcOriOO, Wan j(!oviua residence nr gnivc, HIIIIIO va Inc. Jerome Reynolds, (,'iivinn. Km- Sale I have juM. n-ceived from ' Iho Kant HOO nalivi: Sweet. Chc'dniit •, H to II inchi-M. SI rung rootn. V';: innlile for niilx and onmiiifinlal pm'I'ONOH. A rapid grower, much MI| crior to Ibt! Iliilian (Mianl nut. dining room k and rl The PI-IITS' mansion is om- ol ill'- most heainifiil homes in He- 1'pper Han 'labrioj Valley. Fil'i.v thousand dollars was paid bv tin- new owner for the properly. Mr. and Mr.:. |-i.ii,, : .: havi- ioinovcd in i:: is a :-:onrci- ol 'o fi-i,-- c;/.i I i-ti- . ias Powi-i:-,. of .V piircliaM-d iln- |ea\i Their Mr. Tin who i cccnt ly ranch home of .\l<ssrs. Rnbb- and Ralli on Cypn-s.-. aveniii- tool. | o. .•!•:--. sion of tbf properly Ihi-i week. He is accoinpaiilf-fl by .Mr. William Swords and Mrs. Anna K. Svoids, whfj will make i heir home wiih Mr. Power.-;. Mr. Powers in ihdiidii'-d with Covina, H.'-lcciirig ib<- lof'iliiy for a liomi- afii-r, toil! in;.' l In- ---iiMi-i- -,.,oi vl. 'I'; a vi-I eil and ' make a pleasing addiiion to ibi- social i life fit" f/nr city. A d.-lighlfnl and :,rt;,t,,- (••-.-,-ni ng on l-'rida ••• la-1 in i I, parl -r- of I In- M. j-;. , I,,,/•••(, in men '- M ii-d'ina r'. ii. Tlie I'.oie- I : OI< SAI.I:. Hure.s and Colts A word from the Kiggins l-'urni ami l-ldilor ArgiiH "Smart pi".pic rbanu'e, tl.e ulber fcllo'.v can't. 1 ' \\ 'i: h-ilb liii-e on niir ranch, orshiji fii in iitlici f-lalen, .\ot!!i.' mnlc'i, n.iii-e--, ei c. Kno'A i ng I hd ruling ,"i(t cunlH e.ncb, II. li. WARD, I-'OK S.\LI-i AND COLTS: oll'erH about t'-'.' n:iii'i'H and col I •>. I M i; i The I . U 011 u Wt- aid. !•;;-;, MAKKK itf(/illH 1,'illM'll il I tl III' JlllllcM, ill unai nut ii' fr SPRING GOODS practices ol men of long f- •-. pericm-o in l,olb ii.-ing and unrkin^ miili-H anil hor.-.i-H, v,e brought Jnio the n.atlsel tin: best for all louiid 111-1-4. II. i^ a well known fact that neither contrnc lor or fnrmeiH who want Ihe, best piacticai and (.-nonomical rcsiiltH, any longer u i(: in.'; Vi-iy liil'Ki', rilhi-r mule ()r b'.rse. 'I'ake a iiiediiim i-i/e mulo or tifjisi) and you get belter work and at much le->H fet-tl. Men are coming If) UH and buying our mules and mares nini we will noon bf- sfibj out and want I ho penple. about (jovinii iKit. If) overlook the nab-, (,'an hell \i,u a h|,an of mulf-M fi om (S'JiJf) tfj fi',<ii>. Have a most, liberal jiio hitioe lo offer. (Joint: Hlid M-u UK. iiiggiii-i l-arm ami JIaneh, ('',. in;i, Cal. J'boue 1 lit. f-it/f.i-tald •:. liatry in monev on rani-hcrj I »•••-lai •; at. ILV.I -t i . i ite tit- (••lej.hi.fie I fjem I Illll Up J. ','.'. Plenti •_'i::l, at,-! a-k I-, !..:• ti'.e • f tl.'- hill, i-all -.1 iiinli-r prnper condit io:i ilinl any Hpan fit Ilillll'h (ir ll;ll|-i"i «'• Hf.ll will be woitii, under ).'oi,'i 11 e,-il meni, £fiU mure in one yi-ar (.ban wo itdl fi.r. (Jnn yrar'-. v.oi k fn-o ami *:<D (•dhli in certainly ^ood enough lor anvbofly. (Jijinc niid see for youii-ell. \\ill lako l.'iiulInK c'inl i aeln, can luinihh man and leimei wilb nboi I, no t ice. What hiivi; yon? I>U'«i"ii liancb, (,'ovina, (.'al. I'bi.ii;! I l!l. I' S. '1'ell your nei^bboiH ii he u favor. are now on hand in all departments, what wo hiive for you Come in and sec English Soicscttc, a new spring novelty wash goods, silk iitid linen mixed, .W in. wide, in pink, blue, tan and white, 25c per yd. Fancy cross-bar or striped swiss or nitill, the latest shirt waist novelty, 20c vd. \Vo also have a large assortment of ladies' muslin under skirts, corset covers, night gowns and chemises at excellent prices. We have just received another large stock of ladies' spring footwear in oxfords or shoes, blade or tan. The prices are right, the quality great. Men's hosiery in ;ill the latest shades, host lisle thread at 25c pair. Men's spring neckwear, just arrived in the latest green, wine, gray and brown shades, 25c, r>Uc and 75c. Covina Peoples Store (INCOKI'OK A'l'KH) X9¥*¥¥¥9¥¥&¥*¥¥*^?&*W1t¥¥* Notice of Annual .'.Olll.e I -. hereby J/ 1 '-''' a nnii.i 1 Hireling of tbc Co'. I l',,nii!i n;; a ml 1 ,ii',i n A -.-> <„• n--\<\ ;it i he f/ffi(.e of Ibr )',,i', l i;'/ Si. , ( ovi n.i, at ', '' \> • m •, ."»!' / o'l a v , M (1 r (•.i ' i,.- J(:i|-}< <-.c of el- ' f i ...j- -.lot -. of Hi-- < o . U.--I ' ,,,:• ..-,(! J.o.ui A ,' i.i'i . ' i ' b Vina :.I.iin,il ji.i.iliori, v.ill A -,-,'. < i 111 - 1 n , tin- l.o:,r of I oi J5M, lon^r,- SPRING IS HERE f fOW'S your blond and the condition of your m m entire system? Arc you (loint) to hu prcpar- -*--*- cd for fhc coniinfj hot auniincr days? Not\> is the time to "tone up." Try a yood practial tonic and blond cleanser, ALTl-TONK. It straightens the unstrung ncrOcs, livens the circulation, stimulates the appetite, stirs tip the lii)cr, and makes you feet like "stepping liOely." Thin H>as the tonic that had such an enormous sale last spring. Why? Because it's capable of doiny t\>hat n>e claim for it. $1.0O a bottle. We Invite You to Make This This Bank Your Depository If you have an idle hundred- or fifty or any othc,. amount which you desire: to lay aside for safe keeping, bring it to this bank for deposit. We issue Certificates of Deposit payable, on demand, also Time Certificates bearing 4 per cent interest. The Covina National Bank Capital $51 >.<)()<) s e ws,$v,w,',smv^ Weighs the Minutest Fraction New Money weight Computing Scales Treats I;veryone Alike. Our Store is Iiqnipped With Them. JUST A WOkl) AliOUI l!f)rne''- Ulend Collet-,, whi> It are tlirec pounds lor a dollar. And aKo the Royal Ulend Cold-e, i. twenty-live t-iit.'i the pouinl. HORNK'S GROCERY t ff t t t tf t t *

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