Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 27, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
Page 8
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS b-T-'fK .MrNah five ;in informal i : '•;, i d ;.:.!'.'.• \Vcrfn' 1 -'day a p '-moon in honor ni Mr.<. .1. .J. Mand"-, il.l". About Aliont thrfc- bundled ;it-\t-x fif .'• ib- briLT h->H b' 1 ' 1 !! jilnnif'tl in this :-"fi ifin. , f/. Oxanirt hfiB fji)' 1 of ib' 1 ifn^fst. ;if.,c- ! if,"' '. \.i-.-.v of .'.ainji'on. Mr. ^nd Mi-', f'bi .: '•«'•'• Mi"-. I);ini"! M";id vi:-ii(i', ) .Mr.-:. \v. M. s Opening IRWINDALE. The pupil- of t| i( . \.t,\\i-r SellOol ga.Ve 'Hie of l];ii|- Splendid e|| ! ei ta Inmenls on Fiida. ol last \ver \- 'i honor of Washington'.-' hlrt Inlay. Thi progtam, which was in charcrc of Mr. and Mi.-:. C. II. Coffinan and) Mi:-. Mauling of Los An;e! Manning, Miss Farmer and Miss Iior- daus/hler, I,eota. went to ! .os Angeles it-cent gu< ;-' at (he home <,t !-:cy, vva, as follows: Flag son;; hy in their machine io spend ihe week Mi.- 1 . W. W. !l ( 'h. school; flag nioilo, grammar praties;! end with Iriends. 3rd and 'is- was- in i.o: AH- We wish to announce the opening of an entirely dew stock '-"•'"• f) " Business on \v< ( :nesd;iy oi ,,( stylish, up-to-date sprin-*; and sutntiK-r goods. All are cordially stories; of Washington's life; I'anl Primary grades; dialogue, Rus^e! Sloan and Fr<-d Heih. song, Fifth made; accrostlc, "Washington is Our Mod"!," Mix boys; flag drill, Primary grade; Washington song; address, Rev. C. F. Richardson. Mis. ("lara Avers entertained the Jialflwln I'ark Women's f'lnh on Frida.y of lasi week-. A Valentine's day program was given, each lady telling the story of her own romance or that of some friend. These [• heart lo'hcart talks afforded much Interest and amusement. The next meeting will h ( ' Mr. a.'id Mr:-;. children, of |,os day at the home of M,it hew Mai i.iey. Si . Mr. frail Mrs. F. f. !)evendorf the holiday Monday taking a pie trip to Riverside and Redlands. Mr. Oak, of Irwindale avenue eclved a visit from his. hrolhei, rcHldes at Colton, this week. I Mr; 1 . ]•'.. ('. Thomas \v i:-; eonfine-l io I'entlleifin and I her honi" by iilne:-s the fi;-i oi the "H, :- pi ll! Sllll- ! W eek. Mr. and Mi:-;.! A ''.I) U'ffJlif':-:f];iy w;i.-: 'ilr-frv-fl hi 1 >,|)<C(ai :-"i vices ','.', Sain! A! 'try's chared Mii:-: wi'i'k. Mr. Fickle',! il'i and S. 1... \VailH aie '•ri'-h planting ffii'ly-.ifi i- t:;if:i : ; fjf ;,o '' |I(/ '' H Mebb Si (3rabam Mr. ami Mrs. Olio ['rouse visited the former's sister, Mrs. |',oyd. and fimily at Highlands this week. Miss Hclllnger anil Mr. C,crald Wa;in open meeting ami will he held :i1 icrhoiise vlslied Mr. and Mrs. William the Haldwin Park school house, Mis. Walorbonso on W. Sievenson belrn Charter Oak. j I Mr. Uiclnrd Cole and ,-on Maxwell,, who have I,i-en spending Hie winter: with 'he dinner's lirother. let'i Tuesday | who j to return to iheir old home In Mellia.j province of Maniloha, ('anatla. Mr. f'oJi! and his son were vf ry much j pleased will) flalifoinia amll think 'hey will come back ami buy a! ranch after settling up their home in I eroHlH. i Next to Warner. \VhitseI & Co.'s Mr. and MIK. r.eorire f'ujss visiii-il, New Store. Hid tf. l'-tiflii in S;in Hernardino, la.-i wee|;. Citrus Avenue Covina, Cal. Ibf ,,. Mr. ami Mrs. W. (,. Wood worth ffi- t<-rtalii''d Mrs. A. K. Mattison of I.OH Iv T. roffman a.nd l!i other.-;, who are extensive 141 ain < ,\ n^e|ex >\i<~ last of las' ifiisers on Ihe p.alilwin r< from a I ..... HI.K trip in Hi" llol- f.U bills Sunday niubl wiili iwo' ( ' !l1 '" Ivn.xs and ;, wild-fiii. Tb< IVII.XH : 'l'"'ii • , . , , . , "<'• ''•••">•*• XVyrim- vl:-ll"d friends at l"'"'^i I" "lif f.oiif.hrdla. Valley UK; week-end. nd fbildr',, of ,,,: flnesls of Hie Varbrongh home ihis week w-ere Mr. and Mrs. Tucker of l.litle Hock, Aik., Mr. and Mrs. ('•<•». I'arion from Hie f'.ity of Mexico, Mr. | arid Mrs. UmiKhee of Salt I.a.i;e f'ity, Mr. and Mrs. I)a.venpori arnl Mr. and MrK. Minor Moore of Mrs. Mary Simpson, who ha:; i-'cenl I .M,-S. >;. p,. [rwln and Mif.s I.ella ly leinrned from an e.\t r-mled visit at '[rwln vl:-'iteil Miss [leacon of I,o>; An- Winnlpe;.',, Canada, was lh< Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Wilcox and son, who aie spending the winter here from Vermont, spent a few day:-; the early part of Hie week vi-iilitiK in I.os, An- (.•eics ami Pa: ;l ideNa ai:;l took in one of the popular Tillon trolley trips. Mr. K. S. Rowland of l.on^ Hc;ich is reinodelin:-' hi:-; house on llonba av- Docay of Building Stones. The cnUM.'.s of (li.-i ay in stoi.'i.-s are various and dt'in-nd on tin physli-al istnii'inri; of the .stout.*, its I eompo.-iltion iinil the nature of the snr- | ronnding niinoHphtTL*. 'Ihe most de- | structIvu nn<'nt to which tlu; stnnc IH j exposed IH rain or a moist atmosphere and also In a minor degree wind, front mid smoke. The air of largo towns Is usually charged with various deleterious 'ncld.j. These acids are dissolved by I he rain, which penetrates the stone in a greater or lesn degree, according to Its 1-li.y.sicaI structure, and ctjinblucu with the const ii nents of the stone, i-ansin;,' It to decay, so that any con- trlvaiK.. that will chock the admission nf water will be most likely fo sneeeed in arrestiiii,' decay.—linilding Your Winter Trip East SHOULD HE VIA The Sunset Route '•'"'I " ! V',e|es over t I her brother. .1. Ii. Simpson and his . wife iv, im Thui -lav of lasl w, e|. lmli |, "amel Me !; ,| all-htlecl Ihe pi- nue preparamr.v Io hniiKiiiK lu« lai.uly .Monil;,.-.. wl,.-n rl.e' ...(nni'-'l io P-.XM-| !' |f; li ." 1 ' 1 K " h - ^ !lt A^i Icnll m al l'a,k.|mn few days. li' lia.. '.V,;e! ;- :',he I. at [ti'i ;-:eni. The Farmer':; Hub met lasl Sa t n r- i l "'" 1 •"•''. •'• ' '• ^'' ( '">' "" (l !l ^ I'"' da;. a.l "Valencia park." Ihe beaitl ifnl i, A lll!l Mll "' !t lil!il ^"liday. htjiiie of I',. I,. Reynolds. Abo uests of Mrs. .lohn enly-Iive mcmhcis enjoyerl Hie follow- j ],,,, ; v | ,. s Rogers and Mis. Ansiin of Mr. I!' in!/ proniam: ;\dtlie:;-- on l-'erl ili/liif-',. j | ,,,n Ang,«.|es for a few da.vs. Mr. Tvv'omley o;' Wliiltier; readini 1 Mi. II. C. Mace spent Monday and Tuesday a! i,oni; lioach with hi.-; I'rieiiil . and A'rs. A. T. Kdivon !iHMi<l<'<l .Mr. and Mr:;. .1. II. Simiison had a their f/uesls Miss .McV'ea of Covina was I be guenl week Miss Marian Mrs. lierl Scot I has l,een enlerlain- of Miss l.eola Irwin at her home In '"^ " f.lrlhood friend I rwlndalc '.".-ei- Sunday. | '''' Mrs. TlioiniiH .Ien'er:ion, who lias beell visiting winter, Mis. \.. M. Hwallow, left hisl. week for Auburn, .\'eb., '•!! i'llo, Kansas. J. A. Hanbtirn t,f Missouri pmchasfd liftefii acr'f.H of bind from Mrs. X. II. Irwin last. week. The properly IH partly set io hearing oranges and Is Improved by a comfortable bungalow. The mile wan made by J,. A. .Jones. The price received was $000 per afire. Mr. and MrH. Carroll Cook of Seattle, who are ((.Hiring Bout hern California In their RUlomnbiln, hail us their gueBlH on a pleasure trip to Riverside and Kcdlands IIIHI week Mrs. II. Miller, Miss Rena Wilson and Mrs. Schcrrner- liorn of Los AiigeleH. fiiifiKlH at Hie homo of Mr. and Mrn. W. A. MrotiHt! hiHl wetdf were Dr. Cull- ler of Ohio, who IH wlnlerlng In Low Angeles, and Mr. nnd MrH. Stroughlon of Xew ./ei'Hti.v,. who were formerly friends of Mr. find Mrs. Mroune when they resided in San Mernardino. Mr. Mansperger, who 1ms \tcc\\ foreman for F. .1. Slinisoii for some time, ban rented the it'll acres of land belonging If: Alr.s. Clara Avers ami will plant sweet potatoes up-m II. Mr. ami Mrs. Mansperger will ri side upon the propei ly. Mr. William Kit/, was In I ,os Angeles the hitler part of lasl week visiting his infant son at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Muhr. Mr. lift/, expects to secure a nurse and have the child in home after Ibis week'. Seventh anil Klghlh grades of this school have won the silk Hag offered 1'or prompt and regular attendance during the lasl month. These grades competed with the ('enler School also. Mrs. I.. II. Root entertains at dinner today her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge Daniels of Pasadena. 'I'll' 1 family parly will celebrate Mr. lianiels' and Mi 1 . Root's lilrllnlnvs. Hi. C.ani of as his guest last Hun- M rs. •r; i uesilav morning Io visit iflaiives In Sa.n Diego. picnic Monday. BALDWIN PARK. Miss Frankonbiirg, teacher of Hit; primary grades, spent, the week-end with her sister In Los Angeles. The new owners of Ihe Cook properly on l-os Angeles Hi reel are, building a pretty col!age. Miss Nina. Humphrey of Los Angeles visited Mrs, Johnston of Maine street this week. Mr. \Z. },. Power has been confined to his homo by sickness, for the past week. Mr. King of Ontario was a recent visitor at Ihe home of Mr. and Mr«. Schilling. WALNUT CENTER. Mr. Hughes of South Orange avenue w.i", obliged Ii) kill one of bis valuable horses lasl week. In some unaccountable manner Ihe animal broke Us leg ulille (led In the stable during Hie night. Mr. Hughes is dependent on his team for Ihe support of bis family afford Io meet with such a ami can loss. Mr. .lohn \eb,on, who has been In Imperial Valley for some lime improving his properly there, has returned Io this neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Congdon of 101 Monte were visiting In this neighborhood this week. S. C. Mrewsler made a short business trip Io Kings county this week. Mrs. Harper is visiting her mother. Mrs. Rogers of lleile. Ibis week. Irwindale Cilrus (Irowers' Apodal ion, I W. Iv Xewtoii is planting, ihiriyllve Ulllcll necessitated Hie closing of the 'acre., of polalne:.. pack inv, bouse for three or four d.iys ! this Week. Mr. and Mrs. C. \. | iinn ami Mr. j AZUSA. and Mis. II. liavenpoil of Tropieo jil-j W. P. Marine reports a busy week tended Hie l'a:-ad"iia A llaileiia auto- i in the real estate business ibis week. Mr. .Malhew Malney, Sr., liatl :i se- lions allat'k of bean Iroulile last week which t'.reaily alarmed his children Fred ( 'hamberlin, son of Rev. and Mis. (Jeorge ( 'hamherlin, had his rii'.hl Istml batlly crnsheit Saiiirda.v while helpiiu- dl ill I lie well I hat is be in I', pill down on the Asehenbi vnner juopertv Mr-. Cliiiicin ileaib ol Covina ami Mis, |te.,Me .\iadir-on ol Pomona vveie •-•ui 1 .-!., at the In ..... • ut Mr. ;ind Mrs. \ mador ( 'oil i in t his u ,.idi. the following sales: Twenty acres of unlmprmed land southwest of town belonging to (i. W. Knight to Mrs Catherine Diedrich of A Ihamhra ; a lot on Center street \ve.-l of tin- rhunsb, t r:nist'ei i ed I'toin Frank Morris to ,\lrs. Anna liar- low ; a lot on i he corner n;' Teni h ami San Cabriel streets belonging to W. II. ami Frank Davies to W. P. Taylor ami luo lois on Dallon awmu 1 liflmm ing to \V. II and Frank Da vies, io Mis. lit'! i o rff of Kiln.i. Kan. \ v al'-iil iiii 1 p.u ! \ v^ a.-- i- i v en In \1 i:.s I aura Manninu ,11 her hnme mi A/.us'i • '• V I'lllle. l''ell. I .11 ll. ill honor of I lie Si",i'Uih m,I Kiuliih grades of the l,OV\e| A/lisa ..('Illllll l!l':UIS \\eli 1 (ill! M i s l^iiii'sl \\'.islibui n and lv\<> spicnous in tin- uames. deem .tl ions and danghlei- of South Pasadena visileil i e! I esiimeiil s of the evening. Abdiil o\i-i Sniiilav at the home nl Mr. and llilily \ouim people i-n|ovi-i| .Mi-s Ma!i Mi 1 '. I 1 .' It I'ull'maii niliL; s liospil alii > Mr. C. l.aliatt, vv ho was opi-,;,ii-i| 1,11 Mrs, M. li. | ,a Fell a of (IN-minia en- ; ii Hie Anm-lus hiispilul M-V-.-; il \\i-i-l., ie;iaiin-il S\'riliii-sda\ ai'ieinonn in :,-:o is much IM-III r and is expii-ii-.l in honor of Mrs. McFarland. Mis. Cox, Mi s liiilv of I .ong lii-aeh and M:ss Snavel\ uf Si n liiiL 1 .. Ill Aboni lui ul>- live I-idie.-, \\,,|,. iuviieil in nii-i i Mr.--. UK Miss llealric.e Cole Is S]iending the week with friends in Collon. PUENTE. The dance lint was given by Ihe young people of Hit: Catholic, church at the Brotherhood hull, last Saturday evening, was lirgeiy attended and greatly enjoyed in spile of Ihe stormy weather. I.os Angeles parlies have recently sold to UK; local 11 rni of fill ley & Foil re, eight lots which they will hold as an Investment. Mrs. J. D. Croon, Ihe Pneiitn postmistress, has recently purchased of Mr. StlriiHon of [.OH Angeles a lot in the hill subdivision. O. Marlenex has bough I a house belonging to Guy Tyler of Walnut Center and will move It to his property In Puonte. Mrs. Cramer of Los Angeles visited a i. the borne of B. Rumbnncl, over Sunday. Cab Hire. The pri''e that one pays for a taxi today is just a little different from what was paid for, say. the hire of a sedan chair in days of old. In the domestic accounts of "Mistress Nell C,\vyn" «•(.* read: "For chairing you to Mrs. Knight's and to Mrs. Cassell's and to Mrs. Churchill's and to Mrs Knight's. -I shillings. For chairing yon yesterday and v.' eleven hours, ti shillings (i pence. Paid l.'Jth Oct., ti;75."— London Chronicle. OF THE A Golfer's i ools. One of tlio most striking feanr.vs of nitidern golf Is the variety of clubs •jsetl to persuade the ball into the hole. AH a matter of curiosity I kept count ,f the different putters used by my partners and opponents In the course of a fortnight's play. The total number of species observed is over twenty. —London Post. Diplomacy. "Do you expect people to believe everything you tell them?" asked tbe constituent. "Certainly," answered Senator Sorghum, "so long as I am careful not to tell them everything I belltre."—Wash- ington Star. The beat lightning rod for your protection," says Ralph WalJo Emerson, "la your owu spine." Southern Pacific OR VIA NEW ORLEANS TO Washington X Chicago X Cincinnati IN THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPERS RICE—COTTON—SUGARCANE MOSS COVERED LIVE OAKS "KINK-HEADED PICKANINNES" BALMY BREEZES THROUGH THE DREAMY SOUTH D. B. SCHENCK, Agent, Covina Phone 144 G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Agent, Pomona SOUTHERN PACIFIC OUR INTRODUCTION AS EFFICIENT WATCHMAKERS JEWELERS AND REPAIRERS THIS COMING MONDAY MARCH 1ST w E ARE COMING TO COVINA to open a thoroughly equipped t establishment on March 1st, this corning Monday. It is our intention to give to the people of the Covina valley the best Workmanship and the squarest deal within our power, and in return we ask respectfully for your patronage. Visit our new store on Citrus avenue, next to Tucker's studio and become acquainted. CoVina JerieJry Co. Watchmakers and Jertelers Remember the Netf Store M. Wright, Manager

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