The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 28, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1977
Page 2
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JMOE 3—NAUOATtJCK NEWS (CONN). WEDNESDAY, JUtY 10, 104 DREW PEARSON ON ! WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Navy Chaplains Irate Over Japanese Prostitution: Speaker Rayburn Cracks Down On Jim Farley; War Vet Embarrasses Congressman on OPA Washington—Admiral Nlmit/. la tidying to hush It up, but n hot row him broken out in the Navy's chaplain division over alleged dls-' ci'lmlnntlon against chaplains with combat records, some of whom have been denied admission Into the regular Navy and others transferred to minor posts. Four well-known chaplains ulrcntly have rcslr-nod as a result or the dispute. They «ru: Cupt. William A. McC/ulro. Ciith-. rilic chaplain of tho llth Naval din- j chairman who doesn't want Sena- trlct at San Dlego-a 29-yeur nn-; j, M d L b govo ,. nor ol - val veteran who served us fleet ehaplaln lit Poorl Harbor at the ; New York, has his Irlends working outbreak of the wnr. | overtime for him. Cupt. Maurice Wlthompoon, a | Farley has boon sending news- J'renljytorlan, former AH-Amerlca ; paper articles to Congressional football star at Washlngton-Jcf- i t -,.i crK ls for Insertion In the Con- 1'orson cotk'ge and one of the most K Record, some In praise popular chiiplnlrm In tho navy. of hlrm , C ] f . Once In the record they •"apt. William W. Edi:l, a Mcth- | coukl llo rcpl . in ted and mulled in n/, who al.'io chalked up a flno , f ,. anl<ed envelopes to New York if cord aji a cumbat chaplain. 'voters Cupt. HaymonU Drlmm a Cath- r^Y month. Farley's material file, former chaplain of tho ba'.tlc- for thfl [ . (!( . OI . tl becamo stronger. In- ^arred airplane carrier Er.tcr- 301 , Uona cr(t(cu i o f and even In- l >r '- sr '- , ,,., ... , , , suiting to Senator Mead were made In addition to the claim of com- h bat chaplains thut they are being ivlegutod to minor roles while their non-combat coIloaKLies Kct the top t:r>rnrmindH, many arn also worn i-vcr tho navy's failure to crack dfnvn on prostitution In Japan. A number of ProtCBtant and Catholic chapluln-i who served In the PJI- clflc contend that the navy Is abnt- tln(; the growth of prostitution In Tokyo liy an Indifferent policy In regard t*.> the Yonhlwaras, These chnplalnw further charge that those who have fought proa- titution In Tokyo ciplined for tholr have boon dis- of forts- -among by Representatives Doughton and VVeaver of North Carolina, and Frank Boykin of Alabama. Boykin, now seeking the nomination for j returned Governor Vo.xx of that state, would ' hl.s apartment. doubtless roscnt outside Interfer- ; Learning that Mike O'Daniel tirice In Alabama polities, but hd j had raised the rent of another didn't seem to mind intertorint; in | apartment In the • building by S5 Reds and Fnscistic elements In the CIO.'! howled Plocscr, as he looked at the petitions. "Mr. .Ploeser," suid the wnr vet "you have talked a great deul about guaranteeing the business man, a fair profit. Juttt what have you done to guarantee the consumer a fnir price?" Ploesor began pacing the floor, jputtering at great length about government controls, "free enter- irlce" and "tho Communistic New Deal." Finally, the man who voted down the line for tho crippling OPA amendments declared: "Son, you don't know what's gong on in the country." "On thc con-trary, Congressman," •eplled Efthim, "you're the one doesn't know what's going on —you and others who have been arrying the b.'tttle against the American consumer. You can gc-t way with it for u while, but in he end the voters will catch up vilh you." World Police Force It hasn't been announced, 'but "resident Truman has decided to 'Ince the following American I'orc- s at thc disposal of the now world olice force: One thousand latest-type Amor- can bombers and pursuit planes wo infantry divisions; one air- orne division; one service of 3Up- ly division; two battleships; two ircraft carriers; six cruisers; IS estroycrs; and six submarines. These uhips, airplanes and men ill be available to go anywhere t nny time at the direction of the nlted Nations, to put down war horever it rears its head. Senator O'Daniel's Son Here are some of the do-tails of o'.v Senator O'Daniel's' son, Mike, •iod to oust Wesley Brient, just from ' the Pacific, from Photo Of Man Intent On Suicide them, Conuir. 0. B. Cook, who was fr«n.if«in.'rl from Tokyo to Oiuim don't know it, the nation's taxpay- New York. The Boykin piece, written by re- nctlonary George Sokolsky of tho New York Sun, declare;) that "Jim Mead is ju»t a pliant politician who wants more—that and nothing' more," It's a nasty campaign Parley is on—and, although they houses. T fipc/tklng out ah-nit the geisha Cook ;ioon will re- e.'i's ttro helping to pay for it. Note—there will be no mailing of the article put In the Record by and hiH resignation probably j lame-duck .Representative Zobulon Will b« followed by that of urtoth- Weaver of North Carolina. Weaver er well-known combat chaplain, has told friond« he did not want to f.'upt. Mmirlcp Shoohy of Washing- hnake tho Insertion, and did so only ton, D, C., a naviil reservist with C'vo battle Htars, who .served on >tho Saratoga. Jim Farley'* Ftud Tn.tldc rca.-ion why Six-aUcr Karh Kayburn took tho unusual step of Nviiriitnjr rnurnbrrs against inserting nrtlc|("i offensive to colle!iguen _ln (hi- f'ongre.iHlonal Ri'cord Wax ,/l'm I'Virley. Thu former Democratic | 0 t,t e rM from Farley. He said also that he would have rc- I'usL'd even then had he read the article carefully. Ho says he definitely will not permit the making of reprints. Says Bomb Test * May Hurl Ships High Into Air a month, Erlen-t went to O'Daniel and in a friendly way told him that the $5. increuee was "quite reasonable." "Oh. that doesn't apply to you,'' O'-Datile! replied coidiy. "Your rent will 'be $100 instead 'of $67,50," An argument e D s u e d, during which tho war vet told the son of the Texas senator: "I hope the people wake up and chase your father out of Wauh- '' cause of the development of mu- ir.gton, and out of the state of I chanlcal trouble in the mail car of Texas, I will ' personally cor.tri- j thc trnin U r:'iving ; n Naugatuck This dramatic on-the-spot photo was made a split second before Charles Vosol, <i7, released his grip on the parapet »t. the H5th floor of the Kinpli't! State Building in New York to plunge to his dent)) on the 80th floor setback of the skyscraper. Determined to die, Vogel tried twice. In his first attempt, Vogel'n leg was broken when ho jumped from SCtli floor observation tower from which this exclusive photo was snapped by ill) eye-witness. In the second try, he dragged himself to" edge of parapet mid fell to his (lentil. Arrow on shadow of sky- wcniper indicates the SCtli floor observutloii tower. Copyright N. Y. Mirror. (International)' Mail Car Develops Trouble In Derby \ Early morning mail ' 'deliveries were somewhat slim today, be- heated journal and had to be hek at Derby. A truck brought the mail up from Derby later in the morning-. The train was not delayed because of the mail car. Veterans Ueurds Congressman Alex Efthim, 20-year-old St. Louis | his eviction order war veteran, n representative of[ m ail. butc to the next campaign against i him." "There inn'-t much you can do," shot back young O'Daniel. "We're In the driver's seat now. Don't you think wo knew what we were do- injr when we bought this place?" "I'm sure you did," retorted Brient. "In fact, you probably had some advance information." Thc next day, Briont received by registered i at 3:02 a. in. Ruilroaii ofilcials reported that the mail car developed an over- the fight inflation committee of St. i Note —Brient's family was tl,r T (MlNt Mn^i/tntllr ^.t.11,,,1 ^, _ ' T5 , , A ^ » • n. oldest tenant in O'DHniol'y building. Brient himseif was back from the Pacific just 12 dajti when he received his "got out" notice, I-,oul.\', recently (.'ailed on ' Rcpro Huntatlve Ploosm- of Missouri. Plot-sur couldn't vo:-y well cluck the meeting, because Efthim, still on tsrmlnal leave, ,'jhowctl up in hl> Air Corps captain's attire, replete with battle stars for the Luzon and I_eyte campaigns. "Since you arc my Congressman representing the St. Zhou's dlsti-lct whnt'p I live, I fool I have a right to talk to you," said thu army captain. "Well, theme reporters can't come In," responded PJoeser, pointing to some newsmen who had followed Erthim. "They'll t/moar me." Tiiu war vet presented petitions ;!igm;d by .10,000 St. Loulsnnn, supporting OPA continuance. "You're u dupe for a bunch of GET A JEEP IMMEDIATE DEM-VERY " Viiur \VH.I.YS-(I VKKl.ANt> Duller LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 24 llarrlriim Avi'nui* Off Kxclinn^'e 1 rluc* 1 . \Vu1prbury ; 'I'hunn (Copyright. 19-10, by the Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Bethany Youth Out Of Navy Richard Henley Pod-oloff, AETM 2-c of Carrington road, Bethany, wns discharged from thu Nnvnl Scparutlon Center at Lido Beach, Long 1 I.iliind, July 8. Farming was ^KCst huslnese principal crop. prn-wnr Japan's and rice was thc LINCOLN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. , 15 Leavenworth Street .— Tel 5-0177 WATERBURY 32,, CONNE'CTIOUT SAY; SHARPENING SERVICE Our new automatic electric machine will quickly sharpen any kind of saw:— BAND S.-UVS O CmCUI,AIl SAWS 9 CAKPENTER'S SA1VS <J) BUTCHER'S SAWS « BUCK SAWS 0 1'OWEB SAWS « ONE and TWO MAN SAWS (By United Vice-Admiral Blandy has some pretty sensational predictions about the underwater test of the atomic bomb lute this month. First of all, Blandy says t'ie underwater bluut probably will hurl fiii£ments of shattei'ed target ships nearly two miles into the air. Then he predicts ,that the July 20th blast will produce a gipanUc waterspout 8,000 to 10,000 feui. high 1 and nearly one-half mile in diameter. Figures don't, mean much ivhc-ir we rattle them off like that — but some Idea an$ of the collosal sUe of the waterspout can be obtained f we stop u. minute tb maJce a comparison. According to 'the admiral's prediction the spout wil bo about ten times an high as New York's famous Empire State . guiltling, and it'll be roughly as wide as five city blocks. ' ' Picture if you will n. small ship hurled into the sky ntop such .1 wave.. Well that's what's predicted for the 'socorrl atom bomb test. Something Mice a kiddy's sailboat riding on (op of a stream from & fireman's hose pointed straight into -he air. Blandy says that surging up even higher than the waterspout— perhaps to heights of four miles— will be a -jet of steam, atomic fission products arid gases. Blandy says MiVit no dangc;- of the task foi'cc fleet will result from the rndloflctlvc 'loweY or water— but he thinks radioactive thunder showers may be caused to the west of the blast. For that reason Hni- wetok Atoll, nearly 220 miles west of 13iltlni, wil bn evacuated as it was for the first atom bomb test. See Wait Of 12 */ Months For Car A recent survey' of Nau;rntuck car dealers icvealctl that persons who have not already placed orders for new cars, will probably be required to wait n period of close to J2 months for delivery. It wns also pointed out that it is extremely difficult to keep the market supplied with good used corn, ae the owners of the automobiles are keeping them until they can be assured of getting a new one. Two EMI Employes Win Compensation Compi-nsaUon agreements ' nr two jici-sons wci-c approved hv Componsntlon Commissioner H.": ry Knifow yesterday. The two'-,/" JDavld Mark, and the , .•Iiillcablt! Iron company £2] 3n beginning May 29, hernia.' ' Anthony Kndzlcwicx, 5:7 jv or)h Main strcot, Watcrbury, and u, Enswrn MrUJoabU Iron oompi^ $30, b«Kinnin)T Juno 13. bur/is fl » the left side of the body. . Diamonds and gold were discov ereii in Africa In WO. SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG C'.K.AI.. ltii**r», Run IHrorl to H/.'.^K l'l,lv\M-;ST SI'OT IN THU STATK Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL . :• AcrrrtiUei' * sti>iir»vri>- fur Vi'lvninn 'jCr:iinln K /)ro\™ |»w e . \V:.r«T)mr.v •"I'll.- IVrry Way MriHlH Brllur I'uy" Full Line of BICYCLE PARTS ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAJN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuck, Conn. RADIOS AT SWAN'S , Tel. 2574 1C Church SU — Est. 1925 ~+****•*••»+•»*+••**+++++++* iiiiiMniHiiHwiiiM.. , IPI> wnfamsKgm \ PROMPT WATCH | and JEWELRY I REPAIRING | "• ; * William Schpero \ JJEWKLKB ? 180 Church,Street Largest Selection of Kiddy Furniture In Town on Our Second Floor « FCr.I. KIZK CUIJJS « YOUTH 11KUS • SAND BOXKS • SWING OX METAL STAN!) « (IIGJJ CI7AIK.S O MJ'JCTAI. BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 130 SOUTH MAIN ST. There is no substitute i'or quality. It is the only .standard wo know. A quiet, dignity marks encli of our services. "\Ye offer quality and digiiily to disci iminatiny poopk' ALDERSON FUNERAL HOME, INC. 70 CENTRA!, AVE. TEL. .f-JiJ12 201 MEADOW ST. NAUCATL'CK TEL. 2223 Saws Made to Order On Our New Electric Welding- Machine! Any Size ! Quick Service! Low Prices! BuckmiUer Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 2 x 3 ft. HAMADAN FLOWERS For All J-'LOWJOKS MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP ISO RUBBEK AVENUE Telephone C223 4 JLW IV _^^^r**r~* r /, lulu Clearance ^*' T / ORIENTAL RUGS SAROUKS • HAMADANS . • Scatter Sizes Approximately 2x4 and 3x5 ft. REDUCED 20% 2x4". SAROUK uM $7fi,00 NOW .lift DWEUS YOUTH This is fho famous door fo Primrose House Scion on Pork Avenue !n New York, where specie! treatment methods and rr.ckc-up fashions cro crcolcd for rncny of the world's lovelies! \vomen. It is with pi ice we nresent (hi: exclusive lino in our cosmeiic deporlment. One Only . . . Fine Quality SAROUK ; 9ft. 3 in. xll ft. 9 in. Was $625.00 SALE PRICE Oriental Rugs Add Beauty To Your Home And Are'An- Excellent Investment At These Low Prices INCORPORATED 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET NEW DAttY STORE HOURS 0:00 A. M. TO 5:30 F.. M. ' WATERBURY $/wwm& #->: fl lolvcd with "talon" preparollonii CliifTon Cl«on!lno Cream 1.00 ond 174 ... Dry Skin Mixturo 1.00 and 3.00 ... Face 'Molding Cr«am 1.00 and 17S. , . SmoolMtin Croam 1.00 and 1.75 . . . Snooihskln Oil 1.00 ond 174 . . . Skin freihonor Me'end 2.00V" ' " ' '"" " plus 20To fed. tax COSMETICS — STREET FLOOR 33-35 East Main St., Waterbury Phone 4-4191

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