Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 9, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 9, 1954
Page 2
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li-''>' f> * V" '' 5r',, ". HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, February 9, 1954 expected the t'a, submit sotHe old pro- •he^gusles r ibut With, al- thin? In* mfnd —i the So tool f.-itfcrid to leave Bast DuHe/. mav be taking this lacfe: 1. A -Sehaii by the State bepdfl- ,frfeht yesterday that Arthur t\ Dean will be replaced as fanmun- Jbrrf negotiator. 2. /Hnts'that some way may be found for arranging atime place and agenda for the peace confer- without resuming the Pan- rnunjom talks , 3. iWlles' ontmuini* delay in re- at the position p ) ying lo {hc cwirrUHisf demand ..Fbreiijn Minister V. M. the fetich Ollenhau tSer- ... ' with the- .statenient at least between 'the .eouhtry. JOGERS .TR. to —-Secretary ' "bulk* $jpftrerilly has to hfEctiations with So- Molotov at ,'trJlew approach tb a (hfer, situation at' Panmun- lopeless dead- beep .Wonderfully .blessed ... f restored^ to ^'active life jteuig crjppldailh nearly* every "tii iny body and with muscu- w&rf.r* * . ' _ . - ^ •' ~t »,- - i ss 1 ,heaS IjjjfiSi'euWtoid, 'Arthritis and 'iriS:t'j&*^Elhouijrcatf$tTi} hands 1«'' anil '-'triiy' *anklesr were ,:f? ., *f, " ( ., ji , •; . j§. "prohibits' feeing .etc .but if you ,wul /ill, reply at once and Lir'eceiv'ed this.wort- /Arbor Bills Drive 'O. N=fox 26&5 ?, lyilsslsslppl ( , two weeks ago Mat Dean return to Panmunjom The! State Department has draftisri several suggested re* plies and sent Inem l<) Dulles. Me has not given his okap to any indicating he may try a different maneuver. Dulles has ample opportunity to lake up the iCca-etji c.iii.ition with •Molotd*' •'d'Ji'Ht* serat sessions which began yesterday at the Bog Four Foreign Ministers Meeting Berlin. ' He and the other Western min- .ister.v Anlhonv EHen of Britain and de'oiges "Bldnult of France are reported iinittd In opposing any meet- 3rtg with Red i China except on As- fan questions. And 'even for such talks, 'bey aro said to be insisting brt a p;io show of good faith by Red China such as cooperation in settling Korea's future. Thus, if the Comrm-nists were Willing, Dulles might arrange thrdough Molotov another .confer; enee pway from Panmunjom to a preh'rninarj Korea peae conference. The Panmunjom talks would quietly di ift into history— still stalled but bypassed and of n6,' " '- Jin Greenwich Village restaurants. Wfiinberg, police indicated, ap- pareHtl.thad given the bodehheims a roof a few days ago to spare them sleeping in hallways and stib- way;. Yes:°iday a truck driver in Charlottesville Va., reported giving a lift to a man who gave his nnme as Weinborg The driver said his description fitted that of the dishwasher. FRIEND OR FOE?—Jody, the eight-week-old parakeet, looks wanly at the mouse as if pondering whether this stranger is friend or foe Jody finally decided to put the intruder in his place with a sharp peck at his tall Jody is the Christmas-present pet of Mrs. Walter Armstrong, of Fort Scott, Kan. Armstrong caught the mouse 4n a friend's barn, where he stores oats. An-; other, similar, mouse bit his finger and ran. The mouse is unusual! because it does not have the pink eyes of a true albino, ' > Radio Programs 1 NE\V YORK We— Listening tonight: ' {NBC —' 7 Dinah liore; 8 Drag- ntt; 9jlS Can" You Top'This; CBS •^•e.'t.i Betilah; 7;30 Mr, and Mrs. Nprtli 8:30'My Fnerid.-Ir.rna; ABC — 8 Town Meotinc MBS — 7 Spil- lanc Mystery 7:30,.High, .Advcn- tue. .Alkf-' te.'Easyto Use, ,|, r?Orie c&at covers, ;ST. LOUIS I.."/ESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, III, UP) — Hogs 8,000 moderately active; ICO Ib up 10-25 lower: mostly 10-15 oif ; lighii-r weJ^hls 25 to oO lower, vows' about steady 180-230 180-230 '.b : 26.00-40; later mostly 26.10 up; 'scvci'^J • hiH.'dred head under 225 Jb or lots mostly choice Np.-l and 2 20.fO; ; 240-270 Ib 24.85' 0.00; mostly down ; 150- 170 lb-2J.7fl-20iO(); mostly' 25.00 up sows- 400 Ib down :22.70-23.75; heavier Sows 21.15-22:^1: boars/ 15.30-20.00. Cattle 5,000 calves 1,100 f^w hlghci- cdmrrterciiil to choice steers 1900-22.00: .cows steady to strong; utility and commercial 11.50-12.50; canners and • outers • 0.50-11.50; bulls steady; f-tt bulk under pressure; utility and commercial bulls I.?.0p--I5;00; few heavy fat bulls abovu 12,50; cuftev bulls 11.0012.50; vealers and cnlves steady; few prime voaVrs and calves steady; few prime vealers 29.00; good and cho'cc 21.00-27.00; commercial and good 14.00-21.00. Shefp 2,000; opening bids and few s.-iles steady; not enough done lo fully establish trend; small lots of wooled lambs' up to 22.00; load choicf -no lb ,21.'25; aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-5.00^, NEW YORK STOCKS jNJEW YORK W Aircraft^ *gd- vanquh sharply in anj- steatiy .stock masjtit^ toj |Steels and motos "..,',..,_,. ,..,,,-- g,enes>ajly lower ns wese selected distillcT.i, But railroads, utilities, ihemi'.als and motion) .picture F- soes were nejn'ly a bblanre of small gans and Hisses. -.--'-.; jumped at 101 .and Unitcfd* Aircraft \vas up a point in brisR trading. Booing and Lolk- heed nlso made .progress. In the nd of the aircraf t ad- vanh'.! wei'd reports or heavy fight- Ing in Indoch'ia and the prospect that the U.S. wcvOa toon be called tipon to suppl 1 / more military aid, iiiilliiil iPOULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO .(Al — .Produce: Live- Market steady. 18 trucks, poultry, b oar d price Chanpos since jestfti-day: grown springs: Whitj ,JJock,27 ccints a pound Ply nouih Rock 27. : ;Butter steady; receipts 1,231,839; Decorators 'Supply b u y i n g prices unchanged 1 to J /4 lower; 93 score A A SO B 03; 89 C G2.S ears 00 B 63.5 8f- C 62.75. c e i p I s 9, '04; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 cent high"r; U. S. large 47.5; U.S. mediums '16; U. S. standards 44.5; current rpcoipts 43.5 checks and dirties 41.D. ; , ' NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK I/I) — Cotton futures were lower tods'.y in listless dealings. The ?!ow demand for cotton goods and ftcproaching first notice day for nearby March futures created sonic caution among trad ers. There was further profit talc- ing, following recent price ac! vance.". alons; wilh hedging. Traders lightened holdings in nearby March against purchases of latei delibe-ries. Later afternnoi" 1 prices were., 1C to 30 cents a bnlo lower than the previous close;. March 34.16, May 34.22 arid July 34.01. Ex-Wife, Old Friend to Bury Writer NEW YORK </rV-An old friend and a former wife today made arrangements for the buria! of Maxwell Bodenheim, slain writer •vho nourished TS a poet and novel- ift in the 190s ard then floundered in drink and poverty. Author Ben Ilecht yesterday offered to pay expenses for Bodenheim's funeral. Trro dead man's first wife Minna last night arf anpc-d for him him to I Sanatorium, who hap been ill he buried in a family plot at Cedar 1 1 at a Fovt Smith hospital, is expect- Park Cemetery, near Oradell, N.J.jed to loavo there in a couple of weeks. Dr. R. M. Eubanks of Little Rock said tod;;y that Riley suffered o parplyt'.c stroke two weeks ago. He said, however, that the superintendent, who is about 04 years eld, ha» recovered partial use oi his arms arid legs and is oxpecreo to Imive the hospital shortly. Eubarks is a member of the Sanatorium's Board of Control. Sanitarium Head to Leave Hospital LITTLE ROCK UPl — Dr. J. D, Riley. superintendent of the State Final arrangements, . including the :.;,nc of the funeral, remained to be completed. No one has claimed the body of Boai'.nhcim'~ third wife, the former Ruth Fagan, who was found slain with the destitute poet. Meanwhile, Now York police presssd thtir hunt for the slayer or slayers and rlerted cities from here to Miami,, F.'a.-, to be on the wntoh for scar-faced Harold Wein- bort, 25. A police bullgnlin yesterday said VVeinbOJ-g, a fas'-talker and an apparent ne'er-do- well with a police record as a vagrant and thief, was wanted for questioning in the double murder. Th; todies of the Bodenheims \ver? .'otind Sunday in a $5-a-week SNPA May Meet at Hot Springs POINT CLEAR, «Ala. • UK -. .The Southern Newspaper Publishers 'Association may hold its 1955 convention in Hot Springs, Ark. furnished room rented by Wein-, : Directors of the SNFA voted here berg, who had bnen washing dishes yesterday to hold the meeting west GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO tffl Grains firme don the Board of Trade today, in another session of active dealings. The market cpenec 1 . a litle ier and then quickly pushed ahead. Much of the pain was canceled shortly after the noon hours. But the trend started upwaz'd -.'again latfi in the session. Wheat was pin-chased on con tjnued dry weaiber in the south west with little immediate oros .r;ect of moisture,'plus a potentially ' export• b.iisir/e'ss. Firmness in .Kti^bean^'mpal helped soy bean : flpspite a downward trncd in bean oil. -•Wheat closed 1 and 1. higher. Tj/Iaruh Sa.l-M'a, com Vi lower to 1V 4 higher. March ..«J.53%. oatq lower to y 4 higher,' March-78 ?' a , rye unnhar.ged to '/-> higher, March $1.23 ] .t>, soybeans v to 2 cents hiphe-:, March '$3.20-3.20%,' and lard fi to 12 cenft! a hundred pounds |ower. March S10.77$iQ.75. Cash wheat:' No. 2 yellow hard 2;27'/,i. Com: No. 2 yellow 1.5'Vfe 60; No. 3 l.SGWi'.i.; fample grade 1.46. Oats: No, 1 mixed 83Vi; No. 1 white EOViSS'/i; No. I heavy white 6384 !A; No. 2 white 03 . Soy beans: None. Barloy nominal: Malting 1.2062; feed 901.18. Fip?d seed per 100 Ib nominal: V7fcit e clover 10.00 10.50; red top 57.0058.00; alsike 16.5017.GO; timothy 12.5013.50; red clover 27.0028.'JO, Two principal conditions cause animals to become inactive for considerable periods; hibernation being brought'about-'by cold and aestivation-by dr-yncss. $ DOLLAR For Wednesday and Thursday These are regular $'1/65 values. First Quality in all the lovely spring shades. $1.00 - These are in Chambrgy, Polished 'Cottgns and Rayons. They're especially low priced for Dollar Days. IN 3 BIG GROUPS $3,00 $5.00 $6 and Half Sizes SHOPPE Is that "change of Jif ef lOOlC in your eyes? You Need More Than Make-Up To Wde titter j "Nerves" Can everyone see from that nervous, jittery look in your eyes that you are suffering "change- of-life" misery? Sure, make-up may help some, yet it can't take the pain and nervousness out of your eyes. But Cardui often does. A little Cardui each day has helped thousands of women build new resistance and vitality, changing dark months and years to brighter, happier times. So let Cavdui help you look, relax and Sleep better. Get Cardui "insurance" from your dealer today. (Say: "card-you-eye"). Monthly Cramps • Change of Life of the Mississippi River, and indicated that Hot Springs is a likely Choice. ihis year's convention will be held in Boca Katon, Fla., site of the 1932 m eeting. Much of th'j director's meeting yesterday was taken up with dis^ ctissiou of personnel policy matters -4t SNPA headquarters in Chatanooga and with general op-4§ perativin of the association. at last! a 'fabulous foundation^ powder makeup that KEEPS THE SHINE OFF, WON'T STREAK WONT CAKE WON'T CHANGE COLOR rf«i This marvelous spiUproof .foundation cream and powder (all in one!) stays-en longer;: hides tiny lines and blemishes. ilt'won't streak, cake or turn color on you. Comes in a stunning black rhinestonc-sparked case! There's a special shade for YOU: Blush Rachel, Rose^Beige, Radiant Pink, Custom Blend, Medium Tone. Only *1.25 plus lax CRESCENT DRUG STORE 225 S. MAIN PHONE 7-3424 DOLLAR DAYS-WED, and THURS. DOLLAR DAYS- 5, SELECTED PATTERNS Regular 49c Yard 3 YARDS '$1 FOR DOLLAR DAYS ONLY 'Nationally Advertised :First Quality -Ladies 100% NYLON RIEFS Sizes 4 thru 8 REGULAR $1.50 $ FOR DOLLAR DAYS WED. AND THURS. • A la rge g roup of f i rst Quality ,rayon & nylon 45/46 inch. 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