Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on September 24, 1944 · Page 12
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 24, 1944
Page 12
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TWELVE SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, SEPTEIHBKK 24, i»44 High Lights of High School .\LL£GANY HIGH jperlmentlng, chemistry would tiotj "% AM-FHN, AM-PHN! 1>t-;*>e «> Interesting. ; • ters representing the slogun for the! lie»-jjj lld y° u W We havs been A'tohl Mirror campaign have beenrkept so btwy-.ji'e doubt if anything .'.keeping everyone at Mlegany in aiever happened."""--.^ >-quando'- The supposed meanings: The girls voted to we*r.hats with ""vary from: "Alcohi Mirror—For Hot;their uniforms this year. It -will be 7New5" to •'Alleguny, Million; Fortitoo bad if U rains. Oh, for Jiatural Hill, Nothing". 'Hie real meaiiing.'.curly hair. •'however, will be revealed in thej The four classes are trying tor see ' edition of the paper which! who can have a 100 1 ;; on commun- "-comes out cm Wednesday. Septcm- 1 Ijer 27. >•- Tryoius for the Instrumental ' Ensemble, under the direction of ;' Mrs. Lee- Winter, were held on " "Tuesday afternoon. The ensemble •--consists of Kathryn Richards and "Burton PORCH, violinists : Mary "JUehards, cttllo; Nnrmn Reynolds, "VKiia, no jfri. r^hcUiu, Ai«in t\-u— Hams, Kenneth Bishop, suxs phones; " Leonnn! Ferrone, bass fiddle; Ro• bert Martin. Phyllis Webb, Trumpets: and Helen Welsh at the piano. '. The senior high Choral Club was organized Wednesday at noon ion Sunday. Wouldn't it be * miracle H they all would? Any how we, ran all try. ' The Junior Dance took place Thursday night as usual. A nice crowd attended, and it'a always in-j tere.stlng to see new faces. On Friday each class held a mission meeting; to make plans for Uu! yum .i 'itiivlc. Leva 1 hupe *e c«ui keep up the enthusiasm that has been aroused In the past two weeks. The Freshmen all agree that they like High School belter than grade school. It must be the changing of classes, because it couldn't be FORT HILL HIGH Once more high School students are being given an opportunity to show their patriotism, this time through the collection of the vital milk weed pods, the sort lining of which is used hi the making of life preservers and other emergency Instruments. On Wednesday, the opening day of the drive, the students were instructed in the picking and preserving of the pods and each student was asked to participate. The handbooks, published by the Student Council and entitled "HI There, Sentinel," have been a great (success. It Is expected that before a: the drive is completed there will be weekly bingo a grand iucccss. One of t'ac most pleasant, cooperative and congenial girls In th« school, Dolores is always a prominent figure in any activity. Well thaU about all for this w«le, but don't forget— We all have * date to go skating Thursday night. Til] then, so long and happy skatinf. MARYLEE. * * • CRKSAFTOH'N JUNIOR HIGH was furnished by '"Fritzl" Shaffer whose Camera is broken. You tee, -j hi, "unr,,i .T<imm«f>c " ' TtwMp'ru; "snamwi" us last Thursday. ,nd his "Wind Jammers." Those who attended spent an enjoyable venlng. The past week, increased ow eurollment to 722 students. We have around 300 pupils that are planning to attend "Peter Pan" at Fort Hill High School, Monday The Safety Patrol held a rneet- ing last Wednesday and elected the following officers'. Captain, Ellen Orndorff; 1st. U. David Lewis 2nd. Lt. Harold Winstanley; secretary, Doris Livlngood. New members approved are Jaines Witt, Mary Porter, Elinor McKenzle, and ton- aid Kelser. Friday the ninth grade boys pre- Flfiy gtrla attended. The club will Ussier the way they've worked in "make lt« llrst appearance, along line past weeks. "•wUh the ovher vocal clubs, on Oc-1 Well, friends this Is all for this tobcr 15 at Centre Street Methodist' wcc k. go till we see you again. : Church. COLLEEN AND ELEANOR. -.' Thnoda Lee Kompanek. Mary - • • Jane Scott. Rose Mary Everstlne,; n IN'TSTOS'F HIGH Shirley Wilkinson, and Maxlne J-LINrsro.NE HIOH Hawkins were chosen twiriers for; |tt«*e—handy—toooKlet5r~The ' j- organizations, "translations" of the famous "Jabberwack." cheers and songs, a message by Victor D. Helsey, principal, and a section in the back for autographs. Anyone In the school, or any interested person outside the school Is urged to his an enjoyable "Quiz Pro ram," Who is "The Voice?" We have had several visitors in our sihool. Miss Lillian Compton was here last week, Miss Daular who held two day school for cafeteria workers, September 5 and 6 a Port Hill High School, spent Tues day at our school cafeteria. Mis. Marian Waters, Maryland State Nu who Is spending a wee « «- i-ho «tudf>nl hortv wishes in Allegany county, helping in th hnt M?« Margaret E HamU fle 'd °< careterias and nursing, vis thank Miss Margaret H-. xiamu- ( ^ _ !f ^ ^^ x , nrttarof n. fnr H«Px •Job they With a total enrollment of 408 slu- Sentinel. , a -. x- iton and the staff lor the excellent made of "Hi There, The senior dramatic club, Omicron ^^°^ OnTnursday the initial -ssembly ited with Miss Margaret Morrlssej County Health . Nurse, at ou school Tuesday. ECURB. BARTON HIGH Good morning 1 After week crammed" with compliments and— rltlcUm, we've resolved that the news must go through! Monday, the Juniors held a class meeting. Officers were elected as follows: President, Reginald Kyles, Jr.: vic,e president, Doris Mowbray; reasurer. .Verlys Michael; and secretary, Colleen Mos*s. .' Members of the committee for the •Letters to Our Own Q. I.'s" are- Betty Thomas, Katherlrie McDonald, and Colleen Moses. Editors are: Frances Ann McConnell, Senlov; Doris Mowbray, Junior; Maxlne Broadwater, Sophomore;. Emma Lou McCormick,' Freshman; Margaret Russell, Commercial; and Samuel Metz, Jr., Academic. The first issue will be mailed September 29. he "snapped" us last Thursday. Each cUss had pictures taken and the Seniors had theirs taken in cap and gown also. Now we're almost sure of graduattef, because if we didn't it would spoil the class picture. New faces added to the high school faculty this year are Miss Margaret SUlnaker of Elkins, W. Va. who teaches English and social studies: 'Mrs. Elizabeth Hanlin, from Mt: Storm, Md., who has taken over the Home Economics Department; aruf Mrs. Lucille Sines, from Friendsvllle, Md., the new music Instructor. The first movie of the year was "The Memphis Belie," . a story of a Flying Fortress, which was given Tuesday afternoon. 'We also had a newsreel and some short subjects and the whole thing was very enjoyable. The drive for milkweed pods Is In full-swing here at school. A con- |test.Is being held between the higl- We're expressing our deepest sym- \ and elementary classes and the pathy to Doris, Helen; Ruth. andjpods are really coming in. We are June Mowbray, students of ovvr aware of the urgent need for this school, due to the death of their vital plant and we are very proud father. of our students .for doing their pa- Service men visiting our school j trlotlc duty during the past 'week were: Lt. Vic-' The Seniors have elected officers tor T. Metz and Pvt. Joseph "Pep- ! president, John Reckner; vice pres per" Inskeep. We're always glad to! Went, Vadne Miller; secretars welcome former students now in the 'Helen Durst; and treasurer, Hay armed forces ward Broadwater. Thursday proved to be quite an The Highlights reporters have no exciting day.: If you don't believe ii™ been chosen, so for the tun ° ^ . ^_ ' V.*.i « M »i A li n trn Y>nnn o c- Vorl T r> fin*rV us—ask Mr, Conroy! i being we have been asked to carrj « t - committee ran kfippa Siana. met and mapped I Miss Morrison, instructor in Homejoration w sit a campalc-n lor the admittance i Economics; Mrs. Brown, eighth Dramatic , ____ .-..r.v,.,,... eiade: MLS.S Yonker. seventh cra'Je: pviii,"!>tin«i Tiie club U headed by Yvonne, Rnger.s and is under the supervision : grade: Miss Yonker, seventh grade; »nd Miss Wlmermeyer. fifth grade. Students of F. H. S. are doing . of Miss Orpha Bonitn Pritchard. .their part In the national milkweed The Stays' Glee Club, A Cappella, program. Already they have col- Choir nncl Mixed Chorus were or-jlecied 53 bags. The school is also cnnizcd thL<; week untler the tUrec- .continuing -he sale of defense Student Council, in collab-j wilh the Music Department, Department, and Physical Eduratlon DcpaiUnent, of the school. Robert Heavener. Student Council president, welcomed both old and new students to the school, and the Senate members entertained with a brief resume of their duties. lion of Miss Dorothy Wtlllson, head stamps even' Tuesday and Wednes- j The Clare Tree Major production of the music department-. Withlday. ' ~ chrer.s for Alco's squad for trie com-! Wilda Deremer. a member of the mendablc game played Saturday jsenlor class, was elected president of of "Peter Pan" will be given Monday in the Fort Hill auditorium, for the elementary students. in Somerset, I must hurry on. -ALLE". •» » # ST. MARY'S llfGH Changing temperature from cen- -t.lqrude to absolute and determining new volumes has the Seniors no bewildered that they arc all agreed that the alchemist has nothing new on them. We are waiting for the chemicals to arrive so we can begin -* experiment. 11 . If it were not lor cx- the Student Council at Its meeting j The taking of class pictures is under way for the seniors and to lost week. Another senior, Audrey |Simmons. Is the new secretary. Two | juniors. Christine Smith and Perry Shryock. were elected vice president and treasurer, respectively. Following the meeting each class met with utilize my vocabularly from the new handbook, both "slick chicks" ond "sad sacks" have emerged from the Goldftne offices. Whoops! What time was my appointment? Three Us advisor and elected class officers! thirty—gosh, I'll have to run. 'Bye, and representatives to Student] now. Council. Filling the senior class | offices are: Wilda Deremer. presi- —JO. fixpedwqa Mother's Friend helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S FRIEND, an exquisitely pre- pnred emollient, is Xuftul In nil condition* whor» a bland, mild anodyne mus- sage mcdluBi in afcln Luhrlc&ttou IA <ie- •'• Bfred. One condition In which women • for more th«n 70 years hate used It Li an application for muugln( the bod? during prtsnamrr . . . tt helo* keen th* *k!a *ott and pliable . . . thus avoiding un- nccrMary dltcomfoit due U> drynus and tlghtne&s. It retrc&hen and tones tbe *)cl7i. Art tdcnl appltcntlon !ot dent; Harold McDonald, vice president; Audrey Simmons, secretary. and Paul Smith, treasurer. '. A V-day program Is being plati- ned by Miss Eyler to be presented the day on which Germany surrenders. included on the program are: .-.he Flag Salute, the Star Spangled ; Banner, a festive response or prayer. ia speech on the meaning of JP-E-A-C-E, a Glee Club number. >nnd B talk on the meaning of V-day. ; AVIS. ' # * • OI.DTOWN HIGH 1 Tlii* week's highlights are dedicated to Jack Wolfe. He Is one of last year's graduates of Oldtown School. Jack entered the Army lasl June 9. He was first stationed al Ke.-ksler Field, Mississippi; now he Is in Denver. Colorado. He is a private in (he Air Corps. Jack has never received a furlough yet CATHOLIC GIRLS CENTRAL Almost three weeks have elapsed _ince school opened and most of the girls are now "in the groove" so to peak. It is my privilege at this point ... welcome the two new members of our faculty and to extend a word but -when h? does, we will be glaa the numb, tingling or burning aensa- m^^^V^'mS-li^^.n^l^jto welcome him back to hi, old Quickly absorbed. Delightful to UM, school. Plans are well under way for the Mother's Friend Bi»hir hy ».*r j new cafeteria which will begin * n .* j first, of October. Yum-yum. we can jste those hot lunches The weekly assembly was held in ~ the .school auditorium Friday. Rev Richardson, pastor of the Oldlown business meeting will be held Tuesday October 3rd, In the school auditorium. Following the meeting will be a social hour. All parents are urged to come and meet with their childen's teachers. Home rooms will be open at 7:30 p. m. That's all for this week but we'll be sertng you next week, with more news.' DHANIE. • * * BEALL H1UH iKrostburg) Before we bring to you the week's news In review we wish to welcome all the new students to the premises of Beail High School. We also want to extend our welcome to Miss An- netla Yates, our new music instructor. ' On Monday the newly-elected officers of the Student Forum helc their first meeting of the new year with Mr. Taylor and Miss Spltsnas, sponsors. In charge. The officers are: Charles Harper, president; Lindy Clise. vice president; Betty Lyons, secretary: Margaret Jones, assistant secretary; Glyn Gels, treasurer; Harriet Hughes, chaplain; Mary Martha Jenkins, assistant Last week's WhVs Who was Erma; on our . od J° b - Sr ° lft " 11 ," e ,f Netla Wilson. This week brings us we remain your faltWuh?) corre a tall, slim girl from the Sophomore jspondents class who seems to have made n res- i RITA and RUTH. olutlon to call 35-J every day of her ife. Just ask Burt! SNEEZT k DOPE tha. Navy, who has been In the European theater of war. All the members of Junior-Senior .asses have been buzzing around retty fast these lust few days, Vhat for? We've been trying to get ur school . paper, "The) Inkspot", eady to be published the first week t October. . . Tuesday morning we saw a tranje boy get'off the Vlride'x bus nd wondered '. who It was. Finally •e found' out that It was Lynn KUzmlUer, > new student enrolled n the freshmin'class. ' . - • Inez C ardor a and Marietta Fichter, students of Ursuline Business School, Cumberland, visited their aarents over theJweekend. We hope hez and Marietta come out on top. Good luck.! ' Did you notice one of our senior girls is sporting a diamond on her hird finger? The lucky Guy Is Paul ,yons of Elk Garden, and is he ucky to get Vera Tasker. Our halls are shining like a silver dollar now, thanks to the Janitor. All week long Mr. Selders scrubbed nd scrubbed. What a dlScrence. Who's Who: A tall blonde haired freshman who came from Pennsylvania to go to school with us. He already has its eye, on a curly-headed brunette i n grade school. Good luck to you. I v "INKSPOT." I > • * * FORT ASHBY HIGH In bleacher chat Monday Principal Rouzer announced that the school would have 45 minute periods and would be dismissed at 2 o'clock OH Friday September '22 and the 29 due to the football Barnes scheduled with Rldgeley and Keyser on these dates. Sixty-five new library books were unpacked Monday, among them be- (Continucd on Page 1$, Col, s) Match Natures Beauty Relax in our modern salon — skilled beauticians five you a. new, breath - taking beauty. Easy-to-care-for perina- nents in styled settings. All inexpensively yours. Virginia Larry Beauty Salon 135 S. Liberty ' Phone 2615 KITZM1LLEU HIGH Monday we heard rumors that • Glee Club would be started and sur enough it was. Slick to it students, GRANTSV1LLE HIGH 'because we need it for entertain- There comes a time in everyone's jmcnt for school and outside activi- Hfe when he has to settle down I ties, and work. That, my Mends, isj. We were all surprised to exactly what we've been doing up in "these h'yar hills". We're sorry we haven't been with you before, but we didn't get our elections over till this week. Anyway, they say a bad beginning makes a good ending. Recently ^e were honored by R visit from two graduates of the class of '42 who are now In the Air Corps. Robert Bender, who Is stationed In Oklahoma, and William Martin, who goes to New Jersey, each gave us a short talk In our opening assembly. They are both aerial gunners and Bill has just returner! from overseas duty, having been on • 32 missions, awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air another one of our former students Monday. It was Jesse Perando. or of welcome to the freshmen and to Miss Mary Evelyn Nield, a new member of the Junior class. A brand new but very effective ,dea has 'been Installed by the faculty this year. So don't be surprised If you'should hear Jeanne or flllda or any oilier Centralite explaining that, they "simply can't go Walsh and McCagh for a Coke this afternoon because they have a detention. Detention Is s. word trtilch has become rather familiar to many of the girls around here. All late comers or girls who talk or create disturbances between classes are given n detention of thirty minute* after school for each offense. "Beware Freshmen! Initiation next week." This sign first made Us appearance on the bulletin board last week. Initiation—a word dreaded by every Freshman. All this week the "freshies" strolled into class wearing shower caps, one knee chaplain. Proctors were appointed for various points throughout the school at the meeting. Also on Monday a meeting was held by Ml<« Yates for those interested In singing with the Glee NEW CLASSES vill be organized HIGGINS' FALL SPECIALS Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, | in both Day School and Might School a Presidential Citation,—shall we go on? Bob expects to go overseas soon and we wish both boys lots of luck in the future. . At the conclusion of the assembly the former student council members were awarded an honor pin for, their faithful services. New members will be elected the first week in October. on Monday, October 2 CathermarTs Business School VELVA COLD WAVE No H«ot No Discomfort. Erery >T»T« c»rrte« » tn»r»nt« by tht mitt who rlrel rou th< belt for leu WIDMAN'S BEAUTY SHOP Balcony ot Wldm»n'« Ottss ShoK E. E. Hlegins. Manager 13, B»l!imore St. Thano 1193 Well, highlights fans, we knowj Te | ephone 966 Method 1st Church .Rave a talk on anf j one ankle sock of different "The Building of Character." ! colors and high heeled shoes. No Everyone is busy helping the war;cosmetics of any kind were pcrmll- effort by gathering milkweed pods. We have passed our quota which was forty bass. Keep up the good work, boys and girls, for you may be savin? someone's life. The juniors and seniors ted and these poor mistreated little freshles were not even allowed to carry a pocketbook. lostcnd, all of their belongings were tied in a huge, brightly colored handkerchief Club. Martial music raised quite of curiosity in Beall High on Wednesday. Upon investigation found that our band had been prac- tising with It's new member*. We are happy to say that several of the new members are from the Mt. Savage Junior Band. Good luck to the band We had a period of relaxation as •well as pleasure in the auditorium on Thursday afternoon where we attended our opening assernbry for the year. Student Forum officers | were installed. Group singing followed. Our new Forum president, Charles Harper, gava a very interesting talk on the functions of the Student Forum, the responsibilities and duties of the officers, home room representatives and members of the Forum, He introduced each officer. one Philadelphia photographer, Cumberland, Md. ?!•!>!" '•n'TOIKWrmi-i 1"! I'lKI ?? I feFf pramPiJSJIfll'PW pPSpiMF^-ftPfivi ?S;jy 111'. r;.i Vf'-> M 1 '!' ! : i I nrl el trillfe rM; ifiifiirhTJilit'iiiiiWiTl;:; f'- ; i h K ft- l-wri! M-M i U KM-M .^i ^S= For That Boy Over There jj Get one of our colored miniatures so that he can have ^ you with him wherever he goes. H SPECIAL OFFER NOW! I Y 3—gxlO Colored Photographs And —one of Our Regular 54.00 Colored Miniatures FREE! Don't forget oil Christmas packages mu»t b« mailed before October 15th. RUHL STUDIOS Cumberland, Md. I elected their new class officers for the year. Junior officers arc: President, Arlene Bowers; vice president. Juanitn Buckley; secretary, Frank House; treasurer, Wanda Long-. Senior officers are: President. Jessie Walters; vice president. Lillian Jnmifon: .secretary, Freda i Malcolm; treasurer, Norma Duck- have i which was carried on a long stick The boys in agriculture, chaperoned by Mr. House, agriculture icnch- —hobo style. Books were carried In huge shopping bags while the backs of the freshmen were adorned with large pasteboard signs. All frcslimcn were compelled to bow to every senior they met and even to carry the seniors books if requested to do so. Thursday afternoon the pre-lnlttalion ceremonies reached R climax. The Senior class presented nn initiation program in the Social Center. Miss Emma Wand -was The first project to be undertaken by the Forum will be participation in the milk-weed drive, in charge of a specially appointed committee. Harry Folk is chairman of this group and his assistants are Raymond Rodda and Ronald Uhl, The meeting of the Chime Staff whlck was scheduled for Friday was postponed until a later dat« due to :he illness of the advisor, Miss McCluckie. TOMMY AND BUZZ. rr. went, to the Hagcrstown Falrlchnirman and was assisted by NO HEAN NO MACHINES Th« Miracle in Ptrminent VViivlnt Classic Beauty Shop Wednesday to Judge swine. We are grateful to Mr. Murray , for substituting while Mrs. Wiseman is taking cr.rc of her sick baby and also to Mrs. Yutzy. who !s substituting for MUSJJ Gillner, who is ill. Our visitors so far this year have ibcrn Maxlne Hetrlck, Fay Nethers, ! Billy Davis. Columbus Nixon. Mar- 111 Mrt. Si. — T-hon* S«<n SlraUnn. Troprirtor svln Mlilor. Mr. and Miss Bruce BRUCE HIGH (Westernport) has opened its . JESSIE, NORMA. FREDA. 567 individuals. held our first assembly of the year The program consisted principally of routine matters such nouncements and the welcoming o new students and new faculty mem bers. The project of gathering milk weed was brought to the attention of the students. It looks as if thi undertaking lias be«n enthusiast! cally accepted. Already collected fifteen bags of milkweed. Turk for a swell evening of fun and The music department, under th entertainment. I am .speaking of leadership of Mrs. Nyta Greenwade Central's annual skating party 1 has gone {nto "full swing." Eighty which will be held Thursday. Sep-jtwc girls attended the meeting of tcmber 28 at Crystal Park from 7 to the Girls Glee Club held Tuesday Misses Catherine Art.hinghellis, Hilda McMillan. Isabel Ber.ker and Mary Lee Weber. The grand finale of thft program was the coronation of "Miss Central of ID48." Miss Rosemary Savage, the freshman who wa.s the best all-around sport during the entire initiation. Come on everybody ,ind Join the crowd next Thursday at Crystal GOOD GROOMING II. Miss Mfiry Irene Long is general chairman. The various advertising afternoon. The A —ami— which yoit mf>.; - see hero and there are all the work of Miss Anna , Prendergast. Anna showed remark- jable Initiative and school spirit by applying her talents to these posters. Girl"! Central now salutes the girt also met Tuesday and the girls posters! quartet met Monday, These) two! GOOD CLEANING Go Hand in Hand! UO ONE was ever well " groomed while wearing wrinkled clothe*. Immocu- lotencis in clothes is an absolute prerequisite to a good appearance. You'll feel imartly dressed if you step our in clofhes we hare cleaned for you. W of the week—Miss Dolores fiaterokos. was the Fall liop which was held: ^ I Dolores, a .senior, has done a vast [Thursday and sponsored by the mUmovint. of work to help make ourJGlrl.-s Hi-Y. Music for I 1 it may tak« a \\n\e longer to compound Your Prescription F RANKLY, tt'i just 9 mjt- ttr of mithtmitici. Frwer handj, plut more prcicrip- tloni, tquali a longer »iit for ttch patron during mskei. Wt *rt torrj, irvitj. Wt'd »ladlr r«m«<ly the timation If »« coaW. macitu o( the High rrpc w« requir« arc difficult 10 Mcur«. And w« |u*t won't lower our •undtrdi—you wouldn't want ut to Ao ihm. So we'll /uit k«cp rifht oa doing our lertl b«>i with th«helpwc hare. And — (hinki (ot your p<ticnc«! Walsh, McCagh & Holtzman Pharmacy Filling more prescriptions than any pharmacy between fittiburgh arid Ijltimort COHNEK 8EDFORD AND CtNTRl STREETS V'i Deli»er ftee PHONE 3M6 or SKi'S^^^ FOR ALL OCCASIONS Weddings . Sympathy Birthdays Shut-ins Funerals Anniversaries Largt and tmall orders lilted in record timt *ilh complete utisraction assured 75 Baltimore Street Phone 2582 Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamps ARMOUR'S Treet Mustard 6IVE 'EM A GOOD BREAKFAST ; Gerber's 3 , 20c If yow want th*m to do a < 9*od job - th« war work«rt ' ' and *cho«l children in your . family — t«mpf breakfast •; app*tit»s with "»om«lhing ; NABISCO R1TZ 4 CRACKERS i Swiff. All-Sweet MARGARINK Vitality Shots jor Outdoor ami C 15.50 W *» SfRY Breakfast Applet I.UX Flakes SWAN JENDCP BAI.TIHTORE , ST. :McC ALL'S MEAL PLANNER [ • McCAil'S MAGAZINE groups have practiced several times during the summer vacation. The high school orchestra and Boys Glee CUib were reorganized Wednesday. An interesting event of the week'.

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