The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on March 28, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Monday, March 28, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results Sfaunatttrk Batlu .i^ ' . . i '. • **? "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community' 1 ftV THEWEATHEE 1 Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode J.o) jind—Considerable low cloudiness and fog coastal sections tonight and early Thursday otherwise fair weather with little change in temperature, tonight and Wednesday. LXX, No, 161 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, JULY 10, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cents 25 Taken From Plane Wreck Near Holyoke West Side Club Seeks School Bus Delegation To Attend Meeting Of School Board To. morrow Night Leads In Minnesota GOP Primary iiir^nca, pi'i'uldont of thu Community Club will hettd tt KI-OUJJ of club mom burn, to- rdoicow evening svhen thc.-y Httt;nd (hi, monthly niuitllnji; of llio local board of o<lucatlrjn. Thn group In at- li-iiiling tin: meeting to .st-c:k nctlon nn thi'ir n-qui:Mt fur bun Hurvlco for tt-.i, i/i-iunimu 1 school uhlldmi In thit Wi-it Sidn club cift.'ii. A.'iidu from Mr. iJuLucu the ris- mnindvr or the group lire: Ituy- incind MuKi'-i' Mra. M, A. Houston, Mrs. J. Khim. Mi'f. M A. Hiickl, C'ui'letfui [,. Nol.ton, Mr and Mrs. Kiii-1 Kvon, Mrs, K, M. Hydo, Mr. iiml MI-.-I. <li:ori;i' Orohs, Mrs. John Lynch. Islington D. Wade, .ft; B. J. Kii.-uii-U nnd Gtioi'gu K. Hiiigh. Soiiu- othi'r iiiutti.-i'H of Import- line" m:iy br dlncuH.ted ut tomoiTuw nlKht'.'i rm-ntlntf. nnldt' from the ri'Kiilcir financial n.'porlii. Thi-ri! havr boon reports that flrovi'iikli: Hohool may be clo.-u.'d llils fall, with tin' HtudfiiitH lining tnin.Mfori net to Oak Htrtint or Ci-n- ti'nl AVI-IIUII School:!. .Bi/obo fitriii-t Si'tinol In i>xpccti!il tn bo I'KOpuniid In thi' fall iifti'i 1 bi'lng f.'lo.Hotl about WlirthiM 1 acLlon will bn tiiHi'ii tnward approving nullify ucaluii for tmiiihi'i'M, tniHi'd on tflu Inci'miNt)." vuti'd nt tlii- roci-iit mooting of tin 1 rii'rrruTi, could not bc> ancni-t'.ilncid. Brophy Considers Special Board Meeting Friday Wiirdrf) *•<'<> J. Bfophv J'lild today lie' wiui curiMldiri'lfig (.'ailing Ii Mpi'cla 1 meeting of the hoard of wurdtm nnd tnirgi".ii'rt I''rlday night, to cuinpiin yutc l'<u- Ihi' cunciilud mi'Utlriir ut July 2. l-'.iii'>;M!m J. I'YnnctM CJultnn \vujc ro- pui'trd out of town and not due luiek until Saturday. J)om- rnlc Dc'C'iU'lo r»;mnie(l last flight 'nfti'r it viiratUm In NHW York, Wurdcm liruphy Niikl he wan tin ciM'taln whether to cull tin- meeting tiociilwc (if tho /iliHont bllrgoM.M, bul (inlntid out that Ron.ildurabli! but;! nc'MH uT linportanco was awa iicjtlou by the board. Eldon Robs Tells Rotary Club Of Munitions Plant T'lldcm Kolis of Hilt U. S. IlllbhiM company was the guost MpouUar u! today';! Holary Club luncheon held lit mum In tho V, M. C. A. Mr Roh'i Miiliji'ot Wd.M thu Dr.i Mulnr munitions plant, a property of tin U. S. Uubbec company, I''ollowlMg today's mooting at I p. in.. Hhii local Kotary traveled to Wftti-rtmry to take up ft challongc iMMiiod by tho Waterbury Itotary chili to play a golf match at the WiiturOiiry Country club. Elghtoon •Uoh.-t' niibjoct was the Dos Moinos Ciiudlduti' fur thi! Uepiilillcun nomination for Governor of Mimi&sotn, .Judge Liillii-r \V. Vuuiigdiitil, M, is shown cii.sfcing Ills vote in thu GOP prliiuii'li'H ul Minneapolis. Mrs. Murie C. Mudlgnti taken the judge'w hiilliit, Yiuiiigiluhl, who is endorsed by Gov. Harold E. Stasson, Is lead- Ing his opponent by a four to ono nuirgln. <Int«rnat!onal) Capt., Six Other Officers, To Be Named For Company F Truckload Of Beef Draws Big Audience On, Church Street Candidates Urged To Make Application For Commission Immediately -- _ i Na'.igutuck men who served a,< il'tlcurs In any branch of tho arm-I -d forec:! dui'ini,; the war arc quali- > ;ed t'oi' conin\i.-iM|fins In Lht; .usii-il. Llout. Col. \Vilfred A. S. , Crowds collected, gaped a.nd .sighed on Church street this morn- all eyes was a Se-cond jI | nf , T |,,.. 0 ]-,j C ct of well loaded truck. "What's that, mommy?" asked a /[urtlrt, comm.'indor of t-he '.attullon. lO-nd Infantry Rugl- ncnt, nosv in thij process of I'oucti- •atiun, iiiiiiimrcccd night. Atlr.-ndlng a roni-griuiiiation con- youngster, about tsvo, whoso ability c'i'ciice at Mcc; Wati.-1'bury armory | to Identify nnd name cold cuts has Removal Or Non-Removal Of Tonsils Ky Olt. ,T. 11. WAUHKN Foe- luuuy ailments of chllrlrnn »|| -to the age of puberty no truat- inent rcwtoroH them to normiil as 'lulckly as romoviil of onlargiul nn<! (lisoiisi'd tousllii, Hoaltliy tonsils should not be removed. T'jn»ilt< ahoulcl bo vomovod (a) when attacks of .tonslllltio occur from time to time; (b) when pUH cnn l«t H(|uuo7.ud out of tho llttlo holes or crypts; (c) when there IH an oiilii/'gdd gluml behind -the anglo of 'he Jiisv bulow tho war; (U) when the throat about the tonal! IH pur- P'lsh rod In appearance. (Holon.fod by Consolidated Nowa Inc.) •—Hot wiMtthcr llntc* IH Hhor tlinr. At HlrVx Hllcw Stnns I t'i Hunk Klrri't, WBtnlinry. thrrp ore luiinlr«l» «f ctt.vli-it lot ivtur | U me luinmer ncuiuni— Ailr. ust night from Ntiugatuclc woru Captain Ilurrls Whittcmoro, Com- d.'cii£li;r Harold Ijuwls Of Crusader 'oHt V. Ji 1 . .W. and Uout, J, W, '.'hompNOii of tho flangors. Lic-ut. Col. Mat tin urged local i.>;i|diint» Interested in applying for '. comrnliislori to contact Capt. .Vhlttc-moi-e or Commander Lewis imnr'liatt-'ly. S^n't-n vacancies, in- hiding a cnptalricy, exist in the propo'iod Naugatuck Unit, Com- >:iny F, All officers, cxf.vp! second licu- i-nnntn. miisjl luive hod six months •otlvn wrvicii subsi'quLTt to De- •c'liibrr -I, I'.i-l!. to qualify. Twenty-live cjintlidiitos applied or commissions l;ist night al an • rganl'/atlon meeting in W.ili'rbury. dost of tho cnr,r-||(lati.'s wnro Water- Hirlan. 1 ;, hoxvev'nr, Jind the Nauga- uclt company will be houdecl cx- •lusivi'ly by local mfn. In a II, 3fi •acnnci>\s «.'xist. Mcut. Col. St. Martin r.uid that i!dcr:il iccognlilnn would ho grant- d hi:adqillirtiM'.'i unity after fiO per Tent of the ol!lcers and enlisted non woi'o ulgncd up. In the other '.nl-lH. roi.Mgnltlon will bo given at'- or 23 per cent of the nnd 0 per cent of the enlisted men •/cro recruited. Condition Of One Plane Crash Victim Reported Critical Rrlrlgc-jioi't. July 10—(UP)—The •nncllllnn of r>no of thr holicoptor •rash victims In reported to be ,'Ut'MO. Commanili'i- C:irlos Gadda of the \rgfiilino commission which was •Ivi-n an Ill-fotctl demonstration •csterdny Is Hfikl to bo In "ei'itlcnl" •ondltioi nt St. Vincent's hospital. The other two members of the uonunlswion nnd tho pilot are said u bo In good condition. Their dls- •luirgo IN oxpoctod in n day or two. The throe-man commission came ci Bridgeport to Inspect an S-ril Sikorsky helicopter. apparently with a view to buying some for he Argentine government. During i demonstration flight, three rotor iladoK flow off. Tho ship crashed "rofii about 20 foot. pas.seJ tho. blindfold test. "7f mortioi-y serves me, that's moat, son," replied the shopping houso'wirtx "What's the pollconinn doing? Is lie gum-ding it?" camo the child's query. "No. son," said the mother, taking her eyes from tho truckload of beef sides for the first time and noting Patrolman James Fcnton. "Like ourselves, he's just an interested spectator. " Tho crowd grow. Judge Ma-.'tln L. Caino name by and halted. "Looks mighty fine — a treat's In .'•tore," lie. commented, wtopping long enough for a second look — and a third. The meat disappeared into tho store. The smiles grow bigger over smacking lips — until a cynic piped up: "Meat. Sure, but wall'll you sou tho price." Tho crowd drifted away, seemed to !o:u] interest. ARRIVING TODAY New York, July 10—(UP)—One war bride ship and one troop ship -ire scheduled to put In New Yorlix larbor today. The Zebulon Vance, r roni Southampton will bring in -100 war brldcn and children, And the Marine Shark will arrive from Alexandria with two troops. —Mciny hundred* of Nuiciriiliirl; nir iMvnc'r* ifclfrcllt.v Imvr vlrwrd tlcn new 10-17 StinlelillktT, on (llcnyluy cit tlifl Nctli- futuck Untlerr * Auto Service.—Adv. Molotov Assails British, French And U. S. Policies Tn Pnris Soviot Minister Molotov has levelled a blast at British, American, nnd French occupation policies nearly us reverberating as Blandy's atomic blasts. Molotov says the western powers have failed to cany out tho terms of the Potsdam and Yalta agreements so far as Germany goes. He claims the American proposal for a 25-year treaty on Germnn dls- nrmnmcnt is wholly inndequatczn that tho western powers are falling to denazify Germany, and that the American disarmament proposal carries no insurance against Ger- mnn remilitarization and rearmament. -Vfolotov levelled his charges at the opening of talks on the future of Germany nt the big-four meeting yesterday. Today the ministers will got together again in an effort to find a common ground for discussion on Germany. The American commander in Europe, General McNarney, has been i almost aa critical of Big-Four cooperation in Germany. McNarney says that efforts to coordinate American, British, French and Russian occupation zones into single economic unit have been so fruitless that United States may have to draw up economic agreements with only ono or two of tho occupation powers. —For mention fciHhlonH. Kliitit ut Ru- nhai-l'H. NnciKiitm'k'H Fcinhion Center which' for ninny ,vrurc* line* bc*n out- flttluiiT NauuraluciV* iiuiirteit women. Senate Bans Ceilings On Meat,Eggs Poultry Is Also Exempted; May Exclude Dairy Products, Other Items Today (By United Press) In Washington, it appears that the Senate is all set to shoot the administration's OPA renewal bill full of holes. Already in the first major test of strength on the measure the Senate has voted to exempt meat, poultry and eggs from any now price controls. Tho amendment is in direct opposition to the stand taken by President Trumun. Mr. Truman has warned he will not accept any OPA measure that allows decontrol o£ specilic items. This has led to Congressional speculation that the chief executive may aso veto this price control bill if it is sent to the White House with the . new Senate amendment. The Senate vote 49 to 26 In favor of banning .ceilings on meat, poultry and eggs, is a much more lopsided vote than even the amendment's author, Republican Senator Kenneth Wherry of Nebraska, dared predict. T'he size of .the majority also led senators to forecast the exemption of dairy products, petroleum, and tobacco i'rom future price ceilings. Today the upper chamber will vote on an amendment proposed by Democratic Senator James Eastland of Mississippi to increase the price of couoh seed D3 dollars to 70 dollars 1 per ton. After that the Senate will tuke up an amendment to prohibit price controls on dairy products. Senate Investigators Link May To War Firm Senator James Meu<I (left) of New York, and Sen. Hugh B. Mitchell, ; bf Washington, identify a. photo of Benjamin ,T, Fields who was accused Ix'forc the. War Investigating Committee! of offering bribes to ,- halt the prubo of operations- of an Illinois munitions combine. (International) Litml>crnian I- W. Fields, of Wbltesburg, Ky., tells tho Mnid War Investigating Committee that Rep. Andrew ,J. May wan once "actual owner" of the Cum • bi'rland Lumber Co., and had claimed to bo "in touch with the proper persons to get war contracts." Tho committee Is investigating an Illinois munitions combine. (International) Tarkington Left Most Of Estate To His Widow Alfred, Maine, July 10 (UP)— York County Probate Judge Prank D. Fondcrson h;j^ allowed the will of Booth Tarkington — noted American author. Tho will lists an es- tute of 5100,000— with the writer's widow as chief beneficiary. Tarkington — who died at his homo in Indianapolis May 19th — loft most of tho estate to his widow — Susar.ah K, Tarkington. It includes income from a trust fund with the Indiana Trust Company. On his widow's death, the trust fund will be divided among Mary L, Keifcr of Kenneunport, Eliza- will be divided among Mary L. both S. Trotter of Philadelphia, John T. Jameson, Donald . Jameson anld Booth T. Jameson— all of Indianapolis. Arrest Three More Drivers Police Continue Drive To . Enforce Stop Sign, Speed Regulations Three persons were arrested yesterday by Patrolman Walter Ly- ski'ewicz, In connection with ttic current campaign to enforce recognition of stop signs, and to curb speeding- In tho Borough, Chief John Gormloy announced today. The throe drivers arrested failed to stop at th'o sign at the corner of Rubber avenue and E'.m street. These men arc: Leslie Hntstat, Sputhbury, who will be tried in Borough " Court July 20; Henry Cammato, 311 Oak street, July 12; and Kenneth Williams, 104 Blahcs- lee Circle, Waterbury, July l2 One case involving non-support was tried in Borough Court this morning, Jo'nn Taranowicz, 33 Ncaglc -street, w;is ordered to pay $10 weekly towards the support of his wife. LATE r-rr MAY GET REFINER Boston, July 10 (UP)—Governor Tobin today will recommend to his executive council that a reprieve until August 15th be granted John F. Koxon, junior of Plttsfleld, Mass. Noxon now is scheduled to die within 30 days In the electric chair for the murder of his imbecile son. Republican Leader Coming To Conn. Hartford, July 10—(UP)—Republican National Chairman B. Carroll Reece plans to spend next Monday r.igbt a-t tho governor's residence. State politicbs. are predicting- that Reece and Governor Baldwin | will discuss more than tho weath- j or. They believe that Reece will repeat his'request that the governor run again. EDITORIAL What's The Answer? Nai;g.iinck's civic pride is about in undergo the acid test. It's almost unbelievable that a community, just bursting at tho seams with pride in its accomplishments in a period of 100 years, should be forced to send its young "stalwarts to fields afar to engage in sports programs that rightfully should be played at home. We are, with good reason'', a proud communily; but how long can Naugatuck boast of its assets, accomplishments and attractiveness, in the face of a condition that prohibits High School lads the privilege of playing"home" basketball games in their own community. Perhaps the best thing that ever happened was the decision, of Coach Peter.-J. J?oley to play next season's games in Waterbury. News o;f the plan comes at a most propitious time, when Warden Brophy is making ready to call a meeting of his planning commission to discuss a veterans' petition that a Community auditorium he built. How long must Naugatuck teams—whose records down through the years have made them teams to be reckoned with-—look to Wat'erbury as their "home" floor? How long must Naugatuck look to other communities to provide facilities for gatherings—sports, social and political—that rightfully belong here; gatherings that would lend stature to Naugatuck in state affairs. Naugatuck looks to Warden Brophy and the planning commission for an answer. LOUIS TO FIGHT MAURIICtXO Now York, July 10—(UP) — Promoter Mike Jacobs announced today that ho_has. signed heavyweight champion Joe LouTs to defend his title September 18th against Tanii Mauriello of Now York, The bout, a. 15-roundcr, will be held in Yankee Stadium. oOo TRICES RISING New York, July 10— (UP)—One. of the nation's lending financial houses—Dun and Bradstreet—reports that wholesale . food prices are continuing to spiral upward. The firm says food prices hjivo now hit their highest general level Ki>xce Juno li)20. — —oOo / CATTLK PRICKS UP Chicago, July 30—<UP)—Cattle prices have hit a now a'.l-llmo high on the Chicago market. Steers are selling for a top price of $22.75 n. hundredweight. ——oOo AK.REST MApK Rome. .Inly 10—(\J1')—Police, iintiuiincc thiit Uioy have nrrcsl^ ed ;i man named Maura Runa as the ringleader of ;i gang that kidn:i|iccl Bonlto Mussolini's body :ind that Ranu. has confessed. oOo BYRNES' STATEMENT Pnris, July 10—(UP)—Secretary of State Byrnes says it IB "essential" that the t Allios agree on :i pence settlement for Germany before the establishment of a German government. oOo PRESIDENT'S ORDER Vienna, July 10—(UP)—General Mark Clark has "told Austrian Chancellor Fig] '-.ihat he has been directed by President Truman to start negotiations toward renouncing the United States' share in German assets in Austria. AGREEMENT REACHED Rome, July JO—(Ul')—Italian Premier de Gasper! has reached an agreement of the Socialist and Communist parties on the formation of a new republican cabinet. An announcement late last night 111 Rome Mild it was hoped the cabinet list might ho announced today. I PIG HER PRICES- By United Press—Tho, Civilian Production Administration plans to jack the amount of natural rubber going Into automobile tires from two-and-a-half to 33 por cent. CPA officials say this now formula will provide better mileage. School Move "News^ToY Brown Knew Nothing- Of Plan To Shift Hoop Games To Waterbury General Secretary Herbert E. Brown of the YMCA said today that news of the High School's plan to play "home" basketball jyames next season at tho Waterbury' Armory came as .1 complete surprise to him. "I knew nothing of the plan un- lil I read it in yesterday's News," said Mr. Brown. School authorities had given him no advance i:r- formnli-jn that they wore planning to transfer activities from 4h YMCA 10 the Waterbury scene, he stated. Col. J. Peter Costignn of Water bury -told THE NEWS yesterd:i> ihat Coach Peter J. Foloy ha.s booked thu armory for 13 games in the next basketball season. No onnouncement of the plan ba.s been made locally. School Officials To Attend Session On Auditorium Supt. of Schools Harold K. Chit- lendcn nnd Chairman of Hie Board of Education Samuel I. Lyons will bo invited to i'sit in" nt. n. meeting of iho planning commission next week lo discuss a proposal for the construction of a community auditoVium, Warden Leo J. Brophy said today. ". Representatives of veterans units, who proposed the meuting .will also attend. Warden Rrophy snid that the two school officials mifrht be able to offer suggestions for the auditorium as it might nffcct the school programs. There have boon .suggestions tVat the auditorium might be built in conjunction with n school, but opposition is expected to ai-iso if administration of the auditorium is turned over to the school board. No date hotf been set for the meeting. Plane Hit Mount Tom Last Night Crash Victims Included 5 Civilians, 6 Army Men, 14 Navy Personnel (By UnfUxl I'ross The Ml. Tom center on the outskirts of Holyoke, Mass., is the sci'iv of a tragedy -today. Shortly befon» dawn 215 todies recovered from the wreckage of a converted B-37 '\vcro brought down lo ainbulancos waiting' by the amusement park. The 13-17, made ovi r into a 'transport, crashed into lh« 1200 foot Ml. Torn 1,-isf night. Five civilians nre among Uifi still unidentified victims, who also included six army men ami !•! navy personnel. The plane was en- route from Goose Bay, Labrador, to Wostover Field. In the murky vicihility of a rain-storm last night it ploughed into Iho mountain peak seven and one-half miles from Wostover while it was circling for 1 landing. Many of the service iJorsonnel aboard are believed lo have been on their way home for discharge. Patrolman Mark Sullivan on duty last night at the Ml. Tom amusement center says he heard ,in ex- >!osion Dial .sounded lilte distant thunder. -When he looked up, the soak of the .mountain was in "lames. Two in-yoar-old boys who were •inako hunting on the mountain ind so are familiar will] the ter- 'ain, led -the rescue workers. The youths discovered two of the bodies n a sully some 330 foot from the scene of the crash. Plane. Exploded The craft exploded when It crashed, liurling bodies and parta several hundred feet. The explo- ion also started a forest fire. VVhen rescue workers reached the Jlane after scrambling up the rocky mountainside they found womc of the bodies beside the jj.-izing fuselage. But others were "ound scattered through :he forest Hop the mountain. OHlcials soy it «•]!! be dillicult -o identify Borne of the badly lurned bodies. The bodies were car- ied down the mountain to nn imusoment center at the base vhere they were loaded into ambu- inces and removed to the trnns- t cominand center at Weslover Field for the slow process of identification. Investigation Of War Profits Continues Today (By United ProsM The Senntc win- profits investigating committee lias summoned tbroo executives of :i midwcslern munitions combine for questioning in Washington. Chief witness is Dr. Henry Gnrs- firm combine thnt rolled up npe-/- son, glib mastermind of the 16- Patterson On Stand Hughes' Condition Is Still Dangerous Beverly Hills, Calif.. July 10— (UP)— Physicians attending millionaire Howard Hughes say he is being given penicillin treatments to ward off the threat of pneumonia. Hughes was seriously injured in the crash of his experimental plane last Sunday. Doctors say his condition is still dan- trerous, but that he has no skull fracture, as thought at first. State Council Will Draft Rent Control BUI Hartford, July 30—(UP)—The state logisla-tivn council is scratching its collective head — trying to figure out a state rent control bill. The'problem is to draf-t a measure which will freeze rents at O-P-A levels but at the same time take into consideration increased expenses of landlords. The council heard 70 speakers at -the five-hour public hearing yesterday. Only two of them voiced objections to any form of rent control. It Is thought likely that the council's bill will provide for creation of local fair rent boards throughout the state to investigate alleged injustices. —T..i't Chcirk'H Frtcndb- Swvlifi Sla- tlon. North Mrtln Htrret, map occt yoccr rtillrti vcicaLlon trip. Hrli'ctlnie Ihn brHt ruudH, for maximum enjoyment.—Adr. —A full llnuor llrcniw Kt 4cfl"n Bwtaur- nnf, Oiurrli MtriTt, inKUrm n full cholco of cooUnir drlnkx. NO enjoyable Ja tbti Lot wutlUer •MiBOn,—Adv. Secretary of Wnr Robert Patterson takes the oath before testifying In Washington during the Semite Inquiry Into the operations of war munitions companion. Patterson appeared voluntarily. (Interimtlonal Soundphoto) tacular profits and turned in equally spectacular expense accounts for government payment. Yesterday the Senate committee heard testimony from War Secretary Robert Patterson. Patterson said that Democratic Representative Andrew May of Kentucky, called him three times on behalf of the Garason Interests, But Patterson emphasized he was not in the business of. doing favors for anybody where the government was concerned. —I-'or ri-furnlnlilni: 5'our hotiw, and chut In no time like x'nntillon time. Mop cit l-1«liiiinn>, 8» South -Main •Uxsct. Wulcrbury. tor home oeeili.—Adv.

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