Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Postoffice Covina, Gal., a« second-class* matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Artfus Publishing (Company, Inc. Publisher Ore. J. L. MATTHKWS SUHSCRII'TIONS: One Year in advance Six Months .. Three Months Sinp-le Copies 11.50 .75 ,50 .O.S Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line r-ach insertion. Legal notices il.oO per inch first insertion, .'.0 cents each subsequent insertion. COVI.VA. March, <>, 1WJ. THE REVIVAL AT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. The evangelists Martin and Hof.'gfitt are due In Covina today, coming from a successful campaign In Kuj In this revival Mr. HcrsHI led a chorus of 100, and greatly to the Interest of the rn by his tenor solos. i Nov. S. M. .Martin, the 'Is known find honored throughout the I nation among the Christian (-.-hutches, land the people of all denominations 'hear him gladly. He IH a man of i broad and unsonfarlan sympathies, and : holds up Christ n.n the Havlor of the i world arid the Hlble ;<s the word of i fiod. Me Is sane In his methods, arid 1 courteous Ui bin treatment of his hoar- 1 crs. i The local church is making ]>r< para- tlon to care for large crov/fls of people jihat will uiidoiibicdlv be drawn by those L'if|c<| evangelists. DEATH VALLEY LECTURE. At thf 1 Woman's Huh house fill H"t i. mday afiernoon at .!:.'!'» o'clock and In ihe evening a! X o'clock. Ihe pacific — »-^,ANM Coast liotax Comp.'inv will give an ex- THE INAUGURATION. junior, of UK- mining and marketing On Thursday at 1 2 : r,0 o'clock In Ihe (|f | )0| .., x („ California. The enlertain- chamb'T of the Hena.'eal Washington, ; |||(|| | w m r OMH j..;| ,,f pidtio solos of a I). C., William llowaid Tafl was inan- • |,|.,(, oi-dr-r and a lecture,, who will be guraterl ['resident r ; |'the I'niierl HI a i "s, | , |; ,,. | f . ( ,,,| | )V ., mov jtit/ picture machine, the oath of olllce belli)? administered in s ||,, w i nt .' plci ures of I he mine s in op. lo him by Chief .Justice Fuller. Thin ,.|alion, scenes in Death Valley and Is 'he Jlrst lime. In "> lhal a , ^,,,.,„,,;-. canyon, where the borax Chief K.veiitiv-o has taken llie oath ol ; ,„(„,, K .,,,, H \\n;<\<'(\ and many sliangc olllce in the Chamber of the H'-nale, ; H ,.,,„,.,, surrounding llie ureat pioperly and was rendered nevessary on 'I bin;;-1 ow ,|,,r| by this company In the vicinity ,]ay by the fad lhal a fierce bll/./.anl j ()j . ()|r . (•„„„„, H Death Valley. The was K weeping across ihe city. II j-'/jip c." mini. In opera.lion Is a long seemed as though the procession j I||ovjl| ,, pj,.|, M .,. ,,(• ^ r ,. ;[ \ inieresl. All would have to be abandoned, but I he . | ri ,||,. K ; ,,,,| L'enilemen are admilled lo nun snuggled lliion'.'.h Ihe clouds in : , n p., ,, x ,.,.p| ional entertainment through| Ihe afternoon and a passage way was j , j f .|.. ( . )s ^| V en them by the grocer:-, and] cleared alone, Hie cenler of I'cniisyl- i f |nitrgl.-:i •-• ; of Covina. Call al your gro- i vanla avenue and for Hirer' hours M ,,,.,. !IM ,| ,,.,.,,j v e ; , lie.ket. coluinn replete with mart.ial and civic t-.jilcndor passed before the Conrl ol The :'.:!uo bron/.ed and hardy I lonor seaim-n from Ihe world ci received a givnd ova,l ion, SERIOUS ACCIDENT TO BABY. The two-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Klly.mycr of |,os Angeles was severely burned on Saturday evening FATAL ACCIDENT ON PAC.F.CJO^'M ELECTRIC COVINA LINE. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Klh-r of On Sunday afiernoon Mrs;. Martin Dexl'.-r Hi reel. Tin.' child with. Its \V|son, aged (12, of Sprinf- 1 ; Valley, V\ is., i |,, irf , n , f . ],.,,] on ] v ;n r |ved the day pro- was si ruck by a car on the I'acilic Klce- ; vious on a visil. The child must have trie Covina line, near Kl Monlc and. ),,,,.„ | rl || 1( , |j m ,, c,,,. several minules, instantly killed, and her husband, Mar- as vvhen discovered by Us mother it tin Nelson, aged <il, had boih logs | w .,... unconscious, being almost, cfirn- broken and received a deep wound <"'j p| ( ,| ( .|y submerged In the lime. Korthe head al ihe same lime. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were visiting I heir' Him, who lives al West I'lco street, \'ji» AriKeles, and came out. on Sunday morning In see Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Let! of Ihe Hawaii ranch, who were former neighbors of theirs at Spring Valley. Aboul i~> o'clock In Ihe afternoon accompanied by I heir son Otto Ihoy went lo Ihe San liernar- dl no road crossing to lake a Covina car. Thinking the cars would slop at the crossing they started lo cross the track, but under Ihe new rule I wo car trains do not, Kl.op al. this crossing and In an Instant the, cnrn were upon them. The son, who WIIH walking bo- hind them, caught hold of hlw mother and attempted lo I brow her back off tho track, but her loft, leg -was caught by the wheel and almost. Hovere.d and (ho Hi op Hi ruck her head, fracturing her skull. The force of tho blow knocked Olio down but. liu struggled lo hlH feel. Hi 111 holding 1.1 10 lifeless body of his mother In hlw arms. Martin NelHon wa» Hi ruck by the slop of Iho car, both his legs were broken near llH! knee and he til HO siiHtalncd a HO vere laceration of the Hcalp. The train wan brought to a slop as quickly as possible, and the Injured man was laken to Ihe ofllee of Dr. How- erman, who with the asslsiance of Dr. Held Hct Ihe broken legs. The body of Mrs. Nelson was taken -'ii hoard tin- car and conveyed to Mn-see Itros. Morgue, and Mr. Nelson was laken In an ambulance lo Ihe hospital. The passengers on board tin- car sliiliil lhal Ihe moiiirmaii could nol innately ihe lime had been slacked for several days and a good part of Ihe Urn had gone out of II, otherwise the aeclden! would have boon quickly fatal. The child's life was despaired of for several d'lys, bill under the care of Dr. Heed she Is now making good progress toward recovery. GREETING! with an absolutely fresh and large assortment of high grade groceries, in a brand-new, up-to-date store building, the CASH BASKET GROCERY will open for business next week, and we respectfully solicit your trade. This is the secret of our success: That there will be no delivery expense to attach to the goods you buy. That you pay cash, and therefore get the lowest cash price. That you will deal with a man who knows how to buy for cash himself. Remember Next Week's Marketing Keep in mind the new store and save money. N. B. We have a large line of candies for the children, school supplies, books and pencils and stationery. Cash Basket Grocery e accident and al Ihc- suh- se(picnl coroner's CREATIONS OF BEAUTY. One of the Important.. cvcntH of thf> week from the ladieH' Klandprilnl waa Ihe opening on WcdncHday iind Thursday of the. millinery rooms of tho Vv'ebb and Graham. Those rooms are cent rally ulUiated and the ladles of Covina, by their al tendance on Ihe opening days, sofirmd to fully appreciate tho elegant, and to a more man, the wonderful creations of beauty thore displayed. NOTICE'TO WATER USERS. The Covina Irrigating Company announces that the wafer will be turned out of Ihe ditch lo make necessary repairs on March li>, for one week or ten days. II will be advisable for ranchers to till their cisterns before this dale. Thoroughbred Cornish Indian (lame. ('. I,. Smith, A/.usa, Cal. If After a nl ay of a few months In Covina Mr. and Mis. (;. U. Mcliilosh left Ibis wek for Ilielr home In I ,onuni:>nt, Colo. They expect lo return again nexl wlnler. We received word Ihis week from Q. H. ARHSTRONG, Proprietor Building, Opposite Hotel Vendome COVINA, CAL. ARMSTRONG'S Covina Nurseries J. W. ARMSTRONG, Manager Call No. 125 any time or Come to the Nurseries at 222 East College Street Covina, Cal. blame. These la nlubh- accldeiiis m ,, m | M .,. || la | ||,| s Tamily spcnl sunn appear In be pail of the I ne y| l a lib' j , j,,,,. | n (< ( , v inii aliiuil two years auo, lull enaeie.l from Ihe public as Ihej,,, w |,|,.|, ,[ m ,, n, (> y iH-came so pleased price of rapid transit. I with ihis locality lhal I hey only re„ I turned Kasl nnlil such lime as they eiiiil.l sell!.' ih"ir affairs anil a.uain A MUSICAL WONDCR. j m;|K ,, ,.,,. ,„..,„.,,, ,„.„ ,„• S| , mv ,.„„. Irene Ta.\lor, Ihe child pianist and !,, m ia (heir Inmie. c..iup.. (, will appear belon- a Cmlna] y (jn |||( , w ,, M ^ n| . (|r . audience in llie Woman's Culb llonse ^, | m ,"-!i \\-i- In-l I iei 'l' ! ii .i--\ ''''I'I:'V -v.-nlir-.. .Mi.rch I.', under ,,;•,,,;;;,„„,.',, ,,, i,,,.,. ^ ,.,. ',.„ ..;' ', .„;.';. "'" -'"isi'l.'.-« of ibe Ki,.|.i|. .Mad.- "' I ;,,,,.„,,,.,,, ,,,- ,,'„. .,„,,!,„. un||| L,.,,,.; ,„ .-liaise. The -.llbjiTl V, a-, the \\.ilk nl' I Ke .1 ii bra in-li a inl .• n :nid i'i -• \\ .'is eiv.-n 11 \- an r.'iMi'Mi i.ei'., M i ^. Sin i lli, u Ini i-. \i--ii inn' lu'i --:-:er Mi<. \'an- \\oiiian':; Culb lions. iiin:-,, March 11. 1 , iinib-r I' the l-lii-liili i-iade of the Ciixlna (iiaiiiinai School. She \\ill be a-'.sb;ie.| in the pionram bv Mrs. l-:il ward I'nlin. a :-i a.hiate of i In- I lob ir on I )ra mat Ic School. M is.; Ta\ lor in a laieiiie.l \'oiin:-, L-.irl pns.-,essiiii- all l|i . 1 ^ ll|1 i he at i ainl i echnbpie ol a musician 1 ill i -.vie.- her a:-'e. ami her int .-i I'l'et a I Miss K'tcKaril \\ish.s In call al- Uoii'; of ihe ela-..-fle i nn iinced as ' (,,|,t i,m today In I ho la I'Ke .1 isp lay of irulv woiideiful. Sens -.-:,<• and :;: "' ' m j!|j m ,|.y j,, all it-, phases I., luthi-.-n and llie entire ol Ihe eiilei- . . ... . ... ' , , i i ,i i-i .i,ii, I" icr win.low. ,liiit u little hi'ttiT lallilllelil \\lll be iteMile.l bv llie Kll'lllll -.r;,ile in pnieliasin;' sone- -nil able . I h: n ever before, l!e-,urc and cull piece oi' siaiuai\ o: i.i.-iure 10 be pie iii't'ni-.i (be Satuiihiy shopping is over. selll. l| lo Ihe school 'I (ill Illllliy tl lend:, ei I ol. I' . »M. Chapman .sill le | least'.1 to bear t hut BASKETBALL WITH U. S. C. , m irt lm ,| iin « s.,,,,1 v pr..«,vHs, as lh '' (1 "^" il •' IV : ""' , X ,;'• ll; |- : ."' Ihc .ioctiir ,i-..,,iil,., ,,-rlVrt quiH ran.'..I a came ot iia.-.|,ei ball \\nli the . . . ,.,,,., !ni . ,,,- ,- s r ,-,,, „,.,, TI,,,, . ; nc-^ us e.-.inhal lo his i,H-i.v,-ry, it Is da\ e\eniie.-. Match II. :n ilu- club not cNpi'dienl lor visitors to call: '-•'' inna'-'iuiii. upon him nt pi > .-cut. j The b ical ipiint el ill Ii inner -' '• in. • . ] hi' I'll'AII :-|ieell allll e|e\ erll.-.-'••. lb ' A lIUIIlluT (if VI ! II 1 1 ^ liliUl'M Wl'l.'j le-iiiii:' the liis.'h schoiil on M'\eial <«' . dcli^hl fill ly t ntt'rlaiiic.1 last Satur i cation.-;. Wnh '.he s u; opp' 'sii i"ii t ,)., y .,,,,., ,'n in n .Iliraiu-se leu p.irly; M-eded to !'UI ^^ i|](] Ji(|i|i(t |f ^.^ ^^ I'UM'.V. I Tbe .lining rnoin \sas decuruied with ,la|:uii':-c laiili'i :IB an.l uiiibielliis an.I llie \i line hi.liei tonk their ten Hi'llt- nl .11 a i n^; in Japanese slylc, the tea I einy .-..erxi-.l tiem a .lapuiu-si- lea -i 1 \ i.-e. The lit til in nil Ui.s --I rl.l ba | | 11 \ \\ i 1 I. gainer- niul u:ii-i.'. 'Ibe illVlleil e|,,,|.. u.'le: .\ll--ep Mil.I, It Si-.--ell, Mallei! \\ ,ll i ell, ,i III ^1 li.l-!. I, I ,l.i.IN , .-. al. Ha/el I'lilf .',1. l.i.i I. A I I I.I !, C, le I' I I. I', Mai j. I ;. I ., ] l h, I i 1 l; lia I lei r., M li ii i i| I !i '.• i i . Ii;,. , I II. :>. ! . It. -,.. ( .l:.i..i . ..i.i h,. , Y,u. \uU, ii. T R E E S AKMSTKO.Nl'.'S lH)\'IXA Nl.' KSl-'.KI l-'S OrtKitm-ntaU ;md Orchard Stock BICYCLE THIEVES ( m MI nn! . \ Hi.'1:1 t V, o \ id, Hi . |-.,in.l , e e ' 11 e I , • i . i i > I e ' \s o b I e ', e !, . ! , . 11, i -l|i i '! I I.' Sail l i a b I 11 • I 11:; ! • • I.. n •hlli. bei, ,li:'|l! :'. ' ., T 1 ':!!.•:; ' ; . , . ! ', l ' ;••!..: /, i .i nl In. in:.e: ; ie !' riih ,1 |,i v I |!a u'li ! e " al. I lull 'I I ' ' i i .'i I., e i i,i- t 'e.-. I • i l • --' ' • Now 'll./ ki.!n: THOUSANDS OF THEM. ready. Exactly the right season to plant. Order now. -i i |'.t .: is tlu- V 11,1 KI K' .'\ ,n.i: l .1- atlil tile- SaU'i J'.i 111. KVtlleiiit. ;' ti-i'. I':'.'.' hi'St ill !.tl!;!sv',!','>• '...', -!'..l i iKv>r;itiye I'... . P.iX '' K -UM-> \\-i-! !-',<lUi ,S'I1 vi-r i.iilll ! t !: .- ' "lKi:!).ti:r..I>-> 1 t.: vi.u in anv iju:intitv. Then there .-I...! or /. iruii'.i!;. ii.'iliu. tile J)recaenu fi;r the Peach, Pii::n, Pt-:ir, Nectarine, Apple, Quincr, Pomv^ and Lemons ot Persimmon, Aimjnd, Walnut, Loquot

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