Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 8, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 8, 1954
Page 6
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HO? I t T A *, .. HJtMM, A * * A N S AI Monday, February 8> 1914 K ' '.'Witching ' confer eftce fei-iffi like lo&kint into i$*iiM>:3toti cduM se* }«iw; : i(#«t-. really is,: ' tt^tt^.,-vie* was chill- tiftgvhsis firodticed no ^jee,. iio gtgn of men tid indicted oth about the Meet- oteyJt 'began. . ' Uhe United i»«jltei,?: felt ain's Eden, iJlldtajilli J?ti8sia'i5 Molo- e bech p61ilc, have dined tji^d:;^ Kaycrt't ., • . changed fctaV ;t»ac been frozen Slitl c.;besf thb Unit hope for but of " the "ius;':firfrv ' >yK; Moiotov ye 1 -suffered ;igh the statement jc>'was Already well |ijosVliti3Sia prop£bly-hoped ' J & weakening of the . { ,ii&h"Fi*i)Hl!h ^ partner- Ilie rtiaeOng jsn't-iover. Most, pull out an ace. bfe, theMre'hch would _j ,at the ctyande.if he Ngjl ,A~'\v&y to end their war f e^C>p'>.Tiiim:sls in Indoehi- [tit losing men "and money is, they i e sick of It. SUtes., which , has :~to -bolster up Frenc'n . is" afrujd that a poor ghent by *he French in Indo- nJght' oper thu door to the inists','taking o\er air South- 5'pr|oe the Trench had to tolotov ,for a settlement was ^ refusal, in join aii 'Defense Commu- _ . European army— ^ht;b'e willing'to buy; |Jar.^th<> French' have not '$gP£> vajgjiJnsl all United |fl^lijgs;/ f jrht»y may conti- - tjd^back'-'iiven' if Molotov 'srt,&U.' Jf, Molotov cfe EE?, ihis Berlin trip faeeu worthwile for " ' the French, yalritad y<have geared ideas oh the future gason $or Frenc delay — 'which woull in- Test Germans 'in x^-ifg'f ^v-ifh the French— gpf^jje^inp Germany start •, on th « l b • sf, and- V.'ejt Germany yto' w,"Ho ar4 then be ed.' 0- tho fac.r of it, ned GflTitr.v scorned t -l|ne with f er.cij desires. .'Jjaye'io {ln-vt jvvici' about p;^r? e -' l >r -«' 0 a ^ed would b< a broail ,. t ?r, BU$J'VI fl/mies Jf •r'begsn a'sweep west, sbjpjtov's net i suggestion P^V to JU or tliv French: Ufari^ West Germany unite rjgle''govern l «-eni piadc up o ^jrVJn, the governments of Communists in tho the' door would bo hern to take over all French would be a new Com- a'Russian sate> JUST IN CASE—Two U. S. Air Force F-84 Thunderjcts of the Japan Air Defense Force sweep over one of the many JADF radar sites in Tokyo. Modern aircraft, and a vast rndar and communication network, help airmen to keep a constant vigil over the islands, safeguarding them from any potential.attack. , DRESSED FOR SAFEtY-^ermah pilot Herbert Topp tries out a one-man rescue dinghy which has a quilted inflatable body ; and head cover. Topp Has small; paddles strapped to his wrists., He Is one of seven Germans who are training at the Hamble,' England, "University of .the, Air." ; ,. I PRESCOTT NEWS Wednesday, February 10 Members of the First Methodist Church will have Family Night on Wednesday evening ' at the church, ' . Church will meet Wednesday; evening at 7 o'clock for the monthly meeting. ; The choir, of the Prosfcytcrian Church will practice on Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock, • The Deacons of the Presbyterian r pu .get more spate per dollar a BUTLER Building Ut ypg t »j}pst-.frpin floor —In 0 - l|if»pk 0f B Buffer steel building from the outside: i * IM — ftep inticle; You'll hardly believe your eyes; y<?u $w the amount of obstruction-free space ;: j ^1} usable for your business. l '. fff* the *$at9 you need— when you need it— tP 47 per cent off your building budget: uildings e^n be erected in days instead r to your Ravings, with Butler buildings on the job, you ic,j$y n,g injjntetwnce expense, 'Galvanised &oH*4 tightly to the rigid steel ypu y«rf of weather-tight, fire* NANCE ,„*„ AND JJRICTiQN Thursday, February 11 The Parent Teachers Association will meet oh Thursday afternoon at Park Elementary School. The Annual sweetheart Banquet, Sponsored by the 'First Baptist Church will be held on Thursday evening at 6:30 at the Hotel Law son. Tickets are now on sale at $1.00 each.. Contact Mrs, Ruskev W. Murry, Miss Betty .Wilson, and Miss Margaret Leece.: Phillips. All young people a>e invited to attend. ' • ' Mrs, C. H. Moore Present's Coterie Program Seasonal decorations were placed at points of vantage in the home of Mrs, L. J. Bryson on Wednesday afternoon when she enterlain&d members of the Prescott Musical Coterie. The president, Mrs, Dudley Gordon, called the meeting to order and it was opened with the singing of the Federation Hymn and reading of the club collect. Mrs. C. H. Moore presented the rogram on JSdward Mcpowell, the American Composer and gave a listory of his life and ot some of the compositions he wrote, A piano, solo, "To A Wild Rose" wa,s played by Mrs. 'Bryson. Mrs, ordon played "To The Sea." The meeting closed with the hymn of the month, "The Christian Life." Mrs. C, W. Dews gave a brief sketch of the writer of the words of this hymn, Henry W. Baker. During the social hour Sarah Janet Bryson played a piano solo, "Choo-Choo Boogie" that was enjoyed by the eight members and a guest. A dainty dessert course was served. ifARTOf/fOK Susan Ward Susan Wflid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Jit. Werd t was hostess to a few of h^r friends at her home on Wednesday afternoon in celebration oi her fifth bh-tUdgy anniversary, Af ley 'the ({iftjs were opened a variety pf jg^mes were played af- ter<wjiieh Jvjyj. Ward read storlcg tp Ihe £noi#>. Jee ^rfsum 8H4 cafee were $erye<} Monday 5:00 Bobby Benson — M 5:30 Wild Bill Hickpk — M 5:55 Headlines News — M 6:00 Lets Go To The Movies 0:15 Evening Edition News & Sports 0:30 Gabriel Heattcr — M 6:45 , Perry Como Show — M 7:00 Inside Story 7:15 Guy Lomardo 7:30 Under Arrest — M 8:00 Bill Henry News — M. 8:05 Sports Ten -- M 8:15 Dinner Date — M 8:30 Reporters Round Up — M 9:00 News, Frank Edwards — M 0:15 Land Of The Free 9:30 Tunes By '.Telephone Request 10:00 News, Final Edition 10:15 United Nations Today J0:30 Dance Orch. — M 10:55 Lets Look At The Weather 11:00 Sign Off Tuesday 5:57 Sign Off 6:00 Rhythm Round Up 0:15 News & Markets 6:30 Hillbilly Favorites 7:00 Alarm Clock Club 7:25 Sports Report 7:15 News, Breakfast Edition, 7:30 Calendar Of Events 1 7:40 Southwest Ark. Ncwsrccl 7:45 Morning Devotional 8:00 Robert Hurlcigh News — M 8:15 Anniversary Club 8:25 School N»ws 8:35 Job Call Board 8:45 Hi Neighbor 8:55 News 9:00 Listen Ladies 9:10 Hospital Notes 9:15 New Arrivals 9:20 Church News 9:30 Headline News — M 9:35 Johnny Olsen — M" 10:00 Society News 10:10 Social Security 10:25 Headline News — M 10:30 Queen For A Day — M 11:00. Curt Massey Time — M 11:15 Headline News — M 11:20 Guest Spot — M 11:30 Farm News 11:40 Church Calendar 11:45 -Met The Music Makers 12:00 Noon News 12:15 Eddy Arnold 12:30 Know Your Bible :12:45 Market Reports . 12:50 Quartet Time 1:00 Bible Lesson 3:15 Nashville Hour 2:00 Livestock Auction 2:30 Ralph Flanagan 2-45 Spelling Bee 3:00 Ladies Fair —M 3:30 Welcome Branch — M 4:00 Cousin Carroll Callin 5:00 Sgt. Preston — M 5:30 Sky King :55 Headline News — M 6:00 Lets Go To The Movies 6:15 Evening Edition News 6:30 Gabriel Hea.tler — M 0:45 Eddie Fisher — M 7:00 Onside Story 7:15 Glenn Miller Music 7:30 High Adventure — M 8:00 News, Bill Henry — M 8:05 Basketball Warm Up 8:15 Bobcat Basketball fl:00 Tunes By Telephone Request 10:00 Final Edition News JO: 15 United Nations Today — M 10:30 Dance Orchcs. — M 10:55 Lets Look At The Weather 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio Programs NEW YORK WJ — Selected pro- -arnj lonight: NBC — 7 MacRac Musical; 7:30 Barlow concert: 8 Vooheeos con- Betsy Jane McMahen, Anna Gordon, Jane and Walter Nelson, Sissy and Margaret Dews, Sammy Cruso and Sandra Ward. Rev. C. E. Wagner, former pastor of the Prescott First Christian Chur ch, and Mrs. Wagner celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and their 50th year in the Ministry Sunday afternoon with an informal reception at the First Christian Church in Joplin, Mo. Mrs. Gordon Danner, Mrs. Bob Robertson, Mrs. Guss McCaskill. and Mrs. Russell Moburg motored to Texarkana Wednesday for the day. Mrs. George Meyers and children have returned to St. Louis after an extended visit with her mother, Mrs. Hubert Whitakcr. 1st Lt. Jack C. Stivers, son of Mrs. B. C- Stivers who has been stationed at Huntsville, Ala. has seen discharged from the Army at- er serving three years and lias entered the University of Alabama !or the semester. Mrs. John Barrow Jr. and children have returned to their home in West Helena after a visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox they were accompanied home by Mrs. Cox. Mrs. Hubert WhHaker ] e ft last week for an extended stay with her daughter, Mrs, Brooks Norfleet and family in Dallas, Mr. peorge Haynie of Little Rock has been the guest oi' relatives, Mrs. Ivary Worthington and baby of Cljnton, Jnd., are the housa guests o| U? and Mrs. J. M, OPEN WIDE, PLEASE—Sgt. Henry Hammol, of Greenbanks, Wash., now with the Marine Corps 3rd Motor Transport Battalion, feeds a three-year-old at a battalion party for children of Wakamatsu Ryo Orphanage, near Camp Gifu, Japan. The men presented clothing, food and toys to orphans at the party. cert, Lilly Pons. CBS — a Jw'.f Chandler in Suspense; 7:30 TaJent Scouts; 8 Radio Theater. ABC — 8 Opera auditions; 8:30 Decision drams. MB E— 7 The Falcon; 8:30 Reporters' Roundup. KCMC Television Tuesday, February 9th 2:45 Test Pattern Woman With A Past CBS The Secret Storm. CBS On Your Account NBC Happy Home Show Rocky Jones City of Hope Western Theatre Edwards & News CBS The Big Playback Feature Theatre Motorola Hour ABC See It Now CBS News Headlines Channel 6 Theatre Sign Off 3:00 3: 15 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:30 6:45 7:00 8:30 9:30 10:00 10:03 11:05 Spandiards, who learned the Egyptian art of making mud bricks from the Moors, brought it to America and it is still used for building modern structures in the Southwestern part of the United States.. Bush Pilots Save Lives of Six Men CURJIY, Alaska Wl—Two veteran Alaska bush pilots wcr^ credited today with saving the lives of six men stumbled into the snowcovered mountain wildei.ncss near here Friday when the plane in which they wore riding exploded. Two of the othc-r 16 men aboard the Air Force C47 when it left Elmendorf, Air Force- Base near Anchorage on the i!l-fatcd flight were known dcail. Eight were musing and bush pilot Cliff Hudson who with Don Sheldon ,was redited- with effect ing the rescue of the six survivors, said there was litle chance any of the others we/e alive. The Air Force withheld names of the dead and missing pending notification of next of kin. The Air Force said Hudson and Sheldon saved the lives of the six who spent two nights and most of two clays in subireezing temperature awaiting rescue, after the wrecked to-en?ined transport was sighted. Hudson '.potter": the wreckage Sheldo.'j located the first three survivors huddle i in the snow 15 miles Irom thf wreckage where they had floated down in their 'chutss Snc-Mon, Hudson and an Air Forco doctor f lew to the spot in a blinding snowstorm Saturday. They were gtounded overnight when the weather worsened. Showdown for AFL Leaders The Olympic Peninsula in northwestern Washington States may get more than 200 inches of rainfall in a wet year. , By NORMAM WALKER MIAMI BEACH. Fla. (ffl — The AFL Executive Council appeared headed for a showdown today in a split among top leaders over a plan for settling territorial wars between rival AFL unions. The council, opening the second i week of a winter resort meeting, (have no shown any outward signs jof the split bui leaders nevertheless vere reported far apart. The threat and cars of a beaver have valves that the animal can close under water and open on the surface. Y LOOK DOLLAR BILLS They may mean extra money to you. See Tuesday nights Hope AHEAD Merchants Division Chamber of Commerce C/. C y i and the use of an ElegCHlf ' 5 4 Dod ge 1 a Grand Prizes TO CELEBRATE 40 YEARS OF DODGE DEPENDABILITY' (A GRAND PRIZE A DAY FOR 40 DAYS) T*r 2 weeks' vacation for two anywhere in the U.S.A.! if All expenses paid—meals, hotels, resorts, air or train transportation) * New '54 Dodge at your disposal for the two weeks! •k Dodge doubles your pay for the »wo weeks you're away! <J^f\ * An additional $500 "fun money" »o spend ^_^J or save as you please! PIUS ... f 1000 cash prizes — 25 a day I Dodge 40th Anniversary All-America Contest! We have a lot to celebrate—and you're going to celebrate it with us! We're celebrating the 40 great years of Dodge in America ... 40 years of growth and development and success. We're celebrating the greatest Podge car in 40 great Dodge years—the record-breaking, history- making new '54 Podge. We're celebrating the Dodge victory over all "eights 1 ' in the Mobilgas Economy Run , . . the 196 official American records for performance, stamina and endurance that this new '54 Dodge shattered on the Bonneville Salt Flats, The celebration is starting right now at every Podge dealership throughout the country—a contest a day for 40 days with 40 grand prizes! You can be the winner of 2 weeks away with double pay~a wonderful expenses-paid vacation for two anywhere in the U.S.A.—with a brand new 40th Anniversary '54 Dodge at your disposal, if NEWS FLASH from (ndionopp/fel * More honors for America's most exciting new carl The dashing '54 Dodge V*8 has been selected PS the Official Pace Car for the Indianapolis 500-Mile Rqcej It's Fun! It's Easy to Enter! See Your Dodge Dealer Right Away! mindly Dodge-Plympyth D«a!ei Bfin|$ YpiiwDanny Thomas, ABC-TV. Bert Parks in "Break The Bank," ABC-TV. Roy Rogers, NBC Rado . IT ........ B, R. HAMM MOTOR CO, • 209 East 2nd Street ,;^i

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