Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 16, 1974
Page 11
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Monday, September 16, 1974 WASHINGTON (AP) — President Ford's revamping of the White House staff is expected to pick up speed and produce a series of resignations after the imminent departure of staff ' chief Alexander M. Haig Jr. In an interview with the Associated Press, Haig said Keneth R. Cole plans to resign as director of the domestic council, a position he took over last year from Watergate casualty John D. Ehrlichman. Another White House official said it also was likely that Ford will replace Jerry Tones as staff secretary, a key post in the White House management under resigned President Richard M. Nixon's setup. Haig said his own resignation will be announced shortly but he would not confirm widespread expectations that he will be named commander of American and NATO forces in Europe. Robert T. Hartmann, a close personal adviser to Ford, said the new President will change the White House staff structure in major ways but said he did not anticipate "a real Stalin- like purge" of Nixon administration holdovers. "At present nothing is fixed," he said in an interview with the magazine U.S. News and World Report. "My guess is that what will evolve eventually will not be a military general staff or a corporate pyramid." "They're still going to need a chief of staff," a Haig associate insisted. But Ford people have privately indicated little enthusiasm for the idea, talking in terms of a weak staff chief rather than a powerful figure like Haig. Clay T. Whitehead, a resigning Nixon appointee, says Ford's advisers are concerned about military influence on the presidential staff. Citing Haig as an example, Whitehead said on Sunday on the CBS-TV's "Face the Nation" program, "There have been a number of military officers doing substantive staff jobs in the White House." If Haig's resignation is followed by those of Cole and Jones, who was appointed at Haig's behest, no Nixon men would remain in a position to exert major direct influence on the flow of paper and people to the Oval Office. ( KK.) Sf Aft *U Survey indicates Democrats heading for a strong showing By CARL P. LEUBSDORF AP Political Writer WASHINGTON (AP) Democrats are starting to inject President's Ford's pardon of Richard M. Nixon into the mid-lerm campaign at the same lime a survey shows them headed for a strong showing in November. Underscoring Republican fears that Ford's action may revive Watergate-related issues at the OOP's expense, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Hugh L. Carey in New York and Senate hopeful Jonathan Marshall in Arizona have questioned the pardon. And in California, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., launched a weekend of campaigning for Democratic candidates by blasting Ford. "It was the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong person to receive a pre-indictment, pre- conviction pardon," he said. Their moves came as an As- LOOKS LIKE MAYBE CHEYENNE but it's Alice Springs, Australia, pardner, a rodeo that draws contestants from New Zealand, Canada, the United States, England. ord staff revamping [expected to pick up With Haig departure By DOUG STONE Associated Press Writer MEMPHIS, Term. (AP) — Rep. Dan Kuykendall, R-Tenn., has joined a growing number of officials calling for health, Education and 'Welfare Secretary Caspar Weinberger to resign over a remark that HEW is deliberately going slow on Northern school desegregation. "That's got to be the worst performance I've ever seen as far as judgment is concerned," Kuykendall said Sunday. "I've seen a double standard practiced in parts of the nation, but this is the first time I've ever seen a government official try to defend it." .Weinberger said earlier this month in response to complaints of a civil rights study group that HEW is taking a conciliatory attitude toward Northern schools because "we are dealing with very fierce public opposition to desegregation in many Northern cilies." Kuykendall produced copies of a letter in which he asked Weinberger to resign. "I am forwarding a copy of this letter with this recommendation to the President in the hope that if your resignation is not forthcoming voluntarily, he will request it." the Kuykendall letter said. "I have the impression the man has been planning to leave sociaied Press survey showed thai Republicans appear head' ed for substantial losses this November. Despite some revived morale since Ford as^ sumed the presidency, the GOP could lose two to six Senate seats and governorships, and possibly up to 40 House seats. Carey, opening his campaign against Republican Gov. Malcolm Wilson, said he would make an issue of Wilson's refusal to comment on the pardon and other Watergate-related issues. "The governor of New York has a national voice, and he must speak to national issues and issues of conscience," Carey, a congressman from Brooklyn, declared. In Arizona, meanwhile, Marshall, a Scottsdale publisher, opened his uphill drive against Republican Sen. Barry Goldwater by blasting the senator's support of the Nixon pardon. "Why have these outspoken proponents of law and order gone along with this mockery of the law?" he asked. The best Republicans can hope for, according to the sur- . vey by AP bureaus in all 50 slates, is to hold losses to about 2 governorships and 15 House seats while breaking even in the Senate. Democrats control the Senate 58 to 42, the House 248 to 187 and the governorships 32 to 18. Though most Senate and governor's seats being contested this year are held by Democrats — 20 of 34 Senate seats, 23 of 35 governorships — few Democratic incumbents are rated in serious difficulty. Carey, who won an uphill primary battle last week, seems likely to give a stem test to Wilson, who became governor when Nelson A. Rockefeller resigned last December. Democrats consider their chances better than in any year since Rockefeller was first elected in 1958. In California, where Republican Gov. Ronald Reagan is retiring, the Democrats also are mounting a strong bid. Polls show their candidate, Secretary of State Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr., son of Reagan's predecessor, leading Republican Houston I. Flournoy. Democratic triumphs in California and New York could give the Democrats control of the nation's six largest states going into the 1976 presidential election. Democratic Govs. John J. Gilligan of Ohio, Milton J. Shapp of Pennsylvania and Dolph Briscoe of Texas are considered leading in re-election bids, while Democratic Gov. Daniel Walker of Illinois is midway through his four- year term. Democrats also hope to cap- lure Republican-held governorships in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Arizona and Oregon. BELLS, BELLS and more bells, fill the home of Mrs. Connie Cooper of Port Allcgany, Pa., where she houses her collection of over :u)0. Mrs. Cooper, who started her hobby only five years ago, has bells made of glass, wood and china'as well as brass. Among her more exotic bells is the one she's holding, a 1»:»!> air raid precaution bell used in London during WW II. Kuykendall joins HEW resignation call office anyway," Kuykendall said. "I can't imagine a man who was planning on staying making the statement he made." Kuykendall said a number of House members have expressed concern over Weinberger comments. Weinberger had said that HEW was trying to use persuasion, negotiation, discussion and conciliation to bring about Northern desegregation, rather than such tools as the withholding federal funds to school districts found to be segregated. Rep. Robin Beard, R-Tenn., also has written President Ford, saying Weinberger's comments were "the most incredible excuse for out and out discrimination against the South that I have ever heard." Berad asked Ford to request Weinberber's resignation. "Ours is a nation of laws and not situation ethics," the Kuykendall letter said. "You nave demonstrated to me and my constituents that the only way they can receive fair treatment from your department is for the President to name someone LO your job who believes th t laws should not depend on geography." Kuykendall said it was the first tune he had ever called for ihe resignation of a public official, either a Republican or Democrat. 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