The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 28, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1977
Page 4
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PAGE 4— NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 1948 WE ".FUTURISTS Published Every Evening- (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONN. RUDOLPH M. HENNICK, President and Puollaher Telephone* 2228 and 3239— A)]_Dopnrtrnonti» Entered ns Bocond cluas matter at the post office In Naugatuck, Conn, ^^ SUBSCKPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 month $1.00 1 Year $12.00 Member: Tho Amorlcon Ncw.spiipor Publishers The N, E, Dally Nowapaper Pub, Ass'n Tho Conn. Ncwapaper Publahora Aaa'p JUJ.V 10, IMG Legion Wants Action According to n dispatch from Washington, the lawmakers arc working on a now Hvstom to «''ftnt tL-i-miiuil pay to discharged enlisted men. Tho American Legion is .said to bu strongly behind tlio terminal leave pay hill, Tho publication, .Yews Service, from National Public Relations Division, says tin: Lotion is marslialin.u- the entire- strength of its '.'>, 175,000 m<>nhership to yet action on its major ponding legislation before the lawmakers go home. The .July .1 National Legionnaire carried an urgent t'ront-pago summons from National Commander John Sielle to all Legionnaires to write of Idt-griiph their members of Congress to act on (lie lermiiial leave pay bill and other important, measures ulTeeling the welfare of more than lf;,000,f)0() veterans and their families. The Senate military affairs committee, lias approved a bill giving discharged enlisted men terminal pay. The measure has to [>ass both houses before becoming Jaw, but it is known to have the person- j al endorsement of (he President. The plan calls for payment to be made in bonds to enlisted men unless the amount is under fifty dollars. In that case, p;iy• ment is to be made in cash. The idea of paying off in bonds, a Cnited Press dis- slates, has been instituted to meet objections nf the budget bureau which is afraid t.hat a flood of cash will endanger the stabilixalion program. Tho American Legion has made its position very clear in asking r'or the prompt passage of the legislation it is requesting. It', .is now up to ('(ingress to take action before adjourning. Drama Revival As summer lulls Broadway theaters into quiet, crilies review Ihe past season and prophesy Call's- opening fare. Desire to escape from war's seriousness made comedies the favorites, not only in New York, but in London. Yet the classics modernised version of Sophocles' "Ail- urine Cornell played to full houses in a modonii'/.o verson of Son h ocl ti.n'om-", can-yin.i;' tin- piny successfully from Xcw York Lo ('hica^o. And the "Old Vic" repertory offt'rin.u's from I'lii^'laiid had >i run that sold all seals and ,^-ave ticket scalpers much business, ['n consequence, it looks, according' to Home reviewers, as if serious drama were to have n new imiiuj; in Ihe fail, and American playwrights may have a chance. The-re will be revivals of old favorites, even "highbrow heavies," lint (here will be fertile ground, loo, for a ru- .surijence of native sl»,u'e literature. Foreign Students A five-year-old program for (raining professional and technical students from other countries in American prod'iietion methods has resulted in the coining of young people from i'«(i countries to the United Stales, according to Secretary of Commerce AValhiee. These young people will later work in such far-flung home lands as Turkey, China, Iceland, Kgypt and South American republics, Such eon- tacts stimulate foreign trade. The idea -lias been growing in popularity. There, are now 40,000 foreign students of all kinds applying for admission to this country for study and training, many wishing to attend American colleges. They present a problem at this time when these colleges are overcrowded wif.h applications from American youth. Such spreading of the American way of Hl'i! to other countries through youth of those countries is indeed a sattiid .framework for the growth of friendly understanding toward the United States. The trade and commerce value is grgat, but the good will results are vastly more significant. You've got to admit that the Brown Bomber docs 'cm up brown. Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugaiuck Newi 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lfns !of Frederick street were guests of relatives in Hartford, o— O —o .' • Chester D. Rudolph of Beacon Falls was appointed chairman of Naugatuck chapter of the- Red Cross, located in that town. 30 Years Ago Mills Agnes Doollng oT Lewis street visited in Springfield. o—O—o Joseph Dolun, Martin Garrick and Andrew Zwick vacationed at Luke Quassapaug . Around The Clock KEEPING CARE OF MOTHER' A little curly headed boy Rushed Into the house with a broken toy; "Mother, inend III Mother dear, Mother! Mother! arc you here?" "Hush your noise," he hears thorn say, "For your mother's .sick today," Then the round face sober grew, > When ho saw that :t was true. He put thu toy outside the door, And then tiptoed cross the floor; Resolving then to trust no other, Saltl: "Now I'll keep care of mother!" . . , Twns his motto throURh the years, Some broug-ht smiles and some brought tears, Some brought hopca and some brought fours; But through sunshine and through rnin, His resolution was the same, "I'll keep care of mother!". Though he's grown to mnn's estate, Mother ne'er has had to wait For his love or for his care, And though time has changed her hair Now to silver, yet she's young Eciag blost wkh such a son; Who through sorrow and through joy Says as when a little boy, "I'll keep care of mother!" FLORA B. WALKER Feel like witing a letter?—Hero's an address: Joseph Kraus, A. S., 208015-5, •I4h Hog. .1.:-! Bat.l., Co, 4592, U. S. N. T, C., J.xunbridge, Md'. A card from Mr. and Mrs. J, Ruzzy and son of 228 May street, tells us that they're enjoying their vacation at Berlin, N, H,, on the Androscog-gin River, Around town: Tjoiii.s- Buckmillor driving his now Pontiac Pat Garrif.y wearin.i;- bol>l>y-so.v The two attractive- Maiiij'iiics walking up tlic' Ix.ndevard, Mary Byrne ol' the Mcgin staff, walking' into Andy's for lunch Walter Quisl, back from a week's vacation, red as a beet, and with plenty of new adventures to offer Howie Dunn just home with a five day delay in route, tell- ini;' of watching "Spec" Shea pitch, out on tlio Pacific Coast Jackie C'urthi with dial "T told you so" look when ho heard how Charlie Keller slammed a home run, in the first inning of the All- iriimo, Tuostlav. TOdtlic Noldc down ill tlio "Recreation field, coaching hia American Legion Juniors Toddy Ciarello planning groat things for noxt year's; baseball season Tom Fitx- patrick sliowing- off the picture of:' his group the night of the Senior prom, down at the Black I-Iorso Tnn Patricia Koliinson setting a mean pace up Meadow street for that diniier-hiblo and home. and Patrolmen Jack Hanlcy and Mike- Sharon getting together on the " "Wo just saw Eohert "Red" Mariano walking up Church street. "Red", who had the misfortune recently to undergo an operation, said that his leg was rapidly getting hack into fine shape. The local hoy, who one time pitched minor league hall, believes that he may even he able to pitch again before the summer ends. WALTER WINCHELL Coast—To—Coast (Copyright, 1946, by The Hearst Corporation) Postcarding- . . . From Seneca Falls, N. Y "Hello, Folks. I'm at Seneca Lake, Will be here .for a, while on'my way to Lake Ontario and to Canada Will return to the home town in a couple of months Regards to all as ever . , .Mrs, Rose A. Bontempo.'" 1 . . . Thanks for thinking or us, Mrs, B. Bro.-idwny Heartbeat And sbn's got the wickedest pair The Gromykbs sip- of ankles. .. .This side- of Hell... pins cherry sodas at the Barbizon- Plaza Pharmacy (at SS'Ji and 6th) where the jjroprietor chats with them via Russky . . . Australian delegate Dr. H. Evatt with the Farley farr.ily at Table 50 in the Cub Room . . . Diana Barrymore and her new fella limp-wristing Beth Lcary of the Dead-Pan Set . ... Damon Runyon giving an alley cat (outside the 30th Precinct) the costly liver he bought for his own pussy . . . The chic looker In the St. Morltz foyer: Maria Rosa Lopez Nogrete of Megrsceco Mike Jacobs, who points out that the Bikini bomb cost taxpayers 70 million while the Louls-Conntest gave the .gov't a million in taxes, We hear hc> will pay Cong. O'Tooic $2,r>00 to settle the .'/jit. —O— S;illin.s Jn Our Alley: SQT.IC of us were wondering about tho "stretch that restaurant owner Lustig "7«Qa.'cl pet for his income fax mess and why he trot into all that trouble . . . "Ho didn't follow the code,' explained an Old Eroadwiso-guy, ."which is Tak'e-a-Littl'G—Leavie-a- Little. Lu.stip took it nil!" . . . They wore discussing the latest Hooper, which lists the nation's radio listening tastes. "Did you see," inquired a mutual fan, "who has the nesv low?" . '. , That's not his now low," was the Yock. "That's his new hig-h!" —O— Mldlown Vignette: It hnpponod In the Turk Chambers' Zodiac Room bore . collar open, no tie In walked ft big, burly Hn wore a khaki shirt. wore rollod up—no coat His sleeves He demanded quick service in si bols- The waiter terous manner She. smokes and d.i'inJts... .And spends all her spare morniiiRS. .up :it Columbia.., .Taking courses in diction.... Elizalictluin drama :ir.d advance psychology! Curtiiin-Ciills: J. Brooks Atkinson's enlightening- articles on Russia via an ayeni paper. The digests prob'Jy will reprint. . .Warner's "Night and Day" film due on the 25th .. .The radio show, "Backstage Wife"....The Debonairs at the Mardi Gras .Isabel Lcighton's CBS commRnt-sense. .. .Corrnll & Gorman (Mermaid Room). .. . Wm Home's tcnorinfi- (WOR.) Sabbaths , , . .Spike Jones' madcappcrs Strand)....A Capital disc titled "Riki-Jika-Jack" gives every hint of being-, a best-selling platter. —O— Brondway SidoShow: This Is one of ihose Broadway sagos niiikc you love the In show business.... One of the chorus girls in the revue, "Call Me Mister," Is Kate Frlpdllch... .She Is also understudy to the star ballerina, Maria Kami- Jova... .Last week Kat»'s Invalid father was wheel-chaired into the National Theater to witness the hit ... , Karnilovn (learning of the visit) rraJIzed this would he one of the old man's rare opportunities to KCO his daughter dance....She insisted that Kate go on in her place-. ... All of which made an old man and a young girl very happy. cii) Broadwiiyite. In right with all the wrong people"... At the Enduro: "Get the way she's working on him. She's up to her old n-.inky business". .. .In the 2Sth Pet. Police Station: "Sin never sleeps".... At the Club 18: "He's the kind of house guest who gets there fust- est with the hostess, ha, ha!".... At Olin's: '. "The definition of an' original Broadway wit 1 is a guy who sees it in Wine-hell's column before you do," .CLAUDETTE COLBERT TOPS PROGRAM AT THE LOEW POLI Starting Wednesday at the Locw- Poli theater, Watcrbury, Iff "Without Reservations." Merriment un- conflned is the keynote of this candid 'love story of a stranded lady, bringing Claudctte Colbert In her most vivacious mood and John Wayne In a virile romantic role— a double treat star team—with the up-coming, Don DcForc In top support. Jesse !„. Lanky and his associate Walter McEwcn give-to •the screen this Mervyn LcRoy product/jn of a buoyant amorous- adventure comedy whose fast action. InlriRuInK situations and clever dialogue destine it to rival the memorable, "It Happened One !^fip;ht." Mlus Colbert, distlnsulnhcd both for emotional and humorous talent, displays the latter gift, in "Without Reservations" comparably to her work that won the Academy Award with the former romantic comedy. For Jesse L. Lasky the picture marks his new independent setup, which rclcri«- ra through RKO Radio, The production registered as a hit in Pacific Coast previews, at which audiences rcsepondod with joyous acclaim. In keeping with the hifih calibre of Mervyn LcRoy's direction and the stellar headlincrs, the cast includes many members who rate bit billings in .their own right. A distinct novelty is introduced, as well, in the featured appearance of Miss Louella Par- eons, ace motion picture common later and columnist, playing her self as a broadcaster. Also on same program is the musical, "Bamboo Blonde," star 'ring Frances Langtord. VICTOR ZEMBRUSKI AND HIS BAND AT LINDEN PARK TONIGHT America's No. 1 Polka. King Vic- Iqr Zcmbruski "The Drummer Boy" ihd his famous radio and recording Polka and Modern Dance orchestra will play tonight and every Wednesday a^ Linden Park. Union I City, Folks and Modern dancing from 8 to 32 p. m. The dance will be held every Wednesday, rain or •ihine. If it rains, the dance will be held in the inside dance hall; if it doesn't rain, the dance will be held in the outside dance pavilion. —O- Manhattan The Little Vienna dish-washer who is a composer and music arranger on tho side. He also publishes a monthly mag- for amnteur songsmiths. His name is Paul Christian; he's, 57. Helps newcomers. Good story for quietly said: "Sorry, I'm Instructed | feature -cds The menu nt the lot to Nerve unyono without a cont 'stage delicatessen which amuses the "Ellas" of the neighborhood with this sandwich: "Ham nnd Swish"...The shapely blonde stroll- Ing through the park in a three- whistle play-suit. .. .Add redundancies: The Oriental Chinese laundry on B'way in the 70s. .. .The tenant at 320 W. 58th'who throws money Into the street when he gets woof- ..Thc fcrris head "POPS" CONCERT ON THURSDAY AT ' HAMILTON PARK Music lovers of Watci'bury and vicinity will have the double pleasure tomorrow night of hearing- .Nan Mcrrimnn as well as seeing the vivacious mezzo-soprano in person when she appears' as guest soloist with the Civic Orchestra of 'Waterbury unrfei- the direction of Mario DiCecco, at the park department's second "pops" concert at Hamilton Park Pavilion at S:30. Miss Morrimnn is said to the perfect radio voice. For the past two years she has been heard three times weekly in NBC's "Serenade to America." Her "mike" voice is rich in color and warm in texture with never a vestige shrillness in the upper register that is sometimes betrayed with certain voices. However, in the flesh, the lovely lady is even more appealing. It was a longr, hard pull for Miss Merriman from the Easter Sunday morning back in 1940 when she made her first step to stardom MATCH THIS ONE Nashville, Tenn., July 10—(UP) —Check the record books, boys, ind see if .von can match this one: tt happened recently in a Southern association game bet-ween Nashville and Little Rock. Jn the "ifth inning-, Nashville's Pete Thorn- ••isse, Cy Block and Bill Manning erected L,ittlc Rock pitcher Bob nancy with eucecssivc home runs. Pitcher Rnney tossed just three j 'lalls—one to each batter!' St. Francis CYO Plays Tonight Tho St. Fmncl« CYO will travM tonight, -to'play the Inst r)i acc s , Francis Xavicr of Waterbury "| n ' a league game. The locals arc fa Vored to win. At present tho Church street nine arc engaged In a three way tin for first plrtoc honors, having io ,,. their first contest, hut have won every game played since. It is expected that Chct Usakic wlcz or Tilus Moody will pj (.ch for tho local nine, while San Anjrclo catches. , i° RITA HAYWORTH IN "GILDA" NOW AT THE SALEM Something excitingly different In -the way of romantic <, ram h:is been promised for lo- S ] clh etna fans, whon Columba Picture., presents Rita Hayworth as "Gild." with Glenn Ford. George M«c i-oady. Joseph Calleia and Steven Oeray, now at the Salem Pinv- house. J This Is the film that stirred up interest when iho news leaked •>ut that Rita Hayworth was slat "rt for her first important dramatic role, and when later rehorts •:lnimcri the experiment to he an oulst.-indfmfj.-ucccJ'S. It Is said thai Miss Hayworth has a part distinct ly suited to her glamorous allure allowing her, too. to sins and dance in a few sequences.. .a move cat culalcd to .satisfy the most mua - cal-mindcd of her fans Gild.% ravishinzr h' h danger >us, is the/ ccnTra^fWr!; of a strange nnd moving love tri ' ingle. Her boy friend, Johnny F.-u-rcIl CGlenr, Ford), who ran out on her before she was married *nd who turns up as her husband's ;cst friend and trusted lieutenant is a bitter, vindictive young tram Dior; her husband, Ballin Mvmd^on' fGoorgo Macrcady), owner of' a Sou-th American g.-imblfnK casino is a sadist., half-mad in his q uost ' for power. ' VENETIAN BLINDS n S fork. Thrrt> Ol>,» Drllrpr?. LEBON'S 8UXD CO '0 KB. Main g(, T*L B-7X2J R&P METAL WORKS : 99 SO. MAIX STREET <Rc»r> Expert Weldlnc of All Type* . Forging, Sheet Metal nnd ; Ornamental Steel Work ' Trlnihnnr liS" on" , . . "Ussvii here, you," yhout/- crl tho man, "Don't give me that HtufT. I just got hack from over- sens, soc. and I don't tukc none of Unit f.tx>m nobotlyl I'm Icnvln,' hut don't give me _ no hack-talk. I fought for my country and I don't have to tukc no sass from a waiter, »ee!" And out hu stomped . . . This Is to inform him the waiter fought from Africa tr> Germany for tills country, too, and camp back with two .silver stars. Mi'inos of a Midnlghtor: After playing the Louis-Conn flickers the Republic Theatre on Broadway closed. .. .Popsiclc peddlers in midtown are averaging between $300 and .5-100 weekly. Is that good?..,. Commissioner of Police Wallnndea has complaints about 45th Street cabbies refusing to ride members of "Anna Lucnsta". . .Barry Gray (WOR all-nighter) Roes coast-to- coast soon at higher /lod every Satdee nipht. spooners on the . Palisades singing before an audience of 30,000 in the Sunrise Service in Holy-wood Bowl. But now she Can look buck upon her meteoric rise during tSe past five years and take stock of, her accomplishments, which include three appearances us soloist with Toscanini, twice with tho New York Philharmonic nnr) 150 NBC broadcasts. Last week she scored a tremendous hit as soloist with the New Haven Symphony in Yale Bowl, The advance sale of reserved tickets for the concert go on sale today at McCoy's, Waterbury. Nino-ton-ths of the nation's fnrm households and nearly two-thirds of the non-farm families home- canned part of their vegetable nnd fruit supplies last year. Reveals Art Theft wheel . . The drunk (his ating- from Movictowri in various leadinp- cities. Gray ln- - - ' eman and then dav's IICWS." Oil a Cluircll street corner. j "cms ailing Alan Courtney's Sal * ' ! m.1 1 T nr>fi A 1 o n tmrt<• t-n f^^l f. .._' J » They're calling Joe Smith "Sport" these days, after seeing his latest excuse for a tie, set off by the light summer suit that he is wearing; who knows, maybe a zoot suit, nexit Fritz Klambt just got back from a week's vacation at Lake Quonochotaug, or something like that, and he's brown as a berry, Fritz says, "Rub cocoa better into your skin to get that desired tan." Congress seems always to be putting needed legislation off till the last minute and then finding no time to pass it. Some people are like that, too. . m.itinec. Alan goes to Colorado — with the hopes of^us all that he returns soon and with rosy cheeks ....Don Palllni, the dance man, is authoring a spicy book titled': "How Not to Behave on a Dunce Floor" ---- The Ritz Freres are su£. ing Nicky (Carnival) Blair an;dr" a coumnist for a. quarter-of-a-mii- lion — defamation, etc. Blair crltKj clsod tholr act and the columnjst : " (not here) printed it. — O— .. Such airs!" pushed through the top of a sky- | view cab) howling- like a siren as the cab speeds along-. .: .Veddy fuddy. — O— Main Street Smalltalk: Cob Calloway .will be la L.aGnnrdi». next to column :t (paid, newspaper BroadH'ny Bnbc: (By T. Wenth- orly): There's a. blonde actress, i.- Playing in a 45th St. success Who never wears the same hat or frock.,, .Twice In succession.. .Sho always looks as ravishing as a hos- ry advertisement Only, more so,.. .Impeccably smart... . A sort, : of female Ronald Colroan... .If yon; know, what J mean... Her lips'ore wicked.,. .Her eyes .are wicked.;. 1 , ads).. For the Zan/.Ihar, in jive HIIRO, . .Howie's Reuben's and Undy'i are holding the price line....Ben Flnnny oof'ly sick at the hosp , . , What a lotta. peope don't know Is that. Rita H.nywojr>th (estranged from him) Is a big Imckcr of her husband's hit, "Around the World" ....Hy Blanc (ex-stage mgr, at the old Hollywood on B'way) promised us 20 years that when he married he'd tell the coPm fl.nst. He weds Isabel Caesar, dress designer, tonight. .. .The reason, so ..many hackers .want, to "angel" Paula Stone's shows is that she didn't take a penny from "Red Mill" until they were paid hack first. No other producer can say that, especially Ihe one who "loses" other peopte'p. tr.vic;/:mionts as his pet habit ... Lew ' Parker, pro-FDR, .couldn't resist putting n fiver on '.a.'horse named New Dealer at Suffolk Downs Satdne. It paid $63.40 .'for $2, Nice work. ;.:."• " —O— ..-•Sounds In the Night: At the Latln'Quarter: "Is she frustrated? She thought 'Forever Amber 1 was too "short!".-.. .At the Stork: "Now go [stand in-a corner like a good little 1 Bore!". . ..At the Zanzibar: "Typi- WatcrburusLf Dependable SUN TAN The filing of a milt against Harvard University for $10(1,000 by Mrs. Jean C. Dnrllnjirtoii, West Chester, Pa., brought to light the mysterious six-year-old disappearance and return of a famed painting-, "Descent from the Cross." She had «ent It, to FOBB Museum at Harvard for appraisal In 1940 and it disappeared shortly after being- placed on exhibition. A quiet, Intensive search for the work of .art came to an end after she Instituted suit. The painting WHS returned by a man to whom It was said to have "been sold for $40."- (International) Give your beauty a new, distinctive glamour this summer with Pnn-Cnkc Make-Up in a captivating Sun Tnii shade. In the brilliance of sun-lit days or In the mellow glow of evening light you will thrill to the nc\»- and different loveliness U»t a few seconds with Pan-Cakc Make-Up will bring to you. TAN NO. I TAN-ROSE TAN NO.2 A!*o Six Color ffnrmonySha<ici for regular make-up 31,50 rius TAX An l«clu»iv. Formula by U.S. Pot. Not. 203X4*7-210184J

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