Covina Argus from Covina, California on March 6, 1909 · Page 3
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 3

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1909
Page 3
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"I Ilfl^V" RAl nWIN Km m 1 . opera, among which wore mun- LUVsIY I U/VLl/ TT 111 !„,..„ f ,„„ vis.,.,. n T (Ciint iniuvl fri.m I'm:' ly hr-rs from the Miserere, 11 Trnvnlore selections from L'n«ilnrci and Carmen. Aiu«iii practically made up tho 'hvav:; wore a white dicss and a whole of the For a year aflcr she inarne Avin. this 'ittlf i'ii'1 was qu i"in ii. Halihvin litlei! up tli funeral service. writteii l,y hi.i (ln:ij:!>!<'! . uvt'.v wero rennrrei] ia i,l twelve pipers. Sees Great Future. Two Mis, y nn \V. L. (iriliiihs. who for m.iny years w:is one of "Lucky" Hahlwin's lan.'.ost tenants on tli!.' I .a Pneii'o Kancho. and who now i- fanning eighty acres of his ov. n purchased from Baldwin, si.-ited ll'i-: week I ha 1 , he Was MHO the I'm ure of MIC country embraced in the I.a Pucn'e rancho would lie one of act ivit y. "I antiripatp that ihe greater portion of a y('•.;;• will he used up in set- Min;; the estate." said .Mr. (iriliiihs. "hiti al'iei 1 a ceriain period h:'s elapsed the entire territory will he placed on Ihe market, and at prices which will allow the homcseeker to acquire prop- jerty reasonably. The sr.bdi vision of ;lho I'uente ranch means a great deal | to the town of Covina. People will reali/.e it in a few years when ilie best opport unities for settlement have hccn i taken up." Mr. Griffiths, with his brother fanned alioul r>,(IU!| ncies of the U])])er ranch for grain, and Mia! portion is still known as ihe ([ninths' jranch. Since taking up properly of jhis own, .Mr. (!rif!i!hs lias been active 'iin .selling prope.ty Tor ,\! r. Haiti win. land is the agent in this vicinity i'oi i t.he.-e lands. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL. PROPERTY. In flu. 1 Superior Coin" ci' the County :>ald- •I) of the mansion in vhieh lie lived to Mi.- end as a clubhouse, and furnished ji ma;.,ni(ieentlv for the benefit of his lilile hlide. Then came a chanee; the over-fickle "Lucky" found a new "n(Unity." Mrs. lialdwin's mother had always been with h'-r at the ranch, and when fhe la tier, who was more, wise in the way* of the world, saw how tilings •were going, she took her daughter and "Went Io San Francisco. With the aid of her mother, Mrs. Baldwin made lialdwin "come to time" and he established her jn a magnili- cent home in Kan Francisco, and issued orders to Ihe management of Ins then famous lialdwin Mold, to look after her every need. \Vhon she gave a party the best caterers of thai o.stab- lishmenl were in attendance, and she lived royally. Mrs. Baldwin has occupied Ihis San Francisco home for tho past twenty years, and in all thai lime she never! made reference (,> the actions of her | (;,,„,., ,, husband, who stayed at Ihe ranch most • of tho lime, surrounded by "affinities."' When Baldwin chose to visit his S'tn Francisco home he found .Mrs. Baldwin always ready to welcome him. sin never mentioned his long absence, bill treated him as though he had left oaiy Die day before 1 , although once he •was away from her nearly four years. During all this lime Mrs. lia'hlwin lias had he;- mother with her ami she never gave. Baldwin tho sliuhtesi grounds for a suit of divorce, although it is generally known that he had her of |.os Angeles, Slate of C.ilil'ornri watched by private detoctivis for months at a time. When Mrs. Baldwin visited (he ranch, which was at long interval::.! XoMco is hereby given that in pur- slip absolutely ignored everybody thai i suance of an order of said Court made l.nn- any semblance Io an "aflinil y," | on flu , 8lh dav fjf jr,.,,,-,,.,^. I;MI;I JH VcI'M , 1 " ;r .y^""> r . w ; lh Mr*. AMlti, , )U! ilb()VO t , mil| , Ml m ., u •,„, „„,„,,. Jl i 1 x I ' U I'" ! 'f °'' b> ' '" S si «» cd '">""• AM'rrMl Davi; ami W. M. <h d w C. and her husband Oriswold, executors'of said emale, will 1 ho wa ,n winch Mrs Baldwm bore ' „ ;li iv . 1Rl >sa!( , |() ,,,„ ]:i h( , s , )i(] .; (he strain l,a, been Ihe won- (|( ,,. ,-,„. c , lsh ((1 ,.„„, ()L - £. „ „ , do o all who know her. B,i! Ihose Sl ,, (os (nubjecl, to coniirmalion of said vht> have become more closely ae. Superior Court.) on or after the !nh day of March, Uo'.t, at the, law olllce of A. M. Ponco, Rooms 7 and ,S Reed Building in (he City of Covina, County of I.os Angeles, State of California (at which place offers or bids will he received) all right, title, and interest of said Gilbert D. Davis, deceased, at the time of his death, and all the right, title and interest which the said estate has since acquired by operation of law or otherwise, in and to tho property described as follows, to-wit: Parcel I—.Lot One (]) of fractional Section Thirteen (13) in Township One (1) South, Range Ten (10) West, S. B. B. & M., in the County of Los Angeles, State of California; also that portion of the "Old San Bernardino Road" now abandoned, bounded Northerly by the Southerly line of said Lot One (1), Southerly by the Northerly line of the San Bernardino Road as now established, and East and West by the East and West lines of said Lot One (1) extended South to the Northerly line of said present road: except the Northerly Sixteen and one-half feet thereof conveyed to the Southern Pacific Railway Company; together with watertight. New Cadillac Thirty This car is absolutely $1550, which includes horn and !:ve lamps. .^2x.^ 1-2 fires. TliiuU of this -The Cadillac people in Los Anoc-les have alroiidv taken 25-1 orders for Cadillac cars. IVosn't that speak Io.: n>c-ii".- Tlio factory has notilicd tlu-itt that they can only have .V)0 cors out of I J.OOii. It will pay vou to look into this car if you arc in the market. \Vc can make a few prompt deliveries hv havine.- ha,l our deposits up since June 20. Call and see us and have a demonstration. Home Tlione 4'); 234-242 West Third St., Sunset, Red 4'M. POMONA, C'AL. OSLER & MATTHEWS In the mailer of the j belt D. Davis, deceased. .-iaie of qnainted have noted tho undercurrent of fcorrow in her life. To a few she has confessed how hard Ihe struggle has been, but she gives most of the credit to her mother, Mrs. Bennett, who. she says, has been both mother and father (o her. since the death of Mr. Bennett nearly twenty years ago. The will of t'be millionaire tnrf king was filed for probate Wednesday morning before Judge Rives, and disposes of property estimated nt 325,000,0/00. Of this, a'bout 820,- O0.0,000 will fee equally divided between Baldwin's t\V'o favoiite daughters, Clara S-toaker, -known RS Clara Harold, and Anita Mc'Claughry. It will take the sum of 82,000,000 to settle all indebtedness against the dead turfman's estate. To Mrs. E. ,7. Baldwin, Wie miJliouaire's fourth wife, the young widow living in San " Francisco, the will provides an undivided one-third share in the property known as the Baldwin Annex, a vacant lot in San Francioeo, said to be worth 8500,000, but which is beavily mortgaged. The <oash value of her share is therefore scarcely one- fiftieth of tbe great estate, but it is stated that'all legatees were consulted during tho process of drawing the will, and that satisfaction was expressed by all. HO that no contest on the part of tho widow is expected. Tho dramatic episode in connection with the liling of the will was tbe discovery of a third daughter, of whoso existence Baldwin's intimate friends had no knowledge. This is Zelda tthclby of San Franoisco, and she is acknowledged as Baldwin's child and given 200 acres of land in the Rtincho La Puente. Other bequests are to Mrs. Elizabeth Rush, a niece; Charles Faweett, nephew; Rosebud Doble Miillander, a grand daughter, and H. A. CJuruh, Baldwin's brothor-in-law and manager of Parcel II.— Lot One (1), in Block One of the Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puente, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book !), pages and Miscellaneous records of said Counly; containing Eighteen and one-half acres more or less; together with 55 shares of the capital stock of the Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel 111.—Lot Two (2), in Block- One (1) of ihc Phillips Tract, in the Rancho La Puonte, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per map recorded in Book 9, Pages '.', and <l, Miscellaneous records of said County; containing Seventeen and threo- fo'irths acres more or less; excepting about Three and one-half acres there- from situated in the Northeast corner of .said lot; together with Fifty shares of the Capital stock of ihe Covina Irrigating Company. Parcel IV.—Lot Seven (7) in Block jOne (1) of the Phillips Trad, in tho Rancho La Puente, Coiinly of I.os Angeles, Slate of California, a-.s recorded in Boole !», pages 'his estates. €.\(.>cutor am! .solo administrator giving bonds to the extent of 8250, 000, and to him is willed 200 acres | Company, of land in tho Ranoho La Puente. By tho terms of tho will the two capital slock of the Covina Irrigating favorite daughters fall heir t To about 810,000,000 each. To all persons able to establish n claim against the estate through ,e!ation,hip or other- ^ loge,her"wi,h wise, lialdwin has provided the sum of 810 in tho will. Tho will was Lee, half Hinount- per map recorded in Book '.i. pages :; and |,' 1 Miscellaneous records of said County; I ilfle.s I'lOie O1' less; together with Thiny ihai.-s of ihe capital stock of \V>- Covina Irrigating Company. | PERSONAL PROPKftTY. TO-WIT: ; Twenty-five and one-h-ilf eon.'.s of wood; One Jersey cow; One Ba > maie; Three set of harness; One pair of: i mules; One cream mare; On" horse: foil ; One ninglc bnguy; One driving horse; One pair of gray; Oie- Baldwin's preparations for his fun- w ' lit( ' mare and colt ; One Bain wagon, 2'i inch I read; One B''in wagon, :; inch ,„. , j ... . 'read; One Kludebaker wauon; Two Ihe body will rest in u splenidd j^ter Cultivators; One double disk; plow; On<; Eight, disk harrow; Two' walking plows; One Hpring tooth harrow; Farming tools Miscellaneous; ],uuu share* of ihe capital .stock of Pratt's F.ucalyplus Association No. 1; S-k-venty-fivf,- .shares of the capital stock (if \A: .Sage- Bros. Co.; Fifty share.-* of the capital .stock of the Pacific Wlte-; less Telegraph Company; Twenty -five drawn by Attorney Bradner \V. who receives for this office, om of one per cent of the- csiaK ing to SI 25,000. HIS iiKSTIXCi PLACK. fi'Hl were in keeping witT, his lifo. The body will rest in u splenidd mausoleum at Ran Mnteu, in the (,'y- press Lawn ceiw.tvry by the side of his fliat wif«, who crossed the plains with him. Her body is in tbe Baldwin tomb in Oddfellows' cemetery, but will b« removed to rest by his side. It is said that Baldwin's Jovn for hia first wife ne\«:r waned, and shares of the capital Mock of Conso- that much of the calumny winch dated Mineral and Chemical Conpany. may rest upon his memory if such thf-rt be, had its inception long after her dfhih. Ijalrliviu always main fcd that no v.ouiitn ever iliiniiie.l n.emiii-y in hi-, mind. The fun- VI vict'i wcif splc-nili' hii!,|.K-. JJa I d','. in'.-, ic '. r tl.i- servic- •••. ial v.i'Il k:.',.vii -.. if.' hi-r era in Terrn.i —Ten per cent of piiiohu:-:< p''ice payable at the time of .-ale, am) the balance ill ihe pureba.-e pi ice payable ii|i<iii confirmation or .^a.d n'i!e by the above eniitb-d Co'iir \U.\KIt .\LKKKI) I;AVI.-: and Rich Delta Land in Kings County $45 per Acre We have for sale in tract to suit purchaser o-l() a/ivs of ricli delta land near Tulare I/ake. Soil is deep sedimentary deposit, best in the world for alfalfa' which »TO\VS to perfection here. Land is su1,irrio- a ted. Alfalfa land in vicinity produces S4i> to ^5u per acre without irrigation. Onlv 3 miles from <;To\vii!"; town and million dollar beet suo-ar factorv. Near one of the largest and must successful Jersey farms in the state. If you want to buy rich land at a price which insures handsome returns, investigate this proposition. news REAL ESTATE ay, Grain, Cereals and ' : S \ | ] : '• Delivery to h'vcry Marl of the Valley SAN (iABRiri VAfJJiV mUWi COMPANY luiiie 1'lioiic l'i COY IN A, CA LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to sec that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wa^on, jtint drop a card to Lor beer Bros.' Pomona Steam Laundry," the ablest and most up-to-date laundrymcn in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We cnll Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. W. IJadillo St., on'the new electric line. Hani IMione 240 Ri :s . Phone I'M CO V.I N A, House Moving McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree moving- with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 5008 Covina, Cal. OF N A SCO ^*^^-«*l •• »^J ^^/ V^r Smooth Surfacc An iib.suliitcly new proco.s.s that wvullierH Kerckhoff-Cuzner /Will and Lumber CQ. Home 148, Sunset 253. Covlnii, <';il. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KENIMLL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Ordenn In town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 3d Clarence Allison The ,att,, is appointed SliS'^Mol'tn-H±^K; i together with Thirty shares of thei Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. Parcel V.— Lot Klght (Si, in [Hock ; One (1 j of the Phillips Traci, in the | Jtancho La Pnenie, County uf Los An-! geles, Klal<; of (California, a "Greatest F-lcctric 1'uilwjy System in the Wurld" The Pacific Electric Railway JoG Miles of Modern JJuilt Stjndjrd GJIIJ;C Lines Reaching the Principal Cities and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Car->. Prompt and K'» liable Freight, Kxpress, Tel(-ffraj)h and I'. S. Mail Service. For information and literature re^arrlitiK the great MT. LOWJC Trij>, f'.KACH K'KS(Jl<"i'S and other points oi interest, see ] a^ent, <^r addri-,s Gen(:ral 1'asscn^cr Department, K'oom 2'»>, I'm ific JClei'tric iJuildin^ 1 , I/o-, An^eli-s, (.' (1 |. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL, We carry a full line of Builders' Hardware < Jin- Tools and Cutlery are from the best, manufacturers Sec our Stoves, Heaters and Ranges ol every di'scri pi ion Wosliino Md( liincs cud Nynsc hiniishiiij)s Pdirilcrs' Supplies Wire Mntfiiifj (iiid Pottery H E A L D ' S (114 South («rnrifl Avumie, , . Till! Krcill'stl liuiiliiciill Lruiiijiii; ifjiil.lLljllull In thu w/lllli. li\tui\ llilliliK I tin i<n Mr" yi'/ir. Writu fur parUcnliii-H. ./ W. I.Aiiu.y. LAKOE OKANOE SEEDUNGS l ; ()l< ORCHARD PLANTING iilll.l ItillllHIU ,..,fl .:lll-ll Willliil!.!. I-.UII-I-..-I l..-IM.,li . I'.,in.-I.,., I'll.,i-lil .liiH J'.' ,(.« TuIlM-' r'uinl.(nil Tii-i- . A'•'Ml.i . I!', •• -. i-P. SOl/IHI.AM) M,'l/SI:l/ll:s, I- II d, I,,.,/.. Ci-.p- i--".i. l-i,.-i..-. H.,in,- :• ./.ii M.nn :ir> in nn, Hii.I Wii-,hlii;< MU , Clll. BEN F, THORPE Cf-MliNT CONIkACK'R .'.1 .inn l.n.l uri-r of Cf:MHNT IRRKJATINO PIPE The Argus Tunis Out first-Class Job Printing

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