The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 28, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1977
Page 3
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Personal Kennedy Circle To Take Part In State Picnic A dPlcR" 1 ''" 1 °' nicmhoiN of the Kennedy Circle, D«iif.'htcr« of lna- (irlln. *'" '"'"""d '^ c ircnuiil stntc /m-clinc » nl1 P ltl|llc tr> htl hcltl Sun- ili,y (U Hitchcock lake. Wnterbtiry, K wan nnnoiiru'iiil by Mrs. Kctitrlco Miid<ln, rw-nl. loiUvy. Thn sroup ' v [\\ [pfive from thn town center ut noon Siintliiy, hy bus. Arrow" 11 " 11 " arl! in chnrjro of Mrs. Mac!<ln «nd rcscrvutlons mny jw'rrmde by calling her (it 2122, Meet 'Miss Dixie' Mrs. Is brlnjr uKsliUocI by Mm. Ml*. I'Ynnklln Bohlmun and Oliver I,«rMOn. An oltl fashioned and modern hiMiity rontcwt will tin held. Thr. prl/p -! n """ °' ( ' ''ixhi-jnod. ctm- icst will hf awnrded for thn fjroiip ,,,n wn/irlnK the oldmt type of nttlrc. Other forms of .such UK Cfird-pl/tyln;; and hunting will cumprlno the: rc- mftlndT fit Uif tlny'.s nctlvltlCB. Patricia Kricdler At Jersey Shore Ml.i.1 Patricia KrlodliM 1 , duuirhtei' nf Mr. and Mrw. Harry Krledlf.-r of M'irriN Htrrcl l» upending (i v/ictt- linn with her uncle und aunt, Mr, Anil Mr. Jinncii A. Nobllt. Joracy Shore. C'n.. Mar j one Howard At Narragansett Mnrjorli: Howiinl, Nfiiigfituck, In company with r.ucllln One, Annn Oiillfdllo. fri'iin Piiwloxkl and Ruth 'Rohm at Wittprtniry li-l't Snturcluy for ft '.wn weeks vfimtlon In Nnr- raj,'Jm.H<-u. f-l. r.. whi-ri! thuy will be re.glHterirel at the "Breakers," Returns Prom New Jersey Visit V/lllliiin P.ri'wrr. Mlllvllln. hiiM m- turned from a vlnk with I'elntlvoii Bernico Parker Visiting Hero Mian Mernlrr P'-rker, Brooklyn N. Y., IM viMitllnK hnr nunt, Mn .W/ir.v .'Ifilhcrfr, I/ljfh .Mtreot. in Rr.|jrlenvl!le, N. J. Rep., Mrs. Rosko B.tck From Canada H> [i. 'Hid MIM. ./fiHi-ph V. Ko.itk- Illltli .Mlrci'l, luivi- rctiirni'd froi « vlull to Montreal, Ciinnrtn. Social Thompsons Spend Weekend At Zoar Mr. und Mrs, Charles W. Thompson spent the weekend at their cottage, Lnke Zoar. Fraternal John Donaher Returns To Borough John F. Donaher, Of Hillside nv- enue, has recently returned from visiting relatives, in Mclrose, Mass. Two Visit Long 1 [sland Relatives Mrs. Peter Lakis and daughter, Evelyn, EO Church street, have rc- urned from a visit with relatives n Long Island. Siir-tuiinril Bnrlmru Lynn of High-Point, >•. c., Is pictured uft- ur .slit! wax clioHL-ii "iMIss Dixie" In mi iill-Hoiithcrn homily contest held ut Ditytmm ISi'ueh, Flu, Shi; will (>.oin|ir<ti' for the titln of Miss .Amorlnv lit thr iiiiiiiuil lirimty |)i\Kennt In AUiitillc City. (Inltir- nntli>n:it) FOR FURS!! JiKV NOW A.VH SAVK l»l ,\, Alul/i .St.. 7.-, Klrli) HI, li-rlnirr Tel, n-'JTiT nr -l-n For $400 you oun j?t*t n F U R N A C 13 OIL BURNER :t(i Months To I'uy The WATERBURY HEATING Co. Lenders In Ilnmit lli<ii(ln^ .•H..1D Sl'KKVG ST. 4-U47H NEW CLASSES >Vrltr, nr (:nll for IMG Hulk-Hii POST -JIINJOIt C01.LKGK (•Kssrooi, CM,MA\r.u 1JAKN KKf> TAINT SHINdl.K STAIN IMTTSfU'KfJM I'AI.VT GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 17H MAri.JC STRKKT fAiTiwd from C'lly Hulif>ry> Frcp l)nl!vory Tolnphono The Copper | Room Open Daily For I LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and -^ Saturday Evenings Only After f) P. M. WOMAN MI.S.S1XG firvi-ri!, MUMS., July 10 ([.•£>)—The mHi-Mhe.M of Revere aro bcinfr sfurcliucl for 23-yenr-old I3erniac MurMh. The woman failed to return homo last ni>;'ht after leaving for a \vulk. HAVE YOUR AUTO J4AIMO in TOP CONDITION for Your July 4th Viw::vtlnn itnd I/ony Aftcrivnrds I'rnnipt Ki'|iulr Work All >1ulco.H WILLIAMS RADIO xi-; NO. .Mnin st. 3-r,tm Miss Millward Here For Weekend liss Grace Millward, Hartford, was j\ week-end frucpt of her rrKith- er, Mrs. John Millward, Walnut' street. ABA Plans Dance Saturday Night The' American Bras'? Association Is planning a dance Saturday evening at 8:15 o'clock, it . was announced today. Music for the affair will be supplied by Delflno and his orchestra. Mrs. Harris Burke Visiting Son Mrs. Harris Burke. Maple street, In vlwitinc with her Nan, Dr, William Burko and Mrs. Burke in New York city. Girl Scouts To Participate In Broadcast Girl Scou-t campers now at Camp Wequapausct, including' ' several local ffirls, •• will begin a weekly series of summer broadcasts, Weci- ncsiday, July 10, at 7:30 p. m. over radio station WBRY. Participating in the seven pro- Krums, under the direction .of camp counselor Alice Cochran, nre girls from various age-group units as well as counselors, These groups will • sing, lead . discussions,, and play games directly from the camp Bite. The purpose of the broadcasts, according to Edith T. Treat, camp director, will be to inform the public of the current Girl Scout camping program and activities of the campers at vVequapausot. Plans for the broadcasts were originated and carried out by members of the Public delations'com-' mittec of the Waterbury Council of Girl Scouts. Engaged Marshall Griffith Visiting- In Canada Marshall Griffith, 204 South Main street, is vacationing In Canada. Viola M. Roberts Returns To Detroit Miss Viola M. Roberts of Detroit, Mich., has returned to her home after a visit with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. William T. Schoficld, 87 Hill' street. NAUGATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "JU/SS" WEAVING, Prop, Wlnslow Court Tel.' .'!S84 AUTO TARTS SPOKTS GOODS K.U'OK LIFE PRESERVERS STRATTON'S RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY FOR SUMMER VACATIONS £+*--***°r-r f-re*e +*•*•*****.**•** f,s*frf^i^ |! WHITE FISH MARKETS JOSEPH CABRAL, Prop, j 8 South Main St. } MISS ANGELA MANGINI Mr. and Mrs. Nicholiis Manglnl, 93 Melbourne court, announce the. cnKujfcment of . their daughter,' Anpehi Marie, to Miinuel Amarul, son of Mr. and.Mrs. Joseph Amaral, 15? Ward street. No date 1ms been set for the wedding. i; Choicest selection J frosh water fish J prices. i unit and at lowest TOTE GRILLS The Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYPES OF RADIO BEPAIB WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HA WLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 4086 New Admiral PHONOGRAPH With Automatic Record Changer Now Available at. 413 JVo. Muln St. Tel. 6401 Union City THE NAUGATUCK Remarkable Offer! Read All The Latest Best Sellers and Most Popular Books Without Purchasing Them For Only Monthly V J Read The Best Sellers on Fiction—Non Fiction—Mystery and Adventure! Under THE POSTALENDING LIBRARY READING PLAN you will receive all thesa famous best sollors as quickly and as fast as you are able to read thorn. No limit is placed on the number of books you can receive monthly — because as Joon as you finish one, return it — and what'j more under THE POSTALEND- ING PLAN YOU ALWAYS HAVE A BEST SELLER TO READ WHILE ANOTHER IS ON THE WAY. 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Regardless of the retail prices of''such' books, whether $2.50 or more, it is agreed that the membership will'be only $1,25 monthly, 4. It is further agreed that I may' discontinue my membership at any time by simply notifying THE POSTALENDING LIBRARY CLUB, Inc., one week in advance, and my .obligations and membership stops. ", !.' Name (Mr. Mrs. Miss) ;. Address Date.. City.. Zone.. State.. Davises Weekend yAOCATucK NEWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, .TTJL.Y to, IM»— FAOic At Twin Lakes Mr. and Mrs. Clayton F. Davis, Hiifh street, spent the week-end at their Twin Lakes cottage. Sabina Kloc Visits In Milford Miss Sahinc Kloc, Scott street, and Miss Frances Scheithe, Hillside avenue, spent -the week-end with friends in Milford. William Keating- Ends Visit Here . William Keating Jias returned to his home in New York City after visiting" relatives on Woodbine street. Mrs. Nordby Home . From Hospital Mrs. Louis Nrirdby, 145 Spencer street, has returned to her home from St. Mary's Hospital, where she was a patient. Skeleton Found In New Britain Old Saybrooh, July 10—(UP)— A skeleton buried beneath sand and concrete has been discovered —providing state police with ,1 mystery at least three years old. The discovery was made by Walter Lagocki of New Britain, Police snid it apparently was buried about -13 at a cottage then owned by the late Doctor Franklin R. Coombs of New Britain. The bones have been sent to the Connecticut Slate Hospital at Mid. iletown for examination. George Froehlich To Attend Parley George Froehlich, president of Local 45, URCL & P, will represent his fellow members at an executive board meeting of the Connecticut CIO Council being held at . New Haven tomorrow afternoon. Burgess DeCarlo Home From N. Y, Eurpess and. Mrs. Dominic DeCarlo returned last nipht from a vacation in New York City. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neary Building Naucatuck, Conn. HOLDS SLIGHT LEAD Seattclc Wash, July 10 (UP)—Representative Hugh Deljicy holds a narrow margin today over Howard CosUjjan for the Democratic nomination to Congress in Washington's mid-summer primary. HUDSON SALES ~ SERVICE General Automotive JRopalrn 3»M MOTORS INC. 80-83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 6441 AU Kinds of Trucking—A»hw». Etc. Bomoved McNamara Trucking' Cc. 31 West NauBtttuck TeL 5938 ' K Yon Want to Boy or 8«U REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrar Tel. 4233 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring- St., Union Ctty ' Tel. Xauir. »U1 — Wat. *-95!» FELIX NABDELLO, Mpr. Full work ft ftfrl »n* ««*• MM*. rrv»lrrd. r*-l»l>»*, .*««• 26 PC. Service for 6 LIFT TIME STAINLESS STEEL G KNIVES 0 FORKS G TEAS 6 SOUP 1 BUTTER 1 SUGAR «9.95 Complete With Chest QCHNEERC *JCREDIT JEWELERS** . J62 South Main St. COME IN! See The Latest In Design and Colors TYPEWRITER PAPERS RIBBONS -- CARBON YOUR LOCAL STATIONER SWEENEY'S Neary Bldg. . 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