Covina Argus from Covina, California on February 27, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1909
Page 5
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( local £vcnt3?l w=-—--- cssBsa -..-•-• 9} Hagerty & Hempel—-Oranpp ranches. 314 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles. Mrs. D. E. Herron of Downey was a week end guest of Mrs. G. X. At wood. Hagerty & Hempel—Orange ranches. 314 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles. Hagerty & Hempel—Orange ranches. 314 H. W. Hellman Bldg., Los Angeles. Mrs. K. Hosselttne left Thursday morning for San Diego, to spend three weeks with relatives. talizes yon on the way home to dinner is Premier Blend Coffee. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sandoin of Los Angeles were guests on Tuesday of Mrs. Ciias. Finch. Hagerty ft Hempel have sold $,100,0no of Covina groves since October. Let them sell yours. Mrs. J. Coolman was the guest Wednesday of Mrs. Clarence Menefee in Los Angeles. Premier Blend Coffee is picked, packed and sealed under Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s personal supervision. Mrs. A. Cox of Overbrook, Kan., with her husband, is a guest a; the home of her sister, Mrs. A. G. Smith. They will leave next week- for Idaho. An" ideal dinner is a sure thing with Wa|ner, Whitsel & Co.'s "Top- Notch" pastry and Premium Blend Coffee. Miss Byrd Reynolds is expected home next week from Kansas City, where she has been making a lengthy visit with relatives. A way to a man's heart is through his eating apparatus. Try the delicious, satisfying Premium Blend Coffee on him. Warner, Whitse!] & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Ktins entertained with a dinner last evening in honor of the former's brother, Earl Kuns, and bride. Premier Blend Coffee has that appetizing, indescribable aroma that is only found in a pure coffee. Warner, Whi'- sel & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Mursden of Highland ^Park and Mr. and Mrs. Scot! of Los 'Angeles are spending Ihe week end with Mr. and Mrs. X. D. Mussey. The Misses Lilian and Violet Coulter, who have been staying with Mrs. J. D. Moffatt during their father's absence in Riverside, are visiting friends at Ocean Park. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Walton celebrated Washington's birthday with a social gathering on Monday evening. The 'ladies arrived with their hair powdered and found the rooms decorated •with flags and red, white and blue paper streamers and canopies. Mr. and Mrs. A. Carnahan entertained with a luncheon on Monday in Jionor of cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey of Pasadena. The decorations and accessories were appropriate to the day. An auto ride was enjoyed during the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith of San Bernardino avenue had as guests on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Smith of Prospect Park, Hollywood, and Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox of Ovc-rbrook, Kan. Mrs. J. M. \Vhitsol, who had returned from a visit with her mother at Whittier, has been suffering this week with a severe attack of asthma. On Thursday morning she left again for Whittier, where she will spend a month for the benefit of her health. A small gathering of affect innate relatives met at the home of Mrs. W. M. Griswold last Sunday, the occasion being the eighth birthday of Zaria, daughter of Mr. Kugone Griswold of Los Angeles. Others present were Mr. arid Mrs. T. V. and Miss Angle Griswold. A. successful and enthusiastic all-day mooting of the Pastor's Aid of Ihe Presbyterian Church was held in Un- church parlors on Wednesday. The morning was devoted to tying comfoi is and sewing aprons, etc. A bountiful and delicious lunch was served. A business meeting was hold in the afternoon and about I."J ladies were present. The place cards were red hatchet-;, and colonial caps- were L;ivon to each one to wear. (James appropriaf- to the season were enjoyed, and the refreshments wen- cherry salad, cake. coffee and an old colonial dish, "fro/on pudding." The guests wete Messrs. and Mmi-H. Carnahan, Ii. L. KiiiL'. .1. .M. Smith, C'has. Simmons, Hulce, Corbeti, Rev. and Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Baker of Kl Monte, Mr. and Mrs. Pinch. A merry crowd of little people celebrated the eighth birthday of Wesley Loighton last Monday, which day he is proud to claim as his, as well as Washington's. The favors and decorations were all in keeping with the day. Miss Imofcono Arthur received the prize tor an intere.-t ing "Teddy Hear" game. The, guesls wore Klise Ki-iokhoff, K\a Bisbee. Phyllis Dru.ije.s, Imoyein- Arthur. Helen WhitsH. Donald Warner, Robert Broadwell, Onyx Suavely, Prod Goldsberry. The social housiv wnrming e.V Mio beautiful new W. If. Collin.-; residence on Cienoga avenue, took place IJJM. Monday evening, when the Five Hundred Club and a few other triend.s WI-M- entertained. The hostess was a.s.-isn-d in receiving by the Mis.-'- : . .\i_Mie-. Man:-, and Lilian I luiiulass. The ioon:s we:o i;ay with tli^-.-: in honor of the i'aM..-i of our coiin'iy. and Mi>- .-co-e ciMls v, ei e def-nra'eil wnli a ppropi ia i e '..'-,-. and the na|it-;in.-. m na/nen->-d w r h en. ii ie-. l-'i -, >• huhdi e,| y. -.,.- ,.|, io . • -1 j,i i/. . i,.•!!!•-' •-• on by Mi |'o' i. i and .M. K, not i Ti:' '.-•• ,111- -'-n- w ••: •• \!. • - i - an-i Ml,;' • .\ i -.1. .,(,'1 I i, ', . !. i,. ;.- ..•,;.i i : • • , !'.,: i i D: a'lie: ( . , ; ,-. K--.- . , .,;: )•;,- Hanorty (fc Hompel—Orange ranches. '.5H H. W. He'.lman Bldg., Los Angeies. Grant Jeans has his arm bound up in n sling. He broke it jumping off a freight car. Try Premier Blend Coffee and "Top Xotch Rolls" for luncheon. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mr. and Mrs. Allen of Los Angeles wore visitors at the Wesley Hodges home last Monday. Hagerty & Hempel have sold $:!0n,ooo of Covina groves since Octobov. Lot ihem sell jours. It never burns or falls or shortens. "Top-Notch" cake. Warner, Whitsel * Co. Mrs. 1C. Wollman of Los Angeles was a visitor Tuesday at the homes of Mrs. W. W. Xnznm and Miss Wynne. Tarts for Tartars, good and bad. | "Top-Xoieh" Tarts. Warner, Whitsel & Co. Mrs. H. M. Ilonser has been suffering all the week with a seveie attack ol la grippe. Pie by no other name save mother's best is half as good. "Top Xotch," Warner, Whitsel & Co. Miss Irene Herskowi'.s of Los Angeles spent the week end with (he Misses Edie and Vernie Hotiser. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Van Vloit were dinner guests last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Heath. Xo other coffee is so satisfying as Premier Blend. Warner, Whitsel & Co. That hungry smell of coffee that tan- Mr, and Mrs. J. B. Wilson of Beaver, Penn., wiie guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Xuznm. The' Amphion Club meets tonight t Saturday > at the B. M.-Given resi- donc". The date of meeting was changed from Friday at Saturday. What Willie got—all the "Top- Xotoh" pie in the pantry and a visit to the wood shed. But i! was worth it. Wainer, Whitsel & Co. Mr. M. V. Helwick, lately par! owner of the Covina diiiiy, has removed this week to his recently purchased orange grove at San Dimas. I G. W. Roe, who is well known Io our, :; citizens, has made arrangements \\iih iTwomey & Diller, the carriage and implement men, to represent their firm on the road in the Covina. district. "Top-Notch" Pastry is pure--il's clean—it's wholesome. A genuinely home-made product. We leave; it to your "eater." Warner, Whilst 1 ! & Co. Mrs. A. Merrill has sold her bungalow on Centre street to .7. S. Eckles. Mrs. Merrill and Mr. and Mrs. Howland will stay at. Hotel Vendome until their future plans arc decided upon. The Senior Class of the High School enjoyed a pleasant social gathering on Saturday evening at the home of Miss Myra Burpee on Rowland avenue. Interesting games were played and refreshments were served. Mr. David S. Foster returned on Wednesday from Culiacan, Mexico, and an interesting account of his trip and his impressions of the country will appear in next Saturday's Covina Argus. The members of the Epworth I.ongtie gave an enjoyable tamale social in the parlors of the M. E. Church on Tuesday evening. During the evening several very pleasing musical and dramatic numbers were rendered, adding much to the pleasure of ihe evening. The Rev. Frank M. Wadley, a well known Maplisl. minister from the Kast.j will preach a I Ihe Baptist Church morning and evening, Sunday (tomorrow), the Rev. S. W. Gave having been called to Highland to assist In j special services being held there. Mr. and .Mr:'. Will Griinths wen luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will j Mead in Los Angeles Wednesday, after which they allendid tin- wedding of. Mi. and Mrs. Leo Yonngworlh at Chris! i Church, and were gue:;is at the recep- ! lion (.-iveii by the bride's parents. j I The monthly social meeting of Mr-. 1 J. IO. H'-aih's (L. S. I class of boys of. the Chrisiian Church, tool; place last j night at ihe Morrow residence. Irwindale. Mis. Heath has been \ei\ successful wi'h ibis class of bo'.;.; fioiii fourteen upwards, which ha;; i.:;o>. n from five or six to fifteen member:- 1 . We would call Ihe altenticn of our !reade:s HI ihe large display :id\<r- iih'omeni nl' the Covina .leV'-li- Co. | who will commence biisines:- on .Mon j day in I In- ..i ore room sum h of Tic-!•;--,'>. i studio. They oviend a cordial in 1 , na• t ion to a'l '(, o(,ni'- and ii..'i.« <" '• !n ir i slock. An event o!' impni i a':re 'o ' he i.-il'ev of Covitl'.i will lie the (,|i'-niie_- ( Ii We-!- nosda.v and Thiirsdav. March :; and !. of Ihe millinoiv looms of Mi'- Mi : .-e? Webb and Graham. Clint:-, a'.i-t:i;e. when- all the newest and most fashionable style-.; of the milliner's aii will be displayed. .Ladies caiihoi 'il'foid io miss i his. Tin- Home Telephone Ci,ni|i;ur ha'.e 1 in;-,'ailed an Add) <-ssogi aph machine {in iheir office mi Dadillo sireei. which save;., time and grea'ly simplifle.i tin- woi k- of ihe office in pi eparint.' their .accounts for mailing. The addle;,; o- i i'^rapli i.-. a piinMn-' machine di signed i for office use. |i will print .-jni-ii ;,(!• OUR AtiflTS: , Wftitsel & (o. Home's Grocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Hasorty & Hcinpcl gel results. The ladles' Hridgo Chih will mod on Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. H. Al. Douglass. Mis. Hush anil son Ira Scoliehl spoilt Sunday at the homo of thr former's son, Ueo. 11. Hcofiehl. Ilagrrty & Hompol haw sold $:',<IU. of ('ovina proves since deiohei. Let them sell yours. Mrs. I'orlerof Sant i Barbara is slay- liiLr at the home of her daiiulitei. Mrs. A. 1'. KotTkhnff. Mr. and Mr.-, Dana King of A/.nsa were guests on .Monday and Tuesday of Air. and Mrs. \V. 11. C'ollins. Miss Aleta of Invimlale spent (he week end with her friend, .Miss Mela Hrunjes. Mrs. liali'-r of Kl Motile was a visitor this week at Ilio hnme of Mrs. S. A. Walton. The Young Lnrtios' Xcoillo Club mot on Thursday with the Episcopal fiulld at tlie home of Mrs. Pralhor, and yesterday with .Miss Allies Mail's. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Miner of Upland spent, the wool; end at the home of their brother and sister, Mr. and Airs. Will Wyeth. The attractive five-roomed bungalow Ix-im: built by Kiewart Mri.s. for Mr. and Mrs. 11. S. Trip|i is Hearing rumple! ion. Mi.-s Henrietta Hraylon of Hie facility of the Han liernardino High school spent the \verl; end with her cousin, Mrs.. Ceo. 1!. Scofield. .Mi', and Mrs. L. S. Case', who are quests of the Vormer's sister, Mrs. A. MeiTill, spent a few days at ('aialina i liis week. Mr. and Mrs. T. iSI. l.'alvcrt, and children of Ingle-wood were visiting rclntivL'n anil friendn in Coviiia tho puxt week. Sclitiylor Warner and family of North Dakota are visiting his cousin. A. J. Warner, lie was a wheat farmer and has bought property near Ontario, whore ho will move, his family shortly. The ali-da.y meeting of the Ladles' Aid of the M. K. Church, which met last Thursday with Mrs. Swallow, was attended by a large crowd of busy ladles. A delicious luncheon wus served. There was a large congregation in Holy Trinity church on Ash Wednesday at 10 a. m. The solemn penitential service was hold, and an impressive address given by the Rev. A. Fletcher, after which the Holy Communion was celebrated. Mr. Alec Anderson was orgnniut. Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe entertained at luncheon on Wednesday Mrs. William Pott It t and Mr. and Mrs.'uago, all of, 111. Mrs. A. Merrill, Mrs. M. Philleo and Mrs. Thorpe, Hr., of Los Angeles. Mr. Henry Ifarni.Hli, who IUIN heon fipHiidini; the piiHl, two months in (!o- vinn, the finest, of his iicplnswH, Mr. ami MIH. W. H. Overholt/er, Icifl. Miuiilay fur lii.s hoim; at. Ml;. C'lirrnll, III. Khh-r (i. I' 1 . OluimlK-rlcti i:n s-pciiil- ing UK; pasl weuk at, Heniot, givitig a series of special m-i'iiiniiH at, the ('Inn-nil nl the I'.'-ethern at; that place, preparatory to l.lut cointniin Ion MT vice. KMer MUMS 1 >( arilorf , \\lin has jus!, i-loscd an intent-tine- setiis nl mediums held at. thu ('Imn-li «.f tin- l)i'"'.hrcii at this place, in in.w, in eoni|ianv uitli hlH uife, en.j'. ,\ii:^ a li.iuih nri-ded res! nl. Calalin;; I'-laiid. lie v.ill tlieii |.,..d<! M !•<•-. i-.:-.! 1,1. the I a' I. I. OH .\ ii(.;cli;M ( 'lunch. (ill \\'i-'ll:e: i|:iv old 1 i<-||i,\v ei'i/'-Ii. S. L. r-'i>i iieer, ie<-i.j veil iut i-!li'.-<-!iee <>t 1 'M- d".-i i h (>!' hi:; iiiot hi-r, M i ... ,--,:i i ah :•'. |,i liei , vvl 1 ich <!<'< I- ; ; ei| ;\\ I |>i . |n input hi-: 1 'I Hii'li! i-r, Ah 1 .-. .\!,i i i ainoi >-, i;i|:i ! ;<-|,i| \ i i/... Ill) l-'l-ll. I 'M h. M| .-,. ;-';.. ••!, (IT. v 1 : 1 1 V ", i .-; V :_' V : i ; . , i ; ! < \ , '.: ' i . . ; i f i i i i vi> ii! Kiev'a ml ;-'|,' v,-,-i i | ; e mi,i PI-I i f hi i' i- r-h i !i| i en, ;i II of whom a 1 1- I i i, III!:, >.'.]!li tin- i -xcr-jil Kill ol III,- ell|e: I sou, who was killi-d in action itiiiiii;' ihe Win ol the I'i'beliioil. .M , S, Spencer was v.-o'l l:ni/'vn in ('ovina, li-i-, !ir/ ln-en \ i.-,it Ing here last year. Mrs. I. I. Cool; <-ul ci laim-d on Sal uiday evening with a the hundied paiiy, being as:-;i.sK-d in i ee> I •. ini' by her daughter, Mr:-;. Capion. The (.Miesl:-; weie Me.-iKi;;. and M me:,. Ci oom, I'railioi. Clapp, Kvan:.. ('rool., <;h<n, I'oMer, I lOMl'la;,:-;, (; i i .-. v> old,S'-n;i I 01 ain! Mr.-;. Duller, Dr. and Mr:, Cliiu- Me: Tanirn, I'omeroy, M/. \\'ail.ei I'ii/i-:- .'•:•!(• v.on bv Mi., Is'.an.. and M i . Ci ool.. J)e|icjons 1 1 t, i In, M ni < JEROME REYNOLDS \ REAL ESTATE | { Orange Groves, City Property \ Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAM. AXU LIST VOl'K VKOVKHTY OlTicc with A. M. Pence, Need Nik. \ COVINA, CA!.. \ ,'iZzUT.«. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Pound Miscellaneous. llagetiy ,£ lleinpel got results. Wliilo \Vyinidottn n^RS for .si-Ming. Phono fidiM. tf Wanted -A good roadster, weight between liiuo and 11 (HI iiounds. 'I'womey & Ililler, (lie implement men. Hi^liest, citHli prioo piiul for ton or fifteen fresh miUili OO>\H. Coviitu Dairy. For Rf nt, Comfortably furnished riioma. Mr*. S. Allisnii, Doxtor street. \\'anleil To rent, ,-iliniil iiali' an aero land for four nr livo ntnnl.liH. i'lniiin -J.IUH. \V. A. I,<M>. Km- K'ctil (iiidd (Ivi- room Imu-- 1 !' mi (In- San I'eriiardiini rnad. Jciiinie \VANTK 11- 'I'n kn»\v vvlio liorrmved my rnllrr cnitller. Parly will please ndvi'.i). N. I >. M usscy. Wanted Six exporio'iecil onni).;e paciki-i'H. Apply to 111:111:1x01- (ilniidiiiu IIoiiHf!, (ilondani. II, For Salo Small, harnesH and l' T or full iiiforiiiat inn address Arthni (!. iloliiisoji, Covina. II, If you havo money in Hinall a- moiinl, SlOOtuid up, to jnvcHl: al, oiKht, per cent per an n tint, HUN ,!, 11. FOR SALIO Secondhand Imr- rowa and one Hccond hand diao plow. Jjoih in ^'ood condil.ion. Twomey &, Diller, Implement, Store, Covina. KKKH for SoltiiiK- ThoroiiKhbred White LtiKhorn, Wliilo Minorc.n and Black Minoroa. Mrs. J, Wlioolor, Cy press iivetinc. Phono 1098. ,'1-lp Lost — (Jcntlnmiin'H black Hcarl' on hiHt .Sunday, between Center Htreel, and M. JO. Church. Finder please leave) at thia ollloe. Lost, — A roll of typewritten mnnii- Hcripfc in booklet form, on CitniH or Cyprewa avcuiueH. ItcLurn to thin o(ll()(s, Up Wanted a ^ir! to letii'ii millinery, Apl'ilyat Minn Kcckard'H Milliner.v Ht.ore, I lie Htieot from (J nlore. isiructeil and not liahie Io get <mi of , order. Mr. and Mir .fe.-.s Kuns aid M, a-.d Mis \','il; GiilfiMi.- '--.ei.- amoilL.' M;e •"• •'• "lie-; 1 . ;: i a dinner ^: i . l -n Tbui d:r. I, 1 . Mr. and Mi - I S. K-,n or ',.',.\IK--el.-S j|. )io!,i , Ot ! he v',e,|,hi,;.- I, I i l.eii on /•> i ! •I.. (in Mondav e'. i-iiiii;- ia ' MM- .-'uiKiay :-(-liool el;,: ., ol >oun;< |.;itie., ot lh<- .Ollli'.'el .1 t, IlilM-ll l-|l ill Illllllhei, V,e|e e.'iiei laineii at I he h')/ne of I lie: I N-M-Ler, \|i -. .1 (,. •Manhev,.-. 'I be ;.a: i . v. a.- ;-i , en ji 1 !:onoi ol i '/, ' t ol Mil il llUlllljei , Mi. liil ill" I'el'-j ;. bo !•-.' M. i.. ',',<•'•', 10 n,a I >• her don.e i n I'., -a'b-na and Mi . II. ;i-n Y.< ;!« .-. 1,0 '•'• . i ..ho, ' i . I- , ',.'•• ',', ! I Ii |;i-| |,,i . i-l: I .'o: i '•;: ' ','.' , ,.. | I,. I '.-, I..."-:)., I- I ..,• . I . If you have money in small amounts, in ?|fl!J anil tip to invent, al, i-iuhl, per e,cnt, per annum Hen J. II. Matthews. j Kfi(-'S F0« SKTTI.N't; Thorough - j bred While Lr-(.;li(irn, (,'a[it. Milc.hcll , strain, ir'-l.dO per setting. W. W. Xn/.uin, \\'. Mnithle Ave. 'I I Tip For Sain K'anrh horsc'i. 1 I ill) Ibn. Miilalde foe lanch v.-nrk. one pony hiiiliible for i-chool pur pnhi-s. T. 1 1. Knapp. '.'- 'JV|i , \nyone \\anlin.i-' r-stra fine buddi-d I-aiyii'ih Wiilii'il iii -i hhoubl apply In I'. I-'. Sli-M n-i, \\alnnl ('i-nli-i. i I'hone I I t;7. If I'Ol; SALI! ( 'on. mod ions Packing lloij'-i- in f'uvinit. l-'oinn-ily ownnd by L'uddnek, T/i neb ('o. l-'or I'artic iihirs addri-s-i Am.iiean Natioinil liani-;, Los A ii^r-li-'i. iir;i!i; .\f;.M.\ i-ara-mK buM«.v ln|,s and '.',,1^/ai inn In el bri repal/-ed mid C'.vijed. (ifi,n!i- 1), l)elwi|i-r, 1 uinbii-l la maker al Sii-nn-ai 'H Fmni | i.uic Stoi'f , <• Ic/nloifi. I'hone 78. ; a 1:1 I l-'fJP, I'iXCIIAN't.i; <iood '.) room houhe and l\vo lar^e lotr-, v,(-)l loi-ali-d in Kedhifnls. I'lii-d ij;i'.it><>. Wiuil |(,'iAiini icsjdenee or t'ro've, Hamo vu Ini:. ,lcr<ime Keynobl.'i, Covin;*. i''ni: s.\Li-; : ML'LI-'.S, MAKLH A NIM;ol/|'S : 't'be ll'iux'tim Ka/ich offeiH iihoiit t' -'.";, I) III) v.o;lh of mull";, n.a/i-H and colls. \V'i: v.ill euaia/itei undrr proper c.i -ndil ion Unit, an.V upan nt inub-i iii- ;/iaccs V,(: h(;!l will be v.oitb, under ^;ood ticatmenl, ^.".H cash ini. ie in OIK- you tliiin sii-ll tii. < Hit: ycai "s '.',01 k fii-e and /•',() ca- h i-i CM la inly tfood enough t-,i an'.l.'.dy. ('onu- ami L -,CI t-,r .voui i-i-l! , ',', ill^takii liuulinK eonl i ari : , fan Im/iiri, u. an and leaji.i v. lib .-ibo; I no ! )!•••. '.'. hat. ), • .,- -. •(,,!.' L it/t'ii: , ): i/.i:h ( i. 1 . ; nil, ' a I . I'i.'.ir- ! i '.'. i ' '.' e i I ','.11! 1,1 I'^'l:!.' -I . I I ;ni,::.' '.-• •: t '•• i ari! now °" '''""' '" \ we lia\\> for v Is. Soiesette, a new We have j'.tst receivei] an- Sfl spring noveltv wash ^-ocnls, other lari^e stov'k of ladies' ^ silk and linen mixed. M) in. spring footwear iii oxfords wide, in pink, bine, tan and or shoes, lilac!: or tan. The white, 2-x: per yd. prices are ri^ht, tlu- (|tialitv Faucv cross-bar or striped swiss or mull, the latest Mc '" <s hosil ' rv in :i11 tlu> ff shirt waist no.cllv, 2dc yd. IaU ' sl sll; " K ' s > . !>l '^ I'^U'JJ thread at 2.V ]iatr. <^ \Ve also have a^-c assort • Men's spriiiL;- nevUwc.vr, !^t inent of ladies' muslin mi- just arrived in the latest rJ£ der skirts, corset covers, ^reen, wine, ^rrav and !L* nig-ht ^'owns and chemises brown shades, 2Sc, S»>c and at excellent prices. 75c. Covina Peoples Store (INCOKI'OK ATKH) L ET IT I!t!^;iJY BE KNOWN TO THE YOUN- ^cr generation, his brothers, and his daddy as well as mother, that I have just received a new assortment of muscle developers of all kinds. Baseball goods and other things for athletics. Let it be known that they are for sale and are being sold and "the pick of the pick" is fast disappearing. "Null Scd" What Is MABIT? Some one has defined a ^'ood liahit as "Yesterday's achieviuieiii. talking the stilly from today's toil." The Savings Habit is universally conceded to he a habit, and this definition.states the exact truth, based on the experience of thousands of savings banks depositors thron^'hoiit the world. Our Savings Department is at your service. We pay -1 per cent interest on all such accounts. The Covina National Bank Capita! 'of-0.000 ENDORSED BY DENTISTS— Euthymol Tooth Paste liny it from W. W. NASH FVesorlpllon IMIONK 12 COVINA, CAI,. .V^ THE DEPOT GROCERY AND MARKET will -.c.rve y ( ,u with the best. Our stock i, i.arclully selccled arid t .iimot lail In please. 'i' went .y-li vc cents (n-r pound, roasted and blended foi tlli Depot ( irm i-ry i, unrivalled. OI:K MI-; AT MAK-KI'/I' t . noted for the i|iialtl y ol it -, ^'overju-'iit. in- •,]»•'. tell meat ,, It, HI) , ,111(1 Ii |i oil. I' I'esh ca .tern oy ,ter . j n !/n I!; ,i ,pei |a ! t ;, . RI CRI-NSHAW

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